then it somehow ended up all about them

Peridot takes a breather and finally starts to adapt to her circumstances.


Log Date 7 16 2

32 rotations
32 nights
To think about where I’ve come
What I’ve done

A major relocation
A major fight
Made this giant mess
All this stress

One truce agreement
One leap of faith
That I’ll somehow survive
Till they arrive

Surprising treatment
Surprising fate
That those clods would care
How I fare

Log Date 7 20 2

A million questions
Million tests
To see who they can do
What is true

Traitorous obsession
Traitorous end
To rise up against
That which was perfect

Countless enemies
Countless deaths
Until we push them back
Or we crack
Throughout the centuries
Throughout this breath
I’m someone I was not
Who I fought

Log Date 7 23 2

4 dependable allies
4 dependable gems
Making me feel tall
Through it all

Peculiar standby’s
Peculiar…. friends
To lighten the mood
Always soothing

To know
Wherever I go
I’ll make countless foes
But at least I’ll have something to show
And if I fall
I know I can find the gall
To not let my heart build a wall

Because organic life is beautiful
And I know now that my chest is full
Of different kind of life
Not the one that keep you moving
But the one that keeps improving
When you choose not to survive
But to thrive

39 rotations
39 nights
To think about where I’ve come
What I’ve done

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I was an Air Traffic Controller at Atlantic Municipal Airport, Iowa for 27 years. My first year at the job, I unwillingly went from a firm atheist to a believer.

My uncle and aunt came to visit me here in Atlanta. We got to talking about all sorts of general things, you know how family is, but we somehow ended up on the topic of strange/supernatural. This is when my uncle started telling me his story, a story that he says will haunt him all the way to his grave. I stopped him two minutes into it and got my laptop.

These are his memories, almost word for word.
Forgive the non-traditional writing.

Are you typing? You are? Ok, ok… And your friends on the internet will read this? Ha, alright, but warn them that these are just old man’s memories… Ok, so back to the beginning.

So I graduated from Fordham in 1974 and I still had no idea what to do. Times were different then – we were able to find jobs easily, Jesus, I remember companies practically begging us to work for them. But I didn’t want to do some shitty desk job for the rest of my life. So I waited. Then one day, while flying to visit your aunt on Thanksgiving, I caught myself being fascinated with the complexity of air traffic systems. That’s all it took. I decided to become an air traffic controller. By the time I turned 27, I had passed all of the necessary tests and have accumulated enough experience to be hired and work without supervision.

Thing with air traffic controllers is that you don’t really get to choose where you’re gonna work in the beginning. Sure, we all wanted to work at JFK or Hartsfield-Jackson, but those jobs just weren’t available to us rookies. So I had to take a job in a bumfuck little town in Iowa called Atlantic. It was literally a single landing strip in a damn cornfield, but I had to pay my dues. And the money was alright.

Now, small airports like these usually only work 8-5, but this particular strip was in such a geographical location that there were a lot of flights going above us at any time, so we needed to stay open until 4am in case of emergency landing. By staying open, I mean I had to sit in the control tower, and there was one security guy sleeping in the airport’s only terminal.

It wasn’t that bad, really, I’d bring my books and crossword puzzles, and I’d spend hours on the phone with your aunt. You know how they say that the air traffic controller is the most stressful job in the world? Well, I was bored 99% of time, and that 1% was guiding small Cesnas into my cornfield airport.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, about 3 months into my job, something started happening. Something that even today I can’t really… I’ll save you the talk about the supernatural, but what happened at that airport just ain’t right.

February 20th, 1979, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was your regular winter night in Iowa –winds and freezing cold, but no snow. I was spposed to work until close, although we didn’t have any flights scheduled.

Around 1am, I received radio message from a small Cesna about 30 miles from the airport. They were having really bad snow storm up in Omaha and needed to land here in Atlantic. I guess being open late was justified, after all. I got my binoculars out, verified the visibility and started guiding the aircraft. Though it was really windy out there, they managed to touch down. I looked through the binoculars to verify the landing went ok, and that’s when I saw her for the first time.

Just walking down the runway as if it were a normal street was this… woman? Shit, I don’t know. Now, there were about 100 things wrong with this situation. First, the woman was wearing some sort of short summer dress, or a night gown, and she was barefoot, believe it or not. Normal person would be cold dressed like that during the summer, let alone our winter. And then, you had to wonder what in the world was this person doing walking down the active runway, and how the hell did she get there to begin with?

“Flight 84, this is Alex from Air Traffic Control, do you happen to see a woman walking down the runway towards you?” I asked the pilot who had just landed.
“Huh, let me check.” The pilot answered.

Still watching through binoculars, I saw him open the door of the plane, then get out. He started walking towards the woman. Not going to lie, at that point I was having a lot of fun. Not much happened in Atlantic, Iowa and this certainly was entertaining. I couldn’t wait to hear her story. My bet was that she got in a car accident near the airport.

Well… The pilot walked up to her and I could make it that he was saying something. I saw (still through the binoculars) her lean to his ear and almost… whisper something to him. He just stood there for a good 10 seconds with neither of them moving. She was still leaned close to his ear. Then he snapped out of it, I guess, turned around, and literally sprinted to the plane. When I saw the propellers starting to rotate, I jumped on my radio.

“Flight 84, what are you doing?”
No answer.
“Flight 84, I repeat, what is happening?”
Nothing. Then, the plane started moving, speeding up.
“Flight 84, you do NOT have permission to take off, I repeat, you are NOT cleared for takeoff!”

But there was no answer. That damn Cesna kept speeding up and then took off. Nothing I could do really, besides making sure that no other planes were above us at the time.
I tried one more time.

“Flight 84, this is Air Traffic Control… what the hell is happening?”
And then my radio started making white noise.
“nu…un…n… u…” was all I could hear coming from the radio.
“Flight 84, please repeat, you’re breaking up.”
“What a night,” I thought.
Radio started transmitting again.
“un… UN…RUN. RUN. RUN.”
“Flight 84, did you say “run”? Please repeat yourself.”

But nothing else came from out of that damn radio. The plane was long gone.
I sank into my chair trying to decipher what in the fuck just happened, pardon my French. Run? From what? What the hell… And then it dawned on me. The woman.

I grabbed the binoculars.

She was looking straight at me. Good 200 yards away, at night, she was somehow looking straight at me, eyes open so wide, it’s hard to explain what she looked like. I guess, you know how when someone is super surprised, their eyes widen? Like when you startle someone and their eyes just get so wide, some sort of defense mechanism, I susppose? That’s how she was looking. Straight at me.
“What in the world…” I mumbled.

At that moment, she started running towards my tower. Like not jogging, but really running. Still looking straight at me. I swear to you, goosebumps ran all over me like 10,000 cold ants.

You know I’m not the one to get scared, shit, I spent 6 years in Vietnam. But something about this situation, something about that pilot telling me to run and this…woman running towards me, something seemed so wrong.

“Joe, are you there? Joe?” I blurted into the radio. Joe was our night security guard. He didn’t answer.
Shit… I looked through the window just in time to see the woman run into my tower. I heard the door downstairs slam open.

I honestly didn’t know what to do. This wasn’t a rational situation, you know? If it were some sort of terrorist, or whatever, I’d know what needs to be done. But this… Was this situation malicious? It was certainly strange, and that exact weirdness, that not knowing what is happening is what made me run into the bathroom and lock the doors. As I turned the lock, I heard the control room doors open.

You know how in your generation’s movies you just hear quiet footsteps of some invader slowly looking for you? And then the shadow shows up under the door? Well, this was the opposite. As soon as those doors opened, chaos began. I tried peeking through the keyhole but all I was able to see is fast shadow running across the room, accompanied by tremendous noise. I swear I was so shocked that at one point I nearly opened the door just to see what is causing all this.

Then, a hard slam into the bathroom door had me nearly fall on the floor. And then, nothing. Silence.

I could lie and pretend I was brave enough to get out of that bathroom soon after, but I wasn’t, I’ll admit it. I stayed in there the whole night, waiting for the morning shift.

Around 7:45am I heard a familiar voice say “What in the fuck…?” It was Clark, the morning shift controller.

I opened the door to see a scene so twisted that even to this day I remember every detail. The control room was nearly totaled. Radios ripped out, papers and manuscripts everywhere, radar screens smashed to pieces.

When the police came, I gave the full report. It took 11 days to repair all the equipment and get the room fully functional. The security guard on duty that night was fired. They even started considering installing security cameras (I know, I know, today that seems like a normal thing to you, but it wasn’t back in the day). Police had no idea what to make of it, they just urged us to report anything suspicious.

I used the 11 day break to sort myself out, and by the end of that forced vacation, I was convinced that all of this was caused by some deranged woman, possibly a mental patient? Whatever made me sleep at night, right?
I came back to work on March 4th. I was a bit worried about working nights again, but I was convinced that whoever did this was far gone by now.
The next month or so was very uneventful, just how I liked it.

Iowa was scheduled to get hit with a big snow storm that day. Most of the flights were grounded, but some were still in the air, and I had to work. I hated it because if we did get hit with heavy snow, I’d probably end up being stranded.
I wish that was the worst thing that happened.

Around 11pm that night, when it was already snowing big time, I received radio message from a small private jet that was some 50 miles away. They were getting caught in heavy winds and the pilots wanted to land on our airport immediately. Now, jets like that would traditionally be too big to land at our strip, but the emergency like this called for overriding of guidelines.

“Flight 676, you are cleared to land, but we have to remain in contact at all times, this strip’s pretty short, do you acknowledge?”
“Sure thing, let’s just put this puppy down, shall we” the pilot said.
It was snowing heavily by that point. Thankfully, we had a cleanup crew deice and clean the runway before they headed home, so it was still in decent condition. Again, back then, we were way more relaxed about the rules. I took a look at the strip to make sure it was clear.

And out of nowhere, just when I forgot about her, she appeared. She was just slowly strolling down the strip, about 100 yards away from the tower. Her bare feet slowly moving across the freezing asphalt.

The worst part about it… She was looking straight at me again. Again with those crazy fucking eyes.

This is when I realized what the most disturbing thing about her was… She wasn’t blinking. I was looking at her for good 2 minutes, winds and snow blasting in her face, and she wasn’t blinking. It was almost as if she didn’t want to lose a fucking millisecond of looking straight at me.
“Oh god…”
“Flight 676, maintain, I repeat, maintain the altitude until further communication.”
“Traffic Control, this is 676, that is a negative, we cannot maintain with head winds like this. We have to land. Are we clear? We are 6 minutes away.”
I couldn’t risk the lives of people up in that plane. I had to land them, despite this… whatever this was walking down the runway.
“Cleared to land 676.”
I put down the radio and looked through the window. She was now some 10 yards away, coming closer to the tower.

Though I shouldn’t under any circumstances leave the control room, I ran down to the first floor and locked the outside door. I knew she was close and I knew she was coming.

When I got back to the room, I heard the radio.
“Control Tower, we are approaching the runway, please advise”
“Rotate 3 degrees right, acknowledge.”
“Copy that, we see the lights now. See you soon!”
I looked up through the window and could see the plane in the distance. There was no trace of the woman on runway. I sighed a breath of relief. I was going to deal with this issue after the jet had safely landed.

At that moment, a loud noise broke through the tower. I didn’t want to believe it, but I was afraid that the first floor door had slammed open. How the hell? I locked it, I know I did. And then, goosebumps overcame me again, almost as if my body could feel something that I couldn’t.

My first instinct was to lock myself in the bathroom again, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t leave the radio.

Footsteps on the metal stairs were getting louder. She… I assumed it was her, wasn’t running at least. But the violent sound of footsteps made me think she was, what, slamming her feet into the ground with every step she made?
“676, this is Traffic Control, I have visual confirmation. Clear to land.”
I heard the control room doors open. This is when I realized just how afraid I was. You know, I’m almost 70 now and am not embarrassed to admit how scared I was at that moment. Matter of fact, I was so scared that I couldn’t even turn around, if you can believe that. I just couldn’t face what was behind me. This was very unusual because I was always composed and rational. Always, whether it was being stuck in a ditch in Vietnamese jungle or being nearly hit by an 18-wheeler on the highway. Always calm. And there I was, staring straight at my radio, unable to turn my head and face it.

I’m sure your friends on the internet will laugh at how I reacted, but I guarantee most of you would behave the same. Your body just doesn’t behave normally when terrified.

“Traffic Control, 30 seconds out, here we go” came from the radio.
I slowly pressed the talk button on the radio, my teeth literally chattering.
“All… all clear” I muttered.
Then I felt a cold breath on my neck.

She was behind me. Breathing slowly into my neck. I could feel the lips move up to my ear. You know when you were a kid and someone was messing behind your back, making faces or bunny ears and you could somehow feel it? I could feel the mouth an inch form my ear, though I couldn’t even see her with the corner of my eye.

I was still nearly paralyzed. I admit, I used to ashamed of my inability to act in this surreal situation. But now when I look at it, no one can tell me they’d react any differently. It just wasn’t earthly situation, you know?

“Come down… to field… come down.” The whisper crawled into my ear.
You’d normally think that hearing a voice would somehow defuse the situation, or at least brush away any thoughts of supernatural, but that voice was so different than anything I’ve ever heard. I’m not a writer, I can’t explain it. It was cold, inhuman even. But what scared me the most was the anger I felt in it. Though she whispered, I could feel the rage. And, I don’t even know how to put it into words, her voice lacked something that every other voice had. I don’t know.

“Touched down! Traffic Control, 676 is on the ground. Hope you have some hot chocolate ready!”

The woman behind me snapped back and I heard what I assumed was running. I forced myself to turn around just in time to her running out, barefoot.
“676… welcome” I made myself say into the radio. Though my legs were still foreign to the rest of my body, I propped myself up and looked through the window. I was expecting to see the woman running out, but she was nowhere to be seen. I thought that she was still in the building.

This time I managed to get the security guy on the radio and he showed up few minutes later. He did a full walkthrough the tower, but no trace of the woman.
I started feeling relieved only when the police showed up. They thoroughly searched the building with no success. They did notice the trace of footsteps coming from the neighboring corn field to the tower, but there were no prints going back.

Imagine my situation at the time, just take a second to think about it. You are the only one to ever see this woman, I’ll call her a woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if the police started thinking that I was hitting the bottle during work. I decided to keep it to myself until I could prove there was this person disrupting (or haunting?) the airport. I couldn’t really quit, and honestly, would you? Probably not. I mean, yes, these were two absolutely surreal experiences, and I did feel some sort of intangible hazard, but I didn’t think my life was ever in danger. I decided to stick with it. Winter was almost over, anyways.
Spring brought more horror than winter ever could.

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Waking up next to Bobby means (special edition!)

hi there! I was wondering if I could request jimin and bobby and waking up after accidentally falling asleep on them? whichever format you like is fine by me^^ thank you!!

A/N: sorry for the delay!!

  • he lowkey watches you sleep on and off all night and he thought about taking pictures but he didn’t wanna be creepy
  • well initially he didn’t think it would be creepy but then jinhwan told him it would be creepy so decided not to
  • when you wake up he pretends like he’s asleep and you immediately shoot up because you’re a little embarrassed
  • because somehow you ended up draped all over him when you slept
  • which of course he loved
  • but you have to disentangle yourself from his chest and remove your leg from where you threw it over his
  • and he pretends like he got startled awake when you woke up
  • “what’s wrong baby”
  • “i’m so sorry bobby i didn’t mean to and–”
  • “it’s fine baby”
  • “then why is hanbin glaring at me like that”
  • he gets all bright eyed and giggly looking at you stretching awake and says about a million times how pretty you look even though you know your hair is a mess and you probably drooled a little in your sleep
  • asks if you want breakfast and if you want to spend the day with him
  • and you feel a little like you’re overstaying your welcome because you’re certain that he has other things to do
  • but you also really don’t wanna leave
  • because the way that bobby is looking at you is like he can’t imagine anything better and more wonderful in this world
  • so you tell him that you have to leave
  • but you promise it won’t be the last time you “accidentally” fall asleep on him
Friendly Advice

Description: Fluffy Dean x reader. Reader is out with her hunting partner and friend at a bar when talk turns to the Winchesters, her friend clearly has ideas on how to set them up…
Words: 1,431
Warnings: Alcohol?
Author’s Note: Second fluffy fic on a trot? I must be coming down with something. Tagging @autoblocked​ because she unknowingly helped me decide which fic to do next and I love her to bits!

Request 1: Could I possibly get a Reader x Spn? Maybe the reader is talking with an hunter friend and somehow they end up talking their friend asks if the reader is dating anyone. Reader tells them nope, but their friend asks about all the guys the reader’s met. Basically the reader talking about what they think each of the guys in terms of lovers, maybe throw in something they specifically like about the guy? I was also wondering if you could add in the spn guys end up hearing the reader and her friend, maybe the guys are flattered idk
Request 2: @assassinsenpai​ What do you think about a story of dean & sam liking the same girl hunter who’s sams age and she kinda likes dean ? Thank you :D

If a person had told you when you were a kid that you’d end up driving around the country in an old banger with never more than a couple hundred dollars to your name, you would have given up run away there and then. Something in you had always thought you were going to break out of your family’s old habits when you grew up… Some kids want to be astronauts, some wanted to be doctors and some changed every day of the week. And that’s the way it should be when you’re 8, but you’d been 8 going on 18 and your only dream was a normal life with a normal family. That was all dashed long ago, but sometimes when you got lost in thought, your mind wandered back to those days, roaming around the ideas of picket fences and watching the sunset with a beer at your neighbourhood barbecue.

It wasn’t that the drink in front of you wasn’t chilled and fresh, and you couldn’t be in better company really, but it wasn’t what you’d wanted. But when life gives you lemons, slice them up and use them for a cocktail, right?
It’d be unfair to say you didn’t enjoy your life as it was, you had friends - friends so close they’d become family. It was just you liked to reminisce sometimes on how things could’ve been.

One of these said friends returned from the toilet as you sat there, staring aimlessly at the knots of wood in the table. You glanced up and cracked a smile, “took your time?”

“Had to powder my nose,” Bex sassed back. Truthfully, she’d probably rather use it to dust for fingerprints but you laughed along. She sat back down on the stool and took a sip from her drink, closing her eyes and letting out a brief sigh as the cool liquid washed down, “we definitely don’t get enough time to relax these days.”

“Tell me about it,” you muttered, “you know we’ve not stayed anywhere for more than a week in the past year?”

“What about in Austin?”

“We only stayed 5 nights before the coven broke down and betrayed each other, probably seemed longer because we barely slept?”

“True,” she grimaced and nodded her head as she remembered. “Why’d you bring that up anyway? Got itchy feet, going to leave me at the altar?” She winked and took a sip of her drink.

“I just don’t see you that way,” you laughed, before pulling a serious face and giving her exaggerated puppy dog eyes, “I’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me.”

Bex feigned offence before grinning to herself, “ah well, you’re still my best wing woman.”

You stuck your tongue out and slouched back a little in your chair, “nah, I only brought it up because… I don’t know, just thinking I s'pose.”

“Don’t strain yourself, you’ve been doing a lot of that lately.“

You nodded and shrugged your shoulders, "I guess I just always assumed I’d be in a different place by now. A boyfriend, a house, a job? I don’t know, just forget about it.”

“You’ve not dated anyone in a year now, Y/N,” she said simply before she raised an eyebrow, “wait, you’re thinking about those Winchester guys from back in Kansas, aren’t you?”

“No?” You replied in a tone that didn’t even really convince yourself, “okay fine. Maybe a little. I was just thinking we should work out a way of getting a base sometime. That bunker of theirs, it was homely, settled, y'know?”

“Yeah,” she smirked, “but you know that’s not what I meant. You’ve barely shut up about them.”

“You shut up.”

Bex ignored your seemingly immature response and held up her hands in defense, “Hey, I can see why you’d like them, but really? Haven’t you heard enough of how much trouble those boys get in?”

You nodded and took a sip of your drink. Any hunter would be a fool not to have known of the Winchesters worth what they got up to, however, Bex and you had the joy of working with them a few times in the past year. She didn’t view them differently to any other hunters you’d paired up with but there was something about them that you enjoyed more than normal. Maybe it was the family feeling they gave off or maybe it was the danger but whatever it was, you found it harder to drive away each time.

“We should hunt again with them sometime though, they’re the only ones who consistently get in as many predicaments as we do,” you muttered, but on seeing her grin you shook your head, “no, no! Not like that, I’m just saying-”

“Why not date one of them?” She said quickly, as you threw her a deadpan look. “Come on, if you were wanting to date someone, no one would understand this life more than them, and seeing as you so cruelly threw me off the cards…”

You laughed and stuck your tongue out at her, “nah, I don’t know-”

“Oh you so do! Be honest, why not?” She threw back at you, crossing her arms and giving you a challenging look.

“Well,” you trailed off and pursed your lips for a moment, “Sam is exactly my age… he’s so sweet and he constantly has hair that you just want to stroke but-”

“But what?” Bex said excitedly sitting forwards, “what’s wrong with that?!”

“Nothing! God, nothing!” You groaned, “he’s basically Greek God too, but I don’t know. Dean on the other hand, he might not have the same body but I found myself staring into his eyes a lot on that last hunt, they were just so dreamy?” You giggled in embarrassment at the memory, “and he noticed me looking.”

“What? You didn’t tell me that!”

You smirked, “Yeah… he made some comment about it too, he is such a flirt, seriously. I think out of the pair of them I could just talk to Dean for hours, I mean, I could tell he’s not a talk-about-your-feelings type, but we just sort of gelled?” Bex raised an eyebrow and you raised a warning finger at her before talking again quickly, “this doesn’t mean anything, alright? Just between us.”

“I solemnly swear,” she said letting out a laugh, before adding a quiet, “that I’m up to no good… Although seriously what have you got to lose apart from clothes?“

"I hate you sometimes,” you laughed, “I do think Dean would be a cuddler though…”

“Really?” She said, screwing up her nose, “I would’ve put him down as the type to get embarrassed by that… but then what do I know about guys? Why not give one of him a call and you can find out!”

“What are we? 12? No, they’re too busy with whatever apocalypse they’re starting this time.”

“It won’t be long, I’ve seen the way both of them watch you. And I’m not sure if you noticed but they’ve been mysteriously needing help from us a lot lately. We never hear of them before and suddenly it’s 3 times in the past month, face it Y/N, we’re amazing and they can’t live without us,” she winked before taking a long swig from her drink.

“I like how you say ‘we’ there,” you smiled, “fine, I’ll consider it if we hunt with them again, happy?” She nodded enthusiastically, judging by her reaction, you’d have thought she was the one with the crush, “anyway, next round’s on me, do you want another drink?”

She gave you a thumbs up, “another half pint for me, I’m trying to take it easy lately.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you muttered as you grabbed your purse and headed up for the bar.

There weren’t many queues so you didn’t have a problem in flagging down the barman to get you a drink, it was only as he turned his back to find a glass that you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. Expecting some jokey comment from Bex you dug it out and glanced at the screen, feeling yourself blush as you realised who it was from. You checked yourself and bit your lip, quickly paying for your drinks and heading back to the table, phone still in hand.

“What?” Bex said suspiciously, “you’re blushing, what did you do?”

“Nothing!” you scoffed before setting the drinks down and taking your seat, you let her get completely confused as to your sudden embarrassment before sliding your phone over to her and grinning, “last drink, I need to rest up for the morning.”

okay but instead of Naru and Mai getting married and having babies, what about them picking up a kid on a case?  Either a sort of repeat of how the twins probably got adopted, psychic kids getting into trouble at an orphanage, or like… 

They get called on a case, turns out the kid’s causing a poltergeist, parents flip and reject them, Mai’s concerned, Naru’s reminded of his own childhood. Mai gets into a fight with the parents while Naru kinda stands there angry but frozen and somehow it ends up with them taking care of the kid together

Bonus Points if they’ve sorted out all their issues already but haven’t entered any sort of romantic relationship yet

listen the only way those two would ever have a kid is 100% adoption Naru’s not ever having sex and they’re both orphans + how fucking cute would it be???


5 things to say about this new ship: 

 1. I ship it, idk why but it’s ridiculously hot and scandalous and it’s unnecessary drama between the other two ships but we love it, admit it! Because I do 😉 

 2. People who complain and whine about Spaleb need to get over it, it’s not the end of the world. Our true ships will most likely get back together in the end because Spoby and Haleb are endgame no matter what the writers do to them. 

3. I adore all those who cheer this new romance because honestly I can see them having chemistry better than Hanna and Toby getting together in 6b if they wanted to flip tables on us ya know? Toby an Hanna? Nope, I’m not for that. I don’t see how that makes sense. But somehow Caleb and Spencer does. 

 4. I hope Spaleb makes it past Toby beating Caleb up and Hanna admitting that she does care about Spencer’s feelings towards Caleb. Because you know they did it, and kissing and making out is one thing, but it goes past ex boyfriend brotherhood code and girl code to not fuck your best friends ex boyfriend/girlfriend . Like even though I ship it, it’s not what I’m all about and I’m assuming Hanna and Toby will find out they did it and drama will blow up big time. 

 5. Spaleb happened. That is all.
9 Facts You Didn't Know About Supergirl
With her successful new TV Show, the Maid of Might is experiencing a surge in public awareness as never before. Supergirl’s been kicking around in the comics since 1958 and she’s gone through many incarnations and transformations. Let’s take a little dip in the Girl of Steel’s history and find out some of the most surprising trivia.

Facts about the Maid of Might! Somehow pretty much all of them ended up being pretty bizarre. I guess when you’re a female character who debuted in the 50’s you have an extra helping of weird and uncomfortable shit happen to you. Even if you’re a Supergirl fan you might find a fact you didn’t know! Please read, reblog, comment and share on facebook to support me!

anonymous asked:

Heyyyyy... Ya got any polyamorous comics to share? :3

A few!

For starters, there’s a ‘poly’ tag on the lgbtwebcomics tagpacker.

Here are a few in particular to check out:

Daimonikos: A young witch accidentally summons a demon… who turns out to be the top athlete at his college. Then a demon hunter stabs them through the chest. They somehow all end up dating each other while stopping daily otherworldy crises. College, am I right.

Various Everythings: A comic about a lot of things in life with lots of magic.

Sir, Butler and Boy (18+): Smut vignettes about the depraved private lives of three repressed Victorian gentlemen.

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Famous Friday - Game of Thrones edition

Every Friday we will update this blog with photo booth pictures of famous people. This week it’s all about Game of Thrones!


The stars of the HBO series Game of Thrones are coming back for season 6, premiering April 24 of this year. The teaser trailer for the new season, based on a book that is yet to be finished(!), was recently released and it looks like it’s not about to get less exciting. Check it out at the end of this post!  

Is Jon Snow really dead or is he coming back somehow? 

But this blog is (almost) all about photo booths! So if you forgot what is going on with all the characters, we recommend reading up on where we left them last year right here. Now - Famous Friday - Game of Thrones edition

Let’s start with the man himself - Jon Snow (Kit Harington) taking some chill selfies and then partying some (Big mouth style??)

source: pinterest & A king with no name

Then there are the two sisters Sansa Stark & Arya Stark (Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams), here looking a bit more modern than usual. Not sure what to call these poses.. 

source: reddit

Here’s a couple of shots of the cast from season 4 at a party - Nice use of a logo and #hashtag on printout! 

source: Memento Mori

The beautiful Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) - from the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar’s party - Good use of background! And again with the big, open mouths.

source: globalgrind

And we finish with the type of poses and outfits we all wish we could do and wear for the next photo booth event. The biggest stars of Game of Thrones! (This was taken for season 3 and not everyone is still alive for season 6, unfortunately!)

source: tumblr

And the teaser trailer. Enjoy! 

I know Neah isn’t perfect in any way but I absolutely love how he’s telling the finders to run away and whatnot. Like, these people are basically kind of hurting him and whatnot and he knows that going back to the order with these guys would end up as torture for either him or Allen, but he still somehow cares enough to tell them to get away when he realizes that the Earl is about to do some… pretty freaky shit, to say the least.

And then after all that, we have him basically tormenting the poor Earl, who, let’s face it, definitely is not perfect in any way either, but you really can’t help but feel a little bad for him after everything that’s been revealed in the past few chapters. THEN Link comes along and Neah tries to pretend to be innocent little Allen Walker, successfully fooling half the fandom for even a split second, only to have his act foiled because Link is too smart for him :’D

So right now, I think we can characterize this piece of trashlord in the following ways:

  • Cares about humans (enough that he doesn’t want them absorbed/eaten by the Earl) but willing to hurt them if they get in his way (when he slammed Johnny against the wall in 214, and also when he not-so-subtly threatened Link this chapter)
  • Good at tormenting people, especially a particular Millennium Earl (this is not news at all, considering what he said and did back in 189)
  • Is creeped out by people trying stating their total devotion to helping him out (and honestly, I would be too)

I mean, that’s not much to work off of but it seems to be enough for people to decide whether they hate or like the guy.


So I got a request ages ago to write about the instance where Seungri pulled TOP and Daesung from fireworks on stage. I wrote this little drabble FOREVER ago and somehow FORGOT to post it! Sorry it isn’t very long at all but here you go to the many people who requested this.

They were way too close to the end of the stage, that much Seungri knew. If they didn’t move, the both of them were going to catch a face full of fire. They had practiced this stage before, so they knew that the fireworks would go up during that part of the song. Seungri watched carefully, ready to step in if they didn’t move soon. As G-Dragon and Taeyang moved towards the back of the stage but the other two didn’t Seungri decided to move them himself.

“Hyung, stay back here,” Seungri pulled TOP towards the back of the stage.

TOP didn’t say anything but he looked at Seungri slightly confused and obeyed him. Seungri then rushed over to Daesung and did the same.

Then the fireworks went off and Seungri flinched. He knew how terribly painful it would have been for one of his hyungs if they would have been hit, He still remembers how much it hurt when he was struck by a firework and how it had burned.

Daesung smiled at him and gave him the thumbs up before returning his attention to the audience. Seungri tried to do the same but his hands shook the rest of the performance. He tried to be playful with his hyungs but his heart wasn’t in it. Even when the other members who try to play with him, he would smile half-heartedly at them and try to turn his attention to something else.

As he got ready to leave the concert his hands shook so hard it took many tries to get his damn pants buckled. He had assumed that the members had gone to their respective homes but was surprised when all of his hyungs came bursting in.

“Ri, what’s wrong?” G-Dragon asked, “What happened?”

“Does your stomach hurt?” Daesung pressed on his stomach gently.

“You promised us that if you were having problems that you would tell us.” Taeyang scolded.

“What? No! Everything’s fine.” Seungri sniffed and looked away, “I was just worried about you guys that’s all.”

“Ri,” TOP sighed.

“You all need to be more careful on the stage!” Seungri exclaimed, “Trust me, fireworks hurt like a son of a bitch and you could be seriously burned!”

Seungri wiped his forehead and scowled at Daesung.

“And you furthermore! You need to rest your voice!” Seungri glared, “What happens if you permanently injure your voice and can never sing again! Do you not want to be able to sing or speak when you’re older?”

“Everyone needs to stop trying to strip me on stage!” Seungri continued, “Last time I almost lost my pants! Can you imagine how much trouble I’ll be in if that were to happen!”

Seungri let out a frustrated huff and made sure his lower lip didn’t jut out so it didn’t look like he was pouting. Then he heard very quiet laughter and looked at the members. Their expressions ranged from TOP biting his lips to keep from smiling to G-Dragon who was covering his mouth trying to quiet his snickering, all of them were clearly amused.

“This is not funny!” Seungri protested.

“No, no you’re right it isn’t funny.” G-Dragon agreed but was still laughing.

“You’re very mature Seungri.” TOP teased, “Such a grown up.”

“Of course I’m a grown up!” Seungri said indignantly, “I’m twenty five!”

Then they laughed louder and Taeyang hugged Seungri and gave him a good natured shake.

“Thanks for looking out for us.”

I haven’t updated in a while! I haven’t really been motivated to do it and every time I open up the draft to revise the next lot of chapters for uploading I somehow end up like, rewriting just, swathes of it,,, for a third or forth time which I’m sure isn’t like, a good thing to do (I wouldn’t know I’m an uneducated buffoon)

Anyway, I’ve definitely been thinking about the third book a lot. I found my notebooks from when I was in school where I actually penned all the first half and outline for the third book, (as well as ALL the penned original drafts of the first and second book) and because I was older when I wrote them, the outline and ideas were much more adult and better overall than lots of the first book (which was always really simple and childish by comparison! It still is! It’s still the ‘lightest’ of the three) and I found the original notes for the ending among all of this. I’ve always had an ending in mind, a really definite ending since I was young, although the plot to get there has changed heaps. I really don’t think I’ll ever change what happens in that ending and idk people might be upset with it but? ?? I know others would definitely prefer this ending over anything else. I mean it will still be awful, and terrible cost wise but! I don’t think it’s spoilers to say that lots of ppl will be relieved with it even if it’s not the best literary wise?

Yeah. It’s weird to think about this because people only currently have access to the first book (and if you’re new, post new-blog, then you only have the first portion of it this far) and can only make judgments or assessments on characters in the first book, but it’s frustrating bc I want to be like HOHOHhhoo it’s alright! Everyone changes! Second book ahoy! But! Obviously, I can’t say exactly how or why or if it’ll be worth the wait. It’s weird to see and know how everything will pan out but to have other people still in the dark about it.

Anyway, I’m going to TRY and upload at least three more chapters in the coming days, because otherwise I’ll never do them and also hopefully if I get past all this middle stuff (the oldest stuff draft wise) it’ll be fine and easier to revise and upload

one time Madison and Jefferson went on a nature excursion together for a few months and they stopped at burr’s house in New York partway through and one of hamilton’s friends who happened to be around burr’s area in that time frantically corresponded with Hamilton saying that Jefferson and Madison were spending an awfully long time (maybe too long if ya know what I’m saying) in burr’s house and basically he and Hamilton freaked about what they could all be doing together in there ;)

by anon

also one time burr and alex were working together as lawyers on a case and they had to decide who would deliver the opening statement and it was suggested that the best lawyer do it so naturally Alex said he would do it but somehow it ended up with burr doing the opening and Alex doing the closing but burr was so offended that Alex thought himself better than burr that burr anticipated all the points Alex would make and said them all, leaving Alex with nothing to close with and speechless

I’ll admit when I first heard 4minute’s Hate I was shocked by the hook especially after the nicely fitted parts of Gayoon, Hyuna,  Jihyun, and even Sohyun, it seems so off. To the majority (me included) the sound was sort of repulsive, it went against the aesthetic they had built up not only in what we viewed but also what we heard. Suddenly it’s like sirens go off, producing a shocking effect and we are just caught frowning or being taken aback. All the pretty colors and girls’ individual beauty becomes consolidated in red and white and through their choreography they physically bar the viewers from approaching them. And you know, that’s brilliant at another artistic level because they have somehow claimed independence just by those moves and that sound. the lyrics about a relationship ending in anger really bring home the sense of independence. The wild transitioning takes from the girls more vulnerable attractive points and places them into a point that their surging hate which grants the girls independence and reverses the audience’s gaze from watching the girls to focusing on their own internal emotions to the sound and the choreography and be more self aware– i can write a whole paper over the brilliance of 4minute and the fact I cannot stop replaying the song now and the wholealbum is lit affff 

Warning for Unpopular Lesbian Opinion:

I basically started (re)watching The 100 for the promise of Clexa. Like the ladyshipping is what I was there for, and when my main OTP crumbled, I tried throwing myself into the Clexa shipping, aaaaaaaaaaand somehow fell in love with Bellarke instead? Liiiike, I’m still open to the possibility of Clexa as they further develop it, and I don’t even fully know what about the ship isn’t grabbing me, I just see so much more there with Bellamy and Clarke, I guess. And I’m so not invalidating Clexa, cause the world needs more canon queer ships, and I am all for other people shipping them, I guess it’s just kind of funny that I am queerio mcgoo and end up all awkwardly sitting in a corner while the shippers throw things at each other, and I’m like YAY FEMMESLASH (is it even still called that, or am I a super old shipper???) while having Ballarke hearteyes.

aqualianbird asked:

And Sailors and Pirates AU

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

-All eleven of the Bronzes are part of a somewhat un-reputable pirate crew, with Seiya as the captain.

-Saori’s some kind of upper-class lady whose ship ends up getting ransacked by the Bronze’s crew. They plan on leaving her in a row boat to get back to shore somehow, but she verbally bullies them into taking her there themselves, because she’s actually on some kind of super important diplomatic mission or something, to stop a war or something.

-Ikki and Shun grew up orphaned on the streets, living by whatever means necessary. Ikki tended to take care of the more violent stuff, but Shun’s really good at sleight of hand and pick-pocketing and stuff. Once they turn to pirating, Shun still keeps this up a bit, and if anyone finds their stuff missing they knew who took it, but might be a bit too scared to go get it, given the fact that Ikki’s still majorly protective of Shun.

-Of course Shiryu’s the one with the eye-patch, because he can never have perfect vision.

-Geki’s the ship’s cook, and not a very good one. The crew eats what he feeds them though, because if they don’t he’ll give them a sharp rap over the head with his ladle.

Hmmm so what about an undertale fic where it’s years after the pacifist ending and all of a sudden things reset again but frisk didn’t do it and they are really confused and though sans doesn’t really know what happened but he’s really upset about it. And so frisk has to convince him to help them to figure out what happened and somehow they end up hoping through alternate universes and meet uf!sans gaster!sans and us!papyrus.>…>

Just a thought >.>

anonymous asked:

Who would win in a fight with Estellise?

Ok I guess I’ll join in on this.

Why would anyone want to fight Estellise? She’s a sweet sensitive bby that would do anything to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, even if that means she has to lie about something. Not to mention she’s too shy to talk to people, so she avoids making enemies. And she’d never want to fight, if someone tried to fight her and somehow got hurt, she’d heal them immediately. Picking a fight with her would be like walking up to a baby and punching them in the face.

So basically, whoever picked the fight with her would win, because even if she did fight back, she’d feel bad and end up healing them and end up losing, lol. Honestly though, all anyone would have to do is hurt her feelings and she’d lose right there.


Imagine your OTP in the Winter and person A is wearing a normal amount of winter clothing while person B is really going heavy on the stuff and can barley walk

And somehow things get real heated and their going back to their home to do…stuff

But person B can barely move and person A is laughing really hard and starts to help him and ends up carrying him to their god damn car

and person B can’t drive so person A does and person A can’t stop laughing as person B can’t get their damn seat belt on for about five minutes and watches them struggle in the car to get comfortable in all their layers

and they make in their house after person A helps person B to the house and up the goddamn stairs 

And person B spends so much time taking off the jackets because person A just can’t stop laughing again and causes person B to start laughing as well. But because of the weight difference person B doesn’t realize that their wearing about seven layers of shirts and pants each  and when they get to their room, person A starts laughing again while trying to get to their last layer of clothing 

Until through tear filled eyes from laughing so hard person A is just like “I’m just not into this anymore, can we just watch a movie?” and person B agrees because they still get to spend time with each other 

And so they end up cuddling on their couch watching some crappy romance movie that they criticize at every goddamn scene until they fall asleep in each others arms 

Ugh, I belong in a trash can