then please re-watch the episodes until you do

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Hello, could you please tell me what episode marlene told us to watch before the finale?

She supposedly said to watch the pilot, camp mona (1x10) and the dollhouse episodes. But keep in mind, I have yet to find a source for that. Someone on twitter said Marlene said to watch those and I have not found ANYTHING backing that up. The closest I’ve gotten to any info about episodes to watch are these from TeenVogue:

4. If you’re looking for something to do until season 7B premieres, you should re-watch Season 7A.

According to Marlene there are LOTS of clues about Uber “A”’s identity in the first portion of the final season. A close re-watch of season 7A might yield some new clarity about the show’s biggest mystery and ultimate villain.

8. Marlene gave direct intel about the birth of “A.D.”

The show’s creator hinted that, if we really want to know about where A.D. got their start, we should start watching the 11th episode of season 6. Will. Do.

So Pilot, Camp Mona and Dollhouse episodes could be a complete waste of time so it’s up to you if you wanna watch them! 


Okay, this is a mini rant about YouTube because something is ticking me off hardcore. (Please reblog to spread the word!)

So, as many YouTube viewers, such as myself, have seen within the past couple of months, is that a lot of content creators (more specifically in the gaming and vlogs-ish sections) have started to upload much longer videos/live streams that they’ve done straight to their channel.

And there’s been a lot of hate about it.

But it’s not logical hate, it’s just “you’re inconveniencing me” hate. It’s “Re-upload this now because it’s too long for me” and “why are you re-uploading this if you live streamed it you twat” hate. It’s stupid hate, and it needs to be addressed.

An example of this “longer video” is Markiplier’s video of “Oxygen Not Included”, which is 3-4 hours long. I know that can seem like a long video, but you can do what you want with it.

Personally, I love these sorts of videos because I’m of the group that likes to put on a video while I’m doing other stuff, and not have to mess with it. It’s like background noise, yet I can still enjoy stuff I want to.

But then there’s the “too long” viewers.

They come onto the channel, see the video, see that it’s longer than an hour, and instead of just clicking back out of it, they decide to attack the creator and “make them re-upload it for my convenience”.

If you are one of those people; please leave until you can figure yourself out.

The creator you are watching
A.) Doesn’t have to do what they do. They willingly put videos up on their channel for us to enjoy. Yes, feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM are wanted, but MEANINGLESS CRITICISM is the opposite. If you want the creator to know that you don’t like the longer videos, then say “hey, I love you and your channel and your content, but I’m not sure how I can deal with longer episodes. Maybe ____?” Instead of shouting useless nonsense at them, hoping that they’ll fix it to your liking.

B.) They do this stuff for you, the viewer. The creator loves what they do, and they do it for you, the viewer. Reason? Because they love you. They love that you love what they love to do (if that makes any sense). If they decide “hey, I’m going to try something new” DO NOT lash out at them angrily. Try to be somewhat considerate (I know that’s hard for a lot of you, but please, do try). A creator will respond to that much quicker than unintelligible screaming.

And if you’re one of those people that are “but I don’t know what to do?”, then hear me out.

1.) Cut the video up into smaller sections. Longer videos can seem like a lot to take in at once, quickly deterring you. But hear me out; all you have to do is say “okay, this is a two hour long video, so I’ll watch 20 minutes of it every day.”, and you’ll be through it a lot quicker than you’d think.

2.) Test it out; that’s what the creator wants. The reason they’re doing this is because they’re experimenting with their channel. Why not join the experimentation? If you like the longer video, great! Give it a like, showing the creator how you feel, and move on with your day. If you don’t? DO NOT go to the comments just to babble on about how a long video “inconvenienced you”. If you’re going to comment about that, make it actually worthwhile to read, and say why you didn’t like it.

3.) Just don’t watch it. I’ve had my fair share of videos that I’ve seen on some of my favorite YouTuber’s channel, like Markiplier, JackSepticEye, or even DanIsNotOnFire and Game Grumps that I just didn’t watch because I wasn’t feeling it. And that’s OK. That’s 1000x better to do than go and scream in the comments about how “bad” it was. Be a decent human being.

If you’re still with me here, thanks for taking your time to read this, I really needed to get it off my chest, and hope you feel the same way about this.

Please, just be a decent human. We’re all in the same boat here, there’s no need to try go out of your way to make something worse.


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I think they're legit breaking up 😭😭😭😭

Nah they’re not Hun, if you’re referring to ‘spoilers’ some assholes have decided to share. It’s not the truth. Please just stay positive until we all watch the actual episode. Stay away from fan theories and fake ‘spoilers’. All they do is put poison in our heads. Stay strong anon♥️

(And please remember being separated is way different than being broken up.)


Apparently Today/Tomorrow depending on what time zone you’re in (July 9th) Episode one of season 2 is going to be streamed early, as in the entire episode. If you plan on watching the stream please don’t spoil things for other people. Either wait until the episode comes out properly or warn your followers of what you’ll be doing. DO NOT be that person who ruins this game for other people. I will not be watching the stream and I will have zero tolerance for anyone who comes in and tries to spoil this.

If you’re someone who’s not planning on watching the stream I strongly recommend you block any tags that might be tied with spoilers while you can so you can try and avoid the spoilers.

Announcement: Spoiler Tagging

Hello everyone! As this blog frequently posts edits and gifsets of the latest Katsugeki Touken Ranbu episodes, we would like to respect those that may not be able to watch as soon as they would like and anyone who would like to avoid spoilers before getting to enjoy the episode themselves.

Therefore, we will be tagging all edits that we deem to include Katsugeki Touken Ranbu spoilers with ‘katsugeki spoilers’. Please feel free to blacklist this tag if you do not plan on watching the episodes the weekend they air. 

For now, we will be tagging all edits and gifsets of the latest episode until the next episode is released. For example, all edits with spoiler material for this week’s (7/29) episode will be tagged with the spoiler tag until next week’s episode airs. However, we are open to input regarding a shorter or longer span of time to tag them for, depending on your opinion, so feel free to let us know!

As always, we hope you’re enjoying all the episodes so far (because we definitely are)!

Amber Love *Liam Dunbar Imagine*

“Can you do an imagine with Liam from teen wolf? Like (y/n)’s good friends with the pack & Liam’s girlfriend so they get her to invite him to the ‘party’ instead of Kira. And she has to help deal with him wolfing out? Please”

I have to say this was fun to write and I didn’t realize until I read it over just how much I typed. Sorry it took so long I had to re-watch Teen Wolf’s last two episodes. I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry for making it so long. It was 5 pages O.o

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so, confession time. i didn’t see the spn finale until this morning since i can’t watch it while my dad’s home. but, i had the chance to go over it this morning, and i got to say, once again, that while the fandom is split down the middle on opinion (again), both sides are right. (as usual.)

So, here’s the deal. Season 10 has been one of the best seasons Supernatural has had since Season 5. Every episode has been phenomenal (except for that one we’re not going to speak of today.) And we have had so much joy and darkness (pun pun pun) than we have ever had in a few years time. 

Now, some people are upset because of bad writing. Why? Here’s the answer: there too many different story arcs going on in this season. We had: 

  • Dean with the Mark of Cain (and possible return of black eyes.)
  • Cas getting his grace back
  • Metatron with his schemes
  • And then we had Crowley dealing with the appearance of his possibly big bad mother, Rowena. 
  • Not to mention Cole and the ‘mysterious father monster’ that none of us know about to this day. 

There were too many story arcs, and nearly every single one of them led nowhere. Cas got his grace back, but it was only half the mission. ‘What is Cas’s true mission?’ was a theme played with for over half the season. 

Metatron got away with the demon tablet and was never heard from again.

Crowley re-embraced his dark side and disowned Rowena officially, and Rowena turned out not to be the big-bad we were all expecting and waiting for, and she too walked away with an item of great power and was not seen again

Cole, also, walked away and was never seen or heard from again.

Now, the only theme in this show that actually had a resolution, was Dean and the Mark of Cain, and it was cured and released a power that had very, very little foreshadowing. The Darkness. We only officially heard that name at the last second before all hell broke loose. 

A lot of fans feel this was a show of bad writing. On one hand, it is. But please allow me to offer a different perspective.

While all of the season’s story arcs were open ended, without resolution, this was almost a masterpiece idea. By allowing not only Cole, Metatron, and Rowena to walk away, the show has given itself a huge opportunity to bring all of these characters back in whatever way they please. Cole may be long gone, his story (mostly) fulfilled, aside from the mystery monster of his father. Metatron has the demon tablet, a plot line that must be filled no matter what, and Rowena has the Codex, a book of incredible power and magic. 

Now imagine how much more potentially dangerous they all are with the looming presence and mysterious power of something called The Darkness. 

I don’t know about you, but suddenly all those ‘open ended’ plot-lines have a lot more ‘oomph’ to them for the future. And you know they’re going to bring back Rowena next season, and the show is obligated to explain what Metatron wants to do with the demon tablet. (Imagine a Metatron and Crowley face off over the demon tablet. That’d be something. But I’m speculating. Back to the meta.)

I don’t feel that the open ended plot-lines were a sign of bad writing. Far from it. It was a useful tool to use so the writers can have more time to plan, speculate, and decide what greater schemes they have for these characters and their story arcs. One has a demon tablet, the other a Codex. 

And we also have the Darkness. But what is the Darkness?

Before anyone points fingers again for bad writing and foreshadowing, please hear me out. 

We did have foreshadowing. As one tumblr blogger mentioned (i’m sorry i don’t remember who), this season has had many distracting story arcs, always had something big to keep our attention, and completely blindside us to the true clues leading up to the finale. 

The Mark itself. Constantly, from the very beginning of the season, nearly every episode has had a conversation about the Mark and the consequences of removing it. “Magic always comes at a price.” 

This point was heavily emphasized in the second half of Season 10. With the presence of the Book of the Damned, this point was even more highlighted. The only reason people felt blindsided by the appearance of the real evil of the season, was because of something Sam said in the finale.

“All we’re talking about is consequences for removing the Mark. But no one knows what those consequences are!!”

All season long we’ve been hearing about consequences, of what it would mean to undo a curse from the dawn of time itself. We all knew this. It was all in the back of our heads and highlighting the top of our textbooks on things to be wary of. But we didn’t have a name for what we were fearing. All we could care about was how hard Sam pushed for the cure, how bad Dean was getting, and we all failed to remember the number one fact the show gave us when this all started. 

The Mark is evil and from the dawn of creation. Undoing it would be more catastrophic than keeping it. ALL MAGIC COMES WITH CONSEQUENCES.

And in this case, the consequence was right in front of our nose the entire time, and only truly revealed by Death himself. 

The consequence of destroying the Mark would be to release unimaginable darkness, only known by God and the Archangels, all of which are gone and unable to help. (Unless they bring God back. Wouldn’t that be a story arc.)

But we had the foreshadowing right in front of our faces. But the writer’s wanted us to be caught by surprise in the finale. They could only hint so much at the true villain they’d been hiding, this Darkness that could prove to be far worse than anything we’ve seen to date. 

It wasn’t a sign of bad writing. Far from it. It was cleverly written, disguised, and planned until the moment it could be revealed in all it’s glory. 

If you don’t believe me, please re-watch the episode. Go back and look at the hidden clues. Some fans believe that it’s bad writing to hide clues in the smaller details. But hasn’t that been done since the first days of books, movies, and television series? Why do metas exist in the first place? Why do we study Shakespeare for hidden themes and morals? Because writers hide things in the little details and overshadow them by greater designs.

And we can’t be upset that no one we loved died. (As far as we know.) To kill Sam off, or even Dean off, would have been in bad taste. We’re used to seeing them die. It would be cliche and a true sign of bad writing. It’s the writers job to keep us guessing, to keep us on our toes and not sure what to expect next. (With as many realistic hints and foreshadowing as they are allowed.)

So don’t be upset with the writers. 

It’s not bad writing. Far from it. It’s genius. 

I hope that many people loved the finale as much as I did. I think it was incredible, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for Season 11.

See ya’ in the hellatus. Peace out.


Effy’s Eyes Gifs

Anonymous said to effys-closet:How does Effy communicate with her eyes? If you have the time could you please find some gifs of her doing so? My android is rather shit so I can’t find any and I’m not allowed on netflix anymore because I went over our internet limit so I can’t re-watch any of the episodes until the next sunday .. :(