then suddenly rainbows

For the entirety of your life, music that only you can hear has played to inform you how to feel and warn you of upcoming events. Suddenly “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” cuts out and “Duel of the Fates” begins to play…

sooooo… kinda late but y’all can probably guess in honor of what this is C:

Long time no posting, ughhh. For the lovely, curious anons that messaged me; they’ll have to pry Dean and Cas from my cold, dead hands even if I’m feeling kinda meh about the show atm, don’t worry ♥


sportacus taking robbie to a pride parade and robbie starts crying out of happiness because he finally feels comfortable and accepted

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But is jjba THAT bizarre tho??

Imagine one day you’re minding your own business, going for a walk - pretty normal right? Suddenly you see a rainbow - you look at it for a moment and admire how pretty it is - pretty normal, right? Wrong! As you resume your walk, your steps get slower and slower and you begin to feel stranger and stranger. You fall to your knees and elbows and suddenly you realise you are literally turning into a snail. You are now a human sized snail and salt is now your worst enemy, congratulations. THAT’S how bizarre JJBA can get.


just chankai being dumb and in love

❝ ※ *. :。 → verse/otp tags pt. 1

i know there’s a lot of these floating around and already made, but i wanted to have my own list with my personal favorite lyrics that i can refer to for my own tags. i thought it might be helpful to others, so here we are !! under the cut, you’ll find 1,000 different lyrics that are organized into various categoriesgeneral/misc, slow burn, betrayal, unrequited, & more ) based on my interpretation on them. this list has everything from smokey robinson to dear evan hansen to eminem, so it should also be very diverse. trigger warnings will be placed in the categories they have them in. also, some words have been changed so they make more sense. let me know about any spelling mistakes or triggers i may have missed, as well as any lyrics i may have put in the wrong section. please like/reblog if you use or found this helpful, and most importantly, enjoy !!

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hey..... isnt marco allowed to be a guy who is feminine and likes dresses? or... genderfluid marco???

there’s ‘likes dresses’ and ‘the only time i felt liberated and alive was when i was being hunted down in a conversion camp because people called me a girl to the point in spite of the fact that said dress directly resulted in me being nearly kidnapped and traumatized”

also Marco hated being in the dress up until they got called a girl and then they suddenly were suddenly dancing on rainbows

“it’s the dress that’s liberating” yeah right Marco

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when jack 'roared' at sam and dean there was a huge rainbow rigjt behind dean haha


tee hee butt combo

i need to reply using actual words… sorry :P Uh, yeah, there was a lot of chat about the rainbow just before 12x23 because of seeing it in promo stuff, and I think the consensus at the time was it connected Jack to Amara because however his story is different, it’s in contrast to hers because they’re the 2 creepy mytharc babies… I mean the enormous differences are freakishly obvious but they paralleled them in a couple of ways elsewhere in the episode like the foot shot and the “I’m hungry”. 

But yeah that is a funnily convenient placement of the rainbow. :3

This was one of the highlights from my travels this autumn.  I found this spot a couple hours before sunset and figured I’d set up and wait for light.  I had the place all to myself, but It was mostly cloudy out so I didn’t know what to expect.  After a while of waiting the sky started dumping rain on me, but I put on the rain gear and enjoyed the solitude.  Right as the rain was getting to its strongest, I noticed the sky brightening up so I had a glimmer of hope that something would happen.  Then suddenly a double rainbow appeared and stayed incredibly brilliant for almost 5 minutes!  I watched the light come and go on the aspens and found this to be the perfect time to take the shot.

Shot Notes:
Velvia 50 4x5, 75mm Super Angulon
2 seconds at f22, polarizing filter and 2 stop soft GND filter


based on the quote “everything is starting to make sense.”

the dialogue of the last section of this fic belongs to rainbow rowell! (as well as all the characters of course)

“I hate my roommate,” Simon grouches, dropping down onto the seat beside Penelope and propping up his chin on one hand.

Penny reaches across him for a slice of toast. “Hello to you, too.”

Simon starts. “Oh. Sorry. Morning.”

She waves her butter knife at him. “It’s fine. What’s wrong with your roommate?”

“He - he - he’s mad! He’s insane. He thinks he’s better than everyone else. He’s so posh and pretentious - he’s been putting random spells on my belongings and me to mess with me. I can’t believe the Crucible put me with him. Why him, of all people? I’d even pick rooming with Gareth over him.”

She lets out a disbelieving huff. “I’ll bet your roommate isn’t anywhere as bad as mine.” The thought of glitter scattered across their floor and Trixie’s high-pitched giggle makes her shudder.

Simon lets out another defeated groan. “It’s ridiculous. He’s absolutely insufferable. Help me, Penny.”


“I don’t know. Curse him. Teach me how to punch him in the face.”

“You can’t punch him in your room.”

“Anaethema,” they say simultaneously, her matter-of-factly, him wearily. Simon stares moodily at his plate.

“He can’t be that bad,” she tries.

“Pass me the butter,” Simon sighs, pulling the basket of toast towards him. “I’m going to need all of it. I’m going to drown my frustrations in beautiful buttery goodness.”

“Thousands of calories.”

He shrugs, picking up the butter knife and wielding it determinedly. “I don’t care.”

She frowns. “Simon, you can’t eat all the butter.”

“Watch me.”

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“Tooth, have you seen the group that just hatched? Cottontail keeps sayin’ that I los-        

            … Oh!”

Because sometimes, even the Tooth Fairy has a craving. 

                           (But that doesn’t mean they will ever let her live it down! ;)


South of the city center in Malang, Indonesia, rows upon rows of monotonous white houses with brown roofs suddenly transform into a rainbow of vibrant colors bursting at every corner. The village of Kampung Warna-Warni (Indonesian for “Village of Color”) was once drab and polluted, lacking the economic resources required to build a healthy community. But eight event management students from a nearby university lent a helping hand by applying their class skills to the real world. The students partnered with a local paint company looking to do a social responsibility project, which donated over 6,000 pounds of colorful paint, and voila, a hueless city got a brilliant new paint job.