then obviously

also another question because i know the fandom gets pretty hard with this one - is it ok for a cat to have multiple mates (2-3) in their lifetime, even if their previous mate didn’t die? 

most ppl in the fandom tend to throw around ugly “slurs” (whore, slut etc) when a cat has more than 1 mate (coughcrowfeathercoughcough) and idk i just want to know the general feel for this


Mylene Cruz and The Soul Madonnas performance + reactions


these are the only two amethyst character sheets i could find, and even here you can see how big the differences are.

whether or not you prefer the shows older or newer art, its pretty blatant that theyve had a style change- and it wasnt a small one.

Nothing upsets me more than the fact that Edward could have probably cured cancer and be a big ally to Bruce against the war on crime and poverty in Gotham if it weren’t for his asshole father.

I know every person has to make the right choices on their own and a bad childhood doesn’t excuse his behavior.

But if his character development is so textbook I could list out every fault he has and relate it back to how he was raised.


threw this together really quickly so its kinda sloppy looking, but here’s a newer commission post! for right now I’m only comfortable doing busts/half body. boosts are much appreciated, help a poor diabetic artist out…

-no incest, underage, nsfw, etc

-i am ok with furries, and am also ok with gore!

-i’ll let you know right away if i can’t do something

-i accept payment through paypal, upfront

-don’t be afraid to be very detailed with what you want, and visual references are super great if possible! i want to make your commission look good ok

-i am fairly busy with school and work right now, but i should be able to get commissions done within 2 weeks at the most! and if i need more time for whatever reason, i will let you know right away

-email me at if you are interested!!

i prefer to use email to communicate since i can keep everything organized more easily, asks and such tend to get buried. annnd that’s about all i can think of! thank you for looking! if you have any questions feel free to ask !!

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Really does feel like everyone's pretending Brett Jr doesn't exist, I know it could be because it's less interesting than the current predicament but I'm still gonna side eye. It's like they're saying London is Louis' home now. Michelle was erased so fingers crossed Brett Jr is next.

I know like hsjsjskslsls it’s so weird??? Literally just B and her family remember the kid (which they’ve to anyways so it’s not like it’s a surprise). No one’s talking about him being a dad or having a kid. Not even a line about it. It could be just old news, or focus on the new stunt, but they were obsessed about mentioning the kid and him being a dad. Even in articles that had absolutely nothing to do with that. And him flying to UK for what? A show with nasty? A stop at a store? (I know he was at the twins birthday, but only we know that). Like leaving LA when he has the airport mess and just going on like there’s no kid? lol and now J’s are silent too, like they always do for a good week or so while the other stunt takes fly idk it’s all so weird 

Redwall Thoughts

Sunflash hit the genetic jackpot for life-expectancy

Okay, but to expand on this…

At the beginning of Outcast of Redwall, Barlom states that badgers usually live four approximately four generations, which basically equates to ‘they’ll die around the same time as the great-grandchild of somebeast born around the same time’. He also says that Bella is an extraordinary exception to that rule.

Sunflash was born before Verdauga came to Mossflower, though he was still very young at the time of the first rebellion. This would make him around the same age as Gonff, since Gonff mentions that his own parents were involved in the rebellion when he was very young.

Bella is the child of Boar the Fighter. We know from Mossflower that Boar was childhood friends with Old Dinny, the grandfather of Young Dinny, who is traveling with Martin. Since Young Dinny is about the same age as Gonff, this means that Boar has been around for three generations. This fits with what Barlom says, since Boar is obviously getting older (his fur is completely silver), but he’s still able to fight.

By the time of Outcast of Redwall, several more generations have passed. Barlom is the grandson of Timbalisto, who was also about the same age as Gonff. Also, Bryony is the great-granddaughter of Gonff. At this point, Bella has been around for five generations, and it shows in how the other characters treat her. She obviously old and at the end of her life, but she’s allowed to live long enough to have some time with her son.

Here’s the thing…

Sunflash is literally just one generation younger than his mother, which means that he’s been around for four generations. This should make him an old badger, older than Boar was in Mossflower. However, he appears to be middle-aged. There is a stark lack of any signs of aging. In fact, with the health he’s in, it sounds as though he might go on living for another two or three generations. Which would take him to six or seven generations old.

And that, my friends, is why Sunflash hit the genetic jackpot for life-expectancy.

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so... anyways chloe is a lesbian and loves girls and she used to get flustered around them when she was younger bc girls are so pretty. did i mention she is a home of sexual and exclusively likes girls.

its tru she’s a certified Lesbian and she’s definitely had a crush on max since the day they met cuz she was a cute baby gay