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Alright, so, I’ll start this off by saying I am honestly not an expert on Kakyoin, contrary to popular belief (I’d actually consider myself more of an expert on Jotaro’s character, if anything), but I’m going to do my best to give my views on Kakyoin’s character, as well as some canon evidence to support it, and hopefully it will help a bit.

If you want a great reference of how to write Kakyoin in fic, go read Sand, sand and more sand on AO3, because it’s honestly one of the best depictions of Kak I’ve ever read, and he’s quite close to canon.


Kakyoin is pretty snarky. He’s subtle about it, but he’s also kind of a shithead. He’s polite most of the time, but it seems to be more of a setting he defaults to when he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable around the people he’s with. We have quite a few quips from him as examples of this, such as him laughing at andd mocking Anne during the dark blue moon arc, and saying she couldn’t possibly be the stand user on board, and in the Geb and N'Doul fight where he orders Polnareff to attack the canteen because he “doesn’t want to”. He also at one point responds to Polnareff saying “this looks bad!” with, “well it most certainly isn’t good.”

He’s blunt, but this also means that he’s honest. He dislikes liars, and prefers that everything is set out before him clearly and plainly as opposed to someone that is clearly dancing around the subject.

He also seems like quite the know-it-all, and likes being right; and he’s probably the type to argue with someone even if he knows he’s wrong. He seems to genuinely enjoy teaching the crusaders about the culture of all the places they visit on their journey, and he has the ability to retain all of that information to recant to them, as well. It seems to be somewhat of an interest of his.

And then there’s this, of course…

The cherry thing is something that kind of bothers me in fandom and fic. Yes; Kakyoin says that cherries are his favourite fruit. Child Kakyoin has cherries on his shirt (keep in mind that the scene with child kakyoin is added in my DavidPro and is not technically canon). BUT, it doesn’t mean that he has to have everything cherry-related. It’s a seriously overused trait in fandom to the point that it just becomes annoying. Kak can have a coffee without it having to be cherry flavoured. Just remember that he canonically enjoys lots of different foods, and that he doesn’t need to exclusively eat cherries and cherry flavoured things. He probably likes to eat foods from all different cultures.

Video games: There is evidence to suggest that Kakyoin spends a LOT of time playing F-Mega, however, this doesn’t mean that his extreme knowledge of the tracks and mechanics applies to every video game in existence. He’s a teenager, with no friends in the 80’s, of course he’s going to spend time playing video games. But back in the 80s, people often only had one or two games, so it’s likely that he has simply replayed F-Mega a LOT, to the point of knowing it by heart. I know the levels of Mario 3 extremely well, simply because I played them over and over again as a kid. If you are fixated on a single game for extended periods of time (especially if it’s the only game you own), you are of course going to know the game well. Knowing a lot about a single game does not mean that he’s obsessed with video games, and does not necessarily mean that he’s a shut-in, and never goes outside.

Also keep in mind that he says that he’s “pretty good at video games”. He doesn’t claim to be great at them, and since we’ve already established that Kakyoin is quite blunt, it would be out of character to assume that he’s being humble here. He literally means that he’s just “pretty good” at them. No more, no less.

His real-world experience is vast, and it’s also mentioned that his parents take him many places on vacation. He’s been to a lot of places, and retains cultural knowledge. It’s not as if he’s read it in books: he’s actually been to these places before, and he mentions it frequently. This suggests that he gets out quite a bit, and also kind of suggests that maybe he isn’t quite the model student type in school.

Kakyoin doesn’t appear to be the honours student & straight A’s type. He doesn’t think twice about skipping out on his new school to travel to Egypt, and as I said before, his knowledge appears to come more from first-hand experience rather than school studies (and I bet he missed more than a few of his classes due to the trips that he and his parents took). He’s a know-it-all, but it doesn’t mean that he does well in school.

On the other hand, Jotaro IS a model student, despite his delinquent status. It’s more likely that Jotaro would be the one helping Kakyoin with his homework.
(He might disrespect his teachers, but he still gets good grades, and let’s not forget that he becomes a marine biologist later in life.)

Kakyoin’s profile also mentions that he “appears very effeminite”. This is another thing that is often misinterpreted. His appearence may be somewhat feminine, and he takes pride in how he looks, but his personality and mannerisms are not inherently feminine.

He hates being forced into submission, and this is the reason why he despises Dio so much. Dio took advantage of his vulnerability and the fact that Kak didn’t have any friends to use him as his pawn. He drew Kak in, made him feel wanted, needed, and then took control of his mind and body.

“He appears to be very effeminate. In reality, he despises submitting to people or sucking up to them.” - Taken directly from his canon personality description.

Another thing that people seem to miss is the fact that he’s extremely sadistic. He says himself that Heirophant “loves nothing more than to rip things to shreds” and that it might “drive him mad with joy”. He likes being in control of the situation, remember. He probably hates losing fights, as well (especially since he could be considered a weakling for losing).

Kakyoin also seems to like Baseball, judging by his profile naming a favourite team, and sumo, as we all know from his exchange with Jotaro.

One of the things that fandom does definitely get right, is Kakyoin being the mother hen of the group. He’s taken on the role of the responsible one, because Joseph is… far from being an adult. He’s strategic and thinks everything out logically, and so is the mature one of the group, especially after Avdol’s “death”. He appears to be content to follow Joseph, but when it’s needed, he steps up and becomes the leader in his place. This is seen when Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff start physically fighting random men that they suspect are the one in the Wheel of Fortune car, to which he says that, “this is not a good idea,” and that it’s, “getting out of hand”. It’s also seen in the tower of grey fight where he mentions that it’s better that he fights on the plane, because he’s the least destructive of the bunch (even though he’s capable of blasting holes into clock towers, apparently his emerald splash isn’t destructive; okay Kak…).

He’s also fiercely protective of his friends, and extremely loyal as well. Kakyoin isn’t the type to abandon his friends in any circumstance.

He’s a CASANOVA. While Jotaro draws more unwanted attention from girls due to his bad boy façade, Kakyoin is slick and smooth with them, so much so that they notice him more over Jotaro. He’s quick to diffuse the situation when Jotaro pushes the girls aside (again, in the tower of grey arc), and it’s just… yes.

Just look at this. You can bet your ass he’s not the type to blush and stutter as he’s confessing. Straight up grabbing the girl and apologizing for Jotaro. Smooth as butter.

Here are some other scenes that might be able to explain his character a bit better as well:

Mouthing off to Joseph- Jotaro approves.

This line is wonderful. (Again, to Joseph? It’s almost like they have this kind of rivalry going on, haha)

Some really good insight to his character and motivations (And one of my favourite Jotakak moments).

The anime kind of makes this out to be a sort of “Kakyoin mocking Polnareff” scene, but in the manga he seems like he’s just stating what he heard. Pretty matter-of-fact about the whole situation.


I believe that this is the first moment that Kakyoin really realizes that he and any of his companions can die at any moment. Avdol has been shot, and he’s in complete shock. This is a normal teenager that’s now painfully aware of the danger he’s putting himself in to help out Jotaro and Joseph. Sure, he realized that he would be involved in fights, and a little blood would be shed for the greater good, but I don’t think he had realized up to this point that he might actually die.

And here’s Kakyoin’s character bio.

It’s also notable that he didn’t tell his parents where he was going prior to leaving. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s in bad standing with his parents (especially since his dying thoughts were of them), and could possibly be because he didn’t want to worry them, or something of the sort, but the fact remains that he didn’t tell them beforehand. Take from this what you will.

So yeah, this is what I get from Kakyoin. He’s kind, loyal to a fault, and deeply in love with Jotaro– and he’s a pretty complex character to write. Don’t feel like you need to take all of this into account, because it’s hard to keep his entire character intact with fanfiction. A lot of his personality comes across in facial expressions, so it’s sometimes difficult to translate that into non-visual media. Just refer back to canon if you aren’t sure of something, and you should be fine. Good luck!


@team-sleeps Please ignore Richard. He just doesn’t like to admit he finds Ricardo highly relatable too.

Gallavich Fic Recs Part 2

to expand on the coffee shop au: paul always spells john’s name on his cup “jon” just to see his annoyed face. john wears a hoodie of the university he attends to the shop and paul finds out he goes there too, but their classes are on opposite sides of campus. john starts bringing stuart along as a studybuddy and paul gets jealous. one time john waits until the end of paul’s shift to question why paul wrote his number on john’s cup instead of his name. and paul’s hair smells like coffee beans in the morning.

tbh 78% of the reason I ship ZoNami so hard is because of the poetic irony of someone with absolutely no sense of direction falling in love with a navigator

so here’s something that happened today…

jellybug37: Have you ever thought of doing a catfish au for malec. Maybe Alec is afraid to use his real name and stuff, while Magnus thinks he’s been catfished or something :)

gingersnapwolves: Ooh! And what if they know each other in real life but don’t realize that they’re the same person they’ve been talking to online?! =O or if Alec *does* know, but he’s too nervous/closeted to approach Magnus in real life, so he’s built this fake person online to try to have a relationship with him, waaaaaah

jellybug37: Yes!!!! And maybe Magnus talks about his online relationship to his friends and Rafael or someone is like dude he’s fake, he’s cat fishing you. I can just picture all the Alec angst about being in gay and what his parents would think, but at the same time he thinks he’s not good enough as is for Magnus so he lied online. :)


“So please don’t you ever let go of my hand
Because I will never ever let you go again”

Yoonkook week day 2: Favorite AU - HYYH

More self-indulgent KaiShin fic for all y'all.  Hope you enjoy!

“Everything alright, Shinichi?” Ran asked.  Shinichi didn’t bother to lift his gaze from his coffee.  He tried not to sigh, but evidently his expression gave him away.  Ran sighed for him.  “I guess not.  Want to talk about it?”

“Not really.”  What was there to talk about?  He hadn’t felt this horrible in years, which could mean only one thing.

“So, Kuroba, huh?”

So much for not talking about it.  “Apparently.”

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Please do a Roadrat fic for 100. I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED

okay this isn’t the most romantic fic I’ve ever written but I’m a “slice of life” kinda guy anyway. Idk maybe it is. It’s cute?? Anyway…uh, here have this. I hope you like this. (below a cut because it’s kinda long)

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marichat // socks

fake married au

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 (you are here!)

Being married to Chat was nothing like Marinette expected.

She expected that the marriage would be on paper only, a way to keep Chat’s shelters in business and nothing more.

To her surprise, Chat seemed to be putting an effort in to being a good husband, albeit a pretty absent one. He turned up in her dorm room at strange hours, delivering her things like milk and coffee and toilet paper, though how he always knew when she was running low kind of baffled her. He brushed her hair when he was there in the mornings and carried her to bed when he arrived late at night and found her slumped over her desk, latest project smeared on her cheek and dark bags below her eyes.

It was sweet.


The socks were new, though.

Chat rubbed the back of his neck, looking anywhere and everywhere but her standing in the studio doorway, holding freshly delivered (and much appreciated) Starbucks in one hand and an unopened package of socks in the other.

“Yours are falling apart,” he defended himself, rather weakly, going distinctly pink around the edges of the mask.

Marinette remembered roping Chat into helping her with her laundry when he’d ambushed her during chore time last week. He’d held up a sock as he was pairing them, poking his claws through two very large holes and wrinkling his nose at her.

She’d swiped them away from him, telling him not to judge when she was sure his socks weren’t much better.

He’d insisted that yes, they were in better shape, and chore time had dissolved into a petty, joking argument about proper sock care.

“They are,” Marinette admitted, studying the package. She just hadn’t had the time to get new ones, what with her internship and courseload and superheroing duties. The unexpected gesture left her warm all over, a kind of fuzzy happiness that spilled out of her heart like candle wax.

Impulsively, she raised up on her tiptoes to kiss Chat’s cheek, whispering a quiet thank you in his ear.

When she pulled back, Chat was staring at her, open-mouthed and several shades redder than he had just been.

His expression twitched from a gape slowly into a surprised grin. He ruffled his golden hair and backed away with a little wave, leaving her with her coffee half-raised in farewell as he turned on his heel and left with a bounce in his step.

Oh no.

She stood there with a sinking, fluttery feeling in her stomach that could only mean trouble and thought, oh no.

Being married to Chat was definitely nothing like Marinette expected, and she didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.


“It was a good day. Until I fell down here.”

One trip down a mineshaft later, it’s amazing the kind of people you run into on uncharted planets.

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Somewhat… derived from HCs that, despite hanging around in Tartarus a lot, Reyes rly does go out and do things to continue having that persona of just a third party smuggler. Gotta prove he’s just another mook, right? Also a bit of s/o to some other shit I’m thinking of but SHRUGS. Post-endgame so spoilers.

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Something that I think Tales of the Abyss did well is that in most cases, all the party members have a reasons to be involved beyond “we’re friends now so I’ll go with you guys.”  I mean I love the ToV party but none of them have a reason to be involved other than deciding that they’re a team now.  Which is pretty much the same in most other Tales games.  But in Abyss, every time they have a new goal they talk about who’s going and they all have a reason.  Jade is a militar commander, Natalia represents Kimlasca’s government, Luke is the ambassador, Tear is being sent as a member of the Order of Lorelei.  And part of this is because the party didn’t form a close-knit “we’re family now” kind of relationship… yes, by the end, they’re all friends, but it takes a good part of the game for them to all warm up to each other.  So, they all needed a reason to join Luke.  And the end result is that every character is highly relevant to the plot and everyone has a clear motivation and the intra-party relationships are more complex.

Compare that to, say, Xillia.  Leia was there because… they needed another character to fill out the party.  Look, I adore Leia, but even I admit she has no real baring on the plot.  Elize is there because Alvin said, “yeah, sure, let’s bring the spud along” in Lerond.  In Symphonia, Regal and Presea join because… I don’t know, they really had no reason to be in the party and once they’re Exsphere-related plots wrapped up they had no real relevance to the rest of the game.

Anyway, the other games aren’t bad for this, because they do give everyone a reason, even if it’s rather artificial and boils down to “we’re friends so I want to come along”, but the fact that everyone had distinct reasons for needing to go everywhere in Abyss made the party make-up feel more natural and the plot and characters tighter.  This is part of what makes it, in my opinion, the strongest game for storyline and characterization.  

I got this review on Palo Alto:

I’ve never seen anyone dare to mix west coast gangsta rap and Harry Potter fanfic before. Therefore, you are a visionary.

And now I need someone to write a Straight Outta Compton AU where the marauders are the queer wizarding version of NWA.

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