then the world would be a better place

If only haters stopped attacking innocent people who did literally nothing and started using that time they spend hijacking posts to do something really productive and useful, maybe the world would be a better place.


Mother… I never meant for this to happen. I just wanted that boy’s life back. And now I’ve got another chance at life, too. So I’m gonna take it. The hardest thing is losing you and Gabrielle. But it makes it easier just knowing that in this life I never shamed you. And Gabrielle never left her family and I never led Lyceus to die in battle. And I know that’s what you would have wanted. It’s like Xena, Warrior Princess never existed! The world’s a better place without her.

Only an actress of the very highest caliber could make the titular mouthful of a line, “It’s like Xena, Warrior Princess never existed!” feel like a genuine outpouring of emotion. Good thing Lucy Lawless is the greatest. This soliloquy, performed in a single take, is one of the most moving moments in the entire series. It has an extra, significant dimension in that it echoes Xena and Gabrielle’s conversation in Lyceus’s tomb in 1x01, where Gabrielle assures Xena that she’s not alone – arguably the moment where their friendship truly begins.

At the first competition of the year, Yuri scored a 94.36 as his short program score.

And although it wouldn’t go on record, people were astounded because Yuri would have placed in the top ten scores for Senior Men’s short program. We also know that Victor has broken 100 on the short program on multiple occassions 

However, we don’t know how high above 100. If we look at the actual senior mens short program world scores, we see that there are only two skaters world wide who have broken 100 (so we can assume that Victor is roughly around that caliber).

We also know that Yuri scored 165.20 for his freeskate program

And while that score didn’t make the top ten free skate scores, he is not that far behind the world leaders.

We also know that Yuri’s final score at the September competition was 259.56, which is not record breaking, but drastically different from his 232.59 score that he achieved at the GPF (which would have been the peak of his season arguably). 

Now onto episode six, Yuri scored a 106.84 on his short program at the China Cup

The actual world record for the short program is 110.95, Yuri is literally only four points away from that.  This means that Yuri, who placed sixth in the GPF and over 100 points below Victor, is progressing enough to legitimately compete on Victor’s level. He’s slowly but surely making his way through the world ranks.

And while you make argue that his 165 free skate program isn’t that impressive, remember that Yuri only landed ONE of THREE quads, missed several of his triples and lowered at least one triple to a double aka Yuri was supere nervous and skated like he did before Victor was his coach. That means that he skated a program with a high technical score, missed lots of jumps and was received deductions for those, but made it up with presentation component points. However, that’s not how Yuri skated at the China Cup. At the China Cup Yuri skated the Eros Short Program perfectly. This means that the next time Yuri skates Yuri!!! on Ice, provided he doesn’t crash into the side of the rink, he could possibly obliterate his opponents and possibily rank in the top ten world scores.

Tl;dr – Yuri’s amazing and has progressed so much and is gonna kick butt (hopefully Christophe’s unattractive butt) in the China Cup Free Skate Program if he can get his nerves under control


If more people valued home above gold… this world would be a merrier place…

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can i get a round of applause for *insert marginalized group here* y'all are awesome and im not just saying this bc i want validation and compliments for this incredibly easy entirely preformative activism (if i can even call it that). please reblog it so i can have even more attention and more people will see what a complete narcissist i am. k im gonna spend the rest of the day jacking off and reading call out posts about steven universe fan artists instead of doing any kind of activism that would actually make the world a better place.

We would rather have an unqualified man who grabs, rapes, violates, bullies, and dehumanizes women as our leader than a uniquely qualified woman. What that says about a woman’s worth, about your worth, makes me so sad and frustrated that I want to angry-dance in a barn somewhere. And while I know it can’t mean much coming from me because I am biased, pretend that I am completely objective and looking at your life for the first time. You deserve so much better than this. You actively try to make the world a better place every single day, wrestling big, tangled issues like climate justice, city planning, and environmental policy. You speak up each day for people who can’t. Your default setting is to help, and you’ve carved a career out of doing it. But most importantly, you’ve done it all while negotiating a minefield of people who treat you as though a young, beautiful woman can’t be good at her job, who made you want to dye and cut your hair so that you’d be taken more seriously, who force you to ask yourself with each item of clothing you buy whether it will send a thousand unintended messages at work. I’ve never heard you complain about any of it – this all comes to me peripherally in your stories as small moments tangential to the real plot of your day. This is just the way things are.

Saying I’m proud of you is like saying I’m proud of volcanoes for making the earth I get to stand on. There isn’t a word for how I feel about you today, that’s why I’m trying to say it in 800 instead, and it still feels short. No, Hillary Clinton is not our president, and America voted for Trump in spite of (and in some cases because of) his treatment of women, but I’m writing this in some desperate attempt to make sure that you know it doesn’t define your worth. That it doesn’t define the worth of any woman or little girl who watched the states domino into the evening. I’m pretty sure you don’t believe it does, because you are smarter and more resilient than that, but I also heard you crying in the kitchen last night.

A Letter to My Wife The Day After The Election

You had to deal every day with people who were foolish and lazy and untruthful and downright unpleasant, and you could certainly end up thinking that the world would be considerably improved if you gave them a slap. But you didn’t because, as Miss Tick had once explained: a) it would only make the world a better place for a very short time; b) it would then make the world a slightly worse place; and c) you’re not supposed to be as stupid as they are.

Wintersmith, by Terry Pratchett

Some important advice for the coming months.


Guys you won’t friggin belive it, but I think I have discovered that the villagers house won’t land on tiles placed on the ground anymore!

I placed tiles all over my town, I left no 9x9 space empty in my entire town apart from exaclty where I wanted the villager to go, and it worked!

I forced a villager out using wisp, so there was the option of the new villager’s house landing exactly where the old one was just because I couldn’t place anything there beforehand. I seriously just plot set 2 villagers and IT ONLY TOOK ME 2 TRIES EACH TO GET THEM EXACTLY WHERE I WANTED!!

This is crazy big news! No more days of plot resetting! It’s a little teedius to place tiles in every inch of your town but it is worlds better than before! Other people should try this out and let me know if they find evidence to refute this, because I would love this to be true.

EDIT* To be clear you don’t have to completely cover your town in tiles, just place them strategically so that there isn’t and open 3x3 empty space on the ground other than where you want the plot to go. It only works with tiles, plots will still go on flowers and trees.

i would like to give the world’s biggest shoutout to rebs @quietlyprim for everything xe’s done for all of us, for sharing xer love and enthusiasm with us in such a huge way, and for being an amazing friend and a great person. thank you for helping make this community what it has become and for all the hard work you’ve done and for making the world a better place. im so glad to know you. if anyone deserved this, you did

((Headcanons for the Overwatch girls and things they’d do as your girlfriend n stuff. <3 Enjoy!! Requests are now open again also.))


-Will steal your jackets and big t-shirts. She loves the fact that they smell like you.

-Loves to take you out for fish and chips, casual and fun dates are her favorite.

-Takes plenty of selfies with landmarks of places she visits to show you. Usually talks about how she wished you were there and how the pictures would’ve been even better with you in them.

-Brags about you to everyone.


-Has the coldest hands and feet, will often ask you to warm them up.

-She loves sharing her work with you; it means the world to her if you care about what she does and saving the world.

-She loves cuddling, if you’re sitting down and reading she will just curl into you.

-Gets you a jacket that matches hers, is extremely happy when you wear it.


-Brings you to the gym with her. She doesn’t care if you don’t want to work out; she just wants your support and a good spotter.

-Will carry you if she notices you’re tired.

-Has very cute nicknames for you in Russian.

-Is the absolute best at massages.


-Always watching out for your health, gets worried instantly if you sneeze.

-Often makes really cute things for you to wear. She knits!

-She loves holding your hand, and being close to you.

-Does her best to teach you German and how to take care of your wounds.


-Will do your hair like hers.

-Has no problem glaring at anyone who tries to flirt with you.

-Loves to show you around Egypt. She likes when you take interest in her culture,

-Buys matching shirts and outfits for you.


-Is very subtle about her love for you in public, but is extremely loving when you are alone.

-She sleeps better when you are next to her.

-She knows you’re the one when you comfort her about Gerard.

-Tends to steal your sweets.


-Often talks about you on her livestreams.

-Gets you into a movie with her as her love interest bc she refused to do the movie unless you played her lover.

-Will sit on your lap in public and hang all over you, Hana doesn’t care who sees.

-She tries to cook Korean food for you, note the try part. You eat it anyways to be nice.


-She makes literally almost everything she gives to you.

-Is thrilled/impressed when you know a lot about her country and culture, she then proceeds to recommend movies for you to watch.

-You make her feel safe in large crowds, and she appreciates your understanding and kind nature.

-Laughs whenever you think something is spicy, proceeds to playfully tease you about it.

I try to make this account just about Hamilton but I can’t. Because this women misheard someone’s lisp, she lied and Emmett till was murdered at age 14. 62 YEARS LATER SHE FINALLY COMES CLEAN. Too late. There is a special place in hell for her. She goes on to say that she finally understands how his mother felt when she lost her son, which is not even close. Her son was innocent and he was brutally murdered and then thrown into a river. That is not the same. She didn’t even apologized. I’m glad this trial ruined your life. I hope you rot in hell because you a horrible person. She is beyond horrible. Too late. She has no sympathy, no support, no one feels sorry for you. Just go ahead and die. That would help the world become a better place. One less racist person. If you really feel guilty, build a time machine, go back to 1955, stop your lies and let this boy live. But that’s not going to ever happen. So don’t apologize because I know that isn’t genuine. She feels guilty, but not for the right reasons. She wishes she could stop this, but not for the right reason. You don’t deserve family because you took that from him. You don’t deserve happiness because you took that from him and his family. I hope she lives out the rest of her days knowing that everyone hates her and what she did. That everyone knows that she is just a lying racist. That she has to live everyday with a heavy heart, but Emmett till, didn’t get to live at all.

If your fandom is a huge mess clap your hands

If you’re sick of discourse clap your hands

If we got our act together then the show’d be that much better if the fandom needs a reboot clap your hands

Eddheads, Edd would of wanted his world to keep spinning, so would Tom. But we were the ones who pushed most of them to their breaking points. We made Tom leave, just as we made Tord leave. Tom’s decision was out of anger and frustration but he wont back down from it.The fandom has turned into a place of hatred with different opinions. Edd’s world will only keep spinning if we get along again, if we respect Tom’s decision and move past this. Don’t just leave the fandom because he did, don’t stop drawing what you love because on what others may say, keep being you and what makes you happy. Edd would of wanted that. So don’t stop loving the show because of what happened, love the show for what it is. For the good things and jokes it has brought you. Just keep doing what makes you happy and keep that world spinning.