then there was the one where the dude give birth to a tree

What We'll Have

An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request
: discussing the future with Ed (in bed)
Word Count: 2,152


It came out in a hushed whisper, your fingernails scratching lightly through the patch of copper fuzz sprouting from Ed’s chest. A month or so had passed since he’d gotten his skin permanently etched with a lion right where you’d card your fingers, and it made you smile thinking how it was a little bit like petting its mane. 

“Hmm…” Ed groaned low in his throat with his eyes closed peacefully. 

His chest rocked when he grunted through sleep while you were cuddled up on your right side against him and you could feel the vibration of his voice through his skin where your cheek pressed to his chest. He held you to his side with his left arm cradled around your back. 

“Are you awake?” You asked, even though he’d grunted. He did it again, this time lower and with his eyes closed he turned his head toward yours to rest his chin atop your hair, in the same instance his hand gripped you firmer. 

“Can’t sleep,” you told him, twirling the hair on his chest in the tip of your finger.  

Ed yawned and stretched his right arm up before he sniffled and rubbed his nose. 

“What’s wrong?“ 

In the position you were in he couldn’t look directly at you, but the both of you stayed put, your palm flattening against his chest. 

"I was just thinking…" 

It was quiet when you trailed off and in the dark your eyes adjusted to the outline of his features. His right arm was bent and resting over his belly right where the blankets were draped over his skin.

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Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 2

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.3k+

Warnings: Fluff.


Tittle: It’s A Brand New Year

A/N: Helloooo! Hope you guys like this new chapter of BTS S2. I wanna say thank you to @waywardlullabies for making this cute gif and giving me the idea for this chapter. <3 The tag list google doc will be at the bottom if you want to be tagged on this series. (Italics is third person pov)



Christmas was over and soon you, your family and friends greeted a brand new year. Instead of celebrating New Year’s Eve with The Padaleckis, Jensen’s parents invited the three of you to their house in Austin. This year was truly an exciting one, filled with new projects and so much work. With your pregnancy and then JJ’s arrival your wedding has been pushed back but this year was the one you were gonna get married to Jensen Ackles, and you couldn’t be more excited for it. You’ve know Jensen is the one for you since the early stages of your relationship. He was the one you wanted to spend your days and nights with.

A new year also meant a new home and flying back to an old one. Moving back to Vancouver with a newborn was a kind of stressful experience but with a lot of patience you and Jensen made it through. You loved living and spending time with The Padaleckis, they were the godfathers of your child and best friends of you and Jensen. Their hospitality for the summer and winter was something you were extremely grateful. They were family but you and Jensen definitely needed space. Having a three month old meant learning a new lesson everyday. Gen and Jared were very helpful for the first months. You and Jensen were coping to this new parent’s life.

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Holy Trench Coat || Stiles S.

Word count: 1020

After watching Mr. Stilinski get into the police cruiser and drive away, I stepped out of my car from across the street holding the coat tight against me.

Immediately, my almost naked body was freezing underneath the long black trench coat and I wondered to myself if it was actually worth spending the extra twenty-five minutes in the shower shaving my legs if it only took three seconds in the cold to grow back. 

However, as I took more steps toward the house my heart started to pound so hard, it felt as if it would burst from my chest at any second.

“How did you convince yourself to do this Lyla?”  I grumbled, watching as my words came out in a gray cloud of smoke in the chilly night air. 

My uggs slapped against the road as I crossed it, walking up the driveway to the front steps. I thought about knocking, but I wanted it to be a surprise and I knew that Padre Stilinski never locked the door unless no one else was here.

Slowly, I turned the knob in my hand and for a second I thought of how this would look to an outsider. It probably seemed that I was waiting for the sheriff to leave, being all stalker like so I could rob his house, but in all reality, I wasn’t here to rob anything.

Well, unless you count Stiles’s virginity.

Now, that sounded as if I planned to rape him, which I wasn’t. I was only here trying to save both of our lives and because I’d been in love with this schmuck for the last five years and I wasn’t going to let his life end all because some stupid evil creature wanted to have virgin sacrifices.

After opening the door, I quietly shut it and walked up the steps to Stiles’s room. With every step I took, I felt my legs get weaker and my confidence falter.

What if he didn’t want to?

What if he thought I was ugly?

What if he was saving it for my sister?

That last thought struck a chord in my gut and I stopped on the stairs. It wasn’t a secret that Stiles held feeling for my sister, Lydia Martin. Hell, I had even heard him say it once.

It was the first day of sophomore year, the day after Scott was bitten by that stupid alpha, Peter. Lydia and I had just gotten out of her car when I saw Stiles and Scott talking to each other. Instead of following Lydia, like I normally did, I branched from her path and headed towards my two awkward best friends since seventh grade. 

As I walked up to them, I heard Stiles speaking. “Dude, this is the best thing that has ever happened in this town. It’s almost as great as the birth of…” Scott nudged him as I arrived in their presence, alerting Stiles, whose eyes got wide before looking away from me at my sister. “Lydia Martin.”

I raised an eyebrow, trying not to give away how much hurt was in my chest before piping up. “You know, that was my birth too, perks of being twins.”

Stiles stated some joke after that but it never left my mind and it still holds a name to a crack in my heart today. 

Shaking my head, I rid the memories of that day before continuing up the stairs. Soon, I was face-to-face with Stiles’s door and I could hear him talking inside. The sounds of a tv and gunshots rang from outside the door. 

“Take that zombie! Couldn’t get me! I’m the Alpha now, bitch!” All were things that I heard as I waited outside the door wondering how long it was going to take me before I chickened out, walked back to my car, drove home, put on some comfy pajamas, got into bed, and wondered about the what if’s that could have happened tonight.

Memories of that boy tied to a tree with his throat slit burned into my mind. I couldn’t let that happen. Not to me and certainly not to my Stiles.

Once again, I slowly turned the knob and entered the room. Stiles sat in his computer chair with a remote controller in his hand and headphones on his head as he continued to kill the zombies that approached him on the screen. He was barking orders at what I assumed was the other players in the game.

A part of me wanted to continue staring at him, but then I realized just how creepy and Edward Cullen like that really was. So, to get his attention, I cleared my throat.

As if nothing had happened, he continued to play the game yelling out vulgar things and commanding orders. 

Irritation started boiling in my veins. I tried once more to clear my throat, but it was to no avail. Finally, upset with the lack of attention I was getting (I was a Martin after all), I yelled. “Stiles!”

His hands went up in the air, letting go of his controller as it flew above his head and landed on the ground with a soft thud. His chair almost tilted backward from the sudden motion of his body as he jumped and a loud squawk left his lips.

Turning to face me, he removed the headphones from the back of his neck where they had fallen as his breaths came to him in pants. “Lyla? What the hell are you doing here and why did you scare the living crap out of me?”

Mustering all the courage I had I let the words flow from me.

“I’m not going to die a virgin Stiles, and I’m going to let you die either.”

With that, I let my hands drop from the trench coat and watched Stiles’s expression as the material pooled at my feet. The only thing left on my body was a matching set of black lace lingerie. 

His eyes went so wide, I almost expected them to pop out. A choking sound left his lips before actual words.

“Holy shit.”

Part 2? With some smut? ;)

anonymous asked:

Do that trauma thing but for angel! (Please)

Anonymous said: Different anon, but I’m curious, what do you think is the most traumatic thing the main characters from AtS went through?

Anonymous said: Sorry u might have got this ask and just. Or wanted to answer but if not could you do the trauma ask thing for angel plz


Without a doubt, I would list Angel’s biggest trauma as losing his son when Holt jumps through the portal to Quor-toth.

Angel is a person who is used to losing those he cares about or having to walk away from those he loves to protect or save them. He is someone who can usually take these losses in stride, collect his emotions and remain stoic and focused on the bigger picture. Connor is an entirely different matter.

Angel obviously never planned on or thought he would ever have a child, so when Connor was miraculously born, he became Angel’s entire world, to the point where Angel literally would not let anyone else hold him or go near him for the first twenty-four hours of his life. He loved Connor more than anything in the world, and his priorities changed entirely when Connor arrived. Suddenly Connor was the thing Angel put above all else, the one person he couldn’t live without, the one being who owned all of Angel’s soul.

So losing Connor was, to put it mildly, devastating for Angel, as witnessed by his subsequent actions. Never before has Angel lost it the way he did when confronting Wesley at the hospital, never before has Angel been so driven by pain and rage and trauma that he literally didn’t care if the whole world burned so long as he got his son back. And when everything failed to get Connor back, he went almost catatonic, sitting inside Connor’s burnt-out room for days, not moving, not speaking, too devastated by the loss of his son to even pretend to be alright. No trauma before or since has ever affected Angel in such a devastating manner.


Kind of like Buffy, I feel like Cordy’s actual biggest trauma and the event presented as her biggest trauma are different events.

For me personally, I would list Jasmine hi-jacking Cordy’s body, raping her and Connor, using Cordy’s body to commit murder and eventually birthing herself to be Cordelia’s biggest trauma, especially since Cordelia retains memories of the whole ordeal. Another being taking over your agency and body and using you for evil, leaving you with no choice in matter and no way to stop them would be terrifying and traumatic and absolutely horrific to experience. However, due to the fact that Cordy slips into a coma and eventually dies from this ordeal, there is no way for the show to present and explore the after-effects this would have had on her had she survived.

So, with that in mind, I would say that narratively Cordy’s biggest trauma is the physical manifestations of her visions in That Vision Thing. As she says to Lilah in the episode Billy, she was burned, cut, traumatised and didn’t know whether she would die, rendering her completely helpless. The physical pain she endures throughout that episode, not to mention the psychological damage it would have done, seems to stay with Cordy for a while after, and as we see in Billy, she still clearly recalls the feeling of being victimised and feeling powerless.


Look, I know that the show wants me to view Fred’s death as Wesley’s biggest trauma, but I hate the Fresley relationship, Wesley’s role within it and his creepy and obsessive feelings for Fred, and I find his pain over her death to be narcissistic, self-indulgent and self-centered and if anyone gets to grieve Fred to that degree it should be Gunn, you know, the guy who had an actual relationship with her for over a year, who respected her and was her equal partner, not some creepy sexist dude who infantilized and idealized her, and screwed over everyone and anyone to get her in the end.

So I would list Wesley’s biggest trauma as his childhood. Much like Xander, there are definite hints that Wesley’s childhood was unhappy and abusive, and that his father in particular was emotionally and probably physically abusive. And again, like Xander, you can see a lot of this reflected in Wesley’s behaviour and his attitude towards women. Although, unlike Xander, Wesley indulges his sexism and allows it to turn into full-blown misogyny, and he ends up treating the women in his life appallingly because of this.


I think Gunn’s entire life up until he meets Team Angel is probably saturated with trauma, given that he’s been watching his friends die and been trying to protect everyone for years, but it is fairly obvious that his biggest trauma was when Allona was murdered, turned and then sent back to him only for him to have to stake her.

We know that Gunn was crazy protective of Allona, that she was the most important person in the world to him. While he was concerned with keeping his entire crew safe, Allona was prioritized above all, she was the one he ultimately wanted to keep out of danger. So when she was not only taken by vampires but then turned into a vampire and returned to him, the trauma and pain and guilt cut deeper than anything Gunn had experienced before or since. Not only was Allona’s fate a consequence of his own recklessness but he was then forced to kill her all over again, much like Xander was with Jesse. And, much like Xander, this incident has such a profound effect on Gunn and traumatizes him so badly, that he struggles to shake his black-and-white view of the world and he has a very hard time fully trusting Angel, seemingly only being able to do so towards the end of Season 3/early Season 4, despite fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with the vampire.


I think we can all agree that Fred’s biggest trauma was being sucked through a portal and having to fend for herself for five years in Pylea. While Fred proves how self-sufficient and strong she is by surviving the Hell dimension, the after-effects of this trauma seemingly stay with her for the rest of the series.

As we see in the series, when Fred finally escapes Pylea she is still so traumatised that she basically develops agoraphobia, refusing to leave her room, scribbling on her walls and avoiding everyone in the Hyperion. Once she finally does start venturing outside, her mannerisms remain timid and anxious, she frequently hides under or behind furniture and she doesn’t start to really recover until the middle of the season. A combination of her beautiful relationship with Gunn, as well as being forced into a leadership role when Angel, Cordy and Wes disappear, finally helps to turn into a stronger and more in-control character, but as we are shown in Supersymmetry, she still carries the trauma of Pylea enough that she is severely triggered when a portal opens on top of her. Had she lived, she probably would have had to work to overcome this trauma and finally get to a place where she didn’t fear her past as much.


Oh god, Connor, basically until Angel changes his memories and gives him a new family, this poor kid’s entire freaking life is one long Emotional Trauma Conga Line. I mean, where do I even start? Kidnapped as an infant, raised in a hell dimension where his foster father used extreme methods to teach him survival (tying Connor to a tree and leaving him there for days springs to mind – and Connor was a child when this happened), brought up to hate part of himself, punches through to our world to meet his biological father, starts to form a bond with him and is then manipulated into believing his biological father killed his foster father, kicked out of home and forced to live on the streets, emotionally and sexually manipulated by a Higher Being who also rapes him, mistrusted by everyone, called a freak, made to feel like an outsider and broken so badly that he is driven to murder and suicide.

I know the fandom finds Connor whiney and bratty, but really, can you blame him? Look at all this shit the poor kid goes through! And throughout all of this, he literally has no one to turn to, no one in his corner, whom he trusts, whom he feels he can go to for advice or support. Honestly, I always have massive amounts of sympathy for Connor, as his entire life is one big trauma. Poor kid.

youvegotenoughnerve  asked:

Hi, hello, fan mail from your friendly neighborhood rper. Your fucking god damn Black family headcanons fuck me up dude, so good. I wonder (cause @rainbow-tonks and explored this a little) if you've explored Druella and Cygnus's relationship/characters any further than where you took them in Toujours Pur? There are some weird things (like Cygnus being 12 when Bellatrix is born) that have a wealth of potential headcanons. Do you have any such headcanons? #wantstogeekwithmorepeopleabouttheblacks

(( OOC: Oh my god okay pull up a chair and get a snack or something because I am ready to discuss some Black family headcanons. So, starting with Cygnus and Druella - I also noticed Cygnus’s supposed birth date and how young that made him when Bellatrix was born - but I’ve also read this is a possible error, and if you look properly at the entire family tree it’s full of weird instances like that. Rowling has previously said maths isn’t her strong suit, so it could be a mistake. But hey, this is the Black family and if anyone’s gonna be popping out babies before they’re teenagers, it’s them.

However - something I considered when writing Toujours Pur was the possibility that Bellatrix may not have been fathered by Cygnus at all. At one point the script was going to go in a completely different direction, where Orion had an affair with Druella and they had an illegitimate child that had to be kept a secret from everyone. Wally’s heart would still be broken and it would also explain why Cygnus supposedly became a father so young. Although I decided not to take the story in that direction (Orion couldn’t stand Druella, let’s be honest) I still love it as a headcanon.

When I was characterising Druella, there is basically no canon information to go off of, so I had to consider the three daughters she raised. You’ve got one that is bat shit crazy, one that can be very cold and calculated but will ultimately do anything to protect the ones she loves standard Slytherin and then one of our token Black rebels (and if you look at how many have been blasted off the family tree, there are quite a few).

Bellatrix has an instability and wildness to her that I think has to come from the Blacks (*cough* illegitimate child theory strikes again), so I didn’t give Druella any of those qualities. However, I couldn’t picture her being anything like Andromeda, and we know both she and Cygnus shunned Andy once she married Ted, so I knew she was still heavily influenced by pureblood ideals. In which case I related Druella most closely to Narcissa, hence the platinum blonde ‘do. At face value Druella was quite an airy, superficial person - but if you read between some of her lines, Druella could definitely give as much spite and cruelty as she got. I think she had this act down to a fine art - all smiles and graces for everyone, presenting the perfect image, but ultimately she was someone not to be underestimated.

I’m gonna stop this rant here because I could go on forever, but I love creating development for unknown characters like this, especially within a family as complex and messed-up as the Blacks.

#BlackFamilyHeadcanonGeekOut2k17 ))

Review: The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk

The Fifth Sacred Thing is about a bunch of fine folks fighting for their utopian solarpunk society where prisons don’t exist, food, water, and healthcare are all free, everyone gets a living wage, and, as if this book isn’t more in-your-face about how much it was meant to be in all of ours, one of the three main characters is a polyamorous pansexual woman of color, now for the first time venturing out into the dangerous world to learn and teach what she can about holistic medicine. The other two main characters are a Black poly-queer disabled musician dude and a 98 year old poly-queer Jewish granny snarking it up with the ghosts of her two favorite lovers. There are almost no straight characters, there’s an incredibly hot lesbian pirate chick, they don’t soften up the horrors of what will come if they fail to save their society, and there’s a lot of lovingly described meals. It’s basically perfect.

That being said - it’s a book I am always very hesitant to recommend.

“What?” You might ask, “WHY? That sounds like exactly your shit, Oscar Moreau! That book sounds like it was conceived, birthed, and raised to be eaten by you, so that it might one day literally become your shit! Why wouldn’t you be telling everyone about it?”

Well, you: in order to get to why, I gotta unfairly divide the entire justice-oriented community into two very generalized categories, if you’ll bear with me for a moment.

The first category - sort of a rage-based, screaming pain, HEAR US ALREADY kind of thing. It’s the kind you see most often on here, and the kind you hear about the most in a negative light because they’re the ones that get the most done, and that’s scary to our media overlords. This group is mostly made up of people who have experienced the horrors they’re fighting firsthand - either that, or they could, given the wrong circumstances. These are the people who know what’s up. They are the warriors who are going to save us all.

The second - peace love and trees, put a flower in the barrel of a cop’s gun kinda thing. These folks have a very clear idea of what they want as the end-game, but not a clear idea about how to get it. They look at life as half-full already but they’re fighting for more, and at the end of the day if their enemy needs a hug they’ll give it to them, because everyone can be healed. They come from all walks of life, but it does need to be said: when the rich kids wanna do some good in the world, they tend to fall into this mindset, at least at first, so that’s the reputation this group has. There are also certainly a lot of very peaceful, incredibly forgiving people who’ve been fucked over since birth, though, and they somehow manage to retain that loving attitude.

The first group tends to vehemently hate the second group. The second group tends to be scared of the first group. And therein lies my problem with The Fifth Sacred Thing - it is soooo soso made for the second group I doubt many of the first could read it without grinding their teeth to nubs. Minor spoilers after this point!

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[Based on this prompt, because it’s super cute.]


“This is you.” Alicia points at a figure she drew on a pink paper and Derek snorts because it does look like him, with the beard and the eyebrows Alicia learned to draw with Cora. She even remembered to paint his tie red. “Mrs. White said it’s pretty.”

“It is pretty.” Derek agrees, reaches out to take Alicia’s hand and guide her towards the park. “I love it.”

“Thank you.” Alicia answers politely, and then changes the subject to the new book they are reading at school. Derek listens to her distractedly, hums in agreement sometimes, but in reality his mind is far, far away. More specifically at the school parking lot where he was accosted by two women who mistook him for Alicia’s uncle again and then proceeded to glare at him when he corrected them.

It’s been the same thing since he moved back to Beacon Hills, a two-year-old Alicia in tow. It’s not like he cares about it, he learned how to ignore the looks and comments, but now that his daughter is growing up, he’s afraid people will start to treat her differently just because her dad is a single father.

That incident was just the cherry on the top of a really bad day at work, followed by a discussion with his sister about the renovation of his house and a freak out when he realized he doesn’t know what to buy for Alicia’s birthday.

All in all, Derek just wants this day to end already.

“You can go play, honey.” He says, taking Alicia’s backpack from her. “But don’t go too far and –”

“Don’t talk to strangers.” She recites. “Okay, daddy.” Alicia waves at him and runs to the playground.

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More Important

I wasn’t going to post this, since it’s not Christmas anymore, but here’s more of this soldier!Dean/pregnant!Cas thing (x) because I still have lots of feelings about it…  ;﹏   ;
Happy late Christmas. ❤

“So it’s a boy, then?” Dean asks conversationally as he enters the living room with two steaming mugs of cocoa, placing them on the coffee table and taking up a seat on the couch where he has a clear view of Cas reaching down to grab an ornament from one of several boxes splayed across the floor.

God, it feels good to be home.

“Yes,” Castiel affirms with a warm smile, fondly running a hand over his rounded stomach as he stands to hang a shiny crimson orb on the tree. “The doctor says he will likely be kicking soon,” Cas informs, his voice suddenly going quiet. “Hopefully that will prove to be an accurate prediction, and you will be able to…establish a bond of some sort before…”

Castiel trails off, his eyes becoming distant. Dean furrows his brow in a flash of concern, noting the sudden change in demeanor, but he straightens up again in the blink of an eye. “Don’t worry about it, man,” he encourages, trying his best to be reassuring. “We’re gonna have plenty of time to ‘establish bonds’ and whatnot.”

Cas doesn’t seem convinced.

“I suppose, but…”

He stops himself, worrying his lower lip as he shakes his head.

Dean doesn’t understand what it is that suddenly has Cas so upset, though he suspects frenzied hormones are at least partially responsible. Whatever the case, he decides it’s time for a change of subject.

“Hey – c’m’ere, Cas,” he calls, the barest hint of playfulness in his tone as he pats the empty space beside him, encouraging Cas to come occupy it. “Who gave you permission to start decorating without me, anyway?”

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Home for the Holidays

Happy Christmas, Lis!

by Wish

Read on Ao3

It was November before Dean made the call and said “Come home.”

It was three more weeks of Dean pacing– actually wearing a groove in one of the carpets, already threadbare from another with similar predilection– before Cas showed up, his hair a little shaggier, face a little more gaunt, but carrying himself a little taller than the last time they’d met.

Gone was the blue vest, but the khakis remained. Dean might actually hate the khakis, but far be it for him to say anything. He’d already asked for too much. Cas was home.

Before he’d settled on a room, Cas claimed a coffee mug and a robe, both of which he used obsessively. Each night he’d make a bed in one room, each morning strip the linens off and fold them. After a week he settled on the room at the midpoint of the hallway between the brothers, and diagonal from Kevin. By that time he’d acquired a few sets of pajamas from the drawers in the various rooms, mostly in shades of blue piped with white or navy. They reminded Dean enough of hospital scrubs that he was glad of the ratty robe Cas strode around in. Sam had tried, at Dean’s bidding, to get Cas to trade the worn robe for a different one, but Cas just hummed and stuck his thumb through the small hole in the front pocket and said, “I like this one.” And that was that.

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I got a gun pointed at the rat race
Got my own private road to hell
I got a tree, it grows money
But it growing old and it’s winter now

I’m a sure fire assassin
Not so sure of what I’m meant to do
Am I meant to kill? Am I meant to thrill?

I’m gonna burn this city down
This city run me around
I’m gonna burn this town to the ground
Ain’t no worry, I’m all fired up

Walk on air, thin air
Come back down to us forever
Don’t leave now
We’ll rest together
Your beating heart is down below

There are open wounds in the bedroom
Follow trails of his bloody gauze
We’re all going down
If you don’t heal



I got a place in the underworld, that’s where I’ll go when the map runs out
I want a clean slate, kissing the morgue
On my knees swallowing swords


I want to go down to Mexico, hear the horns sing in Jalisco
I want to lay where the old crones rest
Lift the veils of the ancient west


All things were, are, will be out of one,
Through one and to one
All things were, are, will be

To be crowning endlessly
Experience every land and sea
I want to Love you inside me
Forever mine, primordially


All things were, are, will be out of one,
Through one and to one
All things were, are, will be



Here they comin’ with their guns guns guns
Singing oooh stick em’ up

They really think I’m gonna run run run
They really think I’m gonna run run run
Don’t wanna, don’t wanna
Don’t wanna mess with me
Don’t mess with me

I got the feeling I can break, out of anything that is standing in my way
You’re the reason I can stay and fight until the death, cos what I stand for will not give up

Here they comin’ with their guns guns guns guns
Singing oooh stick em’ up
You really think I’m gonna run run run run
I’m never giving up
Don’t wanna, don’t wanna
Don’t wanna mess with me
Don’t mess with me

I got the feeling I can break, out of anything that is standing in my way
I know the feeling, I can take the pain of losing teeth, it’s better than defeat
I got the feeling I can let go, because it means that much to me, to show you so
You’re the reason I can stay and fight until the death, cos what I stand for will not give up



Where is the sun?
You’re numb and dumb
Please I need the seeds of change
It’s wearing a new dream
It’s ripping at the seams
I’ve come undone
And there is one place left to run …….and that is…..

Never let yourself give in
When you’re trying to start again
Put on your dreams and let’s go

I’ve come so far and gone so low
I’ve fallen in decay
Always try to find a way out and up to better days
Are waiting for me
And I will come dressed up in dreams

Never let yourself give in
When you’re trying to start again
Put on your dreams and let’s go

I won’t give up at all
I want the freedom to dream the impossible
I will make it real



Where do you go when you feel like there’s nowhere to go?
When you’re crawling to get out of inside yourself
And run for the door
How do you know which way to go?
Do you follow somebody else? All I really know…… that I’ll carry on

I’m gonna carry on

I’m getting closer to something; I don’t know what it is
I am ready to be free from the past,
Let it all go and move on
Will you be there waiting for me my long lost patient friend?
Can we start again?
Can we carry on?

I’m gonna Carry on
Say hello to my little friend



You have sailed through the eye of my needle
A perfect parasite burgeoning Eden
You and I, in DNA, you’ll never get away

Shot through the heart Baby
I’m gonna Love you forever
When they take me away
You know I’ll love you forever
I’ll come down from skies above stars
I’ll watch over you
Shot through the heart Baby
I’ll always love you forever

Every night I burn holes in your eyes
Celestial oracle in disguise
Organelles and silk blood spells
It’s Time to meet the Foetus





I’ve travelled all around the world and the loneliest place is where you are
I don’t miss you much at all; somehow the pain of losing you has let me go
That empty space you left has grown roses out of shit and one thing’s for sure……….

I don’t need your love

How are you? Where have you been? ….
I couldn’t care less; do you know what I mean?
Unrequited squandered love; I’m just another face upon the wall of failed
Dude, I don’t wanna talk, all the words you say only hurt

I don’t need your love

Woe yeah I’m addicted to love, I want another one
Woe yeah I’m leading the life of a lonely man
Woe yeah what goes around will come back again
Woe yeah yeah Woe yeah



Out of the gods unto the earth
Under the sky back into the dirt
You have a secret buried inside…..and I know
A horror to tell
A nightmare to hide

Find your weakness and kill it
Find your weakness, go on, kill it
So long, good riddance

There’s blood in the gutters, it’s flooding the path
Killing us slow chemical wrath
Suffer the madness cling to the birth
Of a new era to hell with our worth



Do what you must
Blow off the dust
All these shackles and chains
And growing pains

So many lives, secrets and lies
In minutes and hours memories devoured
One look in your eyes, sound in your voice, speaking to me, a sequel to me
Across the ocean, a thousand seas, cannot disguise your unfaithful Key
Picked a lock and it wasn’t me
Picked a lock and it wasn’t me

Look what you’ve done, the cowardly run, no holy water can wash away aura
Or the loose lips to sink our ship
Or the loose lips to sink our ship

You blew out the candle on someone’s cake
Happy birthday disgraceful mistake
I’ll throw you a party, invite top dog
I’ll pay top dollar so you can play whore