then look at the trunks of the trees next to him


“It’s the way people think of my family in this town. It’s the way they think of me. Just one of those lowlife Chambers-kids.” — Stand By Me (1986)

In a particularly heart-wrenching scene, Phoenix sits at the trunk of a tree, the campfire flickering in the foreground, and has a breakdown because he thinks he’s worthless. It was a tough one to get right. Reiner asked the actor to think of a time when an adult had let him down. “When someone that you really looked up to, and really loved, wasn’t there for you,” he said. The next take, he got it. Reiner never did find out what Phoenix was thinking about. “He kept crying after that scene and I had to go give him a hug. It is a hard scene to play and then snap out of.” (x)


He still doesn’t speak. She can’t stand to look at him anymore, so she sniffles and turns away, taking a few shaky step with her hand pressed against her face to try and smother the sobs. She find something to hold on to—a tree, and slides down to almost-sitting with her back to the trunk; and with her face between her knees she sobs some more, all of the pain from the past year swelling and gurgling its way back to the surface. There’s silence still for a handful of moments. Then the crackle of footsteps.

Ash crouches next to her. There’s another pause; then his hand stretches towards her, slowly, almost stopping mid-air a couple times. His fingers tap her shoulder, draw back immediately like he’s afraid he might have hurt her, come back. Stay this time. It’s like he’s trying to make himself remember how to touch someone.

Another scene from my fic. For context, Ash has been kidnapped by Giovanni, held captive for a year and forced to do his bidding (all while his friends believed him dead). Every time he’s touched someone, or has been touched by someone during that time was either to hurt or be hurt. So him managing to reach out to do something as simple as laying a hand on Misty’s shoulder to comfort her is kind of a big deal.

There was another “panel” with Misty looking up at his hand, but I didn’t like how it came out so I left it out.

What is it like? Peter Maximoff One Shot

     You sat there staring at the pond ahead of you. The constant ripples were coming from a few of the ducks in the water. Then the moonlight had cascaded onto the murky surface and next to you was a boy with the moonlight bouncing off of his silver locks.
     Peter was chilling against the trunk of a tree while relaxing by your side. You didn’t have the best day so you asked if you guys could meet up at the park pond like you did whenever one of you was having a bad day. You would stare at the water, talk about your days, and watch some ducks.
      “So Y/N, what’s up today?”
     You sighed and looked at the pond.
     “It’s a really petty reason.”
     You slightly turned your head towards Peter to glance at him for a second and saw him with a smirk. You quickly looked away and back at the pond. His voice rang out. “You’re one of the most selfless and considerate people I know. I doubt anything petty could come out of your mouth.” You scoffed, and leaned your head onto your knees which were currently pressed against your chest. “Speedy, I would be able to say something petty, trust me.”
      He laughed, “okay you can say something petty, so tell me what you want to say that’s so petty.” You refused to look him in the eyes and just blurted out, “I’ve never had my first kiss!” The air went silent for a second but you could feel the confusion in the air. “What does that have to do with any of this?” You have out a mix of a sigh and a quiet scream. “I was at a party, we were playing truth or dare and I of course chose truth. I was asked, ‘who was your first kiss,’ and I had to respond with, 'no one,’. The rest of the time I was being teased and people were mocking me by describing their first kiss and all of it was just ugh.”
      You heard a chuckle and looked over to Peter. He was staring up at the sky. “I remember my first kiss, it was horrible. I didn’t even like the girl. I was dating her to make someone jealous but that didn’t work.” You cocked your head in confusion. “Who were you trying to make jealous?” His smirk slightly faded. “No one to worry about now. Anyways, how haven’t you had your first kiss? You’ve been with a few guys before, so I figured it would’ve been one of them.” You shook your head and threw a rock into the water, making a ploop sound.
     “No, I’ve always wanted my first kiss to be special. I’ve wanted it to be for a guy who may not last forever but will be around for a long time. I want someone I’m comfortable with, could tell anything to, that I’m always happy around.” As the words flowed out of your mouth there was only one person who had ever really made you feel any of those and he was sitting next to you.
     “Peter, what does it feel like to kiss someone, when it’s a good kiss?” He smiled. “Well that’s different for everyone but for me it’s actually pretty romantic believe it or not.”
      You laughed. “You, romantic? I don’t believe it. You gotta explain.” He smirked. “Well I’m always looking at body language but I’m also looking into their eyes. People are right when they say that eyes are the gateway into the soul. Eyes show thoughts and feelings more than anything else in the body. I always look to see if they look at me in a special way. To see if they have a look that says, 'you’re special, you’re the only one who I can let see me like this’. There needs to be more physical contact than just the lips. It doesn’t seem like they’re enjoying it if they don’t let you touch them in ways that aren’t inappropriate but sweet. Then they need to know how to respond. If they don’t do anything it just makes a bad kiss.”
     You sighed. “Now I know what to do, but how does it feel?” His smirk turned into a warm smile. “Well, there’s a lot of warmth. The warmth from the other person’s mouth is always mind-boggling. It just warms your whole body up. Also you get this warm fuzzy feeling in your chest. It’s all a rush. Then your brain kind of turns off. Your body takes charge. At least that’s what a kiss feels like to me.”
     You took a deep breath and decided on what to do. You slowly let out the breath and turned to look at Peter. He was still staring at the sky, but in much deeper thought. “Peter?” He looked over with a crooked grin. “Oh hey Y/N. What is it?” You took in another deep breath and blurted out, “kiss me.”
     When you did it you had shut your eyes and expected some sort of wild reaction from Peter but all he said was, “are you sure?” With your eyes closed you nodded your head and then you felt his warm, rough hand cup your cheek. You could feel red making itself visible on your skin but you didn’t care. A second later you felt a strange texture and warmth on your own lips. Your body just responded by moving your lips to the same movement as his.
      One of his hands made their way to your waist and just sat there. You didn’t want to pull apart but you needed to breathe so you pulled back and opened your eyes. Peter’s face was the brightest red you had ever seen, his chocolate irises barely visible due to how much his pupils were dilated. A smirk, it was somehow different from any other smirk he had ever given you, and he said, “so was that alright?”
     You wanted to find words but you couldn’t so you silently nodded your head and he chuckled. “That girl I wanted to make jealous was you by the way.”
     With that the two of you were out of words but you sat next to each other, fingers knitted together, just staring at the lake and enjoying each other being there.

Darkest Night

Well this was a god damn bitch of an unsatisfactory situation. Blood leaked from the gashes in his chest, flowing over his fingers and dribbling onto the ground as he pulled himself along with his good arm. His world insisted on fading in and out of vision and his strength was quickly leaving him. McCree had no idea what the fuck attacked him back there but it was definitely no witch. That posed a problem because he was in these woods in the first place to find a witch. Now there was definitely something else lurking in the darkness.

The Hunter pulled himself next to a thick tree and propped himself against the trunk. He looked down and pulled his hand away from his wounds for a moment. Blood seeped out in larger quantities with the pressure removed. He quickly reapplied it, though at this point he wasn’t sure just how long he was going to last anyway.

Fatigue swamped him suddenly, let in by the rapid disappearance of the adrenaline that had flooded his system initially. WIth that gone, he couldn’t help but close his eyes. Just for a moment. He needed to gather his strength.,,,,


Dating Justin drabble #27

27. Picnic (full list)

Justin opened the car door, the warm air hitting your skin once you stepped out. Shutting the car door, he smiled at you, intertwining his fingers with yours. “Hold on, I need to get the basket out the back.” He said, dragging you along with him to his trunk, opening it and grabbing the picnic basket. You giggled as he shut the trunk, pulling you close to him, draping his arm over your shoulder, his lips pressing against your forehead. “I brought sandwiches, wine and chocolate strawberries,” He said, looking down at you, his tall erect body standing inches above you.

“Yum,” You smiled, pressing your lips together, his hazel orbs looking into yours. You searched for a spot on the grass, deciding on a spot under a tree. Spreading the blanket out, you helped Justin set it on the ground, kicking your shoes off and sitting down. He took a spot next you, your legs folding criss-cross, sweeping your hair from your face.

“So Peanut butter and Jelly or a BLT?” He asked, digging in the straw basket. You titled your head, humming as you thought about it.

“BLT,” You answered, him handing it to you a moment after. “Thanks baby,” You grinned, flicking your hair behind you. You opened the plastic bag, instantly sinking to your teeth into the sandwich, moaning at the taste. Justin chuckled at you as you chewed, swallowing the food. “Sorry, I haven’t ate all day?” You said, whipping your mouth with the back of your hand, grazing your tongue along the side of your mouth.

“You have something—“ Justin said, pointing to his lip, indicating you have something on it, your fingers brushing on your lips. “I got it,” He smiled, leaning in closer to you, his plump lips pressing against yours, a smile curling on your lips as you kissed him back. You giggled at his corny ways, him leaning back, leaving yours lips with a quiet smack. “I love you,” He cooed, redness spreading on your cheeks.

In a particularly heart-wrenching scene, Phoenix sits at the trunk of a tree, the campfire flickering in the foreground, and has a breakdown because he thinks he’s worthless. It was a tough one to get right. Reiner asked the actor to think of a time when an adult had let him down. “When someone that you really looked up to, and really loved, wasn’t there for you,” he said. The next take, he got it. Reiner never did find out what Phoenix was thinking about. “He kept crying after that scene and I had to go give him a hug. It is a hard scene to play and then snap out of.
—  On river phoenix. He was 14. This is acting.

english major!calum would spend his lunch hour sitting alone amongst the trees writing poems about angst and sadness.  one day you beat him to his favourite tree and he’s forced to either sit with you or climb a different tree all together, but calum isn’t about to give up his tree, so he climbs up and sits on a branch next to yours and you can feel him glaring at you and he keeps sighing passive aggressively while you work. 15 minutes later you finally crack and say ‘is there something wrong?’ and he looks up at you and looks you dead in the eye and says ‘yeah.  this is my tree, i always sit here’ and you glare back at him because who the fuck claims a tree? ‘i don’t see your name on it, i don’t think it’s yours’ but calum only smirks and points to the point where the branch meets the trunk and sure enough there’s a name chiseled there.  ‘well, calum, i don’t really fancy moving down from here, so you’re going to have to either suck it up or move trees’ but calum is set in his ways and there’s not a chance of him moving for a stranger so he decides to stay

by the end of the semester calum’s poems turn from being about loneliness to being about the most beautiful human being who stole his spot in the trees 

for student!5sos blurb night with hectichoods and vsosluke :-) 

In This Life And The Next

Kakashi tells him their races are different, perhaps too different. 

SasuSaku Month 2015

Week 5: Another Life
Day 31: Reincarnation

Her petite form is almost as big as her weapon which she checks throughout for any stains or wear. She is the better warrior of them all, almost born with her axe in hand she was raised to fight and to do not much else. Sasuke watches Sakura from a few feet away, no longer surprise in his eyes as he regards her almost unconventional self.

Instead his gaze is filled with amusement because he knows her bits and bits by now. He knows she will not stop looking at her weapon until she deems it in perfect conditions and nothing less, he knows she will then place it on her side and slide back until her back is against the trunk of the tree.

It is then when his eyes meet hers, there is no longer a snarky remark at the tip of her tongue just big green eyes that stare at him as if trying to figure him out. He gives her a minute to get used to his presence before he slowly starts to walk towards her.

As always her gaze is guarded and as he takes a seat across from her she watches him carefully. He sees the baby step progress as she no longer glances at her weapon at her side but he also sees the long stretch before she knows like he knows.

Kakashi tells him their races are different, perhaps too different.

She doesn’t believe in life after life, while he does.

He knows that in every life they have lived they have always found in each other and in every life that he’ll live he’ll find her again.

“So you’re no longer set out to kill me?” He asks, his tone of voice amused.

“Well…you’re no longer a threat.” Meaning she’s at ease around him, her lips curl up in a small smile and he stares like a fool whose heart acts up at the sight of her.

When Naruto interrupts, “Hey you two! Either get it on or come help pack up!” his insinuations elude her completely. His long ears flush a shade of pink as he stands up and extends a hand to help her, it’s a surprise when her hand comes in contact with his and the force of her pulling herself up with his help is almost enough to send him back to the ground.

“Thank you.” She speaks, once on her feet, staring up at him through pink lashes her green eyes leaving him momentarily speechless and when the effect passes she’s already picking up her weapon and turning away.

And he’ll count the days until she knows what he knows.

New favorite game: Spot The Crime Team

Next time y’all are in a crowded space (like a subway car or a food court), you should play my new favorite game. It’s called Spot The Crime Team. The objective is to put together a group of international criminals using only the people within your line of sight. Pick out a handful of individuals around the space, people who look like they would never, ever cross paths with each other. Then figure out who does what.

That chubby businessman with the tree trunk legs and partially unzipped Jack Spade laptop bag? He’s the connections guy. He knows anyone and everyone, and if you need something, he can get it for you. He says everyone loves him his body, and hey, he might be right.

And maybe the businessman can throw some muscle in a jam, but the real muscle is that blonde girl over in the corner. Yeah, sure, she looks like a normal teen with her pug nose and Portuguese guide book, but trust me. You don’t want to look in her cello case. Don’t EVER look in her cello case. And if she opens her cello case for any reason, well, may God have mercy on your soul.

See the kid and his grandpa? No, grandpa’s not part of the team. He’s mostly deaf and can only see out of one eye. Poor Grandpa Zeppers. But it makes him the perfect cover for the kid, the lookout, the scrawny, pimply one with the hee-haw laugh and saggy pants. That’s not a smartphone in his hands. Well, it is, but it’s modified. It’s a message center, and he’s feeding intel into his friends’s earpieces.

And the white-haired Haitian gramma over there against the wall? The one taking a quick cat nap with her pink kerchief tied around her neck just so and her big bag resting comfortably on her bosom? She’s tech support. Lady’s been making systems bow to her since before your parents learned how to wipe their own noses. Respect your elders.

Finally, that twenty-something woman in the green hijabi and the black-rim glasses? She’s the mastermind. She’s only been running jobs as the boss for the last three years or so, but she’s an up-and-comer, the best of the best. Her jobs are clean, precise, and spectacular. If you want to be part of a job that succeeds, you get on her crew.

I love this game so much. Not only is it a great way to people watch, but it forces me to “cast” characters outside of stereotypes. Also, rampant paranoia FTW!

Purple Forest

Seni definitely wasn’t about to cry. She was tougher than that. She wouldn’t even while her heart pounded in her ears and she ran as fast as she could into the woods. She had to get away from Bandle and the thing she had done.

No crying. She decided to focus on Ka. He was still unconscious and his weight was starting to be too much for her to keep carrying. She slowed to a stop and turned to look behind her. She could still see the orange-tainted pillar of dark smoke, but she couldn’t actually see the city anymore. Seni took a moment to listen, unconsciously holding her breath out of anxiety. She could hear shouting if she really listened hard, but it was most likely around the disaster area. Nobody was following them.

With the utmost care, Seni lowered her brother from her back and sat him to rest against the trunk of a large tree. They were almost entirely hidden by the undergrowth and with relief Seni dropped down next to Ka. His face looked pained and she wished she could comfort him, but on the other hand if she had to talk to somebody right now she might break down. No crying. In truth she was exhausted from extreme fear, despair and exertion, so she rested herself against the tree trunk and dozed. 

Her sleep wasn’t peaceful and she woke up at any unfamiliar sound, but eventually the sun showed up and swept away the dark. When the unpleasantly bright light came to touch her face she finally resigned herself to consciousness and opened her eyes. She sat for another moment, silent and stock still, but all she heard was the wind as it slipped between the leaves and the chittering birds. Since Ka appeared to only be asleep now instead of unconscious Seni dragged herself to her tired feet and hoisted him onto her back once more. She couldn’t stay anywhere near Bandle or she risked being killed; which was unacceptable. Seni was far too tired to run or even jog, but she could still walk and that’s what mattered.

She didn’t look back as she left behind what remained of the only home she had ever known. While Seni didn’t know the forest at all well, she still swore to herself that they would survive, wherever they ended up.  She would make sure of it.


Auntie Uruchi had been around forever and knew all the best gossip about what went on in the clan. As far as Kagami was concerned, she was immortal enough to stay around as the preferable source of information until the Uchiha were all but extinct. Naturally, she was the person to go to when he started to look for Amari.

He had already stopped by the hospital for his mandatory post-mission check-up and knew that she was not there. (He had left with enough pain medication for a sprained ankle to put a small elephant to sleep, but he was otherwise fine.) Auntie Uruchi did not disappoint. She told him that there was a certain tree in the woods around Amari’s house that the girl was quite fond of – that’s where he should go.

Amari was sitting at the tree that auntie Uruchi had pointed out, as expected, legs dangling and eyes closed as she leant back against the sturdy trunk of the maple tree. Kagami climbed until he was sitting right next to her, as silent and nimble as a squirrel so as to not alert her to his presence. After that it was only a matter of waiting for her to open her eyes and figure out that she had company. He kept close enough to catch her if she should be startled.

It was a really good tree, too, tall enough and with an abundant canopy. He admired the view of the various house backyards as he waited, catching glimpses of his fellow clan members going about their daily routines.

+ puppetmasternomore


Wilson looked up at the gray sky above, and yawned. Not only had he been going without sleep the past few days, but it was perfect weather in his mind. Gray skies, cool with a small breeze….he could’ve easily called asleep at any moment. Leaning against a tree, he had even began to doze off ever so slightly before the sound of a nearby twig snapping caused him to jolt back into his tired but conscious state. He took a step away from the tree to survey the area around him, but found nothing. It wasn’t until he turned back towards the tree that he got the fright of his life. What came into his vision was the sight of Maxwell, standing next to the trunk of the tree he’d been dozing against. Naturally, the scientist hated expressing the terror he held for Maxwell, but the mere sight of the other caused him to stumble backwards frightfully.
“M…Maxwell? What on Earth are YOU doing out here…?”
The short scientist asked, in a tone that was both accusing and scared. It didn’t help, of course, that Maxwell was an entire foot and inch taller than him, causing him to have to crane his head back just to see the other’s face

the 80 year hug fic

written bc phil-the-stone requested more han and luke hugging and dealing with ptsd sO

“So do you… wanna talk about it?” Luke is sitting down next to Han (on the ground, leaning against one of those huge tree trunk pillars) before he has any time to protest.

“Talk about what, Kid?”

(Even though it feels weird to call him “Kid”, because at this point Luke seems way older than Han.)  

“About what happened to you in the circuitry bay.”

“Listen, K– Luke. That was just… I just got myself worked up. My hands were shaking– like yours is. Look,” Han defends, pointing at Luke’s (very much bionic) hand.

“Han, you know that this isn’t my hand, right?”


“No, I mean it’s a bionic hand. Not real. It’s just acting up.”

When did you lose a hand?”

“Vader cut it off.”

“Your… your father cut off your hand?”

“Vader wasn’t my father.”

“Now you’re just being confusing.”

“Darth Vader wasn’t always Darth Vader, you know. Before he was a Sith, he was a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker. That man is my father.”

(The Anakin Skywalker? The Hero With No Fear? Commander of the 501? The most looked-up-to Jedi in the entire order? He’s Darth Vader?)


“That’s how you should look at it, too. It might decrease the frequency of your panic attacks,” Luke suggests.

Panic attacks?”

“Don’t play dumb, Han. And don’t delude yourself into thinking that you’re alone in this, because you aren’t. You and I both know that Leia’s been having nightmares and you know damn well that I’ve been having them, too. But what makes us able to get through the nightmares and the panic attacks– and yes, I know that you’ve had more than one– is that we stick together.”

(And Han is suppressing the urge to tell Luke to tell the nightmares to go kriff themselves because Luke, of all people, does not deserve to relive that hell, ever.)

It happened again. It happened. Again. In the middle of the night, it hit him out of nowhere: one minute he’s looking out across the trees in the middle of the night and the next minute he’s kneeling on the ground trying to stop shaking and control his breathing but it isn’t working.

And now he can’t breathe, but at the same time he’s breathing so fast and it keeps playing, over and over, in his head.

(The torture rack, the burning and and stinging and he didn’t even know what they were doing he just knew how much it hurt and how much he hated, hated, hated Vader.)

And Luke is hugging him. He’s still shaking and he’s still breathing fast-fast-fast but Luke is hugging him so tight that he doesn’t think about the burning and the hatred and those horrible things that he just wants to erase from his memory. And he hugs Luke back because it’s true, he really isn’t alone. And this time, when he tries to even out his breathing, he kind of succeeds.



“You’re an ass.”

(Han almost laughs.)

“That doesn’t help,” he mumbles.

“I’m not done. You can sometimes be an ass, but I love you a lot.”

“I love you, too, Kid.”