then love yourself

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Once I had to comfort Magnus for 4 hours because he'd thought about puppies and was inconsolable. Every time it looked like he would calm down, Taako popped up out of literal nowhere and whispered 'they have such tiny paws tho' and it would all start again. Eventually I just left and have been plagued by guilt ever since. I'm a husk of the woman I used to be.

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I am trying to find out a masterpost of crimes but I don't know where to look i can't find a masterpost of crimes for my character

Hello there! I like to recommend clevergirlhelps for research-related asks, since she has so many wonderful resources organized on her blog.

Here are some of the ones I found on her “crime” tag page:

Hope this helps!



so i decided to try this half face makeup look to see how i looked with makeup on versus without it. and honestly, i’m content with myself. i just look really fucking tired without makeup on lol. i have a lot of self esteem issues and i’m not totally done with working on them and i think most people aren’t.

love yourself please. and there’s a difference between loving yourself and loving your body :]

also i hope this doesn’t come off as a “slut” post because it’s just cleavage and this is tumblr. we’ve all seen worse

Hirose Tomoki 270317 Ameblo

Quite handsome

Is it too early for otsukare-summer?

I’ve lived today.
I wonder what kind of tomorrow is waiting for me.
I honestly don’t really have such thoughts in life.
But I admire those people who live life having fun holding onto hope that something will happen the next day.

I had pasta for lunch today.
I think it has been a long time.
I wanted to challenge a chili tomato cream base and it was very delicious. Thumbs up.

I got the JACKROSE catalogue.

It may be a little (proud) of me to say this myself but I’m quite handso- ah! it’s a little (shy) for me to say this so I want everyone to have a copy and look at it.
This hair colour kind of matches the outfits.

Ahhhhhh I’ve done it!
For me to forget to wish all you wonderful people who were born in February (a happy birthday)…
I noticed it in the replies! I forgot about it having been wished myself…. that’s not right!
Please swear at this bastard…. (T/N: he actually called himself a pig bastard)
I will keep in mind not to forget again.
I won’t use the excuse of “it’s because I’m human”.

I’m sorry,
All of you honey lemons that are born in February (´-`)

I will text again ♡

If your body says it’s wrong, then listen. If your mind is not at peace with it, then step away and don’t do it. 

Okay Self, I’ll listen to you this year. My goal is to listen to you as much as I possibly can. Because If I don’t, I’ll get sick, like you know, candida and stuff like that, which is not fun, not fun at all. And do you know how “not-fun” the diet for candida is? I lasted a week and I was like, nah, I can’t do this, throwing in the towel because I actually like eating so my body doesn’t feel like it’s about to faint every few hours. There’s no way I’m going through this limited ass diet (that was a lesson within itself). For now, the probiotics are holding me steady and I just might eat a slice of pizza today and give no fucks. 

Lessons learned. The hard way of course. It’s been real. I get it. Thank you, Never will I ever be (as) stupid again in the decisions that I make regarding my life and my body. I have to listen to my intuition.

Stop talking yourself out of opportunities because you don’t feel like you’re “ready” yet. It’s time. You’re ready now.