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Church Mouse

Request: Can you make headcanons about the reader dating Wade but being shy? I am a very shy and non social person to strangers but if I know you well then I will talk about lot.

You sat in a booth by yourself waiting to see if your pick for the dead pool was dead or not. You had quite a bit of money, and a lot of faith on your bet. You watched the door seeing if your pick would come in. The bar’s phone rang and Weasel answered it; you watched him, wondering what news was being delivered. He looked upset, and after a sigh he hung up the phone.

“Hey! I got results on the dead pool!” he yelled. The bar quieted as everyone awaited who was dead, and who would get the money.

“Snake Eyes got stabbed to death outside of a Toys R Us. He is definitely dead and that means Church Mouse won the dead pool.” He announced. Groans and curses filled the bar and you got a few nasty glares. They didn’t bother you though, you were so good your name never even made it up on the dead pool. You got up and went to the bar to accept your reward.

“Alright, Mouse, $2000,” Weasel counted out the money in front of you and you accepted it with a small smile, “Nothing, no scream of happiness, not even a little word?”

“Shut up, leave me alone,” You grinned. Weasel was a friend… in loose terms. There was a reason you were called Church Mouse, mouse for short, you were as quiet as a church mouse. Most of the people in the bar had no idea what your voice sounded like. You just weren’t comfortable enough to talk around them. You preferred keeping to yourself. You only came to the bar for jobs and the dead pool. Weasel kept people from bothering you.

“Hellooo beautiful!” a voice called out as they came undoubtedly over to you. Weasel kept everyone from bothering you, everyone except Wade Wilson.

“I thought maybe you died,” you said with a smile.

“Ha ha, as if you could be so lucky,” he laughed, hands going to hold your waist.

“I don’t know, Wade. Tonight’s my lucky night. Snake Eyes died,” you grinned.

“Snaaaake!” Wade wailed out.

“As if he didn’t get enough of you Metal Gear Solid references when he was alive.”

“Well, you won, why don’t you take a pretty girl like me out for a night on the town.”

“I will, when I find a pretty girl like you around,” you threw back.

“Ouch,” he laughed.

“So this is what she’s really like?” Weasel asked, looking between the two of you amusedly. You rolled your eyes and put your money in your bag.

“Yes, but ssshh it’s a secret.”

“Shut up, Wade.” You laughed. You walked around him to leave. He took your hand and pulled you back.

“Wait, wait,” he spoke and you let him pull you back so you were in front of him again.


“Balls in holes?”He asked.

“I want the big ass Panda.”

“Come on then.” he was running off to the exit as fast as he could. You let him drag you along, laughing all the while. As you walked about the arcade Wade held your hand pulling you along to whatever caught his eye at the moment. He was good enough at ski ball that he got the Giant Panda for you without any problem. As you walked back home you carried the panda with one arm while Wade continued to hold your hand.

“Yes! A jalapeno popper grilled cheese,” You laughed.

“I have never even thought of that! Are these the things you think up when you’re so quiet?”

“Some of the things.”

“You’re like a junk food Einstein.”

“Oh and you’d love my cherry crescents,” you continued.

“Oh I’d love to eat your cherry crescents,” he grinned wildly as the two of you headed up the stairs of your apartment. You punched him in the shoulder, all the while laughing.

“Wade! That’s not went a meant!”

“I mean it in whatever way you meant, and how I meant it too.”

“Fine, come on up and we’ll see what kind of cherry crescents you get.”

~Mod Lillian (Yo jalapeno popper grilled cheese is the best thing ever. And cherry crescents are those crescent rolls with chopped maraschino cherries inside with a cherry glaze. They are soo good. They are both things that I found out could exist at like 3 AM.)

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Overprotective Papa Masamune. (Based off on a cross over fanfic between SLBP and Bleach I'm currently working on).

I hope you don’t mind it being a bit sad. Have to admit, I cried while writing this. Here you go, hope you like it ^^


“Masamune’s Little Girl”

Words couldn’t describe the pain he felt when his Lady closed her eyes forever. She had been in a terrible condition after giving birth to a little princess. A year later, she laid on her death bed, waiting for the moment death took over. As much as he wanted this to never happen, he knew he could do nothing to stop it. All he could do was watch her as she slowly and weakly said goodbye for the last time. And once she had done it, the pieces to his heart broke down to the tiniest pieces. He could no longer see her smile, eat her desserts, feel her comfort, caress her cheeks…and she would no longer be waiting for his arrival after every battle. He cried so hard for the first time, the tears never wanting to leave him. He broke down and shut himself from everyone, including Kojuro and Shigezane. He still led his Clan, but it was without determination and a heart he once had when she was with him. And the only person that could break through his walls and bring him back, was his precious little daughter…just like his Lady had once done.

She’s so much like her mother

He had found so much similarities his daughter shared with his Lady. They were both gifted with the kindest heart and the sweetest smile. His daughter shared so much features from his Lady that that was one of the other reason why he was brought back into the light. Years had already pasted since her death but the memories still laid behind Masamune’s mind. He could never forget his Lady, he didn’t wanted to. And these past years had been at the same time, stressful but happy. He took care of his daughter just as he had promised his Lady. But at times, it grew to be too overprotective. But no one could blame him, they all understood why he was like that—except for the little princess who barely grew to know her mother.

There were times when she would get angry at her father’s protection, only because she felt he treated her so much like a like a little baby. She wanted so much to know the reason why her father was like that but no matter who she had asked, no one would tell her, dismissing the conversation right away. She cried on nights in front of her father, wanting to meet her mother so badly because she knew he loved her mother so much. But that fate could never be changed.

When Masamune went off to war, he would worry so much about his daughter, worrying about the littlest thing. And sometimes his overprotectiveness would get him distracted at war councils or almost kill him in battles. Luckily with a trusted friend, he was still alive. One of his reasons was because he didn’t wanted to lose another one of his family of his. He had already lost the love of his life, he didn’t wanted to lose his only daughter.

“I’ll be fine papa, it’s just a little fever, it’ll break soon,” the little girl assures her father when he told her to return to bed the moment she sat beside him. “You will catch a cold with this weather, he tells her when the night breeze hits them. But the little princess shook her head stubbornly. “I’ll be fine.”

“That’s what your mother once told me, but she was never fine at all.” At rare times, Masamune would bring up (MC) in front of his daughter so she looked up at her father’s face as he stared up at the moon. Masamune though shakes his head, telling his daughter to not go further into that conversation. His daughter sighs sadly, having lost the opportunity. “If you won’t rest in your bed, then rest here,” he tells her. The little girl nods as she starts feeling a bit sleepy. Her head dozes off against Masamune as she sleeps peacefully. Meanwhile, the moment her head hit him, the memories of his Lady falling asleep on his shoulder comes back. His heart sinks as he looks at the peaceful looking daughter who quietly sleeps. The sleeping face reminded him so much about his Lady and his nostrils starts hardening. The tears fell as he was reminded of the morning his Lady’s passing. He didn’t wanted to cry in front of his daughter and look weak but he couldn’t help himself. He had swore to his Lady that he would protect their precious daughter with his life.

In the middle of it all, his daughter woke up at the sound of her father’s soft crying. It was the first time she had experienced her father crying in front of her. She knew he cried at times but this was the first she’s ever seen him like this. Her heart aches for her father, knowing he was crying for her mother and the tears fell against her cheeks. She then crawls up to him and brings him into an embrace and cried with him. The sight of seeing her poor father crying made her cry and miss the mother she never knew as well. “Papa, do not cry alone. I am here for you,” she assures her father through the tiny sniffles.

She sounded so much like her own mother and she once again reminds him of his Lady. He wraps his arms around her tiny back, holding on tight as they cry. “I want to see mama. I want to meet her. I want to hold her. I want to see her beautiful face. I want to smile at the sight of her. Why must she leave before me knowing her?” she wails.

“I know, love. I know. I want that too,” he softly speaks as he caresses his daughter’s cheeks, brushing away the fear that kept swimming down. Masamune wished to badly for his daughter to have at least know of her mother. She was far too young to know when his Lady was still alive. He wanted so badly for his daughter to know of her mother. How much she had resembled her mother, the kind heart, the smile, the hair and the face. He wanted to experience his Lady’s mother like figure because he couldn’t really see that when she was alive, the illness ruining it all. That was his first and last love. And it was all gone from his eyes before he even knew it. He missed her so much, but he was glad to be able to keep his daughter, being reminded of his Lady every time he looked into his daughters eyes.

At least you are here with me. I’m glad for that.

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102 please!

102. “Do you really think I could ever replace you?”

You were pregnant.

You were moody.

You were snappy.

You were hormonal. So bloody hormonal.

Harry sat on the floor with his back against the couch. Your legs were over his shoulders as he rubbed your feet and swollen ankles. 

You went to run your fingers through his hair when you caught sight of just how swollen your fingers had become. Your rings were extremely tight against your finger. 

Then you just broke down in tears. 

Harry snapped his head round and gasped, climbing next to you on the couch. 

“Baby, what’s the matter? Are you in pain?” He worriedly asked you, searching your face for answers. 

“I’m so fat!” You shouted, breaking into more tears. 

Harry then burst out laughing.

“You can’t be serious, (Y/N)? You’re having our baby. You are expected to put weight on. And I love you even more for it.” He chuckled. 

You were not happy still.

“Just break up with me. I’m so fat and ugly. I can’t even get off the sofa anymore.” You wailed. 

Harry desperately tried to hold his laughter back but he just couldn’t.

“Why are you laughing?!” You asked with worry.

Do you really think I could ever replace you?” He asked in disbelief. “You are pregnant. This is one of the most beautiful things you are going to ever experience. And if you gain weight, then so be it. It doesn’t make me love you any less. Only more.” He sweetly smiled at you. You sniffled and then gripped his t-shirt. 

“Harry, I need you.” You bluntly spoke. His rose an eyebrow. 

“And yeah, I can live with these mood swings too.”

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Because you seem so lovely and are always polite and funny, I come to you. I swear I've searched for the full video of the boys describing each other while seated on pillows but all I can ever find is the sublime section where Louis describes Liam and Zayn whispers "brave" (sob sob). Do you happen to know who described Zayn?? And how Liam reacted while it was going on???


::wails into the wind:: THE DAY ZAYN WHISPERED “BRAVE”. WHY DID HE DO THAT? Why did he smile to himself like that? Why did he GIGGLE and SMILE AT THE FLOOR, WHY? 

::takes breath and uses cat’s fur as Kleenex:: 

Alright this interview, THIS. INTERVIEW.

So Neill, beautiful peroxide denim-wrapped sunflower Neill, is the one who describes Zayn. Liam becomes so unable to contain his own fond that he tips his own butt pillow over and lays hidden on the floor while Neill describes him, becoming one with the carpeting and his feels:

Only when Liam was sure that Neill was done talking about Zayn and that he would be able to carry on the rest of the interview without flailing or letting out a pride-filled sob* did he turn his butt pillow right side up again

*it’s science, that’s what happened trust me

Takumi X Leon

“Leon, have you seen Takumi?” Corrin asked, twirling a strand of long hair between her fingers. Leon hesitated for a moment, then shook his head.
“I haven’t seen him since that battle with that band of brigands, it’s strange since he always walks with me to dinner after a battle.” Leon muttered, wondering if he should go check up on him.
Takumi could be moody at times- especially when the subject of family was in mind. Though he did seem cheery that day…
Corrin sighs, holding something up to Leon; it was a chunk of Takumi’s hair. Something that was important to Takumi.
“I found this on the ground after the battle, you’d best go find him and ask if he’s okay.” Leon frowned, immediately turning and marching towards where Takumi’s room was.
“Takumi? Open up! It’s me, Leon.” Leon knocked on Takumi’s door, trying his best to sound calm but couldn’t stop and get the jitters of going into Takumi’s room.
It would probably be organized, though quite neatly furnished because Takumi wasn’t one to fawn over small things like how his room looked like.
Leon reached forward to knock on the wooden door again, but stopped when he heard sniffles coming from the opposite side of the door.
“Takumi…? Are you…” Leon rapped his knuckles against the door. And the small hiccups instantly stopped.
“Just leave me alone…” Takumi hissed, but his attempt at sounding angry failed against his shaky voice. Leon began to slam his fists against the door, the loud bangs echoing down the empty hallway. A scared Felicia that came to check on the commotion quickly scampering down the hallway once she saw what was happening.
“Geez! Stop that! F-fine. I’ll open the door.”
Leon heard the click of the door being unlocked and a teary-faced Takumi peered out into the hallway.
“T-Takumi…what…” Leon stumbled on his words, surprised by the flushed cheeks and moistened eyes of his beloved.
Reaching an arm forward, he tugged Leon into the room, slamming the door behind them.
The room was dim, the only light source was an amber lamp that cast a small amount of light on the room’s furnishing. But it wasn’t dark enough to stop Leon from spotting the scratched up Takumi in front of him. Bloody cuts were lined along his body. Even though were not grave enough to be fatal, they looked painful to bear.
“Why didn’t you go to a healer?!” Leon nearly yelled, grabbing Takumi’s hand forcefully. He winced, making Leon feel remorseful and he slackened his grip.
“Takumi, now isn’t the time to pride over your dignity and not treat your wounds, we’re going. Now.”
Takumi, who’d been leaning with his back against the wall, began to wail. Leon stared, taken aback. It wasn’t like him to cry so suddenly…
“Idiot! It’s not about my wounds! I-It’s about my…” Takumi stopped, calculating whether or not he should tell Leon.
“It’s about my hair.”
He turned around, revealing his once long, beautiful strands of silver hair, that were bound in a cute ponytail, to be gone.
In its place were jagged chunks of unkempt remains. It’s original length that was below his waist was reduced to the one that barely passed his shoulders.
“A-a brigand snuck up behind me and I dodged it just in t-time.” He trembled, grabbing fists of the precious remnants of his treasured pride. “It’s sword managed to cut through my hair, and after the battle I ran back here.”
Takumi crumpled to the floor, covering his wet face with his palms, sobbing uncontrollably into them.
“How will I face the others when I look like THIS?” He moaned through grit teeth, rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, his knees pulled to his chest. “I’ve tried my best to look like Ryouma, but this is what happens?”
His sobs and moans were the only sound in the room, apart from the silent hum of a beetle from outside the window.
Leon quietly knelt down, gathering him into his arms and resting Takumi’s head against his chest. They stayed in this position till the cries gradually became sniffles.
“L-Leon, I look horrible don’t I?” Takumi chuckled, clinging onto his embrace. Leon only smiled and fiddled with Takumi’s hair. Then he pulled out a comb from his pocket, which he always kept handy on him whenever Takumi wanted Leon to help tame his once messy hair.
Gently untangling the knotted mess, Leon pulled the comb through what was left of his hair. Finally stopping to look at his hastily finished masterpiece.
Although it was still messy, his hair framed nicely around his face, the spiky ends curled around his shoulders.
“Heh…You’re cuter like this.” Leon reassured Takumi, his hopeful eyes peering into his.
“R-really?” Takumi perked up. “You really like it? You don’t dislike how I look?”
“Of course.” Leon caressed Takumi’s cheek, soft hair weaved between his fingers. “You, of all people should know that I’ll still love you. Even if your hair has been sliced off by some brigand.”
Takumi finally smiled, closing his eyes and pulled Leon to himself.
“Thanks…as long as you’re happy with it; I won’t care what the others will think.” He whispered. Leon tilted his head down, pressing his lips against Takumi’s. His face deepening in colour. He could feel Takumi’s smile against his lips.
“You’re welcome.”

Well, that’s it. I’m sorry if this didn’t turn out well, I saw your post about Takumi and Leon and just decided to write it. At 2 in the morning (you’re not the only one who thinks about their ships at random times of the day). I hope you don’t have any problems with that. I don’t know much about the two because I haven’t even played the game yet, but feel free to post this on your blog! I hope you had a fun time reading this. I’m so sorry if this isn’t nice. I swear my usual work is much better!

I was just thinking about last night’s episode, and it hit me–the scene with Sam comforting Dean wasn’t just a matter of Sam checking on his brother after a strenuous hunt or a physical fight. It was Sam comforting Dean after a possession during which Dean had been unable to regain control over his own body and was instead made to attack Sam with lethal intent. 

These sorts of things sometimes end with the brothers awkwardly avoiding contact or discussion for a while until they break down and talk about it. Sometimes there’s an awkward pat on the shoulder or a moment of eye contact afterward–a show of care and solidarity, but nothing too chick-flicky. 

Sam knows possession all too well, though, knows what it’s like to have his body taken from him and forced to do things he’d never otherwise do. So after it’s over, he goes in, pulls his brother close, and comforts him. 

Thinking about that moment in the context of what Sam has experienced and what Dean just went through makes it all the more beautiful and painful, and it makes me love Sam Winchester even more.

You Have A Disorder

I know writing about these particular issues is a very controversial thing. I know there are some writers out there who don’t like seeing things like this published because it is a sensitive topic. I’m obviously not one of them because I’m publishing it. Obviously romanticising someone who has depression or anxiety is like super weird, and I’ve never personally met someone who does it, but I don’t think its like disgusting to post something like this. I think it’s important that people realise there are millions of people in the world suffering from these disorders and illnesses and that people out there who may have these illnesses aren’t alone. So if you send me hate for posting this, then you can bet your ass I’ll rip you a new one. I write whatever I want to write. I have personal experiences with all these illnesses I’ve written about. So fuck you (also, I know asthma isn’t like a sensitive topic, but I just threw it in there)


Aaron (anxiety) - 

You’ve always been anxious, ever since you were a little girl, and your parents had put your on anxiety medication not too long ago to help deal with the stress of touring with your boyfriend and constantly being in the spotlight. You usually remembered to take them, and if you somehow forgot, Aaron would always been there to remind you, but it seems both of you forgot.

“How do the fans always know where we are?” Aaron sighed, gripping my hand tightly in his. “Don’t let go yeah?”

“Mmmhmm,” I bit my lip, already beginning to feel my heart pound and my palms get sweaty. “Uh, I might just wait in here till they leave.” I pulled my hand free, stumbling over to a free booth at the cafe we were in and sitting down. I immediately placed a hand over my heart, feeling it pound with every shaky breath I took.

“Oh shit, did you take your medication today?” Aaron dropped down infront of me, taking both my hands in his and rubbing his thumbs over my knuckles, knowing it was one of my favourite things. I shook my head, squeezing my eyes shut and willing my heart to slow down, wincing when the screams of the fans continued to get louder. “Alright, alright it’s ok. Just breathe babe.” He placed my hand over his heart, holding it there until my breathing gradually started to slow down until it was at a relatively normal pace.

“I can’t believe I just freaked out in front of everyone,” I sighed, giving an uneasy glance at the boys who were pressed against the window, pulling faces at the girls.

“They understand,” Aaron waved my comment off. “They’re here for you just as much as I’m here for you.”

“Still, they probably think I’m stupid now,” I frowned, picking at my finger nails. “I mean, who freaks out of the fans.”

“Well they can be pretty intense,” he chuckled, pulling me up off the chair and into his arms, swaying us from side to side gently. “Let’s get you back to the hotel yeah?”

Cameron (bipolar) - 

You were only recently diagnosed with bipolar, but your parents and close friends claimed they always knew you had it. You weren’t used to it, and could never pick up on any of the symptoms of it until it was too late. Luckily, your boyfriend was always there to help and calm you down.

“Hey babe, look what this fan gave me,” I grinned, holding up a shirt with several photos of Cam and myself printed onto it. “Isn’t it cute?”

“It’s lovely princess,” Cam nodded, not taking his eyes off his laptop from where he was editing a video. I frowned, tears welling up in my eyes.

“Fucking hell Cameron, you never pay attention to me!” I threw the shirt on the bed, making the boy jump at my sudden yell. “Am I not fucking good enough for you anymore or something!”

“Woah, babe I’m sorry,” he closed the lid of his computer, bouncing off his bed until he was standing in front of me.

“Stop saying you’re sorry,” my lower lip wobbled as I burst into tears, collapsing to the floor in a heap. “It makes me feel horrible! I’m a horrible girlfriend!”

“No princess, you’re the best girlfriend,” Cam dropped down in front of me, pulling me onto his lap. “Please stop crying. You’re too beautiful to cry.”

“No I’m not!” I wailed, sobbing into the sleeves of my sweatshirt. “You should leave me for one of those pretty fans.”

“I don’t want one of those girls, I want you,” he rubbed my back, chuckling when I turned so I was straddling him, my arms wrapped tightly around his neck as I stared at him.

“Why?” I simply asked, my sobs turning into soft sniffles.

“Because you’re beautiful and smart and funny and quirky and you look so good in my shirts,” he winked, making me giggle. “Now, let’s turn off our phones, lock the door and cuddle in bed yeah?”

Carter (diabetes) - 

Your family had a history of type 2 diabetes, and it seemed to have skipped a generation and been passed onto you. Ever since you were little you had been taking insulin shots and tablets, and now that you were older, you were extremely conscious of what you ate, considering your parents weren’t there to do it for you. It was always hard when you went on tour with Carter and the boys, seeing as all they seemed to eat was extremely fatty and sugar foods.

“Guy’s let’s go to Waffle House!” Taylor yelled, already running off towards the restaurant. The rest of the boys followed him, leaving Carter and myself standing alone.

“You don’t have go to if you don’t want to,” Carter gave me a small smile.

“No it’s ok,” I shrugged. “I don’t have to get anything.” I pulled him towards the restaurant, screwing my nose up when I smelt the freshly made waffles. It was going to be so hard resisting those, but I had already had a lot of sugary foods earlier on, and I didn’t want to risk anything.

“Oh my god! Y/N you have to have the chocolate chip pancakes! They’re to die for!” Taylor moaned, pulling myself and Carter into the seats next to me, shoving the menu in my face.

“Dude, she can’t eat that,” Carter rolled his eyes at his friend.

“Why? If you’re watching your weight, you’re already stick thin,” Taylor gave me a confused look, pouting when Carter smacked him on the back of the head.

“I’ve got diabetes remember?” I giggled when I saw the blush spread across Taylor’s face.

“Oh sorry, I forgot,” he pouted.

“Do you wanna go somewhere else Y/N?” Matt piped up, knowing how hard it was for me to resist sugary foods even with my condition.

“No it’s fine, you guys enjoy your food,” I waved off his comment.

“Gosh it must be so hard to be you,” Taylor sighed. “I don’t know how anyone could resist waffles.”

Dillon (asthma) -

Asthma was quite common in your family, and you had been the unlucky sibling to get it. It was always hard growing up, never really being able to participate in the sports you wanted because of it, and it was even harder now considering your boyfriend was one of the most active people you knew.

“Babe, do you wanna go to the gym with me?” Dillon popped his head out of the bathroom, shirtless and still in his boxers.

“Nope,” I snorted, snuggling further into the bed.

“You’re like the fittest person I know, and you never wanna come to the gym with me,” he pouted, shuffling over to the bed and falling face first next to me. “You afraid I’ll show you up?”

“You wish,” I stuck my tongue out, squealing when he jumped on top of me, fingers tickling my sides. “Dillon no!”

“Come on tough girl, try get outta this one,” he teased, straddling my hips, effectively pining me down.

“N-NO! S-ST-STOP!” I giggled, trying to push his hands away, starting to feel my throat closing up. “Babe please!”

“What’s wrong?”  he held his hands up, watching my reach into the bedside table. I fumbled around for a minute, finally grasping the cool plastic in my hand, pulling it out and bring it to my lips. “Is that…” I held up my hand, taking a deep breath before inhaling again, feeling the tightness in my chest start to dim.

“Yes I have asthma,” I sighed, chucking my inhaler back onto the table, closing my eyes to avoid his look.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, rolling off me and lying down next to me, forcefully rolling me onto my side.

“Because, you’re always wanting to do new things and run around with the boys, and I didn’t want to be a burden,” I opened my eyes, giving him a sad smile.

“Is that why you never want to go to the gym with me?” he sighed, wrapping an arm around my waist and tugging me closer to his chest.

“I have to stop constantly to use my puffer, but I don’t want to give it up,” I shrugged, resting my head onto his chest. “It’s hard but I’ve dealt with it all my life.”

“I want to help, it any way I can,” he told me, squeezing my hip gently. “But you have to promise to tell when when you need your inhaler. I don’t want you passing out on me.”

Hayes (dyslexia) - 

You had dealt with your dyslexia for most of your life, and despite the hard times and the struggles, you had started to show a lot of improvement. Your parents allowed you to be home schooled and hired the best teachers to teach you. You hadn’t however, told your boyfriend of your condition. You never had to read anything anyway and you weren’t old enough to drive so street signs were never a problem, but I never countered for the unexpected.

“Babe!” Hayes called from the bathroom, making me look up from where I was watching a movie on my laptop. “Can you get me a towel?”

“Jesus Christ Hayes, you always forget to get one,” I groaned, spotting his towel on the dresser and getting up to chuck it through the cracked open bathroom door. “Next time you just have to suffer through a naked run.”

“We all know you’d enjoy that,” he replied, making me scoff.

“If you say so,” I simply replied, going back to watching ‘Avengers’ on my laptop. Hayes appeared a few minutes later with his towel wrapped around his waist. “Where are your clothes?”

“I think I’m just gonna walk around for the rest of the day butt naked,” he winked, flopping down on the bed next to me and propping his chin up on his elbow. I gave him a 'bitch please’ look, pointing at his suitcase.

“Atleast put some boxers on,” I raised a brow, chuckling when he let out a loud sigh.

“Fine woman,” he rolled off the bed, rummaging through his suitcase. A soft 'ding’ rang through the room, signalling Hayes had gotten a text. “Can you check that for me babe?”

“Why can’t you just read it for yourself?” I bit my lip, grabbing his phone off the beside table and holding it out for him.

“Because I’m getting ready, like you asked,” he stuck his tongue out, walking back into the bathroom. “It’s probably just Nash anyway.”

“Hayes seriously, just read it yourself,” I threw the phone to the end of the bed, trying to fight back the tears in my eyes. Even though I had been doing well with my reading, it was super hard to read small text message writing. I had to put my font all the way up to the largest size to be able to read it without difficulty.

“Geez ok, I don’t get what the big deal is,” he reappeared, grabbing his phone from the edge of the bed and unlocking it, typing out a response. “I’m not a private guy. Literally, everything is out there.”

“I can’t read ok!” I threw my hands up in the air, slamming my laptop lid down and chucking it to the side, crossing my arms over my chest. “I have dyslexia and it’s hard to read texts!”

“You…. You have dyslexia?” he said, sitting down on the corner of the bed. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because Hayes, I’m a fucking moron,” I chuckled darkly, covering my face with a pillow. “I have to be privately tutored because I’m too embarrassed to let other people know.”

“You’re one of the smartest people I know,” he crawled on top of me, pulling the pillow away from my face. “And I’m proud that it’s only hard to read texts, not impossible. Just proves that you’ve come a long way.”

Jack J (ADD)

You came across a lot of people who claimed they had ADD, but it reality they just had short attention spans because they were morons. They had no idea what it was like to actually suffer from ADD. You had been living it with it since you were born pretty much, and throughout your relationship with Jack, he had been completely supportive and helpful.

“JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK! Come on!!!!” I tugged on my boyfriends hand, trying to get him to walk faster.

“Babe calm down!” he chuckled, pulling me into his chest, holding me tightly to his chest. “We just got here! We have all day!”

“But I wanna go on the rollercoaster,” I whined, managing to get out of his grip and opting to jump around him. “Let’s go let’s go!”

“Geez Y/N, you’re literally bouncing off the walls,” Cameron walked up to us, placing a hand on my shoulder.

“I WANNA GO ON THE ROLLERCOASTER!” I squealed, jumping on his back and pointing forward. “GO NOBLE STEED!”

“Y/N calm down,” Jack sighed, running after Cameron who had taken off with me on his back.

“Don’t ruin my vibe,” I stuck my tongue out, jumping off Cameron’s back once we had arrived at the rollercoaster. Everyone eventually caught up to us, and by then, I was already begging to go on another ride.

“We’re staying at this ride,” Jack whispered calmly in my ear, holding me tight to his chest.

“But I’m bored of this one now,” I pouted, resting my head against his chest. “I wanna…”

“You wanna what?” he prompted, reaching a hand up and poking my cheek to get my attention anymore.

“I want a pizza,” I grinned, spotting a pizza stand nearby. “With Pepperoni.”

“How about we go on this ride then get a pizza,” he sighed in defeat, shuffling me backwards when he saw the line move.


“Butts are for sitting,” he winked, pecking my forehead. “Next time we all decide to go to an amusement park, make sure you take your medication beforehand.”

“It wasn’t my fault you distracted me,” I pouted, crossing my arms over my chest the best I could in his hold.

Jack G (schizophrenia) - 

Whilst your schizophrenia was only mild, it tended to flare up when you were in unknown situations, and that was seemingly all the time seeing as you were always on tour with your boyfriend, Jack. You had never had an episode in front of the rest of the boys, as Jack was the only one who knew how to calm you down and how to keep his cool.

“Jack,” I tilted my head up from where I was lying in between his legs, tightening my grip on his hands.

“Hmm?” he raised a brow, looking down at me.

“I can hear them,” I whimpered, squeezing my eyes shut and trying to block out the loud screams that seemed to be resonating from the bathroom. “They’re so loud.”

“You know they aren’t real babygirl,” he sighed, turning my body around and pulling me into his chest.

“They’re in the bathroom Jack! They’re there!” I started to shake, covering my ears with my hands. “Please make them stop.”

“Y/N? Are you ok?” a soft hand was placed on my back, making me shake even harder, a scream being muffled by Jack’s chest.

“It’s just Sam Y/N,” Jack soothed, forcing me to turn my head and look at the worried boy through teary eyes. “He won’t hurt you.”

“Do you want us all to leave…?” Sam asked, looking at Jack over my head.

“NO!” I cried out, reaching out and gripping the boys shirt. “Don’t leave. I feel safer with more people.”

“What exactly are we protecting you from?” Johnson piped up from the other bed, making Jack sigh.

“Y/N has schizophrenia,” he simply said, earning a collective 'aaahhh’ from the boys. Sam shuffled down further on the bed until he was lying down, giving me a dopey smile.

“It’s just us here Y/N,” Jack hummed, starting to rub my back and sway us back and forth. “No need to be scared.”

“But the people in the bathroom,” I frowned, tensing slightly when Sam grabbed my hand, squeezing it reassuringly.

“There’s no one in there Y/N,” Johnson chirped, chucking a shoe at the bathroom wall, making everyone jump in surprise. The only sound now being the soft drip of the tap and my heavy breathing. “See. There’s no one in there.”

“I think next time we should just watch a Disney movie rather than the conjuring,” Jack sighed, pecking my forehead.

Jacob (mysophobia) - 

You had always had an irrational fear of germs, but it seemed to have become a bigger problem as you got older. Your parents were always helpful, but you couldn’t escape the wrath of your younger siblings who just loved to play outside. Thankful, your boyfriend Jacob was understanding (and had the best hygiene).

“Y/N look what a fan gave me!” Jacob ran through the tour bus door, holding a small white ukulele in his hands which sharpie all over it. “They had their friends write cute messages on it too!”

“That’s lovely,” I simply nodded, shuffling further away from the germ infested guitar in his hands.

“Read what this one says,” he plopped down next to me, turning the guitar over and holding it up, making me jump away.

“JACOB! You have no idea how much bacteria is on that thing!” I squeaked, reaching for the hand sanitiser in my bag and throwing it at him. “Either go have a shower or drown yourself in that because I’m not touching you if you don’t.”

“Oh, sorry babe,” he grinned sheepishly, getting up and placing the guitar in his bag. “I forgot.” He leant forward to try to peck me on the cheek, pouting when I stumbled back.

“You’ve kissed hundreds of germy fans with those lips,” I pointed at the bathroom. “Go shower.” He playfully rolled his eyes, sliding past me and into the bathroom muttering a soft 'wish you’d join me’ as he went. I rolled my eyes at his comment, sitting back on the couch and waiting for 20 minutes whilst he shower. He always knew that after he had meet and greets that he would have to take extra long in the shower for my benefit. He even jokingly said he would install an acid shower in the bathroom so the germs would be fully gone.

“Ok, my skin is raw and my lips feel tingly,” he reappeared with only his boxers ok. “Is that good enough?”

“What about your hands?” I raised a brow, screwing my nose up at the thought of how many infested hands he had probably held.

“Everything’s clean, I promise,” he grinned, shuffling over to the couch and lying down, resting his head in my lap.

“I’m sorry for being so anal about it,” I sighed, running my fingers through his damp hair.

“It’s fine,” he shrugged. “It’s a cute quirk.”

“The fact that I make you shower like 6 times a day is cute?” I raised a brow.

“Well atleast I’m the cleanest boy on a planet.”

Mahogany (tremors) - 

Whilst your tremors weren’t all that frequent, they always seemed to come at the most inopportune of times. They never happened when your were nervous or anything. They just came on out of the blue.

“Can I just get a strawberry milkshake please?” I smiled up at the water, handing her the menu.

“Of course, I’ll be back with your drinks,” she gave us all a tired smile before walking away.

“You can have some of my waffles if you’d like,” Mahogany nudged my side, giving me a small smile.

“Thanks love,” I grinned, pecking her cheek. I tuned in and out of everyones conversation, opting to play with Mahogany fingers, lacing them together under the table.

“…and one enormous strawberry milkshake,” the waiter placed a glass infront of me overflowing with whipped cream and sweet strawberry goodness. “Enjoy you guys.”

“Hell fuckin yeh we will,” I muttered, running my thumb along the rim of my glass to catch the dripped cream.

“LANGUAGE Y/N! WE HAVE MINORS AT THE TABLE!” Cameron gasped, covering Shawn’s ears.

“I’ve heard him say much worse,” I rolled my eyes, picking up the glass and attempting to bring it closer. Key word being attempting. Halfway through my attempt, my hands began to violently shake, forcing me to put the cup down and shove my hands under my thighs to avoid anyone seeing.

“Do you not want your drink babe?” Mahogany raised a brow, a small frown on her flawless face.

“Can you bring it closer please?” I blushed, grinning when she pulled it closer. I sat up straight in my seat, placing the straw in between my lips and happily began drinking my milkshake.

“Y/N, are you a chicken?” Gilinsky asked me, resting his chin on his palm and giving me a strange look.

“Is this another pick up line, because I promise you, I will kick you this time,” I glared at the tanned boy, used to his constant flirtatious remarks.

“You’re waving your arms like a chicken Y/N,” he rolled his eyes, scooting further back in his chair to avoid my legs which just so happened to be in kicking distance from his crotch. I glanced down to see the tremors had moved up my entire arm, indeed making me look like I was attempting to fly, or atleast vibrate through a wall (this is a flash reference if anyone gets it..)

“Wait, is this that tremor think you told me about when I was drunk that night?” Taylor piped up, making me roll my eyes.

“How would you remember if you were drunk Taylor,” I said, reaching into Mahogany’s bag and pul out my medication, letting her take them from my shaking hands and force me to swallow.

“I remember everything you say sweet cheeks,” he winked. “But seriously, you do look like a chicken.”

“Yes, we get it. My girlfriend looks like a chicken! That doesn’t mean you can eat her,” Mahogany rolled her eyes, giving Gilinsky a pointed look. “Especially you. We all know how much you like chicken.”

Matthew (insomnia) - 

You had only developed a diagnosed case of insomnia when you hit high school. At first, everyone just though it was because of the stress of exams and homework, but then you weren’t getting any sleep at all, and on the off chance you did, it would result in night terrors. That was where Matt came in. You’ve been best friends ever since elementary when he accidentally took home your backpack instead of his, and he had helped you with your sleeping problems, being the only person who truly believed that it was insomnia. When he started travelling for MAGCON with his friends, he decided to take you with him, both for moral support and because he knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep without him there.

“Fucking hell Matt pick up your phone,” I sighed, holding the device close to my ear, snuggling further into the blankets.

“'ello,” a low voice came through a moment later, making me let out a breath I hadn’t realised I was holding.

“Can you come into my room?” I asked, hearing a muffled groan and a sound of agreement. “Door’s open.” I hung up, throwing my phone onto the bedside table and letting out a deep sigh, hearing the soft squeak of the door opening a moment later. I lifted the blankets, feeling Matt slide in next to me and cuddled up to my back, throwing an arm over my waist.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” he mumbled, lightly tracing random patterns on my stomach.

“It was about you leaving,” I frowned, placing my hand over his to stop his movements, opting to simply hold his hand in my own.

“Again…” Matt sighed, pulling me closer to his body, both of us now completely pressed against each other. “You know that’s not gonna happen Y/N.”

“What happens when you get a girlfriend Matt!” I rolled over so I was looking at him, inwardly cooing at the site of my sleepy bestfriend. “You’ll leave me for her and I’ll be alone! I’m pretty sure whoever your future girlfriend is won’t appreciate you cuddling with your female bestfriend every night to get rid of her stupid night terrors.”

“My future girlfriend will love it because that girl will be you,” he gave me a small smile.

“Wait, what?” I pulled back from where I was snuggled against his chest, giving him a weird look. “You want me to be your girlfriend?”

“Well yeh,” he shrugged, sending me a cute smile. “We’re pretty much joined at the hip anyway. Plus, your mum may or may not have told me you liked me. And I may or may not told her I liked you back.”

“God damn it that woman can never keep a secret,” I huffed, a soft blush spreading across my cheeks.

“She tells me everything.. I’m too cute to resist,” he winked, tightening his arm around me. “Now, you get some sleep and we can talk more in the morning.” I simply grunted in approval, my eyes slowly closing.

“Fucking finally, I thought you’d never shut up,” Mahogany groaned, making us both laugh.

Nash (deafness) - 

You weren’t completely deaf. You could hear more out of your left ear than your right. Whispers were pretty much impossible, even with your good ear, and someone speaking normally was a bit of a strain to understand. Thankfully, you were constantly around the guys, and they always seemed to be yelling anyway, so you could vaguely understand what was being said. Either way, you had taught yourself to lip read, so it wasn’t much of a problem for you.

“FUCK YOU HAYES! YOU TOTALLY CHEATED!” Cameron yelled, throwing his controller on the ground and tackling the younger Grier to the ground, playfully sending punches to the laughing boy.

“Get off me you shit head!” Hayes shouted, trying to push Cam off him.

“I swear I’m not related to that,” Nash chuckled, plopping down to the left of me and handing me a bottle of water. A soft mumbling came from my right side, and I turned to see Aaron looking at me expectantly.

“Sorry what?” I blushed, not used to having to focus on hearing through my right ear. I usually only hung around the Grier family and Cameron, seeing as they were the only ones (apart from my actual family) who knew about my condition.

“Geez Y/N, are you ignoring me,” he teased, poking my blushing cheek . “I said how do you deal with that every day.”

“Ya just get used to it I suppose,” I shrugged, leaning further into Nash, propping my legs up on Aaron’s lap.

“You’re actually so lucky your deaf, otherwise you’d have thrown us off the balcony,” Cam chuckled, making my eyes widen.

“DUDE!” Nash gave his bestfriend a look, reaching down and grabbing my hand, squeezing it reassuringly.

“Am I missing something…” Aaron glanced between myself and Cameron. Nash let out a deep sigh.

“Y/N can barely hear out of her right ear, which is why she didn’t hear what you said before,” Nash explained, a soft “oohh” coming from Aaron.

“But you’re always so…” he trailed off.

“I’ve learnt to adjust. And like Cam said, it’s a good thing sometimes, considering you lot can never shut the fuck up anyway.”

Nate (mute) - 

It was hard living like this, but it was interesting. Everyone always reacted differently. Most people thought you were weird and didn’t bother trying to communicate with you. You’re family were very accepting obviously, and most of them had taken to learn sign language to communicate with you. Your boyfriend however had a connection with you that no one else had. He’s been your bestfriend since he saw you getting picked on for your condition in elementary school, and ever since then, has always been there to scare off anyone who gave you shit for it. Now that he was your boyfriend, that protective side had gotten even worse.

“Ma seriously, that’s like 5 packets of gummy bears,” Nate sighed, giving me a funny look. I shrugged, sticking my tongue out at him.

“I need them!” I signed, continuing to pile the various snacks and junk foods onto the conveyer belt.

“Of course you do,” he rolled his eyes, giving me a cheeky smirk. “I’ll buy you all these if you do something for me.”

“Later,” I winked, blushing when I realised the cashier was staring at us both.

“Uh, that’ll be $21.54,” the guy looked at Nate, holding his hand out for the money. “You two dating?”

“Yup,” Nate grinned, tugging my hand and tucking me into his side. “Been with her for 2 years now.”

“I can’t imagine how hard it must be,” the cashier mused, absentmindedly pulling change out.

“How hard what must be?” Nate raised a brow, his hand clenching into a fist by my side. I began to gently nudge his side, trying to get him to leave.

“Ya know, being with someone with a problem,” the guy handed the change over, squeaking when Nate grabbed his arm, glaring at him.

“She doesn’t have a problem buddy,” he glared, tightening his grip on the boys arm. I slapped Nate’s hand, picking up the bag of food and tugging him behind me. Nate continued to glare at the boy until we were standing next to his car, now opting to grumble under his breath. I forced him to look up, watching him wince when he saw the look I was giving him. “You know I hate it when people say shit about you!”

“You know I don’t care about that… I have you and that’s all I need,” I signed, frowning at him.

“I care,” he pouted, tugging me into his chest. “You’re a normal human being. They act like your a fucking walking dog.” I pulled back slightly, poking his cheek.

“Please smile?” I signed, standing up on my tip toes and placing soft kisses all over his face, grinning when his infamous dimples began to show. “I love your dimples.”

“I know you do,” he sighed, pressing a soft kiss to my lips. “Come on, let’s go home. You need to keep your promise from before.” I rolled my eyes at his comment, tugging on his shirt when he began to walk away. He turned back, giving me a confused look.

“Can we get a dog now?”

Sammy (ligyrophobia) - 

You had grown up with your fear of loud noises for your entire life. As a kid, you always cried when your parents decided to vacuum the house, and you didn’t particularly like the sound of the shower. You had grown out of some of the noise. You could obviously have showers and you did the cleaning yourself with headphones in, but anything like fireworks or loud music, you absolutely hated. Even though your boyfriend Sam knew you had this phobia, he would sometimes forget.

“Babeeeee,” Sam whined, wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder. “Please come on stage with me.”

“Sammy no,” I sighed, continuing to scroll through my twitter feed, laughing at the tweets the fans were sending through. “It’s way too loud out there.”

“Just for like two seconds,” he pressed a kiss to my jaw, knowing it was my weak spot. “The fans really wanna see you.”

“Seriously stop asking me,” I huffed, ripping his arms off my body and stomping away, already beginning to feel to tears well up in my eyes. I threw open the back door of the venue, wincing at the sound of the screaming fans who had gathered nearby.




I gave the girls a forced smile, already beginning to feel my heart rate quicken and my palms sweat, the sounds of the girls beginning to freak me out.

“Y/N jesus christ get back inside!” a hand yanked me from behind, making me stumble back into the venue, the backdoor closing behind me. “Are you stupid!”

“Stop yelling!” I whimpered, covering my ears and dropping to my knees.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I just worry about you and when you walked away I didn’t know what happened,” Sam sat beside me, pulling me onto his lap and rocking me slightly, waving away anyone who came close to see what was wrong.

“It was so loud Sammy,” I sobbed, wincing when I heard someone drop something, the loud thud echoing straight through me.

“I know baby, I know,” he sighed, tugging the hoodie of my jacket up over my head so any sounds were muffled. “I’m sorry I tried to force you to come on stage. I just really wish you could feel the excitement from being up there.”

“I can see it on your face Sam, and I feel it fine from backstage,” I sniffled, taking my hands away from my ears and wrapping them around his torso instead, burying my face into his chest. “I’m sorry for being such a burden.”

“What do you mean?” he hummed, looking down at me and pressing a soft kiss to my forehead. “You’re not a burden.”

“You can never go see your fans when your with me because of the screaming and I just feel like I hold you back from doing so much because of this stupid fucking fear,” I huffed, a soft blush spreading across my cheeks. “I wish there was a cure.”

“I don’t want you to change at all. You’re so quiet and adorable and I love that I get to protect you from loud noises because I love holding you and cuddling with you,” he grinned.

“I never thought I’d see the day where Samuel Wilkinson admitted to like cuddling.”

Shawn (blindness) - 

You weren’t completely blind. You couldn’t see colours and features like freckles and moles were impossible to see, but you could see the general outline of a person and if you were close enough (meaning pretty much kissing distance) you could clearly see their face. Reading however, was completely out of the question, and you still struggled sometimes to read brail.

“Y/N,” Shawn sighed, running his hands down my back from where I was straddling him. I hummed in response, pressing a soft kiss to his neck. “What would you say if I wanted to pay for you to get your eyes fixed?”

“Shawn,” I sighed, pulling back so I could look him in the eyes best I could. “We’ve had this discussion before. You’re not paying for the surgery.”

“But the doctor said there’s a good chance he can fix it!” he frowned.

“There’s also a chance it could get worse,” I pointed out, pecking his lips lightly. “I don’t want you paying that much money just for a surgery that might not work.”

“I don’t care how much it costs, I just want you to be able to live normally and appreciate the beauty of life,” he pouted, making me roll my eyes.

“I do live normally. It’s not like I’m completely blind,” I scoffed playfully, cupping his cheeks with my hands and forcing him to look up at me. “Shawn thank you for the offer, but I don’t want you to spend that kind of money on me.”

“I love you, and I would give up everything I have to help you,” he placed his hands over mine, pulling them away from his face and bringing them to his lips, pressing his lips to my knuckles. “At least think about it.”

“Shawn,” I sighed, giving him a small smile.

“Don’t say anything about the cost. I’m loaded now, I can afford to do it,” he winked, a cocky smirk spreading across his face.

“Geez, and you say fame hasn’t changed you,” I giggled, squealing when he flipped us over, him now hovering over my body.

“You keep me grounded,” he hummed, leaning down and softly pecking my lips. “Just promise me you’ll think about it yeh?”

“Alright, I’ll think about it,” I rolled my eyes, pulling his face closer so I didn’t have to squint to see him. “I do kinda wish I could see colour. You’re shit at explaining the colour of things to me.”

“Once you’re eyesight is fixed we can dye your hair like bright pink or something,” he grinned, placing soft kisses just under each eye, making me giggle.

“Slow down, I haven’t said yes yet.”

Taylor (chronic fatigue) - 


Whilst your condition was manageable, seeing as you had always been naturally lazy, your boyfriend was a bit of an issue. He was always running around and wanting to do new things, and always wanted to take you along. You didn’t want to tell him about your condition, seeing as you thought it would make him feel bad, and you didn’t want to feel like a burden.

“Y/N! Come on Y/N! We have to go on that!” Taylor shouted over the excited squeals of all the passengers on the rides, tugging me along through the crowd.

“Taylor slow down,” I panted, already beginning to feel my muscles start to hurt. “The ride will still be there in 5 minutes.”

“But the line,” he pouted, stopping suddenly, causing me to crash into his back. “It’ll get too long!”

“Babe they let you cut the line anyway,” I rolled my eyes, slumping onto his back, my legs starting to give out. “Can we sit down for a minute?”

“Yeh sure,” he led me over to a vacant bench, frowning when I immediately collapsed onto it. “Are you feeling alright? You look like you’ve run a marathon.”

“Gee thanks,” I rolled my eyes, resting my head on the back of the seat and closing my eyes, feeling a wave of tiredness wash over me. “I just feel really tired.”

“We can go back if you want. The park will always be here tomorrow,” he crouched down in front of me, resting his hands on my thighs and rubbing the bare skin there.

“What happened to the line being too long?” I teased, not having the energy to even smile at him let alone pinch his cheek like I usually did when I teased him.

“Ha ha very funny,” he scoffed, grabbing my hands and hauling me up so I was standing, making me squeal at the sudden movement. “Come on, let’s go back to the hotel.”

“Taylor I can’t walk,” I pouted, leaning on him to stop me falling over.

“Are you just being lazy again or do you have something you want to tell me?” he asked, forcing me to look up at him.

“I have chronic fatigue ok,” I sighed, attempting to push myself off him but only succeeding in flailing my arms around for a moment before crashing back onto him.

“Y/N! Why didn’t you tell me that! You shouldn’t be running around an amusement park in your condition!” Taylor groaned, slapping his forehead, giving me an annoyed look.

“I didn’t want to be a burden ok! You always wanna do these crazy things and I didn’t want to be the one to stop you,” I frowned, not looking in his eyes to avoid the disappointed look.

“I don’t care what I do with you, as long as you’re by my side no matter what, I’ll do anything,” he sighed, wrapping his arms around me and picking me up bridal style. “If you wanna be a lazy couch potato because you can’t do anything else, then that’s what we will do.”

“If there’s pizza involved, I’m in.”

I’ve been sitting here, sobbing. 

I’m just. 

That was such a beautiful episode. It was everything I wanted it to be, and it touched me so deeply on so many levels.

 I’m going to try to make a coherent jumble of all my emotions about this episode. Because, wow, that was practically perfect, holy crap.

I will be the first to acknowledge that, at the start of The Summer Hiatus Of Evil, when it got announced that the 100th would be a part of the crossover, I was on the fence. I had worries that with the crossover palooza the milestone would get put on the back-burner and become very difficult to actually honor it. But, as my motto has always been, I wanted to wait and see.

I’m so glad that I got proven so, so, so incredibly wrong.

Every single Queen family scene tugged on my heart, because they were just right there all together in one room, all alive and a family. But Oliver hugging his parents and just trying to envelope his entire body around them, broke me down like nothing ever has on this show. I sobbed, people, snot and all. I thought seeing Moira getting killed in front of her children would be the thing that would always hold that #1 spot, but I think this moment just shoved it right from its first place. It caused me physical pain, an actual aching heart to see Oliver just… trying to convey every single ounce of love he holds for his parents into that hug, burying his head into the crook of their necks - like small children often do - because it feels like it’s just not enough. Thea hugging Moira and then getting hit with flashes of how Moira died… I mean, really, that made the waterworks really get going. The whole dynamic, the way they honored this family so beautifully. How they gave both Oliver and Thea their moment to just… be together with their entire family for the last time and be able to say goodbye to it… I’m so incredibly thankful I got to watch that.

Oliver told Thea that what he has done since the Gambit was never about getting a reward. It was because he thought he was doing the right thing. He’s doing all of this because he’s a man with his heart in the right place, and despite everything he has had to sacrifice, despite all the losses he has had to endure, he’s not giving up. He still has a purpose to fulfill, he still is not done fighting. Seeing him realizing that throughout the episode, seeing him vocalizing that to her, made me so proud. I think it’s no secret that my love for Oliver Queen knows no bounds, and tonight that love was completely reciprocated. The entire episode felt like the show saying to the viewers: “Thank you for loving Oliver Queen so much.” 

Can we please talk about exactly how much Olicity was infused through this episode, because o h m y g o d. They literally had to get away from the hallucination/dream/alien wack job and back to the real world through a portal at Smoak Technologies. So many things that triggered him to make him realize that what he was experiencing in the dream wasn’t real, were references to Felicity. The blue dress, The Smoak building, the ‘will you marry me’ reference,… Hell, they even went as far as putting the frikkin’ fern into the bunker. The way he remembered Felicity, with all the key moments (and the big break-up one obviously missing, which is very telling in and of itself), and then how Oliver said her name in that breathy way that only Oliver is able to do…. It was just perfection and if you think I cried, you would be completely correct. That’s symbolism AF, and I can’t believe we got gifted all these gems tonight. 

I’ve always loved Sara and Laurel’s sisterly bond, and seeing that back tonight was just… Seeing Sara back on Arrow, interacting with the team. Just, seeing that entire dynamic back, was so cathartic. The way the necklace triggered Sara and gave her flashes about Laurel hurt me in my soul, people. They got the goodbye they never got to properly have for one another before. And it’s just…

Speaking of the Lance family: the scene between Oliver and Quentin was just another stab in the feels. It was also quite symbolic that Oliver got so immersed bye The Green Arrow in the police office with Quentin being there, seeing as Captain Lance was the one who tried to hunt him down for so long in the beginning. I just really loved all the callbacks.

And then finally: I loved the Oliver and Laurel scenes. I really did. Like with Sara and Laurel, it felt cathartic. It felt like, finally, it’s a completely closed chapter and it’s something you could look back on contently. Because, yes, Laurel was such an important part of Oliver’s life before the Gambit. And if he never would have gotten on the boat, the possibility of him living the fake fairytale would have been very, very real. And he did love Laurel, and it had references to how their romantic relationship used to be years ago (i.e.: being late to his own rehearsal dinner) but it was never the way Laurel ever wanted him to or needed him to. And he finally, finally was able to tell her that. Like, the words were actually spoken that he’s not the person he used to be anymore. He could tell her that he had loved her, and that he’ll never forget that Laurel was important to him, but he has to let it go. It’s okay to let it go, it’s okay to let the guilt go. Because he’s not the person from before the Gambit and he never will be anymore. The person Laurel loved just doesn’t exist anymore, because Oliver has changed and evolved from that person so much BECAUSE he got on that boat. So everyone can just let go. It. was. so. beautiful. 

And then the scene with the holographs of the key people who have been inspired by him and encouraged him and believed in him and helped him be the hero he is today… I was such a wailing mess, guys.

I’m just… so happy. The 100th showed me everything why I fell in love with this entire story in the first place and they all thanked me for it. And I couldn’t be more happy with the gift they gave me.

Stray thoughts:

  • The reference to Tommy made me smile. I loved how they did it. No matter how much I wished for it, I wasn’t exactly keeping my hopes up of him appearing on the show in the flesh, because I knew Colin didn’t have time because he is doing too damn good of a job on Chicago MD. It warmed my heart to see them referencing not only Tommy but also Colin, because really, Colin has always expressed so much gratitude towards the Arrow family and it was wonderful to see that given back in-show. I think it’s pretty safe to say that he has always been a fan favourite and the writers know it. So, having such a nice reference to him made my heart melt. 
  • Stephen Amell is a master at subtlety in his acting. A FREAKING GODDAMN MASTER and oh my god, am I glad about it. We’ve always known this, we’ve been able to see that in so many episodes. But it especially came through because of how Oliver reacted to the realization of this being a dreamworld and it was so damn beautiful UGH.
  • Thea wanting to stay in the dreamworld broke my heart even further. And when Oliver didn’t fight her, but let her make her own choice about it, made me spiral even further down the feels rabbit-hole. I knew it was inevitable that she would change her mind in the end. But the fact that she wanted to stay, that she just wanted more time with her parents… My precious baby girl.
  • “They even smell like them.” LIKE I WASN’T DROWNING ENOUGH ALREADY.
  • OTA, bitches. Original. Team. Arrow. Even in the dream world. Fuck yeah.
  • The episode flew by. I wanted it to continue on for double the amount.
  • I’m just so goddamn happy and emotional, peeps. I really am. 
  • Rory is a precious gem. I need him to never leave, ever ever ever.
  • The references to the Jewish text and having Felicity and Rory’s religion tie in with solving the mystery was a really nice touch that I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • I’M JUST REALLY NOT OVER HOW MUCH OLICITY WAS IN IT YOU GUYS, I’M REALLY NOT. It had all the qualities I just so dearly love about their romantic relationship too. It was subtle, yet obvious. It crept up slowly, then all at once and I just UGH I LOVED IT.
  • The way everyone had to literally fight their own demons and how everyone defeated them was so fucking satisfying to watch.

I’m sure I’m forgetting things. But those are my thoughts.

I feel so grateful I got this episode. I just feel really lucky right now to be an Arrow fan. 

I’m gonna go watch it again and just go through the sobfest all over. Happy Arrow 100th, guys.

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Bruce: Bruce and you went  to an empty field to watch the stars.You both laid in the grass hand in hand talking about everything and anything. Bruce told you about his life before the avengers and how he became the hulk. He cried when he told you he was scared of hurting you or how the other guy would react to you and you hugged and kissed him in till he felt happy again. That night was the night you both said I love you to each other.

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Steve: Steve brought you to see a romantic movie. You spent the entire time cuddled up together with Steve kissing the top of your head every now and again. At the end of the movie Steve walked you home and gave you a beautiful shiny necklace with the words i love you in graved into it.

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Natasha: Natasha took you to a shooting range. At first you were ageist the idea in till you you understood why she wanted to go there. Since you cant shoot properly so she was pushed up against you back and she was holding your hands and pointing the gun wail she whispered thing in you ear and lets just say hardly any of them were innocent.  

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Thor: Thor took you to the Zoo so he could see the midgardians beasts. He laughed at the bears saying they looked like teddy bears. You walked around the zoo hand in hand and sharing jokes along the way.When it was time to go home he bought you a teddy from the gift shop which held a heart say “For my one and only”. 

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Wanda: Wanda invited you over for a baking day which turned into a food fight after you two tried to clean up.By the end of it it was well passed 11pm so you slept at her house and shared the cakes as you watched a horror film and cuddled up in the chair together.

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Clint: Clint took you out for coffee in a small coffee shop just by the sea. You too talked about his and yours job about life in general and you too soon found your self’s  talking about your relationship and want you wanted in the future. You both agreed that you wanted to get married and have children in a couple of years time but for now you were going to go on more dates and just enjoy the love you both felt about each other.

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Pietro: Pietro took you to an Aquarium because he had never been to one before. He bounced around like a small child dragging you after him wail you giggled. When he did stop he moved you so your head was on his chest and your hands were his waist and his hands were around yours.At one of the larger tanks he leaned down and whispered “The fish a beautiful but your the most beautiful thing in here love.”

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Tony: You and Tony sat by the fireplace wail you read out load to him.By the 3rd chapter his head was in your lap and you were playing with his hair.He looked at you and you smiled at him.The last thing he said that night was “gosh i love you babe.”

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Loki: Loki took you to a clearing in the forest to have a picnic. Every now and again he would lean over and plant a kiss on your cheek,nose or lips smiling as he did so. He held your hands as you both walked and you both told each other everything you loved about each other.

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Bucky: Bucky was feeling low so with his help you built a fort and spent the night hiding in it and watching netflixs on your laptop. However after a few hours Bucky got board and decided it was time form some less innocent times.

Pietro Maximoff Imagine #6

Prompt: Can you do an imagine where the reader has wings and is new to the avengers. Pietro and her aren’t really friends but the way he looks at her when he thinks she isn’t looking makes the rest of the team wanna get them together. I love you

I love you too, anon who requested this. 

At first, I wasn’t quite sure how to go about writing this prompt but I recently read a similar fic to this and it was actually super cool so now I know what I’m doing and here you goooo

Despite how easy the Avengers make it look, being gifted isn’t all that glamorous and awesome. In fact, it seems to be the exact opposite so far.

My abilities were caused by a domestic gas leak I survived when I was 8. Unfortunately, my parents and two little brothers weren’t so lucky and died in their sleep. So, along with a sizable amount of survivor’s guilt, I was left to deal with the small, stormy gray pair of feathered wings attached to my shoulder blades. 

Because my family was dead, I was forced to live in an orphanage. Briefly after my wings appeared (quite painfully sprouting out of my back over the course of several nights), I learned to bind them back with ace bandage and cover it with ill-fitting shirts. Of course, this method couldn’t fully conceal the lump on my back, so I was endlessly teased and made fun of.


“Hey look, guys! Here comes Quasimodo!”

“So gross!”

“It’s the hunchback!”

Sitting in my room in Avengers Tower, I shuddered at the memories. Once I turned 18, I was finally free to leave that hellhole. So, I moved to the city and got a tiny apartment. It wasn’t until I was flying around one night (the only time of day I can unbind my wings and stretch them out) and what appeared to be a robot, but was actually Tony Stark, started flying next to me that I joined S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’m still not on the Avengers, but I train with them and other agents almost every day. Shortly after moving in, Tony and Bruce ran tests on me and determined that my muscles are also 10 times stronger than they should be for their mass.

Even though these sorts of abilities are embraced and celebrated at S.H.I.E.L.D., I was still extremely insecure about my wings. They had grown after increased use (Tony said they likely wouldn’t get any bigger now), so I couldn’t necessarily bind them to my back anymore. However, I still preferred to wrap my wings around my waist and strap them in place under a large T-shirt when I wasn’t training simply because they made me feel like a freak.

It doesn’t help that a lot of my training is with Pietro Maximoff. Pietro is, by far, the most handsome human being I had ever seen. Even though I was slowly starting to open up to the rest of the group, Pietro just made me perpetually nervous. Especially because I always find him staring at me. His twin sister, Wanda, always tries to tell me that it’s because he finds me beautiful, but I brush it off because nothing in my life has ever even made me consider using that word to describe me. It’s not like I wasn’t used to people staring at me, but this was just the one person I was hoping wouldn’t think I was a total freak.

One night, we were having Clint and his family over for the evening. After dinner, his kids were picking out a movie for everyone to watch on Netflix while I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

 When I walked in, Steve and Natasha were popping popcorn. Nat looked over at me and smirked, “So, Y/N, I saw Sonic making eyes at you from across the table all night…”

I rolled my eyes and blushed slightly, “Oh, come on, Nat. You and I both know he wasn’t.”

Steve turned around and said, “No, he definitely was. Honestly, I have no idea how you didn’t notice. He literally couldn’t take his eyes off of you.”

I shook my head, now blushing furiously and smiling slightly, and quickly walked out of the room with my glass of water.

“Oh hey, Y/N, just in time! We’re gonna watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

My heart stopped.

I hadn’t seen that dreaded movie since my days at the orphanage. The little girls used to request to have it played at movie nights just so that they could make fun of me during it. But, I hadn’t told any of the other Avengers about my past, so I didn’t object.

I ended up on a small couch with Wanda and Pietro, my heart racing with dread as the opening credits played. To my right, Pietro was completely oblivious. But to his right, Wanda glanced over at me curiously before returning her attention to the screen.

I winced as the character I had so constantly been referred to as was introduced as “a monster.” When I heard the words “this is an unholy demon, I’m sending it back to hell,” I could almost hear the little girls venomously whispering in my ear, “Yeah, go back to hell, Y/N.” and giggling from behind me.

As the movie progressed, I became more and more uncomfortable; painful childhood memories flashing through my head. When the scene came where Quasimodo gets tied down and food thrown at him, I couldn’t bear to watch and instead stood up and left as quickly as I could without making a scene. Unfortunately, my actions were detected by both Maximoff twins. 

I retreated to my bedroom before anyone could see me break down. I slid down against my door with tears streaming down my face and horrible memories resurfacing. I curled into a ball and cried into my knees for several minutes until I felt a gentle knock against the door I was still leaning on. “Y/N? Please open up, I know you’re in there.” A familiar accented voice murmured through the wood.

I scooted away from the door and let it creak open. Standing before me was Pietro Maximoff himself. “Y/N, printcessa, what’s wrong?” In an instant, he was on the ground with me and he’d pulled me into his arms. I nuzzled myself deeper into his embrace and sniffled, trying to calm myself down. He sensed that I wasn’t quite able to form words so he added, “Do you want to talk about it?” 

I took some deep breaths and croaked out, “When… When I first got my… my…” I gestured to where my wings would be if they weren’t strapped down because I couldn’t will myself to say the word. “I was in an orphanage and I couldn’t just have them out for everyone to see, so I just wore my clothes over them. And the other kids… They… They used to tease me and call me… Call me…” I started sobbing into Pietro’s chest and couldn’t finish. Luckily, Pietro got the idea and stroked my hair soothingly. “Why do I have to be such a freak?!” I wailed, slightly muffled by his chest. 

Pietro tensed a bit, and his grip on me grew slightly tighter, “Printcessa, you are not a freak. You are a miracle of nature. Hundreds of people would be dead if not for your abilities. A large number of successful missions would have been failures if you had not been there to save our asses.” I chuckled and pulled away slightly to look into his piercing blue eyes. “You are astoundingly talented and beautiful and it hurts me to know that you think so poorly of yourself.”

My heart jumped and my eyebrow quirked at the mention of one word. “You… You think I’m beautiful?” 

Pietro froze for a moment, realizing what he said. Then, for a brief moment, a look flashed through his eyes that could only be described as “oh, fuck it.” and he pressed his soft, warm lips against mine. I was shocked for a second, but then I kissed him back just as passionately. Our lips moved against one another as if they were meant for the other. 

Due to lack of breath, we both pulled away and looked each other in the eyes. “I’ve always thought you were beautiful.” Pietro mumbled, his hand linking with mine. I broke into a grin and reconnected our lips.





Reaction to GOT7 “HARD CARRY”

Me: *sees zoom in on Jinyoung upside down in the car* Oh maybe its the teaser still to refresh our memory for the 100th time!

Music video starts












*end of the music video*

Me: … anybody got a defibrillator around here?

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I can just imagine their wedding. Donna alternating between wailing and squealing. Felicity looking exceptionally beautiful in her dress. The way Oliver's face lights to when he first sees her. Diggle as his best man. Thea beaming from the front row.


Like, they’re both so nervous but wondering why they’re nervous, because what’s there to be nervous about? They both know each other better than anyone in the universe. But they’re nervous anyway. 

And Oliver looks perfect in his tuxedo, and Felicity feels like she can’t breathe when she looks up and sees him. And Oliver’s face definitely lights up when he sees Felicity in her simple but beautiful wedding dress. 

And they’re both crying practically the entire time. 

And they disappear into their own world, where they forget anybody else is even there for the rest of the wedding. 

Most Underrated TPTB quotes ~ Callie & Arizona |

Krista Vernoff , Writer, “Good Mourning” and “Goodbye”| Grey’s Anatomy 06x01~02

“Callie’s the first person to break down, yet accepting that Izzie was the closest person to George…

Sara was so beautiful in every frame of these episodes. She always drops my jaw – but when she’s wailing to Mark, “…and Arizona keeps bringing me doooooooonuts,” I just loved her even more.
And as for Callie, here’s the big question: If faced with having to decide what to do with your brain-dead ex-husband’s organs, would you rise above and turn to his ex-mistress for help? …Yeah, there’s nothing like an unexpected death by bus to help bygones be bygones. I think she does the right thing there. And part of why I think she’s able to do the right thing is that she’s healthy enough to feel all of her feelings.
Even though she looks like the biggest mess, she’s actually the healthiest among them – and maybe that’s because she wasn’t close to George, she had a little distance – so she could feel her grief without feeling like it might kill her.  Unlike his closest friends…”

“ And then there’s Arizona and how much she just….cares!! And her awesome diagnosis and the exquisite Martha Plimpton who fights so hard, the way we all should, for her son.”

Bill Harper, Writer, I Saw What I Saw| Grey’s Anatomy 06x07 |

One of my favorite parts of this story is actually what it reveals about Arizona – Her commitment to helping this poor kid suffer his unbearable agony is no surprise.  But her anger and impatience at a young resident who can’t control her feelings is a color of Arizona’s character we hadn’t really seen yet.  She’s a hardass teacher, and I don’t think we knew that about her.