then i will have all my fave princesses

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just jumping on the “Daisy totally catches Peach’s bouquet” bandwagon

Let’s be real; Nintendo probably won’t let Peach and Mario get hitched, since that kind of conflict resolution for Odyssey’s (very simple) storyline is way too deep. But let’s assume they DID, keeping the whole “white wedding” theme and everything. The lucky bride would definitely throw the bouquet (sans piranha plants) in her maid of honor’s direction on purpose.

And best man Luigi would have definitely seen it coming.

I have the biggest soft spot for these two! Something about two magical, nerdy, sweet and selfless people coming together in a way that compliments the other just makes me happy! I’m so over the Knight/Princess trope! Crown Princess/ Royal Wizard is my new Fave! Mateo better keep both eyes open, something tells me Elena is FULL of spontaneous surprises! 



Commissions coming soon! Special thanks to PizzanSunshine for putting up with all those messy sketches at 2 am!

Crossing Lines Series Masterlist

Summary: AU Jensen and reader moved to LA so he could pursue a music career. A new tenant just moved into their building.  His name is Chris and he’s an up and coming actor.

Characters: AU!Jensen Ackles, Reader, AU!Chris Evans

Warnings: SMUT, angst, fluff, cheating

A/N: These are my two faves and my mind wandered as I thought about what it would be like to have to choose between them. This is the result. This will be a multi-part series.

All images are from Google Search, credit goes to their owners.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three


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aaaah hey giu i may or may not have deleted my tumblr whygrover, but i'm back!! lol so yeah please tell me your fave pjo blogs so i can follow them all again :)


Mmm, you know my dear princess, I think we move in the same social circles so I think we follow the same blogs? Still, I’m going to give you some (:















































































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Could you develope some more headcanons about Zuko and Aang relationship in your Princess Katara AU? How will they react in the cave of two lovers? And how about the "headband" party? Will they still dance together?

Ah yes this universe, also known as the “all my faves can be bi if I want them to be” universe.  Continued from here: [Link], here: [Link], here: [Link], here: [Link], and here: [Link].

1. The beginning of Book Two for Suko is an extremely confusing time. This one Earth Kingdom general used him to provoke Aang into the Avatar State, for one, and Suko is starting to get an inkling of Aang’s feelings for him. This is when they go through the secret tunnel. The words, “ I would rather kiss you than die,” are said, Zuko gets huffy, and Aang feels like a colossal idiot, but they do kiss.

2. Then they get to Omashu, and that whole conversation about kissing and everything has to be put on hold while Suko deals with the fact that apparently he really really likes it when pretty girls block his chi or pin him to things with knives. This, understandably, distresses him mightily. Azula and her companions are extremely dangerous, and the fact that his teenage hormones don’t understand that is not something Suko really wants to deal with.

3. When Suko sees Aang fall, struck down by Azula’s lightning, and later, after he brings Aang back to life and waits for him to wake up, it really crystalizes for Suko just how much he cares about Aang, and hust how much he loves him. He isn’t sure what kind of love it is, or if he wants to do anything about it, but he definitely loves Aang and never wants to see him almost die like that ever again.

4. It’s not long after Aang wakes up that he gets it into his head to throw a dance party for a bunch of Fire Nation school kids. He dances with Aang, but he wants it to be known it was under protest and that Aang is an idiot, and literally a day earlier he pretended to be his father for the school officials. It means nothing, he swears.

5. Later, when Sokka finds out that Aang is dating his little brother, he tells Suko that if he ever needs him to defend his manly honor… Suko’s eyes roll so far he swears he can see the inside of his skull, and he says if Sokka ever says that again, he’ll punch him.

so i’ve been seeing these a lot lately and decided to start a fandom family! i love you guys sm and i hope you’re having a good day 💕💕

how to join :

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that’s it! thank you for following me and dealing with my crazy. you guys make me so happy to be a part of this hell site and i wouldn’t trade ya for the world!

*i’m accepting characters from the following fandoms:

game of thrones, harry potter/fantastic beasts, skam, doctor who, stranger things, supergirl, shadowhunter chronicles, six of crows, the song of achilles, the raven cycle, all for the game, throne of glass, pjo/hoo

you can message me if you have questions about another fandom!

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers. Go on, princess.

Ooh! My five faves of mine are

Sugar and Spice (1) (2) (3) (ongoing series) - Richard Speight Jr x reader

Amazing Grace (finished series) - Gabriel x reader

Power Play - Gabriel x reader x Lucifer

I wanted to wait - Gabriel x underage!reader

Living with three angels (1) (2) (3) (ongoing series-ish) - Gabriel, Balthazar, Lucifer x reader

Yes I realise all of these have Gabriel in them… lol…. here’s my masterlist for anyone who’s interested: MASTERLIST

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Do you have any fanfics you recommend reading? Any you enjoy reading atm or may have finished.

I’m planning to post a long fic rec on February, but on the meantime (y’all are probably tired i suggest the same author all the time but wtv), I recommend reading  RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley’s works. 

“Princess Day” is my favorite along at its sequel “A Day For The Boys”. “Kiss and Dash” and “A Present from Marinette” are also my faves. There’s a new fic “Fourteen Days of Valentine” and it’s super cute and i have a stupid smile on my face because of how cute that story is.

Also I suggest reading “3 Months” from Rikki Taro, which is a Fake Married story (at least from Adrien’s and Marinette’s POV, since im 100% sure Gabriel planned everything because his son is fucking dense) and boy, it’s good.

Edit: I fucking forgot “I Saw Mummy Kissing Chat Noir”, kill me

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omo could you please do dating taehyung ;;-;; i'll be eternally grateful

of course you can boo!! no need to be grateful

Originally posted by bangtangirl-cutennes-v

Dating TaeBae

  • taebae
  • small child
  • he wouldn’t actually be aware of his own feelings for a bit i think
  • like all the other boys can tell he’s totally smitten with you but he is oblivious to the fact like he doesn’t know at all
  • and seokjin and hoseok are trying to help by dropping some hints like “hey buddy,, don’t you wish you could like,, kiss their face whenever you want,,”
  • and taehyung just smiles all wide like “um yah that sounds good! i love when you’re that close to your friends!!”
  • and you just hear yoongi screaming in the background
  • and it goes on like this for a while where tae says some not friend like things about you like “man man wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to her face every morning?? man i would die”
  • or “god that is a nice ass butt where do i sign up for some of that”
  • and the boys are tired of him being oblivious af
  • so they devise a plan and they bribe jin with food to go and ask you out
  • and tae finds out and he loses it he flips completely out because wait no she’s not allowed to like anyonE ELSE WHAT IS THIS
  • and so he like physically pushes jin over //gets his butt whooped for it later” and appears in front of you all out of breath and red in the face
  • and he looks so so stressed and you’re kinda worried like “um tae you doing okay you look like you might explode??”
  • and the other boys have gathered to watch this go down bcuz finally the otp is gonna get together alright jeongguk you owe me twenty bucks
  • and tae is just “yes i am going to explode hOW DID YOU KNOW???”
  • and you kinda laugh and you’re blushing cause you’ve liked this oblivious child forever now
  • and he smiles that cute boxy smile and he puts his hand on the back of his neck cause oh wow he probably should’ve planned this??
  • but he just goes for it “well you see i’m gonna explode cause i’ve liked you forever now and i’m so sorry it took me so long to realize it i’m sorry that it took jin hyung asking you out for me to realize i like you more than a friend here how about a date for me to make it up for you?”
  • and you nod and hug him and he hugs back so tight and he probably spins you around too and the other boys are all clapping and cheering (except jin who is still bitter tae pushed him and namjoon has to buy him some ice cream to cheer him up)
  • and the first date is to go see a play
  • tae acts and i think he would want to show you kinda of the stuff he is involved in and it’s a dinner theatre and a murder mystery and it’s so!!
  • like you’re both dressed up not like suits and dresses but he has a nice like button down and vest and slacks and you have a cute skirt and blouse and you did your hair up all nice
  • and he’s holding your hand the entire time “just in case you get scared”
  • and he ends up getting more dessert than he’s supposed to and you guys laugh and giggle in the back of the room like five year olds because this is your seventh piece of cake
  • and he takes you home after the date and he seems a little distracted and you’re kinda??
  • and he smiles sheepishly like “can i sleep over? JuST TO MAKE SURE NO MURDERERS COME FOR YOU”
  • and you laugh and usher him inside and he’s so grateful and he won’t let your out of his sight for the rest of your life okay
  • dates with him are never the same
  • like some days it’s going to the local cafe and trying the most obscure drink on the menu you two can find
  • some days he’s like wow guess what i heard about this new trampoline park i get the recommended age is seven to thirteen but that’s only recommended
  • and one time he takes you to a pet cafe and you two just chill on the floor and pet all the doggies and he names them all after you, every single one gets named after you
  • he would love taking you to shows though
  • and his practices!! //if the director doesn’t kick your butt out//
  • he loves when you help him with his lines
  • and just cause acting he’s always dramatic at home
  • like you’re cutting tomatoes for dinner??
  • in burst tae sobbing and clutching his hand to his heart “docTOR CAN YOU SAVE HIM WILL HE LIVE, DON’T TELL ME THE TERRIBLE NEWS DOCTOR”
  • “taehyung do you want your dinner”
  • “well duh I do”
  • and then other times like you’re sitting on the couch for group movie niGHT??
  • and he’s whispering into your ear kinda loudly “dracula is paler up close than any one of us would have imagined. he seems unaware of his surroundings, distracted by the cackling witch to his left. no scientist before has ever gotten this close. should we-”
  • “tae, that’s yoongi and hoseok”
  • “why do you spoil all my fuN”
  • pet names pet names
  • i think he would have a lot of fun with pet names so they would always be changing
  • his faves would be “jagi, pumpkin, donut, babe, princess”
  • probably calls you a lot of random food names and you still dont know why??
  • “PineaPplE timE FOr MoviE NIGhT”
  • okay but you think it’s movie night
  • it’s never movie night
  • it’s anime night
  • haha your butt is gonna be watching like psycho pass or attack on titan or something boyish
  • and one day jeongguk is like yall need to watch future diary that’s like the best anime to watch with your girlfriend
  • you guys don’t invite him over for dinner for like seventeen years
  • skin ship with tae is like a twenty five eight thing
  • he’s always peppering your face with kisses and he likes to miss your mouth on purpose to get you riled up
  • his fave beside lip kissing would be nose kissing!! and kissing the top of your head cause tall and yes
  • and he is always grabbing your butt i mean have you seen how this boy looks at butts he would grabbing yours every five seconds
  • and then yoongi and namjoon would gag and hack and tae would get all embarrassed and shy and bury his face in the crook of your neck
  • in public i think he would be a bit more reserved and not be as touchy cause he doesn’t want to embarrass you or anything
  • he would like to hold hands so he can swing your arms back and forth!!
  • and he would kinda be oblivious when guys hit on you
  • like if some guy was talking to you in a flirty way he probably wouldn’t even notice really he’s too busy being whipped over you
  • but when he realizes he would probably deal with his jealousy head on
  • like he would go up to the guy and kinda “hi Im taehyung!! Don’t know if you realize this lovely person is taken by me, thanks!!”
  • and he’s smiling so it’s kinda unnerving
  • and then he would drag you home so he can have make up snuggles
  • he’s so for snuggling
  • like he always wants to sit on your lap??
  • and you’re kinda tae you’re huge please don’t
  • and so he settles for you sitting on his lap instead
  • and he loves to lay and have his head on your chest boob pillow
  • and that’s usually how you guys end up sleeping
  • like his head on your chest and he’s curled up in a ball and he look so so precious
  • but sometimes he’s like spooning okay and he’s the big spoon
  • he likes his face in the crook of your neck too he likes being that close to you
  • and he would probably like to stay up until like two in the morning theorizing with you
  • “what if armin isn’t dead though maybe that was his evil twin legout”
  • “pretty sure armin is dead babe”
  • but then he would like to talk about your future together too
  • “how many dogs are we gonna have when we’re married huh?”
  • you guys basically run a farm up in your apartment
  • like there’s six dogs
  • and seventeen fish (four didn’t make it long though)
  • and two cats
  • and taehyung comes home from practice one day and he’s hiding his back from you and you hey babe??
  • and behold he is holding a baby kitten and you’re about to unload but he uses the pout and the puppy eyes
  • and that is how leo joined the family
  • although tae is really kinda childish sometimes and bright and innocent he would easily tell when you’re upset
  • and he would listen to you first before trying to solve anything right away
  • and then he would make you some hot chocolate//tea whatever you like and sit down with you and try to talk you through the issue
  • he’s a lot more insightful than people want to believe
  • and he doesn’t really seem like the super clingy type but when they’re away that all changes like he calls you every single time he gets a break and makes sure you’re eating and sleeping enough
  • he’s always showing you off to his family too like “pumpkin pose my grandma wants an updated picture of you thankS”
  • he would introduce you to the family right off the back
  • and they all love you and ask when the wedding is gonna be and tae is like um once im old enough so maybe like next year!
  • and you kinDA WHAT
  • he wouldn’t rush you into anything though he’s so respectful and precious
  • and we ignore the leash incident on this post to keep things calm cool and collected
  • like you’re his number one priority and he spoils you so much
  • like always buying you things
  • like hey i bought you some cupcakes on the way home
  • here’s that new cellphONE  CASE NOW WE CAN MATCH
  • and you’re like boy save your money rigHT nOW
  • you have matching shirts and sweatshirts and phone cases and bracelets and one day he’s like tattOOS and you just shut that one down right then and there
  • but he’s so precious protect him and love him thanks

6 Movies I’ll Watch Anytime

Tagged by: @theamazingflyinglion

- The Harry Potter Franchise Films (including The FBAWTFT Films)

Originally posted by pockets-ofrippedjeans

- The Pirates of the Caribbean Films (have a real soft-spot for the first Three films tho, especially at World’s End, ‘tis my all-time Fave). :D

Originally posted by jessfw

- The Lord of The Rings/Hobbit Films (Extended Edition). 

Originally posted by crivil

- The Karate Kid Films (including the latest adaptation as well).

Originally posted by mannytoodope

- Jurassic Park Films (especially the first two, have a real soft-spot for them). 

Originally posted by random-fandom-imagines98

- Studio Ghibli Films (especially: Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Kiki’s Delivery Service, etc). 

Originally posted by lordofthemilkdudnipplepeople

And a few Honorable Mentions (Cuz these also really mean alot to me):

- The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Originally posted by goanimeloverblog

- Inuyasha III (Swords of an Honorable Ruler)

Originally posted by tenseigas

- Yu Yu Hakusho: Poltergeist Report (don’t care if the dub is horrid, still love it)

Originally posted by itsthebatdp3

- The Rurouni Kenshin Live-Action FIlms

Originally posted by boardsdonthitback

- The Lion King, plus it’s Sequel Films (aka: 1, 2, and ½)

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Wow I did not think I could love a woman like I love Lena Luthor but as soon as Diana, Princess of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta appeared on the screen I almost squealed in the theater and she is definitely my new favorite character of all time.


i’ll be dead in the ground before i stop romanticizing alice liddell and prince leopold’s relationship lmao i know it’s possible and even likely they were just friends and tbh i’m against rps in all its forms but the idea of my fave literary heroine’s real-world counterpart having a fling with royalty appeals too much to my romantic sensibilities for me to let it go

20 questions

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Name: Khadija

Nickname: Dija , Dij, Diji, Queen/Empress of the Void

Ethnicity: 100% Egyptian I think I might have Turkish ancestors tho but like from really long ago

Fave fruit: eh I always forget how they’re called in English pomegranate or something

Fave season: Fall the weather is just perfect there

Fave book : I’m gonna do book series fight me: Edelstein Trilogie (german) and Pjo

Fave animals : Foxes all of them

Fave beverage: hmm Cola does that count oh and ice/hot chocolate

Fave fictional character:
Asami Sato (TLOK)
Aisha (Winx Club)
Kimberly Hart (Power Rangers)

That’s not all of them but this would be never ending if I tried

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 in summer 2 in winter

Dream Trip: a trip to see the world with my friends so basically Princess take me with youuu

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Hi! Do you like Margaret Pole in TWP? I'm asking cause she is one of my faves on the show, she is so nice and sweet, and I'm rooting for her, since other main female characters are meh to me. Maggie B has been turned into witch-like caricature and Lizzie is just sadly stupid with resting bitch face almost all the time. I do find Cathy Gordon cute too.

I watch TWP only while making gifs, I have stated so before, but from what I have seen, yes, I like Maggie. She and Cathy Gordon seem to be the only characters with oil in their heads. I absolutely despise Lizzie, Henry VII and Margaret Beaufort in this series.

Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 followers ya want to get to know better!

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nickname: Lili, Arthy, Arth, Milky

height: i think 5′6? Dont remember lmao

 favorite fruit(s): Im a slut for mangoes and oranges

 favorite season: Autumn definitely

 fave book(s): Uh i dont really read… oops 

fave flower(s): Carnations! Though… im biased towards Lilies too..

fave animal(s): I dont have a fave cuz i love animals but Foxes are chill

fave beverage: Dr.Pepper is good, or sidral and sangria are my fave

fave fictional character: Hanzo Shimada, Ana Amari, Princess Peach, Draven, Jhin, Miss Fortune, Taric, you cant make me name em all

Number of blankets u sleep with: one rn but i cold :C

dream trip: ive always wanted to visit Germany tbqh its so pretty. Or just to Florida since in have a couple friends there! (and my gf rip ily

 blog created: lmao i dont remember. a couple years back.

 number of followers: 920 (hi!!! ily all)

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Lance is sick, just a cold or something, a space cold, and he wants to skip training but Allura gives him a Speech about how they cant do that they are Paladins and they need the training and Lance is really sick and he feels like shit and he reads into what Allura says as ‘you need the training’ so he gets mad and they have a huge fight and Lance goes to train and tries really hard just out of spice.

“Lance you don’t look so good, you sure you want to keep going?”

Lance looks up to the control room glaring “Ye well, apparently I cant afford not to”

But hes so sick and he has a fever and he just blacks out in the middle of hand to hand training with Keith.

Everyone freaks the fuck out specially Keith (because for a moment there he thinks he hurt Lance) and Allura (because she feels guilty af).

But Shiro is on him right away and he calms everyone down saying its just a cold and he picks him up and takes him to bed.

“He just need rest” he reassures them.

Lance spends a couple of hours napping and Allura is still freaking out so she stays with Lance and helps him though his fever pressing wet cold cloths to his forehead (maybe humming some lullaby her father used to sing to her when she was sick) and then Lance finally wakes up all groggy and cutely smiles at Allura bc shes being all sweet to him and she never is (but thats his fault for being a little shit, he knows)

And Allura sees him smile and they just had an ugly fight and hes in bed now because of her (Allura calm down he just needs rest) and shes so stressed and she just breaks down.

“Im so sorry Lance, I should’ve taken better care of you,  I could’ve paid more attention, you are my responsibility and-” And there’s tears rolling down her beautiful face and Lance sits up on his bed and takes her hands,

“Allura stop, this is not on you, this is not your fault,” He tells her “I wasn’t feeling myself this morning and I was cranky and I took it out on you, I could’ve explained myself better and I should’ve taken better care of myself”

And Allura is looking at him silently because he looks so serious and Lance is a bit of an asshole but when hes serious he says the most important and the most beautiful things.

“We are not your responsibly, neither is the war, or the universe for that matter, its ours, all of us, you don’t have to do it all on your own princess. Yes, we are your Paladins but we are also your friends and You. Are. Not. Alone. Ok?” And she hugs Lance and its gross because hes sweaty from the fever and shes crying but its not from guilt anymore so its okay.

1° i just thought Allura needed to hear that and also needed a hug and Lance is my fave and i always use him as a plot device????

2° this might be the first of a maybe series of scenes of fics i will never write just so i cant get them out of my head,,,

3° y’all should be proud of me for not inserting more shameless klance and shallura in this

edit: there’s a second part now!