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warlocks also known as, lilith’s children, symbolized by a spellbook and circular motifs reminiscent of magic circles

vampires also known as the night’s children, symbolized by a stylized star emanating light

shadowhunters also known as nephilim or children of the angel, symbolized by angelic rune and celtic patterns

seelies also known as faeries, symbolized by an arrow and vines

werewolves also known as children of the moon, symbolized by the moon

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안녕하세요! 이번에 MBC드라마 “파수꾼"의 OST를 부르게 되었습니다!! 뉴타운보이즈선배님이랑 같이 열심히 했으니 많이많이 들어주시고 "파수꾼"도 많이많이 봐주세요! 음원은 7월3일 공개됩니다! 켄타의 첫OST!!! 사랑해주세요~
Hello! I will be singing MBC drama “Lookout” OST!! I’ve worked hard with Newtown Voice sunbaenim so please listen to it a lot and watch “Lookout”! It will be released on July 3rd! Kenta’s first OST!!! Please love it~

youjin0406 (Lee Youjin): “Kenta you did well cool cool”
Kenta’s reply: Thank you, hyung ㅠㅠ Please listen to it!!
don9_han (Kim Donghan): “It will be released on my birthdayㅎ is it my birthday presentㅎ”
Kenta’s reply: That’s right it’s the first gift for you^^ Let’s party next weekㅋㅋ
j_wontagii (Joo Wontak): “Kenta-gun ㅠㅠ I’m jealous.. ♡ congrats!”
Kenta’s reply: Thank you, Wontak! 
eun_doitz (Hong Eunki): “Waw ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Congrats hyung!! Let’s walk on the flower path from now on 💪”
Kenta’s reply: Thank you! ung ung Let’s do it that way! 

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96-line’s drawings + things they’ve said about Jun (in order from left-right).

Hoshi: Junhui is really a precious person~
Woozi: Junhui really is very kind, a person worth liking.
Wonwoo: Junnie is a very nice person, he’s just a little silly.

it’s very telling to me that, in all the news and commentary i’ve read about the Chicago D*ke March’s expulsion of Jewish marchers, the most nuanced and considerate opinions i’ve heard have primarily come from Jews. Jews have been doing the soul-searching, Jews have been debating each other about the true meaning of the event, Jews have been asking each other about what Zionism means and how it interferes with others, and depressingly, Jews have been asking each other how to exist in public spaces wearing Jewish symbols without infringing on anyone else’s feelings. actually, to be fair, i’ve only seen a single Palestinian comment on the event so far, but their statement was complex and nuanced. meanwhile, many other American goyim, non-Muslim and non-Jewish, are promoting an extremely black-and-white view, where you’re either anti-everything-about-Israel or you’re a “””Zionist””” monster. but that’s not how countries work!

many Jews have complicated feelings about Israel, and condemn the violence toward innocent Palestinians while still supporting the general existence of a Jewish nation. some of these Jews call themselves Zionists, some do not. but all the goyim i’ve seen speaking about Israel in light of this event assume that to be Zionist is to support the Israeli government in all its actions. i wish everyone would stop using the language of “pro-Israel/Zionist” and “pro-Palestine/antiZionist” to refer to the debate–there should be no such thing as “pro-Israel” in the same way there is no such thing as “pro-France” or “pro-Nigeria” or “pro-Brazil”. using the term “pro-Israel” paints the poisonously false picture that if you are glad that a Jewish state exists at ALL, you automatically agree with the government. for every other nation around the world, people generally accept that you can disagree with the actions of the nation’s government without wanting that nation to be disintegrated. 

we’ve been talking a lot about how kicking Jews out of the march for carrying a flag with a Jewish star on it is antisemitic, but it’s eclipsed an even more fundamental conversation about how, alone of all the nations, people are not supposed to have a nuanced view of Israel’s actions separate from its existence. 

my point is twofold: if i were a Protestant, you would not ask me if i’m “pro-Germany” or “pro-England”. i am an American Jew. don’t ask me if i’m “pro-Israel” or “Zionist”. 1) it’s antisemitic to single out Jews for that kind of question, and 2) “pro-Israel” is a “gotcha” that doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. have more respect for the ability of Jews to hold nuanced, complex opinions. it’s basically our entire culture. believe me, if you want internal debate and soul-searching, the Jews have got you covered.