then louis' rubbing liam's hand and zayn's hand on harry's hand again so gently...


“I’m not gonna ask you if you still want this tattoo because I’ve waited far too long for this day.”

Harry said seriously, making you roll your eyes playfully, propping your face with your hand on the table.

“You’re a tattoo artist, Harry. You’re kinda supposed to ask that.”

He scoffs, rolling his eyes on you too before putting his tight black gloves on, running them through his hair.

“But I, have exceptions. You’re my wife and I wouldn’t let this go past.”

“I know, but still ask me.”

“And I know your answer before you could even say it!” he laughed, pinching your cheek.

“Ask me or I’ll go to Ed for this.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

He shook his head, squeezing black ink on a container, slightly shaking for it to flatten even though it’s not purely liquid.

“I’m serious, Harry.”

He sighed heavily, blowing out his hair with an amused but slightly annoyed expression on his face, knowing that you’re serious.

“Are you sure about this tattoo, baby?”

You grinned, finally getting what you want.


“See?” Harry flailed his arms around with a feigned look of shock in his face, getting a needle from a container he was sterilizing it with, wiping the liquid before installing it on the tattoo gun.

“But I do like your choice of a tattoo.”

“No, you love it.”

“Because, you’ll be getting your husband’s initials which is of course written by him, tattooed on your wrist, by himself.”

He added emphasis on each word to rub the facts on you, each passing second being a lot more entertaining than you expected it to be.

Especially of what he did to commemorate this day, he cancelled all his appointments for the day, the two of you being the only two people in his shop.

He already put the sticker stencil on you, pulling it after he set all his materials ready so he wouldn’t need to squint if some letters were smudged.

Harry was so enthralled by your idea.

H.S on your wrist.

He tapped the pedal a few times to see if it’s going well, and it is. You weren’t able to hide some of the nervousness you were feeling.

“Would you like the truth that it would hurt or would you like the lie that it’s not going to?”

You shot him a straight look, making him raise his hands up in defense.

“Sorry, I’m just trying to cheer you up.”

“It’s not working!”

Harry apologized at his will, hugging you from behind before running his hands on your arms.

“We’re gonna start, love, okay?”


He grabbed your wrist gently, massaging it a few times before looking at you again, the tattoo gun on his left hand.

“Just look at me, okay? Not the tattoo.”

“Oka — but don’t look at me because you wouldn’t know what you’re doing if you did!”

He chuckled, his hand going through your hair.

“Of course.”

He looked at you for the last time before pressing his foot against the pedal, dipping the gun in ink before coming in contact with your wrist, making you slightly writhe in your seat because of the unfamiliar feeling.

“It’s coming close, love. You’re doing good.”

A few minutes passed with you not being still on your seat and Harry keeping you still, it going on until he took the final wipe of it, and grinning.

“Besides my promise, I’m permanently with you.”

Harry kept smiling, putting a piece of wrap over your tattoo and pulling out a small tube of cream.

You looked at it, adorning the way it fit you so perfectly.

Little did you know, Harry was looking at you the whole time, a grateful look on his face he always has.

“Hey, I love you.”

‘Poor, Baby.’ - Harry Styles Imagine

Originally posted by 50stylesofharrold

He was not up to it, since the morning arose, he was not up to anything, he woke up just feeling the worse, but he told himself he was fine, that he was just tired from the constant stress of releasing the fourth album for the band. He played it off, taking a warm hot shower, and getting dress. She did the normal like every morning, wake up, join Harry in the shower, and shower sex, but today was different. She walked in, wrapping her arms around his waist, kissing his shoulder blades, and giving him a hug from behind. Though, he did not respond to it.

She was confused, Harry would usually turn around, giving her a kiss, screwing the main reason of shower and devote his time to her, but today that did not happen. He did turn around looking at her, but the classic Harry Styles’ smirk was not there, his eyes showed weariness and he had a frown. (Y/N) pulled his hair up, and quickly placed it in a bun, watching him, giving him a empathic look, and rubbing his arms, pulling him into a hug, which he took gracefully.

“Alright there, baby?” She said, pulling away. He nodded, turning around grabbing the soap from the bench.

“Just tired.” He told her, she nodded understandably. (Y/N) went to her business with washing herself, and he did too. But he was still not up to it, he ignored the feelings and continued his morning routine.

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When everyone asked about the first time you and Harry met, for some reason, they’d always assume it was a cutesy, romantic ‘our hands brushed and our eyes met’ kind of story. You didn’t know why that was the case, but it was far from the truth. Very, very far from the truth. The first time you and Harry met was a complete and total trainwreck, and it embarrassed you to think about it, but then again, here you were two years down the line and Harry somehow still wasn’t tired of you! 

“I know, Lou! I’m really sorry, I promise I set an alarm last night but I think I might’ve turned it off this morning because it was loud and annoying and- Yes, I’ll be there soon. Give me like ten minutes max.” 

It was the first day of being Lou’s assistant and you were pretty sure she wanted to fire you. You were sure this job wasn’t going to be sticking with you for long because of two significant reasons. It wasn’t just because you were running late with the new clothes for the boys and you hadn’t picked up the coffees and smoothies yet, it was also because you had no bloody idea as to what the hell you were doing. You might’ve lied on your resumé a little bit and said you were experienced with all the knicks and knacks of the world of fashion, but… Well, you hadn’t had a job in two months! You were desperate! And so, when the opportunity of being Lou Teasdale’s assistant came up… You couldn’t help yourself. Of course, it wasn’t just the perfect resumé that landed you the position. You hated to brag, but you thought you were quite the charmer! Very witty and you knew how to bring a smile to any grumpy person. 

“Okay, lemme see. Green smoothie and YSL for Harry. Black coffee and Versace for Zayn and Liam…” You muttered to yourself, trying to balance while holding five bags of clothes in one hand and a whole tray of drinks in the other. “Vans for Louis? Or was it Converse? Might be Converse. Is he the one who wears Timberland boots?” You probably looked crazy, wandering around the streets of New York muttering things to yourself. “No, no. Niall wears Vans. I’m sure!” You’d figure it out sooner or later. 

“Where have you been? We were supposed to start trying the clothes out half an hour ago, love. Time is precious!” You winced at Lou’s shrill voice before shooting her a sheepish smile and handing her her tea. “Boys, this is Y/N. She’ll be helping me with… Well, whatever I need.” 

“Hi.” You puffed out, giving everyone a friendly wave before taking note of Harry. He was looking at Niall and giving him a very ‘Who the hell is this?’ expression. You understood the judgment. You did barge into the room with smoothie on your shirt and your sunglasses perched on at an odd angle. 

“Right, well… Here are your drinks!” You chirped, turning around to grab the tray and hand the boys their drinks. Of course, there was one little problem. “I, uh, I don’t have your smoothie though, Harry.” Harry furrowed his brows, pouting slightly as he watched the rest of the boys enjoy their coffees and teas. 

“Why not?”

“I…” You pulled your shirt down a little, pointing to the green splatter right in the middle. “Might’ve knocked it over when crossing the street. I thought I was going to get hit by a car so I ran.” 

“You don’ have t’ run when the sign tells you t’ walk.” 

“I know, but I crossed when the sign told me to stand still. I didn’t want to be late!” 

“You were half an hour late today.” 

“I could’ve been forty minutes late if I didn’t run. But because I did run, I got here a whole ten minutes earlier! Smart thinking, if you ask me.” You clicked your tongue, wanting a black hole to swallow you up at Harry’s clearly unamused expression. Maybe your charm wouldn’t get you out of this situation this time around. 


“Y/N, tha’s my favourite shirt!” Harry whined, letting out a huff at the sight of his Rolling Stones tee with a brand new stain on it. You set the now empty coffee mug back down on the counter and stood up, grimacing at the feeling of wet cotton sticking to your skin. 

“Sorry… but don’t worry about it! Everyone will see the stain and you’ll become a trendsetter. I think it’s a look.” You pointed out, Harry rolling his eyes before walking over to you with a damp cloth. “Wiping it isn’t going to help.” 

“What do you suggest then, smartass?” Harry scoffed, gently dabbing at the stain and letting out a scowl. 

“You let me keep this shirt and I’ll get you a new one!” You beamed, stepping forward a little when Harry pulled you closer to rub harder at the stain. 

“I’m not- You’ve stolen enough of my shirts, thank you very much. And yeh can’t just go out there and find a vintage Rolling Stones tee in bloody Forever 21 or something.” 

“I’ll get you something else, then! How about a vintage Stevie Nicks shirt?” You suggested, Harry pausing for a moment to look up at you. 

“There’s no way you can get your hands on that.” 

“Don’t doubt me.” 

“Can you get a signed one?” It was endearing how he was basically still fangirling over Stevie Nicks even though he had met her and sang with her the other week.  

“I can make it happen. Because I’m amazing and everyone loves me.” You grinned, Harry nodding slowly and pulling away. 

“A’right, fine. But if I find out you’re scamming me, that embroidered Styles shirt is going back into my dresser.”  


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sorry pals this is not my best piece of work lol 

Harry Styles Daughter Imagine

[Harry with kids is my absolute favorite. UGH]

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Harry Styles - Positive part 1

hi, could you please write one where harry and his wife are getting a divorce and she finds out that she’s pregnant again but doesn’t to tell him because they already have a daughter together and the little one tells harry the baby news thank you

Thank you so much for requesting it. I’m sorry it took me so long to write, but I’ve been really hooked up with school lately. I hope you like it .xx 

 The air was thick and tears were streaming down her face, as she looked down at the now signed paper, indicating that it now was officially over. They were no longer married to each other and it broke her. Her already broken heart was breaking into a million pieces and she couldn’t even think straight. It had all happened so fast, him confessing that he had been unfaithful to the endless fights and finally the divorce. But the hardest part was telling their four year old the news and it broke them both to tell her - both of them nearly breaking down in tears as she thought it was her fault, promising to be a good girl. 

“Can we talk? Darcy is taking a nap.” He asked her, bringing her back from her thoughts. 

 ”Yes.” She sniffled, not realizing she was crying until now. She laid the papers down on the kitchen table before wiping away her tears, turning around to face him. 

 ”Can we discuss things now without fighting?” He sighed, running his hand through his hair. 

“I guess.” She mumbled, already knowing where this was going. They had been fighting about it for a week now and it always ended up with her crying while he would storm out of the house, not coming back until the next morning. “Look, I just don’t think it’s fair. Why can’t I’ve Darcy every other week?”

“Because Harry she is the only thing I got left, okay. I need her here with me.”

“And you don’t think I need her too? She’s the only thing I got left as well. So stop being to selfish. God dammit.” He hissed at her, feeling the anger boil up inside him. 

“Don’t you dare call me selfish.” She hissed back at him, “You’re the one who ruined this family, not me. You’re the one who was sleeping around with some model. So, don’t you dare call me selfish. If anyone is selfish it’s you, Harry.” She stormed out of the kitchen and headed towards the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. She couldn’t contain herself anymore and broke down in sobs. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t hold it all together anymore, everything was crumbling under her and she was lost. She was lost because she lost the love of her life, she was lost because their daughter was now going to have divorced parents; something they had promised each other would never happen. Lost because she just found out that she was pregnant with their second child and only she knew. Lost because she didn’t have the heart to tell him. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. She wasn’t supposed to be pregnant when he was about to leave. She couldn’t bare the thought of telling him, when he would leave the next day and not coming back to her. 

“Mamma, mamma.” A little voice interrupted her, coming from the other side of the door. She quickly stood up and wiped always her tears before opening the door, revealing their little girl. Her hair messy after her afternoon nap and her stuffed animal was tucked under her small arm as she yawned, rubbing her eyes with her little hand. 

“Hi sunshine, did you have a nice nap?” She asked and picked her up, sitting her on her hip as she kissed her forehead. 

“Yes.” She lisped, “Were you crying, Mamma? Were you?” She touched the cheeks of her mother with a worried expression across her face. 

“Yes, baby. But mamma is okay now, I promise. I love you.“ 

"Love you, mamma. Down." 

"Of course, my sweet girl.” She kissed her forehead once again before setting her down. As soon as her legs touched the ground, she toddled into the bathroom and returned a few minuets, holding something in her hand. 

“Look mamma, look.” She giggled and showed her the white thing she had found. Her eyes widened, heart beating faster as she saw what her daughter was holding. 

“Honey, where did you get that from? Give it to, mamma." 

"No, I’ve to show daddy.” She giggled and ran out the room, her stuffed animal long forgotten as it was laying on the bedroom floor. She quickly grabbed it before hurrying out of the room, trying to catch her before she reached her father.

“Daddy look. See what I found.” She said and climbed onto his lap, showing him the stick. 

“What is it, darling?” He asked curious as he gently took it from her hand, getting a closer view to what his daughter had shown him. His stomach instantly tightening as he saw what it was. It was a pregnancy test and it was positive.

dunkirk || part two

(part one)

y/n’s always been there for harry, so why does he want to take little miss kendall jenner as his date for dunkirk’s premier? 


“What the hell just happened?” Harry scoffed, glaring at the front door you had just slammed shut after storming out, claiming you needed some ‘fresh air’. “Remind me never to bring up Kendall around Y/N ever again.” He joked, the smile dropping on his face when he noted the boys’ stoic expressions. “Wha’? Are you guys mad at me too??” 

“Oh my god, I just remembered. How could we be so stupid??” Liam gasped lightly, his eyes widening as he looked over at Niall. His memory was a bit fuzzy, but Liam did recall you accidentally blurting out your feelings for Harry. Of course, you had made him pinky-promise to keep it a secret, since you didn’t want to risk jeopardising your friendship with Harry. Liam was usually good at keeping secrets, but he had to tell Niall. And then Niall and to tell Louis - Heck, even Zayn knew! The only person who didn’t know was obviously Harry. 

“I t’ink she’s mad cos I took the last juice box t’is mornin’. I left her wit’ the orange juice when I knew she wanted t’e apple juice.” Niall muttered, slapping himself on the forehead gently. “Do ya t’ink a whole Costco sized container of juice boxes would make her happy?” 

“No, Niall, don’t you remember what I told you a couple months ago? About Y/N and her..” Liam trailed off, pointing to Harry very subtly. 

“Oh, right!” Niall’s eyes lit up as he sat up straighter before letting out a breath. “T’ank god I didn’t do anyt’ing wrong. It breaks my heart when Y/N’s upset.” He laughed lightly, looking over at a very confused Harry. 

“I literally have no idea wha’ you guys are talking about, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done anything wrong. And let’s be honest, she’s probably a little miffed about that last juice box, Niall.” Harry leaned back against the couch after picking his phone back up. “I know Y/N. She’ll cool off in a couple hours, we jus’ have to leave her alone, s’all.” He shrugged casually, the rest of the boys staring at him in astonishment. How could Harry not know why you were upset? Was he really that oblivious? 

“Do you really think Y/N would be that petty to get so explosive over a fuckin’ juice box?” Louis furrowed his brows, raising his hands in surrender when Harry did nothing but nod confidently. “Alright, then. You do you.” 

“Stupid Harry. Stupid Harry and his stupid war movie.” You grumbled to yourself, sucking up the remainder of your juice before angrily tossing it into the bin. “I’m taking her as my date, he says. Didn’t even get a thank you for ironing his dumb costume. Should’ve tossed the costume into the ocean when I had the chance.”

Life just wasn’t on your side. You had always been there for Harry, supporting him with whatever decision he made. He wanted to wear that floral suit to the AMA’s, fine! You were the one who picked it up for him. He wanted to chop all his hair off for charity (and for the movie, obviously), of course! You were the one who physically cut his hair, and you even dropped it off at the charity itself. You helped him during outfit changes for his Another Man shoot. But no, you didn’t get anything in return. You weren’t even invited to go on that damn yacht. All you were in Harry’s eyes was his little assistant - Could you even call yourself his best friend anymore? Probably not! People were always calling you up because they thought you were a representative for Harry. 

“You’re not all that, Harry Styles.” You muttered, rubbing your hands together for warmth before shoving them into the pockets of your coat. (It was Harry’s coat. You liked wearing his clothes.) What were you even doing with your life? Your days including running all over town to do things for Harry, and you weren’t even getting paid for it. Harry had just been taking advantage of you right under your nose, and you thought he was taking you to all these things and asking you for all these favours because you were his best friend. The sudden feeling of your phone buzzing in your pocket snapped you out of your thoughts, making you stop in the middle of the street. You took your phone out and walked into an empty alleyway, your brows knitting together at the sight of none other than Harry himself calling you. 

“Y/N? Where the hell are you, love? It’s nearly 10.” You told yourself to stay calm when you heard Harry’s voice from the other end of the phone. You raised your wrist to glance at your watch. 

“You took four hours to call me and check to see where I went?” You asked in an unimpressed tone. You could practically see Harry trying to come up with an excuse as to why he didn’t call earlier. There was a moment of silence before Harry cleared his throat and spoke up again. 

“I figured I’d give you a little alone time to blow some steam off.” 

“Oh? Blow some steam off? And what makes you think I have steam to blow off?” You scoffed, raising your free hand to make air quote gestures. 

“Cos you were clearly upset when you left. Niall said he’d replace your damn juice boxes, Y/N. You don’ have to be so immature about it.” Now you were the one in shock. He thought you were upset over.. juice boxes? 

“You- what? You think I’m- Can you give me another reason as to why I could be upset right now? Because I think I’m over the juice boxes.” You scoffed, hearing Harry let out a small groan of frustration. 

“Can yeh just come back? We can talk about this.” 

“There’s no need to talk, Harry. You, out of all people, should know why I’m upset.” 

“Well, I don’t know why! You’re going to have t’ help me figure out why you’re upset!” Harry’s voice became a little more gruff at this point. 

“I shouldn’t need to help you!” You snapped, clenching your fist so tightly you could feel your nails digging into the flesh of your palm. “I’m just so.. Sick of you!” Again, nothing but silence. 

“You’re sick of me?! I’m sick of you! You’ve been so moody and childish lately!” Harry growled, cursing quietly to himself. 

“Maybe I wouldn’t be moody or childish if you could just figure out what you’ve done wrong!” You gasped, a little offended by his words. “God, I don’t even wanna talk to you right now! I was in a decent mood, and I was actually alone with my own thoughts until you call-”

“You know what? If you’re going t’ keep acting this way - jus’ don’ even bother coming home, then! You always think I need you around, but guess what? I don’t! I don’t need you!”

Your heart pounded wildly in your chest, a lump beginning to grow in your throat. How could he say something like that? “You don’t need me around?” All you could hear was the heavy breathing of Harry on the other end. 

Y/N-” You didn’t give Harry a chance to explain himself before you hung up and shoved your phone back into your pocket. 

He didn’t need you around anymore? Fine. If that’s what Harry wanted, that’s what he’d get. 



A Mere Matter of Hatred Pt.2

Part 1 Here 

Pairing: Liam Payne & Zayn Malik (Ziam) 

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4500

Summary: When Liam and Zayn decided to rent an apartment together they didn’t realize that getting along would the hardest part. However, one night when the pair is hanging on their last thread, things take a wild turn of events (Part 1). After that night things just aren’t quite the same. 

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#339 - Eating Out*

Harry: He pushed your legs up, the palms of his hands pressing into the back of your thighs. He was taking his sweet time, his tongues gliding over your lips slowly. You looked down at him and took a deep breath. His eyes were shut, his mouth feeling around and determining when he was going to take the next step up. You felt two, cool fingers on the sensitive skin, making you jump. He spread your lips apart, revealing your wet core. He let out a chuckle and pulled back the little hood of skin that covered your clit. Harry brushed his thumb over the bundle of nerves, and at the same time, he ducked his hand down and ran his tongue over your moist skin at your entrance. You let out a soft moan, dropping your head back into the pillows. The tip of his tongue penetrated your hole and curled it up slightly. In a few short seconds, he was snogging your core, his thumb continuing to rub firm circles over your clit. You breathed out deeply and let out a whine, lifting your hips up slightly to feel more of his tongue on you. He pushed them back down harshly, his fingers digging into your hips. He shook his head back and forth, keeping some of you in his mouth and sending out vibrations through you. You gasped out slightly and dropped your jaw, lifting your hands up to grab onto your breasts, pushing them together and toying with your nipples, causing them to become erect. Suddenly, your stomach clenched and your eyes widened, your whole body stiffening. Quick pants came from your mouth repeatedly and you spilled out onto his tongue, a low and long whine coming out loudly. Harry lapped up all your release, humming out deeply and smirking to himself when he pulled his mouth away. “That’s a good girl…” he murmured, pressing one last lingering kiss to your stimulated clit, pulling back and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Liam: You felt his arms go around your waist as you shut the oven, and he trapped you back against his chest. You bit your lip softly and laughed out quietly, looking over your shoulder at him. He walked you back to the island in the middle of the kitchen and let go for a moment turning you two around and lifting you up onto the counter. “I’m hungry…” he murmured and you raised your eyebrow. “Dinner’s in the oven Liam…” you giggled out softly but he shook his head, pulling your shorts down quickly. “Not for that…” he mumbled and you raised your eyebrow, lifting your hips slightly so it would be easier for him. He tossed them down onto the floor and knelt down slightly, pulling your hips to the edge of the counter. You grabbed onto the back of his head and pushed him closer, spreading your legs for him. His eagerness was transferring over to you, plus you only had so much time before the actual food would be ready. He wrapped his arms around your hips and pushed his head between your legs, nudging his nose against your clit. His lips went right to work against your heat, his mouth pushing past your folds and his teeth grazing your clit before he nibbled on it. You let out a little gasp and smirked to yourself, tightening your grip on the back of his head. You groaned out deeply and swung your legs over his shoulders, locking your ankles before resting them on his back. He took a deep breath and pressed his lips in deeper into you, jutting his tongue in and out of you slowly. You bit your lower lip and giggled out before inhaling sharply, looking down at him. “Right there baby…” you mumbled out, taking a shaky breath and resting your head slightly on your shoulder, letting out a strangled moan. You felt his lips curl into a smile against you as he ate you out, acting like it was going to be the last thing he ever got to eat.

Niall: Holding onto your hand tightly, he dragged you back into the dressing room, doing a double-check of the hallway to make sure no one was coming before he pulled you in, shutting the door behind you and locking it. Before either of you smoke a word, his lips were against yours and his hands were underneath your dress, pushing it up around your waist. You pressed your palms firmly into the door before reaching one up and holding the side of his face firmly. He pulled back, only to plant his lips back onto your jaw and dragging them down to your neck. You breathed out deeply and bit your lip softly, keeping your eyes shut. Niall looped his fingers around the material of your panties, moving them down so they could fall to your knees. The cool air hit your heat and it made you shiver slightly. Grabbing onto one of his hands and bringing it to your front, he knelt down on his knees in front of you. Your eyes opened and you glanced at him, chewing on your bottom lip. “Okay?” he asked softly and you nodded quickly. You guided his head between your legs and spread them a little more so it would be easier for him to get a wider range of access. His tongue came out of his mouth and ran up your slit. When he really got in there, you let out a breath, and tried to feel the pleasure, but he was completely ignoring your clit. Pursing your lips softly, you reached a hand down and started working on it yourself, two fingers rubbing slow circles as he dipped his tongue in and out inside of you. You felt him pull back for a moment and push your hand away. “I got it…” you heard him mumble and he moved his lips up, wrapping them around the bundle of nerves. You were hesitant for a moment but when he started putting suction on it, it was lovely. You slid down the door slightly, keeping yourself up on shaky knees. He grabbed the back of your thighs and focused on your clit, making your breathing come out as moans. You had to throw a hand over your mouth so no one could hear, but it was getting harder and harder to contain yourself.

Louis: You sat on the couch as he was kneeling between your legs, his lips and tongue going to work on you. Your whole body was taken over by a euphoric feeling, and your hands were grabbing and palming at your breasts roughly. Your breathing was staggered and heavy, and there was a blissful grin spread across your face. Every muscle in your lower body seemed to go completely limp because your legs slid off of his back and fell wide open. Louis slid his hands under your bum, pulling you closer to the edge of the couch so he could go lower, his lips brushing down over your arse. Your eyes opened and you gasped out slightly, looking down at him. “Sorry, sorry…” he murmured, glancing up at you for a moment. You shook your head and pursed your lips slightly. “Do… Do that again.” Louis smirked softly and nodded his head, slipping back down. He slid his tongue down to your back hole, slowly swirling it around in circles. You immediately and unconsciously clenched, having the automatic reaction to the sudden touch. You took a deep breath and relaxed back into the soft cushion. He continued the slow and light circles, helping you to relax and loosen up a little bit more. You didn’t really think it would feel the way it did, but now that you had allowed him to take that step, you were not complaining. Reaching a hand down between your legs, you pinched your clit gently before sliding your fingers down to your front entrance. As Louis ate you out, you began using your fingers to heighten all of your senses. Louis spread you apart so he could get better access to your sweet spots, his tongue just being able to penetrate the tight orifice. You took a deep breath and slid one of your fingers in, moaning out deeply. As you pumped it in and out, Louis moved his lips against your opening, moaning out and sending vibrations through you. You whined out and shivers shot up your back. The release was coming on a lot stronger than you anticipated, but you kept things going, not wanting it to stop.

Zayn: He looked over at you, seeing that you were still fast asleep. With an idea brewing in his head and the fact that you were still bare from the night before, he bit his lip and slipped under the covers. Carefully he manoeuvered himself between your legs and took a deep breath, rubbing the insides of your thighs gently. Biting his lip softly he took a deep breath and pressed slow, lingering kisses from the inside of your mid-thigh all the way up to your hip before trailing his lips down to your heat. He flicked his tongue over your clit at first, using two fingers to keep it revealed to his awaiting mouth. Using just the tip of his tongue, he just kept circling it until you got wet enough subconsciously. He ran two fingers over your skin and heard you breath out a little deeper. You were starting to wake up and become aware of what was going on, and when you did, you bit your lip, keeping your eyes shut. Moaning out quietly, Zayn started to wrap his lips around pieces of skin slowly, his tongue gliding along the inside of your lips. His nose pushed against your clit and his tongue pressed against your entrance. You pulled the covers up slightly to look down at him, breathing slowly and deeply. You lifted your hips slightly and his hand came up to rest on your pelvic bone, keeping you in place slightly but not restricting your movements. You whimpered out softly, grabbing onto the pillows by your head. Rocking your hips side to side slightly, you let out a shaky breath and pulled the blankets back again as he jutted his tongue and penetrated your entrance. He went on at a steady pace until your muscles started to clench around him. You rested your hands on your stomach and gasping out sharply, came out over his tongue and lips. Zayn pulled back, licking his lips before crawling up and poking his head up at you. You breathed out softly and looked at him softly, chewing your bottom lip. “Good morning love…” he chuckled out with a smirk, pressing his lips against yours lazily.

Woc Series: Wrapping Headscarf

Hi *waves* I’m starting WOC Harry Imagine Series and this is my first imagine


You glanced at the bright light of your clock radio as the first yawn of the night made itself past your full lips.


The green numbers caused your stomach to do a tiny flip, making you acutely aware of the fact that tonight would be a milestone in your relationship.  If it were a normal night then you’d be pouting as you said your goodbyes and goodnights to your boyfriend of 5 months.  If it were a normal night then you’d be getting ready for bed by yourself. But tonight wasn’t a normal night and you were as nervous as you were grateful.

Harry tightened his grip around your shapely hips as you nuzzled into his warm neck, the sounds of the tv merely background noise to your racing thoughts.  His hands wandered lazily to your sides before rubbing them, his hands tightening when your warm breath hit that sensitive spot on his neck.

“This is a nice change,” he hummed.  You smiled in agreeance.  It truly was a nice change and something that you two had been building up to for weeks.  And now with you nestled up amongst your tall boy, feet and legs tangled together on your small couch, nothing felt more right.  Finally, Harry was spending the night over at your place, and the enormity of the fact didn’t escape you.

 The two of you spent the next 30 minutes in each other’s arms, watching the last of one of the American reality shows that Harry was too engrossed in.  He was practically in tears by the end when his favorite person was rejected and sent home. Lovingly, you ran your fingers through his hair in a soothing gesture.  It was getting longer now and had lost some of its curliness that he had been known for, but for you it was symbolic of how much he had grown.  Harry smiled at your actions before looking down at you, newfound excitement present in his green eyes.

 “Reckon we should go to bed, yea?”  He asked, his tone cluing you in to the fact that he knew just how much his question meant.  He had been wanting this for months now, placing careful hints amongst small conversations.  He had been surreptitiously leaving his things, a tee shirt here and a couple of his favorite rings there.  By now he had his own side of the dresser; something that caused him to fix you with a dimpled smile every time he passed by it.

With soft movements he untangled himself from you before standing up and offering you his hands.  You gripped them in your smaller ones and smiled as he pulled you up with ease, his inked biceps flexing easily.  Keeping one of your hands in his grip, he tugged you behind his broad figure as you sleepily shuffled your feet.  Your dark eyes dropped to your conjoined hands, your fingers interlaced. The sight of the two of you together was like artwork.

Admittedly, at first you were wary about going into this relationship.  Scared of what others would think and say.  The fans were harsh; the media outlets harsher, and often times Harry and you fought for this relationship.

However, in moments like these, with your hands comfortably encased in his, it made complete sense to fight like hell for what the two of you had.

Keeping your eyes on your clasped fingers, you allowed yourself to smile.  You had grown to love seeing the contrast of your darker skin against his paler one. It looked like something out of a fashion magazine — a high end look that made you proud.  You warmed at the sight and hoped you’d never stop feeling this way.

The two of you quickly made it to your bedroom, as your condo wasn’t too large.  It was truthfully just a few strides away from your living room, and with Harry’s long legs the two of you made it there rather quickly.  Having already washed up all that was left was finishing up the last of your nightly routine.  Harry was very simplistic, having already washed and delighted in using your products, was ready for bed and made a show of making his way over to your bed and pulling off his loose tee to leave his muscled abdomen bare, his sweatpants hanging low off of his hips.

“I’m so tired,” he mumbled as he rubbed at his eyes.  He was now on the left side of your bed, remembering a single conversation of when you stated that you could only sleep on the right side of your bed.  He had mocked you for some time about it, but tonight he was uncharacteristically serious about this, knowing just how much this night meant.

“Then lay down,” you chuckled at him as you moved towards your mirror which was situated above your dresser.  You heard your bed creak and looked up at him through your mirror to see he had gotten onto it.  You shook your head in amusement as you opened up the top drawer of your dresser.

 “What are you doing, love?  I want to cuddle.”  You could practically see Harry’s pout in his tone as you felt yourself blush at his questioning.  You weren’t ashamed of your culture, far from it, but your heart always beat faster when you were put in his situation.  You couldn’t help it as flashbacks from childhood sleepovers assaulted you.  The questions, stares, and judgmental giggles you got from the little white girls who didn’t understand.  It really wasn’t a big deal but for some reason you hesitated taking the head wrap out of its place in your drawer.

“Y/N?”  Harry asked, worry laced in his tired voice.  You shook your head slightly, knowing that you were being silly.  This was Harry.  Gentle, loving, understanding Harry.  He wouldn’t laugh and he wouldn’t ridicule.

You took a deep breath before pulling out the silky scarf, the cool texture of it helping to calm your nerves as you ran it through your fingers.  It was beautiful, multi-colored with a slue of colors that reminded you of a serene sunset. With a shy smile you closed the drawer and turned towards Harry, your eyes raking over his face.  His expression was pensive, his brows pulled together in confusion over why you had become so stiff and quiet.

“Y/N?”  He asked again, his voice coming out deep and whiny.  He was sat up on the bed now, watching you as he worried his bottom lip between his teeth.  He had only seen you this way when you read the hate on social media or that one time when you had to tell on a fellow employee for his inappropriate actions.  It always worried him, but he was even more troubled; it was supposed to be a perfectly relaxing night and here you were looking equal parts scared and belittled.

With quick movements he got up and made his way over to you, softly grasping your right hand in a loose embrace once he was close enough.  Your face relaxed as he brought your hand up to brush gentle chaste kisses to your knuckles. He looked up from behind his eyelashes at you, his green eyes deep with emotion.  His other hand reached up to cup your cheek and you felt it warm under his grip.  All of a sudden you felt the need to cry.  He was just always so gentle, so sweet with you.

You couldn’t help but feel so trivial; you knew that something like this wouldn’t matter.  So why were you getting so choked up?

“Are you having second thoughts?”  His question looked like it pained him, but he still managed to get it out.  You shook your head quickly.

“Of course not, Haz,” you reassured him as he studied your face for any sign of regret.

 “Then what it is?  You’re worrying me, kitten.”  His thumb rubbed against the apple of your cheek in a soothing gesture.  You leaned your head into his embrace, soaking up his affection.

“It’s so silly, really,” you whispered your assurance but all it did was make his brows pull together.

“Then tell me what’s going on.”

“I’m really trying hard not to make this into a big deal, Haz. It’s really not, but for some reason I’m making it into one,” you confessed, your voice thick.

“Just tell me, Y/N,” Harry urged once more.  You sighed at his tone before reaching to your side to grasp the head wrap.  Following your movements with his eyes, Harry raised his eyebrows and cocked his head.

 “That’s what you’re so worried about?  A scarf?”  His tone was light but you could tell that he was genuinely confused.  You bit the inside of your cheek as you brought the scarf closer to the two of you.

“It’s not just a scarf, Harry.  It’s a head scarf.”

“Yea?”  His tone was still easygoing, not quite getting it.

“As in to sleep in,” you elaborated slowly.

He chuckled at you and you pinched in your brows, not finding it funny.

“I know what a head scarf is Y/N, I’m not stupid.  I just don’t understand why it’s such a big deal,” he said in his usual slow manner.

“It’s not meant to be worn the way you used to wear yours….” you trailed off, trying your best to explain it to him gently.  He studied your face before answering.

 “Y/N, I’m aware.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Caroline wear one,” he said, referencing his wardrobe stylist who he was fond of.  You raised your eyebrows at his answer.

“Are you ashamed?  Because you have no reason to be, love.  You’re beautiful.”  Harry reassured you in a voice that brokered no argument.  You couldn’t help it as a flowering blush made its way to warm your cheeks.

“But my hair won’t be out and flowy against the pillow like in those romantic books and movies,” you bleated, knowing that you were talking nonsense but not able to censor yourself.  Harry fixed you with an incredulous look before shaking his head.

“You’re absolutely mental, love.  Plus if your hair was out it would get in my mouth when we sleep,” he scrunched up his face in disgust before tugging your body closer to his.  You rested your head on the warm skin of his chest and blew out a long breath not realizing how much you needed his reassurance.

Harry unclasped his hand from yours in order to bring it up to your other cheek.  He carefully tilted your head up so that you could meet his gaze.  It was soft and gentle just like him, but held a hard glint, hating that you were afraid to share all of yourself with him.

“I love you, Y/N.”  He enunciated every word, making sure that you fully understood him.  You gave him a timid smile as you felt your eyes begin to water.  You loved this man so much; you had no idea how you ended up being so blessed enough to have him hold you like this, and love you with all his being.

“I love you too, Harry,” you whispered, your voice thick with unshed tears.  He gave you a wide grin, one that showed his teeth before tilting downward to attach his lips to yours.

 It was slow and sweet, your lips moving in a sweet synchronization.  You loved it when he kissed you like this.  It felt like the world slowed to just you two, and as you raised yourself on your toes to deepen the kiss, you felt his hand wrap around to grip the back of your neck as he let out a growl deep in his throat.

The two of you fit perfectly together, and you smiled as you felt him move to leave small pecks across your jaw, feeling a shiver run down your spine.  He methodically kissed his way up to your ear and parted his lips to whisper to you.

 “I don’t want you to ever feel reluctant to share yourself with me, kitten.”  You nodded, breathless at his pet name for you.

He rubbed his thumb against the nape of your neck, looking down at you lovingly.

“Now, wrap your hair so we can cuddle,” he pouted, his eyes filled with mischief once more.  You rolled your eyes at him with an amused grin before picking up the scarf from the floor, not even realizing you had dropped it when Harry had kissed you.

You stepped out of his embrace but he situated himself behind you and placed a kiss on the back of your neck, causing you to let out a small shiver that made him smirk.  You merely rolled your eyes once more after catching your breath.

You reached on the dresser to grab your brush and began to brush your hair to the side and around your head, all the while aware of Harry’s curious eyes on you.

“Is this what makes your hair so soft?”  He questioned as you reached for some bobby pins to keep your hair in place.

You let out a breathy laugh, feeling light again.  “Yea, it keeps my hair nice and laid,” you explained, meeting Harry’s gaze through the mirror.  You watched as he became thoughtful and you knew he was about to ask a question.

“Can you wrap my hair,” he asked so innocently that you froze in your movements, your eyebrows shooting sky high.

You set down your scarf, and fixed him with a surprised look.

 “You want me to wrap your hair?”  You asked him, your voice high, not expecting him to ask you that.

He shrugged at you and placed his hands in the pockets of his grey sweats.  “Yea, if that’s okay.  I want it to be soft like yours,” he mumbled excitedly.

“Sure,” you blinked.  “Let me just finish up mine.”

 “Okay!”  His smile was so huge that you giggled and shook your head at him.  It was moments like these that reminded you why you adored this man so much.

After tying the scarf around your head you pulled out a baby blue scarf from your drawer for Harry.  His eyes lit up once you turned around and wiggled it in front of his face.

“Go sit on the bed,” you ordered; he was so much taller than you that there was no way you would be able to do it while he was standing up.

“Yes ma’am,” he saluted you before walking over to your bed, an excited bounce in his step.  You followed him, your brush and scarf in one hand and a couple bobby pins in the other.  You approached your boyfriend and ran your fingers through the long locks of his brown hair.

 “I’m so excited,” he murmured to you just as you brought the brush through his hair, making the tangles smooth out to thick, bouncy, waves. You laughed at him, a happiness that you only accustomed with him, coming to the surface.

 “Okay, Haz.  Stay still,” you told him as you began to sweep his hair to the side with your brush. It took you a couple of tries to get all of his hair around his head, as his hair was so much more lenient and straight. However, you were able to stick bobby pins in his hair that kept it in place.  With loving movements you wrapped the head scarf around his head and repeatedly asked him if it was too tight or loose before getting it just right.

You couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he turned towards you and you were able to take him in.  He was honestly so cute, the silk encompassing his forehead and hiding the hair that you had gotten used to seeing.

He fixed you with a genuine smile, his eyes roaming over your form.  You knew you looked a sight, in Harry’s boxers and one of his undershirts, your hair done up under a scarf.  But with his eyes twinkling as he looked at you, you never felt so beautiful.

“Let’s take a picture, yea?”  You scrunched up your face at his question.

“I promise only I’ll see it,” he pleaded with you, his green eyes hopeful.

“Fine,” you relented with a sigh and a small smile.

 With excited hands he reached for his phone charging next to yours on your nightstand.  He quickly fiddled with it before reaching for your wrist and pulling you onto the bed and close to him.  You fell into his side and laughed as he extended his arm in front of the both of you with the phone in his hand.

“Smiiile,” he laughed poking your side and causing you to laugh, your eyes crinkling just as he took the photo.

“One more,” he ordered.  This time he leaned over to you to place a kiss on your cheek as you stuck out your tongue, the flash of the picture creating small spots in your vision.

You cuddled into his side as he brought his phone close to the two of you, clicking on the picture he just took.

You busted out laughing when you saw how ridiculous the two of you looked.

“Hey,” Harry pouted.  “We look glamourous,” he chuckled as you studied the picture, loving how happy and glowing the two of you looked.

“Let me see the other one,” you demanded softly, watching as Harry’s slender finger swiped the screen of his phone.  The picture practically made you melt.

The both of you looked so radiant and content that you couldn’t help but let out a pleasurable sigh.  Usually you would hate the crinkles by your eyes, but this picture was different.  Harry looked ecstatic, you hadn’t realized but he had tilted his head to smile at you, and with you smiling at the camera, you decided that this was your favorite picture, head wraps and all.

 “This one is going as my wallpaper,” Harry laughed joyfully. You smiled in agreeance.

Harry leaned back over to the nightstand to plug his phone back in before wiggling out of his sweats and throwing them on a chair in the corner.  You smirked at his black Calvin Klein boxers that hung low on his hips, accentuating the tattoos on his abdomen.

He then splayed out on the bed and you moved to cuddle up in his side.  You breathed out a sigh of relief as you traced his butterfly tattoo with your finger, his stomach tightening at the feeling.

“I love you,” you whispered before kissing his shoulder.

You didn’t have to look up to know that he was smiling, his eyes most likely closed, reveling in the feeling of you two.

 “I love how we’re finally having a cuddle,” he joked, causing you to lightly slap at his chest.

You snuggled deeper into his side, wanting to be as close to him as possible, feeling his chuckles reverberate through his body.

It was one of those moments when your differences seemed to ebb away, leaving the both of you on equal footing.  Nothing could pry you apart, not insecurities, not hate, not differences.  Because at the end of the day you were just two people, blessed enough to be in each other’s lives and taking one day at a time.

You let out an elated breath, knowing deep down inside that this night represented so much more than a night spent together.  And as you reached up to kiss your boyfriend of five months, you’d never felt more at ease.

Is It Too Much to Ask

(Oh gosh, y'all, I’m so sorry this took so long!  Thank you so much for sticking with me, being so patient while I went through surgery and got to basically everything but this.  I hope that you’ll all enjoy it!  

Once again, let me just say that writing these pieces is not meant to exclude anyone; I mean only to represent larger or plus size bodies in a medium where we cannot often see ourselves.  But every body is a good body, we are all wonderful and beautiful and worthy and I will stick with this to the very end.

Love you, guys <3)

When Sarah had phoned you herself to ask if you’d take the job, you knew it was a bad idea. But she didn’t know anything about your history with one Louis Tomlinson, she just wanted someone qualified take take over a place on the boys’ touring catering for a little while. And as you’d recently snagged a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, with a focus on baking and pastries, you had more credentials than anyone else she had to choose from. Plus, you were still young, more likely to handle the hustle and bustle better that came with all the traveling. You should have told her no, but it was a great opportunity to get out and see new places, to absorb knowledge of new and foreign foods with the cooks right there to teach you - besides, Louis Tomlinson was one-fifth of One Direction, boyband extraordinaire, and not likely to remember the chubby little girl he’d tormented for most of primary and secondary school.

He liked to chase you around the playground, often stood by smirking when his friends would sing awful tunes at you about being tubby. He’d laugh when they teased you with food, offering you morsels from their lunches as if you’d jump on the chance to gorge - nevermind that you hardly at ate all in school, because when they weren’t trying to force feed you more, they were taking what little you allowed yourself to grab off the line. By the time you made it to secondary school, you didn’t even go to lunch anymore; your mum packed a little brown bag for you everyday and you begged whatever teacher you had during lunch period to let you stay in the classroom and eat. Of course, by then, they’d grown out of the hellish taunting, but it didn’t stop sneers in the hallway; Louis had one friend in particular, a towering boy with long, greasy hair that loved jabbing you in the softest part of your sides whenever he’d pass you.

You remembered well the bruises that had blossomed the few times he’d done it while Louis was walking the hall with him, but you never told a soul, made up stupid stories about bumping bars and bleachers during gym when your mother caught sight of them once.

Sure, plenty of people might have told you to go singing to the nearest authority figure, but you knew if you told that it would only make everything that much worse. So you suffered through what you considered the least possible evil.

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Teach me – Harry Styles

“What was it like?” Harry’s voice interrupted your weekly movie night, causing you to look at him instead of the movie.

“What was what like?”

“Sex. I know you’re not a virgin because of your asshole ex-boyfriend bragged about it for about a month.” His eyes focused on the movie, refusing to meet yours.

“Why are you asking me this, Harry. I know, you’re not a virgin either.” Your eyes scanned him and you noticed the deep shade of blush on his cheeks.

“Y-You think I’m not a virgin?” He stuttered as he finally looked at you. You quickly detected a little bit a pain and sorrow in them.

“Well, I mean…um.” Fuck, maybe I’m wrong then, you thought. “You’ve had a few girlfriends and, I mean, there’s been some rumors around school…”

“And you believe them? Y/n, you know me better than anyone I’ve ever met before but yet you still believe some stupid rumors that aren’t true. You know that I’ve been waiting for the perfect girl to spend that with and I would’ve told you if I had met her.” He stood up from the couch and quickly began looking for his shoes and coat.

“Harry… I didn’t mean it like that.” You also stood up and you grabbed onto his arm to stop him. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t think that someone like you could still be a virgin.”

“Do you really think that low of me? Fuck, from now on I’ll bring a girl home every night and fuck her brains out and I’ll make sure I make her scream loud enough for you to hear and that way you’ll know exactly what I’m doing.” His voice was practically laced with venom.

“Harry, you’re overreacting. It was just a misunderstanding.” You tugged on his arm as an attempt to pull him back to the couch but that only caused him to rip it away from you harshly and glare at you.

“It was ‘just a misunderstanding’ that made you think that I’m practically a manwhore. I’m leaving. Maybe I’ll talk to you tomorrow unless I decide to go fuck some slut instead.” He pulled on his coat and pulled his shoes on. “Bye y/n.” He said as he slammed the door shut.

You stood there stunned as you tried to process what had just happened. Hoping it’s not to late, you quickly had outside to see Harry still in the driveway, his head resting in his hands against the steering wheel. “Harry!” You screamed, not caring if the neighbors heard. “Please, Come back inside and we can talk!” Slowly and unwillingly, he nodded, following back into your home.

“Listen, Harry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. You know I’d never insult you, I was just confused…”

Harry didn’t even acknowledge your apology as he, once again, slipped off his coat and shoes and sat on the couch next to you.

“Please, Harry. I said I’m sorry and I mean it. Is there anything I can do to make you forgive me?” You were desperate at this point. You can’t handle when Harry’s mad at you because he refuses to even acknowledge you sometimes.

“Teach me.” He said as he pulled you over closer to his side.

“Teach you what, Harry? You’re a senior and I’m a junior. What could I possible teach you?”

“Teach me how I can pleasure you. When I actually have my first time, with yo- whoever that may be, I don’t want to disappoint her.” His arms wrapped around your waist as leaned back against the couch and pulled you on his lap so that you were straddling him. His hand slowly moved down until he was cupping your ass through your jeans.

You yelped as his hand squeezed your butt. “Harry, stop.”

“No,” He protested as his hands moved to your hips as he forced you to grind your hips against him. “You want to make it up to me and this is how. If you don’t do this for me, I’m leaving.” Harry knew he was being a bit harsh but he’d been waiting for this for a long time, though it hadn’t happened the way he expected it to, and he wasn’t going to let the opportunity to learn slip through.

You sighed, feeling him harden through his jeans. You weighed your options, you could either reject him and he’d probably storm out of your apartment or you could give into him and teach him how to pleasure someone but most likely ruin your friendship or turn everything awkward as soon as you’re finished.

Before you could even decide, Harry’s hand moved to the front of your jeans as he unbuttoned them, pulling them down slightly to expose your panties to him.

“Harry, are you sure?” You said, giving into his desires as his hands returned to your barely clothed ass.

“I’ve never been more sure about anything before.” He hands were slightly shaking as he moved his hands away from your ass and to your shirt as he unbuttoned it and pulled it over your head.

“Harry, calm down. If we are both going to do this, you need to relax.” You gripped his hands in yours and placed them on your hips.

He, slowly and unsurely, nodded his head. “Right, sorry.” Harry shook his head, in an attempt to calm himself, you believed.

“How about we take this to my bedroom?” You suggested, pulling off your jeans completely while still straddling his lap.

Once again, Harry nodded, not trusting his voice at the moment. His hands slid down and gripped onto your hips as he stood forcing you to wrap your legs around his waist to prevent yourself from falling.

Your lips attached to his neck as you made sure to leave purple-ish bruises all around it as he manages to stumble up the stairs with you clinging to him.

He quickly threw you on the bed as soon as he entered your room.

“Where do you want you start?” You asked, tugging on his hair as he climbed on top of you, quickly burying his head into the crook of your neck.

“You. I wanna focus on giving you pleasure tonight. Just tell me what to do.” He said, kissing your neck lightly.

“Take my clothes off first.” Since you were already in just your bra and panties, it would be easy. Harry proceeded to unhook your bra, taking a few moments to just stare at them in awe, before moving down between your legs, lying down on his stomach, as he slips your panties off.

“What do you want me to do, baby?” He mumbled, wrapping his hand around your thigh to pull it to wrap around his waist.

You quickly reached up and tugged on his shirt. “T-Take off your clothes. You have way too many on.” You quickly unbutton his plain shirt and pushed the material off his shoulders.

You felt a wave of heat rush to your core when you had full sight of his tattoos.

“Now what, baby? Tell me what you want.” He grunted, leaning over you so that he could whisper into your ear.

“Stretch me out a bit with your fingers.”

Harry obeyed, moving down so that he could lower his hand to your thigh, rubbing it gently, teasing you by completely avoiding your core.

“Don’t tease me, Harry.

"I have the general idea, y/n. I’ve watched porn before, I think i know what to do.” He mumbled, gently nipping at your thigh as his thumb flicked your clit.

“Please don’t tease me, Harry. You’re supposed to be learning to pleasure me not tease me.”

“Well, maybe I’ve learned that I like teasing you.” He chuckled lightly before his mouth connected to your core.

Though it was a bit sloppy and quick, it felt amazing as his lips worked against you.

It was actually hard to believe that the boy that was lying between your legs, his tongue working perfectly against your pussy.

Your stomach tightened as he, finally, slipped two fingers into you. “Haz,” You moaned, reaching down to grip onto his hair. “I’m s-so close.” You couldn’t help as your hips bucked up, forcing his fingers into you even deeper, if that was even possible at this point.

“Let go, then. Don’t hold out on me, baby.” He said, causing vibrations against your clit that sent you over the edge.

The entire bedroom was filled with your moans as you reached your high, his fingers continuing inside you to help you through your orgasm.

When the room finally came back into focus, you noticed that Harry was now lying near you.

“D-Do you want some help with that?” You said, referring to his hard-on which has cause his normally tight pants to become extremely, un-normally tight.

“Another time. Right now, I just wanna sleep. I’m fucking exhausted.”

You made an agreeing noise before sitting up slightly, reaching down to reach Harry’s shirt to wear seeing as yours was still downstairs.

“Don’t.” He said, snatching his shirt from you causing you to move the blanket to cover your chest so that you felt less exposed. “I wanna cuddle with you and I don’t need my shirt getting in the way.” He shuffled underneath the blankets and pulled you to his chest. “G'night, baby girl.” He whispered into your ear just before you fell asleep.

One Direction Preferences #18- He's An Alpha (Dirty/Werewolf)

*****READ****A/N: Okay so i’m really into the whole Alpha/Omega kind of stuff but people usually write it for slash fanfics. I’ve never seen a straight one so I though why not? Sorry if you don’t like it but the idea has always been in the back of my mind. If you have no idea what the Alpha/Omega thing is here’s a lay down. Alpha is pretty simple. He’s an alpha and on the top of the pack. Usually they want omega’s and yeah.Omega is usually the bottom rank. And in stories Omega’s go into a ‘heat’ just like a cat or dog and they need an Alpha to knot them. (AKA Sexy time) So yeah need anymore explanation just message me :)

Harry: You ignored the whispers you heard around you. You where at your job at a small coffee shop and all the girls in the shop where gossiping. Apparently a new alpha had moved in with his pack and had all the girls stumbling over their own feet. Apparently he was young and good looking and some girls who had ran into him where left with their jaws on the floor. As an omega yourself you didn’t really care. Omega’s are rare and since people can smell it on you many alpha’s tried to woo you. You where sick of it though. So when the door opened and all the other beta girls stopped talking you just kept making a customer’s coffee. You heard footsteps walk towards the cash register. You handed the opened mouth beta her coffee who was staring at the tall body. You peered up too see a tall lean built boy with curly brown hair pushed back into a quiff. His green eyes ranked your body behind the counter. You watched as he leaned towards your sniffing the air around you. No doubt smelling your omega sent. A grin filled his face showing pearly white teeth and deep dimples. “What a pretty little thing you are.” He cooed reaching over the counter to rub his hand across your check softly. You wanted to fight off his touch but your submission omega behavior beat you. You whimpered softly and nuzzled your face into his warm large palm. “What’s you name little one?” He asked softly tugging you close to him the counter pressing against your hips. He leaned in more nuzzling his nose into the crock of your neck. “(Y/N)” You said softly. He hums and presses a kiss to the side of your neck. “C’mon (Y’N). Lemme take you out.”

Liam: You frown down at your phone trying to understand the address written in it. You where new to the neighbor hood and your cousin lived in the area and wanted to meet up with you. You sighed and looked at the address she texted you and peered up at the street you where on. “Stupid GPS.” You muttered closing the GPS app you had open that was no help. You ran a hand threw your hair before you walked down the street hoping to see the street name you where suppose to be on. After walking down the block you where about to call a cab to just take you but then you saw the street name just across the road. You grinned and started to cross the road before a arm went around your waist and tugged you into a hard chest making you scream out. Your eyes widen as a fast car drove right past you. It would of hit you and possibly kill you if this person hadn’t tugged you back. You where about to turn and thank the person - a man you could tell by the hard chest- but the arm tighten around you and a nose sniffed against your neck. “Ah darling you smell divine.” You buckled into the chest whimpering as a hand started to rub your tummy softly and kisses where pressed against your neck. The large hands turned you softly and you peered into the alpha’s eyes. “You could of hurt yourself love.” The man cooed brushing your hair away from your face. “You okay?” He asked rubbing your check with his thumb softly. You nodded and laced your fingers into his shirt. A smirked appeared into his face. “I should walk with you love. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to a pretty little omega like yourself.” 

Louis: You hated Louis Tomlinsion. He was loud, obnoxious, rude, acted like he was god’s gift the earth and worse off. He was an alpha. Which had your little omega body screaming out to him. But your common sense side of your brain held you back. You both lived next to each other in your University. It was a co-ed dorm and unfortunately the dick was your neighbor. You groaned when you heard music blasting from Louis’s room. No doubt the boy had his friends over with some girls and was having a party. You tried to ignore the loud rap music staring into your English text book. You could only handle it for 10 more minutes before you got up to yell at the asshole. But as soon as you got up you felt it. Your heat had came. You whimpered as you felt your heat slowly start to throb. You quickly stumbled over to your desk to find your pills that would slow down the heat cutting the week into only a few days. You groaned though when you saw the pill bottle was empty. You sighed and tried to breath to clam yourself down. You would need to go to the nurse to get some more. It was only a 5 minute walk. You could make it with out jumping on the nearest alpha being for his knot. You opened your door just as the door next to you opened too. You swore as Louis leaned against his door grinning at you. “Coming to complain again?” You only shock your head and tried to walk past him. Louis though grabbed your arm and frowned at you. “You okay? You don’t look so-” he cut off though when he caught your scent. “Oh.” He said softly. “Yeah.” You hissed trying to pull your arm back. But Louis’s hand on your skin felt amazing and made you whimper and the heat spreed across your body. “Lemme take care of you.” Louis whispered pushing you into your dorm room closing the door behind you. “I’ll be good too you promise.” Louis whispered kissing your lips softly. “Still hate you.” You whimpered but laced your fingers into Louis’s hair. 

Niall: You hummed softly as you felt kisses going up your back. Rough feeling hands gently brushed the skin on your back. You felt the hands trace patterns against your back before you rolled over to peer at blue eyes and blonde bed head. “Morning darlin.” Niall drawled pressing a kiss against your red swollen lips from last night. “How’s your heat?” Niall asked softly rubbing you back as you cuddled into his bare warm chest. “Okay night now. I think today might be the last day.” You said making Niall hum. Heats usually where terrible for young omega’s as they had no alpha to take care of them. But Niall had always been there for you. You both where childhood friends. And when Niall become a alpha at 16 and you a omega at 16 it was like a story. At first you avoided Niall when your heats came not wanting to ruin your friendship. But when he came in one day when your heat was early at 18 both you couldn’t help yourself. Both of you have been hiding your feelings for each other and neither of you could help yourself. So here you where. A couple years later and happily engaged. You felt Niall shift your position so you where lying on your back and Niall lowered to your stomach in between your thighs. You whimpered as he pressed a kiss against your clit softly. He peered up at you as he opened your lower lips before kisses your heat softly. You whimpered and watched as Niall played with your clit with his tongue before going to your heat and plunging a tongue inside of you. His eyes where closed and he moaned softly as he loved the taste of you. Only after you came Niall lifted himself on his elbows and pressed a kiss to your tummy. “Wanna put a baby in ya.” Niall said softly. You peered down at him and smiled. “Perfect time for baby making isn’t it?” He said. “With you heat and all.” You nodded softly. “Yeah it is.” A grinned filled his face and he crawled up to you. “Can’t wait to fill you up darlin. Can’t wait to put a baby in ya.” 

Zayn: Okay so maybe you went a little to hard with the vodka shots. But it was Friday night! Who could blame you really. You refused the next one your beta friend offered you. “I need to pee.” You say and get on your 5 inch heels and start to walk to the bathroom. You do your business before washing your hands and going out the door again. As you start to walk over to your group a friends an arm tugs you back. “What’s a pretty little omega doing here without an alpha?” And voice hisses in your ear. You take a step back and try to jerk your wrist away. “H-he’s late.” You stumble out. The older man smirks and shakes his head as he rubs a hand over your curves. “I think your lying. Now why don’t you just come home with me?” You feel tears stream down your face as you shake your head. All of a sudden a hand rips you away from the alpha and a loud growl is heard. “What are you doing touching my mate?” You hear Zayn hiss. The older male pales as he sees Zayn. “Your the alpha of the Malik pack.” He stutters. Zayn smiles darkly and nods. “And (Y/N) here is my mate.” Zayn said pulling you closer to his body as you hide your tears in his chest. Zayn suddenly grips the man throat and squeezes. “Apologize to her.” Zayn barks. The man lets out a sorry before Zayn realses him. “Can’t ever leave you alone can I?” Zayn coos at you kisses you softly. “My hero.” You joke but press a kiss against the alpha’s lips.

Harry: You had always been naturally thin, it was something you couldn’t help, so you had thought that your baby would show easily compared to other girls, and seeing as you were now 4 months along, your belly was slowly protruding.

“Alright, just sit here lovie,” Harry steered me towards the couch set up backstage at one of his many interviews, pushing me down onto it gently. “We shouldn’t be too long, but if you need anything, just ask one of the girls yeh?”

“Harry I’ll be fine,” I rolled my eyes, pecking his cheek.

“Stop smothering the poor girl,” Louis appeared behind him, smacking his best friends head lovingly. “We’ve gotta go on stage.”

“Alright alright geez,” Harry huffed, giving me one last peck before running off to join the other boys. Lottie plopped down on the couch next to me, furiously texting, glancing up at me once she was done.

“Why are you wearing a jacket?” she furrowed her brows, eyeing the thick jacket I had stolen from Harry’s suitcase this morning.

“It’s cold,” I shrugged, wrapping it around me tighter, resting my arms on my stomach.

“Gosh you pregnant women are weird,” she giggled.

“Don’t be mean,” I pouted, shuffling further down on the couch so I was partially lying down. “I’m just really cold and bloated and I don’t like it.”

“You’re probably showing,” she squealed, ripping my arms away from my stomach and opening the jacket, squealing even louder when she saw my slightly protruding belly, running her hands along it. “Oh it’s so cute!”

“OI!” I squeaked, lightly batting her hands away and covering it with my jacket once again, a lightly blush spreading across my cheeks.

“Oh come on Y/N, let me take a picture!” she pleaded, jumping up from the couch and pulling me up with her. I let her pull my jacket off and raise my tank top slightly so you could see it better. “This is the best moment of my life.”

“This’ll be you one day,” I rolled my eyes, letting her take the photo of my belly, collapsing back onto the couch, hands rubbing over my stomach.

“Mmmhmm,” she hummed, typing away on her phone.

“What are you doing?” I shuffled over, trying to peer at her screen, whining when she turned it away from me. “Show me!”

“Calm down! You’ll see,” she gently pushed me back to the other side of the couch, rolling her eyes when she saw my pout. “Just because your pregnant, doesn’t mean you get to act childish.”

“Yes mum,” I rolled my eyes, shifting so my head was lying on the arm rest, flinging my legs onto Lottie’s lap and beginning to doze off. A sudden cheer woke me up, making me sit up with a small struggle, watching the audience go absolutely mental. “What’s going on out there?”

“Go see for yourself,” Lottie winked, giving me a smug smile as she helped me get up off the couch, watching me waddled over to the curtains. I poked my head out slightly, eyes zeroing in on Harry chuckling, eyes glued on the screen.

“OH MY GOD LOTTIE TOMLINSON YOU ARE DEAD!” I squealed, catching everyone’s attention.

“I wanna see the baby bump first before you kill my sister!” Lou jumped off stage, running towards me and pulling me onto the stage with them, much to the amusement of my boyfriend. All the boys rushed forward, cooing over my small bump that was forcing my shirt up, all running their hands along it.

“My beautiful baby is in there,” Harry grinned, dropping down to his knees and kissing my bump, making me blush and try to cover my stomach, not entirely happy with the entirety of the audience looking at my belly. “Oi, don’t cover my baby. It wants to be seen.”

Liam: You were now a few months into your pregnancy and you were already showing. You had been quite adamant about keeping everyone under wraps until the big day, but Liam wanted everyone to see your baby bump as soon as it appeared.

“So Liam, when are we going to see the baby bump pictures!” Chelsea Briggs squealed, making my boyfriend blush.

“I’ve been wanting to share them for a while, but Y/N always says no,” he pouted, making the other boys laugh. “She says she’s too insecure to show everyone her bump.”

“We’ve seen it and it’s pretty cute,” Niall grinned. “She’s a tiny little thing so the bump looks even bigger that it actually is.”

“I recon it’s twins,” Louis piped up, making the host gush. I rolled my eyes at the group, thanking the lord I had opted to stay home and watch from the safety of my living room, hand resting over my abnormally large bump securely.

“I don’t think I could handle two mini me’s running around,” Liam chuckled, eyes widening at the sheer though of twins. I pouted, picking up my phone and standing up, lifting my shirt and taking a side photo, grinning at the little tally marks Liam liked to draw on every week. I sent the photo to Liam, collapsing back onto the couch and shoving a handful of popcorn into my mouth, smiling smugly as he checked his phone.

“Speak of the devil and she shall appear,” Louis chuckled, taking the phone out of Liam’s grasp and turning it to face the camera, showing the entire world my baby bump. “That isn’t just one peanut.”

“She’s gonna kill me for this,” Liam sighed, taking his phone back, a soft blush evident on his cheeks as he replied to my message, letting the other boys answer the questions the interview was throwing at them. We continued to text each other for a few minutes, me giggling at the expression on his face when I told him he looked sexy, the boys leaning over and reading our text conversation upon seeing his expression.

“Ooooh Liam’s getting some tonight,” Niall nudged his best mate, making the other 3 start giggling like school boys. “It’s true when they say a pregnant woman’s hormones are off the charts.”

“Alright that’s enough about my pregnant girlfriend,” Liam whacked his mates gently, tucking his phone back into his pocket to avoid anymore teasing from his band mates. I turned off the TV once the awards shows they were at had started, opting to walk around the house with my bowl of popcorn, occasionally cleaning things and playing with Loki, finding comfort in the dog who had a strange fascination with my belly.

“Soon, you’re gonna have a little baby to protect,” I cooed, rubbing behind the dogs ear gently, giggling as he placed a paw over my stomach, staring up at me. “That’s right. A little baby is in there.” Loki barked happily, gently nudging my stomach with his nose. Before I had even realised it, it was 10pm, and Liam was walking through the door holding various bags of sweets.

“Y/N what are you doing on the floor?” he gasped, rushing over and helping me stand, patting his dog who had jumped up upon seeing his owner come home.

“I wanted to play with Loki,” I brushed his comment off, pecking his cheek before rummaging through the bags he still had in his hand, cheering when I found the peanut butter cups. “Thank you Li Li.”

“Don’t eat too many, the doctor said you have to be eating healthy foods,” he frowned, rubbing my belly softly, making me grin.

“I know, but I don’t always have to be eating vegetables and all that healthy shit Harry makes me,” I rolled my eyes, screwing my nose up at the sheer amount of kale he had decided to buy me.

“It’s for the baby,” he chuckled, chucking the bags on the bench and leading me up the stairs and into the bedroom, starting to strip off his clothes.

“Well my baby likes it’s chocolate because we have loads of fun eating an entire bag of M&M’s.”

Louis: Even though you were only 15 weeks along, your stomach had started to grow at an alarming rate. This of course, caused Louis to think of the only possible reason… Twins.

“I knew it ran in my family, I mean mum’s got two sets of twins, so it was bound to happen again,” he babbled on, taking a small sip from his tea whilst he scrolled through the photos I had taken of my bump. “Think of it, two little munchkins running around the house.”

“I dread the day,” I giggled, flicking a yoghurt covered oat at him. “Plus we don’t even know if it’s twins yet… The baby could just be really big.”

“Not likely considering it’s parents,” he pointed out.

“I don’t think I could handle two miniature Tommos running around,” I pulled a face, imagining the sheer stress it would put me under. “I can barely deal with the big Tommo.”

“Rude,” he scoffed playfully, sticking his tongue out as he passed to put his cup in the sink, taking my empty bowl with him. “I’m quite excited, especially if it’s twins.”

“You’re not the one who has to go through a double birth, feeding them both, bathe them both,” I checked off, giving him a knowing look. “You’ll just want to do the fun stuff and knick off for the rest of it.”

“Hey, I’ll help put them to sleep and give them bubble baths,” he defended himself. “But I don’t exactly have boobs so I can’t entirely help with the feeding.”

“You sure? You look like you growing a nice pair of boobs there Tommo,” I teased, squealing when he picked me up off my chair, gently placing me on the couch and straddling my legs.

“That wasn’t nice,” he pouted, pining my arms above my head, making me giggle.

“I’m not here to be nice to you,” I stuck my tongue out, whining when he licked a long strip up my cheek. “Ewww! Lou!”

“You know you love it,” he winked, peppering kisses all over my face, making me giggle and try to fight out of his grip. “Do you really not want twins?”

“I was hoping I would get at least a little bit of experience before twins,” I sighed, wriggling in his hold, smiling softly when he released my wrists from his grip.

“I’ll be here to help, and mum is always around,” he grinned, placing his hands on my stomach and rubbing it softly, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to the growing bump. “Plus we’ve already got built in babysitters, what with the boys and my bajillion siblings.”

“I don’t think I would trust your sisters with my babies,” I frowned, placing my hands on top of his. “Lottie would probably try to force one of them into wearing makeup as soon as they’re out of the womb.”

“Well we can leave them with Harry,” he shrugged, rolling off the couch and lifting me up along with him, letting my wrap my legs around his waist as he walked us both up the stairs and into the bedroom.

“I don’t want him to steal my children,” I pouted, squealing softly when he threw me gently onto the bed, jumping over my body so he was lying next to me, letting me curl into his side.

“We’ve still got time to decide who’s on babysitting duty,” he sighed, pressing a soft kiss to my forehead. “For now, I just need some time with my absolutely gorgeous baby mama.”

“Nice try, but I need a back rub and a bubble bath till I’ll be ready to do anything with you,” I stuck my tongue out, giggling when he began to laugh.

“I’ll get right on that,” he pecked my cheek, sitting up and grabbing his phone. “But first, TWITTER!”

“Louis, don’t you dare tweet that photo,” I warned, watching him frantically type on his phone. “I don’t want everyone to see me looking all bloated n shit.”

“You’re carrying a little life, or lives, in you,” he poked my cheek. “You are not bloated, you’re absolutely glowing.”

“Stop trying to woo me with your compliments,” I rolled my eyes. “Get started on that bath and I’ll be expected a nice 20 minute back rub while I’m in there.”

Niall: Niall was adamant about you not staying home alone at any point during the tour, so he had convinced management and yourself to come along the rest of the UK tour with him. You were in Dublin tonight, and Niall was most excited about being in his home country and seeing his old friends and his family.

“Denise, Greg and Theo will be here tonight, so just call them if anything happens yeh?” he sat me down on the couch, stuffing pillows around my sides so I couldn’t fall off the couch.

“Ni, I’ll be fine,” I giggled, cupping his cheeks and pulling him down to me, pressing a long kiss to his lips. He groaned against my lips, pulling back slightly and pouting at me.

“I don’t want anything to happen to you or my child,” he frowned, grunting when I slapped his head softly. “I’m allowed to worry about my babies ok!”

“Not if it makes you an obsessive daddy to be,” I stuck my tongue out, pecking his cheek. “Now go on stage and have fun with your best friends. I’ll be back here eating all the food and texting you annoying emoji stories.”

“And that is why I love you,” he grinned, giving me one last kiss before bouncing off towards the stage, letting them fix him up for his mic and his guitar.

Halfway through the concert, Grey, Denise and little Theo marched back stage, complaining about the noise in the actual stadium.

“Loud those fuckers are,” Greg sighed, collapsing next to me and stealing one of the pillows stuffed at my side.

“Language!” Denise squeaked, slapping her husband on the arm, picking Theo up and placing him on Greg’s lap. “Mind him while I go to the bathroom.”

“Will do beautiful,” he winked, smushing the giggling Theo to his chest and pressing a sloppy kiss to his forehead.

“So since Niall and I have babysat Theo for you a million times,” I trailed off, gently nudging Greg in the side.

“Yes we will look after the newborn while you and Ni get it on,” Greg let out an exaggerated sigh, making me scoff.

“Baby,” Theo hummed, placing a hand on my growing bump and patting it softly. He clambered off his dads lap onto mine, now placing both his hands on my bump and rubbing it.

“Are you excited for a cousin Theo?” I cooed, holding him so he wouldn’t fall off my lap.

“Gonna play trucks and soccer,” he grinned, clapping his hands together excitedly.

“What if it’s a girl?” I asked, running my fingers through his soft tufts of blonde hair.

“Dress ups and dolls,” he answered quickly, going back to poking and patting my stomach softly, humming to himself softly.

“Watcha doin little man?” Denise popped up behind her son, tickling his sides making him squeal and try to fight his mum off.

“Singing to the baby,” he grinned, laying his head on my stomach.

“Can I go to the bathroom first buddy?” I giggled, lifting him off my lap and placing him on the floor, letting Denise pull me up.

“Wait!” he squeaked, stopping me from walking. I let him wrap his hands around my tummy, pressing a soft his to my stomach. I let out a soft coo, bending down to press a kiss to his forehead before waddling off to the bathroom. It was only when I came back that I noticed the uproar of fangirl screams from the stadium.

“What are they so excited about?” I chuckled, standing close to the curtains, still hidden from the fans but able to see the boys all staring at the oversized TV’s.

“I may or may not have tweeted a photo,” Greg wrapped an arm around my shoulders, showing me his phone screen.

“Dat’s mah woman!” I heard a faint yell over the microphone. I looked out to see Niall grinning cutely, giving me a small wave. I rolled my eyes, wiggling my fingers back. “Go sit back down baby! And don’t let Theo steal you away from me!”

Zayn: Whilst Zayn was generally quite chill with the whole pregnancy, and didn’t go apeshit like a lot of other father-to-be’s did, he was protective when it came to the paparazzi and ‘dangerous’ fans.

“Zee, can we stop at McDonalds really quick?” I pouted, rubbing his shoulder softly from the passenger seat of the car. “Baby is craving some chicken nuggets and a large coke.”

“Are you sure it’s the baby, and not you,” he teased, turning into the conveniently placed McDonalds, parking the car close to the entryway. “Come on, you need to get out and get some exercise. The doctor said it’s good for the baby.”

“Pffft, who needs exercise with you can balance bags of food on your belly,” I scoffed, pushing the door open and jumping down from the seat, mentally cursing Zayn for deciding to buy a Range Rover.

“Yes, I’ve seen you and Sophia doing that,” he rolled his eyes, lacing our fingers together and pulling me inside the relatively empty take out store, save for a few young families and an elderly couple. “Squishing our poor babies head.”

“I’m just waiting for the day it kicks an M’n’M off my stomach,” I giggled, pulling Zayn towards the counter and resting my hands on it. “I’ll take a full box of the chicken nuggets and a coke, the biggest size you have, please.”

“Pregnancy cravings?” the girl behind the counter raised a brow, punching in my order and taking the money Zayn was holding out.

“Hell yeh,” I sighed, rubbing my belly softly.

“My mum used to be like that,” she giggled, handing me the change. “She’d make me get up at 2am to get her an iced tea and massive bag of skittles from 7/11.”

“I made him sit out in front of Starbucks until it opened to get me a Pumpkin Spiced Latte once,” I grinned, leaning against the counter on my elbows. “He didn’t speak to me for a good 2 hours, but he couldn’t resist his baby mama.”

“Alright, enough talk about me being your slave,” Zayn cut in, placing his hands on my shoulders and rubbing softly, making me let out a little sigh.

“This may sound really weird, but can I take a photo of your bump?” a girl asked, a soft blush forming on her cheeks. “I’m an art student, and we’ve been told to find representations of love, and well, I don’t know what’s a bigger sign of love than a baby.”

“Oh yeh, sure,” I grinned, watching the girl jump over the counter and produce her phone from her pocket. She raised my shirt slightly, crouching down and snapping a few photos from several angles.

“How far along are you?” she hummed, typing on her phone for a moment before putting it away.

“5 months,” Zayn answered for me, placing a large coke in my hands, snorting softly when I squealed in delight.

“Have you found out the gender yet?” she climbed back over the counter, resuming her position of leaning against it.

“Y/N wants it to be a surprise,” he rolled his eyes, taking the awaiting bag of nuggets from another workers hands, holding it out of my reach when I tried to grab it. “Anyway, we’re gonna go. Good luck with your art project.”

“Oh! Can you tweet me that photo!” I piped up. “My twitter is-”

“I know what it is, I don’t live under a rock,” she chuckled, winking at me. “Have a nice night you two.” With that, she disappeared to back of house, leaving us standing there confused.

“You two are a beautiful couple,” a soft voiced cooed, making us both jump and turn around, seeing the elderly couple from before standing behind us. “You’ll make wonderful parents.”

“Oh, thank you,” I grinned, spotting Zayn’s happy look in the corner of my eye. 

He always got excited when people told him he’d be a great dad. Made all his insecurities go away I suppose. “I aspire to grow old and still be together like you two.”

Daddy's home - Liam (SMUT WARNING)

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You felt yourself stir beneath the thin sheets of your bed, tangled in a deep, sensual dream. All you could think about was Liam and you couldn’t wait for him to get home from tour, you missed him and his touch. You had that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach, a warm but tense sensation. You wanted to touch yourself but you almost couldn’t move. Only moans escaped your lips.

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Bread Van (Behind the behind-the-scenes Scenes)

This is for the Anon who prompted me about what I’m calling breadvan!narry from the TV special! I hope you like it, wherever you are! (And everyone else too, of course.)


His eyes are closed, head tilted back against the metal of the van, legs bent at the knees in front of him. It’s hot in here - almost stifling and he can feel the sweat trickling down the back of his neck and the sides of his face. And he tries to focus on that, on the speed in which each bead trails down his skin, instead of on the way his stomach is churning and the way his heart is beating so hard in his chest he can hear it in his ears. His chest is tight and he’s becoming increasingly aware of just how little air there is the back of this damn bread van.

It’s a brilliant plan, in theory, and he remembers congratulating Paul about it just over an hour ago. In practice, however, the plan is absolute hell for him. He hates small spaces, hates feeling confined - and yet here he is, sandwiched between Louis and Zayn against one wall of the van whilst Harry, Liam and Ben, who’s shooting a few scenes of their decoy/travel for their upcoming TV special, are sat elsewhere. (There’s just not enough for all them plus Niall in here, is the thing.)

A hand rubs gently at his foot, nudging him softly and Niall opens his eyes. The light from Ben’s camera nearly blinds him and he has to blink the little spots in his vision away until his gaze lands on Harry.

Harry’s leaning forwards, slightly, one long leg crossed on the floor whilst the other is somehow bent and off to the side. He’s watching Niall, gaze flickering all over Niall’s face like he’s checking him over - which he is. “Okay?” he asks softly, worriedly, as he slips a finger beneath Niall’s sock to rub soothing circles over his ankle.

Niall merely shakes his head as he leans forward, closed his eyes once more and buried his face in his arms as he folds them over his knees just as Liam starts talking to the camera. He’s pretty sure he’s going to throw up.

Harry shifts a bit closer to him, then, and strokes both hands up and down Niall’s leg. “Drink some water, Ni,” he whispers.

And Niall’s holding a water bottle in his hand but he feels week and shaky so he lets Harry take it from him and looks up just as Harry’s handing it back to him. He takes a sip. And then another because it’s cold and refreshing and Harry’s watching him like a hawk.

A part of him wants to escape - wants to yell for someone to stop the van and that he doesn’t care where they are because he just needs to get out. Another part of him wants to crawl across the small space between himself and Harry and burry himself in Harry’s embrace - maybe crawl into his chest until they get there - because Harry knows how to make it better. He always makes thing better. (A third part of him is a bit convinced he’s going to suffocate to death anyway so he doesn’t move.)

“More,” Harry urges softly.

Niall finds himself shaking his head as he holds the bottle out blindly for someone to take it. “‘m gonna be sick if I do,” he croaks.

It’s Louis who grabs the bottle from Niall - and then the cap from Harry, which a whispered, “I’ve got it.”

“Just a little further, Niall,” Harry murmurs as he resumes in stroking his hands up and down Niall’s leg. “You’re doing so good, babe. You’re fine.”

Niall reaches a hand out, then, and Harry immediately stops what he’s doing to hold it. He intertwines their fingers, smiling weakly when Harry squeezes them together softly.

Zayn starts talking to the camera, if for nothing more than to just have something to do - but also, he knows, as a bit of a distraction. It’s what they do, the lads, when they’re in a situation like this and Niall feels like everything is imploding; the talk and they make more jokes than they usually would and they laugh - and they pretend like Niall isn’t having an episode. And Niall’s always grateful for that. (He should probably thank them one of these days.)

“Sorry lads,” he finds himself whispering instead because, in a way, it’s sort of the same thing.

Harry scoffs quietly; he’s always scolding Niall for apologizing about his claustrophobia. He’s somehow managed to scoot even closer to Niall, tangled their feet a bit in the pillows lining the bottom of the van - and he raises his and Niall’s hands up, presses a gentle kiss to the top of Niall’s hand. The lads usually get a bit playfully snarky about their moments of PDA in front of them, but they’re always quiet in moments like this. (In moments when he hates feeling confined but also, sort of, just needs Harry there - however close he has to get.)

Louis says something, then, about feeling a bit claustrophobic himself, which Niall knows is meant to lighten the mood - and he’d laugh, if he could find the strength.

Niall leans back a bit instead, but keeps his fingers clasped with Harry. His eyes are closed as he struggles to continue to keep his breathing even. He can see the light of the camera on him even through his eyelids; can tell it’s brighter, anyway.

“How are you feeling, Nialler?” Ben asks curiously, carefully.

“Not good,” Niall mutters.


It’s only a few moments later when the van stops moving and everyone’s quiet for a moment. The only thing that keeps Niall from making any sound at all is the fact that Harry continues to stroke his thumb over the top of Niall’s hand, sealing the kiss he’d planted there before over and over again.

Louis’ the first to break the silence as he calls out, “How long?!”

When the door opens a minute later, sunlight spilling into the back of the dark van along with fresh air - which Niall sort of gasps at, because he can breathe again - and it takes everything he has not to crawl over Zayn and Ben to get out. He even lets Liam get out first, tossing a crooked smile back at Harry as the brunette laughs and follows after him. (It’s going to take a while to not feel sick anymore and for his hands to stop shaking but the worst is over and he can feel it already.)

They both drop each other’s hands as they step out on to the concrete, years of practice making it feel easy - making it look like they hadn’t even been holding hands in the first place. The second the warmth from Harry’s hand is gone, though, he wants it back. More than anything, though, Niall wants to thank him.

Wants to hug him and kiss him. Wants to remind Harry how much he appreciates him, how much he loves him.

He follows Zayn and Liam and some of their security and notices that Ben’s got his camera pointed in the other direction when he feels a hand on his shoulder. Lips graze the shell of his ear and a hot breath fans across his neck. “You can thank me later.”

Niall smirks, turns his head to lock eyes with Harry, who winks at him. And, ok, Niall can do that.

strip / 5sos



whenever your 4 best friends called you to chill with them,you would always say yes because they were rarely in town.they’ve just got back home from the tour and you couldn’t wait to see knew them since middle school and you were so proud of everything they’ve accomplished but you missed all were so close and you talk to them every day but you wanted nothing more than to hug them and talk with them in person.

you knocked on the door and calum immediately rushed you in.ashton jumped on you and michael saw you came so he did the same,almost knocking you down to the floor. “okay slow down guys,” you laughed and calum and luke joined.they both hugged you tight and kissed your cheek and you were so happy you’re seeing your bestfriends again.

after talking,2 bottles of vodka you five shared,you decided to play truth or’ve already kissed all of them before,because you always end up playing this game,but you weren’t prepared with what that night were all a little tipsy so kissing them again or slapping their butts wasn’t something you were uncomfortable doing.

after doing body shots,leaving hickies,kissing necks and biting lips it was calum’s time to ask or dare.

“y/n,truth or dare?” calum said. “let’s go for a dare,” you said feeling a bit brave,but knowing calum,he would always choose something you were slightly embarrassed to do.

“oh sweet..let me just talk to boys,” he said and they whispered to eachother and then finally agreed on something.

“we want you to do a little strip show for us,” calum smirked and you tried to understand what he just looked over to other guys and they were all thought of what you should do.they were your friends and all of you were slightly drunk and you thought it would be a thing you would laugh about the next day.

“okay,” you stood up and giggled. “okay?” michael said in disbelief and luke leaned started dancing to the rhythm of the music you were playing until you slowly came down to a leaned forward and ground into the floor not even once looking at their amused decided to stir things up a bit and give them a lap dance.

you walked over to ashton and pushed him to lean on the couch he was sitting straddled him and started grinding above him until you sank down onto his bulge.his hands slipped down your hips,to your butt and then to your stood up from him and bent on calum’s lap.his first instinct was to slap your butt and you laughed at his actions as you stood up turned around and twerked coming down into a squat heard them whispering something again.

music stopped and you turned around to look at them.michael stood next to the speakers and all of them looked at looked at obvious hard ons they had.

“we want to do something with you,” luke started and they all smirked. “w-what?” you asked feeling your heartbeat beginning to rise.

“we want to fuck you.” michael said and they all whined at him for being that direct. “ want what?” you almost laughed but stopped when you realized they were serious.

“how does this even go?there are five of us?” you asked. “so you want it?” luke weren’t in such place to reject this haven’t got laid in a while and you couldn’t admit that boys weren’t attractive and that you have never thought about them in that way.they couldn’t either.

“i mean..i don’t know,” you said feeling awkward to stand so you sat again,next to ashton. “we’ll give you whole night of pleasure baby girl.” he said getting closer to you and looking at your nodded and ashton stood up and picked you up bridal style.

“so is that a yes?” calum asked. “yes.” you said and ashton brought you to the bedroom.they again talked about something and then michael and calum sat on two armchairs beside the bed.

luke kneeled on the bed and got next to you and ashton took his shirt off and did the same as leaned to kiss his chest but he pushed you down onto the bed again. “this night is about you princess,just relax.” ashton said and you nodded.they both started kissing your cheek,then jawline and neck to your collarbones on the either side of your softly moaned when luke nipped at your skin.

ashton pulled your shirt over your head while luke took off admired both of their toned chests and muscles.they admired your chest too and lowered their heads to each one of your breasts,palming them softly in their hands.ashton lifted you up and undid your bra,luke pulling it off your looked up at michael and calum who intently watched and you smirked at their visible and hard dicks.

ashton first sucked on one of your nipples while luke rolled the other between his fingers. “mmh,” you moaned softly and luke snapped his head up at you and smirked.

luke and ashton switched,and while luke continued to do his work on your breasts ashton kissed down your stomach to the waistband of your jeans.he undid the buttons and tugged them down your legs,leaving you in your light pink lace panties. “already soaking wet baby?” ashton smirked going up to your neck again,leaving few bites and wet kisses.luke came down and tugged your panties with his teeth and spread your legs wide,getting a full glance of your dripping wet core.

ashton dropped his hand and slapped your heat and then slipped your clit between his fingers,gently rubbing it.

“ahh,yes,” you moaned,swallowing and closing your eyes.he thrusted one finger inside of you making you arch your back off the bed.luke’s lips on your breasts caught you off guard and made you whimper loud,even louder when ashton slipped one more finger in,and curling them up now perfectly hitting your spot. “y-yes right there,” you moaned again and he pulled out his opened your eyes and whined at the loss of noticed that luke took all of his clothes off and slowly pumped himself.ashton moved to the side and luke hovered above you. “birth control,fuck me already please luke,” you said and with no hesitation he slammed deep and hard inside of you,moving you completely from your previous spot.

“yes baby,oh my god,” you almost yelled when he got his hand between your bodies and rubbed your clit. “you feel so good baby,mm,” he grunted.

you felt a familiar knot in your lower abdomen,but when you informed luke about it,he pulled out,ashton taking his place. “ready for me baby?” he said and slammed his length inside of you.luke got to your side and pumped himself few times.

“o-open your mouth baby,” he said,you did and he came in your mouth,chin and swallowed everything and with few more hits to your spot,you came,but ashton continued to fuck you.

“a-ashton s-stop,” you said as everything became sensitive. “you can take me baby,i’m so close,” soon,uncomfortable feeling faded and turned into pleasure.

“o-oh baby,” ashton moaned and came inside of you.he moved from you and your second orgasm wasn’t fading yet.he rubbed your softly with his fingers until michael and calum took off their clothes.

ashton moved away and calum got between your legs.he immediately sucked your clit into his mouth and you moaned his name knew this boy could do wonders with his lips and tongue and this was taking you over the edge.

“i’m cumming c-calum,” you informed as he thrusted his tongue into came and michael turned you over and pulled you by your ankles,allowing calum to sit and lean against the headboard.

“you’re going to suck me off while he fucks you,okay princess?” you gulped thinking of having another orgasm but still nodded.michael slapped your butt and spread your legs.he pounded into you forcing you on calum’s took him in your hands and slowly rubbed him until sucking his tip into your let him fuck your mouth,licking his underside and hollowing your cheeks around thought you couldn’t take all of him in your mouth,but gagged when he hit the back of your throat - all while michael hit your moaned few times around calum,finding it hard to focus on pleasuring him.he controlled the movements of your head. calum came and you swallowed all you received.

michael continued to thrust inside of you and by the way he twitched and got sloppy you knew he was close too. “i’m-,” you moaned and came around him,god knows which time that night.he did too and collapsed beside you.

“oh my god,” you said breathing in heavily and trying to steady the shaking of your legs and body. “exactly,” calum said and they all agreed.

“so what now?” you asked scared of feeling bad every time you look at them.

“now we occasionally talk or don’t talk about this.maybe do it again some time.” ashton smirked and luke nodded.

“i agree,” calum said. “me too,” michael confirmed and you couldn’t do nothing more than say yes too.

#362 - You Talk Too Much

Harry: “I just don’t see why she has to be such a bitch, like I did the project, I sent it in early, and she has the audacity to tell me to redo it! She told me that what I did was fine but she wants me to redo it?? Like no! I’m not g-” You were cut off when Harry pressed his lips against yours, holding onto your chin for a moment so you couldn’t pull back. He pulled back, leaving you breathless for a moment. “You talk too much…” he murmured. “Sorry…” you breathed out, pursing your lips together. He pressed his lips to yours again, shaking his head. “Cute…”

Liam: “You talk too much…” he murmured, playfully clamping his hand over your mouth. You groaned out against his hand and tried to pull it off, but he shook his head slightly. “Nope. I’ll take my hand away if you promise that you’ll take a breath and let me cuddle you,” he raised an eyebrow. You huffed out against his hand and rolled your eyes, nodding your head. “Promise?” he pushed and you nodded your head again. He pulled his head away slowly and you smiled softly at him, leaning forwards to kiss him gently.

Niall: You rambled and rambled about everything that seemed to go wrong that day. Niall tried to cut in a couple times but you shook your head and kept talking. “(Y/N)…” he murmured, but you kept talking. “(Y/N),” he said a little louder, but still to no avail. “(Y/N)!” he raised his voice and you jumped slightly, pursing your lips together. “You talk too much… take a breath okay?” he chuckled and you frowned. “Sorry…” “It’s okay love… Just take a breath,” he murmured, rubbing your knees gently. “It’ll be okay.”

Louis: “Jesus Christ Louis! You talk too much!” you exclaimed and he shut up. “You talk too fucking much and you’re going to say something you regret, you fucking know that?” you scoffed and he narrowed his eyes, rolling them as well. “(Y/N)…” “No! Just shut up!” you barked, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Just stop. Just… stop…” you breathed out, trying to calm down. He stood there quietly and you leaned against the counter. It was quiet now, it just needed to be for a little bit until you two could calm down and actually talk.

Zayn: “You talk too much…” you murmured, putting your hand over his mouth as you moved to straddle his waist, smirking softly down at him. He grabbed your wrist gently and raised an eyebrow at you. You giggled softly and shook your head slightly at him, pressing your hips against his. “You’re just gonna shut that pretty mouth of yours and let me do all the work okay? I wanna be in control tonight…” you hummed out, pulling your hand away slowly. Zayn smirked up at you and bit his lip, trying to bite his tongue so you wouldn’t stop.

Preference #3 -  You find it hard to say “no”

Liam: You were practically drooling when you saw the beautiful necklace on the display case outside Tiffany & Co. You stopped for a while to let your eyes linger on it, admiring it in all its beauty. Liam noticed you standing still and his eyes followed yours. “What are you looking it?” he asked. You pointed at the necklace, a small smile on your face. “I’ve been eyeing that necklace for a long time,” you said, remembering how you fell in love with it and obsessed over it when you first saw it. After a few quiet moments, you tugged Liam’s hand to continue walking but he won’t budge. “Baby, let’s go or else we’ll be late for dinner with my parents,” you said. When he still didn’t move, you let go of his hand and crossed your arms across your chest. “Liam, what is it?” you asked. He turned to look at you, a smile on your face. “How about you let me treat you by buying you that necklace?” he asked. Your jaw dropped as you looked up at his face. “Babe, you can’t be serious. It costs a fortune!” you exclaimed. “(Y/N), it’s not a problem.” “But I don’t want people to start talking, that I’m only with you for your money…” you said quietly, looking down. You felt Liam gently pushing a few strands of hair out of your face and his hand gently cupping your chin, tilting your head up so your eyes could meet his. “(Y/N), throughout our time together, you’ve never asked me for anything other than to just love you. You’re the kindest and most selfless person I’ve met. Who cares what the others think? Please, let me give back to you. I love seeing you so happy and I’ll do anything to make sure I can see that beautiful smile on your face,” he said.  You looked at his kind face, his eyes radiating with nothing but pure love and adoration for you. You smiled and nodded your head. “Okay, baby,” you said, giving him a soft kiss on his lips. He grinned at you as he held your hand and led you into the store.

Niall: “Are you sure you’re alright?” asked Niall as you sneezed for the third time in a row. “I’m fine, don’t worry about me,” you said, grabbing another tissue and wiping your nose with it, leaning against the couch. Niall sighed and walked towards you, placing the back of his hand against your forehead. “Princess, you’re burning up. I think you’re coming down with a fever,” he said. “Am not,” you stubbornly said. Without saying a word, you watched as your boyfriend hurried over to the cabinet, took out some medicine, and filled up a glass with water. Grabbing a blanket from the guest bedroom, he wrapped it around you and sat down next to you. “Take your medicine,” he said, handing you a glass of water and a small pill. “Niall, I’m fine,” you insisted. “There’s nothing wrong with - AHCHOOO!”. Niall just chuckled softly as you groaned out from the body ache and leaned back into the couch. “Stop being so stubborn and let me take care of you,” he said, smiling as you finally took the glass of water and pill from him. “Fine, but I expect lots of cuddling and chicken soup,” you said, swallowing the pill with a mouthful of water. Niall just grinned as he pulled you into his lap and wrapped his arms around you. “Anything for my princess,” he said, kissing you on your forehead as you melted into his embrace. He knew how clingy you became when you were sick and he was more than happy to take care of it for you.

Zayn: "Zayn, we can’t keep him,” you said as you walked past your boyfriend with the puppy in his arms. “But he was all alone by the side of the road!” he said, walking after you. “Exactly, which means, we don’t know what he might have. Besides, we already have two dogs to look after!”. Coming home from a tiring day at work, the last thing you needed was to negotiate with Zayn on why he shouldn’t keep the puppy he rescued. You didn’t hate animals or anything; you just felt that looking after two dogs were already more than enough. “But look at him, he has nowhere to go. God knows the animal shelter is already overpopulated,” he said, cradling the puppy that looked no more than a month old. Despite Zayn’s valid points and your soft spot starting to crawl its way through, you were determined to stand your ground. “I’m sorry, babe. But we just have too much on our plates right now. Why don’t you see if any of our friends want to adopt it?” you asked. You weren’t prepared for what you were going to see when you turned around, because the moment you did, you came face-to-face with Zayn giving you his best puppy-dog expression. “Oh no,” you said, slowly backing away from him. “Don’t pull this on me, Zayn.” “C’mon, babe,” he pleaded, holding the puppy, which had the same facial expression as his, up next to his face. “Zayn, you know you can’t get away with that look.” “Just think of how lonely he’ll feel…”. You sighed, placing your palm on your forehead as you knew this was something you couldn’t win. “Okay, fine. We can keep him,” you said, smiling and shaking your head as Zayn’s face broke into a huge grin. “Thank you, babe!” he said, kissing you on your lips as the puppy licked your cheek. “I love you!” “Yeah, yeah… Love you too,” you muttered, laughing softly.

Harry: “C’mon, (Y/N),” said Harry, rubbing your shoulders gently. “It’s late and you need your rest for your presentation tomorrow.” You stifled a yawn as you scrolled through your presentation slides, making sure that everything is in place and you didn’t leave a single detail out. “You go on first, babe,” you said, waving your hand dismissively. “I just gotta check everything first.” “We’ve gone through everything already and it’s perfect,” he said. “I know, but I just gotta make sure…”. With an exasperated sigh, Harry sat down on the chair next to you and turned you so that you were facing him. “Baby, you’re gonna rock that presentation at work tomorrow. But you can’t be on your toes if you’re sleep-deprived, so please come to bed with me. You’ve been working on this all week, don’t you think you deserve a little rest?” said Harry, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as you blinked at him, feeling your eyelids growing heavy. “You really think so? That I’ll do well? And get that promotion?”. “Of course you will, nobody deserves that promotion more than you. But for now, you need your rest. C’mere, baby,” he said, holding your hands to stand up together with him. Deciding to give into him, you yawned again as Harry held your hand and led you upstairs to the bedroom, careful to make sure you won’t trip. Once you’ve reached the bedroom, Harry laid you down and then he made his way to the other side of the bed. He gathered you in his arms, pulled the blankets over both of you, and held you close as you slowly drifted off to sleep. “Good night,” you mumbled, burying your face into his chest as he rubbed soothing circles on your back. “Night,” he said, placing a kiss on your forehead.

Louis: You felt proud of yourself as you examined the pile of leaves you raked up in the backyard. Setting the rake down, you entered the house to pour yourself a glass of water when you saw Louis coming towards you with a mischievous look in his eyes. “What?” you asked, half amused yet half terrified of what’s going through his mind. “I have the most brilliant idea!”. “I’m listening,” you said, setting the glass down on the counter. “Let’s jump into the pile of leaves!” You looked at your boyfriend, blinking your eyes as you weren’t sure how to respond. “… What?” you asked. “C’mon, babe. Don’t tell me you’ve never done that before!” he said excitedly. “Sure I did… when I was 10,” you said, laughing. “Age is just a number. C’mon, let’s do it!” he said as he dragged your hand towards the backyard. “Lou, our friends are coming over soon for dinner. The backyard’s gonna be a mess!” you whined. “So? Leaves fall, they’re messy. Who says it needs to be in one big pile anyway?” he said, as if it was the most sensible thing in the world. You laughed as you gently swatted at his chest. “Fine, fine, let’s do it,” you said. “Damn you and your persuasive ways…”

Naughty Girl


(A/N- Contains smut)

×1213 words


Niall watched as his girlfriend swayed to the music as she talked to a few friends. He sipped at his beer running his hand through his hair.

He mentioned the costume as a joke but never expected her to actually wear it. But when (Y/N) arived home with the slutty costume Niall almost couldn’t contain himself.

Blood was rushing to his dick making it grow a bit in his loose fitting soccer shorts, he decided to go as a soccer player. The short skirt showed so much smooth leg all he wanted to do was run his hands up and down them.  The revealing blouse also showed off one of Niall’s favorite parts of (Y/N), her cleavage.

His mind wondered to what he was going to do to her when they arrived back home.

The party continued however, and Niall still made sure to watch (Y/N) dance to the music. “You alright mate? You seem destracted.” Louis said coming over and patting Niall on his back.

“I’m alright.” Niall answered shortly fixated on his girlfriend’s hips. Louis followed Niall’s eyes to (Y/N) and smirked.

“Oh I see,” the Doncaster lad laughed, “Well go easy in her tonight Nialler.”

Niall chuckled and watched as his band mate walked away, ‘God I need to get out of here’, Niall thought looking back at (Y/N).

Putting the empty beer bottle on a table; he made his way over to her wrapping a strong arm around her waist .

“Ready to go love?” He asked hopefully.

“Really?It’s only midnight.” (Y/N) asked confused.

“Uh, yeah. I don’t know I’m just a little bored, rather just go home.”

“Okay then, I’ll get our coats.” (Y/N) informed her boyfriend before walking off to where the host put the coats. Niall watched her bum, skirt just stopping a bit past where her thighs started.

He could feel himself growing hard and hoped that it wasn’t noticeable.  “Okay, ready to go!” (Y/N) announced snapping Niall from his dirty thoughts.

Smiling in response he grabbed her hand and led her to the door then the car.

“You seemed off tonight Ni? Are you okay, you bearly moved from that corner all night.” (Y/N) thought out loud and watched the buildings pass by the car window, soft breath fogging up the glass.

“I’m fine babe, just really want to get home…”

“Okay then.” (Y/N) said slowly looking at her boyfriend confused.

The ride home was mostly silent apart from a bit of small talk about some people costumes. But the only costume Niall cared or can think about was (Y/N)’s, his mind had so many dirty thoughts that it took all he had not to stop the car on the side of the road and take her in the back seat.

When Niall pulled into the drive way her turned the car off and got out of the car and walked around to (Y/N)’s side opening the car door like the gentleman he was. She sighed as she stepped out of the car and whined slightly when the heels hurt her feet.

“I think I’m gonna take a shower and go to bed.” (Y/N) said stepping into the dark home, immediately taking off the heels and throwing them into the corner. But Niall had slightly different ideas.

Before (Y/N) could make it to the steps Niall grabbed her wrist pulling her into his chest. Hands moved to her bum squeezing making (Y/N) yelp in surprise, “You were very naughty tonight.” Niall grunted kissing her neck and sucked lightly on the flower smelling skin.

“Ni..” (Y/N) moaned tiping her head back allowing Niall more access to her neck.

“Weren’t you baby girl? Dancing to that music in this outfit. Such a bad girl.” Niall moved then closer to the wall making (Y/N)’s back press against the white drywall. “Gotta teach you lesson.”

“Ohh..” (Y/N) said shackly grabbing onto Niall’s white jersey, this was exastly what she wanted when she purchased the costume, to see Niall’s eyes darken in lust and his domant side make an appearance.

Breaking away from his girlfriend Niall grabbing her hand and led her up the staircase and into the bed room. He waisted no time undoing the tiny white buttons on the blouse and made if fall the the floor. The white push up bra made her boobs look very prominent, Niall started to grope them make (Y/N) grow wet. Pulling his hands away and placing them on the skirt he made that fall to the floor aswell leaving her in just her bra and panties.

Niall pulled his shirt off revealing his chest hair and toned abdem. He crashed his lips back into (Y/N)’s slipping his tongue into her mouth. She let out a breathy  moan at this and let him dominate her mouth. He let his tongue rome her mouth a bit more before he picked her up and put her on the bed. “Get on you knees, face on the bed. I want to see the perfect ass in the air." 

(Y/N) quickly followed his instructions, with her cheek against the cool sheets and her knees supporting her weight she felt Niall’s hands start to rub small gently circles on her bum.

Without warning a large hand came down slapping her ass, "Gotta teach my princess a lesson for being so naughty tonight.” He said spanking her again. “I want you to count the spanks for me.”

Nodding she waited for his hand to come back down onto her bum, when it did she counted one, then two, then three, till the Irish boy stopped at twenty. By then her bum was a cherry red color.

Smirking he decided to tease the moaning girl on the bed who was hot and bothered just by the spanking. He moved his pointer and middle finger in a circular motion over the lace panties, he could feel she was already wet.

“Oh, Niall fuck.” (Y/N) squirmed biting at her bottom lip.

Niall just smiled at his work and continued for a bit before he decided to take it to the next step. “Alright baby girl; bra and panties off.” He comained as he went to the nightstand to retrieve a condom.

Niall watched as she freed her breasts from the confinement of the bra and slipped her panties from her legs. At this point Niall was fully hard and slipped the condom on his cock.

Getting back on the bed he hovered over you one hand supporting his weight while the other massaged her left breast. “You ready love?” Niall grunted.

Nodding her head (Y/N) sqrewed your eyes shut,so over come by sexual desire. He slowly entered her letting her get used to his length before he started to thrust.

He pounded (Y/N) into the matriss  the bedroom was filled with moans with the occasional scream when Niall hit the right spot.

(Y/N) and Niall had reached their climaxes seconds from each other and fell down onto the bed out of breath. “Happy Halloween.” Niall smiles kissing her cheek.

(Y/N) couldn’t help but laugh.


He finds out you're pregnant (his POV) - Zayn Part 1.

Part 2

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It was the third night in a row that I had come home to my girlfriend, on the sofa, almost crying her eyes out. The first night she put it down to ‘just being emotional,’ yesterday she hasn’t given me a reason - which caused us to have a huge argument. In fact we hadn’t talked properly since, just the standard 'morning’ and 'have a good day’ when necessary. 

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