then smile

I saw you again, but this time there was a different look in your eyes. It was not as dull as it was before, and it was filled with sparkling hope. Then you gave me a smile, and it was no longer a small smile. It was a smile that was more radiant than the galaxies in the universe. And I pray that the next time I see you, you will still have that radiant smile no matter what happens.
—  Lukas W. // A prayer for a stranger
Kukira kita juga harus pandai berkata “tidak”, barangkali dengan begitu kita tak membuat orang terus menumbuhkan harap.
—  Bahkan beberapa lelaki diam-diam terus memperjuangkan, meski kau anggap dia tidak. Meski kau anggap kepeduliannya cuma kebaikkan. Hati-hati jangan terlalu nyaman pada kebaikkan lawan jenis, bila kau memang tak menghendaki.

But seriously tho, on the topic of temperatures we can survive and stuff, aliens would flip the heck out if they lived where i do.

I live in a part of southern Canada that gets so cold that being outside for more than 2 minutes means you have a good chance of getting frost bite.

My room has two outside walls, and is very well insulated. In the winter i get frost on the inside of my walls and i couldnt give two shits. I sleep with the exact same blankets i do in the summer.

Like you see all these things about Australia, or rainforests, or Florida, and how extreme they are.

But id like to see aliens take on a candian hosehead. They’re like red necks, but with more crazy stunts, more beer, and more guns. Like can you imagine???

Alien: ah yes a nice cool region this will do nicely for the invasian

Human: *careens off building on a ski doo towing another man on a toboggan, hollering about how he left his beer at the lodge*

Alien: well perhaps the local species are a bit strange, but mostly harmless! After all, this species of humans “can-ayy-dee-ins” are known throughout this planet as kind and docile, we shall have no difficu-SMACK- HOLY GILSNIP YOU HIT ME WITH A PEICE OF ICE YOU PRIES FROM THE LAKE AND NOW IM BLEEDING HOW DARE YOU FEEL MY WRATH

Humans: WEEEE HEEEHEHEEEEE you came to the wrong neighbour hood, bud!

Alien:…. my scans say you are heavily intoxicated. This shall be a easy fight

Human: *whistles loudly and gives a big toothy smile*


Humans: high fiving as they climb on their sleds and chase after their herd of buffalo because that will take a while but it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT DID YOU SEE THAT ALIENS FACE GET REKT

You’ve already been through so much. So many battles have been won. And with each victory, another block has been added to your tower of experience. Keep on chugging forward, even through the hard times, and keep on building that masterpiece of yours.
Loving Lady of the Moon

She sees the tears that fall in silence
hears words no lover ever shared
smiling transcendentally to the dawn
as her children awaken ill prepared

Watching as the millions rise and fall
to wage wars and battles never won
forever smiling deep within her sorrow
dancing lightly with the morning sun

Beyond her recall she has seen it all
as our world sings slightly out of tune
yet always there in our time of need
thank you oh loving lady of the moon

Lihat gunung menjulang lalu ngomong ke temen jadi ingat gebetan. Lihat hujan mengguyur lalu ngeracau sendiri bilang; duh, jadi ingat mantan. Lihat senja menawan lalu senyum-senyum sendiri bilang inget cemceman. Trus inget Tuhannya kapan? Mbo pikir yang buat itu semua manusia?!
—  Kata lalat pada karibnya.
Can you count how many times you smiled today? Maybe how many times you genuinely laughed? Hopefully you shouldn’t be able to. Hopefully, as amazing as it is, it happened so many times that you were unable to keep track!