then swore him to secrecy

soooooo rosenstein appoints mueller special prosecutor, dude who served as fbi director under bush and obama and is longtime institutional fbi loyalist/advocate + comey ally––lol rosenstein gives white house only a half hour heads up on appointment––AND wapo reports mccarthy (gop house leader) said last summer to a buncha gop bozos that trump got paid off by putin, whereupon paul ryan cut him off and swore everyone present to secrecy bc they’re a “family,” ryan initially denies wapo account then wapo pulls out TAPE of entire convo and ryan claims haha #jokes. i n c r e d i b l e, here we go

We Intertwined: Ch. 8

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 7 | AO3 | Chapter 9
Word Count: 1,719

It was well into the evening when Raine finally called Ignis. It was late enough that Gladio insisted that they all go out for drinks. And so that was how Ignis found himself in the middle of a crowded bar, nursing a rapidly warming beer, watching as Raine and Gladio knocked back one shot after another.

What they were drinking, he did not know, but the smell of it alone reminded him of the cleaning products that he used to keep under the sink in Noctis’ apartment.

Noctis was laughing at a story that Gladio was telling, and Prompto was taking tons of photos to document their first real night out in a long time. The five of them sat in a booth, with Raine squished between Prompto and Gladio, and Ignis on the opposite side seated next to Noctis.

He watched the scene unfold before him as Raine and Gladio clinked the small glasses again before wincing as the alcohol burned their throats on the way down.

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Never Easy (Part Two) - Jughead Jones

I got an overwhelming amount of love for Never Easy, and demands that I write a second one. So I hope you all like this!!

Originally posted by jonesjughead

You tried to look at the bright side; Betty and Jughead were happy together and you helped them maintain that to a degree. This thought was fleeting though, as more tears rolled down your cheeks. It was like you told him, feelings were never easy; they were messy and they stung when they were hurt.

Around a week had passed since ‘The Incident’, as Kevin so respectfully called it. You told Kevin every detail about what happened after you swore him to secrecy. You trusted him to be your sounding board in that, he was friends with both you and Betty. He would help you come to a decision while also taking into account both of your feelings.

“Is there actually anything that can be done, Y/N?” He asked the night you invited him to sleep over. “I just mean that, you told him you didn’t like him like that already.” You let out a groan from where you were laying on your bed.

“I love him Kevin,” you said, turning to look at your friend. He frowned at the defeated look in your eyes. He walked over and sat on the edge of your bed.

“I’m sorry I’m not more of a help,” he said, “I’ve never had to deal with this before.” You nodded against your pillow.

“You are helping Kev,” you whispered, “thanks for being here.” He smiled at you and you sat up. “How’s Joaquin by the way?” A pink blush rose to Kevin’s cheeks at the sound of the boy’s name. You let out a small laugh and Kevin just shook his head.

“I just keep thinking about how pissed my dad is going to be.” You grabbed his shoulder, squeezing it lightly. He glanced towards you and gave you a weak smile.

“It’ll be okay. Your dad will just have to look past the whole Serpent thing and realize you’re happy. You deserve to be happy Kevin, everyone deserves happiness.” Kevin gave you a look with wide eyes and you raised your eyebrows. “What?”

“In a small twist of fate,” he started, “did your advice for my love life give you the answer to yours?” A big smile spread across his features as your brain worked through what you said.

“But he’s already happy,” you muttered and Kevin frowned. Your mind was a mess to feelings; about Jughead, worrying about Betty’s while also trying to repair yours. The rest of the night held conversations about your confusing predicament and the tangled forest of your feelings.

The next day at lunch, you, Kevin, and Archie caught up with one another. You told Archie about what had been bothering Jughead, not caring to mention your own feelings.

“Wait so Jughead liked you and is dating Betty to get over you?” You nodded at Archie’s synopsis. “How do you feel about that, Y/N?” You raised your eyebrow, asking what he was implying. He rolled his eyes and leaned across the table a little.

“It’s obvious that you like him too,” he whispered and your eyes grew wide. Kevin coughed, choking a little on his apple juice.

“Okay, Mr. Love Detector, what do you suggest I do?” Archie frowned in thought, then shrugged. You groaned and rested your head against the table.

“I’d tell him how you feel,” Archie said suddenly and you lifted your head quickly.

“What about Betty?” You asked, trying to keep your voice down. It was hard to though, you had grown angry about your situation and was getting fed up.

“If Jughead is dating her to get over you, what does that say about the base of their relationship? Is it sturdy or weak?” Archie said and Kevin nodded along. “I’m just saying, if your feelings can topple it, was it really that strong in the first place?” Surprisingly, Archie’s words made sense to you as he spoke. 

“Ginger bull makes sense,” Kevin added and you glanced at your friend, giving him a teasing look. When you lifted your head you saw Jughead and Betty walking towards the table, unreadable looks on their faces.

“Hey guys,” Betty said as she sat down next to Kevin. Jughead squeezed in between Betty and yourself, giving you a weak smile. A silence fell over you until Archie broke the awkward quiet.

“Hey Jughead, do you think you can help me with my English paper,” Archie asked and you tensed up.

“I thought Y/N helped you finish it last week?” You swallowed hard, wondering where Archie was taking this. You glanced down the row at Kevin who looked at you with panicked eyes.

“Yeah, but Y/N recommended you have a final look at it. Maybe the three of us can meet up at Pop’s after school?” You looked up at Archie and glared; but the redheaded boy ignored you and looked to Jughead. The boy next to you nodded response.

“Sure I don’t see why not.” Jughead said and nudged you with his shoulder. “Are you in Y/N?” You looked into his eyes, and nodded against your will. You just couldn’t say no to Jughead Jones.

“Great, I’ll see you both there!” Archie said, standing up from his seat. “I’m going to say to Valerie real quick.” Archie walked off to The Pussycat’s table and left the remaining four of you in silence.

“Do you have any plans after school Betts?” Kevin spoke up, breaking the silence. The blonde looked up at her friend and shook her head.

“I was actually hoping I could hang out with you and Veronica after school.” You felt Jughead tense beside you and you fought the urge you comfort him with a hand on his back.

“Okay, Veronica’s house I’m assuming? Since your mother is crazy,” Kevin asked and Betty nodded softly. Luckily for you, the bell rang very soon. You stood up quickly, grabbing your bag and heading off to your next class. You felt a warm hand brush against yours and you glanced over and saw Jughead walking near you.

“What’s up Jughead,” you asked calmly and he shrugged. Your hands brushed again and you pulled you away. “Shouldn’t you be walking your girlfriend to her class?” Your tone was more harsh than you intended and Jughead stopped walking alongside you. You however, kept going, leaving your crush in the dust. When you reached your class and sat down, you realized that you had been quite bitter. As your teacher started up notes, Archie rushed into the class and found a seat next to you.

“Busy with Val?” You teased him and Archie blushed. He pulled out his notebook and got ready to write down the lesson.

“I saw you and Jughead,” he whispered, “what happened?” You glanced at him, remembering the moment with Jughead.

“Nothing, but what were you thinking about Pop’s after school?!” Despite your whisper yelling, another classmate shushed you. You rolled your eyes and Archie stayed silent. “Don’t worry Y/N,” he whispered, “it’ll all turn out fine”

You met up with Archie and Jughead outside of the main doors after school. Archie greeted who with a grin but Jughead remained silent upon your arrival. It was like last week didn’t happen; the steps you took the week before to repair your friendship with Jughead had melted away. You swallowed hard through your nerves. Archie was planning something, which was scary to you. You often underestimated your friend, so when he had a plan it often caught you off guard.

“Alright let’s go to the diner,” Archie said, leading the way for you and Jughead. On the walk to the diner, Archie tried to lighten the mood that was so obviously dark between you and Jughead. You would try to appease Archie by speaking but Jughead remained quiet.

When the three of you arrived, you ordered some snacks and found a booth. You slid into the booth, Jughead sliding into the one across from you. Archie sat next to you, pulling out his English materials and explained what you had gone over with him before. He had really put on a show for this lie and some part of you was grateful. Jughead talked to him about the structure of his paper, pointed out grammar errors, and mentioned small changes he could make. You chimed in now and again, but let Jughead talk the most. You had missed the sound of his voice and the way his hands moved when he spoke about something his was passionate about.

When he had finished critiquing Archie’s paper, Jughead grew silent again. You glanced up at him and saw that his blueish-green eyes were already on you. You felt your heart flip in your chest, but looked out the window quickly.

“Well I’m going to go pay for our food and use the bathroom. I’ll be back,” Archie said, sliding out of the booth. He left you and Jughead in a heavy silence, one that you wanted to break. Your anxiety fought against you; you’ll only make things worse for you. He’ll choose Betty over you and you’ll be left more hurt than before. You could at least try to repair your friendship again, that was worth a try.

“Jughead,” you started and the boy looked up at you, “what happened?” You lifted your gaze from the table and met his eyes. You saw something flicker in them, but you couldn’t place it. A frown etched on his lip as he remained quiet. You bit your lip nervously, wondering if you should just leave. 

“After we talked last week, I told Betty about what we talked about.” He paused and looked back up at your face. “I told her yesterday and she,” his curled his lips together, “she ended it.” You studied his face, trying to read his emotions but you couldn’t see them. “I told Archie about it and he was there for me. I wanted to talk to you though.”

“I’m sorry Jughead,” you whispered, not reaching out to comfort him like your heart told you to. You just watched as your friend collected himself and looked back up at you. He wasn’t crying like you thought he was; his eyes were still unreadable to you.

“I’m not that upset about it though,” he said, “and it’s strange.” You nodded and smiled to yourself. You met his gaze and saw that the same smile was on his face. “Like you said, feelings are never easy.” You nodded and Jughead looked back down at the table again. You felt the pit in your stomach lurch a little when you thought of telling him the truth. That you had lied about your feelings that night in the very same booth you were sitting in now.  

“I lied,” you whispered out, wondering for a moment if Jughead even heard you speak. His head lifted and you found yourself looking into his perfect eyes. “That night, I thought if I did you’d be happier. I guess I was wrong.”

“Are you saying that you do like me?” Jughead asked carefully, as if trying to dance on glass. You shook your head and looked down at you lap.

“I’m saying that I don’t like you Jughead,” you whispered, “I’m saying that I love you.” You took a long, shaky breath before going on. “I’ve loved you since we were kids, I think. I just never figured it out until last summer. I shouldn’t have lied about it, but I was scared for what friendship we had left and, yeah.” You looked up at him, ready to gauge his reaction. When you looked up he was gone Your eyebrows knitted together and you were about to get up to find him. When you turned to exit the booth, you almost collided with him. He had moved to sit by you in the moments you were lost in thought and rambling on. 

“I’ve been waiting for years for you to finally say that,” he whispered and you gave him a shy smile. “It took you so damn long.” He smiled at you before his hands cupped your jaw, pulling your lips to his. Your hands reached for the trim of his jacket, pulling him even closer and deepening the kiss. You two were too busy to notice Archie standing near the door with his backpack on and his phone out. He snapped a picture of the two of you and smiled widely before leaving. He had tack when it came to romance, although Valerie would argue that he didn’t when it came to his own relationship.

When Archie was safely out the door, Jughead pulled back breathless. You rested your forehead against his and smiled. He let out a sigh and finally opened his eyes to look at you again.

“Way too long” he whispered and you let out a small laugh. You moved your head, pressing a kiss against his lips once more. Before it could get heated, you pulled away.

“I’ll try to plan it better next time,” you murmured against his lips. He smiled at you, pecking your cheek and then your lips again. Now that he could, Jughead never wanted to stop kissing you. You smiled into the kiss, your fingers tangling into his hair. If you your phone hadn’t buzzed with a text notification, who knows how far the kiss would’ve gone. You glanced around the near empty diner and raised your eyebrow. “Where’d Archie go?” Jughead simply huffed as you picked up your phone to look at the text message.

Archie : You’re welcome.

You laughed and Jughead, who had been peppering kisses along your jaw, glanced at your phone. He shook his head and leaned against your side.

“He really knows us better than we know ourselves,” you whispered and Jughead nodded. You were about to return to kissing when you phone buzzed again.



You let out a giggle and Jughead smiled. “The Incident,” he asked and you nodded. He shook his head again and pressed another kiss to your cheek.

Kevin : Betty said she ended it between her and Jughead! You got your man!

You ignored that last text though. You were too far gone in the feeling of Jughead’s lips on yours again. Honest feelings seemed to right your past wrongs in the best way. You had only wished you explained your feelings sooner.

First Dance, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin and Reader meet early on in their careers.

Words: 1008

Author’s Note: Another Lin fic! I know…I’m so predictable. I’m working on the Lin/Reader/Pippa one next! Send in some requests if you’d like to see something other than Lin! We’ve also hit over 600 followers! You guys are amazing!

Warnings: None!

Askbox | Masterlist

You were lucky to get anything, you reminded yourself as the day-long rehearsal came to it’s beginning.

Dressed head to toe in the most comfortable workout clothes you could throw together, you stood in line with the other female ensemble members. You glanced at the other side of the room, where the men were lined up.

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HC: Domestic Shallura

-Shiro and Allura both have a TON of trouble relaxing

- “Come on, babe, I’m relaxing, I’m only doing four things at once instead of ten!”

- “I’m relaxing! I’m just piloting the ship through an asteroid belt! It’s not a Galra invasion, it’s better than we usually do”

-So Shiro and Allura come up with an idea

-Except for on days when they’re genuinely in danger, they have time where they HAVE to sit around without work, and each holds the other accountable

-The other paladins help with reason ranging from genuinely good (Pidge and Hunk) to slight good (Keith) to “At least I can fuck around now” (Lance)

-This works really well because neither want to relax but both want the other to relax

-They spend most of this time cuddling especially bc if they’re holding hands they can’t do a million things at once

-They don’t have set roles in cuddling

-Shiro is the little spoon about half the time and Allura will fight anyone who makes fun of him for it

-As they get more used to it though they start progressing to other things

-They learned that they like just coexisting, like Allura reading a novel and Shiro writing in a journal as they lean on each other happily

-Sometimes Allura has Shiro do her hair and though it isn’t always perfect they love it

-Shiro learns quickly, and soon is impressing Allura

-He actually got Lance to help him learn how but he swore Lance to secrecy about it 

-Lance totally didn’t obey and told Allura but she thought it was cute and didn’t let on that she knew

-So some afternoons during their designated non-work time they can be found, Allura reading and Shiro doing her hair, with a notebook abandoned beside him 

-And no one ever interrupts bc they love the distant happy look on Space Dad’s face

-They also start calling Allura Space Mom and she loves it

Headcanon requests are open! Just letting you know! @disgustingweeabootrash requested this one!

Little Trouble Maker~2~Tyler Bate Imagine

Originally posted by wrestlingsexriot

Part 1

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Note; Reader is Tyler Bate’s daughter and she prank Trent this time.If you want to be tagged in my future writings, let me know.  

“ Y/N Bate!” a voice was heard through the Performance Center where everyone was either working out or practicing in the room or talking to the couches.You had see yet another prank for you’re father. You weren’t there to see his face but you didn’t need to see, the booming loud voice told you that the prank worked. But the thing was, the voice didn’t sound like your father. At all. 

“ Where is that nugget!”

It was Trent who was the victim to your prank this time, he didn’t even think you were going to pull a stunt like this one him. From all the piggyback he has given you to all the secrecy you swore to him to keep from your father. You quickly race out the other side of the Center hiding from Trent.

“ What are you doing?” Bayley asks as you hide yourself behind her. You shushed as you contained your laugher to be stopped by a familiar hand. Innocently rating your head up meeting face to face with your father. 

“ Hi daddy!” you greet him happily. 

One of his eyebrow raised  as he folded his arms across his chest. 

“ What did you do bug?”

“ Who me?” you asked pointing a finger to your chest looking innocently at him.

  “ I didn’t do anything! I have been watching the girls in the ring!”

“ You do notice that you everyone can see what you were doing?”

“ First of all dad, they were doing their thing. practicing or talking to the couches. Second of all day, it’s just a prank. No harm down.”  he was giving you this look that you can’t just hide from. A pout appears on your lips as you looked down at your feet then back up at him. 

“ Look daddy I-” you were cut off with Trent storming  in to the main room,a scowl on his face with feathers on him and powder on his head. You turn to  fully face him. His eyes were glancing at you, fist to his side, you could barley see his face only the mustache and the eyes were visible. 

 That caused you to burst out in laughter as you take him in.  Your father giggles at the sight to shaking his head, “ You should be punished for this but I can’t bring myself to do that.” he grabbed his stomach bursting out in laughter.

 “ Ha ha! “ Trent mutters puffing out a white smoke of powder. Trent didn’t seem amused by it, by any of it. Pete had walked in with Regal to see what the fuss was all about. Once they both set eyes on Trent, they couldn’t hold their laughter in as they bursted out laughing, even Regal. 

“ Need to lay an egg Seven?” Pete asked before bursting out laughing along with the others. 

You on the other hand giggled slipping away to the bathroom.  

You were sharing a room with your dad while he was traveling on a tour, he has bought you many books to keep yourself occupied. It wasn’t long before you fell asleep with the book slipping from your hands landing on the floor. When you woke up, you mumbled to yourself seeing it was almost night time. 

Running a hand through your hair , you sat up before grabbing your phone from the nightstand but stopped seeing the blue on your hand, your hold hand was covered in blue color. What the? you asked yourself before making a run to the bathroom. In the mirror, the hair that you once had was turned into blue.

You screamed loud and clear through the hotel, you were sure you had alerted everyone staying at the hotel. Your father heard you scream, rushing to you.

“ What’s wrong?!” He asked, but stopped in his tracks as he sees your hair. 

“ Bug, you’re hair is blue”

“ Don’t you think I noticed? Who did this?” 

“ Wasn’t me” your father said putting his hands up as he looked at you with innocent eyes. Pointing a finger at him, “ you know something. Spill it.” he shrugged before leaving the bathroom and sitting on the bed. 

You rushed out of the room to Pete’s and Trent’s room where they were both sharing and staying. Pounding on their doors, “ Open the door!”

A tired looking Pete opened the door, once he saw your hair his eyes got wide.

 “ Did you dye your hair?” He asked, you didn’t answer him slipping past him on the hunt to find Trent. You ran full speed to him as you tackled him onto his bed sitting on top of him. 

“ It was you! you dyed my hair blue! Blue? Really?” He smirked, shrugging.  

“ It looks good” you pounded his chest, whining before Pete took you off of Trent setting you down. You stomped your foot, crossing your arms across your chest pouting. 

Pete rolled his eyes, “ I’ll get you to the salon to dye your hair back tomorrow.”
“ Yay! at least Uncle Pete loves me!” 

“ You started this first, don’t start who loves you more again” Trent pointed a finger at you. 

“ And I will finish it, it’s not over Uncle Trent” you hugged Pete and then Trent before leaving their hotel room and back to yours. 

“ Not a word dad, I swear” you mutter seeing he was going to say something. He only smiled getting off the bed as he made his way over to you. 

“ I was just going to say he’s got nothing on you bug”

Squints + Breakup


I only did Squints that have been around for awhile and were still alive. I avoided Nigel-Murray like the plague.

Thank you to @uniquelyobsessed for requesting and helping me celebrate my 1k follower celebration!

Zack Addy

At first, Zack couldn’t figure out why you were acting so oddly. He could feel that something was wrong, but he was never good at detecting feelings. So, instead, he decided to study you. He noticed your eyes were red and swollen. Your nose was also red, as if you had been wiping it repeatedly. He listened to you speak. Your voice trembled, which was unusual for you. You were usually so confident, downright outspoken at times. He caught you grasping at your neck for your necklace, but it was gone. Every time you did so, you squeezed your eyes shut, fighting back more tears.

Crying. You had been crying. He didn’t know why, but something inside of him became very angry. You had only ever been the nicest person he had ever met. Even when he was awkward and lost in social interaction, you never acted frustrated. You often explained things to him so that he could continue in the conversation. This, this was something he could never understand.

You hadn’t seen him coming, but he placed his hand on your shoulder and squeezed gently. You seemed to relax under his touch and placed your hand on top of his. You squeezed your eyes shut again and your breath picked up. You spun around and wrapped your arms around his abdomen. He was taken aback by your actions, but he reluctantly placed his arms around you and just held you. This was something he understood.

Clark Edison

Not much can throw Clark off. He understands a lot about the human body and even the human mind. He’s confident in himself and he really doesn’t like to get involved in other people’s drama, but the minute you sent him that text saying that you needed to talk to someone, he dropped everything and came to you.

You sat on the couch and breathed deeply. He could tell you were upset, you’d been crying. He asked if everything was okay, were you hurt, anything else he could think of. You shook your head, not giving an answer to a specific any one question. He knew. He could see it on your face.

He stood up and grabbed his cell phone. He dialed your favorite pizza place and ordered your favorite pizza. Then, he started digging through your DVD collection. He knew what movie to play that would make you feel better. He popped it in as you waited for the pizza. He placed a blanket over your legs and sat next to you, resting your head on his shoulder. He didn’t need to say anything and neither did you.

Wendell Bray

He was fuming. He simply couldn’t understand how someone could be so cruel to you. He was boiling, his knuckles white, and honestly, he could only see red. He had never seen you look the way you did. He could see that you were heartbroken. It was written all over your face. He said that your ex was a jerk, they didn’t know what they had. He threatened to go talk to them, but you begged him not to.

He looked down at you, small and feeling broken. He knelt down next to you and held your face close to his. He told you how perfect you were, smart, funny, and you could so much better. He embraced you and stroked your hair. He told you to let it all out, that you would feel better. And then, the two of you would go egg his car.

Colin Fisher

Colin often searched for things that might seem dark and depressing to others. He reveled in them. He was often annoyed by your presence, so light and airy. He couldn’t comprehend your incessant need to be cheerful. The day you walked in, dressed in close mute of any color, and your usual cheeriness was gone, he noticed. There was a shift in the lab that day and he felt out of place. Your observations that day were angry and dark. Everyone began to notice. The others whispered that you were acting differently and that something must be wrong. Fisher decided that today was the day that he would flip the tables on you.

As you left for work that day, Colin grabbed your wrist and led you to his car. He drove to a local dive bar. You protested the entire time, but he never stopped until you were inside. Tonight, Colin was going to reveal a deep dark secret to you. He loved karaoke.

He climbed up on stage and “Don’t Stop Believing” started playing. You clasped your hands over your mouth to stifle your laugh. By the middle of the song, the entire bar was up, singing along with him, including you. You stood in front of him and sang along, jumping up and down to shake everything off. As he descended the steps from the stage, you hugged him tightly and thanked him. He then swore you to secrecy.

Arastoo Vaziri

You told him everything. Every nasty detail about your breakup. You didn’t hold back, not with him, not about this. He listened patiently and nodded his head. He then stood up and asked you to come with him.

You sat silently in his car, he offered no details about where you were going. Arastoo paid the attendant and walked you back to the batting cages. He placed a helmet on your head and pushed you inside. He told you to bend your knees and square your shoulders. The second you heard the ball spit out, you swung.

You both stood in silence as the ball arced into the air and flew past the ball machine. You turned around, a huge smile swiped across your face. You started jumping up and down, remarking how you had never hit a ball before. He quickly reminded you that another ball was being loaded up and you followed his instructions once again. Arastoo could watch you swing all night and the two of you closed the place down that day.

Daisy Wick

She tried to offer up statistics about relationships. She told you that even penguins mate for life and that the male will search the entire beach looking for the perfect rock to offer up to his mate. These facts only made you feel worse.

She looked at you and sighed. She told you that what she had meant was that the perfect person for you just hadn’t come along yet. The right person will look for the perfect rock to give to you, even if it takes their entire life. There’s someone out there waiting for you and you just have to be patient.

She took you out for a drink that night and told you all the horror stories from her dating life. All the messy, crazy stories she told made you laugh and for the night, you forgot about everything that had happened and watched intently as Daisy made you feel like this breakup was possibly the best thing to happen to you.

This is what we did to Randy.

(warning: long story)

A few decades ago, i was serving in the Navy, stationed at Naval Training Center to do some schooling. We were all young there, 18-20, and everyone had been in the Navy about a year at most. A few of us did drugs. Not a lot, just dropped acid once a month or so, usually off-base. Being in a strange place, LSD was tough to get sometimes. We were all cool and kept it quiet. We were all decent students, good friends, and everyone there looked out for one another.

Then there was Redneck Randy. Randy was from a small southern town where his UNUSUAL SURNAME family were moderately well-off and very well known. Coming from a being a big fish in a small pond, Randy was entitled. I mean, entitled to the point of being a sociopath. Constantly borrowing money without repaying it, copying everyone’s notes for class, getting duty switched around to favor his plans. He even doubled-parked his giant pickup truck in the base parking lot. Just Grade-A douchebaggery. Cripes, he even bragged to me one time that his grandfather was ex-Klan.“I ain’t ashamed to say my grandaddy wore a sheet”.

Well, after a few months, Randy stopped going to class. He was still in the barracks, but he never mustered for school or marched to class with us. When asked about it, Randy said he’d been moved to an ‘elevated program’ elsewhere on base, working on a project for the Navy. We all just assumed he’d entitled himself into another gig. Which he had. You see, Randy had become a NARC.

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River in Christmas Special: The Matt Smith edition

(…as told by Alex Kingston :P)

“I’m actually going to share something with you guys that I haven’t shared with anybody, but of course you’re all filming it, it’s all going on youtube, so I have to be very careful.

I didn’t tell anybody because I knew it wouldn’t go down well with Matt. He had literally made Steven Moffat promise that he wouldn’t write for my character again because River was his Doctor’s wife, and not anybody else’s. The thing is that Matt is a really passionate and sentimental person. He really carries his emotions, and his emotions are absolutely genuine. Such a nice man. But I think it was a much bigger deal for him to play the part of the Doctor, and I think it sort of changed his life. And I came in, and I was working with him on his very first episode, and was sort of effectively there holding his and Karen’s hand. 

On a psychological level, I was there to protect them, and I remember, I took them out for supper while we were filming that first episode. I sat them down and said ‘Enjoy this now, because after this your lives are going to change forever, and you won’t be able to enjoy this freedom ever again, and just be the people you’re right now.’

They were like, ‘Oh it’s not going to be like that for us.”

And of course it was, and it is.

And Matt - he is so sweet. He sort of really holds on to that. Remembers that I was concerned for them, and wanting to really guide them through. So I think that’s why he is possessive. It’s not anything other than - he feels like mine was the special relationship and nobody else is allowed to have that.

So I didn’t tell him. I didn’t tell anybody - I swore to secrecy. And then I got married in summer - Karen couldn’t make it, but Matt and Arthur were there. And my goddamn daughter went and told him!

It was like 4 AM, and we were all completely smashed, and he came up to me, and put his arm around me. I thought he was just going to give me a nice hug, say ‘Congratulations on being married’. He’s like [mimicking a very cross Matt] ‘Are you doing Doctor Who again?’

‘Uhh…yes. Who told you?’

‘Your daughter!’

And I said, ‘Well, yes, I am’

‘You’re not allowed to do Doctor Who again. I’m your Doctor, nobody else is allowed to be this. ME.’ He was cross. I had to say it to him, ‘Look, get me another job, but I am still going to do this one. It’s alright for you - you go be the Terminator, but I’m still stuck here!’

And I went up to Steven to ask him ‘Did Matt tell you not to ever write my character again?’

He said, ‘Yes, he did.’

So it’s absolutely true! But the truth is, they’re one and the same man! And that’s what I keep saying to Matt. ‘You are the same person, just with a  different skin. I’m not being in any way disloyal. In fact, I’m being more loyal than ever!’

Why does Snape never get over Lily?

My opinions here: I always considered it a little bit odd that Snape maintained an absolute devotion to Lily until the moment he died, at the age of thirty-eight, when she ended her friendship with him when he was sixteen. A lot of people who are anti-Snape characterize this as a creepy, stalker-ish obsession, I know. But then I thought hard about it. 

Snape’s home life is characterized by neglect (ages nine to eleven, his clothes don’t fit, he’s not particularly clean-he’s characterized as being greasy, after all, when prepubescent children don’t become greasy until they’ve gone a while without bathing- he’s generally unhealthy looking, there are enough signs listed that if I saw him in school as an educator I’d report his parents for suspicion of neglect) and domestic violence between his parents. There may or may not have been further abuse, but it wasn’t a happy place. He wasn’t a well loved child. 

He went to school, just to be picked out by the popular kids to be bullied there (argue all you want about how it was mutual and that James hated Snape for his use of the Dark Arts, it may have ended up that way, but it didn’t start out that way, James started picking on him without provocation on the train and never gives a better reason than the fact that he exists). His teachers didn’t protect him from these boys. Dumbledore covered up the ‘prank’ attempt by one of these boys that might have killed him and swore him to secrecy about it. Dumbledore made his lead abuser Head Boy. Furthermore, he was in a House that likely ridiculed him for his muggle father, enough so that he had to seriously emphasize his mother’s heritage. He hangs out with the other boys in his year and House, but so does every other boy at Hogwarts. He’s not shown having truly close friends among them. 

He’s not shown having close friends later in life (the closest he ever seems to come is the Malfoys, but even that is just a friendly relationship, not a friendship, and one filled with expectations of benefit on the Malfoys’ part). He’s not show having warm relationships with his colleagues. He’s not shown having a positive relationship with Dumbledore, who, in fact, as an employer occasionally seems to do things just to spite him. He’s never shown in any romantic relationships. Maybe some of this is his fault. Maybe it isn’t. That’s not the point. He has nothing. 

He takes abuse from all sides, from neglect from his parents and the physical abuse of his classmates as a child, to the dislike and scorn of most of the people he meets as an adult and no one is seen to seriously defend him, on anything short of principle (people say things like “He’s a professor” or “Dumbledore trusted him” in his defense, and Dumbledore gets him off the hook for being a Death Eater in exchange for being his spy, but no one ever defends him personally), save one. 

I’d be willing to argue that the only person who was ever truly his friend, who ever really cared about him, who ever really defended him, who ever really loved him (even if her love was just platonic) was Lily Evans. One of the morals of Harry Potter is that people can’t live without love. It’s love that saves Harry. It’s love that makes him better than Voldemort. Even if that love only lasted six years, Lily’s was the only love Snape ever had. 

So yes, dear lord, he was going to cling to it for the rest of his life. Wouldn’t you?

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Any Luke and Simon headcannons? Like how Luke ended up adopting Simon too?It looks like in the show Mr. Lewis will have died slowly instead of a heartattack. I imagine Luke being super supportive.

Yes! I’ve always personally headcanoned Mr. Lewis as having had pancreatic cancer, because I know it’s fast, brutal, and messes up a family in a big way. 

(I really hope we get a name this season too, because just calling him Mr. Lewis is getting a bit exhausting.)

So, assuming Simon was somewhere in the 8-13 range, he and Luke probably already knew each other and were friendly and everything. Luke picked him and Clary up from school sometimes, Simon ate lots of dinners at the Fray household, they were friendly. But Luke had a full time job and he and Jocelyn were always careful to stay slightly aloof. They had a lot on their minds and between their jobs and keeping an ear out for stories about the Circle they didn’t have a lot of time for Clary’s little friends. Like, Simon was a sweet kid and everything but children are flighty. Maybe he’d move, maybe he and Clary would break up, maybe they’d let a third person into their friendship circle and said person would try feeding Simon to werewolves, anything could happen. 

But then Simon’s dad got sick- blood clots, everyone said- and Elaine started asking if she could send Simon over a lot of nights as Mr. Lewis had appointments and some brief hospital stays for exploratory surgery. Jocelyn couldn’t really say no to a friend in need, so Simon was at their house more and more often. 

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When I Fall in Love

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(Steve x Reader) 

Request: @holycoldcoffee said: My birthday is in a few days can you do a story where all the avengers compete to get the reader the best gift for her birthday (reader x peitro) or (reader x bucky) or (reader x steve) whatever is easier for you to write 

A/n:  I’m so sorry @holycoldcoffee I’ve no idea when you sent this just noticed it in my inbox the other day!  Hope you like it anyway. xxx 

Cute Steve and fluff, wanted to write something with him for ages. :) If you haven’t heard the song ‘when I fall in love’ by Nat king Cole, listen here (x) x

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“Hey there birthday gal.”  

Steve smiled and handed you a mountain of cotton candy. You grab it eagerly and sit on a nearby bench, patting the seat next to you for him to sit down. You felt your heart fluttering a little when his leg brushed yours, the material tickling your skin.

“This is the best gift yet, thank you.”

You sat back and watched the lights and people walking by, thankful for a lull in all the excitement. Steve’s idea for you to spend the day at Coney Island had turned into an Avengers field trip and you were dragged from ride to ride all day, with hardly a breath in between. It was fun but exhausting.

Turning to Steve you admired his profile and the shape of his lips, thinking about the way he smiled at you and desperately wishing he would lean over and kiss you. It was an image that had been playing on your mind since the first day you met; along with many more that made even you blush.  

Steve started fidgeting and looked down at his shoes. It was so cute to see him so nervous, there weren’t many people he let see this side of him.  

You knew he was building himself up to ask you something, so you tried to act casual when he turned to you and not bite your lip at the outline of muscles in his tight t-shirt. Why was your mind always in the gutter around Steve?

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something…all day actually…” he sighed and you giggled.

Thinking back, every time Steve would try and talk to you someone pulled you away to give you a gift or go on a ride with them.  

“As long as it’s not the cyclone…eight times with Pietro is enough for one day…”  

You forced yourself to stop rambling and let Steve carry on. Your own nerves skyrocketing with a thousand different questions running through your mind.

“Would you ride the wonder wheel with me?”  

“I’d love to.”  You answered quickly, not convinced that was his real question.

He flashed you a relieved smile and you squeezed his hand, standing up and pulling him with you.  

“Y/n! Why are you here with grandpa? One more ride!”

Damn it. Tony grabbed your arm and pulled you away from Steve, but you shrugged him off.  

“Sorry Tony, I promised Steve we’d ride the wonder wheel.”  

The others wandered up behind him, most looking happy, if a bit tired. All except Pietro of course, being the ever ready bunny he was still over excited with arms full of sweets and chomping down on a hot dog.  

“Yes! Wonder wheel, not done that yet, come on y/n!” Tony raised his hand for you to follow and everyone happily complied.  You glanced back and Steve rolled his eyes, muttering under his breath.  

Drifting to the back of the group you got into step with Steve, nudging him playfully.

“Cheer up captain, I know they took over your idea, but look at them, especially the twins, they needed some time to have fun.”

“But have you had fun? It’s your birthday, y/n.”

“I’ve spent the day with my best friends, no fighting, no serious drama,” you looked pointedly at Tony and Sam arguing over who would ride with Natasha, “if you’re all happy, I’m happy.”

You took a huge mouthful of candy, enjoying the sweet taste.  Steve raised his eyebrows at you sniggering and you licked your lips realizing you had a cotton candy mustache. You grinned at Steve and he burst out in laughter.

“I mustache you to stop laughing sir,” you twiddle the candy with your fingers, attempting your best villain laugh,  “muahahaa-“ and falling into a fit of giggles, Steve joining you.  

“You’re something else, you know that?”  

You shrug, reluctantly letting him wipe the candy off your face. 

After a few moments of silence he flashes you a sheepish grin and takes hold of your hand. His fingers are surprisingly soft and you daren’t look at him in case he let go.

You spent the rest of the walk to the ferris wheel enjoying the feel of his warm hand in yours, heart jumping when he would give it a squeeze to get your attention or point out something he remembered.  

Steve told you stories of him and Bucky coming here as kids. Chasing girls, throwing up, little things like staying late to see the park lit up at night and sitting on the beach just listening to the sea. Both of them falling asleep some nights and getting prodded by passers by in the morning; checking they were still alive - that was a funny one. As was the time Steve woke up with Bucky wrapped around him, sweet talking in his ear…Steve swore you to secrecy on that one.

Too soon you reached the wonder wheel and the others, getting pulled away from Steve again and smooshed into a car with Pietro and Wanda.  

Wanda gave you a knowing smile when she noticed you glance over at Steve, now sat with Sam and Natasha. Wanda nudged you and Pietro glanced over curious.

‘Stay out of my head please.’  

‘I wasn’t hearing your thoughts, surată.’  Came the reply and you blushed.  

Wanda laughed, giving your arm a gentle squeeze and went back to chatting to Pietro, avoiding his questions. You pretended to watch the ground fall away as the old ferris wheel creaked into life, trying your best not to get your hopes up that Steve felt the same way about you, and definitely not imagining his thoughts with Wanda around.  

After practically having to drag Tony home, he was organizing drinks and arguing with the others about what to do next. Everyone with a different opinion on how you should spend the last few hours of your birthday.  

“Let me know what you decide guys…” you mutter, not surprised when you get no answer and fall back on the sofa. A nap would be awesome right now.

Music starts playing in the background and it takes you a moment to realize it’s ‘When I fall in love’ by Nat king Cole.  Your mums’ favourite song, you often listened to it alone. It was an unusual choice for Tony. You stick your head over the top of the sofa, seeing everyone as confused as you were, all gawking at Steve walking over to you.

His eyes focused on yours, ignoring everyone else in the room and your breath hitched as he stopped in front of you, holding out his hand for you to take.

“Miss, may I have this dance?”  

Unable to speak, you just nod meekly, your small hand finding his. You have to hold in a gasp when he lifts you up over the sofa and pulls you into his arms in one smooth move.  

A little dazed, you stand there a moment with your hands splayed over his warm chest, his heart was pounding.  Coming back to reality you drop your hands to your sides but he smirks and gently takes your left hand placing it on his shoulder while he grabbed your waist, pulling you to him and taking hold of your other hand.

“Ready?” Steve asks and you nod again.

The volume increases and you slowly start to move, Steve leading you into a waltz.

“I thought you couldn’t dance?” You whispered into his ear and he glanced over at Bucky, sat watching you with the other Avengers.  

“Bucky taught me a few steps.”  

Steve squeezed your waist, moving his hand to your back pulling you as close as he could.  

“Thank him for me will you?”  

Your voice trailed off when you saw the intense look in Steve’s eyes, his pupils wide staring at your lips. He licked his lips and leaned forwards to kiss you.  

“Go cap!” Shouts and whistles made you both jump, you’d forgotten they were still there.

“Out, now! That’s an order.”  Steve shouted and they eventually left, not really taking him seriously. Bucky winked at you and patted Steve on the shoulder. You loved the authoritative side of him, it was so hot.

“Don’t forget to use protection kids.” Tony remarked and you both glared at him, Steve actually blushing.

Once they all filed out you both laugh nervously, the room suddenly very quiet. You look down at your feet, desperately wracking your brain for something to say. Thankfully the song started playing again.

“Damn Stark,”  Steve mumbles and catches your eye, that twinkle back in them, “where were we?”  

Forgetting your nerves you start dancing again, attempting to jive this time. Steve starts to twirl you around and you loved it the first few times, not quite as much when he twirled you into the coffee table, smashing your knee into the wood. Cursing you jump back, accidentally stepping on his toes…causing an expletive you never thought you’d hear to pass his lips and you stare at him a second before giggling.

“I better do this now before one of us gets hurt.” He laughed and you watched curiously as he ran to grab his jacket, pulling out a small box.

“This might not be as fancy as those other gifts…”  

You take it lifting the lid and sifting through the tissue paper, your fingers finding something cold and metal.  You turned the beautiful gold locket over in your palm. It was antique with an intricate flower carving and a beautiful amethyst. There was something familiar about it, you remembered this, it was...oh my god.  

Mum. It was her locket.  You couldn’t breathe as you opened it, your heart jumping at the sight of the small black and white photograph. Mum and dad held you close while you sat on their lap, reaching up to poke your dad’s nose just at the moment the camera clicked. Natural loving smiles on your faces.  

It wasn’t possible, Hydra, they had destroyed everything.  

“Steve, where did you get this?”  You ask, attempting to hold in tears of joy and love. He had no idea what a precious gift he had given you and it was something only he would think of.     

“It was buried in Shield storage…”  

Steve’s eyes grew concerned as he brushed a tear from your cheek. You wrap your hands around his neck pulling him down into a slow, passionate kiss, desperately trying to convey everything you wanted to say.

“I know how much they meant to you,” he said softly, his arms back around your waist, “and I wanted you to know how much you mean to me.”

You rest your head on his shoulder, swaying slowly as your song starts a third time, the world melting into just the two of you. Steve places a soft kiss to your temple and hums in your ear.

“When I fall in love, it will be forever.” 

Haunted-Bucky imagine

I have had this idea in my head for so long I really hope I got the idea across ok. Gahhhhh. I listened to Haunted by Beyoncé like 102238473 times whilst writing this so maybe listen whilst reading? I dunno.

Part 2

Warnings: I dunno kinda smutty/sexy dancing?

Word count: 1.8k

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It’s finally here. Your birthday. You’d convinced all your fellow Avengers to come out, since it was a special occasion and all. You’d chosen your old favourite club. Yes, it might be a lap dance bar, and yes you might have worked here before Tony tracked you down and convinced you to join the team, but no one needed to know that. As you gathered round the bar, Clint got the first round in, and you demanded everyone got on the shots immediately. Spinning around to face the stage, you see two of your friends you used to dance with and shoot them a smile and an excited wave. Man you missed them.

“Bringing back memories ey kid?” Tony says in your ear with a smirk. You glare at him and playfully punch his arm. You swore him to secrecy but you just knew he’d wait till the right moment to inform the avengers of your previous employment. It’s not like you were embarrassed or anything, you actually enjoyed working here, the music and dancing, it was a rush. But you know you’d never hear the end of it.
“Hey its Tony’s round next!” You shout and he narrows his eyes at you. You wink at him and tell him to send 2 over to your friends whilst he’s at it. Downing your shot, you grab Natasha’s hand and drag her to the dancefloor, some of the others following suit. It was kinda crowded and hot, but you didn’t mind. It’s been ages since you’ve all been out and you needed a release. You look over at Nat and Wanda, swishing their hair and rolling their hips. As If they weren’t attractive enough, of course they’re good dancers too. You laugh to yourself and join them, swaying your hips to the music, hands coming up your body and in the air. You turn around and put your back to Wanda’s, both winding down to the floor and back up again. Spinning back around you glance over to the bar and catch Bucky’s eye. Your breathe slightly hitches in your throat when you see he’s been watching you, jaw clenched and eyes dark, it makes a heat rise from the pit of your stomach. God he’s so attractive. You wanted so badly for him to come over and dance with you, for his hands to be on you, but you were certain your feelings for him weren’t returned.

You break away from his gaze when you hear Tony on the mic, cutting the music. You all turn to see him on the stage, what the hell is he doing? You make your way to the front along with the others.
“So, as the majority of you do not know, it is (Y/N)’s birthday today. There she is, that sexy thing right there!” Tony points at you, and everyone around you claps. Sam wolf whistles behind you and you jab him in the ribs with your elbow.
“The majority of you also don’t know-“ He continues, leaving a dramatic pause and smirking at you. No. Not here, he wouldn’t. You look at him wide eyed. “Don’t you fucking dare” You mouth at him.
“(Y/N) there, used to work here!” You throw your head in your hands. The unknown people in the club cheer, and your friends around you stand open mouthed.
“What the fu-seriously?” Nat says, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow at you whilst smirking.
“Well damn, I did not see that coming!” Sam says, he’s one of your best friends and you didn’t even tell him.
“You worked here?” Your attention is drawn to Bucky, standing next to an open mouthed Steve.
You throw your hands up and shrug your shoulders. “Hey, I needed the money and I happened to be a good dancer. I worked here till Tony picked me up last year, big deal.”
Sam winked at you and you turned to face Tony again, who grabbed your hand and dragged you up onto the stage. You tell him you hate him, and he shrugs.

“So since it’s a special occasion, how about we get (Y/N) to show us some of her moves?!” Tony shouts, he’s walking on thin fucking ice now. Your team mates cheer and you flip them off.
“You can’t be serious Tony” you say, hands on your hips. He flashes you a grin and nods.
“Ok first of all, it’s my birthday- I should be the one getting a lap dance. Second, I can’t do it in this outfit, I can’t move properly!”
“Ah well you see, its fine, your friends here have your old costume in the back!” And with that, your two friends Kady and Sophie walk out from behind the stage, your old outfit in hand. They look like excited school kids, you couldn’t blame them, you hadn’t danced together in so long. You were so going to kill them later though. Your head falls back and you groan. This could not be happening. You look to your friends for help but they just egg you on.
“Don’t keep your fans waiting (y/n)!” Clint shouts and you glare at him. Fine, they wanted a show, they’ll get one. You run off the stage followed by Kady and Sophie and get changed, quickly fluffing your hair up and re applying your lipstick.
“What are we even dancing?!” You ask them, heart pounding.
“Haunted, the chair dance. Our fav!” Kady squeals. You sigh and check yourself in the mirror, surprised but pleased the lace outfit still fits. You roll up your fishnets and put your heels back on, the outfit did always make you feel sexy and powerful. Your mind suddenly flashes to Bucky. Fucking hell you were really going to do this in front of him. Taking a deep breathe, you nod at your friends, feeling nervous but deep down excited. When you strut back on to the stage, three chairs have been placed and Tony is now in the audience. Your team and others in the audience whistle and cat call and you can’t help but laugh at this ridiculous situation.

You compose yourself as the music starts, the bass vibrating right through your body. Your three bodies pop in unison, winding round the chairs, hands sliding over your bodies, grinding the smooth chair. A quarter of the way through the routine, Kady grabs Steve from the floor, Sophie grabs Sam, who pulls a bewildered Bucky from the audience. Shit, you forgot about the lap dance part. Kady pushes Steve down on to the chair, his face an absolute picture. You’re getting Sam or Bucky, both equally as awkward for different reasons. Of course, Sam practically throws Bucky at you.
“Show him a good time girl.” He laughs, and settles himself in the seat for Sophie, having the time of his life.
Fuckfuckfuckfuck. Ok play it cool, your heart isn’t about to explode. It’s just a lap dance, treat him like an unknown customer. Yeah fucking right.  You take a deep breath and take him by the shoulders, pushing him down on the chair. Did he just fucking wink? Focus.

You get back in unison with the other girls, focusing on the beat. You snake your way to the back of the chair, your hands running over his muscular shoulders and chest, nose brushing the back of his neck, you mouth the lyrics close to his ear.
“You want me? I walk down the hallway.”
You can see his hands gripping the side of the chair and you smirk to yourself. It was always the feeling you liked-the tease. The fact it was Bucky made it so much better. And hotter. You wind back round to the front of him, facing the audience, you sway your hips down to the ground, sliding to your knees and grinding the floor below you. Your heart pounds as you know what comes next, usually your favourite part.
You spin around and come back onto your knees and turn to face him, locking eye contact, you continue to mouth the lyrics to him.
“Slap me, I’m pinned to the doorway.”
You slap your own thighs and run your hand up to your crotch, Bucky squirms in his seat.
“Kiss, bite..”
You slide closer to him, running your hands up his thighs and back down to his knees, throwing his legs open.
You straddle his thick thighs and slam down on him, hips grinding into him as the beat vibrates right through to your core. You pull your hips right back, riding his full lap, hands making their way up his chest and round his neck, gripping him for support. You don’t break eye contact, and the way he’s looking at you, his bottom lip between his teeth, is making a heat pool inside of you, your head going dizzy. As the music slows slightly, one hand goes down and hooks over the brim of his jeans as you let your body fall back, running your other hand down your body. As you pull yourself back up, Bucky’s hands have made their way down your thighs to your hips, making you shiver. You pop and grind your hips again, deeper into his crotch, forgetting your surroundings. Tracing your fingers down his jaw, you tilt his head up, dragging your bottom lip across his neck, you can feel his moan vibrate through his adam’s apple and his grip on your hips tighten. Pulling back, you smirk at him, and spin yourself on his lap so your facing the other way again. You move in between his legs, hands on his knees, and slowly gyrate your ass into his groin. You look to the side from your messy hair and get a wink from Kady, Steve looks terrified but he’s totally loving it.
You slide your hands up the back of your legs and across your bum as you stand bent over in front of Bucky. Turning on your heel, you put one foot one the chair between his thighs, and one leg over his right thigh. You roll your hips down onto his leg, the friction of his jeans against your crotch setting you on fire. You meet his gaze as his cool metal hand grazes the back of your calf and you have to bite your lip to stop a moan from escaping your lips. You remove your leg from the chair and straddle him one last time.

It takes a second for you to realise the music has ended and the clapping has started as you stay sat on Bucky’s lap, breathless. You quickly jump up, and join the other girls who are taking a bow. Your team mates are going wild below you and Tony gets up on stage, grabbing the mic back. He pulls a flustered Steve, Sam and Bucky beside him and you can’t help but laugh at the three of them.
“How many of us need a change of pants huh?!” Tony jokes, and you pull a disgusted face.
“Im gonna fucking kill you Tony.” You slap his chest and he laughs. The guys get off the stage and you head of back stage to get changed again, looking back to find Bucky watching you leave. You give him a cheeky smile and turn behind the curtain. You need a fucking drink.

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Cinderella (Pt 1)

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Requested by lukeybabe26

“Can I have a Teen Wolf imagine where I’m secretly dating Liam and my brother Scott finds out?” 

Warnings: Swearing

“Get up Cinderella!” You hear your brother yell as your door is flung open.

“Piss off Scott!” You groan burying your head under your pillow. “And don’t call me that!” You yell but it only comes out as muffled noises. “Mum is going to kill you if your late to school again, now get up!” He says. “No!” You moan. “Don’t make me drag you out.” He warns. “You just try.” You snicker pulling your blanket fully over your head. 

“Fine but I warned you.” He sighs and suddenly you feel warm hands grip your ankles and yank causing you to shriek. The blankets are ripped off you and the sun glares down on you causing you to squint and cover your eyes. “Alright alright I’m getting up!” You groan admitting defeat. 

“Don’t take too long Cinderella!” He says as he walks out of your room. “C’mon you know I hate it when you call me that!” You sigh. He ducks his head back in and smirks. “Fine I’ll stop… Cindy.” He says and quickly dodges the pillow you flung at his annoying head. 

Just one more day of torture till the weekend. 

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Ieyasu fluff

She was acting strange, falling asleep easier when they would spend quiet time together. He didn’t want to leave her for the battlefield when she was acting strange. He left Toramatsu to keep an eye on her and the castle before leaving with strict instructions to report any changes.

She felt funny, almost floaty blinking she rubbed her face frowning and turned ears fuzzy. She vaguely registered the maid’s screams as her vision went black or the maids catching her before she fell.

“ Someone get Lord Toramatsu!” she heard one call before losing consciousness completely.

When she woke up she was in bed. ” How are you feeling” Toramatsu asked sitting next to the futon face worried.

“ Tired….what happened? ” she asked confused.

” You fainted in the kitchen, I’ll go and get the doctor” he told her standing up and leaving. After seeing the doctor in with a maid to watch him he went to send a letter, Ieyasu was not going to like this one.

He crushed the letter in his hand Hideyoshi watching him curiously before they both walked into the tent for a war council. Eyes determined Ieyasu proposed an outrageous plan that would end the war quickly and effectively.

She was in shock but swore the maid and doctor to secrecy, Ieyasu should be the first to know and she wanted to be the one to tell him. The doctor fled quickly, before Toramatsu could demanded what was wrong with her to tell his lord and the maid was sticking to lady (mc) like glue to not be questioned herself.

She frowned slightly looking down to see a barely noticeable bump that shouldn’t be there yet. Did the doctor maybe miscalculate? Soaking in the warm bath, the doctor advised against hot ones, she relaxed and hoped her husband would be home soon.

He had finally cornered the maid. She had left her side to fetch a clean towel. She was now clutching said towel to her chest back to the wall.

“ I’m sorry she swore me to secrecy” she told him frightened.

“ Is it deadly?” he demanded.

” Sometimes… but lady Tokugawa is strong so she will be fine” she told him before managing to slip away to the baths. He blinked when a ninja suddenly appeared handing him a note. His lord was furious with the lack of news and he was on his way home, the war was over….they had won.

It was dark when they returned, he went straight for their room dismissing the maid in front of the door with a glare. She was sleeping soundly when he opened the door, some of the anger leaving his eyes. Tomorrow, he could wait till tomorrow to scold her. He washed himself quickly and came back to the room slipping inside the futon with her pulling her close. She relaxed in his arms shifting back to press against him in comfort.

He buried his nose in the crook of her neck letting her warmth and soothing scent calm the rest of his ire. His hands moved around her one resting below her breast the other sliding around her abdomen freezing at a slightly noticeable bump in wonder.

This couldn’t be what he thought it was…was it. His fingers absently stroked the growing bump in awe, if it was he was going to be a father. The thought both terrified him and excited him.

She woke slowly frowning, there were arms around her holding her gently. Her husband, she would know that touch anywhere. She turned in his arms a bit anxious until she looked into soft loving eyes. He was always awkward with words but his eyes always showed her in times like these how he really felt. “ Welcome home Yasu” she whispered softly.

His fingers brushed the hair that had fallen into her face back as he watched her eyes turn anxious, they had never spoke of children. ” Is there something you would like to tell me?” he asked voice only slightly amused.

“ You already know… who told you?” she asked pouting slightly. He smirked slightly before kissing her sweetly as his hand caressed the small bump that was their child.

” Do you know how worried and furious I was that I couldn’t get any information on what was wrong with my wife?” he demanded voice low.

“ Sorry, I wanted to tell you in person…” she admitted.

“ Don’t ever do that to me again woman, I’ll kill you” he whispered voice soft as he kissed her forehead.

” Yes milord” she told him yawning as her eyes slid shut before he could fuss her further. He followed her to sleep holding her close one hand gently yet protectively over their child.

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Preference #14.5 She Has Feelings For You But Someone Else Tells You [Requested]

Allison: “She’s still avoiding me.” The statement was muffled, your face buried in the pillow on Stiles’ twin sized bed. The mattress tousled from side to side as he plopped down beside you, lying on his back with his hands on his cotton clad chest while he stared up at the vacant ceiling. An eerie silence loomed in the atmosphere as you retold your best friend of the tactless way the huntress remained missing to you. Stiles’ fought a mischievous smirk, he’d promised Allison Argent he wouldn’t tell you the secret she’d been harboring since the beginning of the school year but it was difficult. “Do you think it’s because she found out Scott kissed me?”

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Haikyuu!! headcanons no one asked for

I’ve posted some of these individually, but they’re here anyway. They’re mostly about Karasuno I’m sorry

Note: this has been edited and reformatted since I originally posted it.

  • Oikawa dealt with premature ejaculation the first few times he had sex. Eventually he got the hang of it and it isn’t too much of a problem now, but it sometimes still happens when he gets too excited
    • he told Iwaizumi about said premature ejaculation expecting sympathy. He didn’t get any sympathy and Iwaizumi told Hanamaki and Matsukawa
  • Kageyama is a mama’s boy and you will never convince me otherwise
  • Akaashi’s family is $$$$ (¥¥¥¥?) rich and Bokuto throws parties at his house because he has the sweetest set up. Akaashi secretly loves it and his parents are just glad their son’s stoic exterior doesn’t prevent him from having friends
  • Tsukishima has his read receipts on, but Yamaguchi is the only one who really texts him so it’s no different than their normal dynamic. He is a little nicer via text message though
  • Asahi also has his read receipts on, but only because Tanaka and Noya turned them on without telling him. Daichi gets pissed when he sees Asahi has ignored his texts and Asahi lowkey thinks Daichi is psychic. He has no idea.
  • Kageyama uses emoticons to seem nicer. He always uses them wrong and it’s uncomfortable for everyone involved
  • Yamaguchi is the first of the first years to lose his virginity 
    • Tsukki is a little jealous and mildly annoyed that Yams did something that extreme completely independent of him, but gets over it when he sees how confident he becomes
  • Tanaka and Kiyoko kissed at a party once but she threatened him swore him to secrecy. He’s afraid to even hint at it and couldn’t look directly at her for a long time
  • Tsukishima’s mom buys all his clothes for him
  • Oikawa makes his teammates help him take selfies (by making them adjust the lighting, make his muscles look bigger, etc) to send to whoever he’s flirting with. The words “Iwa-chan, help me take a hole pic” have left his mouth before
  • Akaashi screens Bokuto’s calls
  • Iwaizumi has third-wheeled 60-80% of Oikawa’s dates. They don’t think it’s weird
  • Tsukishima’s first crush was a friend of Akitero’s. He grew out of it, but still blushes and avoids eye contact when he sees them

okay i think that’s all lmao i probably have more that i forget as soon as i think of them please feel free message me if you have more and i’m terribly sorry for interrupting your blogging experience

EDIT: parts 2, 2.5, 3

anonymous asked:

E & R are secretly dating when Neal shows up. snow and charming won't stop pushing to get E & N together. one day N sees R & E together. later when they are all at the dinner and snow and charming are pushing again he accidentally outs E & R and E yells at him because snow and charming yelled at R who ran out. sorry this is long but thank you :)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma frowns as Neal reluctantly joins her, Regina, Henry and her parents for dinner at the Diner. Whilst he, Emma and Regina all love spending time with Henry dinner with Snow and Charming is hell at the moment. Most of that is down to Snow’s meddling and her not so subtle attempts to push Emma and Neal together. 

Emma feels extra nervous today. She and Neal have already talked and agreed they would not work, she having told him that whilst he was her first love, she does not love him now. Today however he caught her and Regina out together and whilst they swore him to secrecy she can’t help but worry. 

Dinner passes in the usual way and Emma can tell Neal is becoming fed up with her mother’s hints of her, Henry and Emma being a family. She can also see the hurt in Regina’s eyes at this. 

“Snow,” Neal says, “I don’t think that’s going to happen.” 

“Why not?” Snow asks. 

“Well because Emma and I have both changed after all these years.” 

“So? Now you can reconnect.”

“Yes as friends and co-parents of Henry.” 

“All I’m saying is that the three of you could be a family.” 

“And what about Regina?” 

Snow barely blinks, “Well she’ll still see Henry.” 

“She’ll do more than just see him,” Emma says feeling the anger bubble in her system. 

“I live with Mom and I’m not leaving my home” Henry chimes in already knowing about his mothers. They came clean to him when they knew they were serious about this. 

“I’m just saying Emma that you have to be open to a happy ending.”

“She already has one!” Neal snaps. 

Snow frowns before turning to Neal who sighs apologetically before looking at Emma and Regina, “I’m sorry you two. I can’t keep doing this. Emma and Regina are together.” 

“They are not!” Snow cries in denial, “Emma please tell me he’s joking.” 

“Why would he be joking?” Emma asks standing as she tries to control her anger. Beside her Regina shifts awkwardly, a fresh wave of hurt washing over her as she realises just how far Snow and Charming’s acceptance of her goes. In their view she is “family” in that she can see Henry but heaven forbid she love Emma too. 

“Because she’s….”

“What?” Emma asks. 

“She’s Regina,” Snow says and with that Regina hurries out of the Diner. Emma frowns before turning to Neal, “Thanks a lot!” she snaps. 

“Em I’m sorry….I just….she keeps pushing and pushing. You already have a happy ending Emma and I am happy for you both but I can’t put up with Snow trying to push us together when I know you already found your Tallahassee. I’m sorry it slipped out. I didn’t mean to hurt either of you guys.” 

Emma nods rubbing her head in frustration before taking a few calming breaths, “I know. Sorry I snapped at you. It’s not you I’m mad at. What is wrong with you two?” she yells turning to her parents. 

“What’s wrong with us?” Charming asks back, “Emma she’s Regina.” 

“I know,” Emma retorts, “And I know her a hell of a lot better than you do. I love her and I’m happy. She makes me happy. You can either be happy for us or you can be judgemental assholes, your choice.” She turns to Henry before handing him twenty dollars, “Go to the movies or the arcade for a bit if you want kid. Give me a text later and I’ll pick you up okay?” 

He nods, “Will Mom be okay?” 

Emma nods, “Yeah Henry. I’m gonna go find her now.” 

“Tell her I love her.” 

“I will, go have fun,” she says watching him go before she too leaves the Diner and poofs herself home. Emma hurries up the stairs knowing where she will find Regina. As expected Regina is sitting on her bed holding Emma’s pillow to her chest. Emma sits down next to her slipping an arm around Regina’s shoulder. Regina leans into her shoulder with a sigh, “I don’t know what I was expecting. I thought they had accepted me Emma, they talk about family and change but the way they said my name….as if it was the worst thing in the world….”

Emma frowns wiping away a tear that falls down Regina’s cheek, “It proves that they don’t really know you at all. I know you Regina and I don’t care what they say because you make me happy. I love you and I know you love me. That’s what matters to me. I love you Regina.” 

Regina smiles hearing the way Emma says her name. Snow and Charming said it full of disdain and horror. When Emma says it however it’s filled with love and joy. Emma’s tone fills her with warmth and makes her feel wanted and cherished. She rests her head against Emma’s shoulder, “I love you too.” 

Rick tried not to make it obvious that he was plotting his escape even as his captor spoke to him. The fact that they were on a bus made his options limited, but if push came to shove, Rick would grab his baby and jump out the window.

The voice of his captor calling his name brought Rick back to the present.

“So, Mr. Grimes. May I call you Rick?”

Rick opened his mouth to respond.

“So, Rick—“

He closed his mouth.

“I’m just so happy you could make this trip. The kids have just been wanting to see you again ever since Career Day. You are all they’ve talked about. It’s just so cute.”

Rick highly doubted he was the hot topic of conversation at recess for a bunch of seven-year-old kids but he just nodded and smiled politely. His captor, Judith’s second-grade teacher, Miss Fisher (she made sure to emphasize the “Miss” when she first met Rick) had cornered and detained him about ten minutes ago as soon as he got onto the bus with Judith. The class was scheduled to depart for their trip in another ten minutes. Unless he made his escape soon, he feared he would be stuck sitting beside her for the entire trip.

“And Judith just loves talking about her daddy.” Miss Fisher looked around and lowered her voice. “I probably shouldn’t say this but Judith is my favorite student.” She stared into Rick’s eyes waiting for a response. When she received the same mannequin-like smile, Miss Fisher knew it was time to step her game up.

When Miss Fisher leaned in and placed her hand (and her chest) on his arm, Rick knew the dreaded moment had arrived.

“Rick, you know we have Safety Day at school where we invite firefighters, paramedics, police and the like to come out and talk to the kids about what they should do in the case of emergencies. I would just love it if you could participate. We could discuss the details during the ride.”  

Rick glanced at the bus window again before looking back at Miss Fisher. “That’s a great program, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to discuss it right now.”

Miss Fisher’s smile dimmed as she asked, “Why not?”

“I’m otherwise engaged.”

Miss Fisher looked horrified. “You’re engaged?! Judith didn’t say anything.”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.” Shit, Rick thought, maybe I should have let her think I was engaged. “I just meant I already have things to discuss with my seat partner during the trip.”

“And who is your seat partner?”

Rick hadn’t thought that far ahead. He could say it was Judith but that would be too obvious. He quickly sent up a prayer for a way out of this mess. His prayers were answered by a seven-year-old with no concept of “inside voice.”



Rick and Miss Fisher were both startled by the yelling but Rick recovered fast enough to point to the beautiful woman holding Andre’s hand. “HER! She’s my seat partner,” he said loud enough for the woman to hear.

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Request: Only Human

Request: Hi!! So I really love your writing and this is one of the best accounts I have seen for imagines. I don’t know if you are still accepting ideas, but I would like 2 know if you could write a readerxsam&dean where reader is one of the ability children from s1/s2 and saves Sam & Dean from a demon they didnt even know was there, but it causes reader to almost stop breathing….. is it possible??? Thanks if it is, thanks for at least reading this if its not… :-)

Word Count: 1,099

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thank you so much!<333

In other news, would you guys be interested in a part two, or maybe even three or four for this? I kind of have an idea for turning it into a mini-series. Please, please let me know what you think!<3

You guys are awesome, have an amazing day!<3

It’s unnaturally dark, the frigid air wrapping you in its icy embrace as the draught licks at your exposed skin. You always come here on nights like this – the house hasn’t been lived in for fifty years and its position makes it a slave to the elements. Not one full window remains, the door long since blown off, the stairs crumbled to pieces and the ceiling collapsed so you can look at the stars.

Sometimes you find kids here, and you divert off. They’ve painted their graffiti all over the walls, names and declarations of everlasting love; relationships that probably fizzled out years ago. There’s a certain beauty to the dilapidated wreck, but that’s not what draws you to it.

No, it’s the peace that you find here. In the darkness, lit only by the moon (or, tonight, lack of), silent. The kiss of the breeze is comforting despite its chill, and the old plasterboard crunches under your feet. The same section of wall you always sit on welcomes you with its comforting (though cold) familiarity and you can finally breathe.

You were given a gift. It’s been almost a year and it’s still here.

You can move things with your mind.

You don’t know why or how or anything, but your father swore you to secrecy. In honesty, you’re terrified of him. He knows so much and he’s always made sure you know it, that you know how superior he is to you. Follow his every command – that’s your only rule. And his command – his one and only most important constant command?

Never, ever, under any circumstances, let people know what you are.

You watch as your breath disappears into a cloud, the cold winter air swallowing it up.

The serene silence is suddenly broken by a loud scuffle and you jump, almost falling off of the wall. You spring to your feet – It’s coming for you. That’s the warning you’ve been hearing a lot lately. That’s what your dad’s always told you when you do things wrong.

You back away into the treeline, hiding as two men come running into the house. They’re about your age, you’d say, and they look borderline horrified.

“Where the hell did it go?” One of them demands, spinning around with his eyes wide. He’s slightly taller but his face is younger – you can see by the light of their torches.

“Sammy, I don’t know.” The other one says snappily. That’s when you see the man running at them, a knife glinting in his hand. You yell out, sticking your hand out and flinging him into a tree. They spin to look at you, surprise evident on their faces. The man, miraculously still awake, sits up and regains balance quickly.

“What the hell?” You demand at the same time as the shorter man. And then, just to add to the inane weirdness, the other guy starts chanting what sounds like Latin.

You back away – these guys are obviously insane because the only thing the shorter guy looks shocked at is you.

That’s when the black smoke erupts from the man and he screams, the sound ringing out through the forest. Birds fly away in fright and the smoke, unlike anything you’ve ever seen, circles your head once, and flies off into the night. That’s when the two men turn to you.

“What the hell are you?”

“What the hell are you?” You counter, and he takes a threatening step towards you.

“Well, you’re not a goddamn demon but no human I’ve ever seen can do that.” You can see the gun in his pocket. He’s absolutely off his bloody nut.

“I don’t know what the hell you’re on about. Of course I’m human!” You say quickly, backing off with your hands out in surrender, “You have to believe me!”

“You’re not normal!” He snaps, and the other one takes a step forward.

“Dean, stop that.”

“No, Sammy, I-“

Then, suddenly, a cloud of smoke surrounds you. You hear the guys cry out but you’re breathing it in but there’s no oxygen and everything flickers and your ears roar ad your lungs burn and-


“Hey! Hey, you awake?”

“Hey, kid. Come on, open those eyes.”

“Time to get up.”

“I’m awake!” You snap, forcing your eyes open. There’s a torch at your face, staring you in the eyes. You knock it away, the image of the light burned into your retinas, blinding you for a few moments, “What the hell was that?”

“In honesty?” The guy says – it’s the taller one with the younger face, kneeling beside you, “It was a demon.”

“And I’m a genie. Right.”

“Really, it was. That’s what you blasted across the forest.”



“Yeah. Oh.”

There’s a moment of silence and you take a breath, relishing the oxygen, “Y/N.”

“Sam. That’s by brother, Dean.”

“Nice to meet you.” You say, a sense of irony in your tone. He offers a smile.

“Can I ask you something?”


“How old are you?”

“I’ll be twenty-three soon.” You say, “Why does it matter?”

“By any chance, did this ‘power’ start when you were twenty-two?” He asks, and your eyes widen and you nod, “And did your mom die in a house fire when you were-“

“Six months old?” You finish for him and he nods. You take a breath, running a hand through your hair, feeling a leaf lodged there, “How did you know that?”

“Because it all happened to me, too.” He admits.

“You can move things too?” You ask and he shakes his head.

“No. No, I have these… these visions.” He explains, “When someone’s about to die. I see it.”

You pause, looking at him, “That’s heavy.”

“Tell me about it.”

There’s a long pause, but somehow, it isn’t awkward.

“Why are we like this? Why are we-“


Hesitantly, you nod.

“I don’t know.” He allows, “I don’t. But I’m going to find out.” He looks over at his brother who is steadfastly ignoring you both, “You should come with us.”

“I can’t. My dad would kill me.”

“He can’t touch you if you’re not here.” He offers, obviously trying to sweeten the deal. You nod.

“I don’t think your brother likes me very much.”

“He doesn’t like anyone very much. It’s not that, either. He just… demons can do that whole telekinesis thing, and that’s what was chasing us. He thought you were one of them.”

“I’m not.”

“I know. He does, too.” Sam pauses, “So, what do you say?”

You think about it, then nod.

“Yeah. Yeah, I think I will.”