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Title: Compression (part 1… of 1? Of many? depends on reception.)
Rating: All audiences
Crappy 60s sexism.  Also, not beta-d.  I’m a write-and-post sort of person.  I’ll edit it later.  If you’d be interested in beta-ing this piece, PM me and we can exchange e-mails. :) Grammar, syntax, general story suggestions welcome!
Dedication: @mulders-boyish-enthousiasm.  It’s not exactly what we talked about but I hope you like it anyway. :D
Summary:  Set in early 1967, Nurse Dana Scully meets Detective Sam Hodiak.

Early 1967

Sam’s had just about enough of the slop they’re calling food and with sneer of disapproval, he pushes the hospital tray away from him.

“You’re not going to eat your fruit cup?” Shafe asks him, lounging in the chair beside his bed.  He’s stopped by for a brief visit.

“You couldn’t pay me to eat it,” Sam replies and he wipes his hand with the paper napkin.  He crumples it into a ball and tosses it aside when he’s done.  It’s not really the food, it’s just being stuck here that he hates so much, “You talk to the nurses?  Can I go?”

Shafe doesn’t respond but looks at Sam for a long moment with a smirk on his face, “This is just killing you, isn’t it?  You know, you’re lucky you didn’t get your head cracked open.  Just a couple of battered ribs and some real rough bruises, Hodiak.”

“Next time, Shafe, you’re taking the bikers and I’m taking the hippies,” Sam says.  

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(( Anyway, I think I’m gonna go ahead and call a hiatus.

School started yesterday and I have to focus on my studies from now on. My schedule for this year will most definitely not be as full as next year’s, and I’m sure I could probably fit roleplaying in there one way or another – but the muses are just… gone? I don’t feel them as much as I used to; which doesn’t surprise me, given the fact that I’ve had this blog for about six months I think?

I’m sorry I couldn’t stay long enough to let relationships develop further – that’s probably the only reason why it took me so long to let go, to be honest. Do know that I loved having you as a partner, I love your writing and muses even if we’ve never written together before! I really do wish I could’ve interacted with everyone more.

That said, if mutuals would like to keep in touch, just IM me and I’ll give you my Discord/show you my personal blog so we can chat there! Seriously, even if we’ve never talked before – don’t be afraid to ask me.

I dunno when exactly I’ll be coming back, but it most likely won’t be on this blog. Thank you for writing with me, or even considering to. It’s honestly been a joy to run this blog and develop these characters and their relationships – and, of course, it’s been a joy meeting all of you!

Thank you for sticking with me till now, and I’m hoping we can interact again as RP partners in the future. <3 ))