then the happiness

  • Eunwoo: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Eunwoo: Jinjin, code name – Been There, Done That.
  • Eunwoo: Moonbin is – Currently Doing That.
  • Eunwoo: MJ is – It Happened Once in a dream.
  • Eunwoo: Rocky, code name – If I Had To Pick a Member.
  • Eunwoo: Sanha is – Eagle Two.
  • Sanha: Oh thank God

optimisticcandydream  asked:

Can I share the reason why I ship Molly and Lestrade? When I first watched Sherlock I ended up randomly watching The Sign of Three and l thought that Molly and Lestrade were together and were worried about Sherlock like they were his parents lol - I was surprised when I learned that they weren't together (l wasn't even aware of tjlc or anything at this point)

This is LITERALLY the scene that made me ship them SO HARD. They are SO precious together, OMG <3 I’m so sad that they completely disregarded this little relationship they were building on since ASiB for…destroying Molly’s character completely.