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‘‘ i want to make babies with her !  think of themgreat big monstersthey’d conquer the world !! ’’


↪ a moodboard of an au totally based on @fara-daze​’s brilliant fanfic : after her oath to lady sansa is completed & the north no longer suffers, no more walkers nor wars, brienne’s life finally slows down. she’d have time to think about her relationship with tormund & maybe get him to meet her father - but happiness is too much for people like her. soon the news that her good father has fallen ill reach her. on selwyn’s deathbed, brienne vows to give her father a heir to carry their house’s name. back at that time, that idea seemed simple - but how to convince her headstrong lover to leave the north ?

( featuring an older!Munda Giantsbane with agnes von rohrbach as her fc , warriormamabear!Brienne & a very smugDAD!Tormund  //  their kids: Lady Jaymie Giantsbane of Tarth, named after her godfather Jamie Lannister  & Lord Selwyn Tarth, Second of His Name. // hints of a Munda/Lyanna ship bc they are too precious together <3  )


•Phil showed us his thigh bruise

•Dan (after biting his lip) asked how he got it

•Phil replied with “I was fighting a bear”

•Dan was like “No really, people want to know how you got it”

•Phil said “That actually is how”

•Dan said “Oh yeah sure..”

Y'all… what was Phil’s nickname for Dan??

All I’m sayin…

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Guys call out culture only “sucks” when theres no actual proof of the things they are doing, its things they’ve done 4+ years ago or its over things that dont matter like kin doubles or something

Calling out someone for being a nazi, transphobic, pedophilic ect is not something you should say “sucks” like. Expose those creeps stop trying to shame people for exposing them too.


Perhaps you should fly to Winterfell, Your Grace. You have many enemies in the North. Thousands fell fighting your father. All it takes is one angry man with a crossbow. He’ll see your silver hair on the kingsroad and know that one well-placed bolt will make him a hero. The man who killed the conqueror. (requested by anonymous)