then make their roommates take seventeen pictures of them in the living room

Seventeen as people I’ve met in College

S.Coups: My Shakespeare professor that’s fresh out of grad school, but has quickly become super popular with both students and staff. Makes a lot of dumb dad-level bad jokes, but they’re actually hilarious because he’s the one saying them. Has a comb over even though he’s only thirty. Most anyone who’s ever taken one of his classes would probably take a bullet for him. Super passionate about his work and does everything he can to get his students as excited as he is about literature. 

Jeonghan: This ridiculously beautiful art major who always looks shockingly perfect even when she runs in the room ten minutes late with paint smears on her face. She’s completely unreal and belongs in some sort of indie movie. I lowkey thought she didn’t like me for a whole semester until she complimented me on my lipstick one day, and it felt like a blessing from the lord himself. 

Joshua: Catholic honors-student girl who seemed very normal at first, only talking about makeup and lacrosse boys for the first few months of our friendship. Turns out she actually reads a lot of One Direction and 5SOS imagines. Can eat a banana without using her hands (it’s terrifying). Gets really excited about Mac and Cheese. She can tell the best stories, and has everyone rolling around on the floor in tears by the end of them. 

Jun: Ridiculously ripped even though he’s not an athlete, constantly drowning in girls asking him to sleep with them (which he usually accepts unless he’s writing a big paper or particularly invested in an episode of spongebob). Likes to walk around the dorm building with nothing on but a pair of gym shorts. Kind of a douche but also a really cool guy who will pop your back for you or give you his extra ethernet cord if you ask. His favorite song is Life is a Highway. Yes, the one from Cars. 

Hoshi: This girl on the golf team that really loves the moon. Her snapchat story is almost always pictures of the sky. Cried when we got to look through a telescope for astronomy class. I’ve only ever seen her wearing non-athletic clothes a handful of times. Kind of odd, but makes you feel really special and funny when she talks to you. 

Wonwoo: The guy that lived next door to me last year who smoked a lot of weed but was otherwise a great neighbor. Wore a lot of big hoodies (the hoodies actually weren’t actually that big, he’s just small). Always late to floor meetings because he was either asleep or in the dining hall. Came off as a badass at first because he talked about the fact that he did car-jousting and had a crazy resting bitch face, but sometimes I could hear him singing show tunes through the walls at night. 

Woozi: Girl who was on her debate team in high school, and therefore makes really class discussions scarily intense. Immediately takes over any group project, which is nice because you don’t have to do anything, but at the same time makes you feel very inferior. Pulls all-nighters about twice a week, has an addiction to cheap energy drinks, and is really good at putting on eyeliner. Not so secretly reads a lot of gay fanfiction in her free time. 

DK: This one guy who wears an abundance of obnoxious Taylor Swift shirts. His reputation proceeds him and literally everyone on campus knows about “Taylor Swift guy”, but you can never find anyone who actually knows his name. One of his shirts hangs outside his dorm window as a kind of Taylor-pride flag. 

Mingyu: Ridiculously tall guy that lived on the floor below mine. Crazy beautiful face (there were some rumors that he modeled when he was younger, but I don’t know if those are true or not) but a kind of cringey personality. Obviously made up stuff for attention sometimes, but other times seemed pretty cool. Wears nothing but white dad sneakers. 

The8: Graphic design major that is a literal cinnamon roll; he’s so little and squishy that you just want to protect and love him forever. Really likes adventure time. The longer you get to know him, the more you discover that the innocent squish act is mostly a front, because he’s actually a sarcastic ass with a grindr account. 

Vernon: The president of the whole college. Upbeat and cool with the students, even though he’s decades older than all of us. Came from nothing as a child, but now definitely has more than a few dollars. Likes to end speeches with Eminem lyrics. The first time I visited the college he literally dropped the mic at the end of his welcome talk.

Seungkwan: President of the history club who seems like he’d be quiet based solely on his appearance, but is actually ridiculously good at shit talking and telling people when they need to get themselves in check. Sass master. Uses the phrase “cool beans” a lot. Easy to assume that he’s gay, but is actually very VERY into girls, he just doesn’t talk about it much. 

Dino: My freshman year roommate. Smol. Undecided major. Can name any and every scooby-doo episode in existence by heart. Once asked me if Hamilton was “that play about George Washington”. Has a Chic-fil-A calendar in her room and genuinely thinks the cows that misspell words are the funniest things ever. 

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Scenario with Vernon where his s/o comes to visit after months of being home in the states. They're video chatting and she says she's lost or something and flips the camera to where he and the other members are and he comes rushing out?? I DIDNT MEAN TO MAKE THIS SO LONG OMG IM SORRY

XD No problem - sorry I made this so short ;; Hope you like it <33

“I really miss you, jagiya~ When will you come back to Korea?” Vernon’s voice was full of longing as he plopped down onto the couch of the dorm room you shared before you went back to the states. You somehow convinced his manager to let you live in the Seventeen dorm, him stating he only let you because when you were with Vernon he was so much better when performing. However now he was alone, and he hated it. Usually he looked forward to these days off as he could spend the day with you, only you were now just short of 7000 miles apart and so now you were stuck calling each other because choices were limited. You rejected FaceTime as ‘it was late and your roommate was asleep besides you’, but he didn’t seem to have realized that you were actually in a cab headed to the airport. You were just as fed up of the distance as he was, and you had free time to spare, so you decided to surprise him. 

“I dunno, Nonnie. Hopefully soon. I miss you too.” You tried not to laugh, gazing out of the window at the dark sky with a small smile. If he only knew just how soon. You were travelling late so you could arrive in the early afternoon, and it only made you more excited hearing his desirous whines and picturing the way his face lights up when he sees you after a long time. You’d been through long distance situations before, but this was the longest you’d gone without each other and from the sounds of it, he was at his breaking point.

“Maybe I’ll come visit you… Are you available for that? I dunno if my company will let me, but it’s worth a shot?” He suggested, sounding hopeful. You shook your head before realizing he couldn’t see, sighing.

“No, that isn’t the best idea. Classes are keeping me busy, I don’t think I’d have enough time for you.” You tried your best to sound upset or frustrated, smirk playing your lips as you arrived at the airport. “I’m sorry, babe, but it’s really late and I got classes tomorrow. I think they end at around…” You looked up at the lighted sign, looking for your flight times and trying to speak quickly so he couldn’t hear your surroundings. “Around 4. I’ll call you then?”

“Okay. I’ll wait for you. Goodnight, and I love you.” You could sense his sad smile through the phone, chuckling gently to yourself.

“Love you too, babe. Bye.” You hung up, shoving your phone into your bag with an excited grin taking over your face. He was gonna love this.

You felt extremely jet lagged as you left the plane, but it was overshadowed by the growing enthusiasm within you as you walked out of the airport into the city. You rejoiced in the familiar air, laughing slightly at how different it felt as you got yet another cab to the Pledis building. It was 3:55, and you knew Vernon would be waiting with his phone in hand for your call. You looked up at the dorm window with a smirk, sitting on the bench beside the building as the clock turned 3:57 to wait for 4. 

You pulled your phone out of your bag with trembling fingers, slightly nervous but extremely excited as you called Vernon. You decided FaceTime would be better, an idea forming in your head as you tried to keep the huge grin off your cheeks. He picked up almost immediately, lying on the couch as he was yesterday when he called you with a huge smile. The other members, who were sat around him, fell silent when he answered, some coming into frame as they tried to see you.

“Baaaaabe~” Before anyone could speak you did, standing up and extending your arms as far as possible so he could see your surroundings. “I think I’m lost.” You smirked, turning around so that his building entered the frame. His eyes visibly widened, mouth falling open as he squealed slightly.

“When did you get here?!” He yelled, jumping up.

“Just now. Hang up, pabo.” you laughed. He did, throwing his phone down on the couch and running out faster than the other members had ever seen him run before. They followed, wanting to say hello, and as soon as they left the building they heard Vernon’s ecstatic yelling. They sighed, laughing amongst themselves, as he ran towards you and almost tackled you to the ground as he pulled you into a hearty hug.

“Ugh, I’ve missed you so much…” he mumbled into your hair as he buried his face in your neck, squeezing you slightly before pulling back. “Have you gotten prettier?”

“Probably.” you replied, happy you were finally with him again as he leaned in to kiss you gently. You blushed, seeing as you were still in public as the members were screaming and cringing on their own behind you, but you kissed him back regardless. “Can we please go inside?” He nodded, arms immediately around your waist as he clung to your side. 

“Did any of you guys know she was coming?” Seungcheol asked the others as you both went inside, all still rather excitable. They all shook their heads, heading back in as well.

“Wow… Y/N really likes big gestures doesn’t she?” Soonyoung replied, frowning a little. “I’m jealous. How could the second youngest get a girlfriend before us?”

“I don’t know myself.” Seungcheol was now frowning too, all of them envious. You sighed, looking up at Vernon who was still clinging onto you.

“Do they know we can hear them?” you laughed, falling back onto the couch after ditching your bags at the doorway.

“Who cares? They have every right to be jealous anyway. I have possibly the best girlfriend ever.” he brushed your hair from your face, pecking your forehead with a smile. 

“I’m so happy I’m back.” You murmured, moving closer and grinning when his arms wrapped around you and held you close.

“So am I.”

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When You Kill The Lights (And Kiss My Eyes)

Chapter One

The first time they get together, Clarke swears it was a mistake. It was an accident. It was probably nothing more than good lighting and maybe a touch too much wine but she definitely, definitely didn’t mean to sleep with her best friend’s brother.

Multichapter semi-slowburn friends to secret lovers fic. Title from Hozier’s To Be Alone.

length: 1912 words

tags: #Secret Relationship, #Friends To Lovers, #I swear I didn’t mean to fuck my roommate’s brother, #Recreational Drug Use, #TA Bellamy, #Alternate Universe- College/University

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The first time they get together, Clarke swears it was a mistake. It was an accident. It was probably nothing more than good lighting and maybe a touch too much wine but she definitely, definitely didn’t mean to sleep with her best friend’s brother.

So it starts the day she moves in with Octavia. She and Octavia met their freshman year of college in a mandatory speech class that they both hated. They’d bonded over a mutual hatred for the professor and two years later, they were taking pictures together in the doorway of their new apartment. Well, really, Octavia’s older brother was taking pictures. Clarke has heard about him but she’s never seen him until she nearly ran into his chest when she was moving in a box full of old books. It ends with her staring at a wall of muscle under a thin t-shirt and oh god he’s hot. While she’s still staring at him, Octavia claps his shoulder and grins at her new roommate.
“This is Bellamy, my older brother,” she says. And two hours later, after he leaves, she adds, “Don’t fuck him.” [ao3]

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Best Friends Forever

Summary: John Noble and Rose Tyler have been best friends since birth. This is their story. Ten x Rose AU

Rating: Teen

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John Noble is four years old when he holds the three days old Rose Tyler for the very first time.

He looks up from the tiny pink bundle at the beaming faces of her parents.

“She’s so small!” he squeals in awe.

It is then and there that John knows that he has never seen something more perfect.

His young mind is flooded with a future of tag and playing in the treehouse and pretending to be space explorers and fun and Rose, Rose, Rose.

“You and me are going to be best friends, Rose,” he whispers as her chubby little hands fist the air and she smiles a toothless smile.

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