then smile

(170324) @chartbustersr: こけです。大好きなタケノコの季節、到来!さて明日のチャーバスにはおとなり韓国からのお客様、shineeが登場よ。踊りがカッコイイんだけど、歌もステキなのよね〜。レコーディングでのこだわりについてなど色々お話してもらったわよ。あす3/25土深夜1:53rkbテレビ見てね!


I went through my old sketchbook from last year and found some doodles I never shared (with the exception of the Goodbye Albus one, that one i drew yesterday because I was suddenly overcome with feels from @torestoreamends‘s Letting Go fic :p)

The last one is Albus and Scorpius doing Erumpent mating dances during the school ball. Fitting.