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Tech Troubles

Title: Tech Troubles

Castiel x Reader

Word Count:

Warnings: language, fluff. 

A/N: This is dedicated to my lovely friend, @thoughtsoftheantagonist. I hope this gives you strength! <3

You slammed your fist on the mahogany library table as you pressed a finger down on the power button to your laptop. Nothing. “Well shit.” You furiously smashed the button with your index finger, hoping some tough love would somehow bring the precious machine back to life. But, all you saw was a black screen.

After a few minutes of literally beating the power button, you gave up. You crossed your arms on the table and slammed your head into them, letting out a loud, frustrated sigh.

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feliciacraft  asked:

Who's your favorite Buffyverse character and why?

Goodness, such a tough question - but a good one!

My posts probably make it pretty obvious - Spike is my favorite. I was initially attracted by that accent and that sexy Billy Idol thing he’s got going on (and we ALL know that Billy stole the look from Spike!), but as I got more into the series, and then his transition onto Angel….I dunno; I guess I feel like he’s got the best development and redemption arc. It seems that he develops the Spike “persona” as overcompensation for being a sensitive, failed poet and throws himself into the over-the-top decadence of the vampire thing as a way of rolling with what life’s handed him. Yes, the relationship he and Buffy had was dysfunctional - until he got a soul. I think that during that time, he did see some things in Buffy that she was afraid to see in herself, but Buffy was in a bad place emotionally, Spike was evil, and of course it would come to an icky head. 

The Spuffy *I* love was born after that - after Spike got his soul and understood the full magnitude of what he’d done. It’s really telling that Angel expresses resentment that Spike adjusted to being ensouled so quickly - for Angel it’s always been the result of a curse, a burden, something he didn’t want. I think Spike’s fairly easy adjustment (if you call Crazy in the Basement easy) is because *soulless* Spike WANTED to change. He may have had misguided motivations at the time (doing it so he could win Buffy back), but once it happened, he ultimately came to realize that he couldn’t take back or change anything he’d done - he could only do better moving forward, and that’s what he did. THAT’S the Spike Buffy sees potential in and, I think, ultimately comes to love. I’m not sure it’s the capital-L LOVE yet, but I think it had potential to go that way, since she’d developed genuine affection for ensouled Spike. And you can tell when he and Buffy are connecting on a human level - subtle things like the way he tilts his head just a little when she talks - body language left over from our cave man days that lets another know we’re willing to be open and vulnerable to them. It’s sweet.

One of my favorite parts of his character development in Angel is in the series finale - the scene where he’s drinking at that rough-looking bar. We get the impression that he’s spoiling for a fight - but it turns out to be a poetry slam, and he KILLS IT! It’s such a beautiful scene, because he finally actualizes into the man he always wanted to be, and people finally understand him. And he’s made himself so vulnerable there! I remember envisioning him having a publishing career if he survived the battle with the senior partners - kind of like a Jack Kerouac kind of thing. 

After Spike, I think I’d have to say Cordelia, if development and growth are the criteria. She started off as such a vain, selfish, self-absorbed Mean Girl and she ultimately figured out how to be a good human being without it being unbelievable. She still had her sarcasm, she still liked the material things, but I think Doyle and Angel were really pivotal in bringing her to a place where she wasn’t shitty to other people. She becomes a very sympathetic character, and I actually felt that she and Angel made a pretty good match. (Side note - I feel Angel was a much better character once he got his own show.)

This was such a great ask! I could go on and on about the characters and development all day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!