then the watermark was in the wrong place

Fuck Tumblr.

First of this is not a fuck you to tumblr itself. i find it a great site and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. 
The reason I am making this post is because fuck you to every single person who has every stolen a photo i uploaded, then not given credit, when there was who to credit on the original post. 
a recent upload of mine I was very reluctant to upload in the first place because I was sick of having my photos stolen, has now been stolen more times than i can count.. Credit was given to the wrong people, and one person even refused to credit me, not believing it was my photo.
I will no longer be uploading my photos to tumblr. and if i do they will heavily watermarked and be low quality.. all my future photos can now be found on my instagram..
I hate that it’s come to this but i’m seriously sick of it.. tumblr and been a great way for me to get my work out and show it off where it might not of otherwise been seen. i may change my mind in the future, but until then. fuck you to every person who has stolen a photo of mine and not given/refused to give credit, where credit is due.