then i would at least save 50
Congressman, Staffer, And Police Shot At Republican Baseball Practice In Virginia
A gunman opened fire as members of Congress were practicing at baseball fields in Alexandria, Virginia, early Wednesday morning.
By Jessica Simeone

Republican congressmen and their staffers were at the Eugene Simpson Stadium Park baseball fields in Alexandria when a shooter opened fire shortly after 7 a.m. local time.

A Senate staffer who was at the practice, but asked not to be identified, told BuzzFeed News that the alleged gunman asked someone there if those assembled were Republicans or Democrats. When told they were Republicans, the gunman opened fire, reloading two or three times, the staffer said.

House majority whip Steve Scalise and a staffer to Rep. Roger Williams were shot in the melee.

Scalise was shot in the hip and transported to MedStar Washington Hospital Center for surgery, his office said in a statement. He is in a stable condition.

“We ask that you keep the Whip and others harmed in this incident in your thoughts and prayers,” Scalise’s office said.

Chief Michael Brown of the Alexandria Police Department confirmed that five people were taken to hospitals for treatment, but he did not provide details about their identities or extent of injuries.

The suspect was also shot and was among those taken to a hospital.

Rep. Jeff Flake told reporters that Scalise was on second base when he was shot.
“We were doing batting practice, there were a number of members and staffers fielding,” Flake said. “Steve was on second base and we heard a very loud shot. The gunman was by the third base dugout with a clear view of the field.”

Flake said that Scalise “dragged himself about 15 yards off of there near second base on the field, laying motionless out there.”

“But we couldn’t get to him until the shooting stopped,” Flake said. “After time, another staffer ran in with a leg wound. He was shot in the leg.”

He also said that two Capitol officers — a man and a woman — were shot and one of them was airlifted to the hospital.

Congressman Roger Williams confirmed in a statement that one of his staff members was shot and “is receiving medical attention.”

Flake said he got a glimpse of the alleged gunman. He described him as a white man in his 40s or 50s with dark hair wearing a blue shirt and jeans. He said he believed the gunman had a “lot of ammo.”

Chief Brown told reporters that two of his officers returned fire.

According to reports, multiple shots were fired. Flake said “50 shots would be an understatement.”

Senator Rand Paul told CNN that after 10 shots in a row quickly rang out, “Everybody was hitting the dirt.”

“I saw Scalise go down at second base,” Paul said, adding that at least 50 or 60 shots “had been fired from the shooter.”

“I can tell you that I think with absolute certainty nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police,” Paul said. “They saved everybody’s life.”

The Republican baseball team holds practice every morning at 6:30 am local time at the Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Williams said in his statement.

This is a developing story. Check here for updates.

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The one thing I'm really looking forward this season is Erwin being a badass and saving the day. I can't sit still when I think about it being animated. But do you think they will include chapter 51 and The Creepy Smile (feat. Eruri husbands banter)? Ending at chapter 50 would be kinda abrupt.

Tell me about it Anon! I’m squirming in anticipation. In terms of action sequences, the two scenes I’m desperate to see are Erwin being a Magnificent Badass and fighting on to save the day after loosing his fucking arm, and Kenny and Levi fighting it out on the rooftops. Looks like we’re going to have to wait a bit longer to see Kenny and Levi’s showdown, but at least we can look forward to Badass Erwin. 

I’m not sure where exactly Season 2 will end, but @momtaku has speculated here that it will end with chapter 51 in which case we should get The Creepy Smile™ and Eruri husbands’ weird banter.  I actually mentioned this in reply to another ask a month or so ago.

Then of course there’s chapter 51.  To be honest I’m a bit apprehensive about this one.  It’s a classic Eruri moment but there’s also a lot of weird unspoken subtext going on here and I wonder if this will come across in the anime.  I’d be surprised if they cut these scenes out all together as the true nature of the Titans is an important reveal, but I fear the subtle Eruriness of it all might get lost.  Also how tf are they going to handle Levi’s off the wall “humour” and Erwin’s creepy smile?

So we’ll see Anon. I still think it might be hard for the anime to communicate what’s really going on in this scene but we’ve already had some nice Eruri subtext in the first episodes (the boyfriend jacket, Levi walking into Erwin’s office without knocking, the gorgeous gratuitous slow pan) so I’m holding out hope!

Thanks for your ask Anon.  Always happy to talk Eruri :)

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okay but which was better tomb of the dragon emperor or the mummy 2017?

wtf kind of question…

they both suck….but at least dragon emperor had brendan fraser 

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Greetings! Random question, in the green witch arc it was explained that Shinigamis are dead people who died from suicide, so that means they were human before becoming a Shinigami. what if Claudia's Husband(the 1 with the "Ros" initial) had committed suicide and was reincarnated as a Shinigami as Undertaker? What if that Ros guy was actually Undertaker who was turned into a death god? His wife was Claudia thats why he have her locket. Vincent took the "Phantomhive" initial

Continuation of my theory of Undertaker being Cedric Ros… He commited suicide(his date of death was covered by a bubble text) in so he could revive Claudia by becoming a Shinigami who can manipulate the “cinematic” to create a “Bizzarre doll”. And maybe Sebastian had something to do with Vincents soul, which he might’ve placed it on the dead body of Ciel(he can manipulate Ciels memories) thats why Undertaker said that “Earl is still here with us”

Hello Anon! :)

I’ve discussed the idea of Undertaker being Cedric K. Ros… before (here).

If that theory was true it would answer some questions regarding Undertaker, e.g. why the Phantomhives are so important to him. If he was part of the family (and he would be Ciel’s grandfather in that case) it would be no wonder why he has Claudia’s mourning locket, why he cried over Vincent’s death and why he might wanna save Ciel from Sebastian.

However, I still have a few problems with Undertaker being Cedric.

First of all, when Claudia was alive (1830-1866) Undertaker must have already been a shinigami. In the Campania arc he said that he hasn’t been called a shinigami for at least 50 years, meaning that he probably left the Shinigami Dispatch around 1840 (or even sooner).

Before that, he had worked as a shinigami for a long time which might be another 50 years or maybe even (a lot) more. (He seems quite experienced so I think he was working for quite some time.)

That means that when he met Claudia, Undertaker was already a shinigami, probably even already a deserter. So the theory that Cedric = Undertaker committed suicide because he wanted to become a shinigami in order to revive Claudia, cannot be true. In that case he would have become a shinigami after 1866 (Claudia’s death) and I think we can be sure that Undertaker is much older (for the reasons stated above). 

But like you said, the dates of birth and death of Cedric are not completely visible in the family tree:

And since the dates of his parents are too blurred to make out, it’s possible that Cedric was alive (as a human) centuries ago. He might have “died”, let’s say, in 1600 and could have become a shinigami (”Undertaker”) who, 150 years later, met Claudia and fell in love with her. 

But then that would mean that shinigami are able to reproduce. I know this is up for discussion, but personally, I don’t think shinigami can have children. As humans, they are already dead and they stand for the exact opposite of life. It would be death creating life and I don’t really see that happening.

For me, this is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t think that Cedric and Undertaker are the same person.

And about your idea of Sebastian placing Vincent’s soul in Ciel’s body: Again, I don’t think it’s possible. The human soul seems to be very complex. Undertaker couldn’t create Bizarre Dolls with souls; he even said that they can’t make another one’s soul their own and I don’t think a demon can place one soul in another body, either.

Also, in Sebastian’s Cinematic Record we’ve seen the scene when Sebastian and Ciel form the contract. I think he really only appeared at that time and that was one month after Vincent’s death. To me, Sebastian seems very clueless about all that’s going on with the Phantomhives. He was probably just a demon around and took the chance that presented itself.

I’m interpreting the sentence “the Earl of Phantomhive is still with us” differently.

I think Undertaker really is referring to Ciel here. In the past, he always called Ciel “Earl”:

And Ciel officially got the title from the Queen. So why would Undertaker now mean someone else with “Earl Phantomhive”?

I think Undertaker once made a promise to Claudia (or maybe only to himself) that he would protect the Phantomhives so that the lineage doesn’t die out. But he failed several times. First, Claudia died at the young age of 36. Then, Vincent was killed. Now, the only one left is Ciel. And the only way for Undertaker to keep his promise is to save Ciel whose fate seems sealed because of the contract with Sebastian. No wonder Undertaker is depressed. But with that sentence “the Earl of Phantomhive is still with us, after all” Undertaker could mean that there’s still one Phantomhive left, namely Ciel. So there’s still a chance for him to make up for his failed attempt to protect Claudia and Vincent by saving Ciel. 

Of course this is only a headcanon for now, so I could be completely wrong about that. But for now, this is my interpretation of Undertaker’s words.

Thank you for your message (and sorry for my rambling^^). Have a nice weekend! :)

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Letting the missile hit TonDC - was that necessary?

Hindsight is a funny thing. It allows us to see things we can’t when it the moment. It allows to use to see if something actually was necessary or strategic or a complete mistake. Like it season 1, hindsight tells us the culling was completely unnecessary, where in another world, it might have been what saved everyone. Characters can’t know hindsight, but it does allow us to see when a mistake as been made. Somehow with the culling, almost all viewers recognize that those people didn’t need to die, but when it comes to TonDC, many viewers still believe that letting those people die was necessary or even the best choice that Clarke and Lexa could have made. Why is this? Because it’s harder to admit the mistakes of a main character? Because the situation is more complicated? 

In this analysis, I’m going to go through both Clarke and Lexa’s choice at TonDC and figure out if it was the best or necessary choice.

Some data to consider first:

TonDC. There were approx 275 people in TonDC. 271 grounders and 4 sky people. 250 people died. 

Mt Weather. There were 108 people captured in Mt Weather at the time that the attack was being planned. 60 grounders and 48 sky people. Later 55 sky people. (Here is the data on that). Four people died (although 25,000 people have died in Mt Weather before then).


The point of letting the missile hit TonDC was to give Bellamy the best chance of not being caught. Giving Bellamy a chance meant the best chance of rescuing the 108 people in Mt Weather. That’s straightforward enough, but before I can say if that means that letting the missiles hit TonDC was the best choice, we should look at the whole picture. Did Bellamy NEED that protection?

While Lexa and Clarke were debating on what to do with the missile information, this is what was happening at Mt Weather.

Containment Breech! Every knows it wasn’t you that did that, Jasper.

After this, Cage knows the sky kids had help. This tells us that it wouldn’t have changed anything whether the missile hit TonDC or not because… Cage already knew there was an inside man in Mt Weather.  Or did he? He didn’t know about Bellamy. He first suspected his father and his own people, but would he not have also blamed his own people for warning the sky people about the missile? There are people in Mt Weather who would know how to use the radio to contact the sky people. Logically, a spy within Cage’s ranks would be the first suspension that the people in TonDC had warning.

But maybe not. Maybe that’s too far of a stretch and Cage would never suspect his people would care about anyone outside the walls. Let’s assume that Cage realized the TonDC people had warning and immediately suspected an outsider (Bellamy). Would that have changed the outcome? Would Bellamy have been caught sooner? Probably not. They were already on his tail whether they realized who they were chasing or not. They weren’t able to find the kids that were being hidden. Why would they suddenly find Bellamy just because they knew he was around somewhere? That said, I acknowledge that we can’t know for sure what would have happened. Maybe saving the village of TonDC would have given the the mountain men the push to know to look for Bellamy, but I would only say it would have upped Bellamy’s risk of getting caught by a small margin. Like Bellamy would have had a 20% greater chance of being caught. 

Keep in mind, that it was only one day later, that Bellamy was caught, yet he was smart enough to escape anyway.

Identity Exposed. Bellamy handles himself pretty well. 

The conclusion is that perhaps letting the bombs land on TonDC helped Bellamy, although data suggests that Bellamy is clever and sufficient and probably wouldn’t have needed the extra protection. The odds are that he would have survived either way.

So far, I’ve only discussed the mission and whether the decision at TonDC was best for that. Letting the 250 die in TonDC is more complicated than that. Clarke and Lexa had different reasons and obligations, so I’m going to separate them into two sections.

Clarke Griffin

There was 250 people in TonDC, and there was 108 people in Mt Weather. Clarke had to choose what group to save. 

Personally, I’m a universalist, so I freely admit I’m biased. I don’t believe “my people” are more important than “your people.” When there is a choice of saving innocent people, I believe the ethical and moral choice is to save as many people as possible. Thus, guaranteeing 250 people to death to MAYBE save 100 people is wrong.

I believe Clarke would want to believe in that philosophy, but she does place more importance on her people (not with her abandoning all moral code, which is why Clarke did feel torn about TonDC). But this choice wasn’t as simple as her choosing to save her people. She chose a GAMBLE. No matter how you look at it, saving the people at Mt Weather was a gamble. Bellamy’s existence being exposed in Mt Weather would have increased his odds of being caught and the mission failing (as I said, TonDC being saved would have increased his danger 20%. Of course, Clarke wouldn’t have known the suspicion that was already happening in Mt Weather, so she would have thought he was at least 50% more likely to be caught). 

The gamble goes the other way too. Clarke and Lexa could have let TonDC be bombed, and Bellamy could have still been caught. Just by being there at all, he was in danger. Clarke could have let 250 people die in TonDC and had the 108 people in Mt Weather still die.

In Clarke’s defense, I do understand why she made the choice she did in TonDC. The people in Mt Weather weren’t just “her people.” They were her FRIENDS. The people in TonDC were strangers, except for three (Octavia, Kane, Abby… and Clarke saved Abby. That’s real nice Clarke). Make no mistake though, Clarke was making a gambling choice with 250 people’s lives. It wasn’t to guarantee Bellamy’s survival or the Mt Weather rescue’s success, just to increase the odds. Increasing the odds that Clarke saves the people that she wants to save. 

I could understand the choice at TonDC better if the attack on Mt Weather wasn’t just meant to be a rescue mission (more on this below). But because the plan was for it to be a rescue mission, the comparison becomes who was more important to save. The people in TonDC or the people in Mt Weather.

Did Clarke have a choice? YES. And her choice was not a clear choice between a “good” option and a “bad” option. She has a choices of all equally difficult weights. She could have tried warning the people or causing a distraction. There was no guarantee of what would have happened with Bellamy. Or she could have chosen to run away. That’s at least three clear choices. 

Did Clarke make the best choice for her people and her friends? Yes. (Except for Kane and Octavia, but Clarke still had a greater number of people in Mt Weather she was looking after, so the focus was there). If you believe in that logic, that Clarke’s obligation is only for her people, then she 100% made the right choice.

Did Clarke make the best ethical or moral choice? No.


Lexa had the same choice as Clarke: save 250 people and put 108 people at risk. Or let 250 die to give 108 a greater chance of survival.

But it’s not even as simple at that! While I don’t believe in the “my people” and “your people” philosophy, Lexa does. Lexa’s ONLY concern is her own people. That’s what she has been taught it her obligation, to the point that it doesn’t matter if another group is harmed, killed, eradicated. Not even honor matters to her if she saves her people. Regardless if this is a good philosophy or not, it is Lexa’s philosophy, and following her own logic, she made a poor choice in TonDC.

The 250 people at TonDC were her people. At Mt Weather, there was about 60 of her people. (Compared to Clarke who had 48 people at Mt Weather and 2 people in TonDC. Clarke’s best chance to save her people was MT WEATHER. Lexa’s best chance to save the most of her people was TONDC).


In TonDC, Lexa let 250 of her people die to simply have a chance to save 60 of her people. In the process of saving those 60 people, some of the soldiers in her army were sure to die (that’s always cited as a reason she took the deal at Mt Weather, to prevent those deaths too). If we are playing a number’s game and we are to believe that that’s all Lexa cares about (because by taking the deal at Mt Weather, she clearly didn’t care about winning the larger war). Lexa made a illogical decision at TonDC. 

Part of being a good leader is knowing which battles to fight. Fighting a battle where 270 people die to save 60 is not a wise battle to fight. Not unless you were getting something else out of the deal. For example, if the goal wasn’t just a rescue mission but a mission to defeat Mt Weather, then the decision at TonDC would make perfect sense. Mt Weather had killed over 25,000 grounders. 25,000! Lexa letting 250 people die in TonDC to take down the Mountain would have been a strategic move. Letting 300 soldiers die fighting Mt Weather to take it down would have been a strategic move. Letting the 60 weakened prisoners inside the mountain die fighting would have been a strategic move. Yes, those deaths would still be tragic, but if they won the war, then in the long-run, Lexa would be saving people, because the mountain men wouldn’t be able to harm anyone else. 

I’m probably going to make a separate post about Lexa’s choice at Mt Weather, because that choice is its own complicated decision. I could argue a few different sides and how her perception might have changed between TonDC and Mt Weather. Regardless, with her choice at TonDC, it’s negated because of her choice at Mt Weather. Lexa let more people die than she saved. Whether that’s only in hindsight or not, that’s reality. 

Did Lexa have a choice at TonDC? Yes.

Did Lexa make the best choice for her people? No.

Did Lexa make the best moral or ethical choice? No.

I know I’ve been critical of both Clarke and Lexa, but this isn’t mean to be anti-Clarke or anti-Lexa. Not anymore than I’m anti-Kane if I said his culling was completely unnecessary (I can like a character and admit their mistakes).  TonDC is a complicated choice, and it’s not black or white, right or wrong. Clarke and Lexa didn’t have my advantage of being able to think this through for months. They had no great options and the stakes were high. All I really want to say is this:

They had a choice.

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Stan and Stan switched places, Grunkle Stan is really Mab and Dips grandfather

So in this theory we know that Mabel and Dipper do not know anything or have mentioned a thing about their grandfather. So we believe and will prove in this theory that Grunkle Stan is actually their Grandfather, and the Author of the journals is actually their Great Uncle. And at some point in time the two Stans switched places.

Who are you?

In Not What He Seems we were introduced to the idea that Stan might not be Stan at all but a completely different person. The episode ends without further explanation of the mysterious newspaper the twins found in Stan’s office, but maybe later episodes will reveal just who Stan Pines really is.

We have a theory that Grunkle Stan may not be the twins’ Grunkle at all…

 But their Grandfather.

And not only that but he switched places with his twin brother and assumed his identity as Grunkle Stan. 

Why would he do this? We may not know exactly why until further revelations come to light with each new episode, but we have some guesses… 

But first, lets see the reasons to question Stan’s true relationship to the twins.

1. The Mystery of Stan

We know little to nothing about Grunkle Stan. His life up to what we know about him in Gravity Falls has remained mostly a mystery. Was he ever married? Did he ever have kids? Some throw away jokes in a few episodes here or there reveal a bit more about his character. 

In Little Gift Shop of Horrors, Stan says something interesting: 

“Movies are great! You watch the movie, you scare the girl, the girl snuggles up next to you. Next thing you know you gotta raise a kid, your life falls apart… Forget that last part!”  

It’s interesting to note that as he went on he started frowning and his shoulders started slumping more and more, until he looked defeated. It’s hilarious, but Gravity Falls has a tendency to reveal information through jokes.

It seems like a regular joke, but the way Grunkle Stan behaves seems to suggest  that there is some truth to his tale. His reaction just seems like he is speaking from life experience. 

*war flashbacks*

Just the way the joke is framed makes it seem truthful, like this actually happened to Grunkle Stan. If so, then that would mean he has/had a child, and maybe that he was married at some point in his life. 

Which brings us to our next clue, another revealing joke about Grunkle Stan!

In the Legend of the Gobblewonker, Stan tells this rather hilarious joke:

“My ex-wife still misses me… but her aim is getting better!”

“It’s funny cuz marriage is terrible!”

Of course it could just be a joke and we could be reading too much into it, but coupled with the suggestion that Stan has a kid, it seems a bit too coincidental.He makes a joke about being married, he makes a joke about having a kid, maybe there’s something more to it than just humor.

Here’s further proof that Grunkle Stan at some point has been married, and that he’s Mabel and Dipper’s grandfather…

Here we can see that Stan has a cowlick (or something, seriously what is that?) on the back of his head. Both Dipper and Mabel both seem to have the same cowlick thingy. 

“Seriously, what are those?” 

Maybe because presumably the Author is their grandfather, and that might be where they could have inherited the cowlicks, but then how would it explain Mabel’s resemblance to what seems to be teenage Stan’s girlfriend.

Here is a screenshot of teenage Stan with what many have theorized to be Carla McCorckle:

Her hair looks a little too similar to Mabel’s… In fact, that is Mabel’s hair exactly, except for the cowlick thing (or whatever it is) which seems to be a Pines trait. Plus her hair seems to be a lighter brown, closer to Mabel and Dipper’s hair color. Perhaps Grunkle Stan married (and later divorced) her. This would certainly explain her resemblance to Mabel.

“Her hot pants turned into bell-bottoms before I even knew it”

In this picture the young Grunkle Stan is in a relationship with Carla “hot pants” McCorckle. She is presumed to be the young girl that fell in love with Stan when he saved her from a greaser in the picture above this one. If this is true, we can deduct that they were teenagers when they met, at the youngest age of 14. Later they are seen dancing together in their favorite 50′s themed 70′s diner. 

They met in the 50′s so this would mean that they are at least 34 in this picture. That puts them together at 20 years, this would be plenty of time for them to date, accidentally have a kid, get married, and then raise him. Suddenly, to the despair of young Grunkle Stan she falls for the hippie musician playing at the diner. This explains why he thinks marriage is so horrible.

Since he made jokes about being married and having a kid, he most likely has been married before (likley to Carla) and has a child. And perhaps that child would then be Mabel and Dipper’s Father. Making Grunkle Stan their grandfather.

But wait! There’s more…

2. Stan’s Relationship towards the Twins

This would explain why Stan always wants to bond with the kids, and why in The Legend of the Gobblewonker, when they didn’t want to hang out with him, he was legitimately sad. 

nobdy luvs grimple stim :(

He even made them hats. Grunkle Stan constantly hangs out with the kids and enjoys doing so. He cares about them deeply.

It makes a lot more sense for a grandparent to constantly want to hang out with their grand-kids than an uncle with his niece and nephew. I guess in some cases a great uncle can get close to their grand-niece/nephew, but it seems less likely to happen than say, a grandparent to their direct lineage.

In the same episode we also see that Grunkle Stan was envious of a grandfather spending time with his grandchildren (who happen to look a lot like Dippy and Mabel).  Maybe because he wanted to spend time with his own grandchildren…   

“Maybe he has no one who wuvs him?”

You gotta admit, even if you don’t think he is their grandfather, Grunkle Stan has been like a grandfather to Mabel and Dipper.

But there is one final piece of evidence we can look at that might prove this theory to be true:

3. The Switch

If Grunkle Stan really is the twin’s grandfather and not their Grunkle, why is he pretending to be their Grunkle?

Well, all this is really conjecture at this point, but we think that Grunkle Stan and his twin switched places.

In Not What He Seems, the twins stumble upon this mysterious headline:

 in other news, LEG WARMERS!!!

Stanford and Stanley can both be shortened to Stan, so this article could be referring to either one of the Stans. And, since we know that Stanley is alive and well (maybe not well per se, who knows how much being stranded in a crazy portal does to someone, we’ll see in the next ep…), and Stanford is alive, it’s safe to assume no one actually died. And, it’s likely one of them faked their own death, most likely Stanley considering he’s the one that went missing for 30 years. Maybe Stanford faked Stanley’s death for him, when he went missing through the portal. Or  Grunkle Stan faked his own death and took over his brothers life.

Why? We don’t know, but maybe we will find out in future episodes. We think that maybe it had something to do with covering up the Author’s disappearance through the portal but, like we said, it’s all conjecture. 

This brings us to an interesting piece of evidence… 

The signature “Stanford” on the deed to the Mystery Shack looks similar to the hand writing in the journals. This must be because the author who wrote the journals (which was confirmed to be Grunkle Stan’s twin brother) is the same person who originally lived in and owned the Mystery Shack. 

In Time Traveler’s Pig, we see a younger “Stan” open the door to the Mystery Shack. 

Darn kids! Always time travelin’ on my lawn!

The episode does not clarify what year it was, or what “Stan” we are seeing, but we believe that he was Grunkle Stan’s twin, because the Stan who opens the door has a cleft chin and the rounder glasses that were found in the Mystery Shack.

Also, in Summerween, Grunkle Stan’s licence plate says “Stanley mobile” which means that if Grunkle Stan’s car has the name Stanley on it, maybe that really is Grunkle Stan’s name. 


This would further prove that Grunkle Stan was Stanley, and then assumed the name and life of his twin brother Stanford. Either that or he just took his brothers car… but whatever!

Well this is our theory, we hope you like it! Feel free to comment and share your opinions, or further evidence if you have any. 


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I really hate to make a post like this

I try not to reach out to my followers very often, as I understand a lot of you have your own needs and troubles. I know back in July, I asked for help with Eddie’s Pet Deposit, which I was so shocked and thankful to have been able to pay. 

If you have been following me recently, You’ll know things have been hard for me. My mother has been rather sick, and had to be checked into the hospital. Not for very long, however, because she has to work. If she isn’t working, we can’t pay most of our bills (My father works also). 

It’s thankfully covered by our insurance, so no, this isn’t a cry for medical bill help. It’s something a little more simple. My mom has been emotionally unstable and my father has been pushed to his limits. Today I was told that they can ‘No longer emotionally support me’ and that 'right now, I didn’t matter’. As much as I understand this; it hurt. It came to my attention I would probably be better off moving out.

I don’t have a job. I have been looking for a job, and I have an appointment on Thursday with the Career Services at my school on Thursday.  (I GOT A PART TIME JOB, though help is still appreciated!)

I want to start saving up to move out, or at least, to become less dependent on my parents.  Right now, my focus is Train money, Food money, and Cat food money. 

Being able to help buy my own train tickets for school, my own food and cat food would be amazing. That’s 50$ a month. If I could make 50$ a month, that would be phenomenal. 80$ a month would cover that, and my phone bill. 

So, what am I asking for? 

Commissions. Donations are welcome, and I’ll put a donation button on my blog, but right now I really need commissions. I’m willing to work, and I really need it, everyone. I have almost 3k followers, if 5 of you commissions 10$ commissions, things would be so much easier.I apologize for coming across in such a way, and being pushy even, but I don’t know what else to do.

I need to start getting more independent from my parents. I’ve done all I can in transportation and even space, ect, but I’m starting to get really scared things are only going to get worse. My mom has said a slew of awful and hurting things this week, and I know its the medication, but I think it would be better for the both of us if I wasn’t at the same home anymore: Or at least, me becoming independent would help, so she didn’t feel like she’d have to babysit my needs all the time. 

I promise this money will either be put into savings, or used for food, train fair, and my cat food.



More examples of art: 

I’ll draw mostly anything as long as it’s reasonable! (I won’t draw Noncon, Things with slurs or discrimination in them, pedophilia, ect ect)  

Please email me at if you’re interested. That is also my PAYPAL email if you want to donate. Thank you for your understanding and support.


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any lesbians/bi girls/queer ladies? you don't have to add diversity just for the sake of it but it's kinda disappointing that all 4 main chicas have husbands

Well, the main four have husbands because the initial concept was ‘50s housewives (and in 1950s America, being a housewife meant you had a husband). It gave us the common structure of women who had other jobs and became housewives because that’s what’s society expected of them, or at least that’s what society told them would make them happy. From there, each of the women have VERY different marriages, and some aren’t at all what they seem to be (I can’t say more than that without spoilers). But we really wanted to explore the male/female dynamic with the main story, as a study of sexism both in 1950s and now. With the “men turn into zombies and the women save the world” premise, the dissatisfaction caused by the treatment of women by men in the 50s had to be our core focus.

(Borrowed these pictures from here. Read them, Anne Taintor is hilarious)

Now, that core focus does exclude a number of other dynamics, which is why our expansion characters intentionally have more diverse origins. (The main four all play out a story together, which is why they have to have certain common elements, but the expansion characters mostly play out alone). With one possible exception (I haven’t decided which of the two origin stories I like better for Alejandra), these women are not housewives, allowing us to explore other areas within their respective stories. (You’ll meet the expansion characters in the main story and get to play them in multiplayer, and we’ll make side campaigns for them if we have enough money for the development)

As I said in the FAQ, we’re not yet willing to openly comment on the full extent of LGBT characters in this game because I’m still working on parts of the script and haven’t decided what will be a surprise during gameplay and what will be pre-established (for example, Norma being a trans woman is pre-established because it makes her story more interesting for the player). The ‘50s was literally the exact opposite of Tumblr*, where if you were anything but cis hetero, you kept it to yourself, and that fear of persecution and social pressure would be an important part of a non-hetero person’s story. For at least one story, we’re keeping it under wraps because the in-game reveal is important (dramatically). I may or may not be working on other stories that may or may not be better saved for an in-game reveal, and I don’t want to start people off on a game of “guess which character is a lesbian?” (My inbox is already such a mess). If we decide that, like Norma’s story, it’s better framed with the player knowing in advance, we’ll add it to the pre-game cannon. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait and freak out when it it happens in-game. If it happens. I said nothing. No comment.

*Seriously, the 50s were a crappy time for so many people and we’re not sugar-coating it. I hope those of you who petitioned for more diverse characters understand what you’ve gotten them into.

Happy Viability Day to my gorgeous baby girl. Before today, if I was to go into preterm labor, it would have been categorized as a ‘miscarriage’ and her chances of survival were slim. If I were to now go into preterm labor doctors would do everything they could to save my beautiful bundle and she would have a 50%-70% chance of surviving. She better stay put for a few more months, but reaching this point is reassuring to say the least. <3 24 weeks <3


Hi everyone! I’m Jess. most of my followers know I post graphics + gifs but not many are aware I do digital/traditional illustrations too. I really wanna earn some money (at least like £30-50 or sth), not only to spend on shopping, but also my dad recently made me a bank account and I wanna fill it, probably save for uni as well. I’ve never done commissions before but I’ve reading some tips on how to charge and I hope it all work out well! I really wanna make use of my passion for art, and I’m hoping y'all could help me :) 

Even if you’re not buying/commissioning, please kindly reblog to spread the word. It would mean a lot to me!!


Moving on, here are the prices (I’m from the UK so I charge £’s and also I’m under 18 so my parents will manage all the transactions needed)

1st Row

  • Pixel chibi art £0.80 ($1.36 USD) [animated or not]

2nd Row

  • Chibi (coloured or not) £1 ($1.70 USD)
  • Simple sketches £1.50 ($2.55 USD)

3rd Row

  • Watercolour Portrait £5 ($8.49 USD) *note that I use minimal colour palette on this one*

4th Row

  • Watercolour Full/Half body with ornaments ie everyday objects, flower crowns, other plants, etc. £7 ($11.88 USD)

Thank you thank you guys in advance!! xx Jess

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what's wrong with you? do you want to see the switch fail?

Good grief. Just because I don’t want to buy it (because the only game that interests me is Zelda BOTW and it already releases on Wii U) doesn’t mean I want to see it fail. In fact, I would love to see it succeed, but I don’t think it’s going to happen, and right now it is not winning me (I repeat, ME) over.

I’m also disappointed at Nintendo’s business strategy to price the Switch higher than its competitors despite it being the underdog that needs to prove its place. Not to mention the controllers being sold at a BIG premium, for a console that is apparently focused on multiplayer.

Imagine the Switch except it’s priced at least $50 less and the 1-2 Switch minigame thing is included with it. It would probably sell like hotcakes. Nintendo has amazing engineers (well, save for the storage space thing that requires you to buy SD cards), but I can’t agree with their business decisions.

While I wish the Switch all its best, while I think it’s a great concept, and while I can only applaud its intent to perpetuate Nintendo’s philosophy of bringing people together… I can’t bring myself to want it.