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As I anticipated, the 'couple' image of Sam and Cait has featured (and in some cases dominated) the mainstream entertainment media coverage of the Trainspotting 2 premiere last night despite other much bigger names being present. The media knew what they were seeing last night (ie a couple) but reported cautiously letting the cosy picture speak for itself. (PR Anon)

Called it! The main story is not about the premiere but whether or not SC are an offscreen duo (because that is what they presented to the media last night). And interesting that the ‘denial’ comment from last year is followed by Sam’s comment that if they were a couple they would not say. (PR Anon)

THIS IS MAKING ME SO FUCKING HAPPY I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE IT. That Daily Mail article was amazing. They/Caitriona were also in the Irish Independent but it was mostly about Cait along with all the couple-y pics of them. anyway, I love you PR anon, come back any time. 

That’s your cue

“Keep your hands to yourself,” Alec tells Magnus apropos of nothing.

Magnus frowns. “I’m on the other side of the table!” he protests… not that he wasn’t thinking about some light groping per say, but they’re in public, Alec might not be into it and, while he’s good at concealing it, Magnus does have manners. Sometimes. 

“I’m talking about your magic,” Alec says without looking, making a perfect shot and taking out two of his stripped balls. Damn those archery skills. “You’re terrible at this game,” Alec comments offhandedly as he lines up his cue stick for another shot.

“I’m actually very good,” Magnus counters. Counters, not pout. Magnus is 400 years old for Raziel’s sake, he doesn’t pout. And he certainly wouldn’t start because he’s loosing a pool game of all thing. To his boyfriend. At least Alec doesn’t look smug… he’s destroying any chance of Magnus wining meticulously, like he’s slaying demon after demon. Like it’s a job. Where’s the fun in that? He refrains from messing with the laws of physic to his advantage as Alec shoots again.

“Because you cheat?” An other perfect shot punctuates Alec’s playful accusation.

Why did Magnus let him play first? Ah yes, dreamy hazel eyes, the promise of that masterpiece of an ass bent over the pool table and the assurance that Alec never, ever played pool before tonight.

So what if Magnus wanted Alec to be terrible at something so he could kiss his consecutive frown better? 

“I usually just smile at people,” he shoots back. It really works, he’s that beautiful. And before today, Alec seemed to be too flustered by Magnus’s presence to do anything else than to stop and stare and babble in that earnest way of his. 

Alec looks up at him then -finally-, stares a good ten seconds, gulps down and wets his lips before refocusing his eyes on the game. Then back on Magnus, who’s smirking, but not for long. Because now, he has Alec’s laser-focus on him, on his face, his lips, his eyes. It’s like a physical weight -a very pleasant one, almost a caress. `

The Hunter’s Moon isn’t crowned tonight but it isn’t empty either. Magnus barely hears the chatter, the shouts, the laughing or the singing. No, his heart is beating too loudly for that. Alec has a way to make Magnus feels terribly young (foolish and hopeful and far too single-minded for his liking) and it keeps messing with his head.

Their eyes meet and Magnus melts, affection for this young man swelling like music, rattling his bones like he’s standing too close from the bass speakers at a concert.

Then the cue stick hits a ball and Magnus looks down, appalled to see that Alec just won the damn game without looking at what he was doing.

“You… How?”

Alec gets up, putting the cue stick aside and shuffles on his feet a moment before smiling at Magnus, shy now. “I thought you’d be impressed.”

Magnus snorts loudly, but Alec’s expression crumbles and he looks away. Shit, Magnus thinks. He think I’m making fun of him. 

“Darling I was thoughtfully impressed the first time -and second time- I saw you. And you know, ever since,” he says truthfully, getting around the pool table so he can put his hand on Alec’s forearm.

And it’s back, that rueful smile on Alec’s pretty lips, as if he’s not used to gratuitous compliments. Well that can be easily arranged -it’s not like Magnus would be adverse to make Alexander Lightwood realize how wonderful he is. For the greater good. Of course.

Alec gets a bit closer, face angling down and intention obvious even if he takes his sweet time to reach Magnus’ lips. Probably to let Magnus the time to avoid the kiss. How fucking considerate. How adorable. How very Alec. Magnus speeds up the move though, crashing their noses together and laugh into the kiss when they meet.

It quick and chaste but Magnus feels it everywhere, fingertips (his entire being dammit) tingling like when he’s itching to use his magic.

“You want a rematch?” Alec murmures, cheeks a fetching red even in the dim light of the bar.

Magnus nods and snaps his fingers, magic putting the balls back in the center of the table without him having to look away from Alec’s wide eyes.

“I’ll start, this way I can show you some of my move,” Magnus says shamelessly before taking aim at the balls with the cue stick

Behind him, Alec chokes on his beer and Magnus smirks.

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LOL! When you officially find out that Vegeta and Bulma have a better marriage than Goku and Chichi… Seriously you all are retarded for shipping a brain damaged retard and a bitch.

Ummmm………………………….. what??? I never said that Vegeta or Bulma have a better marriage than Goku and Chichi. If you hate Goku/Chichi then please don’t bother commenting on this blog. AND this goes out to all the other gochi haters. 

Also if you haven’t noticed Gochi and Vegebul have some similarities but if you’re blind that’s on you 🙄

[[Here anon. Have my Gochi/ Vegebul spam] 


chara love #7

in the last week or so, we’ve gotten some… interesting comments directed at chara. will the thirst ever be quenched?

i think being called gay is the least of your worries if you have a crush on chara.

chara… LOVE?

we’re not adding anything else to the coffee goals at the moment, but you can commission it later!


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you wrote a comment on the sul-sul being a rasict post that she has been stealing content.. i know she loves the drama surrounding her but i never heard the stealing story??? do you mind explaining??

Hello, I say it because she used one of my hairs package, mesh and textures to create some of their hairs. 

Some time ago someone message me saying that my Lisa Hair did Not show up in CAS or something i don’t remember well… I found out it was because that person had a hair by sul–sul (pastel-sims in that time) which had been made with the same package as my hair without my permission.

I told the person who asked this, and pastel-sims contact me to know how to fix the problem… I told her how to do it (I don’t even know if she really fixed it :/)

Anyway she also made two conversions of that hair to child and toddler using my textures …

I didn’t say it before because I hate to create “"drama”“ and I’m very passive when people use my things to create their content (i don’t really care) … But for some reason I put FUCKING TERMS OF USE IN ALL MY CC!

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Why do many feminists say that women are terribly oppressed by men whereas most non-feminists say that they aren't oppressed?

Hey :) This is an interesting question, thank you so much. 

I want to put forth some ideas and if anyone is so inclined to comment, I’d love to have a discussion.

I think the largest difference between feminism and nonfeminist women revolves around internal vs external locus of control. If anyone isn’t familiar with those terms, it is defined as:

In personality psychology, locus of control refers to the extent to which individuals believe they can control events affecting them.

Someone with an internal locus of control believes that they are in control with events that affect them. Someone with an external locus of control believes that external forces are in control of events that effect them. A feminist tends to have an external locus and nonfeminists have an internal locus.

This understandably completely shapes the way you experience the world. To demonstrate this, let’s analyze a situation with both lenses as a character named Mary… Mary is earning less money than her boyfriend Billy. Mary is a kindergarten teacher while Billy is a garbage man. 

Feminist Mary thinks that this is caused by a society that does not value the work that is traditionally done by women. This is evidence of a systemic problem that demonizes femininity and praises masculinity. In order for this problem to be solved, society would need to change.  

Nonfeminist Mary on the other hand thinks that this situation arouse because she is only working part time and has only recently been hired while her boyfriend has been a garbage man for many years. She believes that if she starts working more hours and receives tenure, she will probably out earn her boyfriend.  

So you see that in the same scenario, we have two very different interpretations of the situation arising solely from where Mary places her locus of control.  

This perspective also tends to be projected onto other people. For example, a feminist looks at male behavior and says that society has essentially trained him to behave in this way.  

A nonfeminist looks at the same situation and says he is just being himself and that may or may not be influenced by his biology and upbringing.

The feminist explanation for this question will most likely be that nonfeminists just haven’t experienced being victimized by men. This is categorically false as I personally have been as well as many other nonfeminist men and women. We just tend to not blame society for the monstrosity of an individual. 

I wasn’t a victim of society, I wasn’t a victim of men. I was a victim of one single person. I wasn’t born into oppression and neither were majority of the feminists who claim to be oppressed. Though it all comes back to the locus of control and who we let influence us and how willing we are to rationalize and question what we are taught.

There’s a reason that feminists only begin the cries of oppression and victimhood once they start college - or even high school. It’s within these institutions that the feminist theory of women’s brutal oppression and we only have men and society to blame is being taught to young, impressionable women who want to feel accepted in peer pressure environments and from here is where inaccurate, one-sided information and the pressure to become a feminist is spread and forced throughout our everyday lives. 

For the past several decades these theories that were created by left-wing, second-wave feminist scholars have been introduced and mindlessly accepted as facts all throughout academia, media, politics and society. 

Some people (feminists) believe every word they are taught and they let this ideology overtake their lives, happiness, relationships and life-decisions while most people (nonfeminists) continue to hold onto their freethought and ability to make decisions for themselves, they rationalize issues and take accountability for their own actions which leads to happier lives and happier relationships. 

Nonfeminists don’t believe in such things such as the patriarchy and rape culture as they care more about facts than the feelings of those who assert their existence. This results in nonfeminists avoiding the irrational paranoias, fears and mistrusts that feminists indulge in. Facts come first to nonfeminists while the ideology will always come first and foremost to feminists. 

I don’t know what causes this split and why some choose to believe it all while others are more capable of refuting and rationalizing. The split seems to happen once we have already spent a long time living the feminist way of life and there comes a point where people get sick and tired of the authoritarianism and the lies of feminist ideology and begin turn against it. Myself and many other nonfeminists were all once dedicated feminists but eventually we all knew we had to get out. 

It may come down to our childhoods and upbringings. I can say that I was never allowed to blame my problems on anyone else as a child. And it sucked because sometimes, things genuinely were outside of my control and I desperately needed sympathy that I never got. But in a way it was for the better because I was never allowed to say “my shortcomings happened because society sees women as lesser”.  I was only allowed to say “I didn’t get this thing because I sucked and need to improve”. 

It seems this same upbringing can’t be shared with today’s feminists who have been brought up sheltered, spoiled and pandered to. They haven’t fully grown out of this child mentality so they believe that they can still expect to be sheltered and pandered to in the real world, especially once they are handed their victim card and entitlement cards by their gender studies professors. The truth is, they have no idea what it means to be an adult and they wouldn’t know what oppression means if it bit them on the ass.

Ultimately, feminists experience a bad thing and think “this is a result of a severe societal problem of toxic male privilege and the patriarchy oppressing me.” Nonfeminists experience a bad thing and think “this is a result of my actions and I can learn from this”. 

Hope that helps :) Thank you again xx

About thinking that cops are bad people

There was a comment earlier saying that you should never trust a man who thinks cops are good people. Ok. Don’t get me wrong I love your blog but please have respect for our sheriffs. I definitely agree there are some nasty cops out there who have done terrible things but it’s like shaming the entire African American race because one guy beat someone up. I’ve been around cops and have spent a lot of time with them. My neighbor is a cop. You have to be really dedicated to keeping people safe and saving others lives to be in this career. All of them I’ve ever met have had horror stories. They see and do things that even the army don’t. Saving people from fires because the trucks haven’t arrived yet, getting seriously injured in a chase, seeing really bad things happen to people, car accidents where children are killed and having to move them and the vehicle. This one cop had to peel a burning baby off of her vest because it’s skin had melted. And they do this willingly because they want to help people. It’s there passion. Keeping people safe. There have been some who haven’t been good people but don’t let them represent the rest of our force. Keep our brothers in blue safe:)

Quite honestly, no. We stand with poc and woc who do not trust cops. We also stand with all the victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape at the hands of cops. I encourage you to look into statistics on these issues. If cops want to be respected then, like men, they should earn it. Witnessing or experiencing trauma is no excuse. 


I was NOT in a good mood when I woke up this morning for yoga. I am still trying REALLY hard to ignore that stupid boys comment and it’s been hard.
But yoga class inspired me to say a sincere fuck you to such negativity because my body is hella fucking rad and can do so much and that boy means NOTHING to me. His opinion of me should not shape my own and it no longer will.
Fuck. That. Noise.

On a completely unrelated note, Im about to run away to the woods for like 36 hours because my head has been fucking weird the past few days and I just need to spend some quality time with some trees and myself ya know?
Peace out Girl Scouts!

Meeting the mother (Damian Wayne headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: A imagine and or headcanon of Damian’s s/o meeting talia. Can end angst or happy! 

  • Damian DID NOT want you to meet her what so ever 
  • He knew what she was like but couldn’t say no to you for long
  • Before meeting her Damian had a long nice talk with her about the shit she can’t pull
  • Talia was not impressed 
  • You met in a public place
  • A restaurant
  • You tried your best to be polite
  • But even though Dami told her to be nice, she couldn’t hold herself back
  • Her snarky comments making you feel like shit
  • She and Damian both thought that you would run away crying at some point
  • Ohhhh BOYYY were they in for a surprize
  • When you started verbally subtly fighting back
  • Each of your comebacks more savage then the last
  • She was impressed ™
  • Damian was shook o____o
  • Like he thought he knew you
  • He fell more in love with you knowing you can stand your own 
  • When the Dinner ended Talia actually approved of the relationship
  • Praising Dami for making a excellent choice
  • He was shook again O_____O
  • This was overall something neither of you thought would happen


With love,

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I will always be graceful for you guys for sharing canis with us Zakk is amazing and ahhhh (also reading the past volumes again and wow the trio really changed a lot tho their love for each other is still strong ) again thank you for canis and all of your series i said it before but you guys pick such unique series and rare mangaka and I love you guys for that! I am curious tho are there any new mangaka that you got interest in lately?

Thank you for the comment :)

There’s actually many. All names are people I (Nachi) personally have interest in and don’t necessarily mean the group will work on it. There is a higher chance tho since I’m the main raw provider.

While you say new I say old new. Old because I got to know of them like 3 or 4 years ago when I was in Japan but are not really being scanlated (yet?). WARNING: Some non-BL authors might be on the list too ^^;; also shota and guro :x
(I’m not listing any of the authors we did scanalate, even if we done only oneshot and most people forgot of them already D: ) (Some listed are being scanlated by other groups) (I’m not consistent with writing circle or mangaka name either ^^;; )
Suemitsu Chikka
Kinoko Noko
Michinoku Atami
Yumeno Tsubasa
Saida Nika
Nagarenai Tissue
Matsuyama Megumu
Hoshi Opera
Yoshio Akira
Jeff Dusack
Hayami Kuro
Hitsuji Sakura
Haru Sakurana
Akaboshi Natsumi
Kokonoe Rikoko
Yoshidaya Roku
KuroArima Chimako

Hiruko (we’ll release something soon :D )
Fujimura Yukako
Pii (cause we still haven’t done anything from her -.-;;)
Nekoe (hardly a mangaka tho)
Echo Jiro
Kouji Tatsuro (a veteran but I don’t think ppl know she does doujins too)
Hide Tei
Surume Ikako

Now finally to my post Japan area, I found about these pretty soon after I left cause I was still in the frenzy:
Satomaru Mami
Matsumoto You
Inutoki&Shouhei combo (they deserve so much more credit!)
Rin Teku
Hino Youhe
Marugao Meme
Hachikwa Kyun

TBH overall there’s a lot more but they either release stuff so rarely I forgot of them, I left out a few on purpose because they clearly do not want to be exposed at all, or this is the best I can come up with atm (cause list chances depending on my mood too ^^).
I can say for sure tho that in last year, or two I hardly got to know anyone knew worth mentioning. But I’m doing great injustice to many new authors at Baby since I mentioned only two and Baby tends to be pretty awesome at times (it’s an odd ball with many hits and misses tho).

/Last of the difficult asks :x

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How the f can people claim they LOVE animals and would never hurt them yet screw up their faces and say things like 'but bacon' when a vegan starts agreeing with them?? HOW

I was thinking about this the other day (and most days)
I’m part of a Facebook group with about 300,000 members, and there was a discussion talking about some act of animal cruelty that had happened
Hundreds of girls were chiming in about how awful things were, would of course agree in the devastation with Yulin etc
I was laughing to myself ironically at the knowledge that if I commented about animals I knew that were being slaughtered daily, everyone would immediately abandon their compassionate and grieving nature, only to be substituted for defensiveness and rudeness, exclaiming that it was “preachy” and “annoying”
🙂🙂🙂🙂 logic

So my mum and I did watch Apple Tree Yard last night. And we were arguing about it. She says that show does not make any sense. She read it was about spies or some kind of spy show. Bit all they did show to us was sex scenes in every hidden London corner. And finally, they showed that rape scene and made us feel bad. So what’s the point of the show? Because I didn’t understand it either. Are they gonna have sex the entire series????

Well, at least it was fun commenting it here with sherlock fans because it was disgusting.

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What's the silliest complaint about the 2003 series you've ever seen? Once I saw someone say that it was bad because they replaced the badass Olivier with Catherine Armstrong. Apparently they were unaware that Catherine is a character in the manga AND in Brotherhood. Or that Olivier wasn't introduced in the manga until nearly two years after the original anime finished airing.

It’s hard to say… A lot of the dumb comments I’ve read/heard have been dumb for very different reasons. There’s the age-old “This adaptive work does not reflect the source material,” then there’s the more recent surge of “I’m going to pull some SJ buzzwords out of my ass to explain why your show is objectively bad,” which is hilarious bc the manga and especially BH are loaded with extremely questionable material on that front…

Unpopular opinion time, but I don’t think there’s anything special about Olivier. She’s competent and fierce but she’s also still… Military… So when I see posts about the ~fabulous brotherhood women~ I’m like lmao pal she called her brother a weakling for deserting a genocidal military and her personality is literally just Comedically Tough Soldier Lady

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KACIE. I worked all weekend and then last night discovered a veritable bounty!!! I have to get to real comments, but let me say the business with the radishes got me feeling feelings. The sweetest gesture. I'd like to think Laf buys a bunch for John on some anniversary some day. His little radish. I'm dying. ~Jennifer

This is such a sweet idea I am just. Sighing? Omg. Mon petit radis. So sweet. I can’t. 


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look i don't want to talk shit about people but i find it very hypocritical of camila to say that she felt over sexualized in 5h yet she is singing bad things which is legit a sex song with a rapper who is obsess with sex and friends with porn stars. I get some people r saying she meant that she didnt like it when she was age 16-18 but like she didnt specify an age in the interview and so that comment was very controversial for her to say and i feel like she kind of wanted to shade 5h.

i agree with you somewhat 


i hope harry took full advantage of being able 2 say he literally died and came back 2 life to save the wizarding world like *has to queue for ten minutes outside the ministry entrance to get into work* ‘i did not die for this’ *hermione is nagging him for some paper work* ‘i already literally died for the wizarding world hermione is that not enough’  *draco makes a smug comment in the corridor* ‘shut up malfoy i died for your sins’