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mona-wolt  asked:

Could we see how Lily's parents looked like when they met each other in they youth? :3

Ah, that’s little bit difficult I’m afraid! D: You see, Lily’s father is pretty unknown and even she, herself haven’t met her father, ever. The reason is that he died almost soon as Lily was born. Luckily he get to see his daughter (and hold her in his arms) before he got murdered (don’t know how). I’m not sure what his personality is or what he looked like but what Lily’s mother have told Lily is that even tho he was pretty stubborn, he loved his wife and Lily verry much! <3 

But I can tell the first time when they met each other! 
When Lily’s mother was much younger (lol she looks still young) she was collecting herbs in the woods and then she met Lily’s father who was verry badly wounded. He couldn’t even stand! Lily’s mother felt little bit sorry but she didn’t trusted trolls (same goes to papa troll) but in the end, she cared his wounds. She even took the troll her home and she was taking care of him and they started to get to know each other and the end! :) 

Right now Lily’s mother lives alone but she is happy because she knows that her husbands spirit is with her. <3

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Hi! I've seen one or two people saying that DFAB/DMAB are harmful slurs and have been for a while. But I've also seen a lot of people using them, I was under the impression they were correct terminology and as a nb person I find them useful shorthand if I have to describe myself. Google isn't turning up any answers, but I found your blog while searching and wondered if you can help me out. Are they okay to use? Are they controversial or is it literally one or two people making that up?

DFAB/DMAB being called slurs sounds 100% like cis tears.

~ Mod Sock

Some cis people use DFAB and DMAB to refer to trans and nonbinary people in a way that is “””politically correct””” while they equate them to their DGAB. So when they are used as a way of saying, “basically a girl” or “basically a boy” they’re bad, but they aren’t slurs, they are useful language that cis people use sometimes to be jerks while pretending they aren’t jerks.