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Achluophobia: Monday

Title: Achluophobia: Monday, Part 4 of 4
Author: @piecesofscully
Rating: PG-13 - Strong R
Timeline: Mid-season 7
Summary: Mulder and Scully are called on to investigate a possible haunting.
Notes: Final chapter!  Phew.  If you prefer Ao3, this story will be posted in full there by tonight. Link is in my header/bio.  Again, thank you to @bohoartist for all of her beta and support while writing this.  She was crucial to me finishing this, and was a constant source of support. Also, ½ of the multimedia is because of her.  And thank you to my baeta @kateyes224 for all the love and making my writing is the best it can be.

Friday, Part 1

Saturday, Part 2

Sunday, Part 3


Lindsey is unusually somber in the morning, laying in bed until well past breakfast, refusing to come out of her room.  She doesn’t budge when Claire taps on the door, or when she sneaks in quietly, doing her best to not create a scene.  These days Claire’s unsure of the best way to proceed with her daughter, seeing as the simplest of things can set her off, so she walks on eggshells and prays for the best.  

It wasn’t always like this.  She remembers what it was like when they were able to communicate, when they were able to talk openly about whatever was on their minds.  It was only a few weeks ago that they would discuss her daughter’s life over morning coffee, making plans for college applications and guessing which football player was next on Rosie’s boyfriend list.  She sighs to herself, wishing for the days when life was easier.  Wishing for the days when her daughter wasn’t a complete stranger.

She tiptoes across the floor and seats herself at the edge of her daughter’s bed.  “Come on sweetheart, you need to get up.  It’s after 10.”

Lindsey keeps her eyes closed.  “Don’t want to.”

“Are you feeling alright?” Claire asks as she places her hand on her daughter’s forehead.  “It doesn’t feel like you’re running a fever.”

She sighs as Lindsey continues to lay still, motionless.  

“Lindsey, you can’t stay in bed all day.  It’s your last day off before school tomorrow.  Don’t you have any homework?”

“I finished it,” she replies simply.

Claire remains seated for another moment, then leans forward and presses a kiss to her cheek.  “Alright,” she says softly as she walks to the door.  She turns before walking out and adds, “I’ll come back and check on you in a little while.  You rest.”

Lindsey doesn’t respond.

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I can guarantee u that everytime you reblog a post about TC blogs that don't romanticize killers a teenage girl who wants to eat Dylann Roof's dick cheese angrily stabs her pillow while she screams ''BUT IT SAYS IN MY BIO I DO NOT CONDONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE''

“I do not condone” is my pet peeve. If you have to say it….🤷🏼‍♀️

In my natural habitat 🍃🌊✨So grateful for this planet, and everything it provides us with daily. 🌎
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DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS WHOLE TIME I'VE NEVER KNOWN IF YOUR FULL NAME WAS EMMA OR EMILY, AND IDK, I NEVER WANTED TO ASK, AND I HAVE JUST NOW LEARNED THE TRUTH TODAY? I'm just very glad to know this information, after 12 years of waiting. Emily is a super cute name.

LMAO I HONESTLY WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT THE OTHER DAY and like, some people here have known it’s emily this whole time but i only have em in my bio so!! a few people have called me emma in tags

i don’t really care either way - emma is really close to emily and frankly i love both names - but yeah!! for the record my real full first name is emily lol

dam… im excited…. ive been looking 4 somewhere for my Son roman for so long so im prayin for this… it looks so gUd.. also im lazy so under the cut is just gonna be my Bois short bio thing jsut so u can get a feel for him . imma Make a headcannon page for him soon so u can get a feel for his interests nd Shit. ( character inspo: jake peralta from brooklyn 99 // reggie mantle from riverdale )

also we Shud deff plot.

aslo roman is Pansexual af.\

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I think it’s safe to assume that most of the team hasn’t seen snow?? Like:  

  • Lance is Cuban 
  • Keith most likely grew up in Texas/the south 
  • Hunk is Samoan and he also just. Doesn’t dress for the cold lmao. 
  • Altea didn’t even have rain, I doubt they had snow, so Coran and Allura are out.

Pidge and Shiro are the only ones who potentially could have grown up with snow lmao