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Kylie, I dare you to post a selfie but showing all the One Piece goods you own.

god dammit

it took me 40 minutes to find half of these things. this isnt even everything man im still missing my luffy plush (idk what void he disappeared into), my giant alabasta poster (which was in another room), 3 mini posters, and my POOR FIRE FIST FUCKIGN ACE KEYCHAIN WHERE DID U GO SON 

this better make u content bc putting the law sweatshirt on in THIS heat was HELL. also trying to pull that over my head where i have a 2-day old cartilage piercing hurt like a motherHECKER. god. u made me get outta bed for this. it’s 2pm. 

jk it’s all good im happy to share my op collection

since the picture is so shitty i should probably just tell u what i have

figures: ace, sabo, luffy, brook, nami, sanji, zoro, usopp, shanks, law
keychains: luffy, ball man sanji, zoro, chopper
jewelry: necklace w/ ace’s hat, straw hat dog tag, some fucking dumb ass sanji sweatband bracelet garbage why did i waste my money on that??? earrings of the faces on ace’s hat
pins: zoro’s jolly roger, FRANK’s wanted poster (i found the cursed item. it’s a pin of franky’s poster but it says FRANK)
games: unlimited adventure, unlimited world red, and pirate warriors 3 (PIRATE WARRIORS 3 DOESNT WORK SO I NEVER GOT TO PLAY IT IM MAD)
everything else: one piece color walk 2, one piece manga volumes 1-16, 43, 44, 52, 61

then there’s the chopper plush ofc 

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I ship you and me but only as the coolest freaking sisters ever, cause, like, I'm /not/ into that incest thing (unlike some people *cough* purebloods *cough* *cough*)

((OOC: Absolutely 100%! Here’s a picture of us that one time mum and dad took us to Denny’s, but you were angry because you really wanted to go to IHOP, so I ate your sandwich while you sulked.))

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Hi I was wonder if you could recommend any good Yoonkook fics with bottom!Yoongi that aren't just smut? Thank youu <3

Hi! Sorry this took a while to answer! I had to go through my bookmarks to find good fics for you :} I took this to mean fics that aren’t just about sex, but have actual plot. I have quite a few fics I really like that aren’t just about the boys having a good tumble in the sheets. Some of these stories do have sex scenes in there. Some of them bring up sex as a subject, but it doesn’t happen. But all of them are about their relationship and I think that’s what you are looking for :} Just a good relationship building fic. I did leave out some of the ones that have huge amounts of sex in it even though they are very relationship and plot based. I put an [M] next to stories that do have a sex scene or anything sexual (Just in case you didn’t want that or would like a warning!) I also separated them because some (most) of these fics are still being worked on. 


Cigarettes, Liquor, Sweet As Sugar by SongMaelin [M]
(They Long To Be) Close To You by cluelesskaru
You Could Throw Me to the Flames (I Will Follow You) by thatdamrenegade
Him. by freakymochi


Flowers by Tiredwriter21
Minor Details by TheyCallMe [M]
Why Are You Mean? by agustadams
since when do we say yes to love? by riverlikespine [M]
A Dream That Flies Away by mylittlesunandstars
Cool Hot Sweet Love by backwardsties95 [M]
Death By Paint by uddyuddy [M]
california english: part 2 by yoojung (kyungchul)
See Life Through My Eyes by Sugashark
Bite Me by Sugashark [M]

Hopefully this is what you were hoping for! Let me know if this is what you wanted :}

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((Aye Dexter talk to us about number 12))

Ah yes, Number 12.. Ugh, how in the name of science did I ever become so.. so– wimpy?! He’s constantly worrying about Mandark, that stupid jerk.. And typing! Always worrying about his stupid typing!! 

Typing, typing, typing!! 

Not only that, but he thought his greatest achievement was a cubicle! A cu-be-cal!! And the protocore was right there in the office, and he tells me that was his best work?? That may sound like a joke, but unfortunately it was not!  A huff leaves his mouth as he pinches the bridge of his nose.

It was only until I had given him some motivation and we had traveled further and further into the future that he finally began to shape up a bit, into the cooler me that he was meant to be!! But even then, when we had to fight all those Mandarks, he was getting slapped around willy-nilly while me and my cooler selves did all the work! 

He only decided to man up at the end of the entire battle before Dee Dee stepped in and took all our glory of saving the future! 

I still cannot believe I am reduced to nothing but a sniveling number in the future either.. ughhh..

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New Friends and Foes + Steven Universe: Wanted