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Bruh, I thought I was the only 15 year old on here! 😂

Wow really? Simblr is full of 15 year olds. Some are even younger!

I read that ask this morning when checking my main email and didn’t think much about it? like I was just gonna say “maybe, sorry, thanks”, and then I was decided to only complain when I opened tumblr like two hours ago xd but now??? I’m seriously considering to spend all day bringing back to life that blog lololol I had plans for today but they are forgotten as I only want to organize once again all these tiddies I’ve drawn

Just a shout-out to Mike Shinoda, one of the most talented humans to ever live and even more importantly a wonderful wonderful friend and human altogether and just thank god he exists and thank god he was in chester’s life 

People get so dramatic over the dumbest shit! how do you follow people to be able to enjoy fandom things, without having to ever hear about stupid drama that they’re pretty much just making up themselves? Just because your “an adult” doesn’t mean you know the lives of people on the internet. ffs

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The way I was diagnosed when I was younger was that my parents took me to see a psychologist, and after around five sessions or so, they diagnosed me and gave me medication. So yes, I’d highly recommened findin a shrink somewhere, and gettin it all sorted. It makes things a lot easier ^u^

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some say yoga… or try to be more relaxed but id suggest talking to an expert about this

hng ok so I talked to my father about it – turns out my parents have always suspected something similar, given the fact that my brain constantly seems to be elsewhere. However, he pretty much said what I’d been thinking, too – that it doesn’t necessarily have to be ADHD, and that I could just be extremely absent-minded. Nevertheless, he told me my teachers would uh, watch how i behave in class?? and in two months or so, they’d give him their thoughts on the matter. I still believe visiting a psychiatrist would be preferable, but for now, I’ll have to settle for this. (which is gonna be painful lmfao, i’m bad at waiting vfhsuaidv)