then they became bffs and lived happily ever after the end

Remus Lupin (Harry Potter/Imagine/smut)

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Imagine you are getting high with your boyfriend Remus and the rest of the Marauders…

Please Note: Smoking weed is illegal in many countries and we’re not trying to promote it. It’s just fiction.


“I swear this is the most amazing pizza I have ever had!”, James moaned passionately and looked at the slice of pizza in his hand like it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. “That’s what you’re saying every week, James!”, Sven giggled toking. “But it keeps getting better and better!”, the former Gryffindor assured him completely stoned and added: “A pity Wormtail is not leaving much for the rest of us!” The moment his name was mentioned Peter looked up from behind the pizza box on his lap, two slices of Pizza in his hands and his mouth full.

“Oh Pete and his munchies!”, Greg laughed who had been caught up in a deep, deep conversation with Remus about the possibility of aliens taking over the world, Remus favourite topic when he was high. “Did you ever try to lick your elbow?”, the Scandinavian man asked suddenly and shook his head disappointed: “I just can’t do it!” “If you really believe in it, you can!”, James assured him and moaned again after he had taken another bite of his pizza. “It’s really a pity Y/N’s friend isn’t here today! I would have love to meet her!” “Greg, she’s just going through a tough time”, James explained and suddenly Sven started laughing: “Of course she is! Her sister died! Mate, her little sister”, he giggled uncontrollably: “That’s so absurd! So messed up!”

They were all sitting together in Sven’s flat. It had really surprised Y/N when she really became friends with two of her muggle neighbours after she had left Hogwarts. But they got along pretty well…especially after Sirius had found out that Sven was dealing with drugs. Leading to their weekly “Pizza-Mondays”.

“She’ll deal with it!”, Peter said self-confident while he grabbed for another joint. “Pete, remember you gotta pay for those!”, Sven laughed but the smallest boy just shrugged. “Yes, she’s strong, she’ll handle it…”, James added and turned to his best friend who hadn’t been listening to their conversation: “Right, Pad?” “What?”, Sirius asked without looking away from Y/N who was dancing on her own. “Y/BFFs/N!” “Oh yeah, she wouldn’t like it here!”, he shrugged and took another hit of the joint in his hand, while watching the dancing girl in front of him.

Y/N swung her lips to the low music and it felt like she was able to feel the vibration as the music was pouring through her entire body! Her eyes were closed as she was moving in odd shapes and quietly singing along to the song that was playing: “Don’t you just know exactly what they’re thinking? If you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on sugar let me know! If you really need me just reach out and touch me!”, she giggled: “Didcha hear that Re?! If you really need me just reach out and touch me!” “I heard it darlin’”, Remus answered her, making her finally open her eyes with a huge grin on her lips. “Oh Remus!”, she almost sighed and moved towards her boyfriend who was sitting on an improvised chair, which had been a wooden box but now had a pillow on top of it.

When she sat down on his lap she chuckled: “I’m so high!” “Oh believe me, I already guessed so”, her boyfriend answered and looked deep into her slightly red eyes. “I’m just soo dizzy!” “Yes?” “Yes! And I’m getting frustrated!” “Frustrated?”, he asked puzzled. “Sexually!”, Y/N laughed, goddamn proud of her joke and winked at her boyfriend, not caring that she had screamed the last word so loud all of the other boys in this room were able to hear her. “We really should change that, shouldn’t we?”, a devilish grin appeared on Remus’ lips but before he was able to kiss the girl on his lap she turned her face away: “But first I have to get another slice of pizza before Pete eats all of it!”

Peter immediately blushed when he heard that and Y/N’s mouth swung open in disappointment: “Nooo!” “I’m so sorry Y/N…” “But we’ve still got crisps!”, Greg happily raised a beg and through it into the girl’s direction, who giggling caught it. “Caught it!”, she cheered: “Did you see that! Ha! I always told ya I could have been a great Quidditch player!” “What is Quidditch?”, the law student asked as he handed his bong over to Sirius. “O-oh”, Y/N stuttered: “It’s just…it’s uh…” “It’s a game kids play in Great Britain, totally boring”, Remus quickly lied but Sven wasn’t even listening anymore, but was explaining why these pot was so, so, so special to Sirius.

A big smile on her face, Y/N was eating the crisps, making a complete mess! “Ya want some?”, she asked Remus who just shook his head an took the beg out of her hands to place it on the coffee table. “I want you…”, he replied conspiratorially and started to kiss her oily fingertips. Y/N blushed and hungrily captured her boyfriend’s lips. Their senses were working overtime and made their touch feel like the most amazing thing in the entire world. ”His lips are so soft! Like the softest pillows on earth! I wanna nap on them!”, Y/N thought while every little kiss and lick was intensified and the weed made her nerve endings buzz and her skin hyper-sensitive.

“Moony, stop eating her face!”, Sirius laughed before he inhaled the vapour deeply with James next to him sitting upside down on the sofa starring into the nothingness. “Looks like Y/N is not the only one sexually frustrated!”, the werewolf teased his friend and Y/N added grinning: “You know your girlfriend is just upstairs!” The black-haired just rolled his eyes and mumbled: “Whatever…” “Wait! Wait! Wait!”, Greg suddenly exhaled excitedly: “Are you really saying the little princess who moved in with Y/N and looks like she’s living a few miles closer to the city centre than this fucked up neighbourhood is and I makes me question a lot of our neighbours because nobody rubbed her and teared her Prada dress off her body, is this guy’s girlfriend?!”

“Welcome to our world!”, Peter laughed: “Most people don’t get it! But James and Y/N helped a lot!” “But what about this blond girl, you know the one Y/N doesn’t like?”, Sven wanted to know interested. “Oh Marlene?”, Y/N rolled her eyes: “Sirius finally understood that he’s too good for that bitch!”, she laughed and placed her chin on Remus’ shoulder: “Right, Sirius?” The former Gryffindor just nodded as a reply, really not into the conversation, what nobody realised.

Remus was nibbling on his girlfriend’s neck when James sighed: “I miss Lils so much… My Lily-Bear…my sunshine!”, he grabbed for the bong: “My Lily-Vanilly!” “James, we got it!”, Y/N laughed: “Just go home!” “Talking about that…I think I might go home as well”, Sirius got up in an instant. “With home you mean upstairs, right?” “No”, he looked at her confused, like what she had just said was the most absurd thing ever: “I mean I’ll take my bike and drive home.” “You’re not driving like this, Sirius!” “Oh Y/N c’mon, isn’t the first time. Moony, you’re staying with Y/N, aren’t you?” Remus nodded and before the only girl was able to protest once more, he had already left the flat. He was heading to Marlene, but nobody was supposed to know that with his girl waiting for him on the second floor.

Remus just shrugged because of Sirius awkward behaviour and squeezed the soft flesh of Y/N’s hips as she blew the smoke right into his mouth. She giggled when she handed the blunt over to him afterwards. The girl was still sitting on his lap when her boyfriend’s free hand suddenly moved closer to her core. “Re, what do you think you’re doing?”, she chuckled and wrapped her hands around his neck. “Nothing dear”, he smiled innocently: “Nothing you don’t want me to do”, he added, his warm breath hitting her ear. Damn.

His hand started to caress her most intimate part right through her jeans and she couldn’t hide a quiet moan. Her thoughts were cloudy, a dust of unrecognizable waves rushing through her head. Oh, he knew how needy she always got when she was high and the way he took advantage of that now, drove her absolutely insane!

Her senses were captivated and every single touch of his was sending her a little closer to heaven! Merlin, she wanted him so badly! But not here! Although the others were as high as them and probably wouldn’t even realize if he took her right on the spot, but she couldn’t do it…not in room with Sven, Greg, Peter and James!

“Re, stop it”, she whispered but her body was working against her blurry, mind. Remus teasingly kissed her temple and nibbled her earlobe. “Sure you want that?” Was she really so sure? She felt his hand on the button of her jeans, trying to open it, and instead of answering him she crashed her lips onto his, their tongues immediately tangling, her hips involuntarily rocking closer to him. Every single touch was so intensive, almost unbearable!

“That’s my girl”, he smirked against her lips as her body started grinding on top of him. “Not here Re…”

She squeaked surprized when he got up out of a sudden, removing his hand, which had almost reach its destination, from her jeans, leaving her whimpering and frustrated. She needed more. More of his touch. More of his lips. More of his words in her ear. More of him!

“Guys, we’re going”, Remus told the others quickly and grabbed for Y/N’s hand. “Darlin’, I think I’m too stoned to walk”, she giggled and reached out to him like a baby, wanting to be carried to the upper floor. “Well, where do you want this to end, Y/N?”, he raised his eyebrows and looked straight into her eyes: “If you can’t feel your legs before I’ve even started…” His words were giving her goose bumps and desire began to tingle through her body, headed to a certain place.

Y/N got on her feet as fast as she could and followed her boyfriend out of the flat with uncoordinated and slow movements. Just the thoughts about what would happen next, knowing what Remus could do to her if he wanted got her completely soaked. Every single inch of her skin tingling.

Right after he had loudly kicked the door to Y/N’s flat shut, he pushed her against it, putting his hand to the place it had left a few moments ago. His sudden roughness made her moan out loud in pleasure. Merlin, what was he doing to her?

She wanted to feel him, needed to feel him! So she quickly slipped her hands underneath his shirt. She let her soft fingers dance across his strong chest and as she let her fingernails scratch over his nipples, his head rolled back. She used her opportunity in an instant and started sucking on the sensitive skin of his collarbone. Soft whimpers were leaving his mouth, making her smile against his skin. She was in control and she wondered if it would stay like that. If he would let her this time or if he already got other things in his mind.

She got her answer faster than expected when he suddenly grabbed both of her hands and pinned them against the door above her head, while he used his free hand to rip the shirt she was wearing in two. She panted loudly by surprize. So loud it send a reddish gleam to her cheeks, because she knew Y/BFFs/N must have heard it in her room. But she quickly forgot about it again, when Remus’ fingers moved to her breast and started massaging them through her bra.

Y/N chuckled softly by the thought of his touch sending her to heaven, when she knew her best friend would tell her, she’d go to hell for this. But if having this meant burning down there, she was more than willing to except it.

Remus was covering the soft skin of her neck and shoulders with dark red marks, distracting her for a moment from the path his free hand was following, into her jeans and panties. He suddenly but slowly slid one finger inside her and every time he pushed in, he hit a spot that would make her body shake and left her a moaning and whimpering mess. “Remus”, she sighed when she was gasping for air. “More…” she demanded needy, making the young man bite his lip, thinking he had never heard anything more sexy. “Like this?”, he asked teasingly as he stuck in another finger curling them upward. Y/N’s hips automatically bucked up against his hand. Her moans where becoming louder and louder while he kept pushing her closer to the edge.

There was no chance to deny it, he loved the way the girl began to grind herself against his hand, but when he realized how close she already was, he removed his hand in one swift movement, using his other hand to push her waist back against the door, so she couldn’t follow him. “That’s not fair Re”, the brown-haired looked at him frustrated and grabbed his hand harshly and stuck his fingers back inside of her making him laugh low against her collarbone.

“So needy today, darling? Am I turning you on so bad?” “It’s just the weed”, she chuckled teasingly but her smile soon vanished as he began to vigorously move his hand. A feeling that was much more intense than the pleasure she was normally feeling -due to the pot she had been smoking- began to slowly travel throughout her entire body. And when she finally lost it, her legs started shaking so bad, he had to hold her up straight.

Remus gave her a few moments to catch her breath again before he raised her of the ground on carried her to his room. Completely satisfied and exhausted she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned her head against his, with her eyes closed. He was making her so happy.

“Hey, it’s not the time to fall asleep yet, darling. I’m not done with you”, he told her as he let her sink into the soft pillows on her bed. Her eyes were still closed while he removed her clothes from her body, placing kisses on the spots he revealed.

A soft smile cured up to her lips when she heard how he unbuckled his belt and how his trousers fell to the ground. “Still want more?”, he asked, standing next to the bed and looking down on her, desire written on his eyes. Y/N opened her eyes again and bit her lower lip, as she nodded. Her gaze wondered over his naked body and stopped at the sight of his hard member. She bit her lip even harder to not moan out loud just by the sight of it.

The young man laid down beside her on the bed before he picked her up by her waist and helped her to get on top of him. She kissed him softly while she adjusted herself in the right position to finally let herself down on him.

Both let out loud moans and curses when he was fully inside of her. She lifted herself up and brought herself back down again making him clench his teeth together. Merlin, he had never seen anything hotter than this! And he felt like, he would never be able to get used to how good she felt around him.

He brought his loins up reaching an even deeper spot as a devilish smirk appeared on his face when he noticed the look she had, he could tell she was struggling to control herself just as much as he was. Forgotten was the fact that she had just had an orgasm. It felt like she needed him as much as before.

She almost screamed by the sensation as she unsteadily began to ride him. His hands grabbed for her bouncing breasts as he began to quickly push upward. Remus pulled her down on him to gain better control over her moving body, making her dig her nails into his strong shoulders. Their moans and sighs were filling the thick air in the room, as pleasure started raising inside of them uncontrollably. He thrusted inside of her repeatedly all gentleness gone completely. “Fuck, Y/N”, he muttered out of breath as he kept pumping himself into her.

His words made her finally lose all control over her body and she came for the second time that night with a loud scream. She felt how he began to twitch inside of her and slowed his moves down a bit just so he could get in harder and deeper before he came inside of her. As his hot load shot into her he sealed their lips once more, their tongues caressing each other sloppily, before Y/N pulled him out of her slowly, whimpering because of the sudden emptiness.

She let herself fall on the bed next to him and placed soft kisses on his quickly moving chest. “I love you”, she muttered between two kisses, followed by a gasped “I love you too”.

By Selina


This is my first KC fic, and also my first fanfic written in English. I’m high on it to say the least. 

Damon was the first to go.

Caroline did not expect that. She always thought it would be Elena, or Bonnie- not that she wished for either of them to go, but from the very start Elena had been the most human of them all, and Bonnie… Bonnie had had her fair share of near-death experiences as it was. Even herself- as the last vampire standing in Mystic Falls, she wasn’t naïve enough to humor the notion that she could just live happily forever.

But never had she thought that it would be Damon. Maybe a tiniest part of her would always picture Damon as the mysterious young man tuning up out of the blue, with abysmal eyes and abysmal powers. Even if they faced multitudes of more powerful, more indestructible enemies post-Damon, even if Damon became a mere human post-cure, Caroline had subconsciously felt that Damon would live long into the unforeseeable future.

God knows he had been in the Civil Wars. That was old.

Or maybe that was just Damon. He came with a dramatic entrance, sauntering into this one-pony town when everyone knew literally nothing of the supernatural world, wreaking havoc while he was at it. And when he left he ought to go with a flourish, reuniting every friend and family member all over the world to see him off- though there couldn’t be a more anti-climatic ending than dying of old age.

He didn’t even live long enough for Elena’s 50th birthday.

The cure was as fair to every former undead as it was cruel. Katherine, with 500 hundred years of calamity and glory, turned grey in just a few months. And Damon’s hundred or so years took their toll on him in the end.

“Actually I think I lucked out.” Lying in bed in Liz’s former bedroom (the old Salvatore house had long become the boarding school, and he steadfastly refused to spend his last days in a hospital), Damon wiggled his brows towards Caroline. The orange light of the sunset cast through the windows onto his face, his blue eyes almost transparent in the soft hue. “Oh I hate this color.” He held the corner of the white sheet between his fingers, which was a shade of gold in the sunlight, grimacing before loosening his hold on it.

“You always hated yellow. I know.” Caroline tried hard not to roll her eyes, the corner of her lips turning up instead.

Damon looked up at her somewhat thoughtfully. After a while he offered an off-handed response, “No, not always.”

In the last 20 years they still hadn’t become best of friends. Damon had Alaric for a drinking buddy, blowing off steam and just fooling around. For a rare heart-to-heart he had Bonnie. Not to mention Elena- they were practically joined at the hips. Call it differences in disposition, or call it old grudges, but Damon Salvatore and Caroline Forbes were just not meant to be BFFs. Even so, the bond between them had gradually and imperceptibly grown inseverable.

Because of Liz Forbes.

Because of Stephan Salvatore.

Caroline didn’t know if this was the first lesson on being an immortal. The bond holding you together with someone was defined not by yourselves of your dynamic, but by the time you co-existed, the memories you shared- the deaths you withstood in each other’s company.

“You will see him.”

Damon glanced at her while fiddling with the day-light ring on his finger (he never took it off), taunt in his eyes, though not as sharp as the old days.

Caroline reiterated with punctuation, “You will see him. And when you do, tell him that we’re all doing well here- we miss him, but we’re doing well.” She laughed a little, “Of course, he probably already knows all that. Oh, and tell him that we’ll meet him one day and just be patient, especially now that you’re going to be bothering him day and night.”

Damon rolled his eyes, “Ever the optimistic, huh, Blondie? You know, I’ve been wondering for the past twenty years. Did my blood have a genetic mutation in your body? Cause my bloodline couldn’t possibly be this sunshine-rainbow-unicornly. It clashes with my image.”

Caroline just upped her eyebrows for the sake of it.

“Seriously, how can you be so sure?” After a few minutes’ silence, Caroline almost thought he had fallen asleep, but Damon revisited the topic, “how do you know that in a year, or ten years, or even a century, that you can see someone again?”

Caroline looked out the window. The windows in Liz’s bedroom faced the courtyard of her childhood home. From this angle, she could vaguely see the white roof of the porch spreading into the sky, as if calling for something, or maybe reminding, “Sometimes you just need something to hold on to. And sometimes… You just know.”

That was their last conversation. That night, Damon died peacefully in Elena’s arms.

Everyone came to the funeral. Including Bonnie, who was traveling the world; Matt and Jeremy, who were assisting a case of “animal attack” in a police station on the west coast; Lizzie and Josie, who had settled down in Atlanta. Their whole Mystic Gang.

Caroline stood in a far corner, with dark sunglasses that were so not her style, watching people congregating and then scattering, every word of whisper meant or not meant to be heard reaching her ears in perfect clarity- but Mystic Falls could not know of her existence. Not anymore.

A few years after that, it was Alaric’s turn.

And then Matt. Bonnie. Jeremy.

Caroline developed a new tradition. For every person who left, she would add another frame on the wall beside her bed. All these years she preserved the most completed and up-to-date photo collection of their gang. She would spend several unsleeping nights perusing every accurately-named file and neatly-labelled album, selecting the perfect smile to be staying still in said frame.

And the other unsleeping nights after that, she would stand by her bed, cleaning the frames in moonlight, or just counting them, forward and backward.

It wasn’t as creepy as it sounded- Caroline reasoned with herself. After all, she had seen someone carrying a bunch of caskets for a thousand years. You couldn’t get much creepier than that.

And then it was Elena. Elena, who everybody loved, who really glued their little gang together for all these years, who Caroline adored and envied and hated and couldn’t fathom being without, who she hadn’t separated with since childhood.

In her last hours, Elena lay in the exact same bed where Damon had passed away, her eyes and smile as gentle and compassionate as when she was 17, “Oh, Care, I’m so sorry.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for, Elena.” Caroline held her shriveled hand, “They are waiting for you.”

“Someone’s been waiting for you, you know.”

Caroline didn’t act like she couldn’t understand. She was well past the phase of pretending and denial. But she also didn’t feel like answering. The correspondences interspersed all these passing years, every word of which crossing her mind, only to be overshadowed by Elena’s increasingly labored breaths and heart beats. So she just held her hand, hand that was still warm with a bit more force, and reciprocated the smile that she knew so well.

Elena’s funeral was greatly different from Damon’s. Almost everyone present had been her former co-workers or patients, instead of friends and family. They didn’t have kids- someone with both possible doppelganger blood and the cure in his veins would have been destined for a life with too many unpredictable dangers.

Caroline stood afar as always, listening in on people wishing Elena reunite in heaven with the love of her life.

That kind of love never dies.” She remembered someone once saying something like that.

A week passed and Caroline still couldn’t remember when or where she heard that line. The strengthened powers of a vampire did not include superior memory. Caroline smiled wryly before putting the photo of Elena she had chosen into the newly-added frame.

Another ten years and it came to Lizzie and Josie.

They were, after all, Alaric’s girls. Their magical powers were guided to thrive in the boarding school, but eventually both of them had settled for a normal human life. They hadn’t sought out the spell for longevity like so many other witches did.

These two funerals Caroline did not attend.

After Lizzie and Josie each had kids, she slowly bowed out of their lives- she still talked to her little girls as often as she could, but her grandchildren mostly knew nothing about her. A normal human life far away from the supernatural world had not a place for a grandma who didn’t age. It was Lizzie and Josie’s choice.

She snuck into Lizzie’s hospital room late at night, during non-visiting hours. In a certain difficult breath Lizzie woke up from her fitful sleep and saw her, before smiling into the oxygen mask. Alaric once said that her smile could light up the whole room- just like Caroline’s.

“Mom,” Lizzie blinked, “It’s so nice to see you.”

“I’m here.” Caroline bent down to kiss her on the forehead, just like what she did when she kissed them good night in their childhood, “Mommy’s here.”

That was also the last words she said to Josie.

She didn’t go to their funerals.

In the following months, something Bill Forbes had said before he died constantly sounded in her mind, “Parents are not supposed to outlive their children.”

Sometimes she didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse.

When Caroline was young, she experienced too many deaths in too short a time period. Mystic Falls was like the swirl in the supernatural tides, dragging them all down. But somehow they escaped, even sailed their little ships into the distance. However, no one escapes time.

When death poured down like storms, you didn’t have a chance to stop, to mourn, to feel. You could only run and run and run some more, wishing that you may come out the other side in one piece. But when death snuck into you layer by layer like the chill of night, you could barely get up before you were stiff and frozen, unable to move a limb.

The funny thing was, vampires were not susceptible to coldness.

Maybe for that exact reason, Caroline overlooked the signs. She didn’t care that she had more and more sleepless nights, spending more and more time counting the frames. She didn’t notice that when she was with the kids at the boarding school she couldn’t find the sparkling happiness that used to warm up her heart. She didn’t realize that her world was fading and muting right before her, in spite of her vampire eyesight and hearing that only augmented as her years grew.

Caroline only felt more and more stressed. And when under stress, Caroline Forbes always turned to stress-cleaning.

Halfway through her closet, she found her old phone inside the pocket of a coat that she hadn’t worn for years.

Before she realized what she was doing, the phone was playing against her ear the only voice mail that she kept.

She heard that low, accented voice a whole century away, talking to her about food, music, art and culture. She could hear the smile in his voice, the music flowing in the street where he stood, and the sunshine sizzling in his dark blonde hair.

And just like that, her world was reignited.

She felt slightly dizzy from the barrage of colors and sounds storming into her head, but her trembling fingers pressed the buttons without a miss, the number that she knew by heart to this day.

It went to voice mail.

Caroline opened her mouth, but no sound came out. They had kept in touch through the years, in tacit mutual understanding choosing the old-fashioned way of correspondence, which was slow and far between. For a century she hadn’t once heard his voice, nor he hers.

But Caroline had forgot how her body would act on its own accord whenever she was facing him. She felt a strange yet familiar sound coming from deep inside her chest,


Just this one word.

Yet she felt drained.

But the whole world that she regained, or rather rediscovered moments ago was sending a steady flow of strength into her, invigorating her perpetually.

The screen of her phone quietly lit up on the morning of the following day. Caroline opened the text, her heart uncannily calm and peaceful.

It wouldn’t hurt to prove me right once in a century, love.

She smiled, picking up the bag that she had already packed the night before.

And then she stepped out into the world that he once promised her.


Carl Grimes Imagine requested by anon:

Hiya! I was wondering if I could have an imagine when the reader has a huge crush on Carl and Enid (her bff) keeps on baiting her out whenever she sees him in public e.g. “HEY MY FRIEND LIKES YOU/THINKS YOU’RE HOT”. And Rick, Michonne and Daryl find it ridiculously funny. Eventually, the reader thinks Carl doesn’t like her and voices this to him, only for him to reassure her that he thinks she’s beautiful and they kiss and live happily ever after. and smut, please? :D

Gifs: Not mine

Warnings: Smut

Words: 1141


The streets were crowded with the citizins of Alexandria, and you were walking beside your best friend Enid. As one of the few other teenagers there, you really got along, and she trusted you enough to tell you about her days outside the walls.

“Well, look who’s walking over there!” She said and pointed across the street and your eyes fell upon Carl pushing the stroller with his baby sister in it, his father walking beside him.

“Enid, please don’t!” You said blushing trying to cover her mouth, but she was stronger than you. Easily she kept your hands away from your face.

“Hey!” Enid yelled and both Carl and Rick turned towards the two of you. Quickly, you removed your hands from her face while your face turned even deeper red. “She thinks your hot, Carl!” She yelled pointing towards you.

“No, I don’t!” You yelled after her only to see Rick laugh. You grabbed Enid’s wrist and dragged her after you. Enid was chuckling slightly. You made a turn around a house, and Carl was out of sight.

“Now Carl thinks you think he’s ugly!” She said with a smug grin on her face.

“Enid, I trusted you with not telling anyone!” You said sounding upset.

“He wouldn’t have believed it if you just play along!”

“Enid,” you sighed hiding your face behind your hands.

“Okay,” she said removing your hands from your face. “I’m sorry!” she said looking you in the eyes. You only nodded before going back around the corner only to see Carl and Rick on the other side of the road and Enid shouting again. “Y/N likes you Carl!” She yelled and you slapped her over arm. Rick laughed once again.

“C’mon,” she said as her laugh trailed off. “Let’s make you presentable for the party tonight!”


“Y/N!” Enid said though her laughter as she came through the crowd towards you. “I just heard Rick, Michonne and Daryl talk about you!” She was smiling from ear to ear.

“What? Why?” You asked, eyebrows narrowed.

“They said how they found it hilarious how I tease you!” She was still smiling. “Rick told them about today. They’ve found it funny for a long time, and they constantly tease Carl about you,” she said and her smile faded slightly at the sight of your face looking sad.

“He probably thinks I’m annoying. They’re making fun of me.”

“Hey, y/n. Why would they do that? Why would he think you’re annoying?” She said stroking your arm trying to calm you down.

“Whenever we hang out, like all of us, I’m always so shy and awkward, so I probably come off as obnoxious!” 

“You know what I think you should do?” You just shook your head no. “Talk to him. Clear the air between you!” You nodded nervously. Enid pushed you carefully away from her, and you started to search for Carl. 

After searching for a while, your eyes spotted his long hair and flannel shirt. With a lump in your throad, you inched towards him. You tapped his shoulder and he turned around smiling down at you.

“Can we talk?” You asked. 

“Sure,” he said.

“In private?” His smile became more unsteady but he nodded. You went up the stairs and stepped inside a bedroom at the end of the hall. You held the door open for him, and he stepped inside. Your grip on the door handle tightened as you closed it. As you turned around to face his back you tried your sweaty hands on your jeans. He turned around and you took a deep breath.

“So, I kinda want to apologize.” You said. “For what Enid said this morning. It’s probably annoying.” You couldn’t dare to look him in the eyes, so they travled around the room. “And whenever we hang out, I’m probably annoying and boring.” When you dared to look at him he only stood staring at you in shock, mouth slightly hanging open.

“And it’s all true,” you stopped yourself to see if there was any reaction. There was none. “Everything Enid’s been yelling at you from a distance and telling you when we’re hanging out. It’s all true!” There was still no reaction. Your head turned towards the ground before you continued to cry to hide the fact you were about to cry. “I know you probably don’t feel-” You were cut off by a gentle kiss placed on your lips. The kiss broke and now you couldn’t break the eye contact you was scared of only seconds ago.

“I do feel the same,” he smiled. Happiness grew inside you and you felt like you could fly. He kissed you again and you closed you eyes. His hands were on your cheeks and your hands were resting on his hips. After a while, the kiss got more rough. Before you were aware of it, you were standing in only your bra and panties, and he in his boxers.

He led you over to the bed and slowly let you lay down. The soft bed hit yout back. Carl held himself up over you. He stared to kiss your neck, your chest, stomach and stopped when he reached your panties. Slowly he pulled your panties down on your thighs. Spreading your legs, he dragged his boxers down and revealed his lenght. You stopped him right before he was about to start.

“Condom!” You said. 

“Shit,” he whispered. He reached for the nightstand drawer and pulled it out. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were when he pulled out a condom. Carl ripped the package open and pulled the condom out before putting it on his penis. 

He leaned forward again and leaned on his arms placed on each side of your head. He put his penis inside you, and you gasped. You hands were on his back pulling him closer. He started to thrust into you with passion, and with every thrust you moaned. It felt like every thrust grew stronger. Your nails dug into his back, your back arched pressig your head back against the pillow. IT felt so good. 

“Y/n!” He moaned in your ear and you felt so happy. 

“Carl,” you struggled to say, to caught up in the pleasure he was giving you. He wasn’t stopping either. He kept going, and you knew you were close to oragasming. 

“Faster,” you moaned pressing your vagina up graving his penis further into you. He started to thrust faster and faster. 

“Ah,” he let out and pulled out of you and laid down beside you. You pulled the cover over the two of you while you lied on your back panting. You turned to look at Carl, who was sweating. He turned to you and made eye contact. He gave you a genuine smile and you hadn’t felt happier in years.


A/N: Was it too much? Personally, I don’t think so, but yah know. Some might think so. But hope you liked it (Sorry I didn’t post yesterday even though I said I would.)

LALALALALALA wasn’t it cute how Glee ended with Klaine getting married and having a big NYC wedding where Kurt got June to use her connections to get Katy Perry to surprise Blaine by performing at their reception?

And it was so sweet how Blaine asked Mike Chang to be his best man (much to Cooper’s dismay) while Kurt had his best bestie Mercedes by his side during the wedding.

Oh and I loved Burt’s toast and it was great finally meeting Blaine’s parents and it was especially nice to see Blaine speaking Tagalog with them and discussing how Kurt was going to come visit Blaine’s extended family in the Philippines.

And we can’t forget the OTT glam-fabulous one-of-a-kind designer tuxes both Kurt and Blaine wore to the wedding. Plus their custom made Tiffany wedding rings. And didn’t you cry when Blaine surprised Kurt during their first dance by wearing his own “gay braveheart” kilt as he asked, “Excuse me, may I have this dance?” because Blaine is older now and even braver than he once was and he wants Kurt to know how much Kurt’s courage has inspired him.

And weren’t you shocked when Sugar Motta showed up to the wedding (with her BFF Joe in tow) and as her wedding present she gave them an all-expense paid trip around the world for their honeymoon just because she thinks they’re both adorable and Sugar is awesome like that.

And everyone cried when Kurt and Blaine sang “Come What May” together, and cheered when Blaine joined Kurt on the “Single Ladies” dance. Also, Blaine sang “Thinking Out Loud” to Kurt and Kurt sang “Unconditionally” to Blaine, all the while with the Warblers (Wes, David, Trent, Nick, and Jeff) and the New Directions (season 3 version + the “original” newbies) singing back-up.  

And wasn’t it great how both Blaine and Kurt graduated from NYADA at the top of their respective classes and Kurt went on to become editor-in-chief at Vogue and also perform in a few critically acclaimed off-Broadway productions while Blaine went on to become an A-list movie star who starred in all of Artie’s Academy Award-Winning movies and even record some of the Grammy-winning soundtrack? (And also it was pretty cool when Rachel Berry won her first Tony for her role in Funny Girl and the first person she thanked was Kurt Hummel for being her inspiration and friend even when she was totally awful to him and from then on she was significantly nicer to him and never took him for granted ever again.)

Also Kurt and Blaine had kids and they never fought about anything ever again except for who loved the other more and which one of them needed to take little Hepburn and Tracy to ballet and piano class and who was going to get the snacks for their pee-wee soccer games. (They had long since hashed out all of their issues, Blaine regained his confidence, Kurt became a better listener, and they both became better communicators.)

And most importantly, nobody every set foot in McKinley High ever again and they all lived happily ever after. The end.