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Lawn Ornaments- An NMTD Fic

Ship: Beadick

Summary:  Beatrice Duke does not like the boy next door. She likes his taste in lawn decor even less. Something must be done. It’s just too bad there’s no city ordinance against hideous plastic lawn flamingos. (She knows. She looked it up.)

Notes: Okay, so way back in November, I reblogged this post with some tags about what I’d do if I was to fic it. Shortly thereafter I got an Anon ask requesting that I actually write it. I’ve had a half-finished draft sitting on my computer for months and I just recently decided to try and finish it, and here we are. The AU where Bea and Ben are next-door neighbors for some reason, and she decides to steal his lawn flamingos. Nonsense ensues. It may be a little tiny bit OOC near the end (I tried), and requires some suspension of disbelief, but I had fun with it. Hope you enjoy it too. :) Not copy-pasting it into this post, though, because I’m tired. 

Read Here: Lawn Ornaments on AO3

stop comparing ships

look, you can ship anything you want, really. whatever floats your boat. but saying someone’s ship is less endgame solely because it is the canon ship from the comics is stupif af. nothing makes me more mad than seeing “my ship is gonna be endgame because it wasn’t planned, and that makes it more beautiful and special :)))))))” comments. a planned ship can be as beautiful and endgame as an unexpected one. 

also, stop comparing all non-canon potential couples with olicity. the olicity situation was a very rare and special one. it depended on a lot of factors and it doesn’t always work out on all ships. thank god for stemily’s chemistry and felicity’s superb writing. 

JUST STOP COMPARING SHIPS. in words of my wise friend hannah: each one of them is a beautiful snowflake, special and different than others.

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Fitzskye: Does it look like I care?

(What if Skye’s transformation hadn’t gone as well? What if it had been more physical?)

Skye watched from underneath her hoodie as Leo crossed over toward her, backing up and pulling the fabric of the hood down to hide her hideous appearence. She didn’t want anyone see her like this, especially him.

When he reached out and hugged her, she couldn’t help but start to cry, tentitively returning the embrace. Her hood fell back, exposing her now scaly, lizard-like face to him. She stepped back, but Leo wasn’t looking at her with revulsion or disgust or horror like the rest of the team had been.

“I don’t care what you look like, only that you’re okay, Skye,” he confessed, making her wonder if she finally had an ally on her side.

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next seven

I generally like to think of myself as a pretty nice person, and I also normally don’t get mad about things like this, but I’m just going to say that this whole “shit-anti-steroliners-say” (and preemptively the “anti-klaroliners”) blog drama is fucking ridiculous.

Let me just start by saying that kind and respectful Steroliners exist. I know they do, because I’ve met them. I have friends who ship Steroline. The people I am talking about are not the Steroline fandom as a whole, they’re these specific people.

Every fandom has their bad apples. Literally every single one. 

If you think that there are people “hating” on you, then sure, be upset about it. Don’t let toxic people in your life, but generalizing the entire fandom by one or two people is disrespectful and unreasonable.

If you are angry at the Klaroline fandom, fine. Be angry. But answering (supposed) hatred with hatred is never a solution. 

There are Steroliners who are rude, just as there are Klaroliners who are rude. I’m sure, if we showed you those posts, you’d say, “But not ALL Steroliners are like that.”

Yeah. Not all Klaroliners are like that either. 

Just because one person, or perhaps a few people, in our fandom said something dickish doesn’t mean that the whole fandom feels that way. “They started it” is not an excuse. Ever.

You can tell me to block your blog, and that I’m just setting myself up for being upset by not doing that, and maybe I am.

Perhaps, because I exist and I love a particular ship, I’m “asking” for hate.

Here’s a thought, though: Don’t hate in the first place. I shouldn’t have to comfort my friends who feel victimized and targeted by your bullshit. I shouldn’t have to find a shelter because you feel like dropping bombs. 

Maybe you just shouldn’t drop bombs in the fucking first place.

Also, just for a second, let’s talk about the real life implications of what you are doing: Starting a blog specifically to target people you hate is, in fact, a form of internet bullying, and therefore by definition is bullying. Maybe you’ve never been bullied, or maybe you have, but I will tell you that those sorts of things can be incredibly triggering to people that have been through that experience. There are people on the other side of the screen that you are hurting with your hatred.

Be a decent fucking human being, and treat others the way you want to be treated. 

Just to get the message across, here is a gif set about Caroline telling Klaus he’s a terrible person. 

Congratulations, you are the Klaus in this situation. 

#LifeGoalAchieved, amirite?


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If Stucky doesn't become canon at some point -- at the very least to finally throw a homosexual relationship into the very heterosexual MCU -- then I will probably cry. Bc I mean you can't look at the two men and their past and how they react around each other and not see the chemistry and possibilities for heart-wrenching love. But sadly they'll probably keep both guys straight to not upset anyone and that makes me sad

Same here, anon. It’s really frustrating. *sighs*

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I was sort of joking when talking about watching more Dan and Phil and drowning in Phandom-ness, but yeah.. fudge.. I'm screwed. In less than a week I've rediscovered them and started shipping them and also getting major crushes on them! >___<


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Hello! Just wanted to say your fic desTROYeD me (gaiusxf!robin) and I'm kinda bawling my eyes out... it was very nice and thank you! for writing it!! Im crying ha ha D:

Hello hello! That’s not the worst of it, my friend. Brace yourself for whatever future plans I’ll have for this ship. :’D

But hey, erm, sorry that I made you cry!! I’m glad that you enjoyed the fic though! Thanks for stopping by! c:

       „The thing is.. 

                    I want to see you on that throne, y'know? God or whoever knows this shitmess has been going on for long enough. But as I’m looking at you, I just can’t let you go. I’m a selfish asshead and if I knew you didn’t beat my ass up if I tried, I’d keep you all to myself. Here’s the thing.. I’m not gonna hold you trapped in a cage, Garnet. Go and show the world what a queen looks like.“