then it is a problem

Less than 10 Days Until ACOWAR:

Me Until Then:

a regular (who looks identical to Wee Dingwall from Brave) came in and while I was checking her out, I asked if she had a rewards card and she pulls it out along with her debit card so I take the reward and go to scan it. She goes “oh, no you’re wrong that’s my reward card. You’re wrong!”
We usually let the costumer just scan it themselves but it’s just easier for me to swipe them because the scanner can be fickle and swiping it takes two seconds and I tell her that but she just goes “oh, okay. I was going to tell you that you were wrong, but I don’t work here so I didn’t know. Sorry.”
It was nice for her to apologize because she’s usually really reserved and just deadpan’s everything. She’s a lot like a zombie honestly. Hearing her say anything that wasn’t about her order was actually just kind of weird.

You Know You're Dating An INTJ When...
  • ENTP: INTJ, you are definitely not a bad kisser
  • INTJ: Why, thank you! But maybe you're just a good teacher
  • ENTP: Perhaps ;)
  • INTJ: The French presidential election starts tomorrow
  • ENTP: Uh-?
  • INTJ: Yeah there's a communist running in the race, can you believe that?!
  • ENTP: *giggling*
  • INTJ: Oh, I got off-topic there for a second. But I love elections and it's important!
  • ENTP: *cant stop laughing*
  • INTJ: What? What's up?
  • ENTP: That's just so you, I love it