then it's unscripted

remember a few years ago when people were spreading a rumor that in the episode of Fresh Prince where Will’s absentee dad shows up and then disappears again that the emotional monologue Will Smith gave at the end was unscripted and was him describing his own experiences which actually turned out to be totally false (the monologue wasnt in the original script but Will Smith added it bc the original ending had Will just moving on which felt unrealistic and unsatisfying  given how the Will character reacted earlier and while Will Smith’s parents were divorced his dad was pretty present in his life and it turns out that part of being an actor is being able to portray characters whose experiences are different than your own)

anyway that was a lot of set up but i had this idea of like taking whatever the original version of that post was and changing it so its about the scene from Austin Powers where Seth Green’s character meets his father Dr Evil and saying its an unscripted adlib by Seth Green or something but i got too detailed in explaining the original Fresh Prince rumor so i dont think this would work as a joke with a punchline bc the post got too long-winded

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Favorite smile in the world? Spread the happiness and explain why


his smile is so so soft and i already want to melt whenever he smiles for the camera, but i think my FAVORITE is when he grins or laughs and maybe there’s only fancams around-

its unscripted, its just pure, happy mj grinning and laughing over something that we can usually only guess, but the joy in his expression is undeniable and it makes me always smile along <3

And THE OTHER major work is done!  FINALLY!  This is just something funny from the job last week.  And while I was out, this blog hit 4700+ viewers!  I’ll have something special for that soon!  For everyone who’s on or occasionally runs across this blog – thank you for your patience!