then i'll have dinner and watch tv and then go to bed

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Promptis for the sleeping ship request

Who is a night owl: Prompto. He doesn’t sleep well. He finds himself awake at 2am with a pounding heartbeat and every single insecurity he’s ever had crowding in on his mind until he wants to scream. Usually Noctis will choose this moment to roll over and literally engulf him in a huge, sleepy hug. He’ll wrap himself around Prompto and hold him tight to his chest, and mumble his name into his ear, and Prompto will feel the tension bleed out of his body. He’ll fall asleep soon after that.

Who is a morning person: Again, Prompto. Noctis, aka Sleeping Beauty, is not big on waking up at all, as we know, so Noct will go to sleep early and wake up late, but Prompto gets restless. Perhaps its because of his teenage years when he woke up before dawn to go for a run, but whatever it is, he finds it impossible to lie in bed for too long. Unless Noctis does wake up and initiates sexy time, in which case, Prompto is more than willing to stay in bed. He’s actually at his most horny in the morning, and loves nothing more than waking Noctis up by playing with him, whether it’s running his palm softly over the prince’s cock until he wakes up, or even going so far as to undo the buttons on his tight boxers and slip him into his mouth, playing his tongue up and down Noctis until he’s hard and leaking precome, still moaning and slowly writhing in his sleepy state. Noctis likes nothing more than being made to come while he’s still half asleep.

Are they cuddlers: yes. They lie together like two creatures intertwining. Prompto sits on Noct’s lap when they’re watching TV, or snuggles up against him. Prompto will push his thigh up against Noct’s if they’re eating dinner side by side, and if they’re opposite each other, Prompto will run his foot up Noctis’ leg and try and turn him on without the others noticing. This once led to Ignis casting him such a scary look at the table that he didn’t try anything for a month. Noctis loves to cuddle Prompto. Sometimes when he knows Prompto’s feeling insecure, he’ll walk up behind him and basically weld himself to Prompto’s back, hands around his waist, sometimes fingers sneaking down the waistband of his trousers (I’m British, so they’re trousers to me, not pants. Pants go underneath trousers :D).

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: it changes. When one rolls over, the other becomes big spoon or little spoon according to position. They seem magnetically attached to each other at all times, but at night, they are inseparable. Ignis will come in to wake them in the morning and almost not know where one ends and the other begins.

What is their favourite sleeping position: curled up around each other.

Who steals all the blankets: all-out blanket wars. Noctis will roll over and just… somehow… consume the whole thing, but Prompto is not afraid to tickle Noctis to get him to release it. Both of them get cold easily, and both of them despise having chilly toes, so when one nicks the duvet, the other will retaliate instantly, resulting in a small battle. Plus side is, they’re often much warmer afterwards. And horny.

What they wear to bed: Noctis likes super soft things. After the injury on his back as a child, spending a lot of time lying in bed, he grew accustomed to having silk pyjamas. Now he will only sleep in silk pyjamas. Usually a matching top and bottom, but if it’s really warm, just the bottoms. Prompto sleeps in matching fleecy chocobo pyjamas, sky blue with little yellow chocobos on. He loves them, and is not ashamed of them, and will defend them to the death if necessary. Do not mock the chocobos. Noctis thinks its too fucking cute and loses his mind whenever he sees Prompto ready for bed. Even better, if he sees Prompto in his pyjamas sleepily brushing his teeth, hair all soft and wet after a shower, the top buttons undone just enough that it sags open at the back and reveals a few freckles on the back of his neck.

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: both of them get a kick out of it, but it’s usually Prompto who’s forgotten his clothes or ends up having an impromptu sleepover at Noct’s apartment. Noctis loves seeing Prompto wearing his clothes, and he loves it when they smell of him afterwards. Sometimes he’ll deliberately wear a t-shirt Prompto has been wearing (if it’s not too full of holes) to a council meeting and he’ll sit there, and every time he shuffles or moves, he can smell Prompto’s sweet smell on it, and it makes him smile.

Who falls asleep mid-conversation: Noctis. He can sleep anywhere. Prompto is used to it, and will either rattle on regardless, or will fall silent, tuck the prince up under whatever piece of fabric is nearest and most appropriate, ranging from Gladio’s or Ignis’ jackets, to a blanket, and resume exactly where he left off when Noct fell asleep.

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Prompto. He has horrible nightmares, knowing about his past and his intended future as an MT, and has all sorts of night terrors about being a sleeper MT unit and coming to life and hurting Noctis, being awake for the whole thing but unable to stop himself from killing the people he loves most… Noctis, despite being the top contender for Sleepiest Sleeping Beauty, will always wake up and pull Prompto in close for a hug and tell him how much he loves him and how he needs Prompto, and how incredible Prompto is.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Noctis and Prompto have both given each other black eyes accidentally, but Prompto is as much of a fidget in his sleep as he is during the day. And, perhaps surprisingly, he packs a pretty good right hook.

Who can’t keep their hands to themselves: neither. They’re horny as fuck and cannot keep anything in their pants for very long.

Send me a ship and I’ll fill out this meme for you :D 

First date.

Just a small and short lame fic/drabble as a birthday present hah. I am sorry it’s not yohamaru or kananyou bc the only ship we have in common is diamari, so I hope you’ll still like it.
Happy birthday @sheamky​!! I hope you had a great day and that you enjoyed it! Wish u all the happiness in the world, I know there are people bringing a lot of it already and I couldn’t ask for better. I’m sorry for the ‘lack of conversation’, but guess it can’t be helped, I suck as a friend. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten your birthday.

Pls, enjoy.


It’s impossible.
It has to be impossible. It has to.

“No, no, no …”

“Dia …”

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Not sure if you're still doing the quote prompts but pynch for "oh shit, are you bleeding?!" And "oh fuck, oh FUCK!"

in which adam gets a tattoo

When Adam arrives at the Barns, dusk covers all that his eyes can see. He parks the Hondoyota in the gravel drive, wincing as he stretches his left arm to flick off the car lights. He pauses to tug his shirtsleeve down before getting out of the car.

Ronan expected him back earlier, but he isn’t inside the house as Adam thought he might’ve been. His search brings him back outside, through the orchards and spattering of barns. He finds Ronan behind one of the empty barns back aways, mending a fence. Or examining his finished work, rather. Ronan pushes down on a post, testing its strength, and nods to himself, satisfied. Then he takes a step to the side for the next one, and does the same. He does this a few times more before tossing some tools back into the toolbox. Then–Adam’s breath catches–he strips his tank off and swipes it over his face and neck, shoulder muscles shifting nicely with the movement.

Adam’s so busy admiring he almost doesn’t notice Ronan’s gaze on him. By the time he does, there’s no denying his ogling, so he smirks and shrugs instead. Ronan, prone to staring himself, doesn’t seem bothered. If anything, the flush in his cheeks deepen.

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More of the Kit Purrson fic, rewrite and continuation of the bit with Grump, containing the bits I posted earlier today; this is the “hockey shit” before Kent gets back to Vegas and consults Twitter about cat aggression.  Contains Martha from Manitoba, Kent’s #1 fan, and Screwy Lewy (they call him that on ESPN), who owns the Aces.  (Also: author’s note speculating on Kent’s childhood trauma)

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#287: 'I'll Be Loving You'

How Long Will I Love You: I’ll Be Loving You- One Shot #287

+past one shots

No visuals in this one.

Accompanying song: Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran 

A football game was playing a bit too loudly in the background, as you came in from the garden, and brushed your hands off. Toeing out of your shoes, and leaving them by the back door, before scratching the ears of the cat that perched itself up on the kitchen counter to soak in some rare sun.

“Hello,” you hummed, as it nuzzled against your hand, before plopping itself down again, and rolling over, so its belly was being caressed by the sun from the window over the sink.

You could hear Harry snoring lightly while the game droned on, as you approached.

You smiled, noting his arms crossed over his chest and his chin tucked down, as he had nodded off on the sofa, in front of the TV. Coming up behind the couch, you snatched the blanket off the back and tucked it over his legs, leaning around to kiss his cheek.

He jumped a little, but then roused from sleep, blinking awake, and smiling as he spotted you.

“Well, hello, my darling girl,” he hummed, with a grin, kissing your cheek with his soft, mildly age worn lips.

“Hi, Green Eyes.” You kissed his forehead, brushing back the thinning strands of hair.

Harry cleared his throat. “The kids here yet?”

You shook your head. “No, not yet. Not sure what they have planned for us today. Brunch, for sure. But I don’t know what else they…specifically your daughter, has in store for us .” You smiled, catching a glance at your wedding band and engagement ring that, miraculously, along with Harry’s own band, had held up against this test of time.   

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#44 - You Walk In On Your Child Having An Intimate Moment
  • A/N: The names are taken from the Family Series that was previously written! All the children are 18 years old in this preference!
  • Louis: "Louis, I just have a feeling that we shouldn't have left Gray and Marci alone tonight..." You mumble to your husband as he sat next to you in the booth of the restaurant while he played a game with your youngest child, Hayes, who sat across the table with his older sister Quincy. "Oh, they're fine." He laughs and rolls his eyes as he quickly pays for the check. You sigh and gather your things and stayed quiet the rest of the way home. As you pulled into the garage you grabbed Louis' thigh, "Why don't you go in and check...just to make sure that the kids don't see anything." You mumble, just loud enough for him to hear. He nods and moves inside while you kept Hayes and Quincy occupied in the car. "Mum, I hate to break it to you, but they're probably doing what they're not supposed to be." Quincy, Grayson's twin sister, laughed. You sighed and nodded, "Oh I know." You mumble. Meanwhile, Louis walked upstairs quietly and moved towards Grayson's room, putting his ear up to the door, hearing small moans and hushed voices. He knocked on the door with a laugh, "Just thought I'd let you know that we're all home and your mother is pissed off! So, if I were you, I'd get dressed and get out here like nothing happened." He says before he walked away. Grayson groaned and looked at Marci, "Time to get even more embarrassed." He groans as he gets up and grabs his clothes.
  • Niall: You and Niall were driving home with your oldest daughter, Sophie, after you had picked her up from college for a quick weekend visit. You had left your youngest, Addie, at home with her boyfriend Max whom you and Niall loved dearly. "To be honest, dad, I'm really surprised that you let Addie stay home...along with Max." Sophie laughs from the backseat. "I mean, you guys never let me be alone with Daniel until I was in college on my own," She jokes. "Well, I'm still not too happy about that," Niall jokes as he pulls into the driveway. "I'm sure they're behaving. I can't imagine Addie doing anything like that this young...she's a good girl." You say, just to try to reassure yourself. You didn't want to think of your little girl doing anything along those lines. You helped Sophie carry her bags in and you stopped dead in your tracks as you walked into the kitchen, spying Addie sitting on the counter with her legs wrapped around Max's waist, making out. "Whoa, okay, nope. We're not doing that!" You say quickly, making them jump and pull away completely embarrassed. ", welcome home sis." Addie said nervously trying to change the subject as Max fixed his shirt. "Oh, don't act all innocent." Sophie laughed as she hugged her baby sister.
  • Liam: "We're going upstairs," Your oldest son, Ben, shouted as he followed his girlfriend of two years, Eloise, up the steps quickly. You glance over at Liam who was sitting next to your youngest son, Luke, on the couch watching a football game. He glanced over at you with raised eyebrows, giving you the 'you're really letting them do that?' look. You rolled your eyes and turned your attention back to your book, ignoring the sound of the TV that was filling the room. After a while, Liam excused himself and disappeared up the stairs. You sighed and followed him up quietly. You snuck around the corner of the hallway and froze when you heard Liam's voice, "What in God's name are you doing? Are you serious? Benjamin Joseph, Oh my God!" You heard him shout. You ran down the hall and grabbed his arm as you went into Ben's room, shocked to see him and Eloise barely covered by his sheets, completely naked. "Liam, get out. Come on." You say, yanking on his arm. "I can't believe this!" He shouted as he turned his back to them and rushed out the room. You sighed and shielded your eyes, "Get dressed you two...and get out here..." You say before shutting the door. "And you said we could trust them." Liam snapped as you looked at him. You rolled your eyes and waited for Ben and Eloise to emerge.
  • Zayn: "Zayn," You hiss, shaking your husband violently as you sat up in bed. "What?" He groaned after a few seconds, "(Y/N), it's three in the morning, what could you possibly want?" He groans loudly. "I heard the door open downstairs...I think someone is in the house." You whisper as you watched him rub his eyes. "Okay, fine, I'll go check." He mumbles as he pushes himself up out of bed and moves towards the door. "Stay here." He sighs as he leaves your room and moves downstairs. He flicked on the lights as he went, searching through the rooms one by one as he went down the hall. He made it to the stairs and heard soft voices coming from downstairs and slowly made his way down. He peeked around the corner into the living room and softly gasped at the sigh before him. His youngest son, Mason, was hovering above his girlfriend, Abbey, on the couch and both of them had their shirts off. Zayn cleared his throat and Mason pulled away quickly, looking back at him, "D-ad...Shit..." He mumbles. "I suggest that Abbey leave." He says simply before moving back upstairs. You looked up at him as he came in, "It was just Mason...and Abbey...and that's all I'm going to say." He says, crawling back into bed.
  • Harry: Your youngest child, Emmett, was spending the night at a friends house and your oldest, Olivia, had told you two to go out and enjoy a date night. So, you and Harry did just that. You two went to a fancy dinner and the movies for the first time in ages. You returned home late that night and as you pulled into the drive, you realized that Jason's car, Olivia's boyfriend, was parked there. You and Harry brushed it off because Jason was frequently at your house. They were inseparable. Harry followed you in, his hands on your hips giving you small kisses down your neck, making you giggle and feel like a teenager again. "Where's Livi?" You ask softly as you glance into the den where they usually hung out and watched movies. "I don't know...You don't think don't they would be don't think?" Harry stuttered, having a hard time imagining that his little girl would do such a thing. "I'll go check." You say gently and move quickly up the stairs, opening her door without warning. "Oh my god, Olivia!" You shout, closing the door as quickly as you had opening it. "Shit!" You heard Jason shout as they began to shuffle around the room to collect their clothes. "Harry, don't come up here!" You shout, not wanting Harry to get involved because you knew it would make the situation worse.
TV series Homura goes to the post-Rebellion world.
  • Kyouko: Yo! Thanks for inviting us over Homura!
  • Mami: Pardon our intrusion, Akemi.
  • Sayaka: Thanks for inviting us in, transfer.
  • Madoka: Pardon us, Homura!
  • Homura: Come in.
  • Mami: Right. Let's get this last-minute summer break catch-up session get underway.
  • Sayaka: Are we going to finish in time?
  • Kyouko: Sucks to be you guys. I dunno why you even bother going to school when you clearly don't have time for it while hunting witches.
  • Madoka: Oh! Speaking of time... Homura, what if you stopped time so we have more time to finish?
  • Homura: I suppose I could do that, but I can't stop time long enough for it to be meaningful in this situation.
  • Madoka: Oh, I see...
  • Sayaka: Yo, transfer. Can you do anything else apart from stopping and going back in time?
  • Homura: What do you mean?
  • Sayaka: Like, can you go to the future as well?
  • Homura: I never tried it, there wasn't a point.
  • Sayaka: Well, you know... if we're not going to finish in time then there's no point doing our homework now right? We could just spend the day playing instead!
  • Madoka: Sayaka!
  • Sayaka: What?! It's true! Homework is all or nothing, you don't get points for doing only 80% of it or anything!
  • Madoka: W-Well yeah but...
  • Mami: Miki, that's a reckless way to think about it isn't it?
  • Sayaka: But it's so much more efficient this way!
  • Kyouko: Sayaka's got the right idea hasn't she? If ya ain't gonna be able to do it then why bother in the first place? Unless ya WANT to do your homework?
  • Mami: No, not really...
  • Madoka: Homura, what do you think?
  • Homura: I think I'll do it.
  • Sayaka: Yeah, that's the spirit!
  • Homura: Don't misunderstand. I'm only doing this to see if traveling to the future is possible or not.
  • Sayaka: Yup, just keep telling yourself that you tsundere~
  • Homura: How is that tsu-... Never mind, forget it.
  • Homura: ((Climbs onto her bed))
  • Homura: I'll be going now. Don't come on to my bed, it would be terrible if I came back and phased into your or something.
  • Kyouko: Ouch.
  • Homura: Here I go....
  • Homura: ...Did it work?
  • Homura: No one is here. Perhaps I've traveled forwards after all?
  • Homura: What day is it? I have a feeling I overshot too far ahead...
  • Kyubey: Oh? When did you arrive back from school?
  • Homura: Gah! Kyubey, what are you doing here?
  • Kyubey: I heard a noise so-
  • Homura: No, I mean what are you doing IN MY HOUSE?!
  • Kyubey: I was cleaning just a while ago...?
  • Homura: Huh?! Why?
  • Kyubey: Because you told me to, mistress.
  • Homura: When did I ever-! ...Mistress?
  • Kyubey: Is something the matter, mistress?
  • Homura: ...Hold up, let me check something here. Are you... my servant now or something?
  • Kyubey: Yes.
  • Homura: ....Since when?
  • Kyubey: Since you defeated us Incubators, mistress.
  • Homura: Could you stay outside my room for a second? Don't come in until I tell you.
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura: Also, don't you dare eavesdrop on me.
  • Kyubey: Of course not, mistress.
  • Kyubey: ((Leaves the room))
  • Homura: .....
  • Homura: AW YEAH SON
  • Homura: FUCK YEAH
  • Homura: ....
  • Homura: Ahem.
  • Homura: Kyubey, you can come back in now.
  • Kyubey: ((Walks back into the room))
  • Homura: Did you hear anything?
  • Kyubey: Not a word.
  • Homura: Excellent.
  • Homura: Tell me more about the fut-...I mean, about right now.
  • Kyubey: Right now?
  • Kyubey: Hm... Right now your familiars are cooking dinner. We didn't expect you back so soon so its not rea-
  • Homura: Familiars?
  • Kyubey: Yes, your 12 Clara doll familiars.
  • Homura: But don't-... I thought-.... Only witches have familiars right?
  • Kyubey: That's correct mistress.
  • Homura: ....Am I a witch?
  • Kyubey: Not at all mistress.
  • Kyubey: Ah, I see your confusion now.
  • Homura: Y-You do?
  • Kyubey: You're wondering how you kept your witch familiars even after you stopped being a witch aren't you?
  • Homura: I USED TO BE A WITCH?!
  • Homura: Wait, I got BETTER?! Really?!
  • Kyubey: Yes, why do you sound so surprised?
  • Homura: Oh! Well, uh... it's just a little surprising you know. That's not supposed to happen, right?
  • Kyubey: True. It was quite unusual.
  • Homura: So uh... How did I stop being a witch anyway?
  • Kyubey: You transcended.
  • Homura: ...Into what?
  • Kyubey: Is something wrong mistress? You know we Incubators don't understand the form you call a demon.
  • Homura: D-Demon?! What? How did I turn into a demon?!
  • Kyubey: When you defeated Madoka Kaname, mistress.
  • Homura: ....
  • Homura: What?
  • Homura: WHAT?!
  • Homura: WHAT THE HELL?!
  • Kyubey: Love.
  • Homura: .......
  • Homura: .......
  • Homura: .......
  • Homura: ...... What?
  • Kyubey: That's what you said at least.
  • Homura: I said love? Like, out loud?
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Kyubey: Everyone was there.
  • Homura: Oh god.... Did I say something weird?
  • Kyubey: "This is the pinnacle of human emotion! More passionate than hope, more deeper than despair... it's love!"
  • Homura: .....
  • Kyubey: That's what you said, more or less.
  • Homura: ..........was Madoka there?
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura: So in a way, I basically confessed my love to Madoka.
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura: While everyone was watching.
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura:
  • Homura: ((Makes some gurgling, choking noises))
  • Kyubey: Mistress?
  • Homura: Kyubey.
  • Homura: Madoka's response.
  • Homura: I... I need to know what it is. Did she look... happy?
  • Kyubey: She look frightened.
  • Homura: FUCK
  • Kyubey: M-Mistress...?
  • Homura: WHY THOUGH?!
  • Kyubey: Why....?
  • Kyubey: It was probably because you were ripping her apart.
  • Homura:
  • Homura: What.
  • Kyubey: Ripping her in ha-
  • Homura: You're-... I-... That can't-...
  • Homura: Like, literally ripping her in half or-
  • Kyubey: You split Madoka Kaname into two pieces.
  • Homura:
  • Homura:
  • Homura:
  • Homura: Kyubey, please leave the room again.
  • Kyubey: Yes mi-
  • Homura: NOW
  • Kyubey: ((flees))
  • Homura:
  • Homura:
  • Homura: WHAT?! HUH?!?!
  • Kyubey: Yes mistre-
  • Homura: Tell me everything. EVERYTHING.
  • Kyubey: Everything about what?
  • Kyubey: Well... your soul gem was extremely dark so Madoka was using the Law of Cycles to-
  • Homura: The what now?
  • Kyubey: Law of Cycles? It's the universal principle that Madoka created when she became god.
  • Homura: Madoka becomes GOD?!
  • Kyubey: Yes mistress.
  • Homura: HOW?! WHAT?!
  • Kyubey: She wished for it.
  • Homura: She wished for-....
  • Homura: ....Grr, I won't kill you yet. Keep talking, so God-Madoka or whatever is doing this cycling law thing and...?
  • Kyubey: So Madoka is about to take you away to eternal paradise in her heaven-
  • Homura: I'm liking the sound of this.
  • Kyubey: When you grab her and stop her instead.
  • Homura: I'm not liking the sound of this.
  • Kyubey: You then rip Madoka in half, separating her human self away from her godly self and-
  • Homura: ((punts Kyubey into the wall)
  • Kyubey: But-
  • Kyubey: I'm sorry?
  • Homura: GAAAAHHHH!
  • Homura: ......
  • Homura: Alright, so I don't kill Madoka. That's a good thing. Okay. Okay, I've calmed down now. Carry on.
  • Kyubey: .......Yes, where was I?
  • Kyubey: Your soul gem becomes tainted with love instead of despair and you become a demon. You then recreate the world to your liking.
  • Homura: And... what sort of world is it?
  • Kyubey: I don't know.
  • Homura: What? Why?!
  • Kyubey: You kept quite a lot of the changes secret, no one knows what fully transpired except you.
  • Homura: Damn... Alright then, tell me what Madoka is like in this world of mine.
  • Kyubey: Exactly the same as before, I believe. Except your suppressing her godly self.
  • Homura: You know why I would have a problem with Madoka being god?
  • Kyubey: Not entirely, no.
  • Homura: Damn... Alright then, what's the relationship between me and Madoka?
  • Kyubey: Enemies.
  • Homura:
  • Homura:
  • Kyubey: ....Mistress? Are you having another heart attack mistress?
  • Homura: ((coughs up blood))
  • Kyubey: Mistress?!
  • Homura: W-W-.... Why are Madoka and I know... "Not friends"?
  • Kyubey: Because you decided to make Madoka your enemy. You declared it yourself.
  • Homura: ((Coughs up even more blood))
  • Kyubey: Do you need medical attention, mist-
  • Homura: No, I need- Just gimme a moment here. Leave the room again will you?
  • Kyubey: ....Yes mistress.
  • Homura: ....
  • Homura: ....
  • Homura: FUTURE ME
  • Homura: You know what? Screw this place. I'm done. I'm done forever. I'm going back home. I'm actually going to end up killing myself here if I stay any long.
  • Homura: ((Time-travels backwards))
  • Homura: God, time-travel always gives me such a headache...
  • Madoka: Homura! Welcome back!
  • Kyouko: So it works right? Future time travel that is.
  • Mami: Welcome back, Akemi.
  • Sayaka: So? So? Do we finish in time or what?
  • Homura: Hey. Miki.
  • Sayaka: Yeah...?
  • Homura: You said that if something isn't going to work out in the end, there isn't any point bother trying to make it happen anymore right?
  • Sayaka: Y-Yeah...? Does this mean we don't get our homework finished in time or...?
  • Homura: ((Paps Madoka's shoulders))
  • Madoka: H-Homura?
  • Homura: I'm sorry Madoka. Goodbye.
  • Madoka: What? Homura?!
  • Homura: ((Walks away))
  • Madoka: Homura?! HOMURA?!
  • Mami: W-What happened in the future exactly...?
  • Kyouko: Huh? What's going on?
  • Madoka: HOMURA!
  • Mami: AKEMI!
  • Sayaka: TRANSFER!
  • Kyouko: KYOUKO~!
I'll Be There- Shawn Mendes Fanfic

Because I have no motivation to do anything else. I might take a break. I need time to think and process. I didn’t know how much all of this meant to me until now

Chapter Three

I unlock my front door and walk in, throwing my backpack onto the floor. I yell out, “Aunt Patti, I’m home from school!” No reply. I yell out again and I still get no reply so I walk into the kitchen. Hanging on the fridge is a note that says “Went out to the store. Had to get a couple things. Be back around 5 ~Patti” I crumble the note up and throw it into the trash can. I should be used to this because back in Montreal, Aunt Patti used to do this all the time. I was just hoping she would be home so I could tell her about my day.

The rest of my day was the same as the morning. People talked about me. I only had classes with a couple friends and teachers gave me the same sympathetic look. Everything was easy. I don’t even need to be in most classes. I’m just doing them so it looks good on college applications. After I came out of the bathroom at lunch neither Shawn or Lauren was there. Alicia gives me a look that says that they do this everyday. Leaving lunch to go do whatever they do behind closed doors. And to be honest, I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach when I think of Shawn being with Lauren. Maybe Lauren was right when she said that he was doing better with her.

I push that thought aside and go up to my room. I change out of my school clothes, which is just high waisted black jeans and a white blouse that’s tucked in and black vans. I throw my clothes into my hamper and the shoes into my closet. I slip on gray, very oversized sweatpants and an old t-shirt. I sit down on my bed as I put my hair into a messy bun. I sit back and relax as I open my binder, getting out the homework my teachers told me to attempt. It’s actually not that hard because the classes here are a little behind my old ones in Montreal. I finish my homework in under an hour and look at the time. It’s only 3:20. Aunt Patti gets home in less than two hours so I have time to kill. I head downstairs to the living room and plop down onto the couch, sprawling my arms and legs out. Turning on the tv, I smile as I realize there is a Star Wars marathon on.

I silently watch the beginning the marathon as my phone goes off a couple times. I don’t answer because I’m too engrossed in the movie. But as soon as there is a commercial, I look at my messages. Shawn texted me twice and Alicia texted me three times. I look through Alicia’s messages first.

How was your first day back?

You are literally the most talked about person today.

What happened between you and Lauren? She is saying shit about you.

I roll my eyes, not really surprised that Lauren is starting stuff already. She’s just that kind of person and even though I moved away, I expect that from her. I text Alicia back saying:

School was fine. Shawn and I have 2 classes and lunch together. Lauren was just telling me to stay away from Shawn. She was being a bitch like always.

I quickly hit send and then go see what Shawn sent me.

Hey it’s Shawn. How was the rest of your day?

I heard Lauren say stuff about you. Just ignore he. Okay?

I decide just to text him back saying that school was fine and thanks for caring. I turn off my phone, not wanting to be bothered by anyone, as the movie comes back on. I end up finishing the first Star Wars movie when Aunt Patti comes in with about four bags of groceries. “I met up with an old friend before I went shopping.” She states as she walks into the kitchen, setting the bags on the table. I nod and follow her as we start putting away the groceries. “How was your first day?”

I think about what I should say and reply, “Good. I have friends in a couple of classes. All of my friends from before welcomed me back. Shawn is dating Lauren.” Once I say that, Aunt Patti looks over at me, surprised.

“Never thought Shawn went for girls like Lauren,” She mutters. I smile knowing that Aunt Patti knows about the beef between Lauren and I and that she hates Lauren as much as I do. Lauren and I never got along. And the only reason we hang out is because we’re in the same friend group. If I didn’t ever have to see her again, I wouldn’t care. She does things for attention and is fake. We never got along because I always had things that she wanted. Like Shawn. And being the captain of our lacrosse team. And always being likable. I don’t try to have and do things she wants. It just happens.

After I put away all of the groceries, I tell Aunt Patti that I’ll make dinner for us tonight and she says thank you and goes up to her room to do whatever she does up there. I get out ingredients for making chicken breasts, peas, and mashed potatoes and start to prepare the meal. As I’m cooking, Shawn texts me. I smile as I read his message.

I am so glad you’re back. It feels good to have my partner in crime back.

I laugh a little, thinking of how me and Shawn used to always do everything together and we would always end up getting in trouble together. We would always get caught talking and get sent to detention together. Those were the good days. When we didn’t have any complications that we have now. Like Lauren. And my parents death. I quickly type a reply, telling him that I missed us sharing food in detention.

Shawn and I text back and forth as I keep cooking. We somehow get on the topic of him and Lauren. And to be honest, I’m actually curious. He was never into Lauren before me and him dated, despite her many advances. So I have no idea why he would date her now.

Me: So what’s going on between you and Lauren

Shawn: She was just there after you left. She helped me get through you leaving and about a year later I realized that I liked her. But now I’m not sure how I feel about her because you’re back. You were always the one for me.

When he says that, I smile widely. He still feels the same way. I can’t believe that I might have a chance with him still. I am screaming on the inside as Aunt Patti walks in and helps me set up the table. “What are you all happy about, Care?” She asks, nudging me a little. I shrug it off, not telling her because I don’t want her to get her hopes up. Aunt Patti knows that Shawn was one of the best things that happened to me. If I told her that he still likes me, she’ll freak out and try to get us together. And I don’t want her to get into this.

Once the table is set, I look down at the food and automatically want to throw up. I don’t want to eat. I can’t eat. If I do, I’ll hate it. I always do. Food makes me sick. I haven’t been able to eat a full meal in a while. I’m surprised that I actually ate lunch today in school. But I ended up not eating it all. And I got rid of what I ate too. Back in Montreal, right after I moved there, I became depressed. And side-effects of depression include loss in appetite. But it also doesn’t help that there was a bunch of peer pressure to lose weight. When I first moved there, when I was fifteen, I weighed over 170 pounds. But now I weigh under 120 pounds. I’m not proud of what I did but I’m glad that I lost weight. I needed it. I needed the motivation to improve myself. I hated myself for a long time and I wanted to find a way to love myself. And I did.

“Caroline? Aren’t you going to eat?” Aunt Patti asks as she sits down, setting a napkin in her lap. She looks up at me expectantly.

“I ate right before you came down. I thought I would still be hungry to eat dinner but I’m not,” I lied. “I’m gonna go visit some friends.” I tell her. She nods and tells me to be back before 10:30. I look at the clock and see that I have over four hours before I have to be back. That should be enough time. I grab my jacket and slip it on as I walk outside. I hurry to my car because I must look really disgusting. I mean, I’m still wearing the sweatpants and the old t-shirt but I just slipped on a jacket and an old pair of Vans. I am totally bumming it. But I don’t have time to change so I just go out like this.

I quickly start up my car, I am barely buckled up before I back out of the driveway and race down the road. Now I’m not one to speed because of what happened to my parents, but I’m running late. I haven’t been home since I left for Montreal so that means I haven’t been able to visit my parents. And the cemetery is closing soon. I’ll end up forgetting to visit them for a while and when I actually do remember, I wont have time.

Luckily, where my parents are buried is relatively close so it doesn’t take me a while to get there. I get there within ten minutes. Parking my car, I unbuckle and eagerly turn it off. I climb out of my car and look around the dimly lit field and sigh. I find my parents grave and slowly trudge over to the far end of the field. The sky is covered in dark clouds and I look up. It’s going to rain. I can tell.

I get to the stone colored graves and sink to my knees. My lip starts trembling as I see their named engraved onto the stone. “Hi Mom. Hi Dad.” My voice is uneasy as tears well up in my eyes. I rub my sleeve against my eyes as I continue muttering to their graves. “I’m sorry it took me so long to come back. To visit you. I guess I just um,” I stopped as I let out a quiet sob. It feels weird being here. I feel like they’re here with me even though I know they’re not. I guess I just needed to see something that reminds me of them to actually feel their presence. “I guess I just needed time to, um, think. To grieve.” As I talk, it starts to rain. And not just drizzle. But it starts to pour. I just ignore it. I need as much time as possible with them.

So I sit there and cry my eyes out in the rain. And it feels good. I rant about their death. About Shawn. About myself. And I’ve probably been here for about an hour. I’m not surprised. Time flies when you’re letting all of your feelings out. But even though I let everything out, I still can’t bring myself to leave. This is probably the happiest I’ve been in a while because I feel closer to them.

It’s starting to get dark as I look around the cemetery. There are mud puddles everywhere and I look down at myself and sigh as I see that I am covered in mud. Of course, But at least I’m not wearing anything nice. As I stand up, I hear leaves rustle around me. I’m about to call out and ask who’s there but the person beat me to it. “Caroline? Is that you?” I smile as I recognize that voice. It’s Shawn.

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ship meme thingy: jily?


  • who controls the netflix account and what have they dominated the suggestions with by watching: well, lily owned it originally, but they both use it the same amount because they almost invariably watch tv together, on account of them having freakishly similar tastes. like, they both love exactly the same kind of tv, they react exactly the same way to everything, and they’re basically mirror images of each other when they’re watching, it’s so weird. they both find single camera mockumentary sitcommy stuff SO FUNNY so they watch a lot of that, especially on weeknights, and they also love sci-fi. they’ve worked their way through all of bsg, babylon 5, warehouse, firefly obviously and, of course, star trek. they love star trek. they have replica uniforms. they’ve been to cons. it’s extremely hilarious to their friends. also they watch “”“serious”“” tv shows that have been recced to them and they have a shared secret trashy love for awful teen soap operas. they can never agree on what to watch when they want to watch films though.
  • who snores: james, because james is extremely prone to colds that make him snore all the time. but lily is one of those people who sleep like the dead for like four hours then wake up and find themselves really alert for like twenty minutes before falling asleep again, so she doesn’t wake up.
  • who has an embarrassing ringtone that the other calls them in public just to go off: sirius changes james’ ringtone all the time. he and lily are absolutely bros about this and giggle like INFANTS about it and switch off on calling james in public just to watch him flounder.
  • who sleeps on the top bunk if given a chance: lily, actually. she grew up always having to settle for the bottom bunk bc petunia got dibs, whereas james always had the top bunk, and so she gets so excited at the prospect of getting the top bunk and he thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world so although he sighs overdramatically about it, he always cedes it to her.
  • who plays the piano at 6 in the morning to wake up the other: james is one of those irrationally cheerful morning people. he is also a really talented pianist. lily finds existence before like 8 AM to be repulsive. he definitely, absolutely, plays the most annoying music he can just to piss her off, singing along to ‘camptown races’ at 6.30 and playing ‘the entertainer’ five times extra loud just for her. but on the other hand, there are days when he gets up and plays just because he wants to, sonatas and adagios and waltzes mixed with covers of popular music he makes up on the fly that somehow always sound exactly right, and these days he just loses himself in the music, and he never plays too loudly these days but lily wakes up anyway, and though she’d rather wake up next to him it’s still a pretty nice way to come to consciousness, and she just lies there listening for a while before padding out to watch, because when james plays the piano like this he looks like he’s transcended worlds, eyes closed and brow furrowed and hands absolutely flying across the keys, and it awes her, every time.
  • who has accidentally set something on fire by attempting to cook a birthday meal: they both did, when they were cooking a birthday dinner for remus together. they were like nineteen, okay, they were young and hormonal and the counter was the perfect height for making out, what else could anyone have expected. the consensus among their friends is, after that, to never let them cook together ever again.

send me ships!

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OKAYOKAYOKAYOKAYOKAY SO I FOUND YOUR BLOG LIKE A WEEK AGO OR SO AND YOU'RE AMAZING OMG PLS BE MY FRIEND <3 lol i'm so weird sorry >.> NOW IM RANTING SO I'LL CUT IT SHORT AND LEAVE YOU WITH MY REQUEST OKAY: A headcanon for the My Forged Wedding boys and what they would do for me on my birthday? (It's in two days so I wanted something from my favorite boys <3) And if you could try doing Akito I will love you forever and ever because that cute lil shit is my second favoriteヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ Thanks bae <3

I WILL MOST DEF BE YOUR FRIEND <3 I’m so glad you like my blog! Even though it’s fanfiction and reblogging voltage stuff. Ooh! Happy Birthday! :D Here’s your present from the My Forged Wedding boys! 
Yamato: Yamato had to work on your birthday, but he didn’t forget to give you the affection and celebration for your birthday. He prepared your favorite dishes for breakfast and promised you that you guys would celebrate your birthday after work. Soon after, but a little later than usual, Yamato came home, with a cake box and a rose. He set up the cake and handed you the rose, a faint blush on his cheeks. After a romantic dinner and cake at home, he told you to close your eyes and wait for your present. All you could hear were his footsteps going into the bedroom and him rummaging through something, and the same footsteps getting closer. You felt something in your hands, and tried to guess what it was. “A book?” you guessed, curiously feeling it around. “Just open it, pouty.” he said, smiling nervously at you. You opened your eyes, unwrapped it, and then saw it was a photo album of all of the memories you’ve made with him, as well as a note from him on the bottom of each picture. “Yamato, this is perfect.” you said, as you flipped through the pictures, carefully reading each note. You embraced each other, as he just said a quiet “Happy Birthday, pouty.” and kissed the top of your head. 

Saeki: Knowing Saeki, you guessed he would do something over the top and probably expensive. He left you a note in the morning, saying he had to go to work for a new TV show, but he would be back early. When you got home, you just saw a beautiful dress laid out on the bed, with a note that read ‘Wear this and come to the lobby by 7. Love you, honey. -Takamasa” Your eyes moved to the beautifully elegant white dress, with matching white sparkly stilettos. Quickly changing, you put the finishing touches on your outfit and looked in the mirror. It fit you perfectly, and you looked gorgeous in it. When he heard you coming down to the lobby, Saeki was speechless; you were so breathtakingly beautiful. “Shall we, my lady?” he asked, as he bowed and kissed your hand. When you got to the location, you couldn’t believe your eyes. It was the famous french restaurant you’ve wanted to go for ages. The food was delicious and luxurious, and you couldn’t be happier with the night. The moment you both got home, Saeki pinned you against the wall, kissing you sweetly yet intensely, before picking you up to go into the bedroom. “Happy Birthday, honey.” he said, in between kisses, and continued to make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world until the sun came up. 

Takao: Takao woke you up with a series of sweet kisses, traveling from your forehead, to your nose, to your cheeks, and finally your lips. “Takao?” you mumbled, still half asleep. “Good morning, birthday girl.” he said, sweetly. He took the day off for your birthday and brought you breakfast in bed. After breakfast/brunch, you guys decided to have a beach day and quickly got ready. Since it was a weekday, not so many people were there, which made it so much more private. The sunset was exceptionally beautiful at the beach, and you were watching it in Takao’s arms. “It’s so beautiful.” you said, glancing up at your husband. “Not as much as you.” he said, blushing immediately after realizing what he just said. He reached over to his bag and brought out something, to avoid the teasing. “I hope you like this, ____.” he said, handing you the fancy box. You slowly opened it, revealing beautiful earrings with your birthstone in the middle. “Takao! This is so thoughtful. I love it!” you said, as you almost jumped him in excitement and happiness. He smiled shyly as he took the earrings and put them on you. “There you go. You look perfect.”

Ren: Coming home after your shift at LI, you couldn’t find Ren anywhere. “Ren?” you called out into the empty apartment. You were about to go see if he was sleeping, until you saw a post it on the dining table. ‘Come to the park at 8 please. -Ren’ Confused, you looked to see what time it was and saw that you needed to head out in order for you to make it in time. Upon arriving at the park you saw arrows drawn on the concrete ground, giving you instructions to your ‘surprise.’ You carefully followed the arrows and saw Ren standing in the middle of a heart made of candles with a bouquet of roses. “Ren?” you called out, your heart instantly warming. You joined Ren to the middle of the candles where he handed you the roses and a box of chocolate. All of a sudden, a soft love song turned on as Ren gently took your hand and put his other hand on your waist so you could dance the night away. “Happy Birthday, my princess.”

Yuta: Yuta woke you up on the morning of your birthday by yelling/singing Happy Birthday to you, with a bright smile on his face. You woke up, feeling touched that he remembered your special day.  ”Yuta! you remembered!” you said, throwing your arms over his neck. “Of course! How could I forget?” he said back, kissing you quickly before getting up to change. “You’re going to come to my performance today, right?” he asked you, smiling like a little kid. Yuta had a performance on your birthday and wanted you to see it.  ”I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” you said, returning his wide smile.
Yuta was nailing his performance and the crowd went wild with cheers and laughter every time he said a joke. You couldn’t help but laugh at his jokes. At the end of the segment, he requested the audience to participate in singing happy birthday to a very special person. You. The spotlight was on you and the crowd started singing happy birthday to you. You blushed from the attention, and even more when Yuta brought out a huge teddy bear and hugged you with it. “Happy Birthday, ____!” he said, before you hugged you again. 

Kunihiko: Did he forget what today was? Did he really forget your birthday? Kunihiko sent you out to get some groceries from the market during your shift at LI. He treated you the same as any other day and still wanted you to work by washing dishes and preparing cocktails. You stormed off to the market to get the supplies and tried not to let it bother you. As you walked back to LI, you took a deep breath and calmed yourself down. You were still bitter, but you shouldn’t let it show. As you opened the oak doors to LI, you realized all the lights were off. Worried about what happened, you flicked the switch to turn the lights back on to check out what happened.  The moment light spread into the sports bar, 6 guys jumped out, yelling “Surprise!”  You were completely fooled, by Kunihiko’s surprise party. “You actually remembered?!” you asked, running up to him. “Are you kidding, _____? Who do you think I am?” he said, as he snaked his arms around your waist. 

Akito: “Where are you taking me, Aki?” you asked Akito, curiously peering at his face for any hints. “You’ll just have to see.” he said, before just smiling and closing his eyes to sleep. You puffed out your cheeks and crossed your arms until you got off the train. “Isn’t this Kyushu?” you asked Akito, really confused. He just gave you his rare warm smile and nodded. Grabbing your hand, he led you to your neighborhood, and then to the brewery he/his dad owns. “What are we doing here?” you asked him, a soft smile playing on your face. “Let’s play hide and seek, just when we were kids.” he replied. “You go first.” Akito started to count down from 20 and you immediately hid behind the first barrel, and held your breath. “3..2..1. Ready or not, here I come!” he yelled, and searched behind the barrel you were hiding at. “Found you,” he said, wrapping his toned around your waist and kissing your temple. “You always find me.” you said, turning around. “And I always will.” he replied, brushing his lips on yours. 

I haven’t played Akito’s route so I don’t know if this is okay or not, but here you go! This wasn’t my best writing, I’m sorry T__T I hope it was okay! Happy Birthday from the MFW boys! <3