then look at her again


supercorp screencaps (7 → ∞): “Kara Danvers is to be shown in right away whenever possible.”

Let me start by saying I suck at meta but this scene popped out to me.

Rewatching season 3 and episode 15 and it’s interesting how everyone listens to Bellamy and not Clarke. It’s almost as if they are mid convo when they open up the episode.

She proceeds to tell him that they need a Nightblood only for Jasper and Octavia to dismiss her. It’s weird because the episode before everyone was looking to her for ideas.

Clarke tries to convince them once again, trying to appeal to their logic. When she sees that’s not working she turns to Bellamy who immediately shuts her down. The other two looking at her from behind him. That’s when she gives this defeated look because Bellamy has to understand, he always does.

I don’t know, just another example of how she’s lost touch with her people. I think this was one of the very glaring moments to her that she really doesn’t know her people, let alone the Delinquents, anymore. By her leaving, she’s revoked her voice as leader in a lot of ways. It’s also funny because Octavia has always hated Clarke after season 2 and Jasper has never chosen a side, but it’s glaring how he looks up to Bellamy a whole lot more than Clarke.

My non-shipping boyfriend's reaction to TFP

I watched the episode last night, my boyfriend only just watched it with me about an hour ago. So I already knew everything that happened in the episode, but he didn’t.

I gave him no indication of what would happen, I didn’t hint at it at all. He thought Molly was going to die (that is already seen her die), because he looked at me as if to say “sorry for your loss, babe.” I gave nothing away.

After Sherlock said “I love you” to Molly the second time, my boyfriend immediately turned to look at me, smiling and even a little misty-eyed:

“He said it twice. Because he means it.” AHHH

Then when Molly showed up at 221B, he looked at me again. “Look at her! That smile!”


(He also really wanted to know why Molly was having a bad day. He thinks she’s pregnant! He also thinks Molly knew Sherlock loved her but was too dumb to realize it, and that’s why she made him say it. Maybe my boyfriend is more of a shipper than he thinks. Lol)


(Y/n) rushed into the conference room of the BAU, hurried and late from a desperate need of coffee. As she sat, each team member turned to look at her– Each one but Spencer.

He kept his head down, scribbling something in the margin of the paper case files in front him, lost in his brain as usual.

“Sorry I’m late,” she muttered as she sat and scooched her chain in.

Garcia giggled and continued her explanation of the case, everyone’s attention back to her. Again, everyone but Spencer.

Looking up Spencer glanced to his right, noticing (y/n)’s arrival.

Feeling his eyes on her, she looked up. Her lips parted when her eyes caught sight of him, his pouty lips wrapped around a lollipop, twirling it inside his mouth.

He kept his eyes locked on hers, taking in her expression and enjoying his analysis of it.
She bit her lip, mimicking his mouth play a bit, and he revved his attention on the treat up, his eyes gleaming as he let his tongue escape his lips and move across the candy. (Y/n)’s chest heaved as she watched it, imagining what it would feel like on her body, and just as she was about to open her mouth to speak, Rossi did so.

“You two wanna take this somewhere more private?” He smirked making the rest of the team chuckle as they began to leave the room.

“I don’t… I don’t know what you’re talking about ,” Spencer rose from the table, embarrassed, tossing the lollipop in the trash as he escaped the room.

(Y/n) frowned slightly at his departure, still excited from his display, and then she felt her phone vibrating.

“Sorry about that” Spencer texted, “If you would want to do something just the two of us, that would be nice.”

She smiled down at her phone and looked out the door at him, grinning as she considered the offer.
She texted back one word: Tonight.


The last Nepalese king of the MALLA DYNASTY (12th-17th century), a man named JAYAPRAKASH, apparently met with the goddess Taleju nightly over a game of dice (or chess) and to discuss matters of state and ask her for advice. Her only condition: he refrain from telling anybody at all about these meetings, including his wife, the queen. One night, the king’s wife – who had been growing increasingly suspicious of her husband’s behavior – followed him to his rendezvous with the goddess with the hope of outing his infidelity. Instead, she only succeeded in angering the goddess, who ‘broke up’ with the king. She left him with the instructions that if he ever wanted to see her again, he needed to look for her reincarnation as a little girl. To make his amends, the king left the palace to search for the one who possessed the goddess’ spirit.

I really enjoy pulling out and cumming all over her. And lately the more you give her the more this slut wants. Looking forward to our next visit. She wants to have her hubby there again. I told her anything she wants as long as I get to fuck her.


I’m an idiot.

When she had smiled at me at the police station, my breath caught in my throat. I felt like the stupid boy that had fruitlessly followed her around school looking for a chance to talk to her all over again. I couldn’t really wrap my head around why she struck me like she did. Sure, she was pretty but so were the other girls I’d been with. I tried to tell myself that it was because we were partners, that it was because of the trust that we had to have in each other doing the sort of work that we did – we had to trust each other implicitly.

She had trusted Gene that way. I had trusted him like that once, too.

I mentally kicked myself. I knew about it and hadn’t said anything. I should have, I admonished myself again – just as I had been ever since I found out that he had lied to her. Me knowing and not saying anything, wasn’t that just as much as a betrayal?

She hadn’t spoken since we got into the car. I wanted to apologize. I wanted to tell her that I regretted not calling her as soon as I found out, that I was sorry for believing Gene, that I was sorry for thinking that she wouldn’t have believed me if I were the one who told her, that I selfishly wanted to look better than her boyfriend. The words died on my lips. I turned on the stereo instead.

The lo-fi beats that I usually found so tranquil now had a melancholier sound to them. “If you want to listen to something else, just change it,” I tried. I’d even accept that screaming shit she liked if it would perk her up without complaint.

“No, it’s fine,” she said without moving her eyes away from the window.

I sighed, she said nothing else the rest of the way to the boutique where Roman worked. When we got out of the car, I lightly jogged ahead of her to stop her in her tracks. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Em,” I blurted out.

She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms, “I really don’t want to talk about it right now.”

“We have to,” I insisted. “I found out yesterday. I swear I didn’t know any longer than that.”

“That was a day too long!” she ground out. “Like, I can understand why Gene wouldn’t tell me, but you? I fucking trusted you!”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry I-“ she turned to leave but I grabbed her hand and she stood still, “Don’t walk away. Please.”

“Why, Yulian?”

The hurt in her voice gave me pause, shit. Fuck it, I’d just lay it out. “I thought, if I told you, you’d go back immediately to Gene. And if he denied it? Told you what you wanted to hear, who would you have believed?” Her brows knitted together and she looked away, “That’s what I thought. So you’d believe him over me and I wouldn’t be able to take it. Or you might have thought that I was trying to manipulate you into breaking up with him.” I licked my lips nervously, “There’s no way you don’t know how I feel about you. I mean, I’m not saying I love you or anything heavy but you know…” I groaned and dropped my head on her shoulder, “I regret not telling you, Em, I should have. I know it’s too fresh and you’re still angry with me, but whatever I need to do to make this right with you, let me know.”

She squeezed my hand lightly, “Let’s just start with talking to Roman first.”

Roman Alenko stood at the front counter, dressed in a dark burgundy suit. I don’t really remember him from school at all aside from the knowledge that he was Emilia’s brother. “Yulian! My favorite customer, what can I do for you today?” he spread his arms out in a welcoming gesture and smiled brightly. Emilia gave him a look that said what the fuck? which he ignored.

“Roman, my man!” I said, playing along, “I’m here to get a suit. Could you help me out?”

“Oh, of course!” he beamed.

I stepped closer and dropped my voice, “We need to talk.”

“I figured, but you’re going to at least need to get measured. Luzmila is on the rag and I am not going to be her whipping boy today. Emi, you’ve put me in a spot. As punishment, you’re going to run that bitch ragged for me, got it?”

Emilia scoffed, “This involves me, too.”

“Oh no doubt. But I’m sure your delicious co-worker here can fill me in just as well. Now, go. Make sure you force her to check for dresses in sizes that we don’t have that obviously won’t fit you.” Em rolled her eyes but mimicked her brother’s cheerful smile and flagged the older woman down.

“Right this way,” Roman said, escorting me out of the door and into another room with racks of suits.

“About Emilia,” I started but Roman cut me off.

“Nuh-uh, suit first and we’ll talk while I fit it.”

I roll my eyes, “You’re kind of a shark, you know that?”

“Honey, I work on commission, of course I am! Besides, you’re good for it and you’re probably about to ask me to lie to my boyfriend. That’s not cheap.”

“Alright,” I conceded. “I want a slim fit Landgraab black cashmere.”

His eyebrows rise, “Color me impressed! Would you be interested in a bespoke suit?”

He looked at me excitedly but I had to shut him, “I don’t have the time to sit for all of that. Just grab a made to measure and start the fitting and I’ll come in later to do another one when you’ve got the time.”

He pouted but had me put on a suit before he started making measurements and pinning back pieces here and there. To pass the time, I exaggeratedly modeled in front of the mirror which seemed to piss him off royally. “Cut that out,” he chastised me. “You’re going to be wearing my work on you, so it needs to be done correctly.”

“Big on suits, huh?”

“Oh I love them. Funnily enough, you’re the one that got me into them in the first place.”

“What? Seriously?” I laughed.

“Yeah, you probably don’t remember but I approached you at a school dance to ask about your suit and you humored me. Ah,” he sighed, “you really stood out. I didn’t know anything about tailoring at that point but I could tell that yours was made just for you. I wanted to wear suits like that, too.”


“Yep, and then you asked me a bunch of questions about my sister.”

That sounded about right. “Speaking of your sister-“

Roman sighed and pinched his brows, “I know better than to talk about either one of you to Mark, okay? I told him that she works odd jobs and lives in a shithole. Which is absolutely true.”

“He’s going to start asking you about me, next.”

“Why, exactly?”

“A large number of my family are not exactly law abiding, to put it mildly. He knows I’m related.”

“Ah, well all I know about you is that you’re rich as fuck and we went to school together.”

“That’s good, but what will you tell him when he asks how I know Emilia.”

“Oh, that’s easy. You’ve followed her around for years. Are you planning on finally closing in on that?”

“Who knows? I guess that’s up to her now.”

“Hmm, maybe you could take her out. Get her something to match that suit?”

“I thought about it, but I don’t know her size or anything.”

“I could get it for you. Of course, I’d expect you to buy the dress from me,” he grinned.

I stared at him flatly, “I think you’re more of a criminal than me or Emilia,” I whined, “but you’ve got a deal as long as it shows a lot of cleavage,” I finished with a wink.

Roman laughed, “I think I can manage that.”

artdigy  asked:

What ever happened to that Purple Diamond you had

again i wouldn’t look at  her as a  diamond she was something of a  prototype for red diamond.  her design is  off  she’s  not quite right and it was a long time ago that i  drew her. 

Revenge of the Humboldt: Hunt Complete.

  A week later, Nebula awoke with tears dried on her face. She lifted her tired head to look at the moon out Emerald’s window but she paused, a bit befuddled. The moth that had seemed to be flittering senselessly on the bedside table was on the window in the center of a prestinely bright moon, showing it’s beautiful silhouette. She felt the hand underneath hers shift and a groan snap the near silence. All of Emerald’s moths flew up at once except for the bioluminecent luna moth on her eye. Nebula looked at her friend and started to cry again.
  She embraced her friend and tried her best to speak, choking up, “oh my god, Emerald-hic! you’re alive…”
  “I’m sorry about that, Nebby.” Emerald wrapped her arm around her.

  The sky was surprisingly redder on this night. Jacar looked over a large villa that looked time-worn and nearly dark, save for one or two lights softly glowing from the windows. Camille was beside him, with weapons ready. Jacar’s phone rang. It was the president of the agency.
  “Yes?” Jacar answered.
  The phone blaired with the president’s voice, “if you go on this mission, agent 0, you will become the most wanted man in Inkopolis do you understand me!?”
  “Yes, Mr. president, but I’m afraid I must disobey. I wont let anyone get away with murder.”
  The president screamed “Agent 0 dont you hang-!” Jacar ended the call.
Jacar moved forward, making sure to stay quiet as he did. Camille followed silently after him. They snuck in one of the darkened windows. A bed was on the left side of the room. Camille crept over to inspect it. All she could make out was a peaceful face and a large, black stain on the blankets. Camille turned to Jacar suddenly. He nodded and ran out of the room, Camille pealed the opposite way. For what seemed like an hour, they searched the house. all the residents, octolings, were dead. they met outside before they heard the motor of a motorcycle roar. The duo rushed to a set of motorcycles nearby, chasing after him. The pursuit lasted for a good few miles before the octoling’s fuel was spent and he demounted his bike, running into a feild of tall grain. Jacar’s hunter instinct kicked in and he darted into the field. Camille tracked the octoling’s path and chased him. The octoling, after a long and frightful run, stopped to catch his breath. He froze as he felt a dark presence behind him. He whipped around, only to feel cold steel against his chest.
  Jacar kept his eyes on the octo’s as he slowly pushed the claws into his chest, “You wanna know how it felt to lose my daughter?”
  Jacar then ripped the octo’s heart out, still pulsing in his hand. The octo shivered in fear. Jacar then crushed the pulsing muscle.
  “Just like this.”
  The octo fell to his knees then to his side, lifeless. Jacar’s predatory eyes receded back to their normal dark hazel hue. Camille walked up next to him, observing the dead. Jacar just turned around and walked back to the road, Camille right behind him.

eeeey next part’s out yaaay~!

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this week has been really weird and i get the feeling that something shady this way comes


Fun fact: I had actually coloured this gif before putting an orange layer over it.


best of greys - winning a battle, losing the war
     I’ve been wondering to myself, why are you so hell bent on getting me to go out with you? You know you’re my boss, you know it’s against the rules, you know I keep saying no. It’s the chase.

It’s amazing how much shit Carrie Fisher put up with through the years from creepy Star Wars fans. She was sought out frequently by guys who sexualized her and she was often told that guys jerked off to her Leia and she was even followed to her NYC apartment in the 80s by a Star Wars fan/stalker… and she still was the most attentive, the nicest celebrity ever – she followed fans back on twitter, retweeted their pics to her, would take pics at events she wasn’t supposed to take pics in, would personalize autographs when she wasn’t supposed to, would take her time to actually talk to people who wanted her autograph, would compliment people’s looks and costumes… a gem. The world will never see anyone like her again


He had it coming, he had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you’d have been there, if you’d have seen it
I betcha you would have done the same 

Cell Block Tango - Chicago