then the glitch in my dl

Tumblr terminated my account last night

I was enjoying my Sunday evening, watching the NHL playoffs and browsing through cc, when I went to reblog something and was greeted with the “Your account has been terminated” screen. 

Naturally, I freaked out. Seriously, I sorta almost cried. Then I emailed Tumblr and paranoidly kept refreshing my email app like a concerned parent until I fell asleep. 

When I woke up this morning, I still hadn’t received a response. So I sent them another email (trying to be as polite as possible because I felt bad for bothering them but I just REALLY WANTED MY BLOG BACK AND STUFF) and distracted myself by doing some homework. 

Then I sat down to check my email one more time, and GUESS WHAT?! They responded! And restored my account! Apparently, it was some glitch that has been happening to quite a few people lately and they “Are sorry that it happened and will make sure it won’t happen again.” 

So moral of the story is this: if Tumblr mysteriously and suddenly terminates your account, don’t freak out! Take a few deep breaths, fill out the support form, and wait a few hours. It’ll all work out.

anonymous asked:

Weirdest thing you ever saw on tumblr?

Honestly, I’d have to say the weirdest thing I saw on Tumblr was when my computer messed up and completely glitched out the site. It looked like my computer was possessed by a demon or something. 

On the DL, I’m actually going to properly exorcise it later tonight just to make sure there is no demon inside of it