then kbbq.


29 days to EOYs - {02/10/16}
i dont know what you’ve been told, but this gal right here’s gonna rule the world’ 

hi im nat and im freaKING out over how little days we have left till end of years hhahahaa oh shit man!!! anywAY im craving kbbq and?? churros i think hmm yes 

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Forgot to post yesterday!! (O∆O) I went out to have some KBBQ with a friend I haven’t seen for a while and when I came back I watched the first episode of Missing Nine and fell asleep…

Anyways, continued with my essay today and worked on my sketchbook. I have to think of ideas for my textiles outcome…



The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you on a Wednesday evening while you were at the gym as per usual. School was killing you, but you were determined to stick with your workout schedule, even if it meant sleeping an hour less or watching one less episode of your current favorite kdrama. Just exactly why were you so passionate about working out?


[7:33PM] Jeon: If you’re not here in 5 minutes then YOU owe ME all you can eat KBBQ. 


[7:33PM] Jeon: AND ice cream.

It was as simple as that – you just couldn’t, wouldn’t, lose this bet with Jeon Jungkook. 

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  • Kara: Will you go to dinner with me? Tonight?
  • Lena: Yes! Yes of course!
  • Kara: Great! I want to go to AYCE KBBQ but there has to be a party of 2 or more, you're a life saver Lena!
  • Lena: Oh..uh great! I can't wait
  • Kara: Neither can I yum i can smell it already <3
  • Maggie: For a Super, you sure are blind Little Danvers
  • Kara: Oh! Did you wanted to come too? I'm sorry! I didn't invite you 'cause Alex said you two are hanging out tonight!
  • Maggie: *face-balm* You know, Alex IS your sister, maybe that's why you're so clueless
  • Alex: HEY!

today in self-care news: i finished my 20 pg paper, treated myself to kbbq and bingsu and now i’m going to nap for 12 hours straight because i’m worth it :)

When you eat a lot of food at an all-you-can-eat kbbq

Request: Could you do a got7 reaction to you eating a lot of food? Like at an all-you-can-eat kbbq or something :3 your blog is awesomeeee btw hehe

JB: *thinks* How much is she going to eat..?

Mark: *doesn’t make a comment he just sits there waiting for you to finish eating*

Jackson: “You’re leaving some for me, right?”

Jr: (he has watched you eat for 10 minutes after he’s done eating) *thinks out loud*

Youngjae: “Uuh, I’m so full!” (you: “I’m not. I’m gonna eat a little more.”) *thinks to himself* How is her stomach not exploding right now?

BamBam: “I’m done! Oh… You’re still eating?”

Yugyeom: (you: “Am I taking too long?”) “Huh? No! Take your time.”

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