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@shujinkuro said: Everybody’s kyouhai?

Look at this face and see for yourself

“Don’t look so unenthusiastic! This is gonna be great!

…Well, that’s actually the face you usually make. Are you happy to be here? I honestly can’t tell.

Reeed! Give me a smile! Or something at least! Come on~!”

Time for a sunny vacation //(*▼▽▼)∩//


“We’re a couple hundred years away from gender equality.”
“Only a couple hundred?”


The Wonderful, Complicated POV Ladies of ASOIAF. Arianne Martell is represented by Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Belle; everyone else is represented by their show counterpart.

AU where Enjolras lives at his parent’s estate. He’s rich, and everyone knows it. His parents are the kind of people who flaunt their wealth and have excessive dinner parties to show up the other aristocrats and elite. 

Enjolras hates it. He makes appearances at the parties and is polite to every influential guest that comes by, but inside it enrages him that this is what they choose to do with their money. He has friends among the rich, namely Combeferre and Courfeyrac because they feel the same way he does in their own households.

Even so, he was raised prim and proper. He’s classically trained on four different instruments, is well read, and knows how to negotiate.

He’s seventeen when he meets Grantaire, the new gardener for their estate. The man is about his age, maybe a little bit older, and honestly he wouldn’t even have known he existed if it weren’t for him bitching under his breath about the absurdity of the family’s wastefulness. Enjolras chews him out for badmouthing his name, and that’s where it starts.

At first it was lectures when Grantaire muttered under his breath as he passed by. Then it was debates as Grantaire started countering his logic.

He hates him. He can’t get enough of him.

thing I noticed on my reread of ME:

This is valentine-

who I’ve never thought of as having brown skin, but then again, hey, it’s not like he’s ever called white either- just that he has black with grey hair, a beard, and grey eyes.

This is Anna fang! WEIRD note: reeve uses ‘long brown hand’ twice and both times it was for charas in my mind I wasn’t thinking of as brown. I think the popular interpretation of anna is roughly chinese (future chinese). then again, chinese people can be pretty dark skinned. in the version I have the word oriental is used, which startled me.

(’long brown hand’- is that like, long gloves, or what?)

anyway, interesting note. I’m betting valentine will be white in the movie (I’m rooting for diverse casting but it’s likely) but if he isn’t hester is mixed race, which is of note (and kate maybe too)

I… did a fic. Because I saw THIS prompt and I just don’t know. This all came into my head and I seriously couldn’t rid myself of it… so here, have a fic. *hides head in hands* I haven’t written a fic in years. Of course it’d have to be pokemon what pulled me back into doing so. It has not been beta'ed so… it might have an error here or there. I went over it several times, but you know how that works; shizz still slips by.

Art is also mine, and meant to tag along with the story a bit. The mental image was cute, shhhh.

It has some very minor shipping, and it’s mostly introspective from Maxie’s POV…ish. This is the original prompt:

“If you are still taking prompts, how about, after the whole primal Groudon and or delta episode event, May shows Groudon to Maxie and Groudon, who is this big ol powerful pokemon, is a giant affectionate puppy who likes playing the yarn game and eating pokepuffs and being petted? Maxie’s reaction is up to you~”

Posted into Ao3 in case it’s hard to read on my tumblr.

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intro post!

My name is Lindsey, and I’m a new studyblr. I’ve been admiring studyblr content for a while, and it’s helped me/motivated me so much in school that I figured I would try to make my own. I am a Junior in High School and I’m currently focusing on studying Precalculus, AP Language and Composition, and Geosystems(although those are not my only classes). I’d really love to see more content on my dash, so please reblog this so I can follow more studyblrs!

A few studyblrs that really insipired me to start this blog:

@bookmrk , @crazycraftycool , @etudiaire , @probablystudying , @studyandeat , and @studyblr (although there’s probably many many more tbh)

Thank you for reading! I’m so excited to join this wonderful community!


When I went to Thailand a year ago, I could really see how grateful the Thais are for King Bhumibol Adulyadej (and to their Royal Family by extension) and I have heard many stories of their beloved King’s service and dedication to the Thai people and how he has helped uplift many lives in Thailand. Thailand wouldn’t be the beautiful country that it is today without their King.

The Philippines is one with Thailand’s mourning on this day because they are our fellow Southeast Asians and Southeast Asians will always have each other’s backs despite the trials we face. 

The King of Thailand will be remembered by all for the contributions that he has bestowed upon his kingdom. His legacy will stay alive in the hearts and minds of many.