then she gave me money so it might have been worth the embarrassment

I’ll Find My Way Back To You // Part One : Prologue

Request: Something cute and full of fluff where Y/N likes Harry a lot but he’s blind af to see that Y/N loves him and Louis guides her and tells her it’s ok and then they hang out a lot and Y/N falls for Louis but ends up with Harry - @haharryyy

Thank you for requesting this gem. I can already feel that I’m going to love writing this. If you enjoyed reading it or if whether or not you guys want me to continue this, let me know your thoughts HERE. Checkout my masterlist HERE.

Word Count: 2.85K

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franceschee  asked:

My birthday is April 28th. I don't maintain a blog on Tumblr though. I created an account just to follow the fabulous fellow Everlarkers here. If you can, I will take anything I can get but if possible, some smut please. *bambi eyes*

Happy birthday! Here is a little something special cooked up just for you by @katnissdoesnotfollowback. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the read!

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Happiest of birthdays to you! I hope you enjoy what I’ve cooked up for you and it adds to to your celebration. Thanks to @peetabreadgirl for prereading this sucker.  <3 KDNFB


“I’m gonna be late. Please tell me you made some hot water for tea this morning,” Peeta says to his brother as he rushes into the kitchen and tosses his bag on the counter.

“Gotta move faster, old man,” Ryen teases, but lowers his newspaper enough to point to the kettle sitting on a silicone trivet.

“You’re two years older than me,” Peeta grumbles, not bothering to look at what he is sure is a self-satisfied smirk on his brother’s face, choosing instead to focus on pouring the water into his travel mug and dropping in a tea bag to steep.

“Yes, but nothing good happens after twenty-five. They expect you to be an adult after twenty-five. For real,” Ryen complains and Peeta curses as the hot liquid splashes over the edges onto his hand when he moves it a little too forcefully towards the spot where he left the lid.

“Graham would disagree,” he mutters sarcastically as he shakes the tea droplets off his hand and wipes the residue on a towel. His skin stings, but he doesn’t have time to deal with it.

“Graham is an idiot,” Ryen returns, but he doesn’t say the rest of what they’re both thinking.

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Clexa Mafia AU - Second Meeting

It had been a week since the incident or more specifically, its been a week since Lexa saw her. The startled blue eyes managed to burn their way into Lexa’s head. She has tried everything to stop thinking about the blonde woman. She’s tried everything to rid her memory of the cerulean eyes that managed to capture her entire being within the span of minutes. She spends most of, if not all of her time dealing with work related issues. Making product, pushing product, dealing with trade disputes, and settling issues between different families. Her current stressor was the Azgeda family. Nia, the head of the crime family from the northern most states, was constantly dealing in territory that did not belong to her and killing the gonas belonging to those regions. It was starting to become a real problem with some of the surrounding families — understandably so — which meant it was even bigger problem for Lexa. When you’re Heda, you command all the other families within the coalition and are often left dealing with more complex issues than any lower level gona would. However, when a certain issue ceases to be taken care of Heda will ultimately be the one left taking care of it once and for all.

That’s how Lexa found herself making her way to one of Trikru’s many safe houses in the city of Polis. The family had many different facilities for various occasions. They had designated areas for meetings between families, areas for business dealings that were more on the legal side of things, and they had spaces dedicated to things that were not to be spoken about outside of said space. Where she was headed currently wasn’t technically a house but rather a large warehouse often used for…messier meetings. When Anya had called and told Lexa to come to the warehouse, she was relieved. Carrying out the duties of Heda, combined with her never ending thoughts about a certain blonde has left her with no time to relax. Hopefully, taking care of whatever was in that building will allow her to blow off some steam.

Walking though the back entrance of the large, gray building Lexa greets her sister. They grip one another’s arms in a traditional Trikru handshake before Anya leads her back to the problem at hand. It was a rather formal greeting but this is business — family business but, business nonetheless. The siblings travel down the nearest hallway, the florescent lighting and concrete floors give off a kind of sterile essence. The sound of their shoes echoes throughout as they move swiftly towards their point of interest. There are no pictures lining the walls; nothing of sentimental value hangs in the safe house. No personal attachments, that was how they were raised. Attachments get people killed. Love is weakness. Hodness laik kwelnes.

When they round the corner Lexa knows precisely why she was called to deal with this problem. There, sat in some old, rusty, metal chair with his hands and wrists secured to it was Finn Collins. To say they had history would be quite the understatement. Finn has reputation for making bad business deals and even worse decisions. He’d been a thorn in the family’s side for some time now so Lexa was looking forward to taking care of this once and for all. It always astounded her that people would attempt to scam her and/or her family. To cross the Trikru was the equivalent of signing your own death certificate and plunging the final nail into your coffin. The family has never tried to hide their business dealings or disguise their motives but, if people refuse to acknowledge the power of Trikru, the power of Heda, they would soon learn how truly powerful she was just like Finn about to. Jus drein jus daun.

Lexa takes slow, steady steps toward him, watching as his eyes grow in size at the sight of her — at the sight of Heda. Beside him is a table lined with knives, picks, hammers, and pliers. One specifically catches her eye. A knife with a thick, wooden handle that looked like it was handcrafted judging by the intricate designs adorning it. She picks up the knife before sitting down on an offered chair that was purposefully located right in front of the fearful man. Lexa inspects the beautiful craftsmanship of the weapon. Turning it methodically in her hand as she gets accustomed to its weight. She asses the man in front of her as she runs her long fingers along the blade of the knife. His hair is greasy and it hangs loosely in his face, camouflaging a fresh wound to his temple that no doubt was her sister’s doing.

“Would you like to explain to me what exactly you’ve done to warrant my attention?” She asks while staring daggers into the man across from her. He swallows hard and squirms under her glare.

Heda, please! It’s not what you think-”

“You know what I think? I think that you like to play the tables too much and you like to spend nights with women that you can’t afford and now, it’s coming back to bite you.” Cutting him off, she moves to place the knife back on the table. She runs her dark eyes over all the options laid before her, all the ways she could hurt him, break him. Her fingers ghost over several items before settling on a small pair of pliers that appear to have something akin to dried blood on it. She returns to her previous spot, in front of him, before continuing.

“Do you know how a loan works? See, when you borrow money from the bank or in this case, me, and you have an allotted amount of time to pay back any money borrowed plus interest. Anya, have you received any sort of repayment?” She asks, turning to glance back at her sister who had her arms crossed in a menacing stance. Anya takes a step toward the seated pair. Keeping her face neutral as to not reveal anything to either party, she answers the question that was posed to her.

“I can’t say I have. Have you?” Lexa shakes her head, taking one of Finn’s hands in hers. She uses the pliers to firmly grip onto the nail of his index finger. He tries to resist but the iron grip she has on him has made it impossible to withstand her hold on him.

“Where is my money, Finn?” She asks while maintaining both her grip on his fingernail and her harsh stare. He panics and stutters; only able to release a jumbled string of what sounded like pleas to not do whatever is she intends to. Ignoring him and paying no mind to his pleading she viscously pulls the pliers, ripping out his fingernail. Blood begins to pour out of his index finger as his screams echo off the walls of the empty building. Lexa loosens her grip on the pliers, allowing the bloodied nail to fall to the ground before taking hold the nail on his middle finger.

“Do you know what collateral is? Collateral: Anything of value pledged to a lender until a loan is repaid. It can be seized if the loan is not paid. Do you have anything worth the amount of money you borrowed because if not, you’re going to be losing a lot more than fingernails.” Finn knew that the threat was very serious and very real. He tried to block out the pain he was feeling from his mangled hand as he scrambled to think of something, anything that was worth some money. He felt the beginnings of her pulling his nail when it came to him.

“Wait! Wait! Please, I-i got a girl and she has this place downtown. Its pretty shitty, I mean it doesn’t even have name but, you can use it. To wash your money; you can jack up the renovation and purchasing costs and recoup it after its been cleaned, right?” He looks frantically from the woman in front of him to the other terrifying woman standing behind her sister in solidarity.

Lexa takes a moment to ponder what he’s offered. It’s not a bad idea and she knows the easiest way to launder money is through construction costs. She slowly starts to loosen her grip on the pliers causing the man to sigh in relief, giving him the impression that he has managed to keep the rest of his nails before using her all her strength to rip it. All traces of relief vanish from the slimy man as he screams bloody murder and squirms about in the chair. Blood oozes out of his damaged fingers as though it might never stop bleeding. Lexa quickly tosses the pliers on the table moves stand. She speaks rapidly in Trigedsleng to Anya telling her to wrap his hand up, they have a store to visit.

It had been a week since she saw a man die. It had been a week since she saw the person responsible for it. The forest green eyes find their way into her dreams every night. When her eyes roll back in her sleep she can’t help but see the man splattered onto the concrete etched into her skull. It baffled her how eyes that beautiful could belong to someone so cold, to a murderer. She had spent hours, days thinking about it. Her only reprieve being the shop and whatever drawing or arrangement she was working on at the moment. Right now she was working on an arrangement; trying to figure what exactly was missing from it. It seemed as though the only thing she could do to distract herself from the thoughts swirling in her head was to throw herself into work. At least that would be productive as opposed to thinking about what had transpired a week ago. Drumming up business and getting out of debt is what the young florist needs to focus on especially now that she has her first customer of the…well, ever.

The sound of the bell above the door ringing was a much welcomed interruption. It signified a customer, a chance to make this work and get her shop up and running. Clarke put aside her arrangement and gave herself a once-over, making sure she looked put together in an attempt to impress whoever it is that just walked into her store. Planting the biggest smile she can muster on her face, she greets the new patron whilst rounding the counter she was sat behind.

“Hi, welcome to…well, there’s no name yet but, welcome anyway” she tried to hide her embarrassment at the acknowledgment of her business lacking such an integral part. Glancing up to inspect the customer she saw it was a woman most likely of asian decent with the sharpest cheekbones she’d ever seen. So sharp they could probably cut someone. Her hair was a dark blonde; it created an interesting contrast between her skin tone and the dark, charcoal color of her tailored suit. The woman smiled back at the florist. A kind of smile reminiscent of a Cheshire Cat. Attractive —beautiful even but, dangerous nonetheless.

“No name? Thats something we’ll have to fix, isn’t it Finn?” She asks, turning to the side to reveal a very guilty looking Finn Collins. He kept his head tilted down, chin resting against his chest so he wouldn’t have to make eye contact with the young store owner. Did Clarke Griffin know Finn Collins? About a month or so ago they had shared a night together when she had first moved to the city. Her parents had recently died and she had uprooted her whole life to chase a seemingly impossible dream. She was lonely and drunk and when she had met him at the bar he seemed nice enough — mainly because he kept buying her drinks. It wasn’t a very memorable night by any means but, its hard to forget a guy when he comes by your store every other day to try and ask you out. So yes, Clarke knew Finn but, what she didn’t know was what he was doing here and why he looked worse for wear and why this woman thought she had any say in her business.

“Finn? What-what are you doing here? What is she talking about?” Clarke probed while taking a defensive stance; arms crossed and legs shoulder length apart. Anya couldn’t help the devious smile that stretched across her face at the prospect of spilling the news to the blonde. The older woman begins to take possessive steps around the store; eyes trailing over the rows and rows of plants lining the store. Several pieces of artwork that hung on the wall behind the checkout counter caught the woman’s eye.

“You have some nice pieces in here. Too bad they’ll have to go. What do you think Finn? I mean this is your girl’s store after all.” Clarke’s eyes widen at hearing that. She is by no means Finn Collin’s girl and almost makes her want to puke at the thought of it. Everything was becoming too overwhelming for the florist. She had to get to the bottom of this before she had a panic attack.

“What are you talking about? I am not his girl and you have no right to just waltz in here like you own the place!” Anya was surprised the woman was brave enough to speak to her like that but, it still distract her from the reason they were here.

“Well, technically I do own this place. See, your boyfriend sold you out to save his own skin. He took money from my family and hasn’t paid his dues so he told us we could have this place. Isn’t that right, Finn?” Grabbing the man by the scruff of his neck and pulling him forward and forcing him to look at the woman he’d crossed in an act of cowardice.

“Clarke, I am so sorry. It’s not what you th-” the ringing of the same bell from earlier cuts him off mid groveling. She glances past the two individuals in front of her to see who had just entered the store. When those cerulean blues meet those familiar forest greens she is overwhelmed. There, before her, in another perfectly tailored suit stood the same woman who had inhabited her mind for a week. Her heart was racing and her emotions were so intertwined that she couldn’t decipher whether she was feeling rage or excitement at the prospect of seeing the jade eyed beauty. The brunette moves steadily forward towards Clarke before pausing to speak in a language the young woman had never heard. The more frightening of the two women grabs Finn and makes a quick exit; leaving Clarke alone to deal with the newest player in this fucked up game.

“My name is Lexa Woods and I-”

“Get out.”

“You and I both know I can’t do that. I am truly sorry that you’ve found yourself wrapped up in all of this.” She doesn’t know whether to believe the woman. Clarke tilts her head back and shakes it slightly; trying to get her emotions in control. The florist refuses to cry in front of this poor excuse for a person. Clarke Griffin will not give Lexa Woods the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

“I know who you are; who your family is and the things you do. I watch the news. I know what goes on. For fuck’s sake, I saw it with my own two eyes!”

“I appreciate the fact that you didn’t say anything.” Lexa was being honest. Most people either jump at the opportunity to try and turn her in or use whatever they’ve seen or heard as blackmail. She couldn’t help the odd sense of pride that swelled in her chest at the fact that the gorgeous blonde hadn’t tried to rat her out. It made it all that much harder to do what she had to now.

“We, my family and I, own your store now and will be using it to launder money we’ve acquired through our own businesses.” Lexa watches the rage bubble up in the blonde’s features. The way her brows furrowed creating a small crease between them might have been considered endearing or even cute in different circumstances.

“So, this is what I get, huh? I keep my mouth shut. I don’t say anything about what I saw and trust me, I remember very clearly what happened. And now, you just walk in here and tell me that some piece of shit guy that I had drunk sex with months ago sells my store — which he has no rights to — out from under me to some kind of…criminal. Great. Just fucking great.” Clarke was borderline hysterical at this point. Her dream was once again out of reach and this time she wasn’t sure she’d ever get the chance to make it come true.

Lexa inspected the woman before her. She was strong, stubborn even, but she was also extremely passionate. Not many people found the nerve to speak their mind around Heda and Lexa had to admit, it broke her heart to see those fat tears roll down the ivory skin of the woman’s cheeks. She truly did feel bad that Finn had fucked this woman over but, it was too good of a business proposal to give it up. She knew that her business dealings tended to involve and attract a shadier group of individuals and that this poor woman was most likely saddened at the idea of losing her shop to these people and their less than legal activities. Taking a deep breath to keep her own emotions in check, she tries to comfort Clarke as best she can.

“I know you’re scared but this won’t last forever. A couple of months, long enough to clean the money and earn it all back plus any interest and we’ll be out of your hair. We only skim our profits off the top; you keep everything else. And if it’s the other families you’re scared of…I promise not to let any of them hurt you.” Clarke angrily wipes the tears from her face and sniffles before asking an honest question.


“They’re all afraid of me.”

“If that’s true; if you’re some how in charge of them and they’re all scared of you, why don’t you kill me yourself? I mean wouldn’t that be the smartest decision. That’d be the best way to make sure I never talk, right?” Lexa can’t truly describe the feeling she felt when the florist suggested Lexa kill her. It was something akin to…anger. Anger at the simple thought of someone, anyone, bringing harm to the beautiful woman lit a fire in the brunette. One that she felt in her whole body. Finger tips burning to punish anyone who dare lay a finger on the owner of the blue eyes she had come to admire so much.

“I would never hurt you, Clarke. This city can be quite ugly and I know that I play a large roll in that but you, you opened a flower shop right in the middle of all the ugliness. You strive to bring beauty to such a dark place. I admire people like you…plus, I would never hurt a pretty girl.” Turning sharply on the heel of her expensive Oxford shoes Lexa begins to make her way out of the store. She stops briefly to look at the flower arrangement Clarke had been working on before. Studying it and all its intricacies before muttering a quick: ‘have you thought about using orchids? Do you know they represent love? Just a thought’, and continuing on her path out of the store.

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The Meme and His Tutor

Part 14: The Time The Tutor Got Her Revenge

Recommended Song: Mommae by Jay Park feat. Ugly Duck

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After one lot of revenge the week before, you felt the need to get revenge for something else. But you end up realising something while you’re at it.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2731

Length: 14/?

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Grace and Michael idea I had today. Not sure how I feel about it. I’d love to hear your feedback. I’m still figuring out how to type on my new phone.

Michael was still catching his breath beside her, naked and flushed he laid over top of her mess of mismatched blankets while she settled into her stomach with her hair stuck to her face that leaned into the pillow. Naturally, Michael reached over and ran his fingers down her back, but Grace rolled off of her double bed and shuffled into the washroom. As magic as Michael’s penis was and despite how nice it felt to have his affection, Grace wouldn’t risk a UTI for any man anywhere. When she emerged, Michael’s hammed up pout caught her attention as well as the fact that he had put his glasses back on. She leaned against the open washroom door frame and watched his eyes trail over her bare body, freshly waxed from the day before, and crossed a single arm over her stomach to her hip.

“You never cuddle, do you?” He asked with invested interest. Michael liked wrapping his limbs around his partner after and coming down together, but Grace was so blasé about sex. It was all passion and some of the most vulgar things he had ever heard until it was over. Then, all at once, he couldn’t read her anymore.

“I do.” Pursing her lips together, she thought about it. “I do with boyfriends.” It wasn’t a shot at Michael so much as it was just a fact about her. Some things were more intimate than others to Grace.

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TRR Chapter 8 Thoughts

 First, OMG was that a satisfying chapter and long (at least if you did the diamond scenes). So much happened all at once. We’re not quite at the ½ way point (based on the length of Book 1) but all but one of the plots from Book 1 have now been solved, if not resolved and we’re closer to at least getting some answers about the blackmailer.

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How It All Began

Tonight I’m giving you a background to how our slaver organization began. I’ll tell you about how I got together with Bruce and Rick and how we acquired our three slaves Sydney, Tara and Chloe. And you’ll find I had a rough beginning and almost became a slave myself.


I didn’t know how long I was out. I just woke up and first thing I noticed I couldn’t see. Then I noticed I couldn’t move. I became certain that that I was tied down. The restraints felt like leather and first tested my wrists then ankles. I could feel the straps all over my body. I tried to yell out but all that came out was
“Mmmppphhh!!!”. It tasted like rubber so I assumed it was a ball gag. The last thing I remembered was passing out after having a drink.


I met both Bruce and Rick in the army as we were serving during Operation Desert Storm, the mission to get Iraq out of Kuwait. We all became very good friends during that time. Bruce in 1991 was 23, Rick was 20 and I was 28. About 10 years later as a NYPD cop I got to start a new task force(think kinda like the strike force on The Shield and I was Vic Mackey). Bruce and Rick were both working in Philadelphia and I invited them to join me.

In time, we became very corrupt cops doing things like planting evidence, being on the take for the mob. The cu-de-grace was robbing Russian mobsters of $1,500,000 of cash they were money laundering. IAB tried to investigate us but they could never find any evidence.

Finally in 2012, we decided to quit while we were ahead and having now all qualified for our pensions decided to retire. The next thing to decide was what to do with the money we received. One day I was on Twitter(before I eventually discovered Tumblr of course) and they had a lot of great bondage photos. I was looking through it and Bruce came over to my place and noticed my phone where I was looking at Twitter.

“Holy shit that’s fucking. Would love to have a few of those as my sex slaves” observed Bruce.

I was a little red with embarrassment that Bruce saw what I was looking at but Bruce reassured me.

“Hey it’s alright, like I said that is hot. Bet these bitches are worth a lot of money”

“Hey Bruce, this gave me a great idea how to use all that money we got as cops. Want to go into the slave trade business? Sell hot looking women into white slavery.”

Bruce wasn’t 100% sure I was serious but decided “yeah what the fuck. Want to get Rick in on it?”

“Sure why not”

First thing we needed was a property for a slave training facility. We decided it needed to be in a secluded area. We then discovered a warehouse in Buckingham County Virginia, just 20 miles south of Charlottesville. The owner who had been running a criminal business decided to relocate and sold it to us dirt cheap. We then found out that the warehouse had 3 underground floors. It seems whoever owned this back in the 1950’s during the Cold War had built a fallout shelter in case God forbid their was a nuclear war.

The main level was where my office was located along with an employee lounge which included a bar and a big screen tv.

The next level down was where we would do pet training including Hucow and pony training. It also had a room for a shower when we needed to clean our slaves. It would eventually include a doctors office to examine the slaves when acquired them. They would checked for things like std’s, pain levels and pleasure and arousal levels.

The next level was the dungeon. All kinds of bondage furniture. This included a torture rack that could be horizontal or vertical, a St Andrew’s cross, a stockade which would lock the slave in a doggie style position, stocks which bound the slaves in a standing position, a punishment bench, a torture wheel, a wooden horse, a sybian, a metal frame usually used for electro shock torture and beams for suspension bondage. The room would also carry floggers, paddles, riding crops, canes, nipples clamps, ball gags, blindfolds and leather and rubber hoods.

The lowest level was where we would keep our slaves for the night. For the first 3 nights we would, depending on the amount of slaves we had, we had an arch back device that kept them bound on their backs bent over and a lockdown post keeping the slaves in metal bondage by their wrists, ankles, waist and neck. We had 5 of each. After three nights, we would allow them to sleep on cots. Of course, that room would serve as our rape room where we might have our “little fun” with the slaves.

We hired Dr Richards for the job of examining new arrivals. Dr Richards was previously a gynecologist. However, he ended up being defrocked after several allegations of molesting patients. His experience would make him very sadistic.


Now it was finally time to acquire a slave. I decided to place an add on Craigslist. It took a few days but I finally got a response from someone. Her name was Sydney. She was 30 years old at the time. We exchanged a few emails and finally decided to meet. We met at a bar in Charlottesville. She was absolutely gorgeous. She stood 5'7", very slender and athletic looking with nice t&a and long dark hair. She was dressed in a short sleeve navy blue blouse low cut, blue skinny jeans and black heels with a peep toe. I was wearing blue jeans, a black button down collared shirt with black shoes. We hit it off immediately.

Almost immediately, her hand was on my inner thigh and my cock started showing some growth. After an hour, we decided to go back to her place.

Her townhouse was located just outside of Richmond VA. Very nice. She poured us both drinks. Vodka and orange juice. I kicked off my shoes while enjoying my drink and then we started kissing each other.

Then it started to hit me.

“Woah! Didn’t think I drank that much” as I was starting to get a bit light headed.

“You ok?” Responded Sydney.

“Oh my God I gotta get some air”

I got up and started walking when I tripped. I tried to get up and then started crawling and then finally I passed out.

Again, I had no idea how long I was out. I definitely woke up with a headache. And again couldn’t see, move or speak. The only thing I could say was “mmmppphhh!!”

Finally I felt my blindfold being taken off. I look around and saw leather straps Head to toe all over my body. I was strapped to a metal frame. And then I saw Sydney. She had changed into a red leather catsuit with black stiletto knee high boots. She also had black leather gloves and a black eye mask.

“Hello George. Are we comfortable heh heh? The answer to that was obviously no. Then Sydney started to climb on top of me. All of sudden I could feel my cock starting to get hard. Certainly didn’t intend for that to happen.

"Ok George, let me tell me about your situation. I have you as my prisoner. You are now my sex slave. My toy. I will be training you to be a sex slave. When your ready, you’ll be sold as a sex slave to the highest bidder. Until then your ass is mine. Mine to use and abuse for for my pleasure. I’m going to hurt you and enjoy it. And this is not a typical master slave relationship. There’s no safe word. I torture you until I get bored. I don’t care about how you feel except how I want you to feel. One other thing in case you think of trying anything. You’ve been fitted with a special collar. It’s locked and needs the combination to unlock it. If you decide to try something, I will give you a nice zapping. Want a demonstration?”

“Mmmppphhh!!” Trying to say no

“Come on George. You ready”

She showed me the remote. She played with it for about a minute. Waiting is the worst torture. Then finally .


“Come on. That was on the lowest level. You should see it at 150. The more you cooperate with me and are obedient and compliant, the easier this’ll be for you. Oh one more thing, when you address me, you’ll address me as Mistress Sydney. Understand?”

“Understand!!!” As she smacked my balls with the riding crop.

My eyes started seeing spots before them for a few minutes. While I was recovering, Mistress Sydney took straps and placed them around my cock and balls tightly. Already sore, the c&b harness made it even more so. Then she started attaching electrodes to both of my balls and then alligator clamps to my nips. Then I saw her starting to adjust knobs to the machine it was connected to.

“Ready slave?”



This is how my relationship with Mistress Sydney began.

Too be continued.

Alternate Ending Submission for Breaking

The play had ended but the flow of tears could not to be stopped running down your cheek. Your friend Anna grew worried and brought you home after the play, she would have expected you to gush over the events of tonight but you remained speechless during the whole car ride.

Once you got home and laid on your bed, thoughts had began to create an endless ripple of “what if’s?”

Is it possible? You asked yourself, but then again you aren’t sure of anything anymore.

Rebirth from ashes? Philip was the sun.
He was the fire that ignited so much life inside yours. Could he managed to be brought back to life himself? To this world? To this time period? Your mind wondered to think of Anthony. There were stars in his eyes, something that reminded you of your Philip. Could he be?

You had to see him again.
You closed your eyes and were lulled to sleep by the comfort of your bed.

You started to dream vaguely.

There! The field stretched far into the horizon, there was only light. Laughter had rang out like a familiar melody. Warmth enveloped your body. Strong callous hands waiting to catch you. You both fell on the grass surrounded by countless baby’s breath flowers, the tip of your noses touching. Lips so soft that arched a smile when it kissed your skin. You didn’t want to be anywhere else other than where you are at this moment.

“Find me..” the wind whispered.

You opened your eyes to be greeted by morning. You knew you weren’t physically capable yet but every mental power in you pushed your body otherwise.

You showered, got dressed, and did the other usual routines then you were out the door. You took a cab and went to Broadway. A ton of people were waiting outside the theatre just to catch a glimpse of the actors, and hopefully might be able to get a hand on the tickets during the lotto. It was the Ham4ham show.

You pushed through the crowed and you found yourself placed front row of the show.

Lin-Manuel Miranda came out with Philippa Soo talking about the kids of Alexander Hamilton. Lin hit the door to signal the actors to come out. Your heart swelled seeing all of them complete!
Philip, Angie, Alex Jr, James, John, William, Eliza and even tho you haven’t met him, the little Philip.

You kept your eyes fixed on Anthony. He played your sunshine and you wished you could come and take him in your arms.

Everyone had finished their solos but there was on more surprise.
Instead of the little Philip being the last to sing they added the actress that played Titania. She took Anthony’s hand while singing. You stared at them for a moment, he looked at her and kissed her hand.

Honestly it felt weird being outside of that picture. You and Philip are now history, it can never be. You and Titania are now both different people. You will never have your sunshine back, Anthony was merely an actor.

After the Ham4Ham show people started clearing and you wanted to warm yourself up with a hot beverage. Your hand was ready for reach the handle of the door when someone beat you to it. The young man had opened it for you

“Oh…” you were surprised to meet with Anthony’s eyes “Let me get that for you.” He said with a smile and you gave him a nod as you walked in, Anthony was following behind. “Thanks for that..” you said coolly. You stared at him, even if he did look like yoursunshine, it didn’t feel like Philip at all.. “Your performance at the Ham4Ham show was great.” You complimented trying to strike up conversation.

“Oh yeah! Thanks! I think I saw you in front with the crowed?” He asked while you guys made your way to order your beverages

“Yeah that was me. It was great you guys told the story of the other Hamilton children.” You smiled and when you tried to reach out the money to pay, Anthony had already beaten you to it.

“So you’re into the history of the Hamilton’s?” He chuckled and you shrugged trying not to make it a big deal. The Hamiltons’ were a big deal to you

“Well yeah? Who doesn’t like learning a little bit now and then? It’s like you’re immersing yourself deeply as if you were living in those times. You know?”

Anthony took your cups and handed you you your order “God! You sound like my cousin, but he’s a Historian.. well studying to be.” He scratched his head.
“Really?” You said intrigued taking a sip of your drink

“Actually..” he said surveying the café “I came here to meet him before the show. You wanna join us?” He turned his gaze back to you

“I guess I could? Thanks.” You followed behind him as he went over to a guy typing on his laptop like there was no tomorrow.

“Hey, Phil!” Anthony exclaimed greeting his cousin. Phil was pulled away from his work and stood up from his seat and gave his cousin one of those bro hugs that men usually do.

“Phil?” You said oddly

“Short for Philip..” he cleared while turning his attention to you. Your face tried not to show any surprise in your expressions.

Phil was a young and seemed to be at the same age as you and Anthony, his hair was tied in a bun away from his face and his grey shirt had two of the buttons undone. He looked gorgeous you thought.

“Philly, this is…” Anthony turned to you snapping his fingers “I’m sorry, we were talking and I didn’t think to get your name?” He laughed embarrassed and Phil shook his head at his cousin and folded his hands to his chest smiling.

You were stunned for a moment but collected your thoughts in time for a reply

“Oh! I-I’m (Y/N).. it’s a pleasure to meet you, Phil…” you stuttered and extended your hand out for him to shake, but instead he took your hand and leaned in to place a gentle kiss.
You were awe-struck to what he did.

It made your heart race in delight, his touch was so familiar. He looked up at you with his eyes. Oh! His eyes!

You felt the blood creep up to your cheeks. You quickly changed your mood as to not seem like you were easily flustered.

“I hear that you’re a historian, do you often spend your time at a place like this?” You said looking around with a smile. Your hand was still being held by his.

“If it takes learning a war for us to meet it, will have been worth it.” He said a with a wink that made you roll your eyes playfully, he was such a flirt and you took your hand back and laughed

Anthony chuckled at both of you..
“Hey! They’ll be looking for me back at the theatre.. I’ll see you guys. Alright?” And with that he left.

Philip helped you sit down and tried to go back to work. An old piece of parchment caught your eye. The writing was so familiar! Your eyes widened and took it without any other thought.

Could it be?

“Are these Titania’s letters?” You asked a little too enthusiastic. Philip gave you a look of fondness “It is..” he took more of the letters out from his satchel “Actually, they’re duplicated ones. The museum doesn’t let me bring the real ones into harsh conditions.” He scanned the notes and brushed the letters with his fingertips with such sentimental value of Titania’s words to Philip.

“He was her sunshine…” You said softly. Philip looked up then turned to you with a smile.
“And you were his star…” he held your hand and kissed the back of it.

-OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!! I’m like…star-struck right now!! PUN FULLY INTENDED! I loved it so much!!!-
A Look Back

Summary: (parent!phan) Dan is putting his little girl to sleep when he begins to talk about how his life has changed, then Phil comes in and continues the conversation

Genre: Pure Fluff

W/C: 1077
Phils POV

She really is gorgeous, Bea is. Dan was laying by her tiny bed and humming a tv show’s theme song, hoping it would help our daughter go to sleep. Her small chest steadily rose up and back down, puffing up her sleeping onesie with every exhale. She was definitely asleep. The faint curls in the small amount of hair she had were very pronounced so you could tell she was Dan’s child. She also had strands of white hair in place of some dark eyelashes, similar to the random white streak I have on the back of my head. 

Dan had begun quietly speaking to Bea, “I’m so glad we have you, Beatrice. You make your daddies so happy and I don’t think you will ever comprehend how much we love you”. He paused and took her tiny hand and she almost instantly wrapped it around his index finger. 

“Having a healthy little girl like you is more then I could she ever asked for. I have you, Phil, The BBC; and to think I almost became a lawyer”. Dan stopped again and sniffled. He brought his other hand up to his face and whipped away a small tear that was trickling down his cheek. 

I leaned into the room the pastel green room and tapped on the door to let Dan know I was coming in. 

“Hey”, I said kneeling down by Bea’s bed and taking Dan’s free hand into mine,

“Hi. How long have you been spying?" 

"I wasn’t spying, I was observing, and not long” Phil gave Dan’s hand a squeeze and planted a kiss on the top of his head while he was looking at the ground from embarrassment, then right back up at me. “I did hear you talking to Bea, about how much you care”.

“She means so much to me, Phil” Dan then looked back at Bea. “I wouldn’t trade her for anything. I care about both of you so much I can’t even begin to describe that. You and I met when I was a depressed and almost suicidal teen. For christ’s sake, I was your biggest fan and I actually got to meet you. You even inspired me to make a channelPhil you saved me, when I’m with you I just feel better. You give off an aurora of joy and optimism, and I’m so glad it’s rubbed off on me. I never really said it, but I went to school in Manchester to be closer to you. Eventually I moved in with you and realized that law is not something I wanted to pursue. I broke down, you were there and you didn’t walk away. You stood by me and we even made the best and scariest decision of my life. We moved to London, with basically no money, in hopes that BBC Radio 1 would like our show that we sent in. We were lucky, we had a growing YouTube audience and got a radio show. That show was fun while it lasted and sad when it ended. But little did we know that 3 years after the end of that show we would have longer, funnier and better show that would win 2 awards in 2017. In all that time, we kept our relationship some what secret. Never really making a big deal about coming put, it just got to the point where it was so obvious that everyone could tell. The way we always stare at each other it wasn’t that hard to notice that we cared about each other, we did have to clear up somethings on Twitter though”.

Now I was blushing like crazy and Dan hadn’t even finished. He paused, chuckled and then continued.

“Something I’ll never forget was the day you proposed. Everything was perfect. We spent our morning cuddling in the lounge while watching anime then went out for lunch and had Vietnamese. After eating we walked around for a bit, went shopping. By the time we came home, I was so happy and content with my day.”

He paused again and his smile grew even bigger

“Your proposal was probably the smoothest thing you have ever pulled off.”

“Yeah, it really was. We were in the kitchen making dinner when I asked you what you were going to wear to ‘the wedding’ and you were so confused. You thought you forgot one of our friends weddings or something. But when you turned around I was down on one knee and had the open box with your ring inside. Your jaw instantly fell and you smiled like an idiot, but covered it with your hands. You pulled me up into a kiss and then hugged me for what seemed like forever while you were trying to hide the fact that you had happy tears falling down your face. It was a great moment, and I’m glad I caught it all on camera.”

“Then maybe a year later, we actually got married. Dark floral, the best and most beautiful theme we could have chosen. Our photo shoot looked amazing too, with my bouquet of black flowers and yours of pastels. Oh, that was the best day ever.” 

Dan finished his sentence with a sigh and leaned on me, resting his head on my chest and looking up at me. I gazed at him and placed a kiss on his nose. 

“Agreed. But, I think the day we found out we could get her,” I motioned to Bea, “might have that beat.”

“Of course. When they actually found out there was a safe way for same sex parents to have biological children, I almost exploded with happiness. Although the process was complicated and a bit strange at times, it was all worth it.” 

I smiled down at Dan and set my head atop his. We could have layed like this forever. All cozy and sleepy, our chests rising and falling in perfect synchronization. Eventually we decided to go to sleep in our own room.

After all the lights were off and doors locked, Dan and I nuzzled into our bed. Even though we had a king sized one, we were as close as possible. With Dan wrapped around me, right as I was drifting off to sleep I heard his delicate and quiet voice.

“I don’t think I have ever been this happy and content with life.”

“I 100% agree.”

And with that, I was asleep. 


Music Lessons (Azura x M!Corrin)

Takes place in a Modern AU

Corrin had walked past this house four times already. Each time he approached it, he told himself he was going to go in. But every time the moment came to step up to the door and ring the bell, he chickened out and continued walking down the street.

He wasn’t stalking, or at least that’s what he told himself. He had bumped into the most beautiful woman he had ever met at the market the day prior. She had beautiful, long, blue hair that swayed majestically in ways that defied physics. Her eyes were an amazing shade of gold that Corrin had never seen before.

He had accidentally bumped into her, and after exchanging apologies, Corrin asked the woman what she was doing. Rather and shopping she had been putting up posters for singing lessons she had recently started to teach.

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Moving On - Chapter 1

Flight Delay

Originally posted by huckleberryb

“This is the final boarding call for passenger Jung Kiseok and Lee Hana. Please proceed to gate 7 immediately. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately five minutes time. I repeat. This is the final boarding call for Jung Kiseok and Lee Hana. Thank you.“

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just makes cents

So my school does this thing called senior servant day, and ofc it inspired this. Because I needed some fluffy Bellarke and Blake siblings. Apologies for the title; my post-finals brain thought it was punny.

Rated: Teen+
Read it on AO3

“Are you gonna bid on anyone?”

Clarke very deliberately closed her locker and zipped up her backpack before turning to her best friend’s little sister. “Is that your way of asking if I’m gonna bid on your brother? Because the answer is no.”

“Why not?” Octavia pouted. “I would’ve saved up for this, but I didn’t know it was happening!”

“Because he hid all the fliers and hacked your Facebook so that you wouldn’t find out, because he didn’t want you to know it was happening,” Clarke said, amused.

“And you didn’t stop him? Clarke!”

She just shrugged.

“Now some asshole’s gonna outbid me,” Octavia bemoaned, slouching against the lockers.

“As opposed to you two assholes?” said Bellamy, hiking his messenger bag more securely over his shoulder so he could ruffle her hair. Octavia ducked away, scowling. “Really, did you not consider that maybe I don’t want my sister buying me for senior slave day? Not least of which is because it’s an actual class fundraiser — we need actual bids, O, not just the two dollars you have left over from your allowance this month.”

“So what? Clarke —”

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hepa-tight-ass  asked:


thank you for the prompt! :) I hope you like it :3

45. “What do you want to watch?”

“Well”, the man looked up and at the screens above their heads, giving Eggsy the perfect opportunity to let his eyes wander without being caught.

Eggsy’s eyes had been glued to the man the second he entered the foyer, distracting him to the point where he stumbled over his words, making a fool of himself in front of a couple of teenagers who didn’t even wait until they were out of his hearing range with their snickering. Fortunately, the man was not close enough to overhear the embarrassing slip of his tongue. He had no such luck with Roxy, though, the girl’s knowing look shot his way when she heard his slip-up and the sly grin told him that he wouldn’t live it down in the next hour or so.

But when the man came over with a charming smile stretching his lips, Eggsy couldn’t care less about Roxy’s teasing. Instead, he willed the blush from his face – not as successfully as he’d liked, mind you – and gave him a cheeky smile as well.

Now, Eggsy probably looked a lot more competent and confident than he actually felt and he almost wished that he had let Roxy take over the counter for him, because from up close, the man looked even more handsome and knowing his own embarrassment proneness, Eggsy was approximately ten seconds away from making a fool of himself. Well, no time like the present, right?

“I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to find the movie.” The man said as last, eyes still trained on the screens that displayed the movies that were about to start, and Eggsy’s own eyes flickered back up to his face after he had been studying the delightful way in which the pinstripe suit hugged his arms.  

“Oh. Well, what’s it called?” Eggsy asked, his voice sounding a bit too shrill and eager and he cringed when he heard Roxy’s snort, sending her a quick, murderous glance when the man turned around all of a sudden.

Only then did Eggsy realise that the man wasn’t here on his own.

Working in the cinema had confronted Eggsy with various kinds of people – flocks of girls watching sad romances together, people on dates opting for action films, groups of people in fan merch coming to the premiere of the newest comic adaptations, adults deciding on computer-animated movies, students catching at the offer of sneaks for a couple quid – but people like the man on the other side of the counter usually came on their own, or with their wives.

“What was the name of the movie you wanted to see, dear?” The man’s voice had gone incredibly soft as he prompted a little girl to step forward after she had been hiding behind him.

Eggsy corrected his earlier thoughts. Men like him came on their own, with their wives or with their children.

Eggsy fought down the disappointment that settled in the pit of his stomach and dimmed his smile at the revelation that he had a daughter and wasn’t a single man, but collected himself soon enough and put on his widest, most charming smile when he looked over the counter at the little girl that was staring at him shyly.

“Hello, love. What’s your name?” He asked and watched as the girl tugged on her father’s sleeve, looking up at him until he nodded with a smile.

She turned to Eggsy then and smiled hesitantly, answering with a shy “Daisy”.

“My, what a pretty name.” Eggsy was glad to see the grin that stretched the girl’s lips. “I’m Eggsy, nice to meet you, Daisy.”

“Nice to meet you, Eggy.” She answered and Eggsy didn’t have the heart to correct her.

“Well, Daisy, what did you want to watch?” He asked kindly, unaware of the intense and intrigued gaze of the man resting on him as he watched the two interact.

Harry was rather charmed by this handsome young man, he had noticed him as soon as he stepped into the cinema and was intrigued by the blush that had spread on his face. If Merlin was here, he would probably tease Harry the second they were out of Eggsy’’s hearing range about his obvious staring and how he revelled in the way Eggsy’s eyes were trained on him and trailed down his body when he thought Harry didn’t notice.

He was so fixated on Eggsy that he missed the conversation between him and Daisy and was only ripped out of his trance when Daisy tugged on his sleeve again.

Harry blinked and looked down at her, but she just leaned her head to the side and looked back at Eggsy, prompting Harry to finally pay attention. When he did turn around, Eggsy was giving him the most brilliant cocky smile and Harry would have felt embarrassed at being caught staring at him, if it wasn’t for the blush that coloured Eggsy’s cheeks.

“That will be 15 quid.” Eggsy repeated, winking at Daisy and giving her another cheeky smile which she returned eagerly while Harry took out his wallet.

“I’m sorry, I’m not usually this distracted.” Harry explained, fishing out the money and paying with a pained smile but Eggsy just brushed it off light-heartedly.

“Don’t worry about it; your daughter is quite good at holding conversations when her old man is distracted, right Dais’?” He winked at her again and laughed when the man snorted in outrage.

“I am not old.” He declared, looking at Daisy with a warm smile as she covered her mouth with her hands while she laughed. “And Daisy here isn’t my daughter”, he added, brushing a hand through Daisy’s golden hair before he looked back up at Eggsy. He was surprised and pleased to see Eggsy’s wide-eyes, startled expression. “She’s my niece.”

“Oh.” Was all Eggsy could say and he was thankful when Roxy cleared her throat loudly and startled him out of his suddenly hopeful musings.

Because let’s be honest? What would someone like him – a handsome, posh older man in a suit with a watch that was probably worth five of Eggsy’s pay checks if not more – want from someone like Eggsy? In which universe would that be even possible?

“Uncle Harry”, Daisy tugged at Harry’s sleeve again and Harry looked back down, Eggsy feeling a little bit relieved now that the heavy gaze wasn’t watching his every move and he could collect himself. “Can we watch the movie now?” She demanded and Harry laughed, nodding.

“I won’t hold you up any longer! Your movie starts in 15, have fun!” Eggsy told them and smiled at both Daisy and Harry and when Harry made to leave after giving Eggsy a smile and thanking him, Daisy tugged on his sleeve yet again, pulling him down until she could whisper in his ear.

“Tickets.” She reminded him and Harry snorted, rolling his eyes at the embarrassing way he was so distracted by Eggsy. He was now convinced that Merlin would never let him live this encounter down. He stood back up again and turned to Eggsy with a smile.

“Daisy here reminded me that we still needed the tickets.”

Eggsy’s eyes widened and the blush took over his face as he nodded, diverting his gaze and printing out the tickets. He wanted to slap himself for being so distracted by the man – Harry – but the newest revelation that Harry might not be married after all still left him feeling a bit hopeful.

Also, he was proud that he had waited a couple of minutes into their encounter until he made a total fool of himself – and he only forgot to give them their tickets. It could have been worse; he could have blurted out something really embarrassing like asking for a date or telling Harry how fucking fit he looked in the suit. Forgetting to print the tickets wasn’t nearly as dreadful.

“I’m really sorry; I’m not usually that distracted either.” Eggsy said once he gave Harry their tickets and was having a mental victory dance when he noticed the lack of a golden circle around Harry’s ring finger.

“Don’t worry about it. Thankfully we have Daisy to keep us concentrated.” Harry said amiably and ruffled the girl’s hair again and Eggsy watched him with what Roxy would call hearts in his eyes.

Eggsy smiled and watched them go at last, Daisy piping up after they weren’t even two steps away. “Uncle Harry, why were you staring at Eggy, isn’t it rude to stare?”

Eggsy’s smile turned wicked when he saw Harry freeze for a second and look at him over his shoulder, a blush colouring his cheeks now that he knew Eggsy had heard her and Eggsy was about to have a victory dance for real when Harry leaned down again and whispered into her ear at which Daisy nodded excitedly. “Yes, Eggy is really pretty!” She exclaimed and Roxy snorted again while Eggsy’s face was positively on fire and Harry just pinched the bridge of his nose, not daring to shoot Eggsy another look.

Eggsy was fine with that.

This way, he could watch Harry go without being caught by him and without having him see the huge grin on his burning face; Roxy noticed of course, but Eggsy couldn’t care less as he mumbled under his nose.

“Yes, thank God for Daisy.”


Harry had been coming around more often, a charming smile on his face every time and Roxy never stopped to tease Eggsy about it and urge him to make a move. Eggsy didn’t dare, though. Still, he always felt a bit disappointed when Harry skipped a week or two, but when he came back, Eggsy was twice as happy.

Sometimes, Harry came with Daisy, other times with a friend –  Merlin is not my partner, God no – but most of the time he came on his own, usually coming in half an hour before the movies started, chatting with Eggsy, asking him about his work, his family, asking him for recommendations when he didn’t know what to watch. Eggsy was always a bit surprised when Harry came over without a clue which movie to see – usually people came to the cinema for something in particular, but Harry seemed to watch the movies just by the way.

Usually, they talked about the movies after they ended, Harry sticking around until the rush of new customers died down and helping Eggsy pass the time when the next movie started. Eggsy always felt all warm inside when he noticed Harry lean against a wall as he waited for Eggsy to serve the last customer.

There were a few times when Eggsy’s shift was over between movies and Harry invited him to watch the next movie with him, always missing the first few minutes, but he didn’t seem to mind and Eggsy never told him when he had already seen a movie before.

They had been meeting this way for the last few months but their relationship – whatever it was – had remained trapped within the popcorn-scented walls of this building and mostly over the counter as Eggsy always greeted him with an enthusiastic “What do you want to watch?” which has become a tradition for them.

So when Harry came in one evening, half an hour early as usual, with a nervous smile on his face and a letter in his hand, Eggsy was slightly confused, but decided to wait it out.

“What do you want to watch?” He asked with an unsure grin and Harry’s smile became a bit warmer and his eyes filled with affection as he gave Eggsy the letter without a word.

The younger man looked at him in confusion and then down at the letter, opening it uncertainly and drinking in every word.


I want to watch romantic classics with you, I want to watch horror films and thrillers with you, I want to watch action and comedy with you, I want to watch foreign short films and computer animated films with you, I want to watch you smile, laugh, cringe and snort at them, I want to watch you eat a whole bag of popcorn within the ten minutes before the movie even starts, I want to watch you add the tickets to your huge collection and I want to watch your eyes widen when you see the collection I started on the first day I met you. I want to watch you smile, laugh, cringe and snort at me, I want to watch you when you discuss what we just saw the second the credits are over, I want to watch the fascination, devastation and frustration over them as you explain all the things you liked and hated about them, I want to watch your smile when you talk with Daisy and your smirk when you say something inappropriate to me, I want to watch the fury in your eyes when I do something wrong and the affection when I do something right, I want to watch your fingers close around mine and your body curl into mine, I want to watch you fall asleep at night and I want to watch you struggle to get up in the morning, I want to watch our story unfold and if you let me, I want to watch it until the credits roll in.


But right now, I want to watch you look up.

Eggsy’s chest was rising and falling rapidly, his heart beating so wildly and loudly that he feared it would jump right out of his chest, his hands were shaking when he looked up. Harry was standing before him, obviously nervous but with the most loving smile on his face as he held out a ring box and Eggsy’s heart skipped a beat.

Harry opened the box; inside was a cinema ticket with the words “Our Story” printed on it and Eggsy grinned through the tears in his eyes at the cheesiness of it all - taken right out of a bad rom-com - as Harry asked the big question.

“What do you want to watch?”

((omg, I’m so bad at these fluffy, cheesy oneshots I’m so sorry haha))

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(4. / 11.) (33.)

Request: Hello darling, love the blog. Crowley here. I came to request a fluffy Dean/Reader, where Sam gets turned into a baby and the reader wasn't with Dean but they bond over raising baby Sam and get together. Fluffy fluff fluff!

Pairings: DeanXreader
Word count: 4430 (not even sorry)
A/N: A request from the King of Hell himself! I feel honoured… I have literally wanted to write one of these baby ones for ages so thank you so much for requesting it haha! I hope you liked it!

Your name: submit What is this?

The bunker was silent as you, Sam and Dean prepared for the hunt.

You were sitting on the table, reading up on the witch that you were hunting and Dean was cleaning his gun.

Sammy was behind you,  also reading up.

It was nice,  the peace and quiet…

Suddenly you jumped out of your skin as Sammy sneezed loudly behind you, groaning a little afterwards.

Dean looked up from his gun and you turned around to look at the younger Winchester brother.

He blew his nose and you saw Dean screw his nose up in disgust.

“Gross dude,” he commented and you rolled your eyes, looking back at sammy.

His eyes were red and his cheeks were rosy, so you reached out a hand and put it on his forehead,  feeling for a temperature.

Hissing, you pulled your hand back.

“Dude, you’re burning up!”

He coughed and swatted your hand away, doubling over to cough.

“I’m… fine!” He growled,  completely unlike Sammy, so you and Dean shared a look.

You glared at Dean and nodded at Sam, meaning for Dean to say something,  but as soon as he opened his mouth, Sammy held his hand up.

“Don’t. Don’t even try it, Dean! I am going on this hunt,” he said with a tone of finality.

Dean held his hands up in surrender and you gaped at him.

Jumping off the table you walked past Dean and flicked his ear.

“Call yourself a Winchester,” you mocked, heading for your room so that you could get ready.

An hour later and you all got into the impala and headed to the witches house.

It was a half hour ride, but Sammy was coughing and sneezing nearly the whole way, making you more and more nervous.

You just wanted to hunt over so that you could get your best friend home and into bed.

You half hoped that Dean would get it so that you could look after him too, but for a completely different reason.

You’d known for a while now that the Winchester boys were the two most important guys in your life.

One of them was your best friend and the other was the one who you were secretly in love with.

You watched Dean from the back seat of the Impala, daydreaming about him, but then his eyes met yours in the mirror and he frowned.

“Have I got something on my face? Or what? Quit staring, Y/N,” he muttered, fidgeting under your gaze.

You blushed and looked away, embarrassed that he’d caught you staring.

The rest of the ride was silent, and when you got to the witch’s house, you all climbed out, already knowing the plan.

You were going in in stealth mode. Sneak it. Stick a bullet in her head. Sneak out. It was simple.

Or at least it shouldve been.

Unfortunately as you all crept into the house, Sammy coughed, unable to suppress it, but giving the witch an early warning.

Cursing, you followed Sam through a door and into the room where the witch probably was.

As Sammy was in front of you, he shielded you from whatever the witch threw and it hit him in the chest instead.

She started chanting as you raised your gun and open fired.

She took three bullets in the chest before she stopped chanting, and another two before she went down.

Dean went to check for a pulse and you turned to Sam.

“Are you okay? Did she hurt you?” You worried, checking him over to make sure that he wasn’t about to die.

You were interrupted by Dean yelling and you turned in time to see the witch slash at his face.

You ran over and tried to pull her off him, but the bitch was strong.

Eventually Dean got his gun in his hand and you ducked aside as he put a bullet between her eyes.

You lay on the ground, panting next to Dean. You both got the giggles and lay there clutching your sides as you laughed.

A noise made you both stop though.

A child crying.

You sat up and looked around the room.

Sammy had gone, but sitting where he’d been only moments before was a young boy, maybe a year old with dark hair that flicked up around his head.

“Where the hell did you come from?” You wondered,  casting a look at Dean, but he was staring at the kid, a confused and almost disbelieving look on his face.

“Sammy?” He asked the child, and you frowned and looked back at the kid.

At the mention of his name, or.maybe his big brothers voice, the kid burst into tears.

Immediately Dean was on his feet and sweeping his little brother up.

Only then did you notice what “Sammy” was wearing.

His clothes hadn’t shrunk too, and so they’d all fallen off him, except for his massive tee that was now drowning him.

You climbed to your feet and moved closer to the boys, staring at the child in Deans arms.

“You sure its him, Dean?” You asked, looking at the kids face.

Dean glared at your question.

“ Of course I know! He’s my baby brother. I remember him this old. The witch must have done this,” he said softly, readjusting his grip on the kid.

You found it adorable how Dean got even more protective of Sammy when he was little again.

Shaking your head in wonder, you looked around.

“We’ve gotta split Dean. Before someone sees us…”

Dean nodded and then seemed to look you up and down before handing his brother over to you.

You were slightly offended that he’d had to weigh you up,  but you had other things on your mind.

For instance the year old best friend.

“Dean, get a sample of that stuff she threw at Sammy. We might be able to figure out what we were dealing with,” you said, looking down into little Sammys face.

His big hazel eyes stared up at you and you gave him a small smile.

His lower lip trembled and then popped out, practically breaking your heart there.

He whimpered and Deans head snapped around.

You bounced Sammy a little, trying to soothe him, but you could tell that he was gonna blow.

Dean quickly finished and the three of you went back to the impala.

Dean drove and you got shot gun, with little Sammy on your lap.

It didn’t take long for him to start screaming and you to start panicking.

Dean kept shooting anxious looks at you, but nothing you could do would soothe either man.

After another ten minutes, you couldn’t handle it any more.

“Dean,  pull over!” You demanded over the babys cries.

Quickly obeying your order, Dean parked up in the parking lot of a supermarket and climbed out.

You met him at the front of the car and handed him his little brother.

Almost immediately,  Sammy settled, snuggling into his brothers chest.

Dean looked almost as shocked as you, but then you shrugged.

“He must know who you are… He didn’t even know me when he was this age… I wasn’t even born when he was this age…”

Dean nodded like it made sense,  and you sighed and leant back against the impala, staring at the supermarket and then back at Dean.

“Dude, we need to go in there and buy him stuff… we have got no supplies for a baby at the bunker.”

Dean nodded and handed you his brother while he shrugged out of his jacket and wrapped that around Sammy before taking him back.
You grabbed your money from the glove compartment and then locked the doors, following Dean across the dark and damp parking lot.

You made a plan of attack as you got closer.

You’d grab the baby milk and everything you’d need while Dean hunted for some clothes to fit his baby brother.

When you split up,  you grabbed a trolley and headed to the baby section.

Once you were there,  you froze staring at the four aisles worth of baby things.

What the hell?

You started off with the basics. Babies need milk.

You headed for the fomula and picked up the one for one year olds as Sammy didn’t look any younger than that.

Next you went for bottles and nappies.

Turns out that baby bottles need sterilisers, and nappies came in different sizes and brands.

You grabbed wet wipes and ass cream, mentally making a note that Dean could put it on his brother.

After that, you just grabbed whatever else you thought you might need and went looking for Dean and the baby.

You found them by the till, the women around Dean all freaking out over how cute Sammy was and how good a daddy Dean was.

Dean noticed you and smiled proudly at you.

You grinned at him and went closer.

“… and this is his mommy,” Dean was telling the women who all gave you jealous looks.

“You have a beautiful family,” said the older woman who sat behind the counter and scanned your things.

You smiled and Dean hooked an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to make a show to the other women by laughing and kissing your temple.

You blushed and looked down, paying the woman for everything, including the clothes that Dean had gotten him.

Back in the Impala, you made Dean give you the keys and he climbed in shotgun with Sammy.

Once he was settled, Sammy fell asleep in his brothers arms and the ride home was silent except for the quiet humming of Hey Jude from Dean.

When you pulled up, you both climbed out the car and you went to unlock the door so that Dean could go inside with Sammy whilst you unpacked the car.

A few moments later and Dean came back out without Sammy and helped you unpack the car.

You decided now was the time to ask the question you’d been wondering.

“Dean. How long do you think this’ll last? I mean, I love Sam and that, but if he gets stuck like this, we can’t raise him!”

Dean put the bag back down and looked at you.

“I don’t know, Y/N. But if he is stuck, we’re gonna have to.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

“Dean! We’re hunters! We can’t raise him! Its too dangerous, and we don’t know the first thing about babies!” You half yelled, panicked that Dean was actually considering it. Raising a baby in the bunker.

Dean slammed the boot shut and glared at you.

“I can’t just hand him off to someone, Y/N! He’s my brother! Baby or not. No one is making you stay. If you want gone, theres the door! It’s not exactly the first time I’ve raised him,  and I did fine myself the first time, so don’t let me keep you!” Dean snapped, watching your eyes water.

He didn’t like arguing with you, but he couldn’t leave his brother. He wasn’t like his dad.

He walked back to the bunker and went to check on the sleeping baby.

Sammy was awake and kicking his legs, staring up at his brother, clearly understanding who he was.

Back outside, you hugged yourself as you got a grip on your emotions. Dean was right. He couldn’t abandon his brother and you couldn’t abandon your best friend. You knew Sammy would protect you if you had been turned.

You walked inside and went to Sammys room where Dean was watching the baby on the bed.

He was still wearing his grown up tee and you leaned on the door jam and watched them.

“What are we gonna do Sammy?” You heard Dean ask the baby, not knowing you were there.

You cleared your throat and stepped into the room, trying to act casual so that Dean knew you were staying.

“Well we need to get him changed and fed,” you said as you walked to the baby and picked him up.

He peered into your face and you smiled and pulled him close.

“Come on Sammy.  Lets get you sorted.”

This time the baby smiled at you, so you continued and sat down on the bed, pulling Sammys tee off, leaving him naked.

“I swear I’m not looking Sam,” you muttered to the baby as you put him down on the bed and got all the stuff you needed.

When you stood up, Dean was in front of you and you looked up at him.

Without a word he pulled you into a hug, planting a kiss on your hair.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you, Y/N,” he whispered.

You just hugged him tighter.

“I’m sorry too. I know that we can’t leave him. No matter what happens, you’ve got me too,” you promised.

When Dean released you, you got back to work and found everything.

When you got Sam ready, you asked Dean to go and make him a bottle.

By the time it was ready, Sammy was yelling again, his little face red and tear stained.

Even Dean couldn’t settle him and you were both unsure about what you were gonna do, but then you remembered what Sammy had been like before the hunt.

You felt his head and realised he was burning up.

“Dean, he’s still ill… Hang on, I got him some baby meds.”

You ran and got them, putting a dose in his bottle with his milk, testing the temperature before giving it to Dean to give to Sammy.

You watched as he drank the bottle, still whining a little, but slowly he drifted off, leaving you and Dean to put him into his bed.

You stacked pillows around him so that he couldn’t fall out of bed and then slowly tiptoed out of the room, leaving the door open in case he woke up.

The library was too far away for you to be confident you’d hear him and Dean sensed your unease.

“Did you get one of those monitor thingys?” He asked, but you shook your head, feeling stupid.

He shrugged.

“Wait here… I’ve got an idea,” he said as he jogged off, returning a moment later with two walkie talkies.

“You got a hair band or something?” He asked and you nodded, handing him one from your wrist. He wrapped it around the button so any noise baby Sam made would be heard.

He took it into Sams room and put it on the bedside table.

You went into the library and started researching.

A few minutes later, Dean fell into the chair next to you and started helping.

After two hours of  this, Dean sighed and threw the book he was reading across the room.

All you’d figured out was that Sam was stuck like this unless you could do the reversal spell, but you had to do it at midnight, under a full moon.

That was two weeks away.

You nudged Dean and sighed.

“Its not so bad, Dean, we’ve just got to look after him for two weeks. Its better than eighteen years?” You tried and Dean laughed.

“Yeah I guess so… Nothing better happen to him while he’s this big… At least grown up Sammy can hold his own, but if demons find out and see this as a chance to take down one of the Winchesters…”

Without thinking,  you stroked his arm.

“Its alright Dean. I’m not gonna let anything happen to him and neither are you. He’s safe with us. Its just two weeks,” you said softly.

Before Dean could answer you heard Sammy start to cry on the walkie talkie, so you both stood up and ran to his room.

Working together, you managed to tame the beast, but he started screaming if either of you left, so in the end, you both lay down next to each other with Sammy between you and went to sleep.

The next two weeks were actually pretty awesome in your opinion, and you and Dean quickly fell into a routine.

You’d wake up. You’d get Sammy dressed and bathed while Dean made breakfast for eveyone.

Then you’d both play with Sam and keep him amused till bathtime, feeding and changing him in between.

You and Sammy got in together, you preying that Sam would have no recollection of this when you got him back to his usual self.

Once you guys were done, Dean would shower while you and Sammy got dressed for bed.

Then once you were all ready, you’d all go to sleep in Sams bed.

You loved it.

Not to mention the fact that everytime you all went out, you got to act like a couple with Dean,  which may have been the highlight of your whole experience.

You’d grown closer over everything that had happened and everything was going well.

At least up until the second week when Bobby called and said that you needed shifter blood for the ritual and you said you’d go and get it.

As soon as you mentioned it to Dean he’d flipped out and a big arguement had started.

“You’re not going alone, Y/N, end of story!” He yelled at you, Sammy watching you both from his high chair.

You yelled back, not caring if it set Sammy off.

“I am going! You can’t go! Sammy wont settle without you. He’ll live without me… I’ll be gone for two days at the most! I have to go!”

Dean tugged at his hair.

“No!” He said stubbornly, no actual argument.

You rolled your eyes but then got on the defensive.

“Why not, Dean?” You demanded and suddenly he had hold of you, by your shoulders as he shook you.

“Because I won’t have your back! If something goes wrong, you’ll die! While I’m babysitting!”

You sighed and calmed down a little,  slightly touched that he was worried about you.

“Look Dean. What do you want more? Me or Sam? Thats what this comes down to. If I don’t go, Sam wont go back to normal. If I do go, he will. Its a no brainer for me. He’d do it for me,” you argued.

Dean sighed, knowing that you were right, but the choise you’d given him wasn’t an easy one.

Two weeks ago and he’d have had an easier time, but he’d fallen for you. Hard.

“Y/N, I’d rather have Sammy stuck as a baby and us have to raise him than lose you. Okay? Please don’t go,” he begged, but you shook your head.

“I’m sorry Dean, but I’m going. I’ll see you in two days,” you promised and then made a snap decision.

You stepped forward and stretched on your tip toes to plant a kiss on Deans lips.

You didn’t give him time to react as your tore yourself away, kissing Sammy on his head before running out the door, leaving a bewildered Dean behind you.

You got in the car and drove, only daring to dream that if you made it back, maybe yours and Deans relationship might actually be going somewhere.

Putting your foot down, you sped on towards the shifter.

Back in the bunker, Dean tried to stay calm, worrying about you every second, terrified of you not making it home.

You’d finally given him the all clear. You liked him too.

But had he just let you slip through his fingers?


The next two days were nerve wracking for Dean, and everytime his phone rang he panicked,  thinking it was Bobby, about to tell him that you’d been killed.

Each time though it wasnt. It was never you either, which was almost as bad.

Dean prayed to Cas to watch over you, hoping the angel wouldn’t let anything happen to you.

When the second day had been and gone with no news, Dean didn’t panic, thinking that maybe you’d come home in the night and he’d wake up with you.

It didn’t happen though.

The third day was torture for him,  and that night, he finally accepted that you weren’t coming home.

He couldn’t help it. He lost it.

Sammy was in bed as Dean stormed around, throwing and smashing things up, yelling a wild savage yell as the pain exploded in his chest.

He’d lost you. He’d never really ever had you, but now he’d lost you.

He knew Sammy couldn’t hear him, but he didn’t even really care if he did. Dean didn’t really care about anything anymore.

He grabbed hold of his whiskey bottle and turned, meaning to throw it at the wall, but he froze.

You were home.

Bloody and beaten, but home,  a vial of shifter blood clutched in your hand.

You stared at each other a moment before Dean let out a groan as his shattered heart smashed back together and he pulled you to him, holding you tightly enough that you wondered if he’d ever let you go again.

After a moment, he let you go just for long enough so that he could take your face and kiss you hard on the mouth.

Your split lip protested but you didn’t care.

You wrapped your arms around him and stretched up onto your tiptoes to stay as close to him as you could.

You made out for a few minutes, but then you remembered that there was important things to be doing. You were home a day late, which meant that the ritual to change Sammy back was that night.

You pulled back from Dean and he whispered to you.

“You never called. I thought you were dead. I swear to god if anything had happened to you…”

You hushed him, reassuring him that you were okay, and everything was gonna be okay.

“We need to do this ritual. We only have eleven minutes. You get Sammy, I’ll make the potion,” you ordered, and Dean jumped into action.

The potion was easy enough, and when it was done, you stripped Sammy off, doubting he’d thank you if he came back to his normal size in a diaper.

At midnight, you tipped the mixture on sammy and said the spell, praying that it’d work.

You covered Sam with a blanket, trying to save some of his pride.

After a few moments, you noticed that he was changing.

In the space of twenty seconds, he’d aged maybe as many years.

When he was finished aging, he opened his eyes and looked at you both.

“Please god tell me that I’m grown again,” he whispered and you grinned at him.

“You’re back, Sammy! All grown up and hairy again,” you teased, ruffling his hair.

He grinned and sat up.

“Oh thank god. If I had to go through another diaper change…”

You were mortified.

“What?! You can remember it all?” You demanded,  remembering how many times you’d bathed with him.

He grinned at you.

“Yeah, cute birthmark,” he commented and you freaked out, smacking him on his arm and then turning and hiding your face in Deans chest.

He chuckled and Sam watched you both before deciding to get his brother back too.

“Y/N, Dean something yesterday. If he doesn’t tell you, I will.”

Dean growled.

“ You’re just being a little bitch today. I can’t believe we helped you!”

Sammy just laughed and stood up, holding his blanket as he hugged you both.

“ Good to be back guys!”

He turned and walked away, giving you a view of his ass for a moment.

“ Hey Sam!”

He turned around at your shout.

“Your ass was way cuter when you were a baby!” You teased, earning a blush from Sam as he hurried away to get dressed.

When he was gone, you turned back to Dean.

“So you’ve got something to tell me?” You asked, feeling Dean freeze and then tilt your head up to him, whispering against your lips.

“It can wait.”

You were too tired to argue.

“Okay. I’m going for a bath and then to bed. I’ll see you in the morning,” you said before you kissed him slowly.

When you pulled apart you smiled and turned on your heel, going to get ready for bed.

Half an hour later you climbed out of the bath and got dressed, your wounds aching but half healed.

You fell into your bed and tried to sleep, but you found that you couldn’t,  even with how tired you were.

You tossed and turned for a while before finally giving up, just staring at the ceiling.

Another few minutes passed,  but then your door creeped open and someone came inside.

You knew it was Dean and you sat up and looked at him in the dark.

“I can’t sleep. You the same?” You asked and you saw him nod before coming closer.

He got into the bed next to you and you moved closer and lay down.

Deans breath tickled your neck as he lay on his front looking at you.

“So, I have something to tell you… I told Sammy when he was a baby. When I thought you weren’t going home… And I guess I should tell you…”

He cleared his throat and trailed a finger down your stomach.

“I’m not good at this touchy feeley bullcrap, but I love you.”

Your heart felt like it stopped in your chest then and there.

Dean waited for you to say something, but instead you just pulled him closer and kissed him.

“ What the hell took you so long?!” You demanded when you pulled apart.

He laughed and you lay back down.

You were just falling asleep when Dean spoke again.

“So, Y/N… We’ve slept together for the past two weeks and raised a child… I guess we did this in the wrong order, but do you want to date?”

You rolled your eyes and grinned.

“Of course.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do Alex Benedetto getting jealous? Or if you don't do girls, could you do Nicolas getting jealous?

Style: Oneshot (you didn’t specify and I’m generally more comfortable with writing oneshots, so…)

Notes: Very slight NSFW, jealousy.

Alex Benedetto could feel it. That bitterly grotesque feeling inside her that made her gut churn in displeasure. She fiddled with her fingers uneasily, her mind wandering back to the image of you and that other woman. She recalled how you’d laughed your pretty, euphonious laugh and flashed your breathtakingly beautiful smile, both at someone that wasn’t her.

No, she wanted to scream. You were her’s.

But what if you didn’t want her anymore? The mere thought of it made the dark-haired woman’s stomach sink. It was an indescribably unpleasant feeling: a mixture of intense fear and a touch of sorrow.

That’s right, she was scared. Scared that she was unworthy of your love, that somehow, you’d decided to leave her for someone ’better’. Scared that she wasn’t good enough. Did you, perhaps, find her boring? Embarrassing? It didn’t matter, for her fear was still the same. Alex was scared of losing you.

It wouldn’t be that big of a surprise, the dark-haired woman thought to herself, if you ever did leave her, for you deserved so much more. You were incredible, the most amazing human being she’d set her eyes on yet. You’d told her stories, so many stories, about all the strange lands you’d visited, about things she didn’t even know existed. You were made of stardust and wonder, with galaxies at the back of your hand and smile so bright even the sun couldn’t compare. And you were kind, oh you were so brave and kind. She remembered all the times you’d comforted her, all the times you’d lovingly held her in your arms and assured her that everything would be fine, for Barry was no longer alive. She remembered the time you’d come to her rescue when she was being assaulted, whipping out your gun and shooting without hesitation before helping her up, your face stained with worry. You were a saviour. Well, that was how you seemed to her, anyway.  

How someone like you had fallen in love with her, she did not know. After all, compared you you, she really wasn’t that much. Poorly educated and brought up, and a former prostitute, too. The times she’d been hit, the times she’d been raped and abused. Alex felt tears sting her eyes as she hung her head in shame. She was dirty.

Perhaps that was the reason you’d associated with that other woman. It might have just been a friendly gesture, you linking arms with the blond and all, but still, she couldn’t help feeling incredibly insecure, spiteful even. The other woman had been pretty - very pretty. The raven-haired woman felt her throat tighten as ugly thoughts started to sprout.

What if it hadn’t been a friendly gesture? What if you really did like the other woman? What if- What if you’d already slept with her?

That must be it, why the two of you had been so incredibly friendly.

Alex looked up, her blue eyes drifting to where you sat, your nose buried in some dusty old book. Slowly, she stood up and made her way over to you.

I really am worthless, she found herself thinking, her fists clenched. There really wasn’t any reason someone like you would be with her, except maybe…


The Benedetto felt her heart-rate quicken. That was probably the reason you were with her, right? After all, she had nothing else to offer - no power, no riches, no nice house. She’d lived most of her life knowing to do nothing but sell her body for money, Barry had told her without that, she’d be no better than garbage.

But very well. If that was all she could offer you, so it be.

She’d give it to you - she’d give it to you so good, you’d never even think of associating with those pesky other women again. Why, merely the sight of you with them made her stomach boil with rage! (Not that she’d ever tell you, though…)

“[Name],” she spoke in the most alluring, most seductive voice she could muster, her dark arms snaking around your waist and pulling your body close to hers.

You looked up from your reading, slightly startled. “Oh, Alex,” you greeted, only to have her push herself against you, slender fingers fiddling with the buttons of your shirt. You gave an alarmed yelp. “Alex, what are you doing?”

She didn’t stop. Her nimble fingers skillfully undid each and every button.


There was no response.


She froze, a wave of unreadable emotion washing over her face.

“Let me continue,” she quietly mumbled, tearing her gaze away from yours. There was a hint of sorrow in her tone.

“But what–”

“I need to do this, please,” she abruptly cut you off. You noticed that her eyes had gotten slightly watery. Was she, perhaps, crying?

“What’s wrong?” you softly asked, raising your hand to caress her cheek.

“Oh would you just- Please. Just let me do this. I’ve nothing to offer you [Name], nothing at all. I can’t give you money, or power. I can’t even give you a house. But please, just let me do this, I’ll- I’ll make you feel better than she did - than anyone did…” The young woman trailed off, her voice cracking slightly.

She?” Your eyebrows crinkled together in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about, [Name]! That- That blond. The one at the bar.” She bit her bottom lip, as though trying to refrain herself from spurting out any spiteful remarks. “I’ll give it to you better that she did, I swe-”

Alex,” you interrupted, again. “Are you…jealous?”

There was no response, the beautiful woman only lowering her head in embarrassment.

Oh! So that was why she’d been acting strange! It sort of made sense, now.

“She and I, we’re just friends,” you informed, after a moment of silence. “We used to work at the same pub. She’s married, got kids and everything…” You scratched your chin awkwardly. What should you say?

“You wanna know something, though?” After much thought, you finally decide. “Even if she wasn’t married with kids, I’d still pick you over her any day.”

Alex Benedetto looked up, her large blue eyes meeting your [e/c] ones. She could hardly bring herself to believe what she heard was true.


“Really. Because at the end of the day, you’re the one that I love.”

The corners of your lips moved upwards, quirking into a smile, and much to your delight, she smiled back.

“Now, you did say you’d make me feel better than anyone ever had, did you not?”

- - -

Author’s Note: I do believe this is what she would’ve done. Due to her horrendous past with Barry, Alex lived to believe that she had no worth other than to provide people with sexual pleasure (as seen when she had hallucinations of the man and tried to push herself onto Worick). Despite being brave and kind, I believe she’s also very insecure. Which is why, when seeing her significant other with another woman, the first emotion that would come to mind would be fear instead of anger. That’s all I had to say. I’m not sure how good this is as this is my first time writing for Alex, but I hope everyone liked this !

Try Again to Get it Right, Part 3

Explanations, to some degree. Minor Percy/Vex, post Episode 63.

Read Earlier Parts 1, 2

Lady Johanna moved everything quickly from there.

 Anders was quickly stabilized, gagged and removed to a cell. The rest of them were ordered in to a much smaller, more comfortable room and directed to a set of squishy couches while she poured everyone over seventeen a large glass of brandy and sent the younger de Rolos off to find their older siblings.  

“I think, Percival, that you owe us an explanation.”

 “I don’t know quite where to start.”

“Start with why you left a man you’ve always adored bleeding on the floor of my receiving room.”

“Our receiving room.” Fredrick corrected, and was quelled instantly a look from his wife. Vex decided that she liked Percy’s mother very much.

“Anders betrayed us, or will betray us. It was – for me, I mean - it was just over five years ago.”

“I must say I didn’t expect to go grey before twenty-four.”

 The whole room turned and Percy shot to his feet. In the doorway were three people. A broad faced young man, a very pretty, sandy-haired young woman, and…Percival.

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Overflow PT 3

PT 3. It’s done.Can you believe it?! I can’t! There was much more I wanted to add, but instead I’ll do a story of what is happening with Iden, Emme, and Molly at this same time in a different story. Please, enjoy. This is very long, so get cozy.

Pt 1 Here, Pt 2 Here

“I can buy you five minutes, maybe seven…” Penelope said through a rushed sigh as she quickly opened up the garage door of her home for Daphne and a sluggish March with his eyes closed and arms around Daphne’s neck. He feared if he let go that he would tumble drunkenly off the edge of the planet.

It had been decided via text while Daphne was in the McDonald’s drive-thru that Penelope would keep her Dad distracted in the basement while Daphne took March upstairs and tucked him into bed. While Penelope championed sneaking out of her bedroom window and shrugging off punishments, she didn’t have much practice the stalling either one of her parents. She assumed her best bet was to start talking about music with her Dad, but much to Luke’s disappointment, Penelope really only liked eighties music and few select local bands. She wasn’t at all confident that she could hold a sincere conversation about the best album or the year or how sound mixers worked for one minute, let alone five. For her little brother though, she would try.

“He’s heavy.” Daphne merely pouted back in response while trying not to trip inside their house with all of March’s weight hanging off of her. She fumbled to the stairs, leaving her shoes on. “Thanks, Pen.” Once she pulled her boyfriend up the first two steps, she looked over her shoulder and weakly smiled at the blond who was locking the door.

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