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faepine ❀ 7D00-0049-A6A0

yaaaa so faepine is finally finished!! faepine is a lil forest town set in the early morning, where you can meet budding mayor jade and visit playful maia’s cafe! all the villagers will greet you with a smile on their face (except maybe for dobie…), and the local pears found on the beach are delicious!

yeet if you visit i would love to see!! just @ me or tag your post with #nookish or #faepine

(banner by the lovely @lostmitten ly!!)

♥Villager Portrait Requests♥

hai there, my fellow mayors! the support and interest in my animal crossing portraits has been so exciting and encouraging - thank you sooo very much!

i am taking requests and will accept multiple requests from the same mayor ( i mean, we can have multiple dreamies right?!) just send an ask or a pm - i promise i don’t bite =3

click “keep reading” below for queue list and i will continue to update as i get more mayor requests. i’ll also tag mayors as soon as I have finished the precious portrait. 

again, thank you so much for all the positive vibes, messages and notes that you send me or leave for me. this all makes my heart swell with joy ♥ 

- mayor sashi

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