then she's irene

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Red velvet! For the ask

my time period as a fan / 1 year and 4 months

my bias among the members & why / Yeri mostly because she stuck out the most to me? And then I realized she was just so charming and I fell for her

favorite song / Hear the Sea

favorite mv / Russian Roulette

favorite choreo / Rookie

favorite era / ice cream cake

cutest member / Wendy because this girl is just?? Honestly??

sexiest member / Joy, I’ve always thought joy was naturally sexy

best friend member / Irene because I think we’d get a long well because of our similar personalities

best smile / Seulgi she’s just pretty honestly

favorite rapper / IRENE CAN RAPPPP BOYYY

favorite vocalist / Irene she had such great voices

favorite dancer / Wendy!!

what i see for them in the future / something more mysterious ~