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Bill Potts Appreciation Post #3

Bill Potts: 
. Was worried about going out into 1814 London because of her skin colour.
. Is impressed that the TARDIS has dresses and likes trouble.
. Was worried about doing something that would affect the future.
. Was excited about walking on the Thames.
. Wanted to try everything at the frost fair.
. Did not want to try everything after seeing the food.
. Is not impressed by movies making Regency England seem whiter than it was.
. Did not trust the fish in the fish pies.
. Was worried about physical side effects of time travel.
. Was determined to help Kitty find her “lost dog”.
. Wanted to know how the sonic screwdriver was a screwdriver.
. Wanted to know how the sonic screwdriver was sonic.
. Begged the Doctor to save Spider.
. Wanted to know how man people the Doctor had seen die.
. Demanded to know how many people the Doctor had killed.
. Promised Kitty that nobody else would get hurt.
. Hoped that the Doctor had alien powers.
. Was traumatised after touching the creature’s waste.
. Should be allowed to say shit.
. Seriously. Let Bill Potts say shit.
. Was disgusted by Lord Dickhead Sutcliff.
. Had to be properly held back from hurting Lord Dickhead Sutcliff.
. Was impressed by the Doctor’s speech.
. Wanted to believe that the explosives were actually rum.
. Tried to get help by screaming.
. Chose to save the creature.
. Was surprised that there was no record of the creature.
. Was delighterd that the children got to keep Sutcliff’s fortune.
. Is a beautiful human being who deserves happiness and unicorns.

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Tentoo and Rose for the ship thing? :)

  • Drinks all of the coffee

Tentoo for sure.  The really sweet espresso drinks which make him bounce and talk fast and always on the go.  Rose hates it but loves him.  She drinks them too every once in a while and especially since he bought the espresso machine and makes whatever she wants.  She can’t complain at how he spoils her.  And his new sonic screwdriver has a whip setting that makes the cream extra fluffy.

Of course he does crash and when he does, he practically collapses.  One time it was in the middle of an interstellar incident.  It’s a bit difficult to explain when her alien expert dozes off mid negotiation with an alien who thinks snoring is an insult and worthy of an invasion.  The Doctor of course denies he snores.  But Rose has a treaty with the Ignosits that states otherwise and names the Doctor as the prime offender and specifically excludes him from any further diplomatic relations. 

  • Brings up adopting a pet

The Doctor didn’t bring up the topic for discussion. He just showed up with a little lost alien pet named Herbert or Bertie as the Doctor liked to call it.  It was sort of a mix between a bat and a long haired cat.  Bertie liked their closet as well as swooping down at her Mum every time she visited.  Rose suspected the Doctor and Bertie were whispering a bit too much together on that topic.  But Bertie also killed all the bugs and kept their flat safe.

  • Kills the bugs

Bertie the affectionate catbat alien!  The Doctor was a little unsure and worried about the whole blood, anger and revenge aspect.  Rose just stared at him and arched her brow.  After all, if he wanted to rescue the creepy crawlies that bit people and nested in their flat, he was more than welcome to relocate them to some place far far away.  He, of course, tried the whole eco system argument to which Rose looked at Bertie who enjoyed a nice meal of spiders and beetles.  The Doctor never spoke of it again.

  • Cooks the meals

They take turns cooking.  Rose isn’t half bad at pasta and enjoys bread making.  The Doctor is more the pinch of this dash of that and recipes are just suggestions.  He’s far more adventurous but together they make scrumptious meals.  Everyone at Torchwood begs for leftovers.

  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should

The Doctor is obsessed with enjoying humany holidays.  He has a zest for it and enjoys researching every one he can find.  They enjoy halloween the most.  Especially with Bertie in the house who gets confused with fake cobwebs and plastic spiders.  Rose actually had to coax him out of the closet after one unpleasant incidence where chewed up plastic spider was vomited all over the flat.  Poor Bertie was traumatized.

But Rose made it better by bringing him some crickets she bought at the local pet mart.  They were intended for earthbound predators but Bertie seemed to scarf them down, trilling in contentment.  Later on at their first Halloween party, Rose dressed as a wolf and the Doctor as  the sexy physician.  Bertie flew around all night amusing their guests and all had a wonderful time.  Especially afterward when Bertie was tucked away in the closet and the the big bad wolf pounced on her Doctor.

  • Initiates the couple selfies

The Doctor is obsessed with recording every moment.  At first he scoffed at it but after seeing some selfies by their Torchwood friends, he decides it’s art.  No one could possibly be more artistic and than him so they end up in contorted positions with funny faces or just beautiful lighting and dorky grins on their faces.  He keeps them all and makes a yearly collage.

  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

Neither of them ever forget the day the met, the day they lost each other or the day they ended up back in Pete’s World.  Every date is treasured and celebrated, even the day at Canary Wharf.  Each of these days, they remind each other how lucky they are and remember one good thing as a result of these anniversaries. 

Birthdays are more complicated and sometimes celebrated multiple times.  Rose’s birthday technically varies based on the universe since one universe is on a different timeline from the other.  And the Doctor’s birthday wellll they just choose the day he generated on the TARDIS.  Although Rose often catches him on another date staring up at the stars.  She wraps her arms around him and reminds him how much he is loved.

  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

The Doctor always!  It drives Rose nuts.  In fact she’s so tired of being the trolley police and dumping miscellaneous junk food he puts in when they shop together, she ends up making late night runs alone.  Sometimes she makes late night donation runs emptying out the cupboards of the masses of sweets, and packaged crisps that he hoards for the day when their baby TARDIS will be ready.  Rose just nods her head and takes care of it that night.  He never seems to notice…

  • Nicknames the other

He is always the Doctor and she Rose but more and more as time passes they call each other love, my favorite alien or when the Doctor has had a little too much pub time, the center of his universe.

Oh, hello!

Sorry, don’t mind me!  Noticed a slight misalignment on some of your quantum stabilization prongs, thought I’d give it a tweak.

Well… I say “slight misalignment.”  I mean that it could’ve blown a hole in the universe the size of Belgium.  Still, I suppose there are worse things.

Lucky thing I happened by, eh?


Galaxy Print Doctor Who Saree | “We’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one.”

I painted a galaxy print saree for my graduation, and because i’m a massive nerd, it has a Gallifreyan palla with my favourite 11th Doctor quote “We’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one”. There might be a TARDIS or two floating around the time vortex as well. 


Look, haven’t you noticed - the Doctor is completely off his trolley. Seriously, the man is barking mad. He basically runs away for a living, but still chose to wear that scarf. One morning, he decided it would enhance his air of personal enigma to stick a question mark handle on his umbrella. He wore converse trainers with a suit, he made a screwdriver sonic, he thinks fezzes and bow ties are cool, he hid himself away in a Medieval castle with a tank and an electric guitar, he thinks he’s in a television show and sometimes talks to the camera… oh you finish the list. Do you think, for one second, that man would look at the light on top of his disguised time machine and not think, ‘Ooh, it would be cool if it flashed.’ He’s insane, I’m telling you. You should try writing for that lunatic, it’s exhausting.
—  Steven Moffat, on why the TARDIS’ lamp flashes as it materializes if it’s trying to be camouflaged

Harry Potter is like the gateway fandom. You start reading the books, then all of a sudden you have a sonic screwdriver, you want to go to Rivendell, and you have this awkward fascination with Sherlock Holmes. And you don’t really know how any of it happened, but you’re pretty sure it started with Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dursley of Four Privet Drive who were proud to say that they were perfectly normal thank you very much.