then omfg all of them

A villain quirk that doesn’t just forcefully activate another person’s quirk but AMPLIFIES IT to the point that their target suffers and is a danger to themselves and those around them

Mina starts to melt everything so much that she starts to burn herself

Kaminari in danger of permanent brain damage but no one can get close enough to help him

Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow forcing him to be in a room so full of light that he can’t even see or a room so devoid of darkness that no shadow could possibly exist

Shouji growing body part after body part after body part until the ends of his tentacles reach the opposite ends of a room and don’t even look human anymore

Kirishima unable to move because his body is so stiff to the point he can barely breathe

Midoriya, who can’t move a muscle or risk breaking his body if he even twitches and when he does he has to stay perfectly still or risk breaking more of himself

Bakugou, who has to be isolated or risk blowing up everything within a mile of him


This is the worst villain any of them could face EVER

I grew up with pokemon, played almost every single game, and yet Pokemon Sun left a huge impact with it’s characters that the other games haven’t. 
I mean, I have loved characters before, but this feels like the first time I care about the characters, and where they’re going, and what’s in store for them, and ahhhh I hope they show up in future titles! 
I finished the game but I don’t want to say goodbye!


The Foretellers - Pokemon AU
       (click individuals if they’re not hq)

While I was gone for few days I’ve hit 4k followers here and this is… wow.. 
I just drew something to say Thank You to all of you :)

aus i really really want
  • ancient gods like actuAL GODS FROM GREECE OR EGYPT OF WHATEVER au
  • parent-teacher conference au
  • time travelers au
  • ‘my parent is running for president but the other candidates kid is really cute’ au
  • working in a mansion as butlers/maids au
  • 'hey remember that idea you had 3 years ago while we were drunk off our asses? letS DO IT’ au
  • baristas trying to make better lattes than the other au
  • tumblr mutuals who havent met and are too scared to talk to each other so instead they aggressivly reblog from each other au
  • gardeners au
  • person a being a guard outside buckingham palace that person b always tries to distract au
  • the thief and the conman au
  • 'what do you mean i didnt try to pick-pocket you your butt is just amazing’ au
  • oops i accidentally summoned a demon au
  • co-captains who always argue au
  • lost a bet and now has to work for the other au
  • co stars of a hit disney show au
  • high school teachers who always try to out do each other in lectures and labs and now everYONE SHIPS THEM au
  • 'hey im running against you for student president’ au
  • the 'i didnt mean to throw that water balloon at you i meant to hit my friend behind you’ au
  • 'i met you at a really crappy summer job but now its kinda fun’ au
  • working for disney and dressing up as characters au
  • there was a food fight and i just threw spaghetti at the scariest kid in school au
  • the 'ive been given a prophecy to save the world but i have to be partners with thiS ASSHOLE’ au