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Tag game

I was tagged by the lovely @riddle-d to list my favourite characters from ten different fandoms. Thank you! 💕

1. Lily Evans - Harry Potter

2. Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf

3. Jake Peralta - Brooklyn 99

4. Steve Rogers - Marvel

5. Amy Pond - Doctor Who

6. Chandler Bing - Friends

7. Felicity Smoak - Arrow

8. Regina Mills - Once Upon a Time

9. Tate Langdon - American Horror Story

10. Hanna Marin - Pretty Little Liars

i tag: @fcrbiddenfcrest @spellboundwords @jamespottersbutt @jamespratter @maraudersmainlady @marauders4days @hpotterr @hermionesmenacinglook @padfoot-barks @padfootd and anyone else who wants to do it :)

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My brother has a huge obsession with Nh and Shitnata to the point where it angered my Mom,she eventually stopped talking to him and would feed him without saying a word,my brother asked"Mom why are you doing this are you okay..?"She said"I know you like NaruHina ,we're doing some NH shit right now."

Oh my gosh that NH shit your mom is talking about is not talking to each other? Lmao your mom is a genius.

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the best part of being over depression is now i can make memes about past depressed myself and be like OH BOI HOW EDGY AS SHIT yOU'rE JUST EMO AND OVERREACTING

lmao i make memes about nowaday myself like that while being like that

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Prussia having a huge kink for the 69 position is a huge hc of mine. Especially with a male!s/o cause he would place their s/o on their back, shove his whole dick in their mouth and just grind into their face while he sucks them off too. Better yet, he has their hands tied up so they can't push against his thighs and restrain how hard he would thrust into their throat

69 + face fucking? It’s like you tailored fucking click bait for me. Oh shit. But YEAHHH BOIIIII this tickles my dang pickle lmao. He probably prefers generally giving oral to men because it’s conceptually easier as long as you have good gag relfex control. Women…well…he’s the sort to really eat them out, tongue and lips working at her entrance while he grinds the flat slope of his nose or the tip of it against her clit –if its 69 position, replace nose with chin. And this boy can work his fucking hips, pistoning them at alarmingly high speeds lmao. I can imagine if his s/o complains, he just shoves his cock all the way in and holds it there for a moment.

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Can you do an ELR Michael where Gavin needs help but Michael is disgraced by you??

A/N: So this sort of went off the rails from the original prompt but I hope you still enjoy it. Sorry this sort of strayed to its own thing.

Word Count: 1,350

“Gavin the 3rd?” you asked as a well dressed man approached you.

He smiled and held out his hand to shake, “Yes, love. And you’re Agent Y/N.”

You nodded and heard someone shouting from Gavin’s ear piece, “This is so stupid. We don’t need a fucking babysitter.”

“Nice to meet you too Mikey and I’m not babysitting anyone’s ass. That’s your job. If Gavin dies that’s on you, asshole,” you snapped back, not taking shit from anyone.

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we need more fics about qui-gon having to cut his hair for some reason and being pouty but obi-wan being like “oh shit he’s even hotter”

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I think ishida is just desperately trying to make his story seem like it's still interesting by making it "edgy"

After like forty chapters of almost non stop fighting?


He was like oh shit this isn’t Tokyo ghoul without someone hallucinating and murdering someone.

And it’s a trans male cuz trans people are craaaaazy, you know, AND children who were abused?

Yeah they ALWAYS without fail become evil.


“A game of chess, where France is Queen and Kingless”

”Enough. Hamilton is right”

“But sir, do we not fight for freedom?“