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Pairing-Isaac x Annette

Word count-1,856

A/N- So, So sorry this took so long! This was requested back when I was doing the celebration for 1000 followers and now I’m what? 13 people away from 2000 followers. I do hope you enjoy this!

Request- Congrats on your milestone! You deserve each and everyone of those followers. I was hoping I could get a personal one shot with Isaac Lahey, when possible? I’d like it to be something sweet. Maybe where he discovers that I’m pregnant? Or where he asks me to marry him? Or where he tries to come up with an original date for our anniversary? Whatever you like most! My name is Annette, I’m helpful and understanding and also a little stubborn. Take your time to write it and most of all have fun!

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“Now come on don’t be like that” Isaac scolded when you tried to peak under the blindfold he had placed on you. You giggled and raised your hand in surrender before speaking, “sorry Isaac, I’m just curious” you said with a giggle. “Still” came Isaac’s soft voice over he him of the radio in the car, “no peaking”.

It had been several years since you and the pack had all graduated high school and gone on to separate collages, however, that did not diminish the closeness of the pack, you met up on every break, spend as much time as possible together and now, even now, five years later as marriages were taking place, jobs fulfilled and children thought about, the pack was close as ever.

You sighed softly and rolled down the window slightly, letting the fresh summer breeze blow through your hair.

“Annette” Isaac scolded when you tried to peel the blindfold away yet again. “I’m sorry Isaac! I can’t help it” you apologised, a sigh leaving your lips again.

“We’re here” Isaac said as he pulled up, turned off the car and taking the key out of the ignition. He quickly ran round to your side of the car and opened the door, helping you out as you were still blindfolded. “Careful” Isaac said softly, you could hear sticks and leaves crunching beneath your feet, letting you know you were in the woods.

“Isaac where are we?” You asked, your voice filled with confusion. Why would Isaac bring you to the woods?

“You’ll see in time” he replied, kissing your forehead.


You walked for a few more minutes before coming to a stop. “Okay, take of the blindfold” Isaac finally said, he had moved to stand in front of you and removed the blindfold slowly.

Your eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the light of the sunset and when they did, your mouth parted.

A large blanket sat on the grass, a wide open field, log grass just a little away where you could see Derek rubbing around with his little girl on his shoulders, she had recently turned two and everyone already loved her.

The blanket was filled with food and the rest of the pack stood around.

“Happy Anniversary baby” Isaac breathed, taking in the happiness on your face, he loved to see you happy.

“Isaac…” you trailed off, you knew how difficult it was to get everyone in one place at one time, so he must’ve worked hard to make she everyone, even Derek and Breaden, could be here for your birthday, and the other surprise Isaac had planned for later.

“Sure it was difficult to get everyone here at once but, I planned ahead of time” Isaac admitted when you pulled him into an embrace.

He keeps how important it was to you to be around your family, the pack was your family, so he wanted to do this when you were around them.

“I love you” you mumbled into his chest, all the nerves you had earlier about where was taking you and what was going to happen gone as everyone began to gather for dinner as the sun set. Lydia’s baby bump had fairly progressed, she and Stiles expecting their baby in a few weeks. She was telling you all about the outfits she had bought, they had found out the gender of the baby to be a girl and she was saying how ecstatic Stiles was to be having a little girl, his own baby girl.

“He said she’s not allowed to go on dates” Lydia giggled, “Not allowed to get a boyfriend either, but I'll speak to him when the time comes, still got a long, long time until those days are near” she added, causing a giggle from you. You weren’t paying full attention however, you were looking over her shoulder, Isaac was being tackled by Derek’s daughter, overdramatically falling to the ground and groaning.

“What about you and Isaac, got any plans for a little Lahey” she wiggled her eyebrows and you blushed. You wrung your hands together and swallowed, “Well, about that…” you trailed off, looking cautiously up at her to see her beaming. “No way!” she squealed, embracing you best she could with the fact you were both sitting down and she was eight months pregnant.

“Does he know? How far along are you? Who else knows?” she gushed, holding your hands in hers. “Just you, I haven’t even told Isaac yet, I plan on telling him tonight, fingers crossed, and I’m only six weeks, but I’m so exited already. I never even suspected being pregnant until two days ago, then I took the test and made a doctors appointment, they told me how far along  I was and I couldn’t believe I’ve gone six weeks without knowing I was pregnant ” you squealed along with her. “Morning sickness had been hard to conceal, I’m desperate to tell him” you admitted, running your fingers through your hair.

“What if he’s not ready” you pondered, a worried look coming into your face. “Annette” Lydia said sternly. “Look at everything Isaac had to go through, his whole life he was abused and hurt, he wants to right the wrongs of his father with his own child, Isaac is going to love this child and you no matter what, okay? Speaking of the devil, here he comes” she said, attempting to stand up and failing due to her large stomach.

Isaac chuckled and grasped her hands, pulling her up to her feet as you giggled, standing up next to her and hugging her once again.

Isaac waited until you two pulled apart and Lydia stepped away to turn off the music that was playing softy in the background.

“I would like everyone’s attention please” he spoke loudly, everyone turning to look at the two of you. He took your hands in his and took a few deep breaths. “Annette, my love. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my whole life, inside and out. You are the kindest and most loving person I have ever had in my life. Sure you can be stubborn but it’s part of you, and I love every part of you. Which is why I’m going to ask you this”

He bent down on one knee and pulled a velvet box out of his pocket, opening it carefully to show a beautiful ring.

Your hands went over your mouth in shock.

“Would you do me the honours of becoming Mrs Lahey, and staying with me for the rest of our lives” he asked, his voice unsure, his eyes full of hope. “Yes Isaac!  Yes!!” you exclaimed, tears running down your cheeks as she slipped the ring on your finger and embraced you tightly.  

He reached over and turned the music back on, everyone beginning to dance softly to the slow song that played through the radio.

You leaned in and stood on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “Maybe we could hold off the wedding for a while, I’d quite like out baby to be there” you lulled softly, feeling him freeze up and watching his eyes widen. “You-You’re pregnant” he said quietly, using his werewolf abilities to enhance his hearing to see whether or not you were lying and instead of your heart skipping a beat, he heard two heartbeats, yours and the actual heartbeat of his baby.

“Oh my god” he whispered, his eyes filling with tears. “I’m gonna be a dad” he squeaked. “I’m gonna be a dad” he said louder, this time everyone hearing him and turning around. He turned to look at everyone, smiling wider than they’d ever thought the broken boy who’s father beat him relentlessly would ever be able to muster, boy had they been wrong.

When they met his several long years ago, he was broken, but you, you came into his life and you put him back together, you fixed him.

“I’m gonna be a dad” he exclaimed to everyone, everyone whooping and cheering and coming to congratulate the two of you.

“I love you so much” he gushed, his hand laced into yours on the drive home. “And I love our child, I swear to be the father I never got to have, I’ll be nothing like he was I promise” Isaac swore, his face deadly serious. “Isaac, love, I know. You’re nothing like him and you never will be, okay? You’re going to be an excellent dad, I know it” you told him, smiling at him.

He took his eyes off the road for only a second to look at you as the light was red, admiring your beauty. Though his eyes seemed stuck to you, frozen in time until the car behind beeped and Isaac realised the light had tuned green. “Oops” he mumbled under his breath and began driving again.

You giggled and sighed contently. “I love you too Isaac, and our baby” you added, watching the smile break onto his face once again. “Our baby will be so lucky, growing up in a family like ours, with us and the pack. He or she will never be judged or held back from anything that their heart desires, unless we have a daughter and she wants a boyfriend of course” Isaac spoke, deadly serious.

“Isaac…” you warned, raising your eyebrows at him. “Annette, no daughter of mine will be dating, seeing boys, talking to boys, looking at boys, touching boys, being anywhere near boys until she is at least twenty five.” he finished, before back adding, “Unless she is into girls, in which case she will still not be allowed to date, girls however she can have in her room because they cannot get her pregnant, though, if I have a baby girl, she is not allowed to date, she has to stay my baby forever” he stated simply and you shook your head at him.

“And if we have a son, he will be raised to be respectful to woman, I don’t ever, ever, want any boy of mine mistreating anyone, I’d die before any child of mine ended up like my father” Isaac shuddered at the thought. “Either way, boy or girl, our child will be loved and brought up with love and compassion, they’ll know how loved they are and they’ll be taught to respect other, but not to take shit from anyone and if anyone hurts them, they go to uncle Derek who wont hesitate to snap a neck or two” You joked, causing a laugh from Isaac.

“You’re gonna be such a great mom too you know” he sighed contently as he pulled into the driveway. You smiled and turned to Isaac, grabbing two water bottles from the backseat, you gave one to him and held one yourself.

Isaac raised his eyebrows at you and you laughed. “A cheers to us, new parents and new beginnings” you announced, all with a smile out your lips. “I’ll drink to that” Isaac commented and took a long swig of water, this was going to be great fun.

clary-contrary  asked:

First of all, I love your blog! You seem like sweet person! I'm going through hard times right now, and I'd love to read some Darry fics that might relate to my situation. Do you know any fics where Draco or Harry self harm or get addicted to drugs? A happy ending would be preferable, but I'll take anything you got! Thanks :)

Thank you! I’m gonna go with substance abuse;

Breathe Me by Kedavranox (70k)
Since the singular incident of being a Horcrux for many years has left Harry with a sensitivity to Dark magic, Harry begins training with Jacob, a Wizard who lives in New York, using this sensitivity to his advantage to cleanse magical spaces of Dark magic.
After a year of training, Draco Malfoy shows up, wanting to learn from Jacob as well, and unexpectedly the two men grow a bond, both magical and physical. But Jacob’s sudden death leaves Harry floundering and growing increasingly dependent on drugs and sex to avoid his problems.
After his brief and tumultuous affair with Draco ends, Harry begins a life of travel, avoiding returning home permanently and continuing his drug habit. He flits from job to job, from place to place, never settling down for a moment, until, years later, Harry is called back to England by his friends to help Draco find his way out of a cursed Manor.

But, In Dreams by Kedavranox (23k)
Harry is a Seer, with a particular affinity for speaking to the dead, but this comes at a price he’s slowly killing himself to pay. [Follow up The Longest Night ]

Railway Lands by Maelipstick (65k)
Draco finds his own way to cope with being a failed Death Eater at Voldemort’s headquarters. Voldemort finds a way to destroy the wizarding world even after his death. Harry is trying to hold the world together while his mind quietly comes apart.

Only For The Lucky by SunseticMonster (63k)
Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes.
But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Harry Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.

Reparations by Saras_Girl (87k)
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

Foundations by Saras_Girl (236k)
When one door closes, another one opens – with a bit of a push. Life, love and complications. [sequel to Reparations] 

Solder by Oakstone730 (34k)
Seven years ago, Harry disappeared out of Draco and Scorpius’s life without a trace after Harry’s addictions destroyed his and Draco’s marriage. Now, Harry’s back, and Draco wants to believe he’s changed. But Harry isn’t the only one haunted by the past. 

An Aching Soul by writcraft (15k)  
I can’t help but wonder if Potter’s really as fine as he claims to be. There’s something strange about seeing the vanilla hero of the wizarding world eye-fucking someone across a crowded bar before slipping off into the shadows - Draco Malfoy escapes to the Muggle world to avoid his parents, memories of the war and Harry Potter. However, some things prove harder to escape than others as Draco realises when his favourite Muggle haunt is rudely invaded by a post-war Harry who is struggling to cope with grief, growing up and the battle with his inner demons.

Things Left Unspoken by bridenore (3k)
I was looking for an excuse to leave the place when I spotted them. Six small glass vials were proudly displayed behind the counter. The liquid inside was cobalt blue. I had seen one of these in Draco Malfoy’s hand eighteen months ago. 

Unhook the Stars by Jad (62k)

“Love is like a Rubix Cube: there are countless wrong twists and turns, but once you get it right, it’s perfect no matter how you look at it.” Seventy-thousand words of pornographic discourse between two boys-turned-men that still haven’t learned how to communicate like normal people – with words. Guest appearances by Pansy Parkinson, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Blaise Zabini, Teddy Lupin, Gregory Goyle, the Weird Sisters, ex-wives, several Weasleys, a Boggart, and a Honey Badger.

Prelude to a Year Backpacking in Tibet by themaohour (20k)
Draco Malfoy should have expected this from the start: taking the easy way out of a bad situation only leads to a worse situation. Especially when someone turns up dead.

Only Another Beginning by leandralocke and narya86 (40k)
Five years after Voldemort’s deafeat Harry runs into his former school nemesis who has been banned from the wizarding world, together with some other Death Eaters. Harry had known that life among muggles proabably wouldn’t be easy for them, but discovering that Malfoy works as street hustler was certainly not what he expected. [Vignette]

Hero by leontinabowie (17k)
Harry is a drug addict, and helping him proves more difficult than Draco initially thought.

The Voldemort Manor by Kedavranox (40k)
The Malfoy Manor is a state run museum, renamed The Voldemort Manor by the Ministry for Magic. As part of his probation, Draco is assigned as sole caretaker. When the Manor hosts a series of high class events celebrating the Wizarding World’s fourth Yuletide season Post War, it brings with it a swathe of people Draco hasn’t seen in years; including one, Harry Potter.

Discretion is Key by thusspakekate (14k)
In the months following their return to Hogwart for their 8th and final year, Harry and Draco bond over a shared interest in marijuana, snack foods, and other boys. 

Here’s The Pencil, Make It Work by ignatiustrout (49k)
Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”

The Den of So-Called Iniquity by Snegurochka (4k)
Potter is watching you, as usual, his fingers tight around his glass. You know what will happen if you swallow that potion in such close proximity to Potter – the same thing that has happened every time you’ve done it so far.

Saturday Routines by policeprivate (10k)
Three months in, Harry is almost certain they are friends. Truth be told they only ever speak on Saturday afternoons, when the meetings occur. It’s part of their truce, maybe. Out here, in the Muggle world, they’re not really Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, nor are they the plethora of things that attach themselves to those names. Or, Harry and Draco go to AA.

Chaos Theory by melusinahp (43k)
When an ancient spell book is discovered in an abandoned vault, Harry–a Curse breaker–and Draco–an Unspeakable–are called in to examine it. Draco does everything in his power to resist Potter’s advances, despite his growing crush. Potter just wants sex, he assumes, and Draco doesn’t want to be used. He discovers, however, that some things simply aren’t within our power to control.

Another Mask Behind You by Lettered (116k)
Draco is a high-end prostitute who hides his identity. Harry unknowingly hires him. And then there is porn, questions about identity, domestic bliss, more porn, and truth as seen through a web of lies. (And then more porn. Seriously, if you don’t want sex scene after sex scene you probably shouldn’t read this. And please read the warnings.)

The Boys Who Lived by distempered and Writcraft (49k)
The Battle for Hogwarts is over and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have lost the war against Voldemort. When his father is killed for treason, Draco Malfoy is forced to return to Hogwarts and finds the school under the control of a much changed Slytherin House, and the cruel leadership of the Carrows. Yet even in the darkest of times, there is light and Draco finds an unlikely ally in Harry Potter. Battered and bruised by the war, Harry’s tenacity and determination gives Draco hope and the two boys forge an unexpected alliance in a post-war world where secrets tear friends apart and nothing is quite as it seems.  

Carry Memories with You (and I'll Never Leave)

“Stiles, Stiles, Stiles.”
The name rings strangely on her tongue, rolls around her mouth as the vowels stretch and echo in the stillness. The word loses all meaning after a few dozen seconds, strips down of all the identity ever built behind it.

Stiles gets taken. Lydia remembers. 

AO3 | Rated T | 1.4k

Based on this post by @slowburnotptrash

Beta read by Rachel @rongasm ‘cause she’s awesome like that. 

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'Tenerife Sea'

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summary: Luke Hemmings is out of my limit but apparently I captivated him [Tenerife Sea, Ed Sheeran]

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I'll See You In My Dreams (Jalex, One-Shot)

**Please Ignore spelling and grammar. I was being kind of lazy while editing.**


“You know, you’re probably the best boyfriend ever.” I said linking my hand with Alex’s. It was Valentines Day and he took me to an ice skating rink. I called it cheesy but he called it romantic. But I guess that’s why he’s the best. I liked all the cheesy things that he did for me. He never did this with his past girlfriends, It made me feel special.

“Only the best for you.” he replied in a strange baby talk voice. He kissed me lips and pulled me off the ice. “It’s pretty late and they are closing soon.” I mumbled back a ‘mhm’ and took off my skates. “You looked really cute out there.”

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Saturday mornings were designated as ‘stay in bed and cuddle for hours’ for the Hemmings family. So your six month old baby boy would come spend time in bed with the two of you. The morning filled with Disney movies, happy baby squeals from being tickled, laying close together with your son in the middle. Only leaving the bed to go fetch a box of cereal to share and to fix a bottle. Leaving tons of tiny kisses on chubby baby cheeks, Luke would lean over to give you quick but sweet kisses on your lips a few times. “Did you know that you’re one of my favorite faces to wake up to?”, he would ask his son, rolling over to let the baby sit on his chest. “Other than you’re mum because she’s pretty great to wake up to.”. Luke insisted on having special days for cuddling since he had to work long days and tour. Soaking up all the precious family moments he could. Your son would adjust himself to lay his head on Luke’s chest, his nap time fast approaching you knew he would be asleep soon. Luke softly humming and rubbing the sleepy boys back; you sliding over to rest your head on your husbands shoulder. Your finger running over his soft baby cheek as his eyes fluttered shut; feeling the need to sleep more come over you as well. Luke kissing the top of both your heads with a slight laugh. “My cute family wants to sleep on me. What could be better than this?”.

Okay but what if Harry is an older gentleman at a part and he is told there are rent boys there (compliments of the host). And he meets Eggsy and starts trying to court/hire him, and Eggsy is all receptive and smiling and blushing a bit.

So they go back to Harry’s fool around, Eggsy sleeps over but has to leave early. Harry asks if he can see him again, and Eggsy laughs and says of course. And they start spending time together, Eggsy is practically insatiable and Harry can’t help lavishing attention and gifts and affection on him.

Finally, Harry decides to ask Eggsy if he might consider only being with Harry, because Harry has fallen madly in love with him.)

Cue the very awkward reveal that Eggsy was only a waiter at the party and has been under the impression that he and Harry have been dating for the past six months.

#16: He meets your ex-boyfriend
  • Ashton: "Why do you like movies like that?" Ashton questioned, shuddering slightly as he thought about the hour and a half of demon possession you'd just made him sit through. "Oh come on, it wasn't that bad," you smirked, giggling when he wrapped an arm around your waist as you walked out of the theater. "Y/N?" a familiar voice asked from behind you. "Nathan? Oh my god, hi!" you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck to hug him. "I haven't seen you in a while, I hope everything's okay?" he asked, glancing back and noticing Ashton. "Oh, you must be Ashton. I've heard a lot of good things about you. I'll let you two go now, but it was really nice to see you again, Y/N. Nice meeting you, Ashton!" Nathan rushed out. You knew he probably had plans. "Is that your gay friend or something?" Ashton wondered, wrapping his arm around your waist again. "Ex-boyfriend," you answered. You felt his arm stiffen against your back. "Ex-boyfriend?" he repeated somewhat curtly. "Oh, don't be like that. We ended on good terms and he's engaged now anyways. You have nothing to worry about," you said, stopping and standing on your toes to press a kiss to his lips.
  • Calum: For your birthday, Calum made sure that he was able to come visit you. You two had spent the entire morning together and from how good things were going, it would probably be an all-day thing. As you stood in line at Starbucks, the door opened and you turned to see who came in. You snapped your head back around when you saw your ex-boyfriend. The two of you weren't the best of friends, but you didn't hate him either. The two of you ended on extremely awkward terms and weren't sure how to approach the other after you had broken up. Calum turned to see what had made you uncomfortable and snorted under his breath when he turned back around. He knew every awkward detail about yours and his relationship and always had a good time making fun of you for it. You felt his hand slide down your back and rest on your ass, making you jump slightly. You glanced up at him with furrowed eyebrows. He smiled and shrugged, leaning down to whisper in your ear. "I'm showing him that you're mine now and he's an idiot for letting you go," he said, giving you a squeeze. "Calum," you yelped in surprise, earning a chuckle from him as he kissed the side of your head.
  • Luke: The boys had been on tour for almost six months and since you weren't able to visit him while he was touring due to school, he wanted to make up for lost time. After visiting with his parents, he flew out to see you. All day the two of you had been together. You went to a movie, played laser tag, went bowling... and now you were at an Outback Steakhouse. "Do you feel like you're at home?" you teased when you entered the stereotypical Australian restaurant. "Do you think you're funny?" Luke teased back, poking your side as you were led to a table. When you were seated and your waiter had shown up, you wanted to throw the water the hostess gave you at him. "Y/N is that you? Hard to tell since most of the time you were underneath me." Luke knew who he was. He knew who he was and he looked just as pissed off as you were embarrassed. When you didn't reply, he went into his job-mode. "Are you ready to order?" he asked with a smirk. "No, we're going to go somewhere else. Thank you and goodbye," Luke said before you could get a word out, standing and holding his hand out for you to take before walking out of the restaurant.
  • Michael: When Michael came to visit you, he knew that you had promised your friend that you'd go see his band play at a local show. So Michael being the amazing boyfriend he is (as he liked to say) tagged along with you to watch your friend's band. When you got there, you paid the entry fee and stood in the back of the venue, watching the first band set up. A familiar face walked by and you glanced up, quickly looking away when you realized who it was. "Who is that?" Michael asked the question like he knew the answer already. "Don't worry about it," you replied when the feedback screeched. "Hey Y/N," his voice sounded from beside you. You looked up and saw that he was smirking. You smiled and inched closer to Michael, "Hi." Michael wrapped an arm around your shoulders, "Did you need to say anything else or are you just standing here to be a jackass?" Michael asked with a slight glare. Your ex stepped back a little with his arms up defensively, "I'm not looking for any trouble--" "Then leave," Michael cut him off. Your ex stood in his place for a few seconds before going back to his group of friends. "Thank you," you smiled, hugging Michael from the side.
Everything I ever wanted, but nothing that I'll ever need

Liam would wake up and stare at your side of the bed. You were sound asleep, finally. He felt so awful how sick you were for the past few days. He leaned down a bit and gently pressed a kiss to your tummy so as not to disturb you or the baby. He’d climb out of bed slowly and kiss your forehead, placing another blanket on top of you. He’d go out to the living room where he found his little boy Lucas playing with his toys on the floor in the living room. “Hey buddy,” Liam would smile at the three year old. He’d grin excitedly and toddle over to Liam. Liam adored his little boy, as he would adore the second child that would be there in a few short months. Lucas clung to Liam as he would scoop him into his arms and he’d curl up close to his Daddy’s chest. “Mumma?” He’d ask. Liam would smile. Lucas was in love with you and craved your attention. Not that Liam could blame him. “Mumma is sleeping and she’s been feeling icky so we’re gonna let her sleep, okay?” He’d ask. He’d nod and Liam would set him back on the floor and he’d sit beside him and his toys. He’d giggle when Liam accidentally dropped the toys or made them say and do silly things. It was a so adorable to watch and you were thrilled Liam was the father of your children–you couldn’t imagine anyone being more caring and loving than Liam. After playing with toys for a bit Liam would scoop Lucas back up and lay him on his torso as he propped his feet up on the coffee table. “Wanna watch cartoons, buddy?” He’d ask. Lucas would nod enjoying the undivided attention Daddy was giving him. Lucas saw how much Liam was needed and wanted by everyone and he’d hear Liam tell him that “you always come first, before anyone else in my life,” but never really knew what it meant. He just knew sometimes only Mumma would be home and they’d have to talk to Daddy on the phone or on the computer. Liam would kiss the top of Lucas’ head and he’d smile happily. He’d hear the door open down the hall and you’d walk to the bathroom to brush your teeth. You’d venture your way to the living room where you found your two favorite men watching TV. “There’s my favorite boys,” you’d coo. Liam would smile at you. “Hello, beautiful,” he’d greet his eyes lighting up at the sight of you. “How do you feel this morning?” He’d ask worry etched on his face. You’d smile and lightly rub your barely there tummy. “Good,” you’d smile and lean over the back of the couch to kiss Liam’s lips. You’d blush shyly and Liam loved that most about your kisses. The two of you have been together for a good six years and you would still blush a bit every time his lips touched yours. “Good morning, sweet boy,” you’d coo to the little boy on Liam’s chest. He’d grin excitedly and reach for you. “Careful, lad,” Liam would say worriedly. “He’s fine, Li,” you’d promise holding him tightly and squeezing him to you. “I love you so much,” you’d tell Lucas. “Mumma,” he’d say softly. “Yes, baby?” You’d ask. “I hungry,” he’d tell you. “Alright,” Liam would say standing up. “You two, sit,” he’d order. “I’ll make breakfast,” he’d offer. “No, it’s fine,” you’d tell him and you’d set Lucas back on the couch. “Mumma and I will be right back, Lucas, okay?” Liam would ask. He’d nod and turn his attention to the TV. “Hi gorgeous,” Liam would whisper in your ear when you got to the kitchen alone. You’d blush and smile shyly at him. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have a cute girl like you blush after all these years because of his words. “Hi, Li,” you’d giggle. He’d kneel down and lightly rub your stomach. “Hi, princess,” he’d coo to your belly. “Be good for Mumma, okay?” He’d ask politely. “She’s taking really good care of you,” he’d tell her. You’d smile and Liam would stand back up and kiss your forehead and then hold your face in his hands. “I love you so much, baby girl,” he’d coo and place kisses on every inch of your face. “You’ve given me everything I’ve ever wanted,” he’d murmur on your cheek. You’d flush and look at Liam sweetly. “I love you too, Liam,” you’d answer. “And you’ve given me everything I never even dreamed of wanting,” you’d sigh softly. He’d kiss you softly for a moment before he heard tiny little giggles from the kitchen. He’d pull away. “Are you giggling at us?” Liam would wonder with a smile. “Are you?” He’d ask and scoop Lucas up to tickle him. Lucas squealed happily and you’d smile laughing along with the two boys. “You love Mumma, don’t you?” He’d ask Lucas holding him out to your face where Lucas giggled more and kissed you with his soft little lips against yours. “My Mumma,” he’d smile. You’d giggle and kiss Lucas’s tiny little nose. “My Lucas,” you’d smile. Liam would pull you close to him with a free arm and he’d hold you tightly. “Mine,” he’d say kissing each of your foreheads. “Thank you so much, angel,” he’d whisper to you. You’d smile softly. “You’re welcome, love,” you’d whisper and kiss his cheek.

Preference #42: Sharing Time

Jack: ‘Come on, mate, you have to tell us!’ 'No! She’d kill me if I did! She’s right in there!’ 'Oh, she’s in the kitchen, and the other girls are chatting away in there, she can’t hear you. Go on! Tell us a little about Y/N!’ 'Yeah!’ 'Yeah!’ 'Oh, I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear all the horny details! That’d be boring conversation!’ The boys chided him playfully, Will and Ben shoving him at the sides while Jacob continuously tapped his knee with a pencil. They asked about his sex life with you, and Jack normally didn’t kiss and tell, but you did things too good to resist. 'Is she kinky?’ 'Is she shy?’ 'Does she like it from the back or front?’ 'Guys! I’m not telling you all that! It’s private!’ 'For once, I’m actually NOT the boring twin,’ Finn teased from his seat on the armchair. Fortunately for you, through all the girl-talk in the kitchen, you heard his reply in between. 'Alright, alright, one question. I’ll answer one question,’ You saw him through the little window between the living room and kitchen, blushing in his foolish grin. They all jumped at him with questions, but Finn simply said: 'I think there’s one thing we all want to know…What are her tits like?’ The boys all agreed with the question, and Jack turned red, hiding his face in a pillow. Finn gave a smug smirk and waited. 'Are they as big as they look or is that a padded bra she wears?’ He asked. 'No, no…they’re…they’re pretty nice.’ 'Just nice? Not amazing or fantastic?’ Finn mocked a yawn. He locked eyes with you and winked. Ugh, the little bugger! He’s only doing it because you’re listening. 'No, they’re gorgeous. I mean, they sort of fit in my hands a bit, but they’re big and soft and…you know…’ 'And? Eh? Don’t leave us hanging!’ Ben prodded his side. 'And I like them.’ 'I think it’s a little bit more than just like when you stare down my top all the time,’ You commented as you set down a fresh bowl of crisps for them. Their jeering fell silent once they saw you; Jack sunk back into the couch as if they were one. You sauntered back into the kitchen where you and the girls began bursting into laughter.

Finn: 'So, where you two going?’ You heard Jack ask his brother in the hallway. All your luggage was packed, but you were making a few last minute preparations and checks before you left for the airport. 'Rome. She’s been begging me to take her since we went, so now that I got some time off, I’m going.’ 'You do realize that you’ve always had time off?’ 'No, I’ve had our channel and the new office and other stuff going on that I couldn’t leave home. Now I can.’ 'Is this one of those 'we’re-actually-going-to-see-stuff-when-we-get-there’ trips or the 'let’s-go-to-a-foreign-country-and-have-loads-of-sex-all-day-long’ kind of trips? Are you actually leaving the room at any point? Emmy will see the pictures and I’d prefer they were of an innocent nature.’ Finn laughed, 'Yes, because you’re so concerned about our little sister’s virgin eyes, right?’ 'I am.’ 'If you must know, we ARE actually doing things when we get there. I planned a whole weekend for just the two of us…one of those days being a sex-driven rampage throughout our hotel room.’ 'I…I don’t need to know-’ ’-We can start on the bed, then move to the floor, then get on a table, then a chair, then against the windows! Fuck, I’ll screw her on the balcony if she let me.’ Your jaw dropped but you also laughed. You saw Jack’s reaction from the doorway, putting hands over his ears and quickly humming 'Mary had a Little Lamb’. Finn followed him up the stairs, detailing more sexual escapades in store for you before Jack shut the door. He came back down them please as ever. 'Nothing makes him run off like putting dirty images of me naked in his head.’ 'Why would he picture you?!’ 'Because in order to picture you, he has to picture me.’ You blushed as he pecked your cheek, let him take your hand as he announced your departure to the rest of the house. 'Would you let me screw you on a balcony?’ He asked hours later on the plane. 'Depends.’ 'On?’ 'What position? Like over the railing? Against the railing? On a table on the balcony? On the balcony floor? Like, what’s the plan there, Finn?’ 'Probably against it or like at the table and just be super discrete the whole time…wait, hold on, you didn’t say 'no’…’ 'Eh, I guess I didn’t. How about that?’

Dan: 'Okay Dan, you ready?’ 'Yes.’ 'Truth or Dare.’ 'Oh gosh…Um…I think I’m gonna go with truth on this one.’ 'Alright…’ You watched Louise pull a paper from the 'truth hat’, and succumb to laughter. 'What? What is it?“ Dan asked nervously. Louise said, 'Tell us about your first time.’ 'Like…Like first time with sex?’ 'Uh huh’. 'Oh my…Um, I…’ He exchanged a glance with you before answering, 'Embarrassingly enough, it was with my girlfriend, Y/N.’ 'Awww! How sweet!’ 'Yeah, uh, we had been dating for a bit before. She said she didn’t want to immediately jump into sex and I didn’t either, so we like didn’t talk about sex much for I’d say….the first six months of our relationship. Like, I wanted her to feel comfortable with me. I didn’t want to like rip off my clothes and be like 'lay with me, fair maiden!’, you know!’ 'Just come dressed as Prince Charming and just-’ She made a ripping motion on her chest, ’-Strip if off.’ 'Yes, I didn’t want to frighten her away with my hideous physique. But then one night, we had gone to this friend’s house for a party and when I dropped her off she invited me in for a bit. We started kissing quite, um, heavily,’ You saw the blush rising in his cheeks, which Louise pointed out. 'And…um, yeah we got down to it. At first I thought like, 'omg, this is it. I’m gonna shag her. What do I do?’, but then everything sort of fell into place. I didn’t feel dirty or completely ashamed of myself afterwards, which I hear is a good thing-’ ’-very good thing. Not to be ashamed. How was he?’ She asked you quickly.Dan instantly laughed into a pillow, looking up at you for an answer. 'Come here, get over here,’ She called you over to the sofa, where you sat beside her to get into the shot, 'If you guys don’t know, this is Dan’s girlfriend, Y/N. You can check her out a quick moment on (your youtube channel) and subscribe,’ 'Appreciate it lots,’ 'Now, Y/N?’ 'Yes, Louise?’ 'I have a question all the Dangirls and I want to know…’ 'Oh god! Why?!’ Dan chuckled into the pillow, though you ignored him. You were blushing enough as it was, 'On a scale of 1 to 10, how was he?’ '11…Definitely an 11.’ 'Woah!’ You winked at him, laughing at his sheepish face.

Phil: You loved coming home with Phil. You loved his parent’s house, him showing all the places he hung out at, meeting his old school friends and generally seeing a different side of Phil. You loved his old bedroom, hearing about his old obsessions and how weird of a child he’d been. His parents were lovely people, and Alan couldn’t be more welcoming when he visited. You spent Christmas Eve helping him mother around the house, setting up for the party while the men were occasionally called in for heavy lifting. His mother taught you all the old dishes Phil loved (you asked, since you wanted to make them for him one day). It made you feel so old-fashioned, but you liked it. Phil did too. 'Hey, Y/N looks great,’ You heard Alan say from outside. He and Phil were making snowmen out of pure boredom, but there weren’t too far for you not to hear them. 'Yeah, she does. I’m surprised she even likes me. She’s too pretty for me.’ 'I second that,’ 'Shut up.’ You laughed watching Phil throw a bit of snow at his brother. You heard a bit of silence, before Alan spoke up again: 'So…What’s she like?’ 'What do you mean 'what’s she like’? You’ve met her.’ 'No, not like that you doofus. I mean…in the bedroom…What’s she like?’ You saw Phil become more concentrated on making the snowman’s head, before Alan began nudging him. 'Come on, Phil.’ 'I’m not going to talk about her like that. She’s a lady, and I respect her.’ 'Don’t be boring, mate. Does she wear sexy underwear? Does she like it rough or are you gentle with her? Come on, don’t hold out.’ 'Alan, I’m not telling you that. It’s private.’ 'What’s her favorite position? She looks like the cowgirl riding type to me.’ 'Alan…’ 'Or maybe missionary. I don’t know. I see her as a traditional position kind of lover. I mean, I could be wrong. Am I wrong?’ 'Well…She does like being on top.’ Alan chuckled, 'Really?’ 'Yeah, she’s amazing too. She like does all these little hip movements, and I just like…I never know what to do except just like, enjoy her.’ 'I’d enjoy her too if it were me.’ 'Oh my God, shut it!’ Phil laughed. You saw his red cheeks, and the embarrassment in them as he threw more snow at Alan. The two then began a miniature snowball fight ended by their mother calling them in for dinner. You couldn’t help yourself. You retired early to bed, going into Phil’s old bedroom and texting him from upstairs: 'When I do those little hip movements…you can just watch ;)’

ladyriley  asked:

Rucas + "You know I'll kill him if he hurts you"

Requested By: @ladyriley

Pairing: Rucas

Warning: Okay there is not much Rucas, per say but there is some Auggie/Riley sibling love as well as Auggie totally big brothering Riley.

[Sorry For The Mistakes]


When Auggie was six he warned Lucas to not hurt his sister. He sat him down and not only gave him permission to be with Riley but told him what not do to her. One rule, he only had one rule and he broke it.

To be fair Auggie didn’t understand the whole situation. He didn’t have all the facts because no one told him anything. What he does know is that he’s heard his sister crying many times after that night and that was something he refused to put up with again. He refused to let anyone hurt his sister.

Auggie felt Lucas was a done deal. Sure he and Riley were friends but Riley dated other guys. For years, she dated other guys and Auggie hated them all. They weren’t good enough for her and he told them that. He also told him not to hurt her. The bad thing about being as sweet as his sister was is that people took advantage which meant that Auggie (With the help of Maya) often took matters into their own hands.

Almost 3 years later Auggie realized Riley had the same look. The look that got her into trouble when she was in middle school.

“Lucas asked me on a date.” Six Words. Nineteen Letters and he was done.

He may not be in the position to make her not date him but surely he could get him to not hurt her. And this time, he would make sure it stuck.


When the day finally came to Auggie made sure he was the one that opened that door. He made sure he was the one who gave Lucas the stare down, he made sure he was the one to sit him down. Auggie was nice enough to give him an actual seat this time. It was still shorter than his because he needed to give the illusion of power.

“So…How are you…Sir?” Auggie takes a sip of his juice, his eyes never leaving the older boy. “Uh. Auggie.”

“We had this conversation before.” He places the juice in front of him, and he was sure he was wearing an unflattering glare but he didn’t care. This time, he was going to get it through his head.

“We did.”

“And you hurt her. ”

“I’m sorry.”

“Riley is my sister. I’m supposed to protect her.” Granted he was younger and much smaller than all of Rileys dates. That wouldn’t stop him. “This is the last time it will happen. Don’t hurt my sister.”

“I won’t I promise.” Yeah. He said that last time.

The two look towards the walkway when they hear the sound of a door shutting. Not soon after Maya and Riley appear. Auggie watches Lucas and Riley carefully. He can tell from one look that this time was different.

Lucas stands up as the two make their way towards them. Maya drops Riley’s arm and walks over to Auggie, taking the seat beside him. “So how did it go. Did Huckleberry learn his lesson?”

“Not sure. ”

“Don’t worry. Farkle and I will give an extra layer of protection on your behalf. He won’t be able to go anywhere without us knowing.” Their situation has been going on for months and Riley and Lucas still manage to be shy around each other. This is their second first date, you’d think they’d be used to it.

“Mom! Dad! we’re leaving!” Lucas takes her hand in his and they walk towards the door. Riley stops right at the door and turns to him (Auggie).

Riley drops Lucas’s hand and walks over to Auggie. “I know what you did.” Auggie remains silent. After the last guy, Riley warned both Auggie and their Father to back off. Both still refused. If Riley was upset it was worth it. He refused to let her get hurt again. “Thank You.” Auggie was not able to hide his shocked expression. Riley takes him into her arms.

“You know I’ll kill him if he hurts you” Riley laughs but he’s serious. Okay maybe not kill but hurt badly. Riley places a kiss on his cheek and backs away.

“I know, but I think it will work this time.” Both Maya and Auggie nod in agreement. It better work for his sake. 


Exactly 4 years from that night, the two were still together. Riley came home to tell them that he proposed. Auggie was happy that Lucas kept his promise and made his sister happy. That, however, would not stop him from giving him yet another chat somewhere further along the line.


So I actually love this drabble and it has everything to do with me loving how protective Auggie is of Riley.  I adore their relationship and since this line fits the situation I used it. Sorry, there isn’t much Rucas.

  • Oliver Queen: Team, I have gathered you here for an important announcement. I am going to run... for Mayor of Star City!
  • Thea Queen: Oh, Ollie, you josher. April Fools is in, you know, April.
  • Oliver Queen: I'm being serious. Why are you all laughing?
  • Laurel Lance: Well, let's put aside the fact that the people of Star City only know you as a snotty rich boy with too much money and not enough morals. Let's remember, instead, that you are a serial cheater.
  • John Diggle: And let's ignore the fact that you easily lie and manipulate those who are supposed to be on your side, then pout like your the victim, and instead consider the fact that you can't keep your word for more than six months tops. "I'll never kill again!" "I will never turn my back on this city!"
  • Laurel Lance: How about the fact that the only reason your nightclub stayed afloat is because Tommy was running it?
  • Thea Queen: And then me.
  • John Diggle: Let alone the fact that you managed to run a billion dollar company into so much trash it was easily swallowed up by someone else. How are you going to manage a whole city?
  • Oliver Queen: What are your thoughts, Felicity?
  • Felicity Smoak: I'm 100% percent behind you. Original Team Arrow, love fern, inappropriate comment, out of character response.
  • Oliver Queen: That's settled then!
Glad You Came

Based on the Hijack!Stepbrothers AU by goddessoftheworld

I had severe writer’s block so I decided I’d drabble. It was going to be smut, but I felt inclined to go a little further than that. So, lo and behold, my longest drabble yet.

Warnings: If you count Stepbrother on Stepbrother action as Incest, you should probably stop reading about here. Other than that, there’s really mild and brief descriptions of smut- but no specifics. 

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Preference- Your Child Runs Away
  • A/N: Zayn's is different from all the others and I'm not even sorry
  • Louis: Four times Louis had told your son James not to play football in the house, and yet the mischievous six year old was still kicking around the ball. He had nearly just knocked over one of Louis' Brit awards, and that was the last straw. "That's it! You're grounded, no football for a week," Louis says, taking the football and holding it out of James' reach. "Go to your room." James' eyes get wide; he has never been grounded before. "Dad, that's not fair! That's mine!" "James, I told you four times to stop playing in the house, and you still did. You live in my house, you live by my rules." Your son stomped off to his room, only to come out a few minutes later with his small backpack slung on his shoulders. "Dad, I'm running away," he declares, a determined expression on his face. Louis looks at him skeptically, remembering when he did this same thing when he was six, and decided to do the same thing his mum did to him. "Really, James? Why?" "I can tell that you hate me now. I'll leave so I won't bother you anymore." Louis sighs, a serious expression on his face. "I don't hate you, buddy, but you are six years old. I can't stop you if you really want to leave." James mouth falls open in surprise as he sees his dad reach into his pocket and pull out a few pounds. "Here's some money for the tube, and for a pay phone so you can call us when you get somewhere." The little boy is still speechless as Louis walks him to the front door. "I'll miss you, James. Maybe you can visit on Christmas or something," Louis says when they reach the porch, bending down to give James a hug. "Dad, you're letting me just leave?" James asks incredulously, and Louis nods. "You're six now, James, you're old enough to make your own decisions. If you don't want to live by my rules then I guess you'll just have to find somewhere else to live." James starts walking down the front walkway, taking slow, unsure steps. When he gets to the street, he glances back at his father, watching as Louis gives him one last wave and turns to go back inside. "Dad, wait!" He cries, running back up to him and jumping into Louis' waiting arms. "Dad, I'm really sorry I played football in the house. Please don't make me leave." Louis picks his son up, holding him tight to his chest. "I won't, James. I could never let you just leave. You're my partner against mum and your sister. If you left, I'd be all alone." The two go back inside, deciding to forget all about James' punishment.
  • Niall: "Shit." Niall cursed to himself when he opened up your six year old daughter Emily's room to find it empty and the window wide open. He had sent her to her room ten minutes ago after he found her eating a bowl of ice cream before dinner, even though she had been told multiple times not to. Niall had been having a rough day, having just got back from a small tour in America and being jet lagged, so when he discovered his daughter disobeying him, he let his temper get the best of him and scolded her rather loudly, causing the small girl to burst into tears and run into her room. Niall had calmed down a bit before going to Emily's room to talk to her, only to find her missing. His heart pounded in fear as he ran outside, frantically calling her name as he ran down the block. He reaches the end of the block and halfway through the next before he hears the familiar whimpers of his little girl. "Emmy," He says, his heartbeat slowing down when he sees her sitting against a tree, clutching her Hello Kitty book bag to her chest. She looks up at her father's voice, quickly running into his open arms, her tears creating a wet spot on his shirt. "'M sorry, daddy, I was gonna come back, promise, but I got lost and couldn't see home anymore," she mumbles, and Niall gently rubs her back, picking up her book bag as he starts to walk back to his house. "It's alright, Princess, I'm here. Daddy's got you," he whispers to her, "Don't you ever do that again, Emmy. I was so scared." Emily bring her head up to look at him, their identical eyes locking. "I'm sorry, daddy. I love you." Niall chuckles lightly, kissing her cheek as he responds. "I love you, too, Princess. Daddy's sorry for yellin' at ya earlier."
  • Zayn: You had passed away from cancer about a year earlier, leaving Zayn and fifteen year old Ally alone, and lately, the two have been distant and rude with each other, not quite knowing how to cope with their feelings without you there. So, when Zayn comes home from the studio one day to find the house empty and quiet, he doesn't think much of it, as Ally was often out with her friends or boyfriend, Hayden. However, when it got to be the next morning, and he still had not heard a word from his daughter, he began to panic, calling her cell multiple times only to get sent straight to voicemail. By lunch, he had gotten the police involved, filing a missing persons report, and he felt awful. This is his fault, if he had been closer to Ally and actually spent time with her then this wouldn't have happened. For the millionth time, he wished that you were here, because he was honest to God terrified and needed your comfort right now. Finally, at 10:08 PM, he got a call from an unknown number and picked up on the first ring. "Hello?" "...Daddy?" Relief courses through Zayn's veins at his daughters voice, although he is still slightly angry. "Ally, where the hell are you? I've the police looking--" he suddenly stops at the sound of Ally sobbing, and his anger quickly vanishes. "Ally, what's wrong? Where are you?" "Dad, I'm at some gas station next to the Super 8 motel a few towns over, you know? H-Hayden wanted me to run away with him because he told me it would help me deal with mum being gone and I said yes, because I'm tired of feeling like this, and you never comfort me anymore or anything, I felt like Hayden was the only one who cares about me." Zayn starts to interrupt, but Ally just continues. "B-but he doesn't, daddy, he brought me to this motel and tried to--tried to do stuff I didn't want to do, and when I refused, he got mad and hit me, and that's when I came here. I wanna come home, dad, I'm scared." Zayn's heart broke as he stood up and grabbed his keys, keeping his phone to his ear as he slips on his jacket. "It's alright, love, I'm on my way to get you right now. Does Hayden know you're there?" "I-I don't know, I don't think so, but he seemed pretty mad when I left, I'm scared he's gonna hurt me again, dad." Zayn's already in his car at this point, on his way to daughter. "Just stay on the phone with me, alright, Ally? I'll be there as soon as I can." His daughter hiccups on the other end, and Zayn continues talking to calm her down. "And for the record, I love you so so much Ally. I am so proud of everything you have done. I know I've been shit at showing it lately, but it's true, and I promise we'll fix our relationship. How about tomorrow, you and I go and see mum, yeah?"
  • Liam: "Dad, dad hurry up, it's almost starting!" Four year old Andrew said, tugging on Liam's pant leg. Liam doesn't look down at his son, too focused on his two month old daughter fussing in his arms. "Just a minute, Andy. Let me get your sister to sleep and then I'll be out to watch cartoons with you." Andy's face falls; Saturdays are usually Andy-Liam time, but ever since the baby came, he's had to learn to share you and Liam, an he wasn't used to it. "But Dad, Superman's already on TV!" This happens for ten more minutes before Liam finally gets frustrated with everything going on and snaps at the little boy. "I said in a minute, Andy! If you can't stay quiet until your sister gets to sleep then you won't be watching cartoons at all!" Andy's brown eyes fill with tears as he rushes out of the room, and Liam finally gets the baby to sleep a few minutes later. However, when he quietly closes her door and goes out to the living room, Andy is nowhere in sight-- and the front door is wide open. Liam's heart pounds as he rushes outside, contemplating what to do, not wanting to leave a tiny baby home alone, but still wanting to find his son. His eyes scan down the block, eventually spotting the small boy running down the sidewalk, towards the busy intersection. Liam sprints to catch up to him, shouting, "Andrew Joseph Payne! Do not take another step!" Andy freezes, his brown eyes widening. He's never been yelled at by his dad before. When Liam reaches him, he kneels to his level, a stern and angry expression on his face. "What were you thinking?! You know you're not supposed to leave the house without me or mummy, especially to cross the intersection!" Andy's bottom lip trembles , tears spilling down his cheeks. "D-daddy, you don't love me anymore. You forget about me all the time and you only love sissy now." Liam sighs, his expression softening as he brings the small boy into his arms. "Andy, you know that is not true at all. Sissy is just a little baby, she needs mine and mummy's help more than you right now. I love you so much, buddy." Andy wipes his eyes as Liam stands and begins making his way back home. "How much, daddy?" He asks, looking up at Liam hopefully. Liam laughs, moving Andy so he is sitting on his shoulders, just like he likes. "I love you to infinity and beyond, Andy."
  • Harry: The minute Harry steps through the front door after work, his fourteen year old daughter Paige rushes up to him, a frantic look on her face. "Dad, dad, I can't find Darcy anywhere, she's gone, I'm sorry-" An image of his four year old daughter Darcy pops up in his mind, worry creeping into his veins, but he knows he has to stay calm. "What do you mean, she's gone? What happened?" "Um, she was mad that I wouldn't play her princess game with her because I was right in the middle of putting Charlie down for his nap, and when I came out of his room, she was gone, I looked everywhere, even under all of the beds and in the cupboards." Harry sighs, closing his eyes as he rubs his temples, wondering why this had to happen on the one day Harry got home before you. "Alright, you stay here with Charlie and I'll go look outside," he tells Paige, and she nods, chewing her lip nervously. Harry turns around and exits the house, his mind working in overdrive. He tries to think of where he would go if he was an angry four year old, and it takes only a few minutes for Harry to figure out exactly where his daughter is. He makes his way over to the small, hidden fort he had built for Darcy a couple weeks and kneels down so he can knock lightly on the door. "Darc? You in there? It's daddy." A small sniffle is heard from inside before he door is swung open, a small body quickly flinging itself into Harry's arms. "Hiya, daddy!" Harry chuckles, kissing the top of her head before pulling back to look in her eyes. "Darc, you really scared Paige. She couldn't find you anywhere, she was very worried. Why didn't you tell her you were going to play out here?" Her tiny eyebrows furrow, a pout forming on her lips. "She told me not to bug her anymore or she'd tell Santa I was naughty." Harry laughed again, picking Darcy up as he stands and begins making his way back to the house. "Don't worry, Darc, Santa knows you were very good this year. Now, lets go apologize to your sister."
  • Preference Request are always welcome!(: