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Can we see older Victuuri/Otayuri? Like maybe five years or so after the series ends?

Yuuri would grow his hair out and Viktor would probably get a regrettable perm.

Meanwhile Otabek and Yuri would just become the edgelords.


Matt about Alec going to pride, taking Magnus to a private island, and that Alec’s sadness about Magnus being immortal is that Magnus will be sad when he loses Alec.

Bonus Harry saying that it’s important for Alec to keep gaining understanding about Magnus and the fact that he’s been alive for so long and seen so much.

I love these two so fucking much.


get to know me meme: 12/20 female characters: Princess Zelda (Legend of Zelda)

So I’m going to ask you a favor, sleepyhead. Ever since we were kids, I’d always be the one to wake you up when you slept in. But this time, when all this is over, will you come to wake me up?

It hurts, so much
Watching you fall in love again
It fucking stings
You’re still my best friend
And I wish you the best
But I also wish the best was me
Yet it wasn’t
I wasn’t the best for you
And now you’ve moved on
I guess that’s what you're​ supposed to do
Yet I didn’t
I’m still as in love as ever
And you’re clearly over me
Me and my petty feelings
Me and my annoying habits
Me and my fucking love
I hate you, so much
Except I don’t
And I can’t
Because I broke it off
I pushed you away
When all I wanted was for you to stay
But now you’re gone
You’ve moved on
And I don’t blame you
He’s perfect
Everything you’ll need
But he’s not me
And I hate that
Yet I have to live with it
With the hurt and pain
Of watching you fall in love
From a distance
We’re still friends, we’ll always be friends
Yet sometimes I want more
Sometimes I want to hold you’re hand
Sometimes I want to say I love you
Sometimes I want to kiss you
Sometimes I want to cuddle
Sometimes I just want you
Yet that’s the one thing I’ll never have
And I hate it
But I don’t hate you
I couldn’t
You’re my ray of sunshine on a dark day
You’re my closest friend
You’re my favourite maybe
You’re my favourite what if
And you’re my favourite almost forever
But he’s your everything…
And he’s not me
—  He’s your everything( and he’s not me, have you noticed?)

you know what i love about my dirk gently ships? i love the character dynamics so much no matter whether they’re romantic or platonic. literally i just ship the characters in every way possible and even though i have a bias towards writing romance in my stories i would equally sell my soul just to see them all best friends forever. brotzly? could be hella gay, could also be a beautiful example of soft and emotionally validating male friendship. faranda? badass adorable gfs or badass adorable bffs, both good! bart and ken? either the cutest (and weirdest) damn couple in the universe or the beautiful hilarious pure male/female friendship we’ve all been waiting for. amanda and the rowdy 3? either wholesome polyamorous goodness or wholesome found family goodness. there are no wrong ways to ship anyone!!! beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello! Do you think part of Mary's redemption arc is to kill Lucifer? Does this parallel Sam/Jack arc?

I think Mary’s arc is going to definitely fit into this in some way, same as Cas - both of them are mirrors of each other and have their own beef and very important dealings to work out for themselves and their own arcs that involve Lucifer. Mary’s is getting her own agency back as she was essentially just a baby machine for Heaven’s plan and forced to love John and create this “fake” life. Now she has her own agency back, though I don’t know if they’ll ever address the John aspect, I think it is important that she get closure on this. With Cas his identity as Lucifer’s light mirror, the fallen Angel who loves Humanity, he also has closure to get for his story but also is clearly going to be key to Lucifer’s downfall (or redemption but eh…).

HOWEVER really it is Sam who is the character who’s story really ties into Lucifer and Sam was always THE main character of the show to start with, Jared is the top billed actor, Sam’s story is what led and carried the show from the beginning, though it progressed to revolving around Dean more and more, it started with Sam and Lucifer so it should end with Sam and Lucifer.

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For me Cas and Mary will be very important but still more the peripheral characters around Lucifer’s downfall, with Sam at the centre and Jack as he catalyst. Cas will I think be Jack’s “father” in place of Lucifer and thereby help him go towards the light and raise the world to its feet instead bringing it down on its knees (I’m reminded of @margarittet’s recent meta about Star Wars and how Luke is taught the light side of the force by Obi Wan instead of Anakin as his father figure).

I’m not sure what role Mary will play but I think she has already played a large role in this by physically punching him into the AU of course and really she kinda could if they wanted to leave it at that.

Overall storywise it makes sense to me that the story will now kind of end where it started in the circular narrative way that Dabb loves, addressing the beginning of the show and “fixing” the problems they had then. Ie: 

- Sam’s supernatural arc
- Sam accepting the life rather than running away from it
- Dean’s not hiding behind hunting anymore and addressing his issues
- Dean accepting himself and shrugging off the ghost of his father etc etc. 

The way they are now addressing tieing up Dean’s arc and seem to have Cas’ to come now soon after fits with my theory that we will see Cas and Dean’s own arcs tie up or be relatively tied up a little before the end, with hopefully Destiel too before focusing on Sam and likely Sam v Lucifer.

Imagine a big circle = Sam’s story (plot based) and a circle inside it = Dean’s story (character based), which means the small circle gets circled back and tied up a little before the larger, most important one from the beginning, the story that holds it all together and was the main point from the start, Sam’s. It’s to do with the hero’s story (Sam) and heroine’s story (Dean). 



Fourth wall

I absolutely love when characters in movies/shows break the forth wall, cause no matter the situation it will always make me laugh.

So I saw in the news that a new Avengers movie is being made(infinity war), and in the headline it was Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey jr. so immediately I screamed because 2 Sherlocks will be in the same movie.

So there is a 50% chance that this is gonna happen:
•The superheroes are kicking ass as always while destroying everything in their path

•Dr.Strange and Iron Man are working together to kill some bad thing

•Iron Man makes snarky comments on the powers that Dr.Strange can do and asks questions like
-“So you are really going into some random dimensions to get power”
-“you went from best brains surgeon to saving the world”

•Dr.Strange rolls his eyes and says “no shit Sherlock”

•Both stare into camera for 5 seconds while people die in background

renora is so pure? they’ve been best friends since, as toddlers, they found each other hiding from a village-murdering monster. they’ve been protecting and caring about each other for like 10 years!! they’ve been by each other’s side for that long! they love each other so much! it’s one of the sweetest, most wholesome relationships in the series and i absolutely loved the importance they had in volume 4. i honestly dont care whether they end up dating or not, as long as theyre together. platonic or romantic, they will never leave each other’s side and i just love them so much.

“You aren’t a unique snowflake!”

“Dave. That word doesn’t mean what you think it does. It’s said by an invisible person in a novel, for one thing. And the way things are going, there won’t be any snow. in the future Or too much of it.”

“You and your liberal bias, Carol. Global warming this, Climate change that.”

“And nuclear winter would solve that?”

“We have to go nuclear. It’s clean compared to coal, and you environnuts have to realize it’s not THAT dangerous.”


“Like astronauts, but you’re just seeing up your own - anyway, point is, it will save us all.”

“Unless things end in a nuclear war. You - are aware that’s a very bad thing, right, Dave?”

“Nuclear annihilation is offensive , obviously. But you lefties take offense at everything. How am I supposed to treat this differently than the gendered bathroom stuff?”

“I - what?”

“All you *do* is get outraged. I’m trying to change the world.”

“For the better?”

“Of course, for the better! Let’s say it does kick off: whatever future happens, our mutant descendants will be able to deal with it.”

“… I have no idea if you are trolling me or not anymore.”

“No one knows. That’s the thing. No one knows, obviously.”