then i would at least save 50


hey guys, so lately i have been using this app called Qriket once a day, its an app that rewards you with wheel spins for money whenever u watch short videos. you choose the color you want the wheel to land on, and if you get it right, you are given an amount of money! the amounts are usually low, but i have had the chance to win as much as $50 in one go. its a good way to over time build up some cash, and maybe even to win big. I plan to save up to at least $50 before i cash out. you are able to cash out through paypal, so its super easy! please consider using my referral code 8A0568, if you do, you get 25 free spins off the bat. thanks for reading and any reblogs of this would be so appreciated!


im stupid and have a problem but im taking quick $30 commissions so i can get at least ONE qipao card on love live (i saved up 50 gems BUT APPARENTLY THAT ISN’T ENOUGH FOR EVEN ONE!!!)

flat colors, bust/torso $30 

two characters is $50

paypal only, email me with what you would like! this will only be open for a short while bc i am still pretty busy I JUST HAVE A PROBLEM

thank you everyone for support! i got a fair amount so i will be closing for now. i still haven’t gotten the cards yet but i already dropped more money than i wanted on it and i feel immense guilt every time i do orz i will give it one more shot before the SR guarantee period ends….thank you everyone!


Sorry for the lack of updates.

1500-2000km to go on the trip home and the motor decided to let go worth no warning what so ever.

a lot of money layer and we are back on the road at least to medford, should be there by the afternoon.

If anyone in the medford area has a dual cam ka they’d be willing to let go of for cheap in that area and an engine hoist and space to help me out you would be saving me a lot of time and money from trying to trailer the rest of the way home.

I have a little bit of money still I think but I also have a brand new pair of 205 50 15 acceleras to trade. message me if you can help out.

Don’t feel bad though. Ive had a good trip still and I have the best company I could ever ask for.

full update later probably.

People who blow their money on drugs and alcohol do not deserve any handouts.  They should not be receiving unemployment checks, food stamps, or healthcare for their drug related problems from our government.

After volunteering at a homeless shelter, I discovered that most of the men there smoke at least one $14.50 pack of cigarettes per day, not to mention the booze they drink and the illegal drugs they smuggle into their rooms. $14.50 alone is enough to buy food for an individual for the day, so if that individual just quit smoking, he (or she, but this issue is less common for women) wouldn’t need food stamps. Illegal drugs are expensive as well, much more so than cigarettes, and many of the men I met in the homeless shelter used illegal drugs on several occasions. These men would save a lot more money if they found enough will power to get over their addictions.

These costs are not only for unnecessary recreational purposes, but they hurt these people too. A lot of the people I met said that they lost their jobs due directly or indirectly to their substance abuse problems. Again, these people would not need unemployment checks if it was not for their substance abuse.

With handouts just being given to these people, they can’t find enough willpower to quit, and it is completely within their power to end addictions. They don’t deserve food stamps, unemployment checks, or free healthcare for problems that they caused themselves. This is a vicious cycle of handing addicts money just so they can use the money to fuel their addiction rather than actually fix their problems.


Hi everyone! I’m Jess. most of my followers know I post graphics + gifs but not many are aware I do digital/traditional illustrations too. I really wanna earn some money (at least like £30-50 or sth), not only to spend on shopping, but also my dad recently made me a bank account and I wanna fill it, probably save for uni as well. I’ve never done commissions before but I’ve reading some tips on how to charge and I hope it all work out well! I really wanna make use of my passion for art, and I’m hoping y'all could help me :) 

Even if you’re not buying/commissioning, please kindly reblog to spread the word. It would mean a lot to me!!


Moving on, here are the prices (I’m from the UK so I charge £’s and also I’m under 18 so my parents will manage all the transactions needed)

1st Row

  • Pixel chibi art £0.80 ($1.36 USD) [animated or not]

2nd Row

  • Chibi (coloured or not) £1 ($1.70 USD)
  • Simple sketches £1.50 ($2.55 USD)

3rd Row

  • Watercolour Portrait £5 ($8.49 USD) *note that I use minimal colour palette on this one*

4th Row

  • Watercolour Full/Half body with ornaments ie everyday objects, flower crowns, other plants, etc. £7 ($11.88 USD)

Thank you thank you guys in advance!! xx Jess

It's about more than who is president.

If your a fence sitter or third party voter listen up!!! Whoever is elected this go around will pick the next 4-5 Supreme Court justices. They last 30-50 years. Hillary has already said she would appoint Obama……if you hold our constitution and what this country was built on sacred at all I beg you to vote Trump!!! He might not be perfect but at least he will protect our rights and appoint conservative Supreme Court justices.