then she just left and seemed really cool with it

Sugilite: What was Sapphire’s deal?

For a long time since the reveal of Ruby and Sapphire, I’ve been seeing posts that (jokingly or not) suggest that Sugilite’s behavior, as a Fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst, was the result of the rambunctious Ruby and Amethyst dragging Sapphire along for the ride.

I kinda get why people say that, because obviously both Amethyst and Ruby are prone to anger and sometimes lack filters and coping mechanisms. Meanwhile, Sapphire seems so calm and in control. Surely Sugilite was mostly Amethyst and Ruby getting carried away.

But y’all have seen “Keystone Motel.”

“This will pass. She’ll eventually just burn herself out.”

Sapphire, when she’s upset, pretends to be above it all, ignores others’ emotions while denying the effects of her own, and even resorts to shaming those she loves when she’s not happy with their behavior. 

She can be callous. Cold. 

Sapphire is just as responsible for everything that went on with Sugilite as Ruby and Amethyst were. 

Now here’s the thing. Fusions can feel like they’re one being–especially when they get used to being fused–and though they’re “a conversation” and “a relationship,” they’re also capable of functioning like a single consciousness despite that they technically can never quite be “individuals.” So I do hesitate to pick apart “what comes from which Gem” when examining Fusions’ behavior. However, much like you can analyze the traits of a child and surmise which parent they “get it from,” you can sort of do that with Fusions. But there’s another element you have to keep in mind when you do this.

A manifestation of the fusers’ influence on each other.

Guide to the Crystal Gems is the source of this tidbit–a canon source authored by Rebecca Sugar. You don’t really see the “influence” aspect discussed explicitly in the show, but this implies that Fusions aren’t just what their components are, but what they inspire in each other. What they think of each other, what they expect from each other, what they want to be together. What they bring out in each other, regardless of whether that element is usually part of the individuals.

Look at Smoky Quartz. Before they appeared, Steven and Amethyst had just had an arc with a competitive and self-deprecating tone which led directly to forming Smoky for the first time. They literally fought each other over who was the worst, had a discussion of not living up to what they were supposed to be, and aired their grievances over the proper path to improvement.

“Us worst Gems stick together, right?” “That’s why we’re the best.”

Amethyst and Steven literally formed their collective identity based on their low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. They play it like a big joke, of course, cracking puns and offering distractions, but when Sardonyx presses them during their second appearance in “Know Your Fusion,” Smoky heaps on the self-abuse.

“I guess zero plus zero equals zero. They say two wrongs don’t make a right–I guess I’m living proof that that’s true! I’m just one big super-wrong good-for-nothing dud with a yo-yo!”

Delivered with a smile. 

Supposedly it’s a common trait of youngest children to be the comedian of the family–if you’ve spent your whole life feeling like those who came before you have won all the awards, done it all before you, and met stratospheric goals before you even found your feet, you might feel like there’s no point in performing well, so you joke about it and poke fun at everything, including yourself. Amethyst and Steven have both spent a lot of their lives feeling like the youngest child who’s a bit of a screw-up with whom everyone must be patient. Smoky doubles that feeling, and when they start to feel inadequate, out come the self-deprecating jokes.

Sugilite is more complicated because she’s a three-Gem Fusion, but I’d like to first refer to my “How Fusion Relationships Work” post and assert that Sugilite is far more a relationship of Amethyst and Garnet than she is a relationship of Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire. If Sugilite were to internally argue with herself the way Alexandrite did in “Fusion Cuisine,” you’d probably hear Amethyst’s and Garnet’s voices, not Ruby’s or Sapphire’s. I could be wrong, but I think Sugilite is better understood as Garnet and Amethyst’s Fusion. Therefore, to find out what comes from Sapphire and what comes from Ruby in Sugilite, it makes more sense to pick apart where their traits feed into Garnet first.

Sardonyx and Sugilite are both Garnet Fusions. And Sardonyx and Sugilite have both shown an incredible capacity for showing off for Steven. We know Pearl loves to perform, but Sardonyx seeks to impress through grace and precision, while Sugilite is about power. That is likely a strong Amethyst trait–she REALLY wants to be strong, and she thinks Garnet is this incredible pillar of strength. Amethyst’s beliefs about Garnet and desire to be strong would feed into making Sugilite the powerhouse she is.

And Amethyst also has abandonment issues.

“What about ME, huh? I had someone who was always there for ME until she started hanging out with YOU!”

What was Sugilite’s apparent main complaint?

“You left me behind!”

She was left alone with no one to perform for, no one to encourage her or make her feel cool for being strong enough to take out all those pillars.

This seems like an awful lot of Amethyst, but what about Garnet?

“We don’t need to be careful. We just need to be huge.”

Get the job done, Garnet. Who cares about Pearl’s feelings? Who cares if there might be some speed bumps? It’ll turn out with the result we need, and that’s all that really matters.

Well, that’s some Sapphire there.

That’s probably exacerbated further when all the frustration and feeling of being left out was amplified by Amethyst’s perspective, and it’s all directed at Pearl. What might Sugilite be thinking about Pearl? “She’s to blame! She took Steven away and abandoned me! She called me ‘too much’ because she’s just too little! And now she wants me to unfuse just when I’m enjoying myself! She’s probably just jealous Garnet didn’t pick her instead!”

There’s a ton of feeling in there and not a whole lot of thinking. And feeling is something Ruby does extremely well. Meaning she does a lot of it, and she doesn’t think about the past or the future. Now is all she can think about, and her incredibly important, long history with Pearl and any future consequences are beside the point in the face of all that emotion. Sugilite feels hurt and angry and vengeful now. And she has a ton of power that this little Gem Pearl wants to take from her. She won’t let it happen.

But here’s something complicated. Ruby is emotional, but she isn’t selfish. She’s almost entirely selfless. I mean that literally, too–at the beginning of her life with Sapphire, she expressed that it didn’t matter if she was broken because there are tons of her. Even more recently in her life, in “Jailbreak,” she cared about what happened to Sapphire but had no thoughts for herself.

“Did they hurt you?” “WHO CARES??”

And if you listen to her rant about Blue Diamond in “Gem Heist,” Ruby still offers an onslaught of anger that has almost nothing to do with slights against her.

“She’s a shatterer! She yelled at Sapphire, she hates fusion and love!”

Hear that? Blue Diamond had specifically threatened to shatter Ruby, but she doesn’t say “she threatened to shatter me.” She just uses general terms about her being “a shatterer” before launching right into how Blue Diamond mistreated Sapphire and hates their union. And, going back to “Keystone Motel,” it’s more of the same from Ruby: she’s angry not because Pearl personally hurt her, but because Pearl disrespected fusion. Disrespected Garnet.

“It’s FUSION, Sapphire! What’s more personal to us than fusion?”

She’s so, so angry, but it’s on behalf of their relationship, not on her own behalf. She’s not mad at Sapphire for wronging her. She’s mad at Sapphire because this is about fusion. Without fusion, Ruby doesn’t even think of herself as worth something to be mad about. But the fusion she’s contributing to? Wow, nobody better EVER say anything against THAT, or insult it for ANY reason!

So, no doubt this is magnified in Sugilite.

“I AM myself, and I’m SICK of being split up!”

Amethyst’s respect for power, Ruby’s respect for fusion partnerships, and Sapphire’s respect for outcome over process all contribute to Sugilite’s motives. But Amethyst’s sullenness over abandonment, Ruby’s single-minded emotion, and Sapphire’s callousness make those motives manifest in a destructive way.

When Garnet is just Garnet, she has effective coping mechanisms most of the time, at least when it comes to losing control. But Ruby’s EXPLOSIVE emotion is very present in Garnet–we repeatedly see her punch first and ask questions later, or break things just because she’s pissed off. Sapphire’s soft-spokenness and withdrawal from full engagement are also very present in Garnet, and we see her withholding emotion or letting her overconfidence make her stubborn. But she’s balanced, and she carries leadership without cracking, and she rarely makes her problems into other people’s problems.

But when Garnet is part of Sugilite, emotion is streaming in from Amethyst AND Ruby, and neither of those Gems likes to think outside the present. If you said Sapphire’s future vision and composure is “drowned out” by such passionate energy, you wouldn’t be far off, but I think it’s more nuanced than that: Sapphire’s traits manifest differently. Amethyst respects the heck out of Garnet, and Ruby feels like Sapphire matters far more than she does. Sapphire holds a good deal of the self-respect in Sugilite–the part of her that thinks she deserves attention, dignity, and honor. There’s still some aristocrat in her. In Sugilite, that respect is up against an overwhelming amount of self-directed belittling and inadequacy. So you get someone who knows she should be respected but feels that she doesn’t deserve it.

Ruby and Amethyst may be the source of Sugilite’s fury and pain, but without Sapphire’s cold indifference, she wouldn’t have ever posed such a threat. Some of the most brutal aspects of Sugilite may have their roots in Sapphire.

Highlights from a local spring awakening production

-wendla came onstage super happy! She was dancing in circles and playing with her dress when she started singing but slowly got sadder (very different from any versions I’ve seen)
- mama who bore me reprise had soo much energy compared to past shows I’ve seen
- okay, when the boys come onstage i like to guess who is who, and i was mostly right except i switched melchior and hansen bc melchior seemed way more smug than other interpratations ive seen
- i loved moritz so much!! He was smol and had long super curly hair and had a headband to keep it back, it was really cute (he was also also the first black mortiz I’ve seen live and looked a lot like how headcannon him)
- the actor playing melchior really made me want to hate him, much more than other Melchiors have
- he seemed like he was trying to correct the teacher for the sake of talking back than to actually help moritz
- bitch of living was great!! That was the point where my mom was like uhhhh what am i watching?? Most likely bc there were a lot of jerking off motions happening in the dance
- there was also a pole onstage that people were leaning on and swinging around on during the dance which was cool
- the achilles & patroclus line was delivered perfectly!!
- anna and thea were definitely a thing no one can convince me otherwise
- The hanschen was perfect in his desmoda monologue but i felt so awkward with my mom next to me
- i got chills during touch me wOW
- dark i know well was suuuper well done, they had all the boys onstage playing the father of all the girls and showed them beating/being sexual with them and it made the song super powerful
- the teachers didn’t have german accents which i actually liked
- the beating scene wasn’t as intense as i would’ve liked… after he said the “I’ll beat the hell out of you” line he stopped and ran off before actually punching her and stuff
- there were no microphones until half way through And Then There Were None when motiz had a microphone and stand, and at the end the stage went black except a spotlight on mortiz and he dropped the mic stand and it was hella dramatic
- honestly in other productions, mirror blue night seems like it has no purpose (i mean like wtf do the lyrics mean) but the actor playing melchior had a clear reason for singing it in his mind and it really showed
- the hayloft scene was way too consentual, it didn’t seem like rape which is the author’s intent…
- i really liked ilse, she was the perfect mix between obc and dwsa ilse
- i liked how she was trying to show how great her life was but you could really tell she hated it and was scared
- ( also the lighting in that whole dont do sadness/moritz suicide was a+++)
- wendla was happy during guilty one’s?? Her and melchior were like cuddling and being super domestic and stuff it was wierd
- melchior overall just seemed like an asshole… i mean he kinda is but i didn’t see the other layers of him like i have with past actors
- melchior was playing guitar at the beginning of left behind which was kinda cool
- moritz’s dad was the focal of the song rather than melchior, he was center stage clearly coming back from getting drunk and was breaking down, and at one point melchior came up and tapped him on the shoulder and he just crumpled to the floor crying
- okay I’m gonna talk about woyb reprise for a bit
- it wasn’t comic relief at all i was so glad!!
-hanschen at first seemed to be interested in what Ernst was saying before he was like … are you kidding me
- hanchen seemed so hurt during “so are you sorry we…??”
- Hanschen looked into ernst’s eyes and grabbed his hand as he said the “and so you should” line and i think it was the best I’ve ever seen it
- the the rest of the song hanschen seemed so vulnerable!! Like “oh shit I’m falling for this boy whay do i do”
- the kiss at the end of the song was way more tender than the other ones and a few people laughed at the previous ones but thankfully no one did the last time
- the reformatory scene was the only one were melchior didn’t seem as much of an asshole tbh
- MORE PROOF THAT THEA AND ANNA WERE GIRLFRIENDS was in song of purple summer, all the characters that were couples were next to eachother (like hanschen/ernst and the parents and stuff) and thea and Anna were holding hand and at one point they sat down and thea put her head in anna’s lap it was so cute you guys
- overall i really loved the choreo in the show

- Amsterdam Adventures -

The small size of my bunk always used to be genuinely warm, comfortable and really welcoming, but tonight it was the complete opposite. The place of my rest seemed to be hard as rock and the blanket hovering over my body felt cold as snow. The only thing that still managed to successfully keep me warm was my girlfriend’s hand. Our palms were hanging from the bunks in one embrace. The hold of hers died long time ago as she fell into the arms of Morpheus.

You might ask why don’t we sleep in one bunk together, the answer is really easy – it’s all because of my giant posture. If we slept together in such a tiny surface she would wake up totally crushed.

Holding her hand wasn’t enough for me. I needed more of her, I wanted more of her. I craved her.

I craved her the way I craved water after an excellent workout.

I craved her the way I craved playing my guitar.

I craved her the way I never excepted to crave anyone.

Since our relationship started, each and every day I feel more and more attached to her. I feel the power of my adoration towards her grows stronger and stronger.

The power of love bestows responsibilities, but not rights. I have no right to her heart, but I am blessed to love her with my own. I have no right to her time, but I am honored to share the moments with her. It is for me to do what is best for her and not seek fulfillment of my own desires at an expense to her wellbeing.

The hands of the clock shows the late hour of 3:22am, what can I do now? What can I do when everyone is asleep, even the person I wish the most to be awake together with me.

Would she be mad at me if I woked her up?

Would she like the idea of us going for a night adventure in an absolutely unknown city, somewhere in Europe?

I slightly slide out of my tour bed, carefully trying to not wake up anyone else up, still holding her hand. I knelt down on the carpeted floor, stroking her back. I whispered, “hey, wake up!”

After being with someone in a relationship for longer period of time, you start to notice a bunch of oddly loving things, things that people who don’t have stronger bond with her wouldn’t know

What I learnt over the years is that she’s a deep sleeper. She loves to runway from everything in her dreams. In her sleep she’s a child again. She dreams of things past, things that will never be again. In her dreams she has comfort, freedom and love. When she wakes up she always takes her notebook and scrambles to write everything from her dream down, just in case there is wisdom in the randomness.

Personally I don’t believe in such a thing as a dream. The main reason behind my disbelief is probably my bad memory. I never really remember my dreams, but Y/N happens to remember everything in her sleep. Starting off with the characters, and ending off with the sound of melody that her imagined birds created. She is truly passionate about dreams.

I know that my whispering is completely pointless, but how can I wake her up differently without harming other’s peace?

Letting my hand slowly slide under the fluffy blanket, and then moving her shirt up I gently tapped her belly, in a big hope of triumphantly waking her up.

She smiled so lightly, I don’t really know if she’s smiling because of my hands or because of something that occurred in her dream.

“I’m guessing that’s it pretty late already, so why for the love of Lord are you tapping my stomach?” She asked. Her voice deep and harsh – like always when she wakes up. Her eyes were still closed. I felt that my hands are getting gentle slaps, she was trying to put her shirt down.

An unexpected chuckle left my lifted upward mouth, “I just couldn’t sleep. My bunk got so freaking uncomfortable. It was no fun and also, I got so bored, so I figured out that a small walk around Amsterdam would be nice.”

“Okay cool. Your plan seems awesome. Just go and make everything happen, and now leave me in my warm bunk in the holy calmness. Good night.” Her comment made me laugh even harder. “Seriously, fuck you, Shawn.” She put her blanket all the way to her head back.

My mom always taught me to fight for what I really wanted and needed.

“Okay. Okay Y/N. If you will ever want some more cuddles, I’m gonna tell you the exact same thing.”

It will work.

“Okay, fine. Let’s go.”

I told you.

Everything was happening so fast. Once we were running around the Dutch streets, then we were playing hide and seek, and how we’re just standing so close to each other that our chests are melting into one. Her warm hand reaches for mine and they interlock as we kiss tentatively, passionately and then, tenderly. The magical feeling causes me to shiver in complete pleasure and ecstasy.

We eventually had to pulled apart – breath was needed. It was difficult. The pink skin of our mouth felt so magnetic. I was the magnet, and she was the fridge.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” She whispers so I feel her warm breath on my neck. I wrinkle my nose in protest. “Aren’t I supposed to tell you all these things?”

“It doesn’t matter.” She said, looking straight into my eyes.

Those cinnamon colored eyes rimmed with thick, long, dark lashes that brushed her cheeks every time she closed her eyes. They looked so magical, so unreal. Every time I looked into them I nearly lost myself. Love, adoration, curiously; her eyes held all those deep seated emotions and many more. Over the years, I have learnt to read her through the emotions.

“I love you Y/n.”

And then she gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.

Everything felt just so right. Everything felt like I dream, I believed in this dream, and I never want it to be done.

Her heart is where I belong, and my heart is where she belongs.

You want to what?

Prompt: Nerd Girlfriends- Day 2 of Sanvers Week

These smol Disney & superhero nerds get de-aged and give babysitter Lucy Lane a headache.


So I think I was supposed to be posting the whole fic on Tumblr and not just the A03 link? My bad. Here’s day 2 :)

“Kara, are you serious? I literally just got back from D.C.”

“Lucy, I wouldn’t ask you if I had any other choice. Winn and Lena are holed up in the DEO trying to create something that will reverse the effects of this ray gun and J’onn and I are going to be busy trying to track the people who did this down.”

Lucy Lane let her head fall into her hands as she let out a sigh, “What about Eliza?”

Unable to see the frown forming on Kara’s face, Lucy waited for a response.

“Alex and Eliza have never had the best relationship. I don’t really feel comfortable asking her to fly here to watch both a seven-year-old Alex and Maggie. And I can’t bring them to Midvale because they need to stay in National City in case Lena and Winn can get something working.”

Grumbling at the phone on the counter, Lucy replied, “One day, I just wanted one day. Danvers is going to owe me so much for this.”


Wincing at the cacophony of cheering coming through the speaker, Lucy huffed and sat back in her chair taking a moment to run through a list of things she would need to be successful in her newest mission, babysitter.

Lucy gave Kara a moment to rejoice in her suffering as she moved away from the phone and made her way to the fridge.

Opening the door, she took stock of the empty shelves and expired butter that took up residence in her refrigerator.

Frowning, Lucy called out, “I might need to do some food shopping. When should I expect you?”

Not hearing a reply, Lucy made her way back to the kitchen island only to be waylaid by a knock on the door.

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me.”

Taking the longest strides her petite legs could manage, Lucy had the door open quickly after verifying it was, unfortunately, exactly who she thought it was.

“Have you ever heard of giving someone advanced notice? Honestly, is this why Cat was always a little peeved at you? Would you try to take vacation days with no notice too?”

Shuffling her way into the apartment, Kara seemed rundown with frizzy hair poking out of her ponytail and a half untucked shirt decorated in stains of green mush.

Hardly noticing Kara’s disheveled appearance, Lucy was more concerned with the familiar sleeping seven-year-old she had tucked into her neck and the unfamiliar wide eyed girl who was holding her hand and looking at Lucy like she stole her puppy.

Making her way to the couch, Kara put a sleeping Alex down on the cushions. A tinier than normal Maggie climbed the furniture so she could sit next to the sleeping girl.

Unable to process the reality of the situation, Lucy stood by the door with her mouth open gaping at the scene until Kara’s pointed look shook her out of her stunned silence.

Turning and closing the door, Lucy closed her eyes briefly giving herself a moment to pull herself together before making her way into the living room.

“Are you giving us away?” Maggie looked up at Kara with a resigned expression as though she had been waiting for yet another adult to throw her away.

Giving Lucy a helpless look, Kara knelt in front of the couch and took Maggie’s hands into hers.

“No hunny, I would never, ever, give you two away. I love you both so so much. I love you so much that I asked my best friend Lucy here to play with you two because I have to go back to work.”

Looking up at Kara’s softening eyes, Maggie puckered her lips and looked to the side trying to figure out if the words were truthful or another lie by an adult.

As though able to sense Maggie’s indecision, Alex stirred from her spot on the couch blinking rapidly to clear the sleep from her eyes.

“Wha- where are we?” Alex said slowly raising into a sitting position as she looked around the unfamiliar room.

Moving one of her hands from Maggie, Kara took Alex’s hands into hers and gave her a soft smile. “Hey sleepyhead, I brought you to Lucys. You remember Lucy right?”

Picking up on the opening, Lucy bent into a crouch next to Kara and gave a hesitant smile to Alex, “Hey-uhh- Danvers.” Kara gave Lucy a bemused look as she took in the cautious nature of the Army Major.

Looking at Lucy with a frown, Maggie took her hand out of Kara’s and reached out to Alex. With furrowed brows, Maggie asked “Whose she?”

Chuckling at the reminder that the tiny human was at one point recently a tiny, yet adult, detective, Kara responded “Maggie, I want you to meet a good friend of Alex’s and mine. Her name is Lucy Lane and she works with me and Winn and J’onn.”

Warming slightly to the new adult, Maggie asked, “She’s a police officer too?”

Lucy responded, “I used to be in the army and now I work with Kara-

Interjecting, Kara coughed out “-at the police station-.”

Giving Kara a sideways glance, Lucy continued, “at the police station.”

Looking at her watch, Kara frowned at the time before looking back to Lucy with a pleading gaze.

“I need to go back to the DE-uhm- police station to help J’onn. Lucy, would you mind hanging out with my friends here until I can come back?”

With a resigned nod, Lucy ushered Kara out, stopping only to give her the chance to place a kiss on both of the girl’s heads and offer a soft, “Have fun” before leaving the apartment.”


“Ms. Lucy, can we watch some TV?” Alex whined at her newest caretaker as she moved the rice around on her plate.

Grateful for a respite after only entertaining the kids for a few hours, Lucy was quick to agree and usher them into her living room.

Speaking up for the first time since Kara left, Maggie asked, “Can we watch cartoons?”

Lucy held back the surprise from her face at hearing Maggie ask for something, noticing the vulnerable body language the child exhibited. Her mouth alone was twisted into a resigned frown as though waiting for Lucy’s admonishment.

Putting on the first children’s network she saw, Lucy left the kids to their devices as she returned to the dining room table to clean up from the unhealthy take-out dinner she had been pressed to order.

Resting at the table, she was unprepared for the aches in her bones after only watching the dastardly duo for the past four hours.

Checking her text messages, she held back a groan reading the latest from Kara.

Kara (10:02): Seems like I’ll be here for the rest of the night. Do you mind if they stay over?


“Lex?” Maggie quietly said, breaking the silence that grew since Lucy left the living room.

“yeah Mags?”

“Do you think Wonder Woman and Peter Pan live near each other?”

Perplexed, Alex turned from the TV, where Peter was mid fight with Captain Hook, to look at her friend.

“I just mean, you know, they both are from these really cool islands and like no one knows where they are so like maybe they are near each other. You know?” Maggie rambled on trying to explain.

“I dunno Mags. There are bad guys in Neverland. I don’t think Wonder Woman would let them near her island” Alex replied with a thoughtful inflection as though still mulling over the question.

Returning to the movie, both girls lets out chuckles when Peter called Hook a cod fish entertained by the impolite language. As the movie came to a close, Alex found herself confused.

“Mags, why was Tink so mean to Wendy?”

Looking at Alex, Maggie frowned and crossed her arms in front of her. Squinting, she jutted out her lower lip and responded with a “hmmmmm.”

“I mean Tink and Peter were best friends and Peter just wanted to be friends with Wendy too. Why couldn’t they all just be friends together?” Alex pushed on, her voice escalating as though personally wounded by the clashing characters.

Nodding to herself as though agreeing with her inner thoughts, Maggie finally responded, “I think Tink wanted to be Peter’s girlfriend.”

Scrunching her nose, Alex said, “Yuck! Why?”

“Cauz it’s great!” Overcome with emotion, Maggie’s hands flourish to either side trying to physically emphasize her point.

“I dunno Mags, I wouldn’t want to be Peter’s girlfriend. He wants Wendy to take care of all the kids and stuff. I bet she doesn’t even have time to ride a bike.”

Thinking over what Alex said, Maggie nodded along thoughtfully.

“Yeah, Peter sucks. But he can fly?”

Alex’s eyes widened as she scrambled to put a finger in front of her mouth, “SHHHHH!”

Looking around, both girls sighed in relief when they realized Lucy was not in hearing range.

Slumping into the couch, Maggie looked at Alex who was still peering over the back of the furniture as though waiting for their sitter to appear and scold them for the bad language.

“I think you’re right Lex. I wouldn’t want to marry Peter. But I want to fly. I think I’ll marry Wonder Woman.”

Giving a resounding nod as though congratulating herself on piecing together her future, Maggie did not see the tears that began to well up in Alex’s eyes.

Shifting on the couch, Alex brought her knees up to hide her face from view. Sniffling into them, Alex pretended that she couldn’t hear Maggie’s confused voice.



“Are you okay?”

“Should I get Ms. Lucy?”

Crawling towards Alex, Maggie stopped at her knees before gently lifting Alex’s face into view. Blotchy from crying, her red rimmed eyes failed to meet Maggie’s gaze.

“Lex, what’s wrong?” Maggie asked with furrowed brows. “Is it what I said? Do you want to marry Wonder Woman too?”

Winding her arms across her bent knees, Alex laid the side of her head on the couch while she raised her eyes to meet Maggie’s concerned stare.

Opening her mouth to speak, Alex blushed before looking down and mumbling out, “Momma said we’re supposed to marry our best friend.”


Waking up from her impromptu nap, Lucy checked on the kids to find them wide awake and rearranging her living room chairs.

Raising her hand to rub her forehead and smooth down her raised brows, Lucy opened her mouth as though to ask a question but closed it right after.

Pulling out her cellphone, Lucy snapped a photo of the girls as they finished putting her six chairs into two rows of three in front of her bookcase. Sending the photo in a text to Kara captioned, “I don’t get paid enough for this,” Lucy made her way further into the room.

“Soooo, what are you lovelies up to?” Lucy called out making her presence known.

Jumping in response the girls turned around and froze- caught in their boldness.

Silently giving Maggie a firm look, Alex stepped forward and confessed, “It was my idea Ms. Lucy. I was upset cauz Mags wanted to marry Wonder Woman cauz she can fly and she’s pretty but momma told me your supposed to marry your best friend so then Maggie said she would marry me instead.”

“Yeah! And then I said that we should get married in a library because we both love to read but then we saw it was dark out and the library is closed when its dark” Maggie contributed stepping next to Alex.

The corners of her mouth twisting up into a bemused smile, Lucy questioned, “You are getting married?”

Smiling, Alex and Maggie both replied, “Yeah!”

Unable to hold back her mirth, Lucy let out a chuckle, “And you wanted to get married in a library, but had to settle for my living room?”

Frowning, Alex stomped her foot while crossing her arms, “The library’s closed so we couldn’t go there.

“Nerd” Lucy huffed with a smirk.

“Yeah, but she’s my nerd” Maggie gallantly replied making it a point to dramatically wave her thumb in an arch through the air before pointing it at her chest when she uttered Alex was hers.

Unable to deal with the reality she had somehow tumbled into, Lucy took a seat in one of her dining room- turned wedding guest- chairs.

Taking Alex’s hand into hers Maggie continued, “We put the chairs by your bookcase. It was the closest thing to a library.”

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Jon Risinger x Fem!reader. Honestly don't think there is enough Risinger fic out there even though he is a beautiful motherfucker. Reader has a huge crush on Jon and he asks her to be On The Spot, he has a secret crush on her. Honestly, I have no idea (this is my first time making a request). If its all romantic and cute fluff with Jon, I will be happy.

A/N - No problem, friend, your prompt was AOK! I actually ended up combining this with another prompt I got from an anonymous user, seeing as they both asked for Jon fluff while on On The Spot. So the reason for the specifics of it being on Jon’s birthday and her getting him a gift come from there! I hope you and the anon prompter don’t mind sharing for this fic!

Pairing - Jon x Reader

Warnings - Swearing

Word Count - 1, 174

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It was Very Very Nice to Meet You

Sorry this is going up so late, I just could not figure out what to write! The setting comes from the fact that on my college campus, it seems like there’s always a blood drive happening. This isn’t my best work, but I could not get this prompt to work with me for love or money. So ah, sorry for that! And happy RobRae week!

“Um. Please don’t vomit on me.”

Dick blinked at the deadpan voice, looking up from where he’d been determinedly staring at shoes. At some point in the last ten minutes of breathing exercises, the chair opposite from him had been filled. His eyes caught for a second on the eye catching, bright purple hair it’s occupant sported, before registering what had been said.

“I’m not going to vomit.” He said, slightly confused. The girl across from him raised an eyebrow, as if silently calling bullshit. “And also, you’re like five feet away from me.” He pointed out.

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Strong we Stand

I worked hard on this, but it seems this is as good as it can get.
I’ll never be thankful enough for @iceandbrimstone advices on grammare and @a-black-painted-poetry dedicated proofreading. Without your help this fic wouldn’t be this good. Thank you!

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An exhaled puff of smoke signals to Takahiro that Issei is indeed listening and not completely lost in the little lights, dancing blurrily on the dark surface of the sea of Sendai’s port.

“When will your dad be home tomorrow?”»

It’s just a normal conversation, really. They usually talk about their routine, about their family’s routines, because they have to manage schedules and balance everything in between school, volleyball practice and part-time jobs, while also helping their parents with caring for their respective siblings. Doing it together makes everything easier.

“He has the night shift tonight so he’ll be home probably by 10 in the morning? But I heard from Jirou he’ll be out again by two in the afternoon. I think he swapped shifts with Wakano-san again.”

It’s just the slightest shrug of shoulders, but Takahiro can tell from that and the restless bounce of Issei’s curls that his friend is not really happy about this. Matsukawa-san is overworking again. Mama Matsukawa will almost certainly be heard reprimanding her husband throughout the whole neighbourhood when he comes home.

It may not seem so, but to Takahiro that is a heartwarming image. Whenever she screams bloody murder at him, it’s clear as the sun that she loves and cares for her husband. It’s a touching picture, if you can ignore for a moment the cracks running along the old wooden pillars of the Matsukawas’ home.

The house belonged to Issei’s grandparents before they passed. They lived there, all eleven Matsukawas when Issei’s grandparents were alive. Now they are just nine. Despite the simple and shabby appearance of their house, the Matsukawas were what upper class people would define as “poor but happy”.

They didn’t really care if the traditional house needed some new shōji or if some of the old wooden pillars keeping it up had seen better days. It was their home, the one Issei’s grandparents bought when they moved from Kyoto to Miyagi, where they decided to settle and start their own happy family. And it is. It definitely is for them, but the Matsukawas are different from his family of almost three. Almost, because his older brothers, Seijuro and Hiroshi were part of his family. They just didn’t live with him, his mama and Ayame anymore.

Takahiro knows perfectly he has no right to say jack shit about “poor but happy ”, because his family is just as broke as everyone else in the damn neighbourhood. Sometimes though, he can’t keep himself from analysing all the little differences between his reality and that of Issei’s.

The Matsukawas love each other. It’s what’s makes them so special in his eyes.
They love each other unconditionally.
Though he doubts the feud currently going on between Momoko and Fumie is a real declaration of sisterly love, Takahiro knows they love each other nonetheless, especially when it comes to the really important things. And that’s also why Takahiro loves to spend time at Issei’s so much. He’s just like another son in the house. He has his place at the dinner table whenever he wants. He helps set the table and clean everything after they’re done. He’s a part of the Matsukawas, in the same way Issei’s part of the Hanamakis, even though they’re fewer and the house is often tainted by underlying tension they couldn’t always wave off.

Maybe it’s just the dark surface of the sea in the local port that always reminds him of the rift in his family’s happiness. It’s not actually like he can do anything about it, but it also isn’t something he can not think about.

It’s part of his existence to worry about things like this. One time, when he was worrying about some zits that would not go away, Issei had placidly told him that the lines of his forehead were as dynamic as the clouds. In contrast, Issei’s forehead was always calm, like the ocean on a hot summer day with no wind.

They’re just so different, sometimes it’s a wonder they work so well together. And yet, they’re so attuned to each others presence and mannerisms, that Takahiro is not suprised to find Issei’s stare on him. Especially since he didn’t say anything after his first question; any further comments hidden beneath his calm demeanour.

“Hiro. Is Ayame coming home with Fumie tomorrow?”

“It’s Wednesday, isn’t it? She doesn’t have club activities on Wednesday so I think yes. She was going to meet her at the usual place and then go back home together. Why?”

“’Cause tomorrow Fumie has that parent/teacher thing she’s trying to avoid, so she won’t come home with her. I’ll pick Ayame up from school after my shift ends.”

Takahiro nods, because this is right. It’s natural. They’ve had old man conversations for most of their lives, managing together what they could, figuring out together what they couldn’t.

“I’ll pick Fumie up Thursday after school then” he states with an easiness that comes from habit. “Even if I know she’ll complain all the way back home ‘cause I’m not Hiroshi.” And there it is, that lopsided grin full of mischief on both of their faces.

“He really left her impressed the last time he came with me to pick her up from school.”
Issei smiles, amused at the memory of his little sister giggling and parading in front of her classmates when she saw Hiroshi and Issei, waiting to pick her up after school. They were both tall with broad shoulders - always a bonus when it came to impressing middle schoolers - and even though Issei was just her high school brother, Hiroshi had around himself that “I’m a really cool university student” aura that seemed to surround him wherever he went. Or maybe it was just the shirt he had been wearing, so different and casually styled compared to Issei’s rumpled uniform shirt.

“She really has a little crush on him, doesnt she?” Hiro muses before catching Issei’s mischievous eyes “Ohi! Don’t you dare tell her he’s got a girlfriend. It would ruin my only mean of influence on her.”chuckles Takahiro at the implied threat in Issei’s eyes.

“Me? I would never!” Issei declares jokingly, swinging his legs over the wet surface of the bench. He inhales the last breath from his cigarette, before standing up and crushing the cigarette butt under his old sneaker.
It’s a fluid movement, something Issei has done countless time in front of him, because it’s part of their routine. Coming to the dock, watching the twinkling of the ships lamplight disappear over the horizon, getting their thoughts together before going back home. It’s a practiced move. Takahiro could probably do it himself with his eyes closed, minus the actual cigarette crushing because he’s never liked smoking that much.

It makes his skin awful.

It’s nothing fancy, nothing weird, but he can’t think about their night chats without that move Issei does to mark the moment they start to go back home. He could never imagine his life without those movements that are so unique to Issei. He surprises himself thinking about it sometimes.

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Dewey is the first to call Daisy Aunt Daisy. Daisy’s inclusion in the family is an adjustment for all of them, but of the three, he takes it best. They may bicker a lot, but Dewey catches on that’s how they are. It’s their thing. Their uncle seems happy, and he’s starting to loosen his hold on them a bit. She’s actually pretty cool when you get to know her. Lady throws a mean left pitch at baseball. He thought she was too strict at first, but really, she’s just overworked. 

He doesn’t say it directly. He explains to one of his friends from school who she is, and he says, "You mean Aunt Daisy? She’s Uncle Donald’s girlfriend.”

Huey calls Daisy Aunt Daisy after an adventure with the Junior Woodchucks and Littlest Chickadee. HDL are direct descendants of Cornelius Coot, Duckburg’s founder. April’s niece is a hellion when it comes to her troupe, and she gives a lot of trouble to Huey. As much as Daisy loves her niece, she does set her straight about her bullying and cookie tactics.

But the kids end up in the catacombs. Daisy goes down there to save them, and Daisy proves she can be equally dangerous when the people she loves are in danger. April and Huey learn a lesson about not relying on their respective guidebooks, sticking to their guts to make snap decisions for them. It culminates in a group hug where they both call her, “Thanks, Aunt Daisy.”

Louie is the most determined not to call Daisy Aunt Daisy. He’s happy for his Uncle Donald, but he doesn’t know how to feel about Daisy. He doesn’t like that she’s taking up part of his time when he’s so used to having all of his time with him, no matter how much it annoys him. She doesn’t try to parent them, understanding she isn’t their parent, but Louie’s a sensitive kid. He isn’t used to these kind of changes.

But then she gives him access to her online streaming, and sits down to watch television with him. She even picks out a cool video game for him and shows him some of the basics she learned from her niece, June. 

Daisy eventually learns how to cook fairly tasty meals, and they discover she has a knack for blueberry pancakes. That’s really her primary go to meal for herself after she learns how to cook them. 

Daisy doesn’t anticipate the waves of emotion each time the boys call her Aunt Daisy. Donald knows how happy she is about though, and teases her at bed time. 

“Donald, that sounds weird.”

“Yeah, you’re right, sorry.”

Keith and Lance get in a fight over something and Lance ends up bringing up how much Shiro favors Keith and Pidge over him and Hunk

Keith doesn’t believe it at first but Lance brings up example after example until Keith doesn’t have any choice but to see that Shiro isn’t the perfect leader/mentor/big brother Keith always thought he was

and Keith has been on the other side of this kind of situation (basically every teacher at the Garrison had a problem with him) and he’s so mad at himself for not realizing it, and he’s even more mad at Shiro for doing it in the first place

and he kind of just storms off and Lance is left very confused and still really pissed off

and nobody sees Keith for a couple of days (Pidge swears she heard Shiro and Keith yelling at each other but she won’t talk about it)

and when Keith does come back to the world of the living he’s much more talkative, but only really about Lance. He’s always pointing out something cool that Lance did or what a good tactician Lance is or laughing at Lance’s jokes

(Shiro seems a little subdued but in the end he becomes more talkative too, but it’s more questions. He starts finally getting to know Lance and Hunk the way he knows Keith and Pidge)

At first Lance thinks everyone is just trying to be nice to him but it keeps happening and it seems so genuine and he kind of wonders if? maybe?? maybe the other paladins actually do believe in him and think he’s smart and capable

And one day before a big mission Shiro comes to Lance and says “I have an idea of a plan, but I want your advice”

(Lance has a lot of advice)

(it’s really good advice)

(they would probably have died without Lance’s advice)

after that Lance and Shiro work together on all of their plans, sometimes with Allura’s help

and Shiro stops talking to Keith about taking over as leader (to Keith’s infinite relief) and starts bringing it up to Lance

Lance is freaked out at first but he gives it some thought and finds it suits him

after a while he tentatively brings it up to the Blue Lion

He expects her to completely flip out like Red did at Keith (he learned, since he and Keith actually talk now), but she seems surprisingly cool with it

not because she doesn’t love her small goofy earth son but because she knows he was destined for this, she always knew she’d have to let him go someday

She admits to him that she used to talk to Allura when she was a little girl, that she had assumed Allura would be her next paladin, and now she thinks she’ll start talking with Allura again

It’s not like Shiro’s going to leave immediately or anything, but they all feel a little more comfortable knowing they’ll have a backup when Shiro finally retires

(they all hope he gets the chance to retire soon, GOOD LORD, let him rest)

anyway long story short Lance gets the love and support he deserves and gets a chance to become the leader we all know he can be

Need You Tonight

Tony looked at his phone to see a missed call from Y/N. “Damn it.” He muttered as he redialled the number. Listening to the ringing, he tapped his fingers until he heard her breath down the phone. “Hello Y/N, what’s happening, you called?” He heard her let out a sign. “Ah yeah, you alright? What’s happening?” Tony smiled as he replied,“Yeah I’m good, just doing some paper work, what’s going on?” Her voice sounded bored through the phone “Yeah, nothing really, I’m er relaxing” Tony let out a chuckle “Alright, listen, what you up to later?” He then heard her breath hitch. “Oh yeah about that, um, you know what I’m really busy, can I call you back?” With that, the phone hung up.

Tony had become frustrated. This wasn’t the way it should have gone. It should have been him that wants to get rid of her instead it was Y/N that didn’t give a damn. When they meet it was only meant to be a fling, nothing more than a one night stand. It was just sex but now when Tony was in need of passion and someone to hold at night, she was the one he rings. Yet, Y/N was playing so hard to get, a y/c/h with such class, she was pretty hard for Tony to forget about. When they first hooked up, it was all about the sex, he wasn’t after romance but when Tony left he just couldn’t stop thinking about her. He was beginning to feel like he was losing his cool. He was beginning to feel like he was falling in love. Each time he tried to put all of his heart into their relationship, all she did in return was ignore his calls.

She’s everything Tony had ever wanted, but all that he didn’t need at this moment in time, he didn’t feel ready for a relationship. She was so hot, yet she had become so cold to Tony. Falling in love seemed so wrong to him, and yet it felt so right. He really wished that he didn’t need her each night. Y/N was driving him crazy, she blows from hot to cold just the AC. He honestly couldn’t figure her out. “Next time we’re together, I’m going to find out if she’s into me or not because off of these games are starting to get to me.” He said to himself as he did some paperwork. McGee looked up from his desk, puzzled that Tony was talking to himself. “Lady problems, Tony?” Tony scoffed, “Nothing that you would understand Probie.”

See Tony liked to front like he was okay with it all but he wasn’t, he was being played at his own game and he had enough. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew what she was doing, she wanted him to chase her. He was a pro at what she was doing but Tony knew two could play at the game. He agreed to himself that next time she phone he wasn’t going to answer. Yet, Tony was head over heels for her so when the phone rang he answered straight away. “I was thinking we could meet tonight?” Her sweet voice said softly. Tony smiled,“Yeah, just text me a time and a place.” He needed her, he was in love and that was something that didn’t come easily. He knew there was nothing he would not do until she was his.

Tony waited in the bar for Y/N, double checking the text she had sent him and then his watch. His arrived early, ordered a Scotch on the rocks, and slowly sipped to try and calm himself. In his head, he tried to plan out what he was going to say to Y/N. Tony had never been one to get nervous on a date nor has he ever been the type to get himself into a relationship but she had exposed this side of him. He had tried to hide and fight the feelings but it was no use. Looking up from the bar, he watched Y/N elegantly make her way towards him. He was in love. Tony flashed a charming smile at her as he stood to kiss her cheek. “Let me get you a drink,” he offered. A faint blush came across her cheeks as she took her seat. Tony then ordered her drink as he re took the seat next to her. “Look,” he started to say “I’m just going to come out and say it, I know things between us have not been serious but I can’t get you out of my head. I understand if you don’t want to become anything more but I was wondering if you’d consider going on one date with me?” Tony took her hand as he said this, looking into her eyes. A deepened blush painted her cheeks. Nodding her head, she smiled “You have one date Dinozzo, impress me” she chuckled as she winked at him.

Fuck You, Clifford : Michael Blurb

Inspired by these two requests: 1 | 2 

I’m sorry for not following them exactly but your requests did inspire this and I love you and appreciate you and hope this makes up for my lack of obeying instructions x

Word Count: 1401

You might have toned down the amount of effort you were putting in to kiss her if you knew a tall ass blonde boy was about to barge in. You didn’t care what he saw, he’s walked in on worse things before, but you were going through a bit of a dry spell and weren’t too happy to get all worked up just for the party to end before it could even get started.  

“You know you have a room,” Michael points out as he kicks the front door closed behind him. “There’s a bed, it’s private… pretty ideal for those kinds of activities.”

You lean back disappointedly, the mercury in your adrenaline thermometer sinking down to a cold zero. The girl lying on the couch beneath you begins to sit up, the red in her cheeks now due more to being embarrassed than being aroused. You help her up from the couch as you remorsefully climb off, whispering an apology on your best friend’s behalf.

“Well I wasn’t told you’d be coming over,” you growl toward Michael, your eyebrow twitching. “Excuse us for wanting to frolic on the couch.”

That remark earns a snort from Michael and a shy giggle from the girl on your arm. It’s endearing to see her so bashful again after hearing all sorts of dirty things come out of her mouth a few minutes ago. 

You both know that mood isn’t going to pick back up with a third person, let alone a man, in the apartment. While you’re pretty equally as attracted to boys as you are to girls, your lady friend is really only keen on the latter, which is completely fine by you. With her fingers hooked around some of yours, you walk her to the front door and declare this date “to be continued”, parting with the longest goodbye kiss you’ve ever shared with someone you’re not officially dating.

It’s not until she’s out of sight that you finally close the metal door and turn around to face Michael. 

“Thanks, dick,” you mutter, walking back to the couch and plopping lazily onto the cushions.

Michael smirks, taking a seat on a nearby chair. “Hang a sock on the knob next time.”

“Why are you even here?”

“Relax. Gabriela told me to meet her here.”

“Are you guys fucking?”

“No,” Michael chuckles. He and your roommate have been hanging out a lot lately, and although they both claim it’s to “study” you have a feeling something fishy’s going on. “That’s awkward, why would I fuck your roommate?”

“I don’t know,” you shrug, zoning out on a stupid decorative coaster that Gabriela left on the coffee table. “I’d fuck my roommate.”

Michael blinks. “You have a problem.”

“I have many.”

You both take a moment to appreciate the accuracy. 

“So you and what’s her name,” Michael stirs the conversation again. 

“Harley,” you fill in the blank.

“You serious about her?”

“I don’t know,” you repeat. You’ve gotten into an annoying habit of saying that phrase even when your mind is made up, just to sound more lackadaisical. “She’s cool.”

“She doesn’t really seem like your type.” When you cock a questioning eyebrow at Michael, he demonstrates by covering his mouth with his fingertips and copying Harley’s sheepish laugh. 

You smile, thinking about the real thing. “I like that about her.”

“That she’s quiet?”

“Just because she’s quiet around you doesn’t mean she’s like that around me.”

“Yeah, but she’s no Cheyenne.”

You pick up a couch pillow and chuck it at Michael’s head. He knows that girl is like Voldemort around here: she who must not be named.  

“I’m just saying,” Michael catches the pillow and keeps it in his lap. “You’re gonna get bored.”

“Cheyenne was a bitch,” you snap. “I don’t miss her.”

“I mean I think she was all wrong for you,” Michael agrees, “but you enjoyed the excitement of it.”

“Harley excites me.”

Michael stares at you blankly. “How.”

“Well we haven’t had sex yet so I’m… excited to…” You cross your arms, drawing a blank for any more examples. You blame it on being put fresh on the spot. “Fuck you, Clifford.”

“Right now?” he jokes. “Are you still all hot and bothered?”

You roll your eyes. 

“I’ll help you out this time, Y/n, because I’m a good friend, but-”

“Shut up,” you laugh, taking another pillow and reaching to hit him with it.
He catches this one too, and tries to pull it out of your hand but you forget to let go of it. The momentum catches you off guard, forcing your body forward so you’re leaning on the armrest of the chair Michael’s sitting in. From here you can smell the familiar scent of the same cologne he’s routinely worn for as long as you’ve known him. 

The pillow slowly slides out from under your palm, and your hand falls to Michael’s black-skinny-jean-covered thigh. You’ve obviously touched Michael before, in friendly embraces and playful wrestling matches, and it was always without thinking anything of it. But for some reason your eyes are glued to your hand resting on his thigh, on a part of his body that’s a bit more personal, somewhere your hands have never felt before. 

Out of your peripherals you notice Michael’s chest heave, like he’s just taken his first breath in a while. It comes to your realization then that you’ve been holding yours as well. 

Are you still all hot and bothered?

Maybe he wasn’t too far off. 

“Michael,” you say. 

“Yeah?” he replies calmly. 

You might have shut up then and there if you were thinking straight, but nothing could have prepared you to practically be on your knees in front of this tall ass blonde boy who’s only ever been a friend. 

No more words are needed right now. When you look up at Michael’s face you can tell by the droop of his eyelids that he’ll be glad to let you do anything you want. 

You plant one foot on the ground, pushing yourself up and grabbing both sides of Michael’s jaw. He reactively moves with you, his hands finding your hips and yanking you eagerly onto his lap. Your lips form to his for the first time ever, plenty of give and take being exchanged between the puckering motions, and your heart flutters upon discovering that your best friend Michael is a damn good kisser. 

His fingers tangle messily into the roots of your hair, and without meaning to your hips jerk forward, eliciting a deep moan from Michael. It’s not a sound you ever imagined gaining pleasure from hearing, but now all you want to do is make him let it out again. 

“Michael,” you sigh, pulling away to catch a quick breath. 

He hums, encouraging you to keep speaking while he busies his lips down your neck. Your next thought is briefly interrupted by the sensation.

“Do you want me?” you ask against his ear. 

There’s a shift in the spark connecting the two of you. He uses the roots of your hair to tilt your head back, willing your eyes to meet his. He takes his other hand off of your waist and places it on your cheek, gently running his thumb across the soft skin. 

“I have wanted you for so long.” Each word is enunciated perfectly to make the message clear. Michael has been waiting for this moment. He’s been waiting for you. 

You kiss him again, thanking him and showing him that you’ll finally let him have you. 

With your legs straddled around his thighs, he somehow manages to stand from the chair, cupping and squeezing your ass now that he’s been given permission. 

“Couch?” he asks, only partly joking. 

You laugh breathlessly, shaking your head. “Bedroom. Don’t wanna risk anyone walking in and killing this.” Your hand slides down between his clothed crotch and yours, your palm brushing over his hardening length. 

“Glad to have been a part of that lesson,” Michael teases. 

You can’t remember the last time you smiled in the middle of hooking up with someone because you thought what they said was genuinely funny.

“Fuck you, Clifford.”

He confidently bites his bottom lip. “Okay.”


Minzy is minzy now. Not 2ne1 minzy. Her style of music is different. People saying that minzy isn’t as cool or bad ass as before or that she lacks charisma don’t seem to understand she’s performing different genres of music and shes not gonna act like a hip hop bad ass while singing a pop ballad. I feel so many salty ass people who dropped minzy after she left 2ne1 are just picking at the smallest things and they should really just stfu

Title: Aphrodisiac
Pairings: mainly NaruHina; slight SasuSaku
Summary: They could go as slowly, as deliciously, as they pleased.
Rated: M
A/N: finally, naruhina! i took my time with this bc i wanted it to be as good as sasusaku’s, so hopefully it is! this is part 3, the last one. part 1 is here and part 2 here. thank you for reading! ( ͡° ᴥ ͡°)




“Is this real?” she asked, staring blankly at her husband. “Is – is this not a dream? Am I awake? Am I really-”

“Hinata, it’s okay!” Naruto cut her off, still grinning, still ridiculously amused. “You can relax. I was just fooling around!”

“Fooling around,” she repeated, as if she couldn’t understand – and she really couldn’t. She could not understand this joke, nor believe her husband had made it, nor accept the fact that this all had happened to her.

Throwing his arms around her, Naruto let out another rumbling laughter, deep and manly, that reminded her briefly that he was a grown man in his late twenties, a father and an soon-to-be political leader, not the teenage hero she had admired when younger. And despite the change, both inside and outside, that time had brought, Hinata still loved him as deeply as she had when she was just a girl. Her feelings towards her husband, her love, would never change.

Although right now, under these circumstances, she was kind of reconsidering that vow.

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Gwen frowned into the speaker of her cellphone, the latest glossy cover pass from RIVETING in front of her. She sat in the back of the coffee shop, one that was quite too small for her tastes. She had just landed in the tiny, old-fashioned little town and it already was making her feel cramped. Not to mention the moment she left New York things seemed to go up in flames. 

“No, this is not a discussion,” Gwen said, her voice icy cool. “I don’t care what is popular in Europe according to market research. If I see one more pass where someone tries to sneak clogs on the front cover I will clog them.”

She turned off the phone before the Editor could respond. Her title might be editor-in-chief, but she was really more like a secretary for Gwen to puppet as the face of her company. Being an immortal beauty had its downsides, even if they were very few.  She turned to the person at the table next to her, not caring if she was interrupting them. She was always worth it. 

“Tell me, do you know what it is with millennials and trying to make ugly things fashionable.”

maximus-gayfield  asked:

Prompt: max loses her memory because she used her power too much. Vic sees this as a chance to start over with Max.

Second Chances

Sitting in class Victoria looked over at a empty seat. Her favorite person to pick on was gone? It had been almost a week now. She had not seen her around the dorm either. Surprisingly, Victoria’s mind started to wander into wondering where Max had went. Looking away from the desk she sent her focus onto Mr. Jefferson’s words. It’s not like she needed to pay attention. She knew most of the things he went over, and if she didn’t and somehow failed this class, she could surely pay him off for the A. Looking down at her red nails she sighed and started to mess with them.

Could this class be any longer?

At this point Victoria just wanted to get out of here. She really wasn’t feeling it today. Picking up her phone from her desk she checked the time. The bell should be ringing here pretty soon and she could go find Taylor or Courtney to hang out with. Leaning up from her laid back position she started tapping her foot waiting for the sweet, yet very annoying sound of the schools bell.


Standing up and grabbing her things she quickly exited the room. Thank god Mr. Jefferson wasn’t interested in trying to keep her after class, she wasn’t very interested in kissing up to him today. Walking out the door and down the hall she spotted her crew sashaying towards her. Smirking she watched as they took their positions on each side of her, continuing forward.

“Hey, what’s up?” Victoria greeted them, not really caring unless it was some good gossip. Taylor grinned evilly. Now Victoria had to know what the scoop was.

I heard that Max Caulfield is coming back today after her little amnesia trip.” She giggled along with Courtney nodding. Raising her eyebrows Victoria nodded.

So that’s where she’s been.

“Amnesia?” Victoria questioned aloud as the group made their way towards their dorms.

“Yeah, I was thinking it would be great to mess with her some more, and it would be like the first time!” Courtney smiled at the thought of her plan. Victoria heard this and somehow had a sort of, rethinking? Should she really continue to torture Max Caulfield? What was she thinking– That’s all she ever does! Yet something about making her life any harder than it already is seemed unappealing to her.

“If we thought she was a freak before,  think of how weird she will be now!” Taylor added to Courtney’s plotting.

I heard that they found her wandering along the side of a road.” Courtney added to the story raising her eyebrows waiting for Victoria’s reaction.

“Yeah, Freak.” Victoria laughed along even though it did not feel genuine. The girls must have noticed.

“Vic, are you feeling okay?” Courtney asked with less concern for Victoria’s wellbeing, and more concern for how she reacted to this news.

“Yeah, I thought you would be pumped to hear this.” Taylor added along to Courtneys tone of voice. Their surprise made Victoria double think on how she was reacting to this. Shouldn’t she be plotting with the girls on how she could screw with Max?

“Of course I’m fine.” Victoria snapped. Now she wasn’t even in the mood to be around these two.

“Ugh, you two are making my head hurt.” She spoke with distaste at them. They exchanged glances and started to back away they arrived at the entrance to their dorm.

“Okay, we’ll just be out here then if you need us.” Taylor said treading on eggshells.

“As if.” Victoria responded to her friends rolling her eyes. She didn’t need anyone. As Victoria turned and was walking inside she heard Courtney questioning Taylor on if she knew why Victoria was acting so strange.

“You know how Vic gets when she gets headaches.” Taylor responded.

Victoria rolled her eyes and strutted on over to her own room. Opening the door she sighed and sat down at her computer. Better update her status. Her Facebook wall was mostly filled with pictures of herself. With the high tech camera her parents had bought her they looked quite professional.

Sighing she posted a picture that had been laying in her folders and leaned back in her chair. Why had she been acting so strange at the mention of Max? It’s not like she cared about Max Caulfield, the only things she used to love hearing about her was how much of a living hell she could make Max’s life. What’s so different now that she has lost her memory? She probably lost all memory of Victoria being mean to her too. Staring at her screen she continued to think over why she felt so out of it today. This caring thing wasn’t like her. It was so odd for her to feel almost sorry for Max. It was unusual for someone to just lose their memory like that. What happened to her? Victoria questioned herself as she sat at her computer wondering why it mattered to her. It wasn’t like she would treat Max any differently. Max was just a wannabe hipster who got on Victoria’s every nerve. That “I’m so sweet and innocent” act was really annoying. Victoria knew that there was something more to Max Caulfield. There had to be some secret she was hiding. Nobody is just that nice for no reason. Everybody wants something.

Max had been nice to her that one time though, when that freak accident of paint fell on her. Why would she be nice? After the rudeness she had given her why would Max just be pleasant to her? Maybe Victoria was reading into her wrong? Shaking her head she sighed.

“Vic, you know she’s just a little bitch.” She whispered softly to herself while looking up at her ceiling. Perhaps with the lose of memory Max would reveal her true disgusting side of herself. Drop the act because she forgot that she was always this perfect little princess here. Hopefully. Closing her eyes Victoria sat there in thought.

“Max!” A unfamiliar boy yelled from across the parking lot when she exited the bus. The brunet boy came jogging over to her. Blinking she titled her head not sure of what to make of him.

“Max, I heard you’d be coming back today!” He exclaimed and hugged her. With wide eyes Max stood there taking the hug awkwardly.

“Uh, Hello? Nice to meet you?” She said unsure of what to say. Who was this boy?

“Max, come on, I’m not that forgettable am I? It’s me! Warren?” He said trying to jog her memory. Max nodded thinking this name over. It sounded right, she felt like she knew a Warren.

“Warren.” She spoke his name aloud and looked to the concrete.

“Yeah! That’s it! You need any help finding things around campus or do you remember?” He asked politely. Wow, this guy was really nice. Even though the memories of who he was were sort of coming back she trusted that this person would get her to where she needs to be. Walking with him he seemed chipper.

“So as I remember you don’t have any more classes for the day, so dorm time it is! Unless of course you want to hang out with me?” He asked to persuade her before she even answered.

“That’s…A nice offer, Warren, but honestly it’s sort of like I just met you?” She said trying to let his offer down easy. He seemed to dislike this answer, yet let it go with a shrug.

“Okay, I can feel that. Maybe some other time. Either way I get to be like your tour guide and that’s pretty cool!” He tried to make this walk to her dorm interesting after that by explaining things around her. She was pretty much spacing off and nodding to what he was saying without really listening.

“…And to your left you will see a troop of Apes as they play with their football…” Max soon found herself by the door to her supposed dorm while Warren was droning on.

“So, This is where I leave you, fair maiden.”He bowed and smiled while strolling off.

Huh, So I was friends with a geek.

Max shrugged and turned the door to the dorm. While she had a paper telling where all her classes were and her room number in her back pocket of her jeans, Max felt like she knew this place. Perhaps she could find her room on her own? The doctor had recommended trying to remember things on her own instead of relying on what others told her solely. Walking down the hall and taking a long look at all the dorm rooms she forced herself to try and remember.

Come on Max, you know this.

Taking a chance at the door she believed to be her own she twisted the knob slowly. Not locked. This might be hers after all. Pushing it open gently she found her cheeks heating up.

Nope nope nope!

This was not her room! Eyes large Max stood there not knowing what to do. There was a girl sitting at her computer desk, turning around to look at the intruder of her domain. Max mumbled and stuttered out a response to all this.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry–I thought this was–” She started out and was quickly interrupted by the owner of this room.

“It’s–Okay. Are you lost?” This girl spoke to her, not extremely nicely, but pleasant. Max nodded as the girl stood from her desk.

Wowzers, she’s so pretty.

Max blinked thinking about how expensive her clothes looked, while she on the other hand was dressed in a cheap hoodie and jeans. This girl could practically be a model. Max thought of even asking her to let Max take her picture sometime.

No, that’d be creepy, I mean you just walked into this girls room. Does she even know you?

“It’s Max right? I’m Victoria, Victoria Chase. You can call me Vic.” She out held her hand with a small smile on her perfect pink lips. She must have known Max. Sadly Max couldn’t remember her. With a face like that you think it would be hard to forget.

“Yeah–You uh, must know me then?” She questioned, her memory foggy. Taking Victoria’s hand she shook it. Her skin was so soft.

“Yeah, we talked in class a few times.” Vic gave a small nod answering Max.

“I’m sure you’re looking for your room?” Vic went on.

“Oh- Uh, yeah I thought this was my room.” She confessed looking down even though it must be obvious. Pushing her light brown hair behind her ear she looked up with only her eyes. Vic was smiling kindly when she looked up.

“It’s just over there.” She pointed to a room not far down the hall.

“Thank you so much, I’ll be going now.” Max hurried off towards her room as Victoria called out to her.

“Hey, if you need anything I’m here.” Max smiled and waved goodbye as she entered her room.

Oh my god Victoria Chase–I can’t believe you just did that.

Victoria slid down the back of her door after she closed it from her encounter with Max. Did she really just make friends with Max Caulfield.

What happens when she remembers all the bad things you had done to her. Would she ever remember? How are you going to explain this to your friends?

Victoria sat there stunned at the new change of heart she had just had in those few minutes. There was just something about Max. Like this was a sign for a new start. For her to find what could have been between them. For her to get to know the complex creature that was Max Caulfield. She had been the same nice and shy her when they spoke. Could she really be what Victoria thought? Well, now was her chance to find out more about her. To get closer to her. Courtney and Taylor would just have to deal with this. Or she could lie to them. Make something up about the plan being to befriend Max and then–? Victoria didn’t want this to be a trick. She felt like she really wanted to be Max’s friend. Her heart was beating fast from the experience and her mind was racing. Max was the type of person to probably come to her for help after she offered it, so someone’s bound to find out about this new friendship–There’s not really away for her to hide it.

Either way, all Victoria knew was that right now she wanted to hang out with Max. She wanted to get to know her. She was somehow attracted to this nerd girl. Victoria the moth and Max the light. What a turn of events. As much as Victoria’s head tried to deny any positive feelings towards Max, her heart beat to a different tune.

What had Victoria gotten herself into?

(A/N: Thinking about continuing this? What do you think? You like it? It not it’s probably going to be a one shot– Towards the end about Victoria’s feelings though I was thinking about the song Headlock by Imogen Heap and I’ll leave a link if you want to listen!)

Home Alone Tonight. Chapter 16

Warning! This story is rated M for foul language, sexual content, and adult situations. I do not own Fairy Tail.

Summary:  For the past few years, Natsu’s been dealing with his broken heart. He tries to drown his pain through unhealthy activities, but all it leaves him with is a string of failed relationships and a lot of drunken nights at the bar. He’s been a wreck ever since she left. How will he deal with her return, when his heart is still mangled? Inspired by the Luke Bryan song. Modern AU. NALU

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.

Read it on or AO3.

Story Cover Picture

Chapter Sixteen: Understanding

“That’s great,” Lucy smiled, “I figured you two would end up together.”

“Thanks,” Kinana had a slight blush on her pale cheeks. “We’ve been dating for a while now, but we’re trying to take it slow…”

“Unlike this girl,” Erza nudged Levy with her elbow. “She got engaged and married so fast we barely had time to plan for the wedding.”

The group of women were gathered inside Mira’s house. Lucy wanted to look around for Natsu, but she knew it would be no use. He was somewhere outside, probably in the same place they left the guys about twenty minutes ago. She didn’t have a watch so she had no idea how much time had passed. She could always look at her phone to check the time, but it seemed rude, so the device stayed in her pocket.

“How was your trip by the way?” Juvia asked.

“It was fun,” Levy nodded. “We did some hiking, some swimming… And of course there was the cabin… It was so beautiful.” Her eyes shined just thinking about it. “Oh! And we saw a doe give birth!”

Lisanna gasped. “Really? How was that?”

“It was pretty cool actually,” Levy laughed, “if you get past all the gross stuff that came out along with the baby. Gajeel was so cute. You should have seen it! His eyes were wet, like he was about to cry!”

Everyone laughed, except for Lucy. She was too busy trying to ignore the slight pain in her heart from the talk about birth. She had gotten used to this type of conversation while being married to Jackal. He would bring her to social gatherings, keeping her as a ‘trophy wife’, but she would somehow always get stuck talking to the other wives of businessmen there.

The topics of conversation were usually their husbands, their newest purchases, and children. Even though she had harden part of her heart to deal with the subject, being surrounded by her old friends was making her emotional. She didn’t know how long she could keep up her nonchalant facade.

“Of course he tried to make it seem like it was no big deal. I swear he’s just a big teddy bear on the inside.” Levy shook her head. “He even talked to me about adopting a kitty. He said he saw one in the shelter before we left, so he wants to go back tomorrow to see if it’s still there. I swear, he’s even softer than me sometimes.”

Of course he is,“ Mira joked. The white haired woman glanced around, seeing a few hands empty. "Does anyone want a drink? Bisca? Lucy?”

“I’m the DD tonight,” Bisca said, declining a drink.

Mira’s attention was now directed at Lucy, not noticing the way her voice strained a bit as she answered. “Uh, no thanks. I don’t feel like drinking tonight.” It wasn’t a lie, she really didn’t want to drink. She was never all that good at it anyway, but that wasn’t the main reason she said no. She wanted to be supportive of Natsu, even if he was out of view at the moment.

“Oh, okay,” Mira smiled, then looked over at Evergreen. “So, I hear Elfman popped the question. Does that mean I get to arrange an engagement party too?”

Lucy vaguely listened as Evergreen started talking about how Elfman asked her to marry her now that they were both done with college. The conversations about getting engaged or college started to weigh heavily on Lucy’s heart. She never got to experience going to school, trying to do something better with her life. She was stuck at Jackal’s estate. She couldn’t even count it as home since it never felt that way. The engagement part really struck a chord with her. She’d only been engaged once, and it was to that horrid man.

She liked to think one day Natsu would propose to her, but that was just giving herself false hope that she really didn’t need right now. Lucy knew she should just be happy that he was willing to be with her. How many other guys would want to be with 'damaged goods’?

Lucy felt her eyes prick when she added as an after-thought, 'especially one that can’t give him kids… He’s probably better off without me holding him back…’

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I seriously need to rant about everything life is strange. I need more friends who enjoy lis as much as I do. If you like lis come chat me up and let’s be friends. Tell me About your favorite character or who you hate, and what you think is next etc….

. I fucking love Chloe and I’m pretty sure it’s unhealthy the way I do.

. Rachel is a game within herself, I’m still trying to put pieces together and figure her out.

. All the theories so far seem cool and somewhat legit, but I’m really hoping that Rachel doesn’t have some sort of power, because I just don’t want it to be a thing, and hope the wind was just an exaggeration of her hate and hurt.

. Elliot is kind of cute but the fact that Chloe probably lost her v card to this guy gross me out.

. Max isn’t a terrible friend. Yes! She left my baby Chloe hanging but we all know that Max isn’t all that great with communication, and talking to people. She didn’t know what to say, and even we both games out we still don’t know what she was thinking at that time. We know she loved Chloe, and that could have been why. She left someone important to her, and maybe she just didn’t know how to talk to her because of the saying “you don’t know what you got until a it’s gone” she maybe needed to get over Chloe and thought not talking would do, but that didn’t work either.

. If we see Chloe dye her hair I might die.

Problems- Vernon

omggg brazil!! ah, love it. thanks for requesting hun! 

Pairing: vernon x reader

Genre: angst, little fluffy 

Word Count: 573

“My sister’s visiting today.” You said with a very flat tone as you texted her. You weren’t close with her and the only reason she’s probably coming is because your parents most likely made her come check up on you.

Ever since you left for college, you haven’t seen your family for a long time. You didn’t mind since you weren’t close to any of them nor did you feel that they cared for you. They were just making sure that you’re staying out of trouble.

“Really? That’s great. You never talk about your family. How’s your sister like?” Vernon asked while he joined you on at the table, sitting across from you. He had come to visit you and hang out but then your sister had texted you not long ago.

He was smiling while you were blank and serious. “She’s..okay.” You said emotionless.

“Are you okay Y/N? You don’t seem happy about her coming..”

“I’m fine.” Though you weren’t. You were hopping that she’d come quick and leave soon.

Not long after, the door bell rang which got Vernon excited to open it and find that it was your sister.

The two of them were smiling and happy to see and meet each other while you watched them, you rolled your eyes.

You got up to leave and go to your room but Vernon stopped you halfway.

He pulled you to go over and talk with your sister but of course the two of you were acting a bit fake around each other.

The night had gone downhill right when she came since Vernon had focused more on talking with your sister than you. The two of them had gotten a long really well the past hours while you were at the side.

She finally left and so you went to your room again and this time Vernon didn’t stop you.

“Y/N, what’s wrong with you? Your sister seem cool, why don’t you like her??” He asked concerned and a bit annoyed.

You sighed, trying to calm down because you know Vernon did nothing wrong to you and was just trying to get you to be happy about your sisters arrival. “Because Vernon, she’s prefect. My parents love her more than me. I’m nothing compared to her and I’m always compared to her.” He stayed quiet as you explained to him.

You looked down at the ground as the both of you stood in front of sad other silently. You didn’t want to say anything else knowing if you did, you just put yourself down even more and making Vernon worry about you.

He took a step forward and gave you a gentle hug which surprised you but it was comfortable being in his arms. “I’m sorry I pushed you to be with your sister. I didn’t know.” He whispered.

“It’s fine.” You said. Vernon was a good friend and you knew that. He was always there for you.

Though you knew he wasn’t the type to comfort anyone, you appreciated that he tried this time for you.

“I made a new mixtape, I think it’ll cheer you up if you listen to it.” Vernon said with a warm smile.

You laughed lightly after he let go of you. You nodded and answered. “I’d love to hear it.” You truly loved him as friend. You wouldn’t want anyone else to replace Vernon, he meant that much to you.

there was a kid (with a head full of doubt)-Yet another Miraculous one shot, prequel of sorts to this fic. CONTAINS ORIGINS SPOILERS. Part of Give The Boy a Hug 2k16 campaign. 

Summary: "But to have Marinette talking about him so avidly, with something a lot like respect and a little like a challenge in her eyes, made a strange warmth fill him up until he felt safe and loved.“Marinette passionately defends Chat Noir and Adrien finds himself falling for the girl who still has his umbrella.

Read it here on Archive, here on Fanfic, or under the cut! 

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Band Tees and Whiskey pt 17

(gif credit to the creator)

Master List

Prompt: Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but where did you get that limited edition [band name] t-shirt, I have been looking for it forever, I will buy it off you, name your price. Dinner? OKAY, wait, what?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,007

Warnings: language

Song: Bruised and Scarred - Mayday Parade

A/N: It will get better soon…hopefully lol ;). This part is Dean’s point of view. There’s only two parts left after this guys! Feedback is cool :)

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