then it somehow ended up all about them

even more aus for your otps
  • i’m cold, wet, and homeless. you work at a fast food restaurant across the street and one day, you decide to toss a burger at me. eventually, you help me get back on my feet by cleaning me up and getting me a job at said fast food restaurant.
  • your mom and my dad are getting married and we don’t like that so we’re plotting to break them up. but later on, we realize that we really like each other ?!
  • i’m a writer, you’re a poet. we’re in the same literature class and we continuously argue about symbolism because we always see the works differently.
  • you’re a long-time substitute teacher and i’m the teacher across the hall that feels really bad for you, because you’re new at this and all the kids hate you. somehow we ended up being drinking buddies.
  • in time au: you saved my life by giving me one hour of your time, so now i’m forever indebted to you.
  • sky high au: our powers work so well together but we hate each other.
  • i’m a new employee at starbucks and you’re always coming in here with these long orders of triple shots whatevers, and that’s kind of annoying so i purposely misspell your name every time.
  • we’re best friends with the same person and we kinda don’t like each other because of that but we’re forced to get along because of said best friend.
  • you’re a grim reaper and i’m a guardian angel. we’re assigned to the same human and you keep insisting that their time is up when i’m telling you it’s not.
  • i’m part of the mafia and you’re really spiritual and traditional. by fate, you saved my life, so now you have a mafia member for a bodyguard.
  • we’re the epitome of cliches. meeting at a cafe, miscommunications, the whole sha-bang. and we hate it but we can’t seem to break out of it.

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Praise kink headcanon? Please please please tell me more :D (Hiii)

I apologize for doing more meta than headcanon here, but one of the words that’s firmly associated with Kagami and Kuroko’s relationship (romantic or platonic) in my mind is “cherish”.

A lot of what they canonically do in terms of checking to see where the other is at, waiting for them when they’re lagging behind, calling the other out when he’s about to do something that’ll end up hurting himself somehow, sharing stuff like drinks or towels or jackets before the other is even asking for it, all of that falls under cherishing each other. They’re all gestures that say “I’m conscious of you” or “I’m glad for you.”

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So, by the new filming shots, since we're apparently (assuming this isn't some sort of flash forward) not in for some long seperation like everyone was speculating, and Emma and Killian seem to be as touchy/close as ever, do you think, upon their reunion (assuming Emma was indeed sent to the EF), we'll get them talking about her telling him she loves him? Maybe him saying it back?

LOL - i actually said a while ago that it would be interesting if they filmed the season so that the season began with the end of the story - when Emma was fully dark and about to be saved…and that the “flashbacks” were all the bits leading up to those moments.

but i doubt OUAT would go that route.  my guess is that someone tries to use the dagger to summon Emma and somehow the two worlds “merge”.  the cast talked at comic con about not fully understanding how the dagger works - which I thought was strange since several of the characters have wielded it already.  initially i assumed that maybe using it caused pain and suffering for the Dark One but now I think it’s more an issue of the rules of the dagger are complicated across realms.

the reunion with Emma and Hook - i am surprise we will see it in the very first episode! but i don’t think there will be a conversation about their conversation - it’s really not Hook and Emma’s style and the writers don’t ever seem to give characters scenes in which they talk about major events that have happened - it’s always onward with the plot.  and with everything that seems to be going on in those BTS i expect this time will be the same.

as far as Hook telling Emma he loves her…I’m really not too hung up on that.  he’s said it countless times to her - she knows, and he knows she knows.  i do think we will get those words from him to her but i could see the writers handling it in a joking way - like him saying “now that i know you love me too…” 

but it’s entirely possible (and LIKELY) that we won’t hear those words come from Hook until another climactic moment - like a TLK moment.  the writers were careful to have Hook never speak those words on screen yet - he didn’t say it when Milah died and he didn’t say it when Emma told him.  this was all intentional.  so it’s possible the writers will withhold it from us until a point in the story where it will have the most emotional punch (like Emma is dying or he is).  and i’m OK with this - as I’ve said before Hook has made it abundantly clear that he loves Emma - the TLK attempt, telling her that she’s his Happy Ending…Emma KNOWS.

but i could be wrong and it’s possible we get a sweet scene in which the first words Hook speaks to Emma are “I love you too”.

it kinda bugs the hell out of me that basically all the support I can find online for adult survivors of child emotional abuse and neglect is for the children of narcissists


iunno it kinda feels like generally narcissists come from money and we for sure did not. it feels like the sort of thing you can only have if you didn’t grow up on state assistance with everyone telling you that you’re too poor to like yourself

I mean, there’s other cues, but more often than not when I am reading resources for survivors my thought is “yeah we were too poor to be that kind of messed up tbh”

and there’s some support for children of parents with BPD, but most of that seems to be viciously ableist. I have limited sympathy for abusers, but attacking them for their illness is bullshit (and makes me nervous cuz it’s not like I’m neurotypical either) and little time is spent discussing how to deal constructively with it and to be honest I’m not sure it’s even appropriate to assume BPD is the issue in the case of my mother or grandmother considering how it’s used as a catchall for so many behaviors

also (sorta unrelated but while I’m venting I might as well) I find I’m most comfortable in the queer community when it comes to my lack of contact with my family, except when it comes to reasons - my folks were always supportive of my sexual orientation, it was never even an issue. what’s an issue is the years of emotional abuse, and emotional and physical neglect, and the gaps I see in my personality and behavior every day, and that there’s just no way to ever be ok with my mom

and usually that bit isn’t common ground and people start to make that face that people make when you tell them something dark and awful and they wish you hadn’t but they asked and now they know they have to sit and listen and pretend they wouldn’t gnaw a limb off to escape if it were socially acceptable so you cut the story short and leave the worst bits, the bits you actually still need help with, you leave those out and then you never bring it up again

and everyone who hasn’t lived through what you’ve lived through makes that same face.

even though it makes no logical sense at all, i want portal 3 to be about doug rattmann and wheatley (who SOMEHOW ends up on earth and back to aperture i dont KNOW) trying to escape from aperture together so that they can find chell and apologize for what theyve done and they have lots of hilarious banter and glados is trying to kill them bc theyre like the two people that she hates the MOST and this makes no sense but i live for this

Personal #1

so today I talked with the women I am staying here in Barcelona about my love for One Direction and we somehow ended up talking about sexuality so I told her that in USA I fell in love with a girl for the first time and everything just made sense from that point and first that she said was BUT YOU LOVE ONE DIRECTION, how can you be a lesbian? Like, I love them, as people, how they are all beautiful inside, their voices, I don’t want their dick up in my face.. Is it so hard to understand that?

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So I've never dated anyone before (I'm 18) but I really feel like I'm Pansexual... Could I still consider myself Pans even though I've never been with anyone to know?

Of course you can!
And even if you find yourself not attracted to a gender in particular, it’s okay to reconsider your sexuality!

Some people are super straight and then one day end up dating a person of the same gender because it’s the one and other people who thought they were attracted to multiple genders one day wake up to realise they’re actually not attracted to some of them!
If some people that are attracted to men and women somehow date only one gender during their whole life, that doesn’t make them less bisexual, it’s just they’re not finding the right person in the other gender even though they’re potentially attracted to them!
Orientations are all about potential that sometimes get concrete.

You’re young, so not only is your sexuality something you can explore a lot, but it’s also something that can fluctuate! You don’t have to force yourself to date people if you don’t want to, just let life happen and… you’ll know! :D

Remus and Sirius doing really couplely things before they even think about dating to the extent that James and Peter tease them. 

And it all just happens in the inifrmary one day after a moon, and Sirius fell asleep next to Remus and somehow they ended up clinging to each other at night. 

And they wake up and just banter to each other like.

‘Let go of me Black.’

‘Nah, your comfy.’

‘I’m practically on top of you.’

And then Sirius just pulled Remus fully up onto him and locks his arms around his waist so he can’t move. Remus threatening to move but doesn’t even budge and slowly he shifts and they are both kissing suddenly. 

And James and Peter walk in and they start shooting little fire works from their wands like; FINALLY!! 

Much to Remus’ embarrassment and Sirius horrified joy. They both had to admit it was the best kiss of their lives though.

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I smell HyuuIzu three legged race partners, tell me more

you smell correctly!

here’s the lowdown on all the Seirin partners + extra emphasis on the HyuuIzu for you:

first of all, Riko chews everyone out for their terrible taste in partners and then reorders them so they’re all running with people closer to their own heights.  Kuroko is secretly relieved.  every single Seirin pair is grateful for it in the end when they see what happened during Takao and Midorima’s incredibly misguided attempt as a team.

Kuroko and Furihata - they’re not very fast but at least they can coordinate which leg they want to move.  somehow they end up coming in second out of all the Seirin pairs.  they’re more surprised about this than anyone.

Kagami and Kiyoshi - they got matched up because of their height and you’d think that they’d be okay because they’re both very athletic but it turns out that Kagami can’t keep his steps matched to Kiyoshi’s at all.  they fall over so many times.

Hyuuga and Izuki - they win the stupid race because Hyuuga goes into clutch time and Izuki gets serious.  they link arms and power their way across the field and get so excited when they win that one of them jumps into the air and they fall over into a heap.  they don’t even bother to undo the ties, they just sit up and Hyuuga leans on Izuki’s shoulder and shouts insults at the rest of his teammates for being so slow.  the two of them are so proud of their victory that it’s a full half hour before someone can convince them that they can’t actually do the rest of the field day as a team.  (”no, you can’t get extra points for doing other events with your legs tied together, stop asking.”)

Mitobe and Tsuchida - they’re slow and steady and Koganei jogs along next to them and shouts “outside, inside, outside, inside” in order to keep them in time.  they don’t fall over once and Kagami swears Mitobe makes a face when they pass him and Kiyoshi from where the two of them are on the ground.

Fukuda and Kawahara - they’re left to run together because Koganei insisted that they partner up instead of one of them running with him, and they don’t do so bad.  they try a weird skipping method that Fukuda swears up and down is easier, but they still can’t beat the Kuro and Furi combination.


So I had the strangest, yet simultaneously the best, dream ever! For whatever reason I was at a movie theatre and there was a live performance and Anna Kendrick was part of the cast (along with some other pitch girls) but anyway, so I was sitting front row and Anna came up and like performed literally right in front of me and was basically touching me. And then after the show me and some friends were meeting the cast and they asked us to all hang out and so I’m freaking out about meeting Anna and I hid 🙈 my friends came to find me and were all “she’s so nice! Omg!” So I go with them, and she was like “there you are! I wanted to see you” and winked at me and I melted. Somehow a few of us ended up in a back room and were drinking and Anna and I started kissing which progressed to a hot and heavy make out session with cuddling. Then next day I saw her and was super embarrassed so I apologized and was like “I’m really sorry for last night, I shouldn’t have done that. I just think you’re a perfect human being and I couldn’t help myself” and she said “it’s okay, I like you too.” And winked at me again. So basically I’m now dating Anna Kendrick in my dreams…literally

Ugghfgjfsh I should probably elaborate now that I reread myself: when I said “controversial headcanons”, I meant bascially like, harmless headcanons that (often) minorities make to feel closer to a character that somehow almost always manage to piss someone off for having the audacity to be a minority headcanon. 

I don’t mean stuff that would actually be controversial like… jesus, I dunno. Y’all have seen screenshots of deviantart pages where they draw anime and sonic the hedgehog characters doing the nazi salute and shit like 100% unironically?

Yeah no I mean they’re “controversial” because the people who disagree with them usually end up kicking up a huge shitstorm about it, not because they would ever actually be offensive or harmful in any way

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no joke I literally had a stalker all during middle school. it all started on the second day of seventh grade during Spanish class and we were moving around the class so when I got back to my seat I found a note on my desk that said “I love you cece” and first of all he spelled my name wrong and second of all i was like wtf???? but yeah somehow I found out it ended up being this really fuckin creepy fuckface of a kid and he constantly wrote me notes and love letters and always stared at me and he was just really fucking weird and he’d always call me a bitch because i didn’t like him back but then?? he’d try to make up for it by writing more creepy letters and having my classmates give them to me??? so like by the end of the year the entire 7th grade knew about the dude’s interest in me and they always made fun of me for it and the kid fucking encouraged them and like yeah then eighth grade rolled around and people were encouraging him to write me really creepy love letters again and I really didn’t want to deal with another year of that kid and his fucking bullshit so I went to the social worker and gave her all the love notes I’d been saving of his and she was like wtf these are so weird??? and I was like ikr!!!!! so yeah the principal and social worker had a talk with him and he stopped writing me notes but he’d always glare at me at shit and call me a bitch to impress his ONE ONLY fucking disgusting friend and he’d always talk about my butt so I had to go to the counselor again because he wouldn’t leave me alone and keep in mind this kid is the type of person who’d shoot up the fucking school if you looked at him the wrong way so I was really starting to get freaked out and yeah. so. then freshman year rolled around and luckily I didn’t have any classes with him this time but holy shit I will never forget that creepy fucking dickhole asshole stalker

Percabeth Awkward Couple AU

Percy first noticed Annabeth half way through seventh grade when she corrected him on his grammar in his science class

He thought that she was adorable with her golden curls in a pony tail and her cute little nose

She noticed him a year before that in their gym class when he’s the only one that beat her at the mile

He was two inches shorter than her, but somehow he could sprint the whole damn thing

At the end of eighth grade they got partnered up in Latin to do a project on the gods and they become fast friends

Over the summer they keep in touch and text each other all the time

While Percy’s at the beach he’s thinking about Annabeth being there with him

Annabeth lying in bed at night thinking about his lips and how they would feel against hers

Both of them coming back in September and deciding to start dating

They are constantly together, but can barely talk because they’re so totally awkward

Percy and Annabeth holding hands and both of them freaking out inside

Annabeth leaning her head on Percy and feeling like her world is finally complete

Percy and Annabeth finally getting over their awkwardness and being together, happy and comfortable

also I somehow ended up at the waiting room at the same time as like six little kids??? which is sensory hell for me, especially because I’m so tired and drained and every stimulus feels like an electric shock. but like. then all these kids - ranging from maybe six to eight years old - ended up bonding over minecraft. which was kind of cute. they were talking about which minecraft youtubers they watched and one of them was like “I watch all the youtubers” and I was sitting there like I don’t think that’s possible but okay. and they were talking about how they play it on their ipods and tablets and laptops and I was wondering if they were really theirs or their parents and I wondered if that was a thing now because I didn’t even have a cellphone until I was 18 but I guess times are already pretty different and I was a late start and I guess I did get a (hand-me-down) laptop when I was in high school and also my mom didn’t get a dvd player until a couple years before I graduated. so maybe it’s not that strange? maybe little kids just have tablets and laptops and ipods now? are those things cheap enough to warrant that? or maybe they were talking about their parents’ things.

ANYWAY they all wanted to be able to play together (which, again, was pretty cute if I’m gonna be real) and so one of them went up and asked for the wifi password. and I was gonna be like “shit outta luck” to the kid because when I asked for the password I was told they couldn’t give that out but like randomly talking to strangers’ children is probably creepy and I didn’t want to be creepy. and this kid went up to the front desk and asked for the wifi password and the receptionist just like gave it to them!!! what the heck???? I am an adult and I can’t have the password but this seven-year-old can????

but I listened in so now I know the wifi password.

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Angsty monologue from Kuroo and Daichi after their beloved tells them that they've fallen out of love? I hope that makes sense ;7; your writing is lovely

|| Oh god I’m sorry if this ends up all “Your Lie on April’ style, but omg can I just say how much I love Kousei’s lines about Kaori? ;w; Okay, okay, moving on to the real thing now! I’m honestly horrible with monologues, but I hope you guys like it though. ;u; ||

Daichi: “Somehow it was all too tempting to pretend the words you’ve said were all just from a nightmare. From a cruel and twisted dream manifested by my insecurities and doubts. …But I know that the situation was no dream; just a painful reality I need to face now. Left petrified by your words, like a winter freezing my entire being, I found myself unable to speak and devastated with no clue how to win you back. But then again… if this is truly what you want, then I don’t really have a choice. I can’t force my feelings for you, or at least I won’t choose to do so.”

Kuroo: “Maybe in a way I saw this coming, but I was hoping that it would have taken place later, when both of us were mutually feeling tired of the other. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to be the case. You distancing yourself from me should’ve been the warning, but I denied it all. Could I win you back? If I could, I would, but with the things going on between us… I doubt that we can get back to how things used to used to be. As much as it hurts, I might have to let you go. After all, there’s no use restraining you. I don’t want you to feel caged, even if I do want you by my side.”

So I had a dream last night

We were farming an ultra dungeon. I think it was krokopatra. Somehow I ended up dying so I fled and like immediately ported back with like 40 health. The round I was gone, the three people killed everything. They got the chest. I didn’t. I was sitting there moaning and complaining about them not letting me get anything when all of a sudden I got like three of the whirlwinds and like five mega snacks. Out of nowhere. As though I’d touched the chest. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but they appeared over my head like they do on drops and stuff so I got really really excited and I think that’s when I woke myself up lmao

I am not dead.

Clair lives! Though very, very angrily.

I have been absent from Tumblr for so long. So, so long. I have missed each and every one of you beautiful people. But this summer has quickly progressed to hell and I surge from it to let you know I am okay!

Alright, so that may have been a tad dramatic. But between Mom and Dad keeping me on a shorter and shorter leash each day, I feel like I am about to snap. Sometimes I understand where they’re coming from, other times…I want to rip my hair out. This summer I have refrained from pulling many hairs from my head.

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what are some of your silliest da/me headcannons?

Okay one that I thought about quite a bit today:

Shepard, Ash, and Kaidan are the best of friends during the SR-1 days, and whenever they have a night off, they go to a bar and have a bunch of drinks. They’re belligerent, often with Shepard aggressively flirting with the Lieutenant, and Ashley making fun of them.

However, since they’re all noisy and ridiculous and don’t want to wake the rest of them, they all pile into Shepard’s cabin and sleep in there for the night. They try to share the bed but, somehow Ash always ends up on the floor or couch, and Shepard and Kaidan kind of unconsciously and drunkenly cuddle.

Stray Cat Rock Watches EVA Part 12: The Big Brain Am Winning Again!!!

Here we have another instance where my decision to group episodes together based on how much I have to say about them works better than I could have ever hoped, Episodes 22, 23 and 24 all have nearly the exact same thematic turning point. All three episodes feature one of the three leads getting assaulted by an Angel whose modus operandi ends up somehow spilling the guts of their internal trauma.

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Okay, okay. How about Timothy is jumpstyle dancing all by himself. He turns around and sees people have been watching him. Some of the other vault hunters. He gets nervous and tries to explain himself but Claptrap totally joins in with him to the Best of his ability and so do the others. Some of them at least. He also still somehow ends up on a jump pad. Dont know how or why but he does. It’s a curse.