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Not like the others - Finn Balor One Shot/Imagine

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“Have you guys seen that new ring announcer?” Enzo asked the group of guys in catering “Let me tell you.. that girl.. she can get it all and then some” He said causing Finn to laugh, that’s the thing about being friends with Enzo, you never knew what you were going to get with him, he would say anything at any given time
“I know this one..” Kevin said pointing to Finn “Has seen her..” He added
“Shut up..” Finn said growing red
“What did you do now?” Gallows asked Finn
“Nothing” Finn said denying the events that had taken place earlier in the day
“He ran into a door” Kevin said and Finn grew more embarrassed
“I was holding the door open!” Finn argued
“With your face?” Kevin asked and the guys laughed
“Somebody’s got a crush..” Gallows said
“They grow up so fast” Enzo teased

A few weeks after seeing who Finn was sure was the most beautifully amazing woman he had ever laid eyes on, he finally accepted the fact that the girl may actually already have his heart and he hadn’t even spoken one word to her before, he was completely in the palm of her hand and all she had to do was look at him and give him that sweet little smile like she had done multiple times as she announced his matches..

It was summer slam 2016, Brooklyn.. time for the main event, Finn was normally nervous before his matches but there was something about this match that made him even more nervous, his parents were out there and would be watching from the front row, Stephanie and Mick would also be ringside, It was for the opportunity to be the first ever universal champion, and it was his first major WWE PPV, so to say the stakes were high and the pressure was a lot to handle was an understatement

As he stood in gorilla he was looking at the paint that covered his body when he felt a hand grab his arm and he turned around to face the woman, Why would she do this to him right before He was getting ready to go out there?
“I just wanted to say, good luck..” She said sweetly
“Thanks” He said simply
“I’m not gonna lie.. I kinda like this version of you..” she said referring to the demon character
“Most people say the opposite” he said
“I’m not like most people” she said
“I gathered that.. you’re way more beautiful than anybody else here” He said to her and she blushed as she looked down
“Well.. I better go..” she said grabbing a microphone and walking through the curtain
“Bro.. you need to go tell her you like her.. as soon as you get back, she told Carmella she likes you but she’s waiting for you to make the first move”
“Really? Right now? You’re gonna tell me this right now? While I’m trying to concentrate!” Finn complained
“Motivation! It’s motivation!” Enzo said

Finn went out for his match and it was going well until something changed the course of his career, he was thrown into a barricade and his shoulder popped out, as he sat there trying to pop his shoulder back into place he looked up and saw her worried eyes lock with his, he had to get his shoulder back in and win this match, he couldn’t let her be worried about him..

After the match, he knew something was wrong, he knew he would be out for awhile, as he sat in the trainers room his parents were so excited when they came in but soon were worried about their son, Finn heard the door open once more and in walked guess who?
“Hey you..” She said as she walked up to him
“Hey” Finn said simply
“Good match” She said
“Tell that to my shoulder” He said and she laughed slightly
“Are you okay?” She asked him concerned
“I will be” He said simply and she nodded before sitting next to him on the table
“Well.. I’m not leaving until you’re happy” She said
“I hope even when I’m happy you don’t leave” He said
“We’ll see..” She said and he nodded he knew he needed to make his move
“I’m not a very interesting person to be around, I like to stay home and binge movies, eat pizza and live a pretty boring life”
“Well lucky for you I’m the same way” she said with a smile
“Well.. then.. I think it’s only natural that we live a very boring life together” He said
“What are you saying?” She asked him
“I’m saying, I like you.. like a lot.. You make me nervous”
“Yeah.. I could tell when you ran into the door a few weeks ago”
“Anyway! I guess what I’m getting at is, I live a simple life and I’d love to find somebody to live the simple life with me and I’m here if you want to take me up on that offer” He said nervously afraid of her reaction
“Like I said, I’m not leaving” she said as she grabbed his hand and he kissed the side of her head
“I’m glad” He said with a smile “Because I could really use a pick me up the next few months” He said and she smiled at him

This fandom spent months screaming about learning more about Hux to the point people are still asking for at least a book about him and his background. But someone asks about the importance of Finn learning about where he comes from and fans are suddenly all about how it is not that important because he’s found a new family. 

I mean Rey has also found a new family but y’all can still write 1,000 metas about where she comes from. But Finn fans should just be satisfied with Finn having Poe and Rey around. 

This is why I started to dislike the fanfictions where Finn just takes Poe’s last name and Yavin’s culture as his own and the writers never really bothered about him actually learning where he actually comes from or his family. 

It was a mistake.

The blood drained from his face as his daughters first word slipped through her lips. It wasn’t ‘mom’ or ‘dad’, no of course not, no matter how many times they repeated the words as a contest to see who she would call out to first she never said them back.

But a word he says one time, just once and there she is uttering her first word and Rey is going to kill him.

She turned to him, a trained smile on her face that told him he was in so much trouble. Ben. Our daughters first word is… Oh, she was fuming.

“Traitor.” The little bundle of joy exclaims again in her uncle’s arms. Ben turns to Finn whose smile is so bright as he bounces his daughter in his arms.

“I didn’t know she could talk yet.” Finn turns to them and he can feel Rey’s annoyance through the bond.

“It’s her first word.” She sounds defeated, but Ben thinks it shouldn’t have surprised them considering how Finn spoiled her rotten.

I said it once, it was a joke. He adds through the bond.

Yeah, and we know how good your sense of humor is.

“Traitor.” Their daughter kept repeating, putting her tiny arms around Finn’s neck.

“Oh, yes little one, uncle traitor.” He snuggles her close and then adds. “I’m gonna steal you while your parents finish their creepy little mind fight.” He then turns to them, the smile ever present. “She loves me.” They couldn’t argue against that.

Wait ‘til your mother hears about this.

a/n: This is crack, based on this post. I mean no hate towards Finn and I know he wouldn’t be her uncle, but he’s her uncle and Poe is her other uncle.

The Nightmare

A/N: I want to dedicate this one to @peakyxshelby because she is AMAZING! And shared with me how I helped her with her panic attack and coincidently I wrote this before and the reader experiences one and LITERALLLY FOLLOW HER SHE’S AMAZING! This one’s for you!

“You sure you’re gonna be ok?” Your best friend Maggie says as your hiding in the back of the bustling ballroom. You’re hiding behind her as an effort to be modest for Grace’s sake. You knew the Blinders long before she had come into your life, but lately you’ve grown to like her much better than any of the hot-headed men. Her family was polite, and you were not; simple as that. Maggie blocked you from sight as you hike up the skirt of your sapphire dress, releasing the flask from its spot.

“Yeah, as long as I’m drunk and I stay far away from him,” you say as you pour the contents into a cup to blend in, then quickly working to put the flask back in it’s place, “everything will be fine.” You grunt as you struggle to keep the flask upright in your pantyhose. “God damn it, I really wish I had pockets.” You mutter, getting everything back in place and standing up.

“Avoiding him’s gonna be impossible.” Maggie says, taking a sip of her punch.

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Some musings on fairy tales and tropes I wrote after watching TFA for the first time, in 2016.

Rey is in Maz’s CASTLE when she finds Kylo’s heritage saber. Maz’s place is a CASTLE, which makes this a fairy tale. What happened there is very much like what happened when Belle entered the Beast’s castle. Rey met a wise old lady (Maz instead of MrsPotts) who was very curious about her and asked Han who the girl was. Maybe because she feels curious but there may be more to it because she doesn’t ask who the boy, Finn, is. Maz can feel the Force and later she will tell Rey that her belonging lies ahead, so she knows much more than she seems. By asking who that girl is she may be wondering if that girl (Rey) is the one that she “knew” would come (to set Ben Solo free from the spell Snoke set on him?). Maz is another trope in a tale. There is usually a wise older lady who tells the girl about her destiny (a godmother fairy, Mrs Potts in “Beauty and the Beast”, a sort of motherly figure giving advice to this girl who grew up without a mother).

So we have the castle, the godmother telling the girl about her destiny, and also the orphaned girl. Girls in fairy tales have always lost their mothers, sometimes also their fathers, but they are always motherless as an indication of a passage towards adulthood. The girls are no longer children but women. Tales are always symbolic.

Then Rey goes where she shouldn’t go (like Belle when she goes to the West Wing in the Beast’s castle although she has been told not to go there). When Maz sees her there after her vision, Rey says “I shouldn’t have come here” (correct me if you remember her exact words better) or perhaps “I shouldn’t have touched anything”, meaning she shouldn’t have touched the lightsaber.

Another trope, the price under a spell. Kylo is a prince. That’s why San Tekka says to Poe Leia is a general but for him she will always be royalty. He says this just before Kylo appears there. This way they are telling the viewers that he is royalty. He is “in disguise” and “under a spell” but San Tekka reminds him of who he is ( a prince) and that he can’t escape which family he belongs too. As he is under a spell he rejects the truth. He won’t be able to accept it without (Rey’s?) help.

Then we have the girl going where she “shouldn’t” go when Rey goes to the castle’s cellar (the West Wing) and finds her destiny but doesn’t know what she has found. It’s the lightsaber and there she sees her future love for the first time ( or maybe she saw him some way before, like when Belle reads the tale where a girl meets a prince but doesn’t know it’s him until she gets to chapter three). Perhaps she has seen him in dreams or nightmares before, like it happens in the novelization. The lightsaber calls to her and the man in her vision tries to approach her twice. That lightsaber may be extremely important for Ben, because Belle touches the rose in the West Wing and it is already dying. The Beast freaks out because she touched it. When the rose dies, the Beast will have no chance to become human again. Kylo/Ben still feels the Light, which is like the Beast’s humanity (represented by the rose) but it is dwindling and Darkness is engulfing him. When this Light dies ( when the rose dies) the Dark Side will conquer his soul for ever and with no way back. Time is already dying out.

The spell must be broken before it is too late. Here we have another trope.

In the visions Kylo tries to approach Rey but she can’t see his face until he unmasks for her in SKB. In the West Wing Belle sees her prince’s face for the first time in a portrait but doesn’t recognise he is the one for her until the end (Episode lX then?). She doesn’t realise that she has seen the Beast’s human face or that he is the prince in the tale she was reading at the beginning of the movie, her favourite tale, and also her future love. It will be the same with Kylo/Ben. Rey has already seen his human face during the interrogation scene, both in the literal sense ( she saw his beautiful face) and also the figurative one, because she felt his inner self (Ben) and she could enter his head and see his thoughts and feelings. She called him a monster, which is very similar to “Beast”. She doesn’t accept him like Belle doesn’t accept the Beast at first and it will take her the whole trilogy to realise she loves him, although they were predestined from the start. Kylo will evolve until she can accept him and love him. She won’t love him until he changes.

Love breaks the spell, another trope.If this is a fairy tale she will love him back or the monster persona (the Kylo Ren persona) will take over for ever and the prince (Ben) will “die”. He said to Han he had destroyed Ben but this isn’t true, not yet. As Han says, his son is alive.

When Rey is in the castle she finds a magic sword ( the lightsaber) but she doesn’t accept her quest. Here we have a trope with gender reversal where the sword calls to a girl. We have a magic sword and a heroine to break the spell, rescue the prince and kill the dragon (snake-dragon, Snoke).

She runs away and meets the prince in a forest (like so many other princesses in tales) but the GA didn’t realise who he was and neither did Rey. However, he took her into his ship because he knew. That’s why he is so surprised she is only a scavenger, because he is waiting for a girl and everything indicates it’s Rey. Can the woman fate (the Force) sent for him be only a scavenger?

I’d love it if Rey “no one”, the scavenger, was the one to love and save “the prince”. This would mean every girl is a princess and a heroine, and worthy of love and being loved, any girl could be chosen to set off on a great quest and be the chosen one without blood having anything to do with it. But I expect something else because they have created too many expectations on the viewers for too long. If she was a nobody we should already know.

Sacrificial Friend

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As you may or may not know, I enjoy short chaptered fics and this is the first part of my knew one.  I got the idea from a convo I had with @madfatty ages ago.  She wondered how Chloe got to know Izzy and I thought about it for a minute and thought of something a bit cynical.  I let my over active imagination morph the idea into this mostly unrelated AU.  Sorry to Chloe fans.

Sacrificial Friend

Chloe knew what she had to do.  Since the moment Sally Crowther gave her the idea she thought about it over and over and decided it was the only way she would achieve her goal.  If she could just get their attention she’d be able to snare one of them with her shiny hair and perfect figure.

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For your consideration: Finnrey kisses + rain.


Rey’s training with Luke when she gets the message: Finn is awake, and will be deployed almost immediately (war waits for no one, after all.)

Rey sprints down the island’s stone stairs, starts up the Falcon, and flies so fast that even Chewie is scared. (Having flown with Han for decades, that’s saying something.)

They make it to D'Quar in record time, but when Rey tumbles out of the Falcon, followed by Chewie and R2, Finn is nowhere to be seen. Her heart twists in panic.

Then she spots Poe, who says Finn’s in the war room, on the other side of base. Rey takes off like a shot.

It’s raining hard, but she doesn’t care. Her boots splash through puddles and she can barely see through the soaking wet curtain of her long loose hair, but she just keeps running, thinking of nothing but Finn Finn Finn.

She bursts into the war room, breathless and rain-soaked down to her toes. A group of resistance officers had been yelling loudly about battle tactics, but the room goes silent when she bursts in. Everyone just stares at her, mouths open.

She spots Finn, and runs to him, ignoring the stares of her commanding officers. She flings herself into his arms, and he catches her with a startled, “oof!” Then laughs, free and easy, and squeezes her tightly in return.

There are a million things she wants to say - that she’s dreamed of him every night, that she’s so sorry she left, that she can’t believe he’s here, and real, and right in front of her. Instead, she pulls his face toward hers and kisses him like her life depends on it.

He freezes for a heart stopping second. Then he smiles against her mouth, and runs his fingers through her soaking wet hair, and Rey thinks that she can hear cheers and whistles behind them, but it doesn’t matter because Finn is warm and real against her, and in this moment, she’s sure she could fly.

Seeing Green - Finn Shelby

Request: Can you do a Finn Shelby imagine where you two aren’t dating and he gets jealous cause he see someone flirting with you and thinks your flirting back even though you aren’t , and his brothers see he getting jealous and start annoying him and then he gets angry and……. I love your writing so much ❤️

Seeing Green - Finn Shelby

Arthur was the first to notice. He was sitting back in his chair and happened to glance Finn’s way as he reached for his glass of brandy on the table. The moment he noticed he leaned over, smacking John’s arm and nodding in Finn’s direction. John glanced at Finn and then stole a look toward the bar, nearly bursting with laughter right there at the table. Tommy was alerted by John and Arthur’s obvious amusement over something. He caught Arthur’s attention and his oldest brother pointed over to the bar.  

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Part ll- Jealous Finn

Took me a while to get this one up so here’s a recap on part 1 of the story. Thank you so much for liking it!

Y/n lay on the couch, sobbing intermittently every time she thought of Finn.

He was actually yelling at me. He was doubting me. He accused me of cheating on him.

The chain of thoughts never seemed to stop. The heartache drained y/n and she drifted to sleep on the same spot she had been glued to for the past two hours.
She did not need to open her eyes to know where she was. She was still sprawled on the couch in her apartment. Since the episode with Finn she had been hiding in here. It’s funny how she expected no one to find her in her own home because she practically lived with Finn at his apartment. They were inseparable yet secure enough to pursue life independently. Although, in this moment it felt like they were no longer secure in their relationship. Everything was falling apart and y/n didn’t even know why.

Her eyes fluttered open as she sensed a presence in the room. There was a cushion on the floor near her.

“I don’t remember throwing this here?” Y/n thought to herself. She sat up a little and timorously scanned all four corners of her apartment. There was someone near the kitchen counter.

The Adonis clad in a black shirt was not a ghost. It was Finn.

Of course. He had spare keys with him. No wonder she never heard him enter the premises. Seeing her awake Finn quickly walked back to the couch and sat himself on the cushion that lay quite strategically on the cold floor.

“When did you get here?” Y/n asked solemnly.

“Erm, about an hour ago .” Finn responded quietly.

“So what, you’ve been staring at me sleep, like a creepy vampire all this while?” Y/n taunted, anger evident in her voice.

“No!?” Finn vehemently defended himself from the claim.

He was watching her sleep. But not in a creepy vampire way. He just wanted her to wake up soon.

Y/n rolled her eyes. She subconsciously did that more often ever since she learnt how much that turned on Finn for some odd reason.

“I’m sorry.” Finn spoke sheepishly. He was embarrassed to have doubted y/n’s sincerity all this while.

She sat still like a statue, not uttering a word. It was intended to be a cold shoulder.

Finn pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a gush of air through his mouth. He knew he fucked up.

He stood up from the floor and took a seat next to y/n on the couch. He quietly examined her face for a mere two or three seconds, but they were long enough to burn y/n’s face with an uneasiness.

“What.” She shot at him.

“Can we talk this out?” Finn coaxed; his eyebrows knitted with worry yet his voice testified his sincerity. Y/n looked away, her profile indicating that she was not done being upset.

“Like mature adults?” Finn carried forward his previous sentence.

“Adults? Look who’s talking here.” Y/n taunted him.She got up to leave but before she could walk away Finn quickly grabbed her wrist.

“Y/n I said I’m sorry! What else do you want me to say?”

He was agitated now. Patience wasn’t really his thing. Or maybe it was, but he was unimaginably egocentric some days.

Y/n whispered without turning around to face him. “I’m just really hurt right now Finn. I don’t feel like talking.”

Y/n was always like this. It took quite a bit of persuasion on Finn’s part to have her speak her true feelings. He loosened the grip on her wrist and she scurried into the bedroom.

Several minutes later she returned to the lounge area- it was empty. Did he leave? Y/n thought to herself. She swiftly turned around only to be blind sided by a significantly larger frame bump into her.

“Ow! Watch where you’re going!” She blurted almost reflexively, rubbing her arm.

“You’re the one standing in the middle of the room for no reason!” Finn argued back.

Y/n gaped at him with the utmost confusion on her face. She then broke into a smile that she desperately sought to hide. Finn was such a child at heart. He would argue with her nonsensically if that meant having her attention. It eventually dawned on her that she hadn’t been paying him much attention lately. Maybe that explained the outburst in his apartment.

Finn mirrored her smile, although he had no idea what they were smiling for. Y/n inched closer to him and slowly wrapped her arms around his core into a warm hug. He was legit perplexed now.

“I’m sorry.” Y/n’s apology was muffled into his chest.

“Hey.” Finn gently pulled her away from his chest and looked her in the eyes. “It was my fault.”

“Yeah. It was.” Y/n giggled by herself.

“You’re finding this funny?” Finn’s face displayed a devilish grin now.

“I just cannot believe how egotistic and jealous you can be sometimes.” Y/n poked fun at him.

Finn’s face fell.

“Finn?” Y/n worried she just said something insensitive.

“I don’t want to be like this y/n.“ Finn spoke softly.

“Be like what?” She asked. 

“Basically a jealous fuck.” Finn looked up to meet her eyes now.

“I don’t want to act like some freak. I don’t want to be this jealous boyfriend but I can’t-” y/n cut him off mid sentence.

“I get it. It’s alright. Being jealous just shows that you care. A tad too much sometimes, but it’s fine. I’m not holding that against you.” Y/n gave him a warm smile.

Finn heaved a sigh of relief. He pulled her into an embrace, his arms wrapped around her waist while his chin rested on her shoulder.

“I’ll still try not to be a freak though.” He mumbled.

“Oh you’re allowed to be a freak…just in the bedroom.” Y/n stifled a laugh. She didn’t have to look at Finn to know he was probably blushing bright red behind her shoulder.

“Let’s continue right where we left off then, yeah?” Finn smirked, lifting her off the ground quite effortlessly and escorting her to the bedroom.

Y/n giggled shyly. Usually she got away with the cheeky comments- but this time she seriously mistimed it.

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Finn and Rey, number 4! And I ask, as a special favor to me, that you make it as sweet as a wildehack can. ;D

The hope of the entire galaxy rests on Snoke’s belief that Rey has turned to the Dark. Ren is already suspicious, and she can’t risk her cover for anything. If she ruins it now, that will mean all the terrible things she’s done have been for nothing. 

So when General Hux informs them that he has captured the traitor FN-2187, and has scheduled him for public termination at the beginning of the next cycle, Rey keeps her face impassive, channels the flood of helpless rage she feels into the ocean of her Darkness. Ren will feel the spike of hatred, but he won’t know what it is for. She is strict with herself, and does her best to keep out despair. Despair, unlike anger, can kill anchor her to the Dark, with no way of traveling back to the light. 

But she has seen so many things, and unless the Rebellion is planning a last-minute rescue, she will have to see the look on Finn’s face when they murder him. Finn, the first person who’d ever loved her. She can’t bear it. She can’t. 

“I want to see him,” she says coldly, and Ren comes alert at her side, his malignant presence reaching out for her. She shoves him away with a pulse of irritation, which should serve. 

“Tempted, my apprentice?” he asks, dark eyes glittering. 

“Why, Master,” she says, keeping her own gaze dead and flat, “I’m saddened by your lack of trust.” 

“You will see him,” Ren decides, turning back to Hux. “I shall accompany her.” 

Rey shrugs, as though it makes no difference to her. She follows the black billow of Ren’s cape through the halls of the ship, down to the detention level. “Leave us,” she directs the troopers standing guard, and follows Ren into Finn’s cell. 

Finn is still cuffed, his mouth bloodied and one eye blacked, but he’s on his feet and blazing with rage when the door slides open. 

Rey doesn’t look at him. She strides smoothly into the room, raising both her hands, and takes Kylo Ren’s head in her hands. She uses every inch of the Darkness she’s amassed over the last few months, and shoves. He collapses to the floor, unconscious. 

“Rey,” Finn breathes, half-shocked and half-devoted. She’s briefly ashamed that he’s seen her like this, and then it doesn’t matter because she has him in her arms, clutching him as tight as she can. He can’t hug her back with his hands in binders, but he buries his head in her shoulder, says her name over and over again. 

“I had to see you,” she says, and finds herself humiliatingly near tears. “Tell me there’s a rescue. Please.” 

“There’s a rescue,” Finn says immediately, and tries to smile at her. He can’t quite manage it, and she knows he’s lying. His face blurs before her, her eyes going hot. “Poe’s coming after me. There’s a plan.” 

“Finn,” she says, the tears spilling over. There’s enough despair in that one word to jeopardize everything she’s worked for, and that’s not something Finn knows–that’s not something Finn can know–but he saves her anyway. He kisses her, sweet and soft. 

She sobs against his mouth, cradles his head in her hands, pulls him close as she can until they need to breathe. “Finn, I can’t,” she finds herself saying without meaning to, a desperate chant against his jaw. “I can’t, I can’t.” 

Finn kisses her temple, her eyebrow, the side of her nose. “You can,” he says quietly. “I trust you,” he adds, and she knows he means I love you, knows also that he means I trust you to do what is right

tinytoffeebean  asked:

TELL ME! I always love your thoughts!


  • so the all the kids love their moms a Whole Heck of a Lot right and obviously kara and lena love their kiddos more than words can describe and its not that there’s any favoritism??  at all, like none, its just that stella is sort of naturally closer to lena??  in the same way that finn and maia are sort of naturally closer to kara, like there’s a certain sort of distance created when you’re a kid and you physically can’t Be a certain way around one of your parents
    • so there’s not distance per se but just….things that kara can do with finn and maia that she cant do with stella and things that lena can do with stella that she cant do with finn and maia 
      • and its not a Thing but then it sort of becomes a Thing ??  not so much for finn and maia bc lena and kara have gotten creative in making sure that lena’s always been able to be as involved in their lives as kara 
    • but heres the deal: maia and finn have kara’s powers and kara trains them.  that’s cool, thats fine, stella gets why she does; kara takes them to the deo with her a lot and they punch cars together (especially maia, she’s got a Lot of Rage to work through) and they go flying and kara helps them practice control over their powers and stella can’t help but feel a little left out??  bc for the most part, because her siblings are in control of their powers, they have the option to do everything she can with lena but stella doesnt have the same option with kara
    • and she hides it rlly well!  she does!  bc its not kara’s fault and its not finn and maia’s fault, its just how they are, and stella decides it has to be her fault which in turn feeds into the dark thoughts she already has bc, you know, empath that acts as an emotional sponge for the world
      • kara and lena both notice little stella withdrawing, kara notices its more around her than lena and is like..heartbroken.  just fucking devastated bc holy shit what did she do how did this happen she fucked up she fucked up and lena tries to comfort her but she’s p worried too like fuck whats going on 
      • and it doesnt help that stella can literally feel everything that they feel???  so she just shoves her feelings down even more and bounces back and then it boils over and this one in her class says her brother said that her brother is a word that makes stella shake with anger and she just hauls off and punches the girl
      • lena’s usually the parent the school calls first but she’s in opal city for a conference so lena calls kara, then the school calls kara and she’s in the middle of an interview and she let lena go to voicemail bc if its urgent she’ll call back but then she’s like “crap, it’s my daughter’s school” and her subject (idk wonder woman or smth) is like “omg no don’t worry, family first” and is super understanding when kara bolts
      • and like…….she would have expected this from maia, maybe (maia, who still takes the supplement that suppresses her powers bc she doesnt trust herself not to, maia, who gets so numb she just sometimes hits stuff just to feel something) but not stella??  not tiny little stella that used to sob when she accidentally pulled lena’s hair as a toddler or completely forgot kara had superstrength and would apply bandaid after bandaid when she bumped her elbow on the table
        • so she gets to the school and stella’s just Not Talking, in full shut down like she gets when she gets fried from the world (its sort of sensory overload??  thats the best way to describe it) and she shies away when kara reaches for her, tries to tip her face up to get a better look at the black eye she’s got forming
        • pls note that stella’s maybe eleven and still Small and she looks even tinier to kara now, looks more like the baby she pulled out of an abandoned car on the pier, and kara’s heart twists and twists at the way stella wont look at her
        • so she lays her phone on the chair next to stella and marches into the principals office and, while she agrees that stella shouldnt have resorted to violence, she also fully trusts and believes that her daughter wouldnt do anything without reason and she just verbally eviscerates the other mom, who tries to make it out like her daughter hasnt been harassing stella for years or anything (bc kara fucking commits every name to memory, every person that has ever hurt her kids, remembers their names what they said or did and she seethes bc she cant ??  fix all their problems for them???)
        • and when she marches back out, stella’s playing candy crush and has managed to escape with only suspension for the rest of the day and she still wont look at kara but she grabs onto kara’s hand with surprising force and kara’s like Okay, everything is going to be Okay
      • eventually stella says it, not to kara, but to alex bc she cant face her mom, either of her moms, with this, not when she’ll feel everything kara feels and she cant handle how it’ll hurt her to know that stella feels so angry and so useless, feels like she cant keep up with kara so she doesnt feel like she should even try, like she doesnt deserve to be kara zor-el’s daughter 
        • so alex asks if she cant tell this to kara and stella sort of sobs out a please and alex is a lot better at compartmentalizing, which is a skill stella appreciates bc it means all she can feel is alex’s love for her, kindness, warmth, not the way alex’s heart is breaking for her youngest niece
        • so alex tells kara and kara is fucking devastated like holy shit how did she not see this and alex and lena both are like hey its okay, she buries her feelings, thats part of her powers and lena’s like i didnt see it either but none of it helps bc kara’s like i failed her, i failed my kid
      • stella usually carpools w/ her best friend home or to lena’s office after school but kara all but demands an afternoon off, storming into snapper’s office and throwing him for like…..several loops with the way she basically tells him she’s taking this thursday and every thursday hereafter off.  and she calls ari’s mom to tell her that she’s picking up stella and she’s the first car at pick up and she picked up stella’s favorite drink from starbucks on her way over and her heart sort of twists a little at the obvious surprise on stella’s face to see her but she works extra hard to box that up and it must be working because stella’s stormy expression has already cleared a bit by the time she makes it to the car
        • when they pull up to the deo, stella figures that it must be time for her like biannual brain scans, to see how she’s matching up with other telepathic aliens bc they still dont know that much abt her species, but then kara’s guiding her down a different hallway, still just chatting with her abt her day and stuff like that
        • they walk into one of the Many training rooms and stella’s like ?????  and kara tosses her a gym bag from a locker that stella notices has her name on it and is like i know it’s really hard to not be able to do what your brother and sister can and i am so sorry that i never saw how much you’re struggling.  and i know its not fair that you dont get to punch cars with us, but you can punch this punching bag and talk to me and stella’s sort of overwhelmed??  but in a good way for once
        • so thats how they start spending thursday afternoons.  kara has alex teach stella proper form after that first day and then they figure out a routine—kara greets stella with a snack afterschool and they head to the deo and dont talk about the heavy stuff until after stella’s changed, after kara’s wrapped stella’s hands, until stella’s gotten a few good punches in, kara steadying the bag.  then it all starts coming out, all the terrible thoughts stella has, all the horrible things she feels that arent even her feelings to begin with, all these awful orphaned emotions that she takes on without meaning to
          • the system works rlly well bc stellas too wrapped up in her own head, in her words and in making sure she’s in the proper stance, throwing her weight the right way to notice anything kara’s thinking or feeling which is good bc she’s a kid and she shouldnt be worried about her mom’s stuff, she should just feel safe enough to let kara carry some of the burden


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finnrey: hurt/comfort

-when rey gets back from ahch-to with her father luke skywalker, she races to the med bay to find finn, a huge radiant smile on her face, eager to see finn

-when rey gets there, her smile instantly drops when she sees finn and her heart nearly stops in shock

-what makes reys smile drop is finns back scar, the one kylo ren gave him during their fight on starkiller base

-his scar is worse then she imagined. its a painful reminder of what her cousin did to him, and how she couldnt stop it

-finn turns around and lights up as he sees rey standing from across the room

-they both run into each others arms, rey careful not to put her hands where his scar is

-finn notices reys eyes are glistening with tears and he says “its not as bad as it looks rey, really, it barely hurts at all anymore”

-finn turns around so she can get a better look, and she traces her finger down the length of his back scar

-rey hugs finn from behind, kissing his scar, telling him how much she missed him and worried about him

-finn and rey spend the rest of the night in the med bay together, holding each other close, finding comfort in one another


A 17-year old missing in Helsinki
HELSINKI – The Police is requesting help from the public in finding a 17-year-old girl; she went missing on September 11th in Helsinki. She was on her way from the Helsinki airport to Meilahti but never arrived at the destination. The name of the missing girl is Justyna Buzek…

A Drunk Mind Speaks a Sober Heart

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written by: Meghan | @bellamyfrecklefaceblake

prompt: ‘one where Clarke and Bellamy post a fake engagement picture on social media, and it’s clearly a joke, but every is still super excited and congratulatory’ for anonymous

word count: 2170

They didn’t mean for everyone to think that they got engaged on what looked like a romantic getaway up in the snowy mountains. It was a joke. It was never supposed to be documented. There was vodka involved, and a hot tub. How were people taking it all so seriously?

They didn’t mean for it to happen.

They didn’t mean for everyone to think that they got engaged on what looked like a romantic getaway up in the snowy mountains.

It was a joke. It was never supposed to be documented. There was vodka involved, and a hot tub. How were people taking it all so seriously?

“It’s you and Bellamy,” Raven tells her again, but Clarke just rolls her eyes. She and Bellamy are not a thing. They are friends.

“My mom won’t stop calling me,” she whines and Raven laughs. She’s enjoying this way too much. “There were, like, 75 comments on that Facebook post before it got deleted.”

“People love romance, Clarke,” Jasper says wistfully. Clarke throws a pillow at him. This is all his fault, after all.

“If Bellamy had Facebook, he’d be killing you right now,” she reminds him and his face goes pale. “You’re lucky he’s been sleeping since we got back and hasn’t checked his messages. But just you wait.”

“I’m not the one who got down on one knee with Octavia’s engagement ring and pretended to propose to you!”

“No, but you are the one who took a picture of it and then proceeded to post it on Facebook with no caption, leading people to think that it was a real proposal,” Clarke yells at him and he flinches, making Raven laugh again.

“You broke the one rule of the weekend,” she tells him. “No phones.”

“I don’t know how you all did it for three days!” he says, falling clumsily onto the couch next to Clarke. She kicks him because she can and because she enjoys his yelps of pain.

“It was three days, Jasper. Three days without a phone and social media. We were drinking and hanging out in hot tubs. We played video games and board games and ate too much. We went tubing. We were so busy,” Clarke reminds him. “And on the last night, you caved. You caved and took a picture of an innocent joke and now our whole world thinks that Bellamy and I are engaged.”

Before Jasper can respond, his phone rings on the coffee table and Clarke’s stomach drops. Bellamy is calling him and as soon as it stops ringing, he calls right back.

“You should just answer it,” Raven offers, but Jasper just keeps staring at the screen. “He’ll find you eventually and he’ll be even angrier.”

Clarke knows she’s right. Hell, Jasper probably knows it, too, but he shuts the phone off between calls and tucks it into his pocket before leaving the apartment without another word.

“Bellamy’s going to murder him,” Clarke sighs. She does feel bad for the kid. He was just as drunk as Bellamy and Clarke. He didn’t know the picture would cause this kind of reaction.

“Where is he?” Bellamy bellows as he walks into Clarke and Raven’s apartment without knocking. “I saw his car on the street, so I know he’s here.”

“Who called you?” Raven asks him and he throws her an unimpressed glare.

“Oh, you know, just my ex-girlfriend, my boss, my-“

“He’s gone,” Clarke interrupts him and he turns his attention to her. “He probably saw you from the hallway window and went down the back staircase. Go easy on him, he’s a weakling.”

“How are you so calm about this?” he demands and she shrugs. “Gina said that there are something like two hundred likes on that picture and almost one hundred comments. I didn’t think that many people knew who we were.”

“I’m sorry,” Clarke tells him honestly and his face softens a little. “I practically forced you to come on that trip and then… This happened.”

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Don’t Say Goodbye - Finn Bálor One-Shot

A/N: This one hurt me, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt anyone else ugh

Lyrics based off of:

“Don’t say goodbye, ‘cause I don’t want to hear those words tonight. Maybe it’s not the end for you and I.” - Skillet, “Say Goodbye”

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She sat there, her thoughts being the only thing to accompany her. Staring down at her lock screen, it was a photo of him and her. Smiles on both of their faces, it was from two months ago when they were able to properly spend time together. Now she was more stressed out and confused beyond belief. Things had started out so smoothly. Laughter, intimate silences, the whole field was open for them. However, his job was what got in the way. When she needed him most, he wasn’t able to be there.

Lately he acted as though some things didn’t even matter. She knew the stress was getting to him as well, but on her it was slightly different. While he was traveling the world doing shows every night, she was stuck in Orlando, Florida. She had a job to keep up and a reputation that was pure gold. She understood coming into this newfound relationship that distance would be a key issue, something that she at first thought she could handle. As the months lingered on, she understood why most relationships didn’t work out due to the horrid factor.

All she craved for was his touch. She wanted to be wrapped tightly in his embrace, have his breath tickling against her ear, his lips pressed against hers. She needed to physically have him there, not just through a phone or computer screen. Phone calls were great, yeah, but nothing could compare to the real thing.

Deep down, she felt as though the attraction was dying down. She was so in love with his character, but not being able to be near him was slowly putting that fire out. Finn had no clue these thoughts crossed her mind. However, he would never admit he thought about the what if’s in their relationship. Finally he thought he had found his one true happiness other than wrestling, but that would soon be shattered when she finally let him know how she was feeling deep inside.

Finn was sensitive on some subjects. Especially when it came to his personal life, specially relationships. No one ever saw him with a girl hardly. He was so focused on his career that women were a thing that could be dealt with later. Plus, he always had the aching fear that it wouldn’t work out due to his passion. It crept into the back of his mind anytime a new relationship would blossom, scaring him more and more.

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