then look at the ship you're on

People who say that if Abbie were in a relationship with Ichabod it would stunt her growth..

But don’t say a word about Katrina being a literal plot device and the fact that her relationship with Ichabod literally cannot go anywhere at this point..

Something to remember: People will hate a series because of a ship. Just saying. They really will.

“I don’t hate it because my ship didn’t happen. I hate it because–”

No. A ship is probably behind it. It makes them have a bitter disposition and they pick apart other things to rationalize the fact they are mad or sad over their ship. Even subconsciously. Because it’s hard to like a series where you feel that glaring thing that doesn’t fit in your perceived range of a “good.” Every. Single. Fandom. Does this. It’s like people who say “I don’t gossip.” You know that shit ain’t true. Everybody gossips.

“Inconsistent” tends to mean character development btw. People grow.

So, before you guys start getting worried over Empire of Storms, read it.

Also, a thing to note: Sarah J. Maas probably knew very well she was going to get hate. Very well, I’m sure she knew. She was prepared and she is a Queen. Throw her your love anyway though.

Ughhhh. The creepy cowboy guy is here again this summer, and he’s kind of fixated on me. Again.

Last summer, he was a sixteen year old counselor-in-training, who spoke with an affected cowboy drawl and had no sense of personal space. Two days after meeting him, he took me aside and said, “Ship, I’ve been looking for the perfect companion, and I think I’ve found him. It’s you.” He then told me how he wanted someone to live with him in a cabin in Alaska for a few months so that we could fly a biplane through the Northern Lights and hunt together. I obviously turned him town, as this was either the beginning to a weird porno or a slasher movie, and also because he was 16 and I’m not allowed to have any contact with him outside camp.

He’s baaaaaack. The first thing he did was find me. Serves me right, wearing the same recognizable hat. Anyway, every time he catches sight of me, he starts changing “Dark Lord Ship! Dark Lord Ship! Eater of souls!” and then laughing chummily and patting me on the back like it’s the wittiest joke in the world. “I’m never gonna let you forget that,” he says, every time.

“You and literally the entire rest of camp,” I say wearily, every time.

Last night he came up to me, gripped my shoulders, and announced that he’d be 18 soon and will be a counselor next year. “You *have* to come back. Bigfoot will be our unit director, and you will be my co. You and I! Co-counselors! Can you imagine it?!”

“I’m not sure I’ll be back next summer,” I said. “And if I am, I probably won’t be a cabin counselor.”

“No. You and I are going to be cos. Shake on it. Swear it.”

“What? No, I can’t–”

He then grabbed my arm, wrenched my hand out, and shook it violently. “There! No take backs. You’re bound by sacred honor now.”

“Physically forcing me to shake your hand isn’t honorable,” I said, trying to discreetly wipe his slime off on my jacket. “I definitely don’t think that counts.”

“It definitely does. I’ll find you if you go back on your promise. I can’t contact you on social media yet, but I can still find you!”

Great, now I’ve got a teenage cowboy with no boundaries potentially stalking me. Why am I a magnet for weird people?

Writer Appreciation Day

I decided I would rec a few fic that are not clearly Fandom Classics TM, but with descriptive, rather than title.

This is an easy-going happy thing, HP AU

This one is Omegaverse, very well written that I did not see in any A/B/O rec so far

This one has magic and a bit of a suspense (but not super heavy on the angst and very funny) where Harry is a witch

This one is the only damn Tomlinshaw I’ve liked, mainly because everyone, even larry, feels completely in character

This one is a very, very cute, very, very fluffy marriage proposal in jail. Short but fun

This one is a undercover cop thing filled with angst

And okay I’m cheating a bit: this one is a little bit known, but it’s still worth revisiting. It’s a 1800s thing with a freak show and a mermaid!Harry and it’s the bomb.

racist language is still racist language whether or not the speaker knows it, whether or not that was the intent, and no amount of explaining makes that false…

While a part of me appreciates the attempts to assuage my anger, saying “reblog if you would still like a thing even if it was black” is… still a disgusting thing to say… 

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send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who is more likely to hurt the other?
Holtzmann– but it’s purely accidental. Sometimes, she doesn’t think before she speaks and a questionable statement may blurt passed her lips. Also, not all of the engineer’s gadgets are stable and Erin keeps trying them anyway. You can put two and two together.

who is emotionally stronger?
You would think it was Holtzmann, but it’s actually Erin. From all the things she’s put up with from her childhood to now, she’s grown a pretty tough, yet still insecure, thick skin.

who is physically stronger?
Holtzmann is very fit from all the lifting and lugging around the equipment before they got the Ecto-1. She also tends to exercise after ‘lab hours’ to exert any excess energy. 

who is more likely to break a bone?
Erin Gilbert. You’ve heard of ‘Nosebusters’, now get ready for: ‘He put the camera in my face so I broke his finger and also mine and we need to go to the hospital, but good gosh that felt good!’

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Husband: So how do you know [person we bought PAX passes from today]?

Me: We’re fandom acquaintances. We don’t know each other all that well but I know she has correct opinions in ships.

Husband: …

Me: Look. If she was one of those “Adoribull is abusive” people you never would have heard about those passes even if she was selling them below cost.

Husband: OK, that’s fair.

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"Harley is poly in the comics so we can ship her with Ivy too" but the thing is, Ivy doesn't exist (yet) in the DCEU and Harley's sexual interests has not been confirmed or referenced in the DCEU. She could very well be bi but NOT polyamorous. How the fuck are ppl invalidating an interracial DCEU ship with a white character who isn't fucking in the universe yet. And think they get the pass because it's LGBT no bitches, racism doesn't have a sexual orientation. Racism is racism. And I see y'all.


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Lmao come steal my stuffed animals cause here's my request #28 w free at Fred's funeral :)

28. When I am dead

“Thank you for coming,” he heard Molly Weasley say to the people in front of him. Lee couldn’t see her yet, but he could imagine how she looked: tired. Sad. Putting on a brave face for other people and forcing smiles because it’s the polite thing to do. It’s the same look, the same routine that had become a feature in his life ever since it happened. Since Fred…

But he still couldn’t bring himself to think it. Not even here, at the funeral. At his funeral. The well-wishers Mrs. Weasley had been greeting moved out of the way, and Lee shuffled forward.

“Thank you for–” Mrs. Weasley started, but she stopped when she saw who it was. Lee forced a small smile and hoped it would suffice as a proper greeting because he didn’t think he could speak without his voice cracking. Mrs. Weasley didn’t smile back, she just reached out and pulled Lee into a hug. It was the kind of hug only mothers could give. She didn’t let go of him for a long while, and Lee found himself making eye contact with Arthur Weasley, who was standing next to them.

He tried his voice.

“Hey, Mr. Weasley.” Lee had been right. His voice did crack.

Mr. Weasley smiled at him sadly, and patted his shoulder.

“He would be so glad you came,” he said. Lee could only nod in response.

“Now, the ceremony will be starting shortly,” Mrs. Weasley said matter-of-factly, pulling away from Lee and running her hands down the front of his robes to smooth out invisible wrinkles. “Best get to your seat. Your speech will be up after George’s.”

Lee walked into the space that was filled with chairs all facing a platform with a podium and a casket on it. Lee tried not to think about what the casket contained, but his eyes were drawn to it all the same. He found an empty row in the back and was about to sit down when George Weasley came up behind him.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” George muttered, taking him by the arm and leading him up towards the front. “You’re family.”

George sat him down in the front row next to him, where the rest of the Weasley children were already seated. Mr. Weasley soon came to join them, and Mrs. Weasley made her way up to the podium. She said a few words there, thanking everyone once again for coming, but didn’t make a full speech. Lee figured she could make it through one without tears.

Mrs. Weasley then called her husband up onto the stage. He did make a full speech, but Lee barely caught a word of it. He was still staring at the casket. It wasn’t fancy, barely more then a plain pine box. Lee figured the Weasley’s probably couldn’t have afforded much else. He realized with a twinge of regret that he should have helped pay for it, at least help them get a nicer box. After all it was going to be…

But no. Lee still couldn’t think it.

Mr. Weasley finished and called his son up next. Lee was vaguely aware of George steeling himself next to him before he stood up and took over for his father. Lee did his best to pay more attention to George’s speech.

It was funny. Or at least, as funny as a funeral speech could be. George was clearly trying very hard to give the ceremony the kind of atmosphere Fred would have wanted. Lee wished he had thought of that, his own speech burning a hole in the pocket of his robes.

It was hard to laugh at the jokes George made, but Lee tried anyways.

Finally, George finished and Lee heard him say his name. That’s right. Mrs. Weasley had said he was up next. He looked around nervously and ended up catching Ginny Weasley’s eye. She gave him a small smile and nodded encouragingly and Lee nodded back. Okay. He could do this.

He stood up and made his way up onto the platform, George patting his shoulder as he passed. He stood behind the podium and looked out at everyone.

“Hi,” he said. And that was all he said. He couldn’t figure out what came next.

All eyes on him and Lee forgot everything he had written down. He just stared out at the crowd blankly and didn’t come back to his senses until someone coughed. Fumbling, he reached into the pocket of his robes and pulled out his speech. He spread it out in front of him but the words blurred. Shit. Was he crying?

Lee wiped at his eyes and he wish he hadn’t because now he could clearly see the Weasley family in the front row, looking at him with pity and shared pain. He looked back at the paper. The words he had written seemed stupid now. How did people expect him to put together a coherent speech? Fred was dead.

The thought rang in his head. He’d finally admitted it to himself, he realized. Fred was dead. The reality was like a knife in the gut, and he said the only words he could.

“Fred Weasley was my best friend,” Lee said. “And I loved him.” 

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For fanfiction writers appreciation day I wondered if you'd be able to give me some recs? I've never read ANY Hannibal fanfic but I ship Hannigram like burning. I've tried to dip my toe into AO3 so many times but find it difficult because I don't know much of the fanon (I'm a lurker) or if there are any fics out there that are must-reads or fandom classics. If you could help I'd be eternally grateful! I'd prefer nothing over 10K if possible, I don't have the time for long fics unfortunately.

Here’s my hannigram fic rec~ Have at it my friend.

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sh/tt seems as bad as sh//ith to me because matt looks a lot like p/dge so i dont think he can be that much older than them?? hes probably the same age as h/unk la/nce and k/eith idk i could be wrong

I thought this at first but I think M/att is probably an adult? because he was on the mission with his dad and S/hiro, two adults. also I don’t think they would let a teenager go on such an important mission.

but yeah I hate when shippers only ship it because M/att looks like a younger P/idge or because they don’t wanna include A/llura 🙄 like we see through your creepy and/or racist ways!!

-mod Pidge