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U seem to have the ins on the DEH fandom and I'm bedridden so. Do u have any long DEH fic recs?

I have a few that I enjoy reading that are pretty long. But please, please for the love of god be sure to read their tags just in case there might be something that may trigger you. This is very important dear lime.

1. “You know they’re gonna think you’re lovers right?”
A amazing DEH fic that always leaves me in suspense and wanting more every time a new chapter comes out. I think its actually one of few fics that made me cry?? Very good read. ‘Not Yet Finished’

2. “Eulogy”
I have yet to actually catch up on this one, but its a really good one from what I recall. I need to look more into it, but I love it aaaa. ‘Not Yet Finished’

3. “Words Fail”
Another fic I have yet to catch up on but the writer is amazing and the fic is just as good and man oh man someone help Evan and Connor please these poor boys. ‘Not Yet Finished’

4. “The trees that surround Hughes boarding school”
It has its good humor, its angst, and the characters are super well written. Just as they are in the first fic suggested, and pretty much every other fic. Please sit and read. Just trust me, you’ll enjoy this one a lot. ‘Not Yet Finished’

5. “The Desperate Type”
I’m going to be totally honest with you and say this fic was so hard for me to read. Not because its badly written, because its so well written and gets so deep into pain and is so good at explaining things and the entire concept of the idea is just so…so dark?Another fic that got me to cry, but its good, I love it. ‘Is Finished’

6. “Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a oneshot and heres why”
A series of really nicely written oneshots. There isn’t a lot of them but so far I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them. 

7. “If you were found”
One of the first DEH fics I read. I like the idea of it, its a good concept like many of the others. ‘Not Yet Finished’

8. “Could you maybe calm down?”
I just really love this fic and I’m not sure how to explain why? We’re kinda getting into the fics that haven’t been updated in awhile. But its still a nice read. ‘Not Yet Finished’

9. “Dear Evan Hansen Drabbels”
Little shorts written by @neglectedrainbow who by the way also wrote the first fic. A good writer I really look up to them. Good little shorts.

10. “The Tree ‘Accident’”
My own DEH fic. Its a very short fic, each chapter is short. Second DEH fic I had ever written so its really not even the best fic ever. But I think its still a good read if you want something small.

And there you go, ten good fics to get into or just to read in one day while sic. Hope this helped dear lime.

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Yes it does. I loooove older ignis. And it suits younger noct’s rebellious side to want to bang a guy who is ten years older. And hot. I can see them falling into this sweet, slowburn thing where ignis is unsure and noct is inexperienced, but they want each other and don’t know how to stop ��  …plus younger prompto who is totally into gladio’s hobbies (romance novels and ingredient hunting) but pretty oblivious to gladio hitting on him all the time.   He is a really innocent flirt, and Gladio eats it up. Finds out Prom is a virgin and takes it upon himself to remedy that.


 trying and failing, noct’s job probably involves far too much bending over for ignis’s willpower to withstand


@iamwhoremoans (I cannot tag you) Igbis is probably happy and angry at the same time about his bad sight righ there - on the one hand, he’d like to see dat ass in all its glory and detail, on the other hand he might have to close his bar then, because he wouldn’t do anything else all day.  @lhugbereth Gladio introducin Prompto to all sorts of super domestic activities *melts* Shows him all his potted plants and explains how difficult some are to take care of; excitedly tells him about all the magazines he cuts out recipes for Iggy to fancy up (but never the cakes, they always do them wrong), Prompto wanting nothing more than to move in with him asap and be a couple in disgustingly amounts of domestic bliss

*thumbs up emoji* Yes, you’re all here, with me, in Iggy’s bar (That I not at all lowkey want to be named Regalia. Just feels right.) Slow burn Ignoct? Perfection. Ignis spends a lot of time sorting everyone else out, keeping everything running smoothly, and looking after others (I’ve decided Prompto lives with Ignis, renting out (but not really renting because Ignis never seems to accept his money) his guest bedroom/the apartment above the bar or something, because when at some point he had nowhere else to go.) and he’s very unsure about Noctis but can’t seem to keep him from working his way deeper and deeper into his life, and under his skin. (or from admiring Noctis’…assets.) They fall in love slowly, but at the same time it seems sudden. 

Teenage rebellion Noctis. Leaves home to piss off his dad and learn to be a grown up, ends up with a boyfriend ten years (or so) older than he is. …so, you know, pissed off dad achieved. 

And lord knows I’m always here for some Promptio, especially adorable domestic promptio. Gardening and recipe finding and quiet nights on the couch, afternoons spent getting on Ignis’ nerves, falling asleep together at night. And it’s all the things Prompto has never had or thought he would have and he falls hard and fast. And Gladio has been working his way to being disgustingly smitten since Prompto started working at the bar and by the time he gets him he’s just…gone. 

*nods* Good stuff. 

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thinking about early-on-Amiliam made me wonder: was the gala the first time Felicity learned about Amelia being more than Moira's "protegé"? because for me, those early years are so closely associated with the camping trip (probably more than it is for Will lol) and I was just wondering what exactly Oliver told her about that. also: does is ever come up between Maggie and Amelia AFTER the brunch? thank you so much for your work!

This isn’t exactly an answer to what you asked, but your question totally prompted it. (Also, you’ll eventually see Maggie and Amelia talking about Will, but that’s a ways off.)

August 2032

“Nathaniel! What do you think you are doing?”

Ten-year-old Nate freezes stock still, a plate of cinnamon rolls his dad baked yesterday in one hand. “Um… Having a snack?” he asks sheepishly. His mother is not amused.

“Dinner is in like half an hour, young man. And despite your best impersonation, you are not a bottomless pit,” she informs him. “Put it back.”

“Mom,” he whines. It does no good at all, earning him a harder stare and unrelenting raised eyebrows instead.

“You ate so much sugar last night that you made yourself sick, Nate,” she points out.

“It was worth it,” Nate tells her immediately. And it had been. Not just because cotton candy is his absolute favorite, but because spending time with Will is kind of awesome, even if the rides he they could do together at the fair were limited with him having to mind Bethy. But at least they’d run into one of the guys Will works with near the roller coaster and he’d volunteered to hold Bethy so Will could do one of the big rides with Nate. That was so cool. Even if he’d thrown up all over the ground the moment they’d gotten off.

“Well, I’m glad you had a good time with your brother,” his mom acknowledges.

“Yeah, Will’s awesome,” Nate agrees. ‘Awesome’ is his new favorite word lately, but it totally fits this time. “It would’ve been even cooler if Amelia could have come, too, though. Can I have a banana?”

“Can you…” his mom starts before her voice trails off and she blinks at him. “No, you can wait for dinner. Who’s Amelia?”

“Oh! She works for grandma,” Nate says excitedly, momentarily forgetting about his craving for a snack. “I told you about her the other day. She’s the best. She’s so good at her job and she’s really nice to me and she never makes me feel like I’m just a little kid that shouldn’t be there. She lets me be helpful.” Nate sort of adores Amelia for that. A lot of people seem like they’re ready to pat him on the head and tell him to let the grown-ups work. Not Amelia. He wonders if maybe she knows what that feels like.

“Nate…” his mom says slowly. Her grin is huge - large enough that it’s slightly frightening and leaves Nate looking around the room wondering what he’s missing. “Is this Amelia… pretty?”

“Well… sure, I guess,” Nate says. What a weird question.

“And you really like working with her, huh?” His mom’s smile is really strange. It makes no sense at all, so Nate stops trying to interpret it and just answers the question instead.

“Sure…” he agrees slowly.

“Honey,” his mom huffs, shaking her head at him. “Do you like this Amelia?”

“Yeah, she’s really great,” Nate replies. It’s said slowly, because Nate is starting to wonder if maybe his mom has gone a little crazy or something.

“No, sweetheart,” she sighs. “I mean like her. Like… have a bit of a crush on her.”

Oh!” Nate exclaims, eyebrows shooting up over the top of his glasses in surprise as he tries - and fails - to fight down the blush rushing to his cheeks. “No that’s… no.” There’s a nervous laugh. He doesn’t. He definitely does not have a crush on Amelia. She’s like Will’s age, which is super old, and also Nate pretty much thinks girls are a distraction right now. But she is pretty and she’s nice and he can totally see where the question is coming from, which is embarrassing on its own. “I’m ten mom.”

“Okay, Nate. If you say so,” his mom smiles. She looks far too self-satisfied in this moment as she moves to grab a glass and fill it with water.

“I really don’t,” he repeats. “I just like that she is nice to me. And, anyhow, there’s something going on with her and Will.”

His mom’s water glass stops halfway to her mouth. “Your brother has something going on with a woman who works for your grandmother?” she asks after a beat.

“Maybe?” Nate questions, shrugging. “What do I know? I’m ten.”

“Your brother is…” his mom starts before cutting herself off and clearly thinking through what she wants to say. “He’s very charming. And he likes pretty girls. But that doesn’t even mean he knows this Amelia.”

“Oh, he does,” Nate replies, nodding with certainty. “They met years ago when he and dad and I went camping. Remember when Will came home and said he decided to be a firefighter? He met her that trip.”

His mom sets her glass down on the counter and looks at him incredulously. “Two years ago? You’re telling me your brother has paid attention to the same girl for two years?”

“Well… no,” Nate says, his brow furrowing in confusion. “I don’t think they spend time together or anything. But, he definitely wants to. He tried to get her to go with us to the fair. He offered her a piggyback ride and said he’d win her a stuffed animal and everything! I think she wanted to say yes, but she didn’t.”

“…Huh,” his mom says, quirking her head to the side like she does when she’s trying to sort through a particularly difficult piece of coding. 

“Yeah,” Nate says with a one-shouldered shrug. “I don’t get it, either. Who turns down going to the fair? The fair is fun. I don’t think Will got it either, because he kept looking around like he was hoping to see her, but she never showed up. He won her a stuffed animal anyhow, though. I’m supposed to put it on her desk next time I go in.”

The surprise on his mom’s face is undeniable. “Nate…” she ventures slowly. “I think I’m going to need you to tell me everything you know about this Amelia.”

“Now?” Nate asks, casting a glance toward the back yard where his dad is nearly done with the grill.

But his mom just nods and there’s nothing negotiable about it at all when she replies “Absolutely.”

An Aries views on each sign
  • Aries: yass bitch. We have so much fun, you're all cool af. Our stubbornness is what gets us through life.
  • Taurus: how are you almost as stubborn as me but you're so level headed?
  • Gemini: i love hanging out with Gemini's! you're almost hypnotizing with your amazing mind. But i would like it very much if you wouldn't change it every two seconds or tell me what to do. You don't know everything.
  • Cancer: you're hot af. You may be a little too emotional but you are some of the nicest people i know. Plus you have the biggest heart. Don't let things get you down so easily!
  • Leo: you're cocky but in an adorable way & it makes me smile. And you're all little rays of sunshine haha
  • Virgo: im kind of indifferent about most of you. Easy to get a long with but just very different from me.
  • Libra: you seem nice at first but you come off fake. You're also kind of all over the place. Plus you need to take a stand for yourself sometimes.
  • Sagittarius: you're incredibly sweet & the way you talk about the future gives me hope. You never fail to cheer me up or make me feel good. But sometimes you are blind to other people's feelings. And sometimes you're not right.
  • Capricorn: I can only take so much of your rules and order until i feel like im suffocating. But, you are pretty easy to talk to & ive never met an ugly capricorn.
  • Aquarius: I love you but stop shutting down. You are so laid back and I would totally want more friends like you. Keep being cool (;!
  • Pisces: you are worth way more than you think & it's almost frustrating for me. You're a good friend but sometimes you can be a loud mouth. But its never on purpose. Plus you go out of your way for anybody.

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isaac that kirishima art looks kinda racist, you made a light-skinned character dark-skinned and then portrayed him shirtless in a way that looks pretty "animalistic" ... can you please be more careful with how you portray dark-skinned characters

hi anon, thanks for your message. i gave a lot of thought before drawing kirishima as half black & went with it because he’s a very positive, kind, & sensitive character whos pretty much universally loved. i see where your criticism is coming from though (that drawing was a screencap redraw from a moment in 134 where im extra proud of him so i totally failed to realize how it read when isolated). i hope my intention comes through.

i’m sorry i drew something insensitive and appreciate you telling me. if you wouldnt mind would you please let me know if you think its wrong to depict this character as mixed, period, or if it was just the drawing that left a bad taste? anyone can reply but obviously preferred opinions from black ppl on this. thanks again.

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First of all I don't think anybody minded that you wrote that instead of a new part cause you're a goddamn good writer. Secondly, awwwww Cas read books about the baby. I'm all about Cas /reader bromance

I’m really appreciative of the feedback that I’ve gotten! I still feel bad about slacking on the updates. This week is a pretty slow one for me, but sometimes it’s just nice to work on something different for a change. But thank you so much! That means a lot to me. And I know, right?? The reader and Cas are gonna be super close with future seasons. I could totally picture Cas just reading up on everything there is to know about babies and try his hardest to help take care of her during the pregnancy. But then failing miserably when she finally does give birth. I mean, there’s a little human with a red face and screaming its head off. And holding the newborn would be another challenge on its own. He’s gonna be adorably clueless, but I’m sure she would teach him everything he needs to know! 

And I’ve offically become way too obsessed with this rewrite… 

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I laughed so much at Gigi wearing that way to big for her blue Louis Vuitton camo jacket today, pretending she's borrowing Zayn's jacket because if you look at the pattern it's obvious it's not the exact same jacket! Look around the zipper for example and take notice of where the white colour blotches are and it's undisputed the two jackets are not the same one. Ha!

Nonnie, you should work for CSI! Nice catch. I hadn’t looked closely enough but you’re right. It’s not even the same jacket at all. Totally different pattern LOL. Not that we needed it to convince ourselves that Zigi is extra strength fake, but it speaks more to how much they want everybody to believe they’re legit.

Here’s the jacket in question on both:

And if you look closer:

It seems pretty obvious now looking at them even from afar that it’s a completely different pattern like you said. Clearly, it’s super important to them to try to fool us into thinking they share clothes cuz they’re so in love and shit. 

Once again we say:

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i dropped out of school for a couple years and was lost in my addiction. i'm starting school again for the spring semester in 2 months. what supplies should i buy to prepare myself for the semester??

okAY i got u~

  • pens = i personally love the bic cristal xtra smooth ballpoint pens for everyday writing (they’re really cheap and smooth and last forever) but basically just pic up a pack whatever pens you want to write w/ all the time! I’d recommend getting at least a blue, black, and red one
  • pencils + eraser = not mandatory (especially if you’re not doing maths/art subjects) but if you are planning on getting one I’d get a mechanical pencil to save the mess
  • folders w loose leaf OR notebooks = link to a question on this that i’ve answered before
  • some kind of organiser = whether you want to go with a bullet journal or a diary or a paper/phone calendar or printables just make sure you have a way of keeping track of everything! Don’t just rely on you memory because it can fail at the best of times ahaha
  • ? device = depending on your course it might be handy to bring a tablet / laptop with you but its optional

That’s pretty much the essentials!! I mean you could totally splurge on rulers/fineliners/markers/tabs etc too but if you don’t need to / can’t then don’t worry about it :D hope this helps! xxx