then it got bigger

But seriously, is there any bigger Malec shipper than Ruelle?

I mean, you got Fear on Fire, which is essentially what Malec’s whole relationship is about.

Where Do We Go From Here is the best way of describing Malec post wedding kiss. 

I Get To Love You “cough cough” Magnus ‘When it’s too heavy to carry, remember this moment with me.’ Alec ‘Whatever may come; your heart I will choose.’ “cough cough”

Is there any better song to look at early Malec trying to figure what this is than Storm?  I am caught off-guard by you? Sound familiar.

And of course. The one. The only. War. Of. Hearts


We had a spy on the inside. That’s right.

Okieriete Onaodowan in rehearsals and in the Tony performance! He’s so freaking incredible!!!


marvel poc week

day one: favorite female poc ◇ kamala khan

Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank


There’s one small way Uber could finally support trans people like me

  • “Robyn?” asks the Uber driver. “Yep!” “Hello, sir.”
  • Whatever thoughts I had before this moment are gone. Now I’ve got bigger problems: I’m a transgender woman locked in a car with a stranger who just misgendered me.
  • The first few times this happened, I blamed the driver. I thought, “Can’t they see I’m wearing a skirt? What about my lipstick?” But when I pulled back, I realized this wasn’t really the driver’s fault. A passenger’s profile photo isn’t the right information a driver needs to correctly gender them. Even if I were wearing a skirt with lipstick, it wouldn’t mean I identified as a woman.
  • When I reached out to Uber customer service about these experiences, they apologized. But after this frightening and invalidating experience happened roughly 10 times, it was clear there was a root problem that needed to be addressed.
  • The solution seems obvious: People should be able to mark their preferred gender pronoun in their Uber profiles. Read more (3/14/17)

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Quantum Destabilizer!

1. Relatively happy with the final paintwork. Doesn’t quite have that weird teal sheen though. Darn parallel universe materials / overlay textures, so difficult to replicate
2. That little Bill-shaped crosshair is still my favourite detail. What a fashion statement
3. The muzzle light isn’t exactly visible to outside but I needed to know that it’s there

do you sometimes see a post on your dash about some fucked up thing in society and you are about to get upset but then you remember nah, that sounds like america problems, yup, definitely america problems. 

no need to get my little stressed european heart upset over another thing that only affects the grand ol’ us of a, but is presented as an universal problem thanks to tumblr’s america-centered world view.


its like three sizes bigger than hers, so no worry she has plenty of room in there to stay as far away from the bullshit as possible 


Me: I am just-… Tired.

Brain: Overwatch AH AU. Not like, the guys as already existing Overwatch characters but new characters based on them with their own lore and intricate character designs and abilities and weapons.

Me: Oh sh-