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looks like Kio got a bigger gut than he did last year how long will it take him to work off this years?

Probably next year, he got December to go through.

We went to a really cool Winnie the Pooh restaurant for Thanksgiving since I couldn’t cook.
They sat us at a two person table and it was too small with a dog.

I couldn’t find the server so I grabbed a manager and explained that while I could make it work I was super uncomfortable.
The managers were super nice about it and said they’d reseat us. He not only got us a bigger table, but one in a corner and he removed a chair so Hades had a nice corner spot to lay in where he couldn’t get stepped on.

Server was really nice too and offered Hades a bowl of water. I don’t let my dogs drink inside restaurants, but I got Hades a cup of ice water to go instead.

Another employee offered to help me with the buffet because I had a dog and a broken arm.

It was little things but they were so nice and accommodating and it made my night.

I got their names so I can put in a guest positive (Disney word for compliment) later in the week when I’m at Disney again. Zac was too exhausted to wait for me to do it tonight.

in an effort to stay neutral…

i’d like to share some thoughts…

•in my experience, it’s common for artists to break up tour date announcements and add additional dates at a later time. seems like a good way to ensure the artist will sell out a particular market > and add more dates relating to where they had most sales.

•sure merch is more expensive this time around BUT the quality is much better and there’s a bigger selection. seems like @taylorswift listened to us and got involved in the making of the merch (quality, design, etc.) hell even she’s wearing it! #reputation merch is in line with taylor’s aesthetic.

•it’s not about how many pieces of merch you own. if susie owns 22 pieces and carol owns 13…that’s ok. carol shouldn’t compare herself to susie. each person is an individual. each person has what they have…this much money or that much money, a two story house or an apartment…it doesn’t matter. no judgement.

•concert tickets haven’t gone on sale yet and still there’s so much speculation (and rage) on what the prices will be. taylor’s usual is to tour about every two years. so instead of trashing others or complaining about ticket prices…start saving money for taylor’s next tour the day her last tour ends. that gives you a two year head start! sure you might have to sacrifice a little (cut back on fast food or don’t buy that purse cause you already have 5 other purses at home or sell something or ask your neighbor if you can mow their lawn or help their sick aunt around the house >>> there are an endless amount of ways to earn money you just gotta get creative). if it’s important to you, you’ll find a way to save.

•to close, it’s about being a good person. staying true to yourself. if you’re outgoing and post on social media everyday, that’s awesome! if you’re shy and are afraid to post a lot or to be outspoken, that’s awesome too! just be yourself. don’t hate on others, it only makes you look like an ass.

smile. be kind. do good.



Some raccoons i just finished

The smaller one is a male and he has what looks like horrible scar tissue on his face. It looked healed slightly when i got him.

The bigger female is mountable and adorable. I thought she was my biggest coon but it doesnt look like she is.


1) Hulk is naked in this movie. We see Hulk butt. Thor reacts to the presence of Hulk dick. We know Hulk Dick is there and Hulk nudity is on the table. They took the time to cgi the butt. They have the model for the butt.

2) Bruce makes repeated reference to how tight Tony’s pants are

3) the Hulk got much bigger thighs etc than Bruce do

4) the clear and present conclusion to this is that in the final battle Hulk should have busted out big Hulk dick swinging like god’s worst battering ram, Hulk butt shining in the starlight, Hulk balls clapping together like the fucking doom boom doom of the ultimate battle drum

5) show us full frontal Hulk nudity you fucking cowards, show us the biggest greenest dong this world has ever seen, put it on our 3d imax screens, Disney, you have all the tools and opportunity you need


We had a spy on the inside. That’s right.

Okieriete Onaodowan in rehearsals and in the Tony performance! He’s so freaking incredible!!!

Welp! I’ve been meaning to draw Finny from @dailyskyfox for a while, because gosh darnit I love that blog and this guy is a cutie.