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Lipstick Prince w/ Dongwoo

A/N: like i said in the winwin one, i have only ever watched one ep so this is probably really inaccurate oops


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  • you know when he was asked to participate on lp he was hyped af
  • he was lowkey nervous but he was so smiley that you couldnt tell
  • literally danced his way into the set when he was introduced
  • hella extra
  • when the princess was introduced as you
  • he was really really excited
  • he had met you before
  • bc you acted in a drama w/ myungsoo
  • he always thought you were pretty
  • and you had only gotten prettier since then in his eyes
  • right after he said hi to you he complimented you
  • which made you shy 
  • everyone else would make that ‘ohhh’ noise really loudly
  • “you guys have competition, i think we already have a winner” - kim heechul
  • honestly for the beginning of the show he just kept glancing at you
  • and s m i l i n g that beautiful smile of his
  • he even started conversations with you while others were talking
  • which made the others laugh
  • and lowkey jealous but haha oh well
  • pretty sure i said that in the winwin one but im lazy
  • so when it was time to reveal what makeup you wanted done
  • your answer surprised everyone
  • “ive been watching unpretty rapstar lately… and i love cheetah’s makeup”
  • the contestants were kinda scared
  • bc cheetahs eye makeup is i n t e n s e
  • in a good way ofc she rocks it
  • when it was time for them to practice on mannequins
  • dongwoo was really confused at first
  • but after the makeup artist taught him how to do stuff he picked up really quickly
  • like really really quickly
  • everyone was shookt because holy shit hes a natural??
  • he and hakyeon kinda had a silent competition
  • “how do you do that???” - johnny
  • in the end he did really well
  • it was like tied between him, hakyeon, and jihoon
  • butttt he was put in charge of eye makeup
  • the time came when he had to go in and do your makeup
  • he was kinda nervous but not really
  • before he even started he initiated more convos lol
  • you two got yelled at by heechul oops
  • anyway
  • you were really surprised over how much control he had
  • and he kept talking to you while he was doing your makeup
  • but the fact that he was literally cm away from your face kind of distracted you
  • because the visuals on this man
  • bless
  • by the time he left he knew about your first pet, favourite cereal, sleeping habits, etc. and vice versa
  • you guys are best friends now, you have no choice
  • after everyone did some part of your makeup
  • you walked out and he was like ! ! ! 
  • you looked really pretty
  • ofc he thought you were pretty to begin with
  • but this was a bold kinda pretty
  • you were wearing the same outfit (or pretty similar) to cheetah’s from the coma performance
  • “wah, intimidating–” - eunkwan/rowoon 
  • so when it was time to ‘crown the prince’
  • dongwoo got legit nervous
  • like he wanted to make a lasting impression
  • which he did
  • because you ‘crowned’ him prince
  • he was hella proud of himself and started an impromptu dance/rap duet with you
  • after the show
  • you would be removing the makeup
  • when he walked up to you and asked to exchange numbers
  • you almost died bc the jang dongwoo was asking for your number
  • and giving you his
  • ofc you gave it to him
  • which then resulted in all of infinite getting your number
  • anyway
  • like two months later he asked you out
  • you said yes
  • duh
  • your life after that
  • is a story for later ;3

^ makeup done

Infinite should know that I appreciate them for all 7 of them. All 7 members make Infinite, Infinite. I can’t imagine an Infinite different from what it is now, and I don’t want anything different than what it is now. They bring their charm and talents into the group and that makes it more unique. Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Howon, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, are all so hardworking and you all love the Inspirits so much. Thank you, and I wish luck to you all in this second step towards a big journey.


I might be one out of a countless number of fans, but I hope that everyone agrees.

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hi! in your last answer you said, "Each of the boys has something about them that makes translating for them either hard or easy.", so now i'm curious about what kinds of speech patterns or pronunciations you've picked up each of the boys commonly using/saying? like, speaking quickly when excited. thank you in advance :D

Hello! That’s a great question haha, and here goes another essay from us lol. They each have a very particular way of talking, whether it’s flow, words, or clauses. In order of easiest to translate to hardest, our order would be Sungyeol/Myungsoo/Sungjong, Hoya, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Dongwoo.

Sungyeol generally speaks in very short and curt sentences. He doesn’t over explain things and gets down to the point, very befitting of his personality. The only problem we encounter with him is that he says a lot of things under his breath and tends to say things while others are talking. He doesn’t need the attention to be on him, but he’ll chime in or talk to other members quietly. In general, it seems like he talks to the members more than the cameras and he talks very casually and informally.

Myungsoo doesn’t talk a lot, so he’s quite easy to translate for. When he does talk, it’s never for too long and he has a very straightforward way of speaking. His voice is always pretty clear too, so we never really have issues with him at all now that I think about it lol. He tries to keep his L cosplay going, but once he’s Myungsoo, his talking does tend to speed up as well. When he’s really comfortable and L cosplay is a distant memory, Myungsoo talks pretty casually too. This is really evident in ‘Flower Bromance’.

Sungjong also doesn’t talk very lengthily. This is why we have the F line tied for easiest. They’re more responders than leaders in talking. Sungjong has a tendency to give really good reactions. Instead of being the one to start something, he always repeats things. He doesn’t speak in long sentences and just chimes in a lot here and there, or reiterates what’s already been said. He seems like a good listener, always giving the proper reaction. However, the boys teasing him about his Korean being bad is pretty accurate. He does make a lot of grammatical mistakes lol. It’s usually when he’s flustered or talking too quickly. More than not being good at Korean, he just tends to slip up while talking a lot. That being said, he’s still relatively easy to translate for.

Hoya is also quite easy. He’s probably consistently the easiest to translate for but since the other 3 don’t talk as often, we put them slightly above Hoya for ease. Hoya always speaks slowly and in full, complete sentences. It’s a subber’s dream lol. As you guys can tell, he tends to go back to previous funny topics. If anything, the hardest part about translating Hoya are his puns and dad jokes. Sometimes they’re kind of out there or he says things that our knowledge can’t back up, so it makes us doubt whether he’s actually saying that or means something else. A prime example was when he told everyone about how his birth name was actually Hodong. No one knew if it was a joke or real until he really confirmed it later. We personally think he’s always trying to think of witty things and he’s also the type to think things through instead of just spitting it out.

Okay, so Sunggyu is really on middle grounds here. The thing about Sunggyu is that he’s a great storyteller. He really lays things out in a way that’s interesting and logical for the listener. We usually never have a problem translating everything he says, it’s just not as simple as the others. However, there are times where he talks really fast, though that doesn’t hurt anything. We can still understand everything, it’s just that we have to listen to it a few times to get every detail. He also tends to use lots of clauses, to make the story interesting. Like he’ll insert other details in the middle of saying something. There are also times where he uses bigger words. Out of all the members, Sunggyu and Dongwoo probably have the most sophisticated vocabulary. Sunggyu’s also really into catchphrases and specific sentence endings like, -뎁쇼, -ㅁ, ~ 제발요, and has lots of catchphrases like ‘I hope you become rich’ or ‘wanna get beat up’ or ‘that’s so fake’.

This is where the line between okay and difficult begins. Woohyun and Dongwoo can be kind of a headache to translate for sometimes. When Woohyun is really riled up, he really likes to chime in a lot. He also says small one-liners as he’s laughing, and with his lower tone, it makes it a little harder to understand. Namu also tends to mumble… like A LOT. We endearingly call him Nam-Mumbler sometimes. He also talks with the most slang and uses internet terms or condensed versions of phrases and such. He talks a lot in incomplete phrases and isn’t the most graceful when piecing clauses together, often saying ‘uhhh’ a lot. He usually says ‘uhh’ when he’s explaining something or talks for a long time.

Last but not least… our Dongwoo. He’s a very interesting case. There are times where he’s soooo articulate and masterful with his words. His ending ments at concerts are also very eloquent, though he flubs it up by mixing them up or something too. This is also seen when he’s rapping or when given a script. We think it’s when he’s going off with his own thoughts, that’s when it gets difficult. First of all, Dongwoo jumps around from topic to topic. I was confused just watching his v app lol. He also tends to mumble his words cause he’s just trying to get out so much at once. Dongwoo does chime in as well, with comments and lots of laughter. He starts off well and then goes all over the place on a tangent but can always tie it all in nicely at the end. It’s just hard to follow his train of thought I guess. Dongwoo also uses internet language and shortened sentences. Both Dongwoo and Woohyun are also the culprits of singing bits and pieces of old songs, which we then have to go look up and sometimes analyze the lyrics to get full comprehension of what they mean or imply. Not to mention Dongwoo’s newest catchphrase 느낌적인 느낌. It doesn’t really mean anything… and he says it quite randomly lol. He’s just… Dongwoo. Cute lovable Dongwoo ^^

We hope this helped! We hope we were detailed enough with our answers. But feel free to ask us more questions~ If only we dedicated this much time and effort on our real lives, we’d be going places lol


 if we win first today, our dongwoo hyung will transform into the juliet of the remaining 6 of us. (hoya ,140529)

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