then there is something seriously wrong with you

“Geekandmisandry, isn’t she a liberal feminist? She probably makes posts about how "bi girls dating men need to be protected”“.

This is a paraphrased but VERY close representation of something I saw written about me and I think about it sometimes.

Remember that bisexual girls who date men DO need to be protected, and if you’re part of the LGBTQAI community and don’t recognise that then you’re doing it very, very wrong and you seriously need to start listening to bisexuals and dealing with your biphobia.

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ngl this whole free Aaron thing is tacky. people complain when characters don't serve time in prison, but when a character does get sent down (for something they 100% were in the wrong for) fans suddenly want to spring them out. it's like people only want their favorites to get away with felonies. gbh is a serious crime. the writers wrote Aaron to commit this crime, his temper and anger went seriously unchecked, and now he has to pay for it. also, how you're trying to monetize it is kinda sad.

Hi Anon,

First off, I agree, gbh is a serious crime. Emmerdale wrote this story for Aaron and we have to respect that. He does have a temper and sometimes he can go too far. They are using his character to tell a story about an important issue and we should praise them for that, and we have. 

In terms of people complaining about Aaron getting sent down, well I think everyone just hoped he would get a bit of happiness…you know…more than one day, before tragedy struck again. There are so many characters walking around this crazy village that have done worse and are free, hell, Aaron has a list of crimes that are probably worse than this that he hasn’t been punished for either. It’s kind of the way of soap. 

In terms of the poster/campaign, I made the poster because my name was brought up when discussing a similar campaign for another soap character who from what I understand was actually in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. I thought it would be fun to just make a poster for this too. I tweeted it yesterday and because Danny retweeted it, it kind of took on a life of its own. I certainly have no expectations that a silly poster will accomplish anything in a storyline that’s already been written and needs to be told. 

In terms of the “monetizing”, I wouldn’t say it’s sad, maybe this is where your “tacky” word comes in. Several people threw the suggestion out there and I ran with it last night. I didn’t actually expect anyone to seriously buy any and as of now, I’ve only sold one anyway. But, this gives me an idea because ever since Trump was elected (American, here), I’ve kind of wanted to use something Robron related to make money to donate to an LGBT+ charity, so if I do make any money off of any of the #FreeAaronDingle merch, I’m going to donate it to the Human Rights Campaign.

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I don't think all Hoodies are straight. I just think you apparently have some brain damage because if you like this shit, if you like Smag's acting and Hood's character... I'm sorry but there's something seriously wrong with you.

I think it’s interesting that I am the one who has something “seriously wrong with me” and yet you are the one who thinks it’s okay to get all up in someone’s inbox and send hate about the things they love. And anonymous hate at that – the fact that you’re unwilling to sign your name to your rude messages tells me that you know this is shitty, frowned-upon behavior. And yet, here you are, telling me that there is something wrong with me. I think maybe you need to sit down and take a long hard look in the mirror on that one, nonnie. Because these messages from you? They don’t make me look bad, certainly not to my followers who are primarily OQ or at least OQ-tolerant. But they don’t reflect very well on you.

I don’t do this to you. I don’t come into your space and tell you that you shouldn’t like the things you like, that you are brain damaged for liking them, that there is something seriously wrong with you for shipping what you ship, or liking the characters and actors you like. I don’t do that, because what you like is your business, and whether I like it or not, it’s not my job to take away your joy in the things you love. And I have to imagine that’s your goal here – to make me like this less? Or to at the very least make me feel bad for liking OQ or Sean? Or to make me feel bad at all? 

But here’s the thing, nonnie: You don’t. You can’t. My feelings about OQ or Sean or Lana or OUAT are not dependent on what some grey face on the internet thinks of them.

I like Sean, as a person, I like Robin, as a character, I like OQ, as a ship. And I have liked those things since season 3 when they came on the show. Over the last three years, this fandom, and these characters, and Sean and Lana, have given me wonderful friends, and wonderful experiences, and some of my favorite stories, and beautiful art, and a community of people that I can laugh and joke and squee and rage and shake fists with. They’ve given me travel opportunities I never thought I’d have, accomplishments that could have just stayed dreams. They’ve given me all the same things that your ship, whatever it may be, assuming you have a ship, has probably given you.

And those things can’t be touched by some jerk on the internet who hides behind the anon button. You don’t make me feel bad about shipping OQ, or liking Sean, or bad about myself in any way, period. This shit doesn’t work on me.

You are just noise. 

All you are doing is wasting your time - and more importantly, wasting mine. And since it’s just about 4pm here on the east coast, and I do have some things to finish up here before I leave for the day, I’m gonna have to go ahead and ignore you for a while. I suggest you do the same to me – unless you want to keep looking like an asshole. I guess that’s always an option, too.

Saw Lego Batman Movie

And it was good - super cute. I really love Lego-Robin. ^w^

Seriously, if you haven’t seen “The Lego Movie,” then you’re missing a point to understand a good humor. (No, I’m serious - if you can’t take the jokes, then there is something wrong with you).

That’s part of the film I watched. Now the upcoming funny/humor films I’m planning to see: Captain Underpants, Emoji Movie…. and Lego Ninjago Movie.

Films with sense of humor are way cooler  and needs some appreciation than “serious cartoon” wannabe movies.


If You’re Still An Undecided Voter After You Watch This Video, There’s Something Seriously Wrong With You

Once you see this, there should be no doubt in your mind who you should vote for on Election Day. 

His Nickname For You (All)

Warnings: NONE

Word count: 610

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Scott: “Love”

He loves to call you this ever since you first said “I love you”. He remembers the way you were so shocked when he finally said it to you. He remembers the way your eyes lit up so wide and the biggest smile grew on your face. Scott loves to make you blush and smile by calling you love. His favourite thing is when he just randomly calls you it, and you shiver every time because it makes you so happy. Just the word coming out of his mouth can make your day.

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Stiles: “Babe/Baby”

Stiles, being the sarcastic human that he is, only really uses pet names in two circumstances; if he’s making a stupid comment or really looking after you. For example, if you’re both in class and you get something wrong, he will say something snarky like “Seriously babe? You didn’t get that?” Stiles does it purposely because he knows you blush and cringe at his words. But then you can also get sensitive Stiles, the one who really loves you and will do anything to care for you. If you’re upset or worried about something, he will gently rub your back and place a kiss on the top of your head, whispering soft words like “You can do this baby” and “I love you, baby” just because he can, and just because he loves you.

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Derek: “Princess”

Derek loves to spoil you and treat you like royalty. Like his princess. You love the way he will compliment you randomly, whether it be on something small like he likes the way your hair looks, or something big, such as he loves the way your eyes light up when he walks in the room. Derek knows that you have a really long day with school and then work straight after, so when you get time to go to his loft, he makes a big deal for you. He will relax you by giving you massages and telling his princess how much he loves her and playing with your hair to make you melt into his arms. It’s in those special moments that Derek realises he will never get so lucky in life then when he managed to get you to be his princess.

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Liam: “Bub”

You hate this nickname so much, but at the same time you love it with all your heart. It started off when you were teasing Liam over text and you tried to call him “a silly little pup” but it autocorrected as “bub”. He then turned the teasing on you and now calls you this nickname to annoy the hell out of you. But you don’t mind really, because it comes from Liam. If it was anyone, you would snap their arm off at the elbow, but because it was YOUR Liam that did the messing around, you didn’t care. You loved it. But he was never to find out ;)

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Isaac: “Beautiful”

Isaac loves to make you feel good…yes like that but also by simply calling you nicknames that make you smile. If he knows that you’re feeling down, he will make an extra effort to make you feel special. He will do simple things like kiss you for a long time, buy you flowers or hug you tightly, or it could be massive gestures like taking you out for dinner. He knew you dealt with body image issues and constantly doubted yourself, but he told you not to. He makes you feel like a princess and would do anything to make sure you knew it. Isaac loves you with his whole heart and won’t ever let you forget it.

You’re Dating Werewolf!Ashton & Things Get A Little Heated

A/n: Sorry this has taken so long! But I’ve finished with uni for the year so now I have more time to write! I did this one with Ash only because I have one that’s been requested specifically for Calum that’s up next.

Hope this is okay for you Anon. xx

.Werewolf Ashton

*Smut Warning

.Reader P.O.V



It was quite common for your long-term boyfriend not to answer your calls.

It was also normal for your texts to go un answered for several hours but he always managed to make up for it with his charming words and unconditional love.

You were a little concerned however when you didn’t hear anything off your partner for two days, and even though you didn’t think something was seriously wrong, you knew something wasn’t exactly right either.

As soon as you finished your shift on the second day of no contact, you dialled Ashton’s number whilst you signed out and made your way to your car.

“Hey Ash… I’ve just finished work and I’m coming to see if you’re alright. If you need anything then give me a call, I’ll be over in fifteen minutes.”

You mumbled into the answer machine as you climbed into your car and started the engine.

To be honest, you didn’t really know if any medicine from the local supermarket would help if your lover was ill because it wasn’t really created with his kind in mind.

Ashton was a werewolf and when he first told you, you honestly didn’t know how to react.

You had been seeing each other for just over a year at the time of his confession, and you could still remember the serious tone to his voice and the terrified look that his quivering hazel eyes held.

You weren’t sure what to think, given his body language you knew he wasn’t lying to you, but werewolves didn’t exist.

Working gently and carefully with him, he eventually transformed in the following days to prove his confession, and you were terribly shocked but also relieved that you knew.

You knew how difficult and scary it must have been for him to trust you with something like this, and you were so happy that he wanted to share such a deep secret with you.

By the time you pulled up outside the block of flats that contained Ashton’s contemporary apartment, you still hadn’t received any word from him, so you proceeded to make your way up to the top, fifth floor where you were hoping to find your lover.

Deciding you were a little past being cautious, you pounded your fist on his front door and waited impatiently for him to answer, but no answer came.

Huffing in annoyance to distract yourself from the worried feeling that was now seeping its way up, you yanked your bag off your shoulder and rummaged for your keys.

You didn’t like entering Ashton’s flat without him knowing about it but you needed to make sure he was alright. Thankfully he didn’t have a key in the other side and you easily clicked the door open before entering his property.

Straight away the feel of stale heat washed over you and your first instinct was to go and open a window to let some fresh air in.

Shutting the front door behind you, you walked over to drop your bag and coat on the couch but before you could take another step, the door to Ashton’s room was pulled noisily open and you jumped around to see your rather distressed, shirtless boyfriend glaring at you with eyes that held a mixture of lust and frustration.

His face seemed to soften a little however when your eyes met, but you were still slightly taken aback by his greeting.

“Y/n… you… you need to go.”

Frowning sadly, you approached him with caution as you replied, but the closer you got the further he backed back up into his room.

“Ash? What’s wrong Ashton, I’m worried.”

Half groaning half growling in a frustrated whine, Ashton ignored your comment but you followed him regardless and were surprised to see the complete state his room was in.

The components of the bed were all over the room and the heat was so overwhelming it made you weak at the knees.

“Ashton, what on earth are you doing?”

You asked as you bent down to pick up a discarded pillow and place it back down on the end of the bed. When he didn’t respond, you took it upon yourself to step over the duvet that was half on half off the mattress, but your slow approach seemed to distress him even more.

“Please Y/n, don’t… I… you’re too much.”

You didn’t have a clue what he was talking about and you decided not pay too much attention to his words. Once you had successfully backed him into a corner, you reached up to try and brush the hair out of his face, but your fingers never reached their destination.

As soon as your hand came level with his face, he reached up to clamp his own fingers around your wrist and shove you against the adjacent wall so quickly it caught you by utter surprise.

Ashton’s hot mouth attached to your neck with dominant snarl as he pushed his body against yours, allowing you to become very aware of his straining hard on that bulged from the loose fabric of his sweatpants.

His teeth were painfully forceful against your skin and you knew instantly that this must be a werewolf thing… As gently as you could you spoke with in a serious, clear tone to try and grab his attention.

“Ashton, I’m staying so let me go.”

Raising your free hand to softly cup his cheek, Ashton’s hold on you loosened as you spoke once more.

“Do you need me?”

You’d never heard such miserable, torn whine in your life.


He gasped helplessly in between soothing licks across his painful mark.

“I don’t want too… I don’t…”

Ashton was panting so heavily you were sure he was going to collapse.

Had he been like this for the past two days?

“It’s alright.”

You whispered in a sweet, reassuring voice against his ear.

“Let me go and I can help you.”

Ashton let go of your wrist but moved his hands to grip firmly onto your hips. His face remained planted against your neck as he snarled, working himself up to letting you go.

Eventually, he let go completely and took a step back and you seized the chance to hop away and back over to the door.

His eyes were narrow as they watched you intently, his gaze lingering on the sway of your hips and your cheeks burnt at the realisation that he would be on you as soon as you undressed.


He almost barked but you kept your voice even.

“Just keep your eyes on mine Ashton. I love you, just keep looking at me.”

Those were the right words to get him to stop his constant snarling but you kept your eyes on his as you steadily unfastened your jeans and lowered them down.

Once you had accomplished that, you swiftly pulled your t-shirt off and dropped it next to your discarded denim but once your unclasped your bra and added it to the pile, Ashton began to growl once more.

You knew you didn’t have much time left but you had managed to lower your underwear and climb up onto the mattress before Ashton lunged for you.

Never in the almost two years that you’d been dating had you even seen him like this. You could feel the heat burning on his skin and the wild, lustful glint to his eye caused your chest to flutter with excitement but also slight concern.

You knew he would never hurt you, but you didn’t know what this new side of Ashton held.

He moved with expert precision as he prowled in between your legs and you couldn’t even describe the groan of pure relief as he dragged his hard erection against your core, the sensation of the soft fabric against your clit causing a soft moan to fall from your own lips.

Your noise seemed to grab Ashton’s attention because he suddenly dropped his head so he was looking at you. His lips were parted in a gentle panting breath but you knew he was still well in control here.

Ashton had explained to you before that male werewolves could become very dominant during sex so you decided to act docile. This was a new experience for you and you decided that challenging an angered werewolf probably wasn’t the best idea.

“Take what you need Ash.”

You invited coyly as you reached up to rub your fingers teasingly under his chin, hoping dismiss his concerns with your willing attitude and thankfully it did the trick.

With a desperate groan, he rocked back and tugged himself free from the rest of his clothing before reaching down to pull you closer.

Leaning back over your body, he held you strongly by the waist with one hand whilst he guided his thick shaft into your wet heat with his other. As soon as he was completely encased by you, he placed his spare hand against the mattress on your other side before he relentlessly started to pound into you, and you had a hard time not to cry out in excited pleasure.

Never had he started off so rough before.

He was always a gentleman in the bedroom and put your needs before his own but today was different.

He hadn’t even looked at you yet because he was so intent on getting himself off and that thought alone was enough to get you gasping in delight.

“Ah, Ash yes! Th… that’s so good.”

You moaned as you helplessly spread your legs wider, giving him room to rut deeper without too much effort on his part.

Ashton just grunted in response and squeezed you tighter as he changed his movements slightly and rather than thrusting his hips, he began to grind them instead.

You couldn’t stop from clenching around him as he succeeded on stroking just the right spot every time he moved and with a weak cry, you quickly came but Ashton wasn’t finished yet.

With a surprisingly delicate nip against your stomach, Ashton pulled out and spoke with a gruff voice but sounding much more like his old self.

“On your knees.”

Bashfully, you slowly pushed yourself into a sitting position to face Ashton who was watching you with tired eyes and you risked leaning forward for a kiss.

He had just begun to snarl before you pressed your lips lovingly to his and after a few moments, he finally kissed you back with a heavy sigh.

Parting his lips allowed you to firmly push your tongue against his, earning you a weak whine from your wolf.

Softly kissing from his lips briefly down to his collar so you could nuzzle heavily against his neck, you bolding brushed your body against his as you turned to rest on your hands and knees.

Ashton’s possessive growl as he mounted you made your whole body feel weak and as he began his hard, rough thrusts once again, you couldn’t hold yourself up.

You let your whole body drop against the sheets, slipping forward just a little more with every pounding Ashton gave you and you couldn’t do anything except just laying there and letting him take you.

The feeling of his throbbing shaft driving into you was so intense and so pleasurable you couldn’t even think or concentrate on anything other than the way it felt. You couldn’t even properly register the whines and pants that were falling from your own mouth and it was only when you hit your high for the second time that your moans made it through to you.

Even after your second orgasm, the pleasure didn’t seem to subside and you whined in need as you felt Ashton’s mouth against your back, biting short sharp marks against your skin to mask his own loud groans.

The backs of your legs were flush against his as he rocked into you and you could tell he was close by the way he was desperately trying to keep your body fixed against his.

His seed was thick and heavy as he reached his climax and came with a desperate groan of your name, causing you to whimper in response as he stroked himself back and forth, making sure to drain every last drop before he pulled out and collapsed in heavy panting next to you and you whimpered quietly as you felt your mixed juices trickle down your inside thigh.

If you thought it was hot in here before, it was nothing to the heavy air that now hung in the room and even though you didn’t want to move just yet you knew if you didn’t, you wouldn’t get any fresh air.

Shakily pushing yourself up, you shuffled over to stumble off the bed but your movements caught Ashton’s attention and despite his weak state, he lifted himself and shot a hand out to grab your wrist.

“Don’t go Y/n, I’m sorry… please.”

He sounded absolutely heartbroken and you still had no idea what was going on but you certainly weren’t going to leave.

“I’m just opening the window, then I’m going to get you a drink. I’ll be one minute.”

Whining reluctantly, he let you go before slumping back down against the mattress.

Walking over to his wardrobe, you helped yourself to one of his old t-shirts before walking up to the window and throwing it right open, instantly feeling the benefits of the fresh air that flooded in.

Treading carefully through Ashton’s messy room, you made a quick stop off in the bathroom to clean yourself up before heading into the kitchen to pour Ashton some cold water in the biggest glass you could find.

Taking a few pain killers with you, you stepped back into Ashton’s room to find him watching the door, waiting for you with hope filled eyes.


He whined gently and as soon as you slipped onto the bed next to him, he wrapped his arms around waist and pulled you closer so he could cuddle up against you.

“Drink this Ash, you’re so hot.”

Ashton did as he was told and knocked back the whole glass of water in one go, although he insisted he didn’t need the tablets, they wouldn’t help.

As you leaned back to place the empty glass and tablets on the bedside table, Ashton crawled up your body, pushing you gently back down onto the mattress causing you to giggle in happiness as he lovingly licked and kissed your skin, purring loudly in the process.

“Ash! What’s gotten you like this? It’s alright.”

You smiled softly as you ran your fingers comfortingly though his hair, whining in approval when he finally reached your lips, sealing your mouths in a deep and passionate kiss that made the butterflies in your chest go wild.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

Ashton groaned as he parted from you in favour of nuzzling heavily against your neck and you wrapped your arms strongly around his back in a tight hug.

“I’ve missed you too… Why didn’t you answer my calls? If you needed me, you should have let me know.”

Ashton growled lowly with a sharp shake of his head.

“No. You’re my mate not my booty call. I love you and I don’t want to treat you like that.”

Huffing in frustration, you nudged your nose encouragingly against his as he continued.

“I went out for a run in the forest the other night and I came across a wolf pack who were moving through. Two of their females were in heat and as soon as I picked up their scent that was it. I thought it would be okay if I ran straight home and ignored it, but the longer I went without mating the worse I felt. I couldn’t call you then because it would have really sounded like I didn’t care about you. It’s easy between two werewolves because mates know how their partners feel and what they want. With you being human, just because I need you doesn’t mean you need me in that way… I’m so sorry, I’m so embarrassed.”

Ashton sulked miserably but you didn’t want him to feel guilty at all.

Taking his face gently between your own hands you made him look at you as you reassured him.

“Ashton, if you need anything off me, anything then all you need to do is let me know… If you tell me what you’re feeling, then I will know and we’ll be like real mates.”

Ashton narrowed his eyes at you as he growled stubbornly against your lips.

“We are real mates.”

You didn’t want to argue about this now so you didn’t say anything in reply. Instead, you scratched your fingers gently against head and that seemed to calm him down a little.

“Stay tonight?”

Ashton asked hopefully and you grinned as you nodded your head.

“Yes please.”

Placing a soft kiss against his lips, you hugged him close once more before you slipped out of his grasp.

“Go and have a shower while I change these sheets and then I’ll make you something to eat… Have you been eating?”

You asked as you picked up a couple more pillows off the floor but when you looked back over at Ashton to see why he wasn’t responding, you blushed when you found him just smiling at you.

“I love you Y/n.”

Rolling your eyes whilst trying to mask your grin, you threw a pillow in his direction but your action didn’t do you any favours. Within a second he was on his feet and despite your attempt at trying to run through the bedroom door, his hands caught you around the waist and within seconds he had pulled you up into his arms.

Giggling, you insisted that he put you down and he did… just not in the way you wanted.

Dropping you back down on the mattress, Ashton didn’t hesitate to prowl back on top of you, stopping on his way up to inspect the deep bite against the base of your neck.

Soothing his tongue tenderly over his mark, he growled proudly as he nudged his nose affectionately against your jaw.

“No matter if we’re together or not you will always be my mate, even when… even if I go back to my pack…”

“Don’t Ash.”

You cut him swiftly off; you didn’t want to think about the day he would leave, not now.

“Let’s just enjoy the time we have.”

You suggested weakly as Ashton lovingly licked your jaw.

Over the next few minutes you allowed Ashton to kiss and lick over the skin he could reach before you insisted on playing back. Your gentle touches escalated into heavier, more confident ones as you continued to fight flirtatiously back and forth, resulting in what turned out to be a whole afternoon of mating practice.


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rose quartz never did anything wrong in her life and if you feel bad about something you did then you need to apologise for ever doubting her uwuwuwuwuwu BUT SERIOUSLY THAT'S REALLY FUCKING CREEPY WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT. steven has doubts and criticisms about what his mother did? HE NEEDS TO APOLOGISE TO HER GHOST. what. the. fuck. and meanwhile, bismuth's still stuck in a bubble.

you can apologize to your moms imaginary ghost but leave bismuth bubbled

You decide to attack artists, developers, creators, and authors because you don’t like what they produce, because of the canonized ships/or the fact they like ships you don’t, because of their gender, their sexuality, and for the main fact you can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality, etc..:

You are a bully, you are an abuser, you are not a good person, something is seriously wrong with you.

You attack people over fictional material. You care more about fictional human beings than real human beings. You absolutely sicken me.

Want A Massage?

Alright so I am so very sorry it has taken me so long to post something new and I hope y’all aren’t mad. I just had a solid week of exams and I was working and studying so I’ve been pretty busy but we’re all goo to go now! 

ANYWAY, here’s another one that was requested by an anon:

“will you do a smutty one where the joker is stressed out so reader gives him a massage and it leads to more? thank you ;)” 

I hope you all like it and as always your feedback is very important to me so please let me know how I did haha


You heard the door slam before you saw him. Great, it was one of those days, something must’ve gone seriously wrong. You sat up from the couch and looked over at him. He was fuming, face relative flushed in angry, fists clenched, back slightly hunched. Oh god this was bad.

“Hey baby, how’s a goin’,” you asked quietly, careful to not set off any bombs in him.

“What does it look like Y/N? You think it’s all sunshine and rainbows here? Don’t be dumb, you know how it’s going,” he said angrily. You nodded and turned back to your book. You never let him push you around or be abusive in any way, you were stronger than that, but sometimes he could get a bit mean so you knew it was best to leave him alone.

“Alright, well I’ll be here, let me know if you need anything,” you mumbled with your nose in your book. He looked at you and came to sit beside you. You were laying down taking up the whole purple couch. He lifted your legs and slid under you. “Ya wanna talk about it?” You stayed focused on your book expecting a no from him but instead he shocked you and mumbled a sure. You looked up in disbelief.

“Someone tried to kill me today.” You were confused, that was nothing unusual.

“Okay. And? That’s definitely not the first time and it sure as hell won’t be the last J,” you commented.

“They got close. They got too close. I almost fucking died today Y/N,” he said, his voice getting louder with each word. By the end of his simple sentence he was yelling out in frustration. You moved closer to him on the couch and wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders.

“Awe I’m sorry baby,” you said as you kissed his bare neck. “Want me to make it better?” He looked up at you, curiosity in his eyes. You ran your hand across his chest and back and then moved up to his tense shoulders. He always loved massages. Your father had been a massage therapist before he passed away, bless his soul, you thought. Over the year and in to your teenage and early adult life he had taught a few tricks and tips, mostly to relieve your own stresses but you found them to be quite helpful, especially on J’s tense body.

“How?” He inquired.

“Well I could give you a massage? I know that always helps you,” you said quietly as you continued to rub from his shoulders to his chest and back. He purred at the feel of your hands. “C’mon, you need it. I’ll go grab my massage oil and a towel and I’ll be back down, or you could come up to the bed with me where there’s more room.” It was an innocent offer only aimed to relieve the man of the pent up stress he holds.

He nodded and followed you upstairs, cheekily pinching your bum on the way up. You pushed open the door to your shared room and plopped down on the bed.

“I thought you were the one giving the massage baby girl,” he commented.

“I am. Now sit your butt down and shirt off,” you ordered. He chuckled at you and proceeded to peel his half unbuttoned dress shirt. You laid a towel down on the bed and instructed him to lie down face down on the towel. You took a seat on his ass and poured some of the lavender scented oil in to your palms. “Might be a little cold,” you warned as you placed your hands on his back, your skin a dark contrast to the paleness of his skin. His muscles visibly tensed but relaxed as soon as you started to move your hands soothingly up and down his back.

Digging the heels of your hands in to the fleshy muscle of his back you started your massage. He groaned as the pressure from your hands started to relieve the knots and aches from his back. You repeated the movements of your hands going up and down his back, working out all of the stiffness. You knew he loved it when you really put everything in to it so you gently pressed your elbow in to the meaty parts of his back. He groaned in satisfaction which made you smile with satisfaction.

“Mmm yes baby, that’s how I like it,” he muttered. You continued your actions, rubbing his tense body with a variety of different strokes you knew he enjoyed. “My turn,” he mumbled without you hearing him.

“Hmm? What was that baby?” Before you could say another word he had you flipped on to your back, him hovering above you.

“Oh my gosh, J what are you doing? Turn back around, I’m giving you a massage remember?” You tried to push him off you but failed.

“Oh I’ve got other things in mind babydoll,” he said with a smirk on his red lips. Your heart raced at the idea of what he might do. “You wanna help me relax kitten?” You nodded and bit your lips. “Then help daddy relax.” He slid down your body, placing small wet kisses here and there. Your breathing picked up as he got closer and closer to your most sensitive area. He slowly licked the inside of your thigh, devastatingly close to where you wanted, no needed, him most. He continued his torture for a few minutes, warming you up, making sure you know what’s about to come.

“C’mon, please just do it already,” you groaned in frustration. You could feel his smirk against your leg. Butterflies were fluttering around in your stomach in anticipation. A shriek left your mouth as he unexpectedly licked up your wet slit and sucked your clit in to his mouth. You felt the cold metal of his silver adorned teeth press against your sensitive skin and it sent a shiver down your spine. You hands immediately flew to his green hair and yanked at the roots in pure pleasure.

“Ah ah ah princess, no touching,” he said as he briefly pulled away, using his hands to pin your wrists down. You writhed in frustration as you wanted nothing more than to pull him closer to you.

“I need more, please J, I need more,” you begged. He plunged a finger in to your dripping heat and started pumping quickly, brushing your g-spot with each hard thrust. He soon added a second finger, the intense waves of pleasure bringing you close to your first orgasm. He lapped at your clit and curled his fingers deep in your pussy finally bringing you face to face with your orgasm.

“Yea baby, cum for daddy, cum for me baby girl,” he whispered in to your pussy. The husky tone of his voice matched with the deliciously sexy words sent you flying over the edge. He continued his assault on your clit as your body convulsed due to the pleasure. He groaned in to your pussy and licked you clean before coming up and smiling his metallic grin at you. “Much better baby girl, much better.”

Missed You Too

Title: Missed You Too

Read the drabble leading up to this: Missed You 

Paring: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,654

Warning: This is literally all tender, sweet, mind blowing (in my opinion) smut

A/N: This took a while to write because I had to keep calming myself down. Enjoy!!!

Just as you moaned his name his hands pulled away.

“But I guess you didn’t miss me.”

“Seriously?!” you turned to find Jensen giving you his best innocent look.

“Did I do something wrong?!” You shook your head as a smile spread across your face.

“You sassy bastard!” Jensen laughed as he cupped your face, bringing your lips to his. The kiss was bumpy as both of you laughed, but these were some of your favorite kisses.

“Wanna do it in front of the fire?” Jensen murmured against your lips.

Pulling back you gave him a surprised look. “Now who’s the one wanting a chick flick moment?”

“Oh shut up woman.” This time his kiss was deep, passionate and wanting.

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If you’re hating on Ali Krieger, someone who has given her all to both the National Team and the Washington Spirit over the past four years, for wanting to move to the Orlando Pride so she can be closer to Ash, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

And no. This is not me saying you can’t be upset. I understand being upset. But I’ve seen people go so far beyond upset and call AK selfish and unprofessional. I’ve seen people call her a traitor. I’ve seen people say she’s the reason this league is a joke. And that’s not okay. Be upset that she’s leaving, but understand that her leaving is what’s best for her and that it doesn’t make her a horrible person, it makes her human.

What the heck?

I don’t like to bitch about people but seriously….

If Tom Hiddleston wanted to tell a story about Sudan and he mentioned that to hear people WHO ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING TO HELP EACH OTHER AND NOT BITCH ABOUT IT ON TUMBLR tell him that they liked his TV show, HE HAD EVERY RIGHT TO BE EXCITED…. HE DID NOT SAY he was saving the world with his acting he only mentioned he was honored to provide a bit of entertainment FOR THEM.
So seriously shut up

Just because you think making a movie is easy and that La la land was such an easy project because is about singing and a love story. PLEASE READ AT LEAST A BIT ABOUT CINEMATOGRAPHY… Coming up with a script, actors, a director, choreographer, composer, and PRODUCERS is NOT EASY. THE MEANING THE DEEP MEANING OF THE MOVIE WAS WHAT MADE IT WIN

Just cause you didn’t like a good movie and prefer blockbusters doesn’t makes you stupid BUT IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A MOVIE EXPERT

The film industry is about ART. But yeah continue to bitch about something you don’t even know about. YOU ARE THE REASON WHY FILMS NOWADAYS DON’T HAVE ANY DEEP MEANING

Do you ever just think about how Komaeda confessed his feelings to Hinata but since he’s an oblivious fuck he didn’t take it seriously? Well what if after the simulation Hinata and Ko hang out after Hinata says that he always wanted to be by his side. That he cares for Komaeda more than anything. But Ko takes this as a friendship offer and they hang out more than usual

But lately Hinata has been getting touchy feely with him by tucking strands of hair behind Konaedas ear or holding his hand. Komaeda confronts him like ‘Hinata-kun people will get the wrong idea if you do that. Like we’re lovers or something’ and Hinata says quietly… ‘We are… we’ve been dating for two months but I guess not then’ and Komaeda almost died on the spot


If y'all were expecting something fancy, you’ve come to the wrong witch

This is literally memes from this shithole of a website slapped onto a stack of notecards as I was sitting in my underwear, procrastinating on getting dressed

And I have gotten actual answers that make sense

So divine with chilli, bus exhaust, bird shit on the windshield- there’s no rules to this game, man, and anyone who says divination can only be a highbrow art with expensive tools and complete *~seriousness~* has a stick up their ass

You do you.