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What are your favorites hp aus to write/read?

Helloooo! Is this a request for fic recs? Because I’m only too happy to give them ♥

Most of the AUs I read (and many of my favorites) are canon divergent AUs, or ones that otherwise play around with elements of HP canon; the whole whopping two (2) times I’ve written AUs, they’ve been canon divergent, and I think they’re loads of fun to think about in what-if contexts:  if you change this thing, what else happens? How do the characters and the universe re-shuffle themselves and congeal around those alterations?

Some all-time faves:

  • House, by kestrelsan – a Sirius lives AU that I want to crawl into forever
  • City Life, by @holyfant – a Tonks/Ginny AU that’s become sort of a comfort fic for me; I go back to it a lot and I’m always, always struck by the breadth and depth of emotion at its core, and the stunning language. It’s definitely a desert island fic for me
  • Common Woodbrown, by @imochan – a Remus-raising-Harry AU, but more than that, a journey of self-worth and self-discovery that never leaves you. One of the best Remus-centric fics I’ve ever read or ever will
  • lovers alone wear sunlight, by musesfool – another Sirius lives AU and all-around delightful gem of sweetness and love
  • stone by stone i left my only home, by liseuse – Cho/Luna fic where Cho leaves the Wizarding World, but the edges of what’s Muggle and what’s Wizard sort of blur. There’s such a warmth to it that I love, and it captures the post-war atmosphere perfectly:  realistic, but not bleak
  • 73 Aberdeen, by Mici – a friend recced this to me last week and I am PROFOUNDLY fucked up over it!! Sirius gets sorted into Slytherin, is a very different person, still has it bad for Remus, cardiovascular trauma ensues. There’s some great worldbuilding which, combined with the characterizations (Sirius in particular–what would happen if his energy and his love for his friends in canon had been directed elsewhere?) make it one of the most striking things I’ve read in a while; it’s like being punched and then the floor giving out underneath you!!! READ IT PLEASE

I also REALLY love historical AUs, or things that otherwise have a strong sense of time and place in general. As far as actually writing them goes, like, I have vague ideas about a Thatcher-era Sirius/Remus AU and an all-woman Ocean’s 11-ish AU set in the 80s or 90s, but I also have a cowardly streak when it comes to AUs that means I’ll probably never write either. BUT I can at least rec you some faves:

  • virtually anything fluorescentgrey / @yeats-infection has ever written, because picking one is unpossible (but ngl Heart of Darkness and Desperado have special places in my shriveled heart. And Evening Empire); I love the sense of landscape as its own entity in her fic and the ways it reverberates in the characters. Unbelievable prose, too.
  • also anything zambla / @polytony has ever written, but especially Mapmaker, a WWII AU set in Cairo that is one of the most staggeringly, hauntingly evocative/beautiful/absolutely singular things I’ve ever read in fandom. Anything I can say about this one will fall short, please read it and come cry with me
  • Out of Grace, by bluepeony – a non-magic AU set in the 80s, after Sirius and the rest of his friends have drifted apart. It has a defeatist tone that I love, and Remus’s characterization in contrast to Sirius’s–trying so hard to fit where he can’t–was a really refreshing, authentic, super painful take on him
  • The Only Fun in Town, by tigrrmilk / @alwaysalreadyangry – THE BEST newspaper AU, set in the 80s with a grouchy journalist Remus and an easygoing, unassuming sort of Sirius who manages to crush every assumption Remus ever makes of him. Their dynamic is incredible and the whole fic is so cleverly constructed that you can read it ten times, know how it’s going to go, and it’ll still be an instant mood-lifter. I’m in love with it
  • The Boys of Crowhill, by tb_ll57 – this is a WIP and I’m not up to date, but I feel pretty confident reccing it already. It’s more canon divergent and Harry-centric than anything, starting in an orphanage before Hogwarts, and I love the atmosphere and character interaction; the style is like Forster crossed with A. A. Milne, I love it so far!

as always, if you (yes, you, specifically) have any recs at all, PLEASE send them my way! I eat this stuff uuuuup.

Upcoming continuation of Berena

First and foremost, Bernie & Serena will be getting back together. In the interim…

Folks we need a breather for the next couple of weeks as Serena figures out that it is Bernie she wants. Before people start having a go at the writers/producers/bbc, etc for our disappointment at Serena’s ONS with Robbie, have a look at it through the prism of Serena’s character and not through our own lives and expectations. I dare say most of us are lesbians, bisexual women, or questioning. From one of the last informal polls here that I saw, there are quite a few young folks here, and that is a good thing. Myself, I’m 43, and I’ve been out as a lesbian for 21/22 years.

So, from Serena’s perspective, she’s 51. She’s only dated/married/had sexual relationships with men for most of her adult life. Then she’s fallen in love with a close female friend/intellectual and professional equal. They’ve only barely touched on acknowledging where they stand with each other. Then pretty much as soon as Serena hints at the love word, even though Bernie’s feeling the same, Bernie does a runner.

At the outside Bernie’s giving her the chance to figure out what this means to Serena, of giving her that out. Inside, Bernie’s probably struggling to do the same for herself (though we don’t see this as she’s not on screen). Serena’s been exploring these emotions and acknowledging them to both Raf and Ric. Hanssen (more than likely aware of the developing partnership btw Bernie and Serena) has informed Serena of Bernie’s plan to stay in Kiev for the time being after the secondment. Serena’s feeling angry, and abandoned, without hearing anything from Bernie herself on the matter. Hanssen’s given Serena the means to open up this communication. The hospital does need Bernie back but Hanssen can acknowledge that they need Bernie back for Serena’s sake, hence his comment about her pride. AAU runs functionally better with both of them at the helm.

As far as Robbie goes, I’m guessing its a drunken lonely ONS on Serena’s part, something she couldn’t do with a colleague. She’s lonely and feeling abandoned. She’s got her feelings for Bernie which still play on the back of her mind. I think Serena’s allowed a brief wobble now as she sorts out who she is. It’s not unexpected.

And we’ve been wrong before in expecting the worst vs how it’s been played out so far. So breathe and watch this exploration and journey of self-discovery that Serena’s going through.